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Whump trope:

When the antagonist/torturer asks the defiant whumpee a casual rhetorical question about themself that suggests they're about to really fuck them up.

“It was the left leg last time, right?” - The Flash

“But a man cares about his son, eh?” - Percy Jackson

“I believe you know…[produces photograph]…this person?”

“You write with your left hand, don’t you, [name]?” - one of my own

And either the whumpee is confused and has no idea why they’ve suddenly changed the subject or they realise immediately what they intend and get an ice-cold jolt of fear right through their veins.

Looking over some screencaps from the TV Movie the other day, I started asking myself how the initial confusion over the colour of the Doctor’s coat ever came about. I mean, look; it’s green (though not bottle green as it’s usually described; to me it looks more like a very dark olive green) in almost every light:

Then I remember that this was pre-DVDs and high-res and the costume being on display and that it looks brown






(There are a handful in which it looks green but those weren’t really seen back then)

It’s fascinating (to me, anyway) how one fabric can change colour so dramatically.

anyone else really loving that this season of skam has lead to them learning loads more about Islam? 

It’s been really nice googling a new term every clip, reading through people’s posts explaining how Sana prays and why, and being recommended other great shows/sources for info. 

I’m Jewish and I’m used to seeing things like Chanukah or bar/batmitzvahs being regularly covered on TV and in film. It’s a great wake up call in terms of how Islam doesn’t often have that privilege. 

Ok listen I hate that I’m talking about the straight white guy in such a diverse women-centred show just as much as you probably hate seeing people talking about the straight white guy in such a diverse women-centred show but I’m having lots of thoughts about Michael Cordero Jr so whatever I’m just gonna ramble for a bit (well…..a lot)

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;; probably should have made this post a long time ago b u t !

im putting this blog on an indefinite hiatus. i’m feeling my muses but just not here if that make sense? in all honesty, i may move some to sideblogs but i’m not sure. i love my ocs a lot but everything here seems too cluttered for me apparently??? and i just get really mcfuckin anxious being here so y e a

i dont know what else to say other than that- ill be on my current main blog @offliight for now on. 

How I see different signs:

Aries: Wants to be right in every situation! And if they are wrong, it’s really hard for them to admit it. They want to have the best ideas and feel special in every aspect of their life and often they are. Very caring and protective people, if they care for someone, they’re always ready to help and understand. If they feel like going for something, they will work hard and get there, whatever it takes.

Taurus: Every Taurus I know has a very low self esteem. They like to have a lot of material things around them and I feel like they hide normal things of their life to seem better, because they’re afraid what people might think if they knew. Outside they seem kinda arrogant and self centered, but that is just an act. They’re one of the nicest people I know, but getting them to actually open up takes a very long time.

Gemini: They seem very open, because they’re talkative, spontaneous and they share their personal life with an ease, but every Gemini that I know, seem to have a hard time letting anyone too close. They’re actually super emotional and they care about others, but they have weird way of showing it. They need their space and they’re very independent and that should be respected. Most open minded people I know and very, very passionate about things that they love. Also, one of the most hurtful sign, if you ever hurt one, because they’re excellent at reading others and they know how to be cold as fuck. Geminis also have the greatest ideas and they’re super sharp and artistic, but they have a hard time to actually do anything for their dreams without a little help. I also like, how straight forward they are.

Cancer: So funny and so emotional! When you talk to them, they have the most intensive look, like they are watching you so carefully. So often their face is a blank, but their eyes are full of emotion. To me, how they look at you, is sometimes so uncomfortable! The best listeners, but also very good emotional manipulators. They respect you, but if you give them a sign that you’re into them, they will reveal their passion for boobs, haha! 

Leo: They’re the most gorgeous and the funniest people I know. I feel like the way they say things, is just so hilarious. They make me feel comfortable and good about myself. They just have something about them, that makes everyone interested and sometimes they seem arrogant and self centered, but they actually care about others more than anything. If they’re interested in you, they will get to you, but if they’re not, they will be so cold! If they drink a little too much, it’s the funniest thing, I promise! They’re a little mess of legs, arms and weird stories that make no sense! My best friend is a Leo and she is the most open minded and strongest person I have and I will ever meet. She also could go thru fire for me, but I feel like she would let me die in a snow storm, because she seriously hates cold, haha! I could go on and on about Leos, they’re everything!

