really love this part of the choreography

170723 - Rude AF Kai

Today’s bias is Kai.

He’s too sexy on stage.

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There’s no way to handle him all at once.

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And he knows it.

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His ass knows exactly what he’s doing.

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What is that cloth… DID YOU STEAL MY UNDERWEAR?!?!!

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itS jUSt PArt oF thE chOrEogrAphY

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Put that eyebrow away, boy.

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Kai is the worst.  I hate him.

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Kai: “Thank you for watching today~”

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I just… I don’t know what to do…

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Me too, D.O.

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Kind of a weird question, but if all the boys had gone to high school together, which ones do you think would have been friends? Or would they have all been in separate friend groups?

I think they would have been in separate friend groups but all interconnected in some way. 

Like Liam is sort of a jock and that’s how he knows Niall because even though Niall’s not even on a team (bum knee and all) he’s somehow always at his rugby practices cheering everyone on as a sort of unofficial mascot. 

Which is also how Niall know’s Harry because while Harry seems to be a sort of social floater, he’s also the school newspaper’s photographer so he’s always taking pictures of practices and games and Niall’s somehow in every single on of them. 

And that’s how Harry know’s Zayn because he has to use the dark room to develop some of his artsier shots and Zayn’s always using the dark room taking naps during his free period even though he told his teacher he was going to work on his art. After Harry and Zayn exchange some friendly conversation about what tattoos they’re gonna get in the future, Zayn will retreat under the bleachers which is how he originally met Louis, the football star and drama student extradtraordinare who can’t be bothered to go to class if it isn’t music, drama, or gym. They smoke together and sometimes Niall will come to join them when he gets bored watching whatever the hell he’s watching. Louis and Zayn would be annoyed by his constant cheeriness and his refusal to partake in smoking (unless it’s of the more herbal variety), but they they sort of love him despite themselves. 

Louis eventually always sneaks away from Zayn and Niall and lies about going to pull a prank, but really he’s off to audition for the musical which is how he knows Harry. They’re in all the shows together and because they’re never up for the same roll, they’re sort of comrades in arms who run lines together and practice the choreography when no one is looking even though they’re both dreadful at it. 

After tryouts for the musical Harry’s feeling nervous because he really wants a good part so he texts Liam, his lifting buddy, to meet him in the weight room so they can lift together like they often do. Liam doesn’t get Harry’s long hair and skinny jeans, and Liam’s lack of proper grammar in texts is appalling to Harry but they get along really well anyway. 

After saying goodbye to Harry, Liam will go home and blow off homework to go next door to Zayn’s who’s his childhood best friend. They grew up together and although they run in different social circles and don’t see each other often at school, they still hang out all the time playing video games and talking shit about how they’re gonna be something someday. 

BTS when you beg them to show you the new choreography beforehand but they can’t

Kids, thank you for celebrating Hobi’s birthday so well, I’m very proud of everyone <3 Are you hyped for the mv tomorrow? And I’ll try to reblog some pictures/videos of the concert as well tomorrow night :*

All gifs belong to their rightful creators = owners (see urls right under the gifs as always :*). Please support each other and BTS well! 

Al eonni loves all 1115 of you <3 

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Jin: [insert gif: shows you a “tiny preview”]

You: “I’m sure you just made that up. That’s not part of it, am I right?”

Jin: “Kekeke sorry~ It really isn’t~ Be patient for a bit longer, okay?~”

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You: “Oppa, for real, can’t you just show me what the new choreography will look like once? I won’t tell anyone, promised~”

Yoongi: “[insert gif: starts explaining quietly, not looking into your eyes and pouting a bit so you’ll go easy on him] Ahh I know, baby, but Bighit made us promise not to show anyone so … if I make one exception now …”

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Hoseok: [It tortures him a lot that he can’t show it to you just yet~]

You: “Oppa, what about the new choreography? You went practicing it again today, didn’t you? I know you did~”

Hoseok: “[insert gif] Ah … baby … I can show you everything, everything else~ Just not that one~ What do you want to see instead, huh? I’ll dance for you the whole night to make up for not being able to show you the new one yet~ Just tell oppa~ What do you want me to dance for you instead?”

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Rap Monster

You: “But you even showed me the song beforehand! Why not the choreography? It really doesn’t make sense [insert pouty you]”

Namjoon: “[insert gif: some smart ass explanation why it doesn’t make sense to only show you his part because it’s a complicated choreography that only makes sense when all seven members are involved]

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Jimin: feat. you as Hobi

I kind of couldn’t decide at first whether Jimin would suffer from it like Hobi or whether he’d tease you, but I went with the first option~ 

You: “[pouty like Hobi] You treat me like just any other fan, you know, it’s so mean. I can start stanning another group any time and stop caring about my boyfriend’s activities and-”

Jimin: “[insert gif: backhugs you~] Don’t be stupid, _______~ If Bighit would’ve let me, you’d have been the first person I’d have shown it too, okay?”

You: “[still not satisfied]”

Jimin: “[holds you more tightly~] Don’t be sad~ You are most important to me~”

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You: [try aegyo just to get him to show you a bit of the new dance~]

Taehyung: “Omo! I almost got weak just now~ You’re too cute~~”

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You: “[pouty and whiny] Kookie, please~ Please, please, please~ Show me something from the new choreography :(”

Jungkook: [insert gif: teases you by imitating your pouty face, almost cracks up though] 

You: “Jeon Jungkook, you little brat! Don’t make fun of me :/”

Jungkook: “Ah~ Just wait one more day, okay? Only one more day~~~”

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(Disclaimer: this report will not be a serious and professional one because I just can’t contain the fangirling; also I may and probably will be biased towards Aikyan and Shuka I’m sorry-
Also I’m sorry but I can’t really understand Japanese so I don’t know a lot of the things they said and what the Intermission PV was about, but maybe I will be able to update it later
Last, there will probably be a lot of mistakes since I’m writing this on my phone (since I’m going back home to Italy only after Comiket next week)

Sorry this took me a lot of time! So, on Saturday I’ve been to the first day of Aqours 2nd Live Tour in Nagoya and I wanted to write a report of it for curious people and also for me to remember it better :)

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Yuzuru’s interview after the JFS Award Ceremony.

