really lost pizza guy

624. the infamous really-lost-pizza-delivery-guy once delivered a pizza to the home of paul and sally blofis. he took one look at the teenager at the door, dropped the pizza, and ran. when sally asked what all the commotion was about, percy said, “he let us have it on the house,” and left it at that.

723. after his encounter at camp half blood, the really lost pizza delivery guy decided to pack up and move across the country to california, in order to get away from all the weirdness in new york. oddly enough, he got sidetracked again on one of his deliveries. his co-workers now call him crazy for blabbing about unicorns, a giant elephant, and a scary blonde kid asking him for stuffed animals.

868. one day, a pizza delivery man appeared on the beach at camp half blood, completely lost and stumbling around like a moron. he thought the place seemed familiar, because this was in fact the second time he had gotten lost here. he spotted an attractive, italian boy dressed in all black near the camp’s outskirts, and decided to ask him about the camp. they ended up splitting the pizza before he left, and the boy even gave nico his number before he left, which nico found insanely creepy, but hilarious.

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this theme/character of the month is the greatest thing and i will never get over it because it's so awesome

Really Lost Pizza Delivery Guy will always be in our hearts. Maybe we can have some other awesome minor character in August… 

Speaking of which, I’m making the official voting announcement tomorrow. In the meantime, think about who you want to vote for!

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