really likes blue tho

Ryuuji Suguro’s Ideal S/O! 

(This was a request from @southernsassypeach and is clearly new ground for me? I dunno how I feel about it cause its so specific. I usually like to make my stuff kinda vague if I can so that it can be applicable to many people instead of just a specific few? But! I’m just trying something new here! So - if ya’ll like this feel free to send in more requests like this? If ya’ll think this is problematic - tell me and I’ll probably erase this. Okay! Sorry for the long disclaimer! I hope you like this!) 

  • has a soft spot for blondes? natural or dyed 
  • (tho its not a necessity obvi)
  • also really loves someone with curves
  • loves that there’s more to grab onto 
  • ‘More to love’ is what he likes to say about it
  • he thinks he wants someone who’s serious and very adult-y
  • but
  • to be honest he needs someone who can just relax and laugh off the little things 
  • someone who isn’t afraid to i dunno 
  • put bubbles in his hair when ya’ll are doing the dishes together 
  • or
  • bring a water gun in the house, spray him, and lure him outside to continue the water fight 
  • stuff like that 
  • he’s very serious on his own - he needs someone who’ll make him ease up on himself 
  • he also needs someone who wouldn’t be afraid to tell him when he’s wrong 
  • someone who could snap him out of whatever’s bothering him and make him realize that he’s okay 
  • but still someone who wouldn’t mind him waking up every morning at 5:30 to go running
  • someone who wouldn’t mind the endless studying everyday after classes 
  • someone who would love listening to him reciting sutras 
  • he probably wouldn’t study as long as he does now when he’s with you 
  • he’d probs end up curling up with you 
  • or watching a movie/show with you 
  • or ya’ll would go out somewhere together 
  • he’d prefer to be with someone who would take school/work seriously 
  • otherwise he’d probably bicker with you about your studying/work habits 
  • but so long as you don’t have any bad habits (like smoking or drinking or anything harmful) - he’s pretty chill about whatever 
  • (but like - can you imagine smoking weed with Bon tho?) 

tbh… when are we gonna get some new clothes ???

noah fence but im tired of the hipster stuff, i’d like more variety

more boots, cool shoes… cute shoes..

stuff that isnt just t-shirts, vests, etc

give us like. tuxedos and maid outfits, witch hats, shrine maiden clothing, kimonos, frilly outfits, pirate gear, more “armor” looking gear

what kind of gear would you guys like to see added in the future?? O:

now