Q: Congratulations on your award.

Y: Thank you.

Q: What are your feelings on it?

Y: I felt, again, that I worked hard this season, and I was especially able to do a good performance at Worlds. I will work hard to be consistent and to bring out better and better performances.

Q: This award, I believe, is based on your achievements this season such as your fourth consecutive win at the GPF and your free skate record at Worlds which proved that you are number one in the world. How do you feel looking back on the season?

Y: This was a season full of ups and downs. Of course, I wanted my ‘theme’ for this season to be challenging new things, like adding two more quads in the second half of the free and trying new quads. In a way, this season was very hard, but in the end, I was able to get results like this, and do performances which received awards like this. This will be a good ‘harvest’ for my next season.

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  • Davey is super nervous about his first kiss and he gets increasingly worried that it’s going to be a stage kiss since he’s in basically every school production.
  • He managed to get away with it for years because he plays roles like Mark from Rent and then Valjean and he’s fine with that. But then he gets cast as Charlie in Kinky Boots and he doesn’t want to turn the part down because it’s a great show that he really loves, but he also doesn’t want his first kiss to be in rehearsals with some girl he barely knows.
  • Jack can tell something is wrong and he asks is Davey is nervous. And Davey says ‘yes’ because he is, but not just about the show like Jack thinks. But he’s goes along with it so when Jack asks which part of the show he’s worried about he says it’s the finale, because that’s when he has to kiss the girl playing Lauren, but it’s also his only real choreography - in six-inch heels.
  • Jack assumes it’s the heels thing, so an hour later Davey is running the dance routine and his lines with Jack in a spare classroom and they get to the kiss and he just. kisses Jack. He isn’t really thinking and he supposes that technically it’s a stage kiss after all but this is different because he’s liked Jack for years and it’s with a guy and not some random girl. And Jack is kissing him back and this really isn’t in the script but Davey isn’t complaining.
  • Ten minutes later Race walks into the same classroom to find them making out. Davey’s sat on a table with his legs wrapped around Jack’s hips, still wearing those damn heels. Race backs out of the room and runs off to find Spot, because they’ve had a bet about this for ages and he wants the money he’s owed.

Having this adorable, cute puppy as your boyfriend would include: 

  • first and foremost: puppy love
  • he would be quite inexperienced with dating, not saying he never had a girlfriend; but probably never a serious one 
  • and you being his first serious relationship ever he would probably be very shy
  • he would also be shy about calling you a pet name in the first 3 to 4 months of your relationship
  • “can I call you something cute?”
  • “cute like what?” 
  • “umm… baby? sweety? beautiful?” 
  • and you would blush cause he usually only calls you by your name by accept because he is so adorable as he watches you with sparkling eyes 
  • reserved with the PDA, I think at first he would be too shy to hold your hand in public
  • he pings me like a guy who would hold your hand secretly under the table when you have dinner with friends
  • and kisses your cheek when he thinks no one is watching, BUT THEY ALL SEE
  • and he blushes like crazy when they mention it and you gotta reassure him it’s ok and you liked it a lot 
  • since he is pretty young I think you need to pretty much just boost his confidence about his actions in order for him to get rid of his shyness
  • once you get through the first quarter of your relationship, Woojin would be a little adorable shit 
  • he would come surprise you when you’re in class and bring you some lunch he prepared especially for you 
  • and you would eat it even though the toast is burned on the edges and a bit too hard to bite into
  • “I’m sorry, I don’t cook very well”
  • “It’s ok babe, we can learn together. How about we make dinner tomorrow night?” 
  • you don’t even finish your sentence that he agrees and starts thinking about the shopping list 
  • but when you get down to the actual cooking, it would be a mess 
  • the food will be overcooked and probably the kitchen in a terrible state, but you both would laugh and just order a pizza 
  • always offers to dance for you or for you to watch his choreography and tell your opinion
  • “hmm… yeah, I think you can work more on it, Woojin” 
  • “which part? was it the ending?” 
  • “no, no. all of it is a mess, baby” 
  • but really you just like messing with him because he is adorable when he pouts and looks upset
  • “hey… I’m just kidding. It was fantastic!” 
  • and his eyes would lit up at your words and he starts giving you butterfly kisses all over your face as he spins you around the practice room 
  • that would probably be the first moment he tells you he loves you as an accident because he would be too shy to tell you otherwise 
  • “i’m getting dizzy, please. oh my god, you dummy” you laugh while hitting his arm lightly
  • and he grins while hugging you close “I’m sorry… I love you please forgive me?” 
  • and you both freeze; you because “HOLY FUCKING GOD HE LOVES ME” and him because “WHAT DID I DO WHAT IF SHE THINKS I AM WEIRD AND DOESN’T LOVE ME BACK OH MY GOD” 
  • “you mean it, Woojin?” 
  • and he nods too shy to meet your eyes 
  • “I love you too” 
  • so he turns his eyes to look at you and has the biggest smile on his face before he leans in to kiss you
Feel Better (M)

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a/n: tumblr hates me

warning(s): Just a lotta smut, but what’s new

theme: After you get a little jealous and miss Jaebum’s performance, you feel bad for missing it, and decide you should make it your mission to lift his spirits.

word count: 2k

“I know, I just want to make sure everyone knows just who you belong to.”

