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You just got to let me try (to give you what you want) - Part 1 of ?

So this is all @insanereddragon​ ‘s fault. And I am sure she will gladly take the blame.

This morning we got into talking about what if there was a Hartwin fic where the both of them were omegas and then we got into talking about their good alpha friend Merlin helping them out with some aspects of their heats and it somehow turned into me starting a new fic about ace alpha Merlin and how he came to be in a relationship with both Harry and Eggsy. Yes you read that right. Ace Alpha Merlin, because I can and if someone wants to give me shit about it, be my guest :D

So yeah, this is my first abo fic (like I have talked about it with peeps before but never wrote anything publishable) and hopefully I will do the idea justice.

Since I am not aware of anyone stance on abo I won’t be tagging anyone this time (except @dianyx I am sure she’ll want the tag) but do tell me if you want to be tagged in the next parts :)

You just got to let me try (to give you what you want) - Part 1

It’s entirely by chance that Merlin is the one greeting Galahad at HQ after the agent has miraculously turned up from a mission that had gone so tits up Arthur had been seconds away from toasting him.

Galahad can barely stands, but whether it’s because of exhaustion or injuries is made unclear by the ruined state of his suit. Not that it matters. His first stop will be the infirmary no matter what, even if Merlin has to drag his sorry arse there himself.

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Ok so I never really identified much with Scarlet until I stumbled across this fan art on pinterest:

and for reference, this is what I look like

I think my favorite thing about the TLC series is that there is so much diversity in the characters in both their physical appearance AND their personalities and they change so much throughout each book so it’s soo easy to find a character that you relate to.

I love Scarlet for her “I’m not putting up with your shit today” attitude but socially, I feel like I am more like Cress. Scarlet is very short-fused, while Cress is quiet and curious. But when Scarlet is in an uncomfortable situation, I totally get that “I want to disappear under big comfy clothes and hope that no one will notice me” feeling.

basically The Lunar Chronicles is just an amazing series and you should all read it.

BY THE WAY, I am 90% done reading Cress, and if ANY of you spoil ANYTHING that happens in the rest of the books, I will end you.


//carefully picks this comic out of the bin and lays it out in front of you//

anonymous asked:

Helloo! Idk know if u r accepting promts? But id u do. Could you draw a really really shy Arthur giving Merlin some kind of present? Or a really shy Merlin giving Arthut the present? (Sorry for my english, not my first lenguage). Thanks! ♥️

“Merlin, you got a minute?”