really love this she looks so pretty and it's such a lovely song and chilled video

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ok ok ok so i dug through my ask box i’m sorry i’ll answer stuff eventually to find this because!!!!! 

since i was thinking no powers for this au i haven’t figured out everything but i have figured out adrien’s music channel in great detail. faaaaaar too much detail

this got like so so so long so under the cut we go!!!!

  • ok so when he’s like eleven he finds an old video camera lying around his house
  • he kind of wants to test it out but feels super awkward talking in front of the camera (getting photographed is one thing, vlogging is another) so instead he records himself practicing a piano piece
  • but since he doesn’t have a tripod, he just sets the camera on the side of the piano and records his hands
  • he records a few of these and then decides he should put them somewhere so he can track his progress
    • aka look back and cringe
  • he uploads them to youtube with nothing but the piece name in the description
  • the channel name is probably some super cheesy music pun
  • anyway he does this for a while and he gains some traction, mostly because a lot of the pieces he practices are pretty famous
  • by thirteen (when he’s actually allowed to have a youtube) he’s got a small but decent following but doesn’t think much of it
  • when he’s fourteen, he posts his first original piece
    • he doesn’t think it’s very good, but if this is a channel tracking his progress it needs to be up
    • people love it and it catches him a bit off guard 
  • not long later, he posts a piano cover of a popular song
    • he doesn’t think he’s much of a singer, especially not when it comes to english, but he does his best
    • this is the video that really blows up 
      • he still doesn’t understand why
  • now that he’s got a steadily growing audience, people start to want to see his face

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A/N: tbh I wrote this at 10 pm and its a mess with hidden svt lyrics and memes. I thought abt memes and suddenly here’s a Vernon one shot. also have you seen vernon’s isac archery pics? really damn fine whoops. 

Pairing: Vernon and reader

Genre: Fluff  are memes a genre 

Word Count: 1367

Summary: Feelings are hard to deal with and Vernon tries to put them in the right direction by confessing to you. 

Most of the time, Vernon would tell himself that things would go smoothly. That last math test? It went fine. Avoiding responsibilities? That went fine. Sleeping in class? That went fine. But when it came to the topic of you, his brain couldn’t function properly. He really, really liked you. Sometimes he did strange things -the rhetorical equivalent of splashing in a pool- to get your attention. Blasting ‘Careless Whisper’ on his saxophone in band class was arguably the best of many. Not only did he get your attention, but he also embarrassed himself for the rest of the year.

Yesterday he barely managed to ask you over to his house. Barely. Before he called you on his cell phone, he had to watch Shia Labeouf’s infamous ‘Just Do It’ motivational speech to give himself confidence (twice. He watched it once more for good measure).

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Helpless and Satisfied Staging

**Get ready for a super long post, like uber long oh my goodness. Satisfied was my most requested staging but I figured I’d do Helpless too cause it makes Satisfied cooler. **

END OF WINTERS BALL INTO HELPLESS: So during ‘A Winters Ball’, Ham and the gang are being fuck boys and when Burr starts talking about Martha Washington’s feral tom cat Angelica enters upstage and sees Hamilton for the first time and on “1780” she crosses diagonally to meet him, she has Lafayette by her side but Hamilton pushes him away and kisses her hand and then counters around her and goes back down to Burr on “which one” and Angelica is watching him with wide eyes and as the guys do the “Hey hey hey” part, they walk off stage left, the turn table begins to rotate and Angelica watches them as they go and she looks totally love sick. 
As ‘Helpless’ starts Eliza and the ensemble girls and their partners kind of spiral around the turn table ending with Eliza in the center where Angelica and Hamilton met and there are couples of ensemble members dancing beautifully around her. (In this song the ensemble girls have put on these white skirts that twirl and look really pretty when they move, especially on lifts, and the men have put on soldier coats similar to the ones the squad wears except with red instead of cream accents) So while Eliza is singing her first verse, Angelica grabs Peggy’s hands and they have a cute little moment and it almost looks like Angelica’s like “Lets go mess with Eliza” because they turn and charge down towards Eliza and form a triangle in the center of the stage and start dancing together. On the “down for the count and I’m drowning in em” Angelica is in the center and Eliza and Peggy grab her hands and they do kind of a double twirl thing, I don’t know how to explain it but they kind of intertwine with each other and then spin out. When Eliza starts in about the “Revel with rebels” she crosses downstage and Angelica starts dancing with Washington and Hercules sweeps Peggy away. (Also at some point, I don’t remember when, but Laurens steals Peggy away so over the course of this song she is partnered up with all three of the revolutionary guys!) 
When Ham walks in, Washington goes to shake his hand and Angelica turns to look at him and everything else freezes and there is a strip of white light starting at the upper stage left hand corner going down to downstage right where Eliza’s standing, and on boom it pulses. Also on boom Angelica snaps her head from Alexander to Eliza and Eliza grabs Angelica and pulls her downstage as Ham walks past them. the whole time Eliza keeps checking on Ham and its super cute. Then Angelica crosses to Hamilton who’s perched on the steps and Angelica points out Eliza and she’s like “Look at my cute little sister” and they talk a little and whisper to each other while Eliza sings. Then Angelica links arms with Ham and they cross over to Eliza. Ham kisses Eliza’s hand when he talks about “fighting a war”. 
When she starts talking about him writing her letters the ensemble leaves the stage and Peggy comes on and gives Eliza a letter and they go to show Angelica who promptly snatches the letters away on “If you really loved me you would share him” but Eliza snatches them right back on “ha”. Peggy looks at the audience with a shocked expression at that part.
TWO WEEKS LATER, Papa Schuyler is sitting in a chair on the turntable talking to Hamilton and the sisters are all sitting on a bench expectantly on the other side of the stage and they’re all rotating together and Angelica is leaning on her knees with her arms crossed staring down Ham. Peggy is sitting straight back very proper while Eliza sings to the audience. And when Alexander “turns back to her and smiles” Eliza runs to him and they do a little swirl together in the center and Peggy and Angelica have a little excited moment on the bench before getting up and dancing too. And Angelica grabs Hamilton and hugs him and it makes me happy and then he hugs Peggy and Eliza is sweeping around the room and Angelica and Eliza embrace all excited like and Hamilton is doing this like pelvic thrust dance thing and shaking his knees and its kind of sexual and its his little celebration dance but then Papa Schuyler comes on and sees it and is shocked and the sisters are giggling uncontrollably cause Hamilton feels awkward. And then Ham and Papa have a drink and the sisters come downstage and theyre jamming AND THEN MY FAVORITE PART EVER, on :“down for the count”, Eliza’s in the center, they HIGH FIVE AND IT IS THE CUTEST THING YOU WILL EVER SEE OH MY GOD IT’S ACTUALLY AMAZING. 
Then Ham starts talking about how he has nothing but a top notch brain and they’re doing this in the center of the stage and the whole time Eliza is just looking at him with the goofiest grin cause she’s so in love. When Alex reveals Angelica “Tried to take a bite of him” Eliza whips her head around like “dis bitch where you at” but Hammy grabs her and is like “nah chill fam.” and spins her around the stage. Okay and then this part is also adorable, the ensemble girls come on and they’re all holding paper and Alex goes up to each one and signs it and then the girl hands it to Eliza like they’re his letters and I love that. Then Laurens grabs Ham and pulls him downstage cause they’re getting ready for the wedding and they meet Washington who kind of gives him a lil pep talk I guess and Eliza meets Peggy and Angelica on the opposite side of the turn table and puts her letters in a box that Peggy has and puts on the wedding veil and the table starts spinning and the ensemble comes back in with their pretty dresses all twirly like and its so pretty and then the ensemble forms the audience of the wedding and the processional comes down center stage. Angelica and Laurens are first, then Lafayette and Peggy, then Hercules comes down and tosses some flower petals and we all laugh, and finally Eliza and Papa Schuyler come down arm in arm and he kisses her cheek and gives her off to Hamilton who gives her the ring and then they kiss on the button of the song and we all die cause its so happy and wonderful. 