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If you think about becoming a Monbebe you might want to read this and rethink you choice

(pls read until the very end)

First off, I wasn’t that much into Monsta X’s music or into the members themselves before (after facing a lot of problems) I decided to go to the Monsta X Beautiful first world tour concert in Berlin with two of my friends. I even asked people on tumblr for something like a Monsta X starter-kit (shoutout to @princechaewons ,@nooshpresents , @stanmonstaxandnct for telling me what to watch)

A K-Pop group in Europe? In my home country? Only a one-hour flight away from my hometown? That’s a RARE occasion and I had to take this chance even though they are not one of my bias groups. I didn’t pay THAT much for the tickets (45€/53$(US)) so I didn’t expect too much from it.

We finally stood in front of the Tempodrom (the concert hall) like half an hour before we were able to enter it. The queue was all over the place and after almost 2 hours of waiting I got impatient but I had such great conversations with other Monbebes (great fans tbh 10/10 would talk to again). Everything went smooth after getting in and finding our assigned seats and the actual view was shocking, as I already said I didn’t expect much but do have some sort of expectation.

We sat on the outermost row, slightly more on the right side. With 3500-3800 people in there you would think that your only friend will be the screens on the side to somewhat guess what’s happening in front of you but I was totally wrong, we had such a f*cking great view. I was able to pretty much see every single facial expression and the acoustic was also kind of impressive.


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QUARTET NIGHT LIVE Evolution 2017 - 2017/02/12 - REPORT Part ①

Do NOT repost
You can post the link but not the content.

As usually, not 100% accurate with the order, especially the talks, so much happened but I’m surprised with how much I remember.


I went to the Live Viewing at Saitama.
They sold goods at each cinema during their open time.

My cinema opened at 8am and I got to the the place just after 7am, there was already about 60-100 people lined up.

There were Shoutan fans!! They wore the PRISM long Tshirt and had the bags, I briefly acknowledged them. I had my PRISM Itta bag with me too (and a tiny Ai-chan itta bag).

We started moving a few minutes before 8am.

I kept thinking how they are selling the goods, do we tick what we want from a sheet? Do we buy at the till and tell the staff what we want?

I was too distracted while walking in, my eyes briefly glanced at the goods on the table to my left. I kept walking on.


I realised you just pick up what you want along the way and quickly snatched the pamphlet!
The next thing, oh the clothes…  It’s pretty dark grey, hmm, just one left…
Picks up to look at, about to put it back
I quickly held it close to me tightly.
THE LAST ONE!! 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。
Most things were gone already! 😭
Only one Live towel left, I think there was 2 bags, I’m sure there was tshirts, but again my mind was somewhere else and never picked them up 😭
The next thing I picked up was Ai-chan’s brooch, there was some left along with Reiji’s, barely any character towels left.
Some light sticks

The charms were all gone too, but I wasn’t going for them.

There was quite a few fans left, Ai-chan’s had the most.
I made a last minute decision to get one to make up for not being able to get the other goods I wanted.

So, I got the pamphlet, cardigan, brooch and fan.
Plus 2 random keychains for spending over a certain amount
*Will upload pics later*

I opened the first random packet, Ranran came out, not too bad, next one was Camus.
Ai-chan~~~~ 😭

I went to the crowd of fans to try and exchange for Ai-chan, and if possible the QN logo

I seen the Shoutan fans again, they obviously would want Ai-chan, skip.
Where’s Ai-chan~~~

Ah!! Ai-chan!!
I asked the girl who she was looking for and she said “Camus-sama” SCORE!
Put Ai-chan’s one away, kinda still want the logo~

I stood for a while holding Ranran’s one
And then a girl came to me asking if they can get Ranran for the logo
Mission complete 💜
And now to roam about for 6 hours or so before the live (omg I was SOOOO bored! 😩)

Came back to the theatre and went to the screen, my seat was 7th row from the front

The girl next to me was wearing the Long T! Yeyy
Fan: are you Mikaze Ai’s fan?
Me: Yes~ Shoutan’s fan? ✨
Fan: Hai sou desu (yes that’s correct)
Me: Yatta! XD
Fan: Yatta ^^ Yoroshiku onegaishimasu
Me: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~

I asked her name, she’s Yukina.

The screen was showing the Live logo and then changed to the goods

Not long after it showed the venue!!!!

Ahh!! It was beautiful!! All monochrome
Part of the stage set was decorated with their character colours

We were saying how amazing it looks and she said it’s very QN-like ✨

She was like “yabai yabai!!”
I’m so glad a Shoutan, and a vocal fan is next to me!!
For the past lives I’ve been to, apart from Shoutan’s Osaka live(sat with a friend)
Every stranger I’ve sat next to are SO quiet!
Yeyy! It’s gna be fun! XD

We both freaked out

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BTS Reaction: You post a video/photo of your skills

u post a video or photo on instagram showing off a skill that is similar to his.

gifs are not mine & I know i’m bad at this so don’t expect much.


‘‘I didn’t even know you could rap like that! Why didn’t you tell me.’‘

He was shocked when he saw the video of you rapping along with one of your favourite songs. He replayed the video a few times while trying to show you even though you’re the one who made the video. ‘’No no wait come look.’’ You always rapped along with that song but apparently this is the first time he actually noticed. Maybe because he’s usually rapped along with you.

