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EDIT: I forgot to add this one pic, holy fucking shit

Hiking AU trade with @pemprika  because who wouldnt like Mika and Yuu being losers carrying these huge ass bags, getting so lost in the woods, right? Thanks to this trade that’s so overdue by one and a half month, I’ve been great friends with one of the most popular, nicest, coolest ons artist!!!

I really really wanted to do a comic about this but I guess the plan changed and like….everything fell apart ahahah. Their faces fucking change each time wtf.

YOU BETTER BE HAPPY ABOUT THIS SHARON MY HANDS ARE DYING BECAUSE OF THOSE BACKGROUNDS. But I guess this is good practice?? or smth. Click for larger pic I guess.

whoa look at that I cant draw bus stops lmao


Requested by @imaginarylock (I can’t tag you for some reason?), I hope you like it <3
So.. Sorry for disappearing
I had an accident and injured my right arm+hand (the one I use to draw :c), so I spent the last few weeks trying to rest and not move it a lot, and it was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be
Anyway, I’ll try to be more active now things are starting to get better <3
I really missed you guys and I hope you’re all doing great c:

Extensive post about being friends and/or how to behave with artists.


1. Don’t do it just for art or to brag that you’re friends with them.
2. Squealing about them and telling them how amazing their art or whatever is is fun and cute and it makes us feel good about ourselves but doing it all the time will distance yourself from the artist and they’ll see you as a fan, not as a friend. (Not to mention it gets awkward)
3. It’s okay to be nervous, chances are they’re just as nervous talking to someone new as you are.
4. Comment on their posts. Reblogs and likes are nice but nothing beats feedback. Be an active follower. Y’know- make yourself be seen.
5. Don’t be obnoxious.
6. Apologizing if you think you’re being annoying is fine. But if they already said you’re not, there is no need to insist and keep apologizing. THAT’s annoying.
7. Don’t assume we’ll take request because we’re friends. (And no being a sneaky shit and keep hinting at it either)
8. Ask us about our OCs and projects. About ships and about what we thought about the lastest episode/movie.
9. Sometimes people don’t click. Not everyone can be friends. Don’t force yourself on others. Accept it. Move on. Do NOT pretend to be someone else to be friends with them. Be yourself, if it doesn’t happen it just wasn’t meant to be. I talk from personal experience when I say pretending can only end up in hurt feelings. 
10. Artists are not only allowed to do WHAT they want but HOW they want. Please don’t go questioning the style or why they draw animals instead of people for example. Everyone has a style they learned in and are more comfortable drawing in as well as things they like drawing better than others.


1. Some artists don’t like criticism. Not even constructive criticism. Respect that. You wouldn’t like someone criticizing you either, would you?
2. NEVER. EVER. Say you like old art better. EVER. It’s really upsetting because we’re really proud of our improvements (either that or really insecure… Or both) and saying that is like saying there was no improvement at all. Almost like saying we made it worse.
3. Be respectful with criticism for god’s sake. No saying stuff like- “that sucks.” Or “the ears are so long, they look like bunnies lololol” or anything of the sort. Instead try. “This looks nice but I think the ears might be a bit too long. It might look better if you made them shorter.”
4. No on likes nitpicking. If you’re going to post a critique post an actually helpful one. And while we’re on that topic what even is the point in criticizing old art?
5. “X SHIP/CHARACTER IS BETTER” or “This reminds me of-” We really  don’t care. And honestly it’s annoying;;;
6. Don’t comment something completely random. PLEASE. If it’s not related to the artwork comment somewhere ELSE.
7. If you’re just going to say “Cool.” or “Cute.” …. just don’t comment at all. I don’t think any artist likes this kind of comment. If you actually have something to say great! Feedback is awesome! But if you don’t just don’t comment.
8. Don’t be condescending about the content of the picture.

Extras: (Aka, reminder for people with no common sense)

4. Don’t make a character be related to someone else’s OC without permission, what is wrong with you?

These are literally rules for making friends with anyone.

soulstool  asked:

Hello! I don't know if anyone has asked this before, but i would like to know how you draw with pencil and learn some of your techniques. Would there ever be a chance you could do some tutorals or something related to that?

Hey there! i normally don’t do tutorials but since i’ve got a bit of time i’ll show you how i do one of my doodles. 

First things, first i normally use three pencils and two erasers for all my pencil drawings. A 0.7 2H lead mechanical pencil (anything thinner than 0.7 and 2H would probably break really easily), and two HB mechanical pencils, 0.5 and 0.7. The 2H pencil is for the underdrawing, and the HB pencils are for the finished linework, the two different sizes are for different line weights. The 0.5 for thinner lines, like face details, and the 0.7 for the thicker lines. i also use a kneaded eraser and a regular eraser. You can pick up a kneaded eraser at your average art store or order them online. They’re great for lightening lines up or erasing a whole drawing. The other ordinary eraser is for erasing the bigger mistakes, that’s all. 

So now with those tools i do a drawing. i start off with the 2H pencil with some construction that builds up to a loose, rough figure. i’ll say it a million times, if you wanna get better at drawing, learn how to construct things. Everything is made of shapes, and you just have to learn how to put those shapes together to make things. Also if you wanna get better at drawing just draw. Draw for a few years straight, and you’ll get better. i promise. 

Anyway back to this doodle. Here is a rough sketch of Mega Man X

Once i get the rough sketch done, i verrrrry lightly erase it with the kneaded eraser. Just gentle enough to get the lines about half as dark as they were before. 

And then i get the HB pencils and start with the final linework. i use mostly the 0.5 for this drawing because X looks a lot better with some slightly thinner lines. 

And then here we go! The finished doodle, with some shading that i did with the 0.7 HB pencil. When i draw for my comic pages, i go REALLY tight with the finished pencils, and not quite as loose as they are here, but that takes a bit longer to do. 

i hope this was helpful for you! Keep drawing and have a good day!


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