SATISFIED: the lights change and a soldier ensemble member brings in a tray with glasses that get passed around and Lauren’s kind of sweeps around the room, as the ensemble gets into a semi circle, introducing Angelica as the ensemble makes a semi circle along the back of the stage. Peggy and Lauren’s stand beside Angelica. Alexander and Eliza have moved to down stage left when Angelica starts her speech. When she says “from your sister” she grabs Peggy on the top of her head and kind of pulls her into a side hug. Then the frickin rewind part is probably the coolest fucking thing in the show and I’ll try to explain it but I don’t think anything I say will capture how amazing it is. Okay so the lights start doing this kind of flashy strobe thing, but it’s not strobe lights. The best way I can describe it is like when you rewind a VHS and it gets kind of staticky but you can still see the picture it’s just going backwards, that’s exactly what this is like. Everyone moves backwards and it looks like it’s going in reverse, one of the ensemble guys does this circular like slide across the floor thing around Angelica but he does it and it looks like when you put the backwards filter on a snapchat video. And Eliza and Hamilton walk backwards back into the center and do their kiss again and then they turn out of it, it’s literally the choreo of part of helpless in reverse. And the ensemble guys lift up the girls like the did in helpless but they lift them backwards and it’s just so so so cool and the lights are doing their thing and then it all freezes on the “I remember that night I just might rewind” thing. Renee is in the center of the stage and the ensemble is reenacting A Winters Ball and when she says the stuff about him saying hi and forgetting her name he’s frozen downstage right like he’s about to come greet her, as he does right before Helpless in A Winters Ball, and when things set aflame he unfreezes and comes up to her and pushes Lafayette away so that he can greet her. And then we’re back at that moment when they first meet except now we hear what they’re saying and he’s talking about never being satisfied. He kisses her hand when she introduces herself and then when he says his name he gets really close to her, close enough for them to kiss, it’s very intense, they’re literally nose to nose. And on “a million things I haven’t done” he counters around her and goes to talk to Burr. When she starts singing again the ensemble has entered as if it’s the start of Helpless again and Eliza and Peggy do the double twirl intertwine thing with Angelica as she sings. When she talks about posture, Washington comes in and begins dancing with her. And on “I wanna take him far away from this place” they hit that position when Eliza first sees Hamilton with Washington frozen going to shake hands with Hamilton and Angelica snaps her head to look at him and then at Eliza like on the “boom” part of Helpless. Eliza grabs Angelica and pulls her downstage to confide with her and keeps checking on Hamilton while Angelica sings. When she realizes three fundamental truths Angelica crosses over to the stairs where she meets Hamilton and starts bringing him down to meet Eliza. When she talks about her only job Hamilton and Eliza turn upstage as she sings and the ensembles doing their thing. Then they do the whole “my sister” thing and when Angelica starts in about number two, Hamilton stands still in a spotlight as she talks about him. Then the ensemble men form a line with Hamilton and when Angelica says “I introduce him to Eliza” the ensemble men pose around Ham and turn him towards Eliza. Then on the “I know my sister like I know my own mind” Ham exits and Eliza crosses the stage to Peggy and then they meet Angelica in the center and redo the part with the letters where Angelica snatches them away and the ensemble girls do the thing where they hold up the letters for him to sign, but he doesn’t sign them this time.
And when Angelica talks about her fantasies at night Ham is downstage in a spotlight (I think) and Eliza is in the opposite upstage corner in a spotlight, whole ensemble has left the stage. When she gets to “at least my dear Eliza’s his wife” Eliza has come downstage to meet Peggy and put the letters in the box. Then when they repeat the whole “to the bride to the groom” lyrics Washington and Ham are doing their pep talk on the turntable and that ensemble guy is doing his swirl on the floor in forward motion around Angelica and Eliza comes by and kisses her cheek and turns out of that and meets Hamilton in the center and they kiss on “union” and on “the hope that you provide” Eliza and Ham move to the spot they started Satisfied in and the ensemble moves around Angelica into their semi circle toast positions. And when the chorus repeats “always”, after her, they all raise their glasses like we’re back at the beginning of the song. Eliza comes to Angelica on “and I know she’ll be happy as his bride” and they have a sister moment. And on her “and I know” riff, Alexander walks past, following Eliza, but he pauses in front of Angelica and looks at her for a moment before continuing offstage with Eliza, leaving Angelica onstage by herself, glass still raised in the center of the stage, all of our hearts broken. Fade to black.