He’ll look at you with full interest when he hears you rapping. A small smile forming on his face knowing that you’re all his.

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Let’s just go oldest to youngest with this…I’ll try not to get too in depth (even though I could go paragraphs and novels long ‘cause I honestly love these guys)

Firstly, our leader, Shownu!

The one thing I appreciate about Shownu is his indomitable will and his constant stability. When they say his broad back and shoulders are the most attractive things about him–I see it metaphorically. He carries so much on his shoulders but he still manages to remain cool, calm and confident–giving the members someone to look to when/if they falter. He carries the members on his back and allows all of them to grow as idols. I’m truly grateful that Monsta X is blessed with such a reliable leader.

Now onto my love, Wonho. Oh dear…this could take a minute or a year…

There’s a lot I appreciate about Wonho. But just to name one, I appreciate how much he cares. So many people in this day and age fall into the easier choice of “not giving a damn” or saying “fuck it” when they come across obstacles. But those words will never leave Wonho’s lips. The guy does not give up because his heart is strong and unwavering. His passion and seriousness about what he does is truly inspiring to me. He cares about his members, about us, about music, his family–he just wears his heart on his sleeve. He shows us his vulnerabilities, his weaknesses, his emotions and thoughts. He is not afraid to care about something when others do not. He has strong values/beliefs and he is a true hero!!!

Ok…let me calm down now.

Next is Minhyuk!

One thing I appreciate about the sun Minhyuk, is that he’s always bringing that spiciness to the table. He’s not afraid to be brash or silly. I can tell the other members feed off of his vibe and his outgoing nature–they feel more comfortable if he is. And if he is hyper, then MX is even more hyper! Minhyuk is the best when he’s not overthinking things–such as wondering if a broadcast is going well or not. He’s already a natural for variety shows; he’s very funny and good at talking. I appreciate him speaking his mind and always wanting to make things more interesting–adding his spice to the Monsta X stew and amping it up just a little bit more.

Now Mama Kihyun!

It may be obvious, but I really appreciate Kihyun for always confidently and strongly being our main vocal. He’s so reliable and powerful for being a “teeny guy.” Just imagine having to sing the main chorus and also doing the choreography at the same time. The chorus has to be the strongest part of the song because it’s the main melody. It must be so tiring to sing whole-heartedly while doing the dance moves too. I also want to mention how loving Kihyun is as a person. He’s not called the mom of the group for nothing! I feel like he always has a third eye open for the other members. He’s very good at determining how each of them are feeling individually and then making sure they’re taken care of.

What to say about my boy Chae Hyungwon…

I feel like Hyungwon is always himself all the time. He’s comfortable in his skin and just a cool, laid back guy. The thing I appreciate about him is that whether it’s vlive, a variety show, or interview, Hyungwon is always the same–he’s always a constant. He doesn’t pretend to act like he’s something he’s not. Regardless of people always just looking at him for his handsome face, he acts goofy, makes funny faces, says blunt shit, and is as crazy as the rest of Monsta X. In addition to that, sometimes you just need a member that makes you go…”Hm…I’m really glad you’re here.” Their aura and presence in the room is just always appreciated. And to me, that person is Hyungwon.

Time for Joo honey time yon!

The thing I appreciate about Jooheon is that he’s always doing it 100%. When they’re performing on stage, even when the other members look tired or close to being “done,” Jooheon is always doing it 100%. He always has as much energy and enthusiasm as he did during a first comeback stage. That makes me realize that he really wants to be there on that stage. He really wants to be a rapper and idol. And he really does shine and belong up there. Also, regardless of being so aggressive on stage, he’s so precious and sweet as a person. I appreciate and love that he doesn’t try to maintain some kind of badass persona off-stage and he wants others to see his pure heart and loving personality.

Soooooo Changkyun…

I mean what can I say about this guy! Both Wonho and I appreciate his very existence! But most of all, his personality…he is so down-to-earth and cool. Such a cute maknae but he’s so mature and level-headed at the same time. I appreciate how observant he is. He sees and notices things that people usually don’t. If another member is feeling sad or different than usual, I feel like he’d be the first to notice. And, of course, because he’s so touchy, he would comfort them with a pat on the back or a hand on the knee. He’s good at reading the atmosphere and acting accordingly. Besides Wonho, Changkyun is the member that I can really relate to. 

Ok, I’m done!

Hardcore Monbebe Challenge (4) One thing you appreciate about each member

my highlights list of Owl City songs

maybe you’ve only heard like “fireflies” and you dont have shit taste and aren’t a coward and so you’ve always hoped i’d make a list of imo extra standout owl city songs; maybe i just wanted to make something like this list even though i didnt try that hard to cut it down and it would change every day and i dont think i dislike any of his songs and could give reasons why i especially like some element of pretty much each of them

Assuming Everyone’s Also Heard: VANILLA TWILIGHT (Ocean Eyes), GOOD TIME (The Midsummer Station)
they’re both amazing. vanilla twilight is intense and good for when you’re looking at a nice sunset and feeling brave. shaq is in the music video. that carly rae jepsen and adam young happened to team up was a great move by whoever initiated it, and good time is iconic, and there’s a version where carly rae jepsen is also singing the chorus and its better but i dont really know how to search for it in particular because its otherwise identical