Virgo: They know things that doesn’t make any sense. They want to know a lot of different people and everyone to have a good time. They want to be perfect and succeed in life and they also have a really good plan how to do that. Virgos are just so and very smart and they’re super interesting, but sometimes they accidentally make you feel, like they think that they’re better. They’re often right. Virgos often give a hard time to their close friends, but they mean well and want to help others. 

Libra: Someone who doesn’t like drama at all. They will stand by your side, but they really hate conflicts. They love to annoy and laugh at others, but it’s all for good fun, they don’t mean anything bad by it. Actually, that is a fucking weird way for them to show you, that they really care. I feel like I have a deep emotional connection with Libras. They are very smart, open minded and deeply caring people, and they’re also very passionate about things they love. They seem, like they don’t need anyone, but I feel like they’re someone looking for soulmate to share everything with. They’re also secretly very romantic people, and for some reason they have a hard time accepting it.

Scorpio: They make up things about you in their mind and if you tell them that they’re wrong, they have hard time believing you. They love anything electronic and new, but they’re really bad at decorating anything. They seem like they don’t care, but they’re deeply emotional and I’m always surprised how easily Scorpio understands emotions. They have thick skin and if they get hurt, you won’t know it, if it doesn’t come up in a fight or something. I often feel like Scorpios want others to read their minds, even tho they’re not showing what is wrong. They have very dark places in their head. 

Sagittarius: Wants to be best in their surroundings. The best girlfriend, the best worker, the best looking, the best housewife and the list goes on. Sometimes you feel like everything is alright and after two seconds the Sagittarius is a screaming mess. But that only happens when you’re really close with them. They love people and they have loads of dreams. I really think that whatever is the starting place for Sagittarius, they will succeed if they have friends and family who show that they believe in them. If they don’t care about something, they just don’t care about it and there is nothing to do about it. They also talk like a child to everyone they are close with. It is hilarious. 

Capricorn: Weirdest sense of humor for sure! They make me laugh and it is so easy to feel free to talk about anything with them. They want to show off what they have and they have a deep need to succeed in life. They might seem like they don’t have any emotions at first, but when you get to know them, it is kinda sad how deeply they feel, but they have a hard time showing it. They’re very smart and if you have a sibling that is a Capricorn, you won’t take others shit so seriously, because you’re so use to being called names and all that. I have two Capricorn brothers and I will be a little ho till I die, haha!

Aquarius: Only Aquarius I know well is my best friend Ellen DeGeneres, but whenever I meet someone, they seem different, fun and nerdy. And kinda shy also. They have a lot to say, it is always very interesting. And they’re pissed off about something. I would like to know more, since I would probably get along with them very well. I’m sure they’re lovely people!

Pisces: Are sad all the time. Then they drink too much and you realize that they’re even a sadder mess. I feel like they try so hard and then someone just treats them wrong or make the worst out of them. They also seem to have very low self esteem, even tho they’re so beautiful inside out. Everyone understand everything they say in a wrong way. They also accidentally end up lying a lot. I like Pisces people, but I am so done trying to carry them from different places after clubbing. They’re also super artistic and when you get to know them, they want to show you their world.

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Some sad headcanons for Russia?

he gets lonely really easily and always falls asleep cuddling his pillow trying to believe that its a person

when he gets angry he cries and his eyes go all puffy and red afterwards and his voice shakes and once he starts crying he isnt even angry anymore he’s just sad

he constantly worries that his sisters dont love him as much as he loves them and tries to get them really amazing presents and do loads for them to try to show how important they are to him - Admin Hannah

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Hii:) So I found a 5sos blog that is supposedly run by someone who has slept with luke and she's like saying that the boys aren't what they seem to be and that they're rude to not skinny girls and stuff and it makes me sad:( do you believe that they're genuinely good guys?

aw i have a lot of trouble believing that :( i believe they are the most genuine guys in the world, honestly. 

first of all, they are obscenely nice

and they stick up for literally everyone 

they’re honestly just teenage boys who like to play video games and eat food and they love their band and their fans 

and finally..

i don’t know i just really love them loads x

I really like how Zoe and Alfie keep their relationship pretty private but at the same time they share the necessary things to the public. That’s how it should be, because a relationship is for 2 people, not 3 (considering the 3rd person as general public). I really respect that, because it’s not the PDA, but the little things that really show how much they care about each other. The way they secretly hold hands, the way they bring each other cards and cheer the other up, their secret hugs, or the way they are caught staring at each other. Those are the things that really matter. Love them loads and will always respect and appreciate how they really want their relationship to be a success💕