Top 10 Underrated Kpop Songs 2016 [Mainstream + Indie]

Originally posted by j1nwoo

2016 has come and gone before we knew it.  

Continuing with the K-Pop Timeout Tradition (see 2015 ver) of listing the Top 10 Most Underrated K-Pop Songs because all the other sites are just bothered with the Top 10 that pretty much everyone will have heard of/have fan wars over, below are our top 10 picks of songs that did not rank high but deserves your attention! This year we have added a section for underrated non-idol tracks too, in-line with the rise of non-mainstream genres in K-Pop in 2016.

Some of the artists have escaped the list in recent years to stardom (hello MAMAMOO, Zion.T & DEAN!) so hopefully it happens again!

This is in alphabetic order NOT order of awesomeness because all of them are awesome. Also all MVs are linked in the song titles because Tumblr won’t let me share that many videos in one post.

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RFA + V HCs where in MC is actually a member of a famous Korean Girl Group. I don't if you know them but 2NE1 just disbanded and it's kinda depressing 😭😂 Thank you in advance :)

AHHHH…. I’m not very well-versed in KPOP or anything, so I looked up 2NE1 out of curiosity…. Their music was so good!!! (And also gave me mad insp. for this RQ lolololol)
Let us all take a knee in mourning for this poor anon…. ;;;

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hello! i've recently decided to check out BVB and fell in love with them and their music instantly! but i have no knowledge about the band members and their past or their personalities etc. im new to this fandom. mind telling me a bit about them so i can stop feeling like an idiot? THANK YOU!

Hey!! Welcome to the fandom! c: (or as we commonly call it,the “BVB Army”) I’m so sorry I took so long to answer this T^T it was a really long response and I wrote this in between classes, so it took a bit longer than I had hoped.

BVB 101! (..sorta?)

Andy Biersack

So, this is the lead singer. Pretty much the “favorite” of the band. He’s got a uniquely deep voice as you’ve probably noticed so it’s hard not to recognize him.

Personality: I would say that Andy’s a very blunt straight-to-the-point kind of character with a side of sarcasm (which actually makes interviews very amusing to watch sometimes). He can say very odd and silly things from time to time because of this. He’s also insanely talkative, even with fans, so if you haven’t got much to say then that’s probably not a problem. Also super insanely obsessed with Batman.

Background: He was born in Ohio in 1990, making him the youngest in the band. He was greatly influenced by bands like Motley Crue and Kiss, and wanted to start a band at a very young age. His father was also in a band in his youth so that’s also more than likely to have contributed to his passion. He started a band called Biersack and later on that evolved into Black Veil Brides, I believe in 2009. High school was really rough for him. He was the odd one out because he dressed like your typical “emo” kid and listened to what the majority label as “emo music.” So he was harassed and beat up at school. The video for Knives and Pens actually details that part of his life. He dropped out of high school his senior year as soon as he turned 18 and moved to California to pursue his dreams. He made his way around by taking up small acting gigs in commercials and such. He met Demi Lovato through this and the two became good friends. I believe this is also how he met actress Scout Taylor-Compton, whom he ended up living with while he was in L.A. Scout is rarely ever mentioned nowadays because the two of them broke up years ago, but I still believe that she was very important in his life for pushing him in the right direction with his band; like his “rock”, in a sense (for the time). Buuut it didn’t work out and the two of them split in 2011. He then started dating Juliet Simms, whom he’s currently with. In 2012, he made brief cameo appearances on The Voice when Juliet was on it (she was runner up for Season 2), and in 2013 he was involved in a few charity projects with her as well as collabing with her on her jewelry line, Never Take It Off. And now currently, Black Veil Brides has been soaring to new heights c:

Ashley Purdy

Ash is the bassist of the band. He’s usually described as the most feminine because of his brows and mannerisms but is also the band’s playboy (he often plays shows shirtless and is the fittest out of the band). I think to newcomers this concept is a little confusing but trust me, it works XD

Personality: Ash has an image in the band to be the “bad boy” or the playboy, if you will. Because of that, people tend to frame him in a negative image. On the contrary, though he’s outgoing, he’s actually quite shy in interviews sometimes. He has a thing for blondes but loves all women regardless. He’s also the “girliest” of the group; he really likes Hello Kitty merch and is almost always playing with/fixing his hair. But overall, a big giant teddy bear. Yup.

Background: His birthday is a bit controversial at the moment but he’s more than likely the oldest in the band. According to him, he was raised by his grandparents in Missouri until around the age of 18. He was always really ambitious and had his heart set on either pursuing music, fashion or graphic design. So he ended up in L.A. He formed a few bands and dated Vegas show girl, Kina Tavarozi. I believe it was in 2009 when he found Andy’s listing on Craigslist looking for a bassist for Black Veil Brides, which is basically how they met. Having had experience with prior bands, experience in marketing, and a clear vision for what he wanted, he really helped transform Black Veil Brides into what it is today. I would say he’s Andy’s other rock, in that sense. He and Kina officially split in 2011 and has sort of been on-and-off with a woman he met on the set of the Fallen Angels music video. He has never confirmed the validity of this relationship himself so I think he’s pretty much just a single pringle who’s chillin like a villain. Career-wise, even as busy as he is with BVB, he still pursued his other passion in fashion and started his own line called AP Fashion Inc in 2013.


 So this guy’s the rhythm guitarist and violinist of the band. The violin debuted in their third album, Wretched & Divine. Fun fact: he was named “garbage can man” by the band because he’s the worst smelling of the bunch hahaha

Personality: So I’m not really sure what to say about this guy. I know the least about him as far as personality goes. He’s friendly but is generally pretty quiet in interviews, not in a shy way, but just not a big talker in general. He’s really into classical music so he picked up violin when he was younger along with guitar. He also hates to be called Jeremy for some reason so just stick to Jinxx!