***HELLO SEATTLE*** (Ocean Eyes)
this was on the radio too so it couldve gone in the above section but it needs its own. im not sure i’d say this is officially my favorite owl city song but if someone hadnt heard anything by owl city this is the one i’d choose to represent his entire vibe and be the first impression. and you’d think nobody could possibly remix it but adam young himself did and its fantastic and relatable even though the only lyrics are the occasional words “hello seattle.” technically the first version of this song is on the album “of june” and theyre both good but i like the ocean eyes version best

the most upbeat song on the album probably. adam young is very very good at lyrics and some elements of this include his imagery, rhythm, alliteration, wordplay, and general ability to make the words in a song both euphonic in the sound along but also be very Pretty content wise. ok im most serious about how good he is with lyrics so maybe i’ll be more concise after this one

owl city songs aren’t depressing or even really Sad even when they’re sad (w/ some exceptions…cough silhouette) but they’re good if you are / have been a Sad Person Who Lives In Their Head because thats what a lot of the songs are about / the perspective theyre from. this one sounds like that and also like an overcast day

***IF MY HEART WAS A HOUSE*** (Ocean Eyes)
the Best love song of the whole discography imo. it goes hard as fuck. i don’t date but for the duration of this song i have a gf/bf/nb-f

one of the best and another one of the best love songs. im especially partial to the winter theme now o course. this super cool thing happens in the middle with amazing lyrics and this volume effect. the instrumental versions of this and if my heart was a house are also killer

ANGELS (All Things Bright And Beautiful)
adam young loves jesus a whole lot; this song is about literal christian angels. i love the alliteration of the lines “in the dust on the cellar staircase / a pair of footprints followed me / i saw a flicker in the fake fireplace”. not many owl city songs are from both an upbeat perspective AND have upbeat music, and this one’s chorus really goes for it. adam y.’s pretty excited about jesus stuff i think and so when he channels that in songs especially about jesus, it’s pretty energetic. but for the most part his songs arent overtly christian save maybe some passing references, so if thats a concern dont worry

for example, this one definitely has a jesus line. but this is just one of the references to an unspecified “he” which means it could also just be interpreted as gay. (owl city belongs to the gays btw) and this really is a song to go ham to and listen to it with stereo speakers because one of my fave parts relies on that. the intro is a bit jarring because the outro of “january 28, 1986” is meant to transition into this one

DEMENTIA (The Midsummer Station)
i’d put this as a highlight but recognize its coz its a personal fave. it sounds like it would be incredibly depressing of course but it has nothing to do with actual dementia thank god. it’s a love song and very upbeat in both sound and content. i’m hugely partial to the lyrics, especially the pairs “every light in the night flickered in and out / every bone in my back shivered up and down”; “every voice in my head shouted yes and no / every freight train of thought fought to stop and go”; “every tear in my eyes dripped and wouldn’t drop / every disc in my spine shook and couldn’t stop” and “every hand let me go that i tried to hold / every warm-hearted love left me freezing cold”

he has a bunch of random christmas singles and this ones the best. the titles ridiculous and i love it, and the song isn’t really about anything and i love it. it is such a bop. “peppermint winter” and “humbug” are the other best xmas ones

half the songs on this album are summery dancey songs about having fun with other people (usually owl city songs are about being lonely or having fun with one other person tops by cloudwatching, so this album is unusual in that regard and rocks out a bit which is also unusual as per owl city’s tendency to sound really dreamy or otherwise fairly light. it bothers people who are in the “the old stuff is better” camp of everything) and the other half are upbeat summery songs that are encouraging and tell you you’re a good and special person. this one is the latter and a lot of fun. i like the lyrics and melody of the lines “fan a flame so hot it melts our hearts” and “let your colors burn and brightly burst / into a million sparks that all disperse / and illuminate a world that’ll try to bring you down” (but not this time)

GOLD (Midsummer)
same category song as above (title refers to “i know you’re gold”). it’s great and sung to a person about to go off and do something and you’re telling them they can totally do it because they’re great. i maintain that one of the Owl City Signature Moves is The Affectionate Sigh: he’s very good at working in words sung with a rising/falling tone, a la a sigh, and its an upbeat delivery not like a “im sad” sigh. when it happens in this song is my favorite part of the whole thing, at the end of the line: “you’ll never be far, i’m keeping you near, inside of my heart, you’re he^re”

the songs on ultraviolet all have a super cool sound, kind of mixing the more loud/layered/noisy quality of midsummer station with the more introverted vibe he usually has, and are all kind of about being stressed and sad but looking to something or someone and kind of seeing a chance to feel okay. “this isn’t the end” is completely about a girl who’s dad kills himself but it has the really good line “you fight to survive cuz you made it this far” and otherwise has a technically uplifting end but without much of the “you shouldnt kill yourself because life is magical” bs which is useless and irrelevant imo but instead the “life is chaotic and you cant say the future is going to be good but it exists and meanwhile you’re not dead yet” which is an infinitely more thoughtful approach. but anyways, about beautiful times: its also about being happy but usually being really sad (“this fight of my life is so hard (so hard, so hard) but i’m gonna survive, oh oh these are beautiful times,”) and also isnt very patronizing about the subject (the prospect/aspiration of feeling happy when you’re a Sad Person) and frames everything in having had damagingly negative feelings while still being overall positive. i really like the way he sings into the first few verses with an echo of what will be the first couple of words, overlapping slightly and growing in volume before taking you right into the actual start of the verse. this is the most upbeat sounding song of the EP imo

THUNDERSTRUCK (Mobile Orchestra)
the intro alone is killer. one of the most Go Hard to songs of the owl city discography. proudly carries the tradition of singing about ghosts (see: plant life, a fun-to-sing-along-to song all about an actual haunted house)

this album has a lot of sounds that, while familiar, are different from any of the other albums, like this one which is very very country. it goes hard as fuck. it uses the word “fireflies” for the first time since fireflies. i love it

personal fave of the album is mostly why this is here. as the title suggests its a dramatic love song, i love how pumped the chorus is and the way the outro sounds. Love To Sing Along

this is peak “happy music, sad lyrics” even though thats everywhere in owl city music, its pretty rare to find songs that are straightforwardly happy. this song is a banger and lyrically crushing. i guess its in the “bittersweet” category like a shit ton of owl city songs are, but still. this song changed our lives

has this sick chill drumbeat throughout the song which is kind of rare. it kind of fuses his underwater type sound with his going hard as hell sound. like, it would be like the choreography of “bet on it” if i was listening to this song while standing up. you get really into the lyrics. i love this part at the end where the music pulls back for just a second while he goes “the thought is KILLING me!” shoutout to “kamikaze” where he yells half of it and its invigorating, shoutout to “paper tigers” which is an amazing song that hasnt shown up on an album

SUNBURN (Ocean Eyes)
possibly the cutest owl city song. it has a sweet guitar riff. cute sweet, not sickass sweet.

possibly the happiest owl city song. extremely cute but not as cute as sunburn but happier than sunburn.

killer intro, really upbeat, the melody of the verses is great and the chorus goes pretty hard

RAINBOW VEINS (Maybe I’m Dreaming)
another top level cute and happy song (“cheer up and dry your damp eyes, and tell me when it rains, and i’ll blend up that rainbow above you, and shoot it through your veins”) and has a top tier chilled out whispery interlude/bridge/whatever that then throws you into this pumped up finale

speaking of being thrown into a pumped up finale, this does that too. so does “umbrella beach.” this one goes hardest imo and the live version of it goes even harder than that. plus the lyrics are amazing and the alliteration is stellar

***SUPER HONEYMOON*** (Maybe I’m Dreaming)
consistently one of my top tier faves. i like the semi staccato delivery of parts of the lyrics, the music is fantastic, also very Classic Example of owl city

super dreamy and pretty and bittersweet sounding, classic

a bop!!! electronica on electronica

so fun and sounds like a song to be going to the beach to

YOUTOPIA (ft. Adam Young)
obvs not owl city but i’m putting it in, the full 4 min version. not only dreamy and bittersweet but one thing i always love in music is an unresolved musical phrase repeating on end. there’s also this part in the middle where his vocals kind of layer and grow and it has a long E sound and when he lingers on the long E its one of those things that would be grating except for its actually great because of that. see: honey and the bee

MR. HEARTACHE (ft. Adam Young)
a total bop about being sad. like i wanna jump around to this song. see: tokyo, the song by adam young (owl city) featuring the artists of this one, SEKAI NO OWARI, which has my fave lyric “are you having fun yet, i’ll send you the sunset, i love the most”

FIREFLIES (Said the Sky remix)
the intro to this is like, oh my god. the only fireflies remix the world needs.

UMBRELLA BEACH (Long Lost Sun remix)
the original is great but i love this version even more. the finale is fantastic and exuberant

THAT’S IT i could include all the songs because i have good things to say and specific things to point out about each of them. for example: dental care is a masterpiece of puns. puns are a running theme in owl city. so is ghosts, the sky, the ocean, and The Affectionate Sigh. if you listen to enough songs you find repetitions of certain phrases like “oh darling i wish you were here,” “i feel like a postcard, i wish you were here,” “like hundreds of postcards, that say i wish you were here” and someone should make a post of all of them. it would be me if i had a laptop. anyways i like owl city you’re welcome for this post

[170720] Some Consolidated Fan Accounts from Mnet MCountdown Pre-Recording (Part 1)

Fan Accounts for “The Eve” (that aired during MCD 20/07)

– His hair was down for “The Eve”. He wore black jeans with black shirt inside and his white sleeve shirt was tucked out. Kyungsoo looked just like a penguin today.

– There is couple dance for “The Eve” (where Jongdae and Sehun danced in V App few days before). The pairings are: Kyungsoo & Jongin, Chanyeol & Minseok, Sehun & Jongdae, Junmyeon & Baekhyun.

– “The Eve” has a similar feeling with “Artificial Love” but a slower version. And there’s a pelvis wave kinda thing. Some fans also saying, “the dance is erotic and it’s the second Artificial Love”, “it gives the Black Pearl + Play Boy vibes”, “it feels like “Exodus + One And Only”. Anyway, all fans said that the dancing is sexy.

– Even though Kyungsoo will start at the center stage, he’ll sing his ad-lib at the back or at the side like “Monster” performance. But Kyungsoo’s expression when singing his own part is really sexy! Similar to the lyrics of “The Eve”, showing one’s desire.

– There’re many center stages for Kyungsoo.

– Kyungsoo did ad-lib and Jongin danced to choreography, an all kill is really an all kill.

– Do Kyungsoo is really too sexy! He wore a black shirt inside with a loose white shirt and did the wave dance, too sexy!

– During his part, he expression looked sexy when singing. He looked sincere as same as the lyrics.

– Junmyeon and Kyungsoo were talking but Minseok kept waving at the side.

– While waiting for the camera to roll, Jongdae hid behind Kyungsoo, held Kyungsoo by the shoulder and peeked out from behind him. That was so cute!

– Oh, before the second pre-recording, after discussing the timing to enter with the members, he went down from the stage alone while swaying, looking as if he was confirming something to himself. When he was walking and jumping down, he really looked like a penguin. He also bumped himself a little when he was going down the stairs, so cute!