Background: I know he was involved in a few bands before Black Veil Brides, but I don’t know much about his past other than that. He joined BVB in late 2009 I believe. Or maybe 2010. Sometime around then. Now that I think about it, none of the current members were in the Knives and Pens video (except for Andy of course), but he was there (along with Ashley and Jake) by the time the music video for Perfect Weapon came out. He dated photographer and musician Sammi Doll for a couple of years before marrying her in October 2012. Unfortunately, it was a rough road for both of them; things didn’t quite work out and the two split up less than a year later. He’s currently dating someone but I haven’t kept up much with them recently so I’m not sure of her name.

Jake Pitts 

Ok, so Jake is the lead guitarist of the band and when I say he’s a boss, I mean HE IS A BOSS. Those magical fancy-sounding orgasm-inducing guitar riffs you hear in their songs are produced from Jake’s talented hands. He’s greatly influenced by bands like Metallica, Motley Crue and Van Halen, just to name a few. Basically, the late 80s-90s metal bands.

Personality: I don’t know too much about Jake either, but he’s very sweet and genuine. I’m not sure how to describe him other than that. I think as you delve deeper into the fandom and watch a couple of interviews, you’ll get the jist of what each of their personalities are like and decide for yourself.

Background: He went to a recording school in LA as well as played guitar for bands he was in at the time. I don’t know exactly when he joined Black Veil Brides, but just like Jinxx and Ash, he was there for the Perfect Weapon video (which was the second music video the band released by the way. Back in 2010 I believe). He has an active Youtube channel dedicated to guitar lessons, fitness, and other random stuff he likes to post. He was engaged to British-born model, Ella Cole but the two have broken it off in 2015.


We all call him CC for short, but it’s actually short for Christian Coma. In case you’re wondering, that’s not actually his real name. He legally changed his last name to Coma for personal reasons, and he does get a bit offended when people pull up his real last name. Anyway! Last but not least, he’s the drummer of the band c:

Personality: CC’s basically all types of crazy in a box (the good kind of crazy). He’s super outgoing and is really close buddies with Ashley, so the two of them chill a lot. He’s really sweet and just has an overall really good energy about him.

Background: I really don’t know anything about his past at all; don’t know if he went to college, or what bands he was involved in. I just know that he was the last (current) member to join Black Veil Brides. If you watch some of their older videos (again, like Knives and Pens and Perfect Weapon), you’ll notice the drummer was different; Sandra Alva was their former drummer and she left the band before their album Set the World on Fire (in 2011). CC was officially settled in for the music video Fallen Angels (and the band was complete with all its current members at that point). He was involved with a woman named Lauren whom he met at a bar one night and instantly fell in love. The two of them are believed to have been soul mates, even amongst themselves and not just in the fandom. But in 2013, they broke up right before he left for tour. Their break up was mutual. He is currently dating a woman named Liz.

And that’s really the guys in a nutshell. I know this isn’t the most complete compilation, but I hope it helped clear some things up. If you have any other questions or confusion, just shoot me a message. I’ll be happy to explain anything else! Have a great day/night! ♥ c:

Kpop 2016 - January

So, basically, last year I missed out on about a billion releases and I just think that’s really disappointing and so I decided to take on the task of watching and listening (and mini-reviewing) to every k-music video release I could find throughout this year.

Was this a pretty stupid idea? Yes and no. Yes, because holy crap did I not realise just how many videos are released in a month and this took waaaay longer than it probably should have. No, because I found some really awesome songs I likely wouldn’t have heard if I hadn’t decided to do this.

Underneath the cut are all 59 songs and I also made a playlist of them if you wanna check them out or anything. I’m gonna list my top 10 too, and it’d be cool to know what everyone else think are the best releases so far! =)

My Top 10 songs of January 2016!

1. Yoon Jongshin ft. Tablo - The First

2. Gary ft. Gaeko - Lonely Night

3. WINNER - I’m Young

4. Baechigi ft. Yeoeun - Walkak

5. Stellar - Sting

6. ZICO - I Am You, You Are Me

7. Crush ft. Taeyeon - Don’t Forget

8. The Black Skirts - Everything

9. BUBBLE X - Soliloquy

10. Bumkey ft. Dok2, Microdot, Sanchex and dh-style - backindadayz

And now all 59, in order of release:

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I'm sorry to ask this but i really worry about this i think ziam are together i'm worried that it's open relationship thats something that always bothered me when people say they believe that part me feels they love each other too much so i need your knowledgeable opinion


It’s okay that you are worried, lots of people are, but…..aajgsfjsdgfhdjkgs.

Okay lets get to business.

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Taylor Swift: One Exception to that Rule.

I’m on Twitter, following one of my fave Taylor twitter accounts, tweeting congratulatory tweets about “Shake It Off” being certified on Vevo. Later that night, a notification tells me that I was followed by Taylor Nation and that they’ve sent me a message. After talking to me and verifying that I am eligible to participate in the event, they give me the information for the event and tell me to arrive between 4:30 and 5pm. 

Saturday arrives and I’m arriving at the meet-up location looking nervously around for other people and I spot a tent behind two small party-type buses. Quickly though I make my way to a tent where I’m checked in and told the do’s and don’t of the event and we get wanded by security. A wristband and stamp later, I’m led to one of the bus waiting for us. As soon as I step on the bus, the other Swifties who were already on board started cheering and asked my name and to name a Taylor song that started with my first initial. Being able to click quickly with other Swifties literally from the moment we met is one of the best feelings ever. As the bus pulled out of the parking lot of the meet-up we start singing some of our fave Taylor songs like Tim McGraw, State of Grace, Our Song, Fearless, Love Story, Shake It Off.