– During the second pre-recording, Kyungsoo asked Baekhyun something, to which Baekhyun answered after laughing. Thereafter, Kyungsoo said, “what?” Kyungsoo then ran to confirm and while running (imagine “dong dong dong”), he was super cute. After confirming, he then ran back (imagine “dong dong dong” again) to share with Baekhyun “it’s like this.” Junmyeon and Chanyeol were also there listening.

– Upon hearing everyone screaming, Kyungsoo cupped his hand by his ear. That gesture was so pretty. Kyungsoo’s ear is also very pretty.

– During the last part when Kyungsoo was coming out, I shouted “Taejung-ah (Kyungsoo)” unintentionally. He then smiled while walking. How can he be this adorable?

Fan Acc Cr: twitter @0124dks, @Autumn_boy_chen, @shotrigger94, @milkDO112, @serenity_b2, @doh_haru, @_kyungsoosarang, @99xiuminEXO, @Dyobonbon, @kkong_ah, @106112WD
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Eng Trans: twitter @kyeongsew, @exonyeondan, @serenadyo, @swevenode, @chocohun94, @enthralleddd
Account Consolidation & In partnership with: IG @channel930112

A Case for The Spongebob Musical

So this show starts performances on Broadway Nov. 6, 2017 and occasionally I’ll see posts about it with questions about its quality or this and that (and send asks to people put these things in their tags, so shout out to @ratherthepoint for being interested in what I had to say about this), so here’s contribution of my thoughts on the show as someone who can maybe kind of sort of answer these questions, so here are my opinions:

This show is pretty darn good. I think it’s gonna play especially well with 20-somethings who grew up with the show. Cause it’s not written like a show targeted at little kids. It’s mostly family friendly with a few things that are definitely going over kids’ heads, but it’s also kind of self-aware of how ridiculous it can be, acknowledging it, and then just playing in that space and having a great time anyway. It’s not a flawless, sophisticated, high-brow show. And it’s not trying to be that. However, the cast is amazing and the design aspects are stunning. You can tell this show was put together and is performed by people who really love and care about what they’re doing. That sincerity lets the show’s heart come through in both the cheesy and emotional points throughout, so more than anything, this show is a joy to watch, and I honestly enjoyed it every time I saw it.

(I worked at the theater where the show had its Chicago run last summer and through the job saw the show eight times. Never got sick of it, and still miss it every now and then.)

On a slightly more critical note, there are some parts I’m not crazy about. There are a couple of subplots that don’t really land for me, and a couple of songs that aren’t my favorite, but as a credit to the production, even those parts are interesting to watch at least once because of the staging/actors/choreography/etc. Plus, given the amount of time between the Chicago run and its Broadway opening, there could very well be some changes that make a difference in those bits.

Personal highlights:

Ethan Slater: That boy is crazy good. There are so many aspects of his physicality and mannerisms that go into his Spongebob, not to mention he is such a triple threat. Just. I want all good things for him. And I love how he performs Spongebob’s “I want” song very much. (I also just really like that song)

Gavin Lee: In general, Squidward is great in the show, but Gavin Lee has the timing and delivery down to a tee, and does great things in the background during the show. Plus his tap dance number (with four legs) is my favorite bit of the show.

The Ensemble: All so good! I love how the ensemble works in this show! Stephanie Hsu (Karen) and Jason Michael Snow (Patchy) are stand outs for me, both had some great improv moments throughout the run.

The friendship between Spongebob and Patrick: I just really liked how this is written. And both actors play off of each other really well.

Wrap up:

I really like this show! I think it’s quite good! On “the scale of Spider-Man Turn off the Dark to School of Rock in terms of “ridiculous musicals with powerhouse creators that could turn out really good”” (as someone who hasn’t seen School of Rock yet), I’d say it’s in a similar realm as Shrek the Musical, but I like it even better than I like Shrek. Is it worth seeing on Broadway? If you’ve got the money for it, go for it. I’d say listen to the album when it comes out (they’ve already recorded it, and are supposedly releasing it around the time they open on Broadway), and if that sounds pretty good, look in to getting tickets. I imagine they’re going to have some sort of rush/lotto situation and that’d definitely be worth it. I will say, this is a show where having really good visibility from your seat matters because a lot happens outside of the actually stage area if staging remains consistent, so keep that in mind when choosing seats.

I think that does it! Please feel free to message me if you’ve got any other questions and I can do my best to answer them!

Aoi Shouta LIVE 2017 WONDER lab. ~prism~ Osaka/Tokyo 2017-02-04/2017-02-12 - Report


Two reports in one post! The majority of the live was similar ✨
Osaka parts will be in italics, Tokyo in bold, plain text means it happened in both lives!
Most the official photos I’ve used here are mainly from Tokyo.

As usual not 100% accurate!

At Tokyo Live

*Thanks to those who responded to my post! ^^*
So I got to my seat and after I was ready I messaged @jeanette-ting seeing if she got to her’s ok (we applied for tickets separately so never got to sit together 😢 ).

And not long after she told me she spotted Chiharu!!!
Here are screenshots of our convo 😂Thought it’d be easier than trying to explain it all lol
Hopefully it’s not too small and you can all read it! (Probably better to read on mobile devices since you can zoom in!)

Please excuse the spelling mistakes, as you can tell I was really excited 😂😂

And~ then the live started!

If only I could have recorded him 😂

It’s not in the convo but I also saw Agematsu Noriyasu, BROCCOLI’s composer (third photo) he was sitting next to Naru, Shoutan’s kouhai in S Inc (second photo).
And I couldn’t tell who it was next to Agematsu-san, but since they were next to him and Naru, I guessed it must be Satou Hiromi, S Inc’s president (third photo).
Araki Hirofumi, Kento’s actor in Smile Mermaid was also there (last photo)

I seen Japanese fan reports saying that Onoken was also there but I never seen him.


The live started with a video of painter/artist Shoutan in an art studio. His Budokan Prince outfit was also displayed in the room ☺️
He was drawing a white, space-like outfit.
He then turns and look straight to the camera with this expression (noticing us)

(ok not 100% this expression, he was more happy looking) and then he smiled beautifully~

Suddenly he sees something unusual and wiped his eyes to check that he wasn’t seeing things. Sparkles started coming out from the drawing, he then smiled again
Then Shoutan appeared on stage in that white outfit!!!

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The Incuboys and Ice Stating (with a bit of Yuri on Ice)


He is decent at it and thinks the sport is very nice to watch. James tried it before with his brothers and Mika and although he never fell, he wasn’t exactly a natural either. If anything, he would only know the basics and maybe a few tricks, but thats it.

Originally posted by iceskatingdream


Erik is a natural pro from the start. It only took him maybe an hour to learn the basics and off he goes, already working on jumps and a bit of choreography. He is like Victor 2.0 because he is very artistic, creative and graceful both on and off the ice. He is also a huge fan of the sport and watches it on tv all the time and in his free time he designs skating outfits. In conclusion, Erik LOVES everything about figure skating.

Originally posted by officialanimejunkie


He is not a huge fan of it. Sure, he can do it and even pull off a few tricks, but its not for him. Sam would rather prefer something like hockey or another competitive sport, but he still respects the sport and anyone who enjoys it. (He also falls a lot on the ice because he either moves too fast or becomes too impatient.)

Originally posted by hair-braids


Has no skill on the ice what-so-ever. Matthew does try really hard, but he just can’t get the hang of it. When he goes ice skating with either his brothers or Mika, he either grips the wall or Mika. He also falls often, poor boy. A+ for effort. Super impressed by anyone who can figure skate well and he likes watching performances and competitions.

Originally posted by bruisette


Damien is not a natural like Erik, but he does learn how to skate well as time passes. He is a natural at expressing himself, so he really shines at the choreography parts, much like Yuri Katsuki. Although, he is a bit afraid to do jumps, so he will rarely attempt them. Regardless, he loves the sport and tries to go skating once a week just because its fun and relaxing for him.

Originally posted by asparagusoup

(170307) shinee world japan plus update five album interview

3 favourite songs from album five



there’s a line that i especially like in this part that i sing which is “under the starry sky, i think of you without change”. even if you just imagine that scenery, it sounds so beautiful, doesn’t it? but the whole general atmosphere is nice, it’s especially suitable for such a great ballad.
do me right
even if you sing and listen to this track in a really pop style, i think its tune gives off a really enjoyable feel. this part, “before i can even become aware of it, i enter a state of daze”, has impressive lyrics.
i think it had left a great impression on those who have already seen it (performed) on stage, i like the performance a lot! i think it had a vibe that we have never expressed until now. since it repeats “a-b-o-ab” over and over, i believe that once you have listened to it once you won’t be able to get it out your head.



“shinee night”!! that phrase gives a very vigorous impression. it has a great impact, performance included.
mr right guy
you will understand the feel of this song better when we perform it on stage. especially the dance part during the interlude or the bridge, it pleases me.
do me right
“shalala i wanna dance~” i wanted to dance with you all, its a track that gives me a really fun feeling. i end up smiling without realizing.


mr right guy

i love it a lot how there’s a part which is reminiscent of micheal jackson vibes and 90s music.
do me right
honestly, when i had heard this track just for the first time i didn’t feel anything special, but after singing it on stage, it becomes a lot more fun, i think it’s a very charming song, performance included.
get the treasure
the title track of this album! it has such an appeal, since the choreography, and of course, the mv are so dynamic.


diamond sky

i’ve actually been able to experience, during the live, moving along to this song together with the fans, but even more, it makes me really happy to be “together”, as it enlivens the live performance.
get the treasure
it’s the album’s title track, it’s really cool, isn’t it? since the choreography is 360°, it gives off a feeling that has never been experimented before, i think it’s very impressive.
if you come to see this live (performance), i think it will convey the charm of this track in the best way!



it’s a track with impressive lyrics and melody that holds an asian taste. it’s a song i like the most out of this album.
winter wonderland
at the time of the live performance, there is a beautiful atmosphere created by the image of the winter moon, so i like it even more.
become undone
i think it’s a really cool track because of how the melody, our voices, and the mood match (with each other). i especially like this track as well.


: this is already our 5th album that has released in japan. it makes me happy that we have been able to create an album every year, so that we have 5 of them. i think that in this compilation there were many tracks that were suitable for a live performance. if you get to see it performed on stage, i wish you will be pleased with this album even more and more.

: time really went by in the blink of an eye!! i was so surprised by how it flew by! this is our 5th album, the tour as well is our 5th, shinee debuted 5 years ago too, and we are shinee made up of five members. it has a great meaning, doesn’t it!

: as a whole, i’m confident about introducing this album (to you)! there are a lot of tracks that i like, and since i like dancing to them too the stages are really enjoyable.

: i feel like time passes by really fast. i believe that we have run a lot, to the point that i can’t believe this is our 5th album. but these previous moments have been a lot of fun. as a whole, i feel like i’ve become an adult by a bit, and that we have been able to show you the gentle side of shinee.

taemin: as a whole, since the chosen tracks match the concert well, i think it’s an album which we absolutely want to show (you) on stage with a high level of completion!

translated by romanceboys — take out with full credit