Once we arrived at the location, a security guy tells us that we’re going to get wanded and checked by security once more before entering this person’s home and to treat it the way we would like our home to be treated by guests. We’re led down a path where there’s food and drinks waiting for us. Pizza, sushi, fruits and veggies, cookies, brownies, pies, meat on sticks, sodas, water, some kind of bread that tasted really good! As we all talk and mingle with each other, we all joke around that Taylor’s probably upstairs watching us or somewhere nearby looking down at us. Taylor’s team came around asking us if we were having a good time and what we think was going to happen that day and many of us replied that we thought maybe a music video shoot. They also came around taking pictures and video recording us eating and just having fun with other Swifties. 

We start to look around for clues as to what might be going on when we spot a lamp inside that’s made of wooden shoes. Then outside in front of us, we spot a small box full of smaller boxes of Polaroid film, waiting on the floor.

Suddenly we’re told to get in a line and at this point I start getting more and more excited than I already was because I was beginning to spot more and more things inside. An MTV award and a Grammy inside the house by the television, a bunch of cushions on the floor. We’re told to make ourselves comfortable and without pushing people aside I made my way as close to the front as I possibly could. At this point I was really hoping that Taylor would come out but at the same time I couldn’t believe that this was happening. Then a couple of girls on the other side of the room started shaking their heads and crying.

Taylor was coming around the corner and into the living room where we were waiting. Screams and shouts of happiness and shock and surprise were heard and Taylor’s face just lit up at our reaction. Boxes of tissue paper were passed around to us by Taylor’s team.

At first, I screamed out of excitement, but then I started shaking and crying. Was I really sitting in a living room and Taylor Swift just walked out and was now sitting less than 4 feet from me?? I started crying. I could not stop the tears. Here I was surrounded by other Swifties who were having the same reaction as I was. I felt one girl rubbing my back, another two girls holding my hands. Happiness and disbelief were the only emotions I was registering at that moment. It didn’t matter that we didn’t know each other, we were all there for one another.

Taylor began by thanking us for coming to this event and asked if we were surprised. Then she introduced her parents, Mama and Papa Swift. Taylor also told us that as soon as the event was over, we were allowed to talk about anything that happened during the event except song titles and song lyrics and that there would be an intermission break for snack and restroom breaks. She began talking to us about what the album means to her and where her inspiration for each of the songs came (from movies made in the ’80s to dreams to t.v. shows to all these people in the music industry) and that she would like for us to listen to the full album. She gave us the background story for each song and she sang along to every song, dramatically acting out parts of verses. You guys will LOVE 1989!!!

Taylor announced halfway through the album that it was intermission time and that she’d be right back. She came out with a tray of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that, according to Mama Swift, Taylor had baked herself. Not wanting to swarm Taylor or be rude to other fans who were talking to her I decided to go talk to Mama Swift. She was talking about how excited Taylor had been planning all of this out and told us that Taylor had been watching us for months now. Then she asked each Swiftie what their name was and gave each person a hug. Then Taylor comes up to us and asks if we want some cookies. They were amazing and still slightly warm! 

Taylor’s team asked if anyone needed the restroom and led us to a line in the hallway. While waiting in line, we could see has so many different pictures on her wall, with her family, with people she admires, during rehearsals. As I’m making way way down the hall, I could see that Taylor had brought Olivia out!!!! As I’m waiting my turn to pet her, I look at a bookcase she has nearby and see that in a small basket there is a pretty scallop shell with the words “Come morning light, You and I’ll be Safe and Sound” written on it. This was one of my more favorite finds in her home because I am such a huge Hunger Games fan. As I’m petting Olivia, who by the way is the cutest, most chill, fluffiest, adorable, ball of white fur EVER!, I see that Taylor is trying and I mean trying, to bring Meredith out. But Mer, was just not having it. She was wriggling and twisting trying to escape Taylor’s grip. “Okay, okay, fine.” Taylor let Meredith go back into hiding. 

As we continue fawning over Olivia, Taylor asks us, “Did you guys see that? Have you guys ever seen a cat that hates its owner that much?” Taylor also tells us that she kind of woke Olivia up to bring her out and that Olivia just like to be held by humans. After one Swiftie asked if she could hold her, Taylor said, “Yeah. Go ahead, she’ll fall asleep in like 5 seconds. 5…4…3…2…1 aaaaaand sleep.” And sure enough, Olivia tucked her furry head back in and closed her adorable little eyes. 

Heading back into the living room, we begin listening to the second half of the album. This time around we were treated to a voice memo of Taylor coming up with the melody of one of the songs. We laugh as she cringes while listening to herself on the recording and says, “That’s not even english what I’m saying there. Those are just weird noises.” Once we hear the last song on the album, she plays “Shake It Off” and we have a dance party in the middle of her living room. It’s such a surreal moment not just for me but for all the Swifties that were there. As the song winds to an end, we all, including Taylor, shout and scream the last few lines of the song. Taylor laughs from gleefully and you can see in her face how much fun and how happy she is to have just done that. Then as the song changes to a Kendrick Lamar song, Taylor begins rapping along to it in her extra small white, crop tee. Girl knows every single word.

We’re told to get in line because we’re taking individual pictures with Taylor. I was expecting a group picture. I started talking to other Swifties as we stood in line about how we still couldn’t believe what was happening and we started singing along to all the Ed Sheeran songs that were playing from Taylor’s playlist as we waited. As we got closer and closer to the front of the line, Mama Swift was hanging out with the fans taking polaroid selfies with us! Mama Swift informed us to not shake the polaroids because they would streak and that they take about 30 minutes for the picture to show.Then Papa Swift came up to us and asked how we were feeling. If we were happy and surprised and enjoying ourselves. He was also curious to find out what we originally thought this was going to be. The majority of us said music video.

Then it was my turn to meet Taylor. I walked up to her and just hugged her. “I’m so happy that you came. Thank you so much for coming.” Why is Taylor thanking us when we should be thanking her? I thanked her for being the constant in for the past 6,7 years of my life, that after being dumped by best friends and having people judge me and leave me, she was always there for me. She hugged me again as kept telling me “I love you, I love you.”  She complimented me on having dimples and told me that she’s always wanted to have dimples. That sometimes she tried doing weird smile faces to try and create dimples. I spoke to her how whenever I go through a rough patch, I’ll sit at home on my bed with a plate of cookies, listening to her music. She taps my shoulder and then pats her heart and whispers, “That’s so me. Me too!” I told her how even my mom knows the story of how when she was about 11 she would go to Nashville and dropping off demo cd’s at record labels and saying she wanted a record deal. And how Scott signed her to his label when she was 14 even though he didn’t actually have a recording studio. That I watch all the video and interviews she does on the Ellen show and at this point she covers her face laughing, looking slightly embarrassed. She thanked me for being such a great fan of hers and I told her that if she looks at pictures of her and Cher Lloyd and of her and Sara Bareilles she could spot me in the corner of the pit cheering along. She hugged me again and then she asked me what “toys” I wanted to use for our picture (like her Grammy!)  We decided on taking a tea party picture. She hugged me and told me “I love you” a few more times before letting me go. Taylor also told me that the picture on the Polaroid would take about 20 minutes to show up that sometimes some people think the pictures faulty or broken (Taylor’s own words) and they end up throwing away the picture. So not to worry if they picture doesn’t show up super fast, it’ll get there.

I had tea with the Queen!!

As we’re led outside, one of Taylor’s team stops and tells me that as a “Thank you” we were being given goodie bags and that inside was a keychain that Taylor wanted us to have to remember all the fun we had that night at the secret session. Security and the team members were all waiting outside in different spots to make sure we made our way back to the bus site safely. They even talked to us as well for a few minutes, asking if we had fun and enjoyed ourselves, if we expected any of this.

The bus ride back down to the meeting spot was just all of us being shock and wondering if this had really happened to us. Then one of the Taylor Nation staff asked us if we loved the event and told us the hashtag that Taylor wanted us to use when posting on social media about the event, but that in all the excitement, Taylor forgot to tell us. The Taylor Nation staff member on board with us was talking to us about Nashville and how they weren’t able to go sightseeing and that everyone should go to Nashville once in their lives, especially if they’re country music fans. Then we said we should all go to CMAfest together! 

Apart from getting to meet Taylor Swift, the best part of the night was being able to be in a room with 30 other Swifties who love Taylor as much as I do and wouldn’t look at me weird because I start crying cause Taylor’s there because they’re crying too. I’ve gone to Taylor’s concerts and have had other fans look at me like something’s wrong with me because I start crying because Taylor’s there. I felt completely comfortable to be my Swiftie self, to not be afraid to cry and be judged by others there. Even though for the most part we were all complete strangers, we automatically felt like friends. It wasn’t like a fan event where you know that there are other fans there as well but you’re afraid to talk to them. You could walk up to any Swiftie at the event and join their conversation without fear of being judged or left out. Even as I’m writing this, tears make their way into my eyes as I remember the night’s events. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier in my life.

Thank you taylorswift and Taylor Nation for giving me such an amazing experience and for the chance to meet my idol and thank her for all that she’s done. I will never forget last night’s events. Thank you for making my dream come true, these memories will last me a lifetime. Thank you Taylor for opening your home to us, which smells like pumpkin, spice and Michaels, for allowing us to play and cuddle your adorable little ball of white fluffiness that is Olivia, for baking us cookies and dancing along with us. Thank you for being such an amazing woman and an even better role model for us and for the younger generations. Thank you for being as kind and as generous are you are towards your fans. I am so glad that now anytime someone tries to tell me that you’re fake or just acting nice for the cameras, I can proudly say (as I always have) that they couldn’t be anymore wrong and far off from the truth. I don’t think I or any other Swifties who were part of last night could ever find the words to express our gratitude and love for you.

They say you should never meet your heroes or idols, because usually you’re are guaranteed disappointment. But I am proud to say that taylorswift is one exception to that rule.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you.

My Top 15 Kpop Songs of 2015

This is just a little post (which got too long) about my fav kpop songs of 2015. I just thought it was a cool little idea and I wanted to kind of document them for myself. It’d be awesome if others did this too I think because I love finding out what people’s fav kpop songs are so I can discover new ones! ^^ There are a whole bunch of songs I loved this year which didn’t make it on here, but I think that’s just because it’s been such a crazy good year for Kpop actually, but yeah…

15. Code Kunst ft. Oh Hyuk and DOK2 - Parachute
The only reason this one is at no. 15 is because I only discovered it a few days, but it’s already just one of my favourites and I’ve been listening to it on repeat. It’s such a chill song that’s so easy to listen to, and the guy’s voice really suits the beat. I definitely recommend checking out this song if you haven’t and like slower, chill, rap songs!

14. MONSTA X - Hero
Monsta X was definitely my favourite rookie group of the year, and I’m totally obsessed with all of their songs. ‘Hero’ is probably my favourite though; the beat’s great and the juxtaposition of rapping and singing worked really well imo. I haven’t checked out much of their promotional/variety appearances this year but they seem like cool guys too, and I look forward to what they release next year and in the future!

13. Red Velvet - Cool World
Sadly this song doesn’t have an mv. The whole Red album was soooo good in my opinion (better than I was expecting it to be) but this song really stuck out to me. I like the fact that, out of the album, it’s probably the least ‘in your face’ out of them all. I kinda like the slower side to Red Velvet with ‘Automatic’ and ‘Be Natural’ some of my fav songs by them, so I’m looking forward to their Velvet album if they end up sticking with that kinda concept!

12. TTS - I Like The Way
This song is so new yet I’ve listened to it so much. I really liked TTS’ Christmas album … like, a lot. I actually think I liked it more than EXO’s tbh because it felt more Christmassy. This song is my favourite though just because of how funky it is. It makes you wanna dance and sing along at the top of your lungs, and tbh I like the way this song makes me feel! >.<

11. GAIN - Paradise Lost
It took me a while to get into this song. At first when I listened to it and heard like the organ music I was like ‘wtf??’ but over time it grew on me. In part because of how different it is to a lot of the music Kpop produces - variety’s always a good thing. Gain’s voice works for this sort of song really well, I think. And that dance tho.

10. Infinite - Walk to Remember
I never listened to Infinite before because I found it really hard to enjoy their music, and that’s still kind of true for their older stuff. But their mini album Reality this year just blew me away. I absolutely loved it and listened to it pretty much every day when I was on my field trip in Spain. This song was my favourite, I think because it’s a bit slower and chilled out (which I think tends to always be my kinda jam tbh) but also because of the lyrics. They seem to tell a really sweet story about the boy’s journey which I think is really endearing!

9. Primary ft. Choa and Iron - Don’t Be Shy
This song~~ I absolutely adore this song. The mix of that kind of reggae beat with Choa’s soft and husky voice is just so fucking good. I think her voice is more suited to this sort of music and I wish she got to be in more stuff like this. And it was great of Primary to notice her range and feature her on this song too. Absolutely great song, and deserves more views imo.

8. f(x) - 4 Walls
Man, I was so looking forward to the f(x) comeback this year, and it didn’t disappoint. I think 4 Walls was the best track to title the album too, in all honesty. And I really enjoyed listening to it on repeat for a loooong time. I don’t really listen to it that much anymore because I overplayed it, but I still like it. The song (and album) mostly reminds me of a lot of music that used to play in the UK in the 90s (especially Rude Love that song completely takes me back somehow) which is pretty sweet tbh. I don’t understand the video though and I don’t think I’ve watched it that many times: I prefer the live stages with the dance!

7. AOA - Really Really
I’m a big fan of AOA: they’re one of my top girl groups tbh and I pretty much love anything they do. I love their title tracks and mv’s but I think they’re best songs are always album tracks. This song is my favourite ever AOA song and I listen to it all the time, especially when I’m sad. As Jimin’s my bias I really love her bits in this song, but I also love that they all get a moment to shine in it to. Such a lovely song and I really hope that they’ll one day perform it live.

6. IU - Twenty Three
This album was so good I think I really loved every song. This song was a great title though as it’s really catchy and gets stuck in your head. I can’t say the video is bad either, although I heard it got a lot of controversy? But I liked it nonetheless! It’s a very cute song with hints of sophistication in it too, which I think was what she was trying to get across!! Love it!

5. Taeyeon ft. Verbal Jint - I
I dunno how long everyone’s been waiting for a Taeyeon solo but it feels like forever. I loved the tone of the album as a whole and I think every song has it’s place and time, but this song totally deserved all the praise and love it got and more! Such a beautiful song with a calm beat that melts perfectly with Taeyeon’s strong voice. It’s just such a beautiful concept, and the music video too is gorgeous. If I could sing I’d be belting this out day and night tbh.

4. GOT7 - If You Do
GOT7 is a really strong band and I think they’re gonna do really well. I started listening to them last year and got really hooked on ‘Stop It Stop It’ and ‘Girls Girls Girls’ but I’m not gonna lie there are a lot of songs by GOT7 that just miss the mark with me so I don’t really listen to them that much all things considered. ‘Just Right’ as well was very cute but still kinda repetitive and got boring after a while (no matter how much I loved the video and the meaning of the song) but if they’re gonna start to go more in the way of ‘If You Do’ then I am beyond excited! This is their best song, I think, and I can’t get enough of it even now. It’s a more mature sound which I think suits them honestly, and I’m glad because I love them as people and I so wanna be in love with their music too!!

3. Big Bang - Loser
Top 3 were hard to choose, but I think this song deserves its place. Big Bang is undoubtedly one of the strongest bands in Kpop, and I think it’s impossible to argue that they aren’t influential and talented. I, for one, like a lot of their music. A lot of it I don’t. That happened with their album this year too, but more than any of their other albums so far I liked the majority of the songs. ‘Bang Bang Bang’, ‘Sober’ and ‘Loser’ were the top contenders for my favourite but ‘Loser’ took the edge simply for the vocals in it. I’m a sucker for the vocalists in Big Bang and I love their voices and the emotion they express in this song. It’s really just beautiful.

2. GARY ft. Miwoo - Get Some Air
Yes, I found out about Gary through Running Man, and yes I only started listening to it recently, but man have you heard this song?? It’s fucking insanely beautiful. I can’t get enough of it, and I can totally understand why Gary was so proud of it. The singing from Miwoo is stunning and Gary’s rapping is on point and just !!!! I’m so in love with this song, and I wish it had all the recognition it deserves. Gary’s quickly becoming one of my favourite K-artists now tbh. Absolutely perfect.

1. EXO - El Dorado
I’m an EXO blog for a reason. It couldn’t have been any other song than this for the no. 1 spot as much as I tried to think it might have been possible to choose another. This song just got to me so hard as soon as I heard it. I think it’s what really made me fall for EXO because before this song I’d kinda been like ‘yh EXO are okay I kinda like their songs’ but now I’m convinced their the best pop artists to like grace the Earth!! =P I don’t even know why it’s so important to me this song but it just so is. I love the beat, the backing track, the little ‘boop boop’s throught - it’s all amazing. I mean, if I had to choose the main reason it’d be a toss up between the fantastic vocals (mainly speaking about Soo here but also Baek’s high note and Chen’s in the M version too) and the lyrics. I’m a sucker for the lyrics of this song because I love how they tell a story. It makes me want to go on an epic journey with them across seas and countries… although in some ways I guess we kinda are, which might be the point. This will forever be my favourite EXO song.

MUSIC BANK IN MEXICO BRuUuuUuUUHHhhH (long ass post)


Ill start from the beginning. I got sooo fucking lucky u have no idea when i got there I was like in 3rd or 4th row and then idk how but i ended up in front row in like the floor zone and I COULD SEE EVERYTHING.  My friend and I 

(follow her ayee)

 made some friends but mostly her I was too busy trying to get to the front and i did eventually lmao. I have bruises bc I was between the crowd and the metal bar thingy but I don’t even care, the crowd was actually pretty decent compared to Teen Top’s. I HAD SO MANY MAGICAL MOMENTS BUT IM DUMB AND I CANT MAKE GIFS SO ILL SOME ADD SCREENSHOTS KEEP IN MIND THAT MOST OF THEM ARENT EVEN ZOOMED IN 

OK ILL START the concert began with a cool ass introduction of bts, ailee, bap, girls day, exo, infinite and beast DAMN and then they started singing La Bamba CUTE AS FUCK IF YOU ASK ME. Sunggyu, Chanyeol and Doojoon started doing their hosting n stuff awww babies they also spoke spanish awawaww.  




IIIIIIIMMM IIIIIIIINNNN LLLLOOOOVVEEE WWWIIIIIITTTTHHHH YYOOOUU Ok next is Girl’s Day DAMN those girls can put on a show. They sang Expectation, Darling and Something (HOT AS FUCK IM SURPRISED I DIDNT FAINT LMAO). I dont know why they only did those songs i mean later they did “Suerte” by Paty Cantú BTW WHAT THE HELL THEIR ACCENTS ARE SO GOOD but I honestly wanted to see more still those girls are SO BEAUTIFUL LIKE HOLY SHIT I HAD MENTAL BREAKDOWN and they have the sweetest voices. 

Concert Tip:

 don’t try to do girl group choreographies, your butt will land in strangers’ hands and ppl around you will be very mad. 


Then it was Ailee’s stage. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOLYYYY SHIIIITTTTTT THIS WOMAN. THIS WOMAN. She’s truly a godess. I had no idea she had that voice, like I knew she had an amazing voice but SHE KILLED ME AND BROUGHT ME BACK 2 LIFE WITH THEM VOCAL CORDS. She sang Don’t Touch Me DAMN GURL, U&I DAAAAMN GUUUURL, and DAAAAAAAAAAAAAM GUUUUUUUUUURL. THAT BALLAD DOE no joke i had tears in my eyes. She is soooooo pretty and cute. She said she was surprised that we sang along and she genuinely looked happy aw bABYYY.

lmao the quality here sucks but u get my point of her holy being 

Then Yoseob, Sunggyu and Youngjae came out and sang “Corre” by Jesse & Joy AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL MAN im still not over their spanish its so good THE FUCK then like I said before Girl’s Day came out again and sang “Suerte” CUTE AS HELL. Then a dance group did a cover of No More Dream and BTS came out again and danced together it was so cool honestly but Jimin didnt lift his shirt what the hell man pls think about me the fans. 


okokokokok then BAP CAME OUT AND OH MY GOOOOOOOD OHHHH MYY GOOOOOD I think their stage was the one i enjoyed the most. They just went off, like full power u know I was ready to fight someone, it was glorious. They started off with 1004 (Angel), No Mercy DAMN I lost my shit so many times bc FUCKING MOON JONGUP AND FUCKING BANG YONGGUK CAN NOT CONTROL THEIR THRUST DANCING RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE LOOK

I DONT THINK YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND THIS ISNT ZOOMED IN I WAS THIS CLOSE OF THE POWER OF THE D I WILL LEARN TO GIF JUST FOR THE SAKE OF IT ok so yeah no mercy and then One Shot, maaaaaaaaan bap deserves all of the awards ever bc every single one of them is sososo talented I fell in love even more than before FUCK

lmao look at yongguk’s arms

Anyways, after bap it was EXO’s time, DUDE people went craaaaazy (i dont blame them tho) They looked fancy af in their white suits. I really tried to get a pic of Sehun’s ass but the guy never came around where I was DAMN IT, there was also a KAISOO sign and I thank the lord for giving that girl a cardboard and a sharpie. They sang Overdose, Growl and Lucky ,dude, during Lucky i had some magical moments with Baekhyun im not kidding ill upload the videos later the guy was right in front of me and didnt move at all but then Chanyeol… this fucker came walking straight towards me looking at me and posed for a pic or something and GODDAMN IT I WANTED TO PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE HE IS SO FUCKING CUTE 


That phone is blocking Sehun’s ass damn :((((((

Ok now Infinite HOLY SHIT their high notes got me good, i was ready to get my ass to church and join the choir. Everything was super chill as fuck and then BAAAMMM everybody was singing and dancing like maniacs, they started with Last Romeo, The Chaser, Back, and Destiny. They did such a good performance honestly everybody was so TURNT



After Infinite’s performance Ailee came to stage again awww she looked beautiful and sang “Donde Voy” I swear this woman had me in tears, EXO also came out again and sang “Sabor A Mi”. Chanyeol took out his guitar and he didnt rap he sang IN SPANISH it was so beautiful. I dont understand how can their accent be sooo good the fuck. 

When Beast came out they began with 12:30 so everything was nice and chill but then they sang Good Luck and Beautiful Night AND EVERYBODY WENT CRAZY SHIT SON IT WAS WILD PPL WERE SO CHILL AT THE BEGINNING BUT WE WENT OFF WITH THEM THERE WAS SUCH A FUN VIBE HONESTLY WE WERE ALL DANCING AND SINGING V NICE V NICE

u ok there boys?


okokok lets start with Himchan he was being super cute n shit and then he noticed that I was recording him or something and started doing funny faces aww hes so dumb i died on the spot WHY CANT I GIF HOLY SHIT







I will upload the videos on this youtube channel later but keep in mind that i recorded with an iphone so they are a lil bit shakey and some times I recorded things sideways, and then the right way and then the other way and stuff idk im really dumb

a lot of cute and funny stuff happened like ppl were throwing their bras at exo and bap so staff came out and told them to stop or they would stop recording the concert aND SPEAKING OF RECORDING I AM 200% SURE THAT I WILL BE ON THE OFFICIAL VIDEO BC THERE WAS THE MEXICAN CAMERA CREW AND THIS GUY KOREAN GUY WHOM WERE ALWAYS FILMING MY FRIEND AND I LIKE TEHY NEVER STOPPED IT WAS ACTUALLY KINDA AWKWARD BUT WHATEVER BITCH HELL YEAH

So yeaaah HELL YEEEEEAAAAAHHH that’s how it went, I think this was the best day of my life tbh words can not explain how happy I was I CAN LEAVE THE EARTH IN PEACE . Im sorry this long ass post and im pretty sure made a lot of mistakes writing this but im too lazy to formulate sentences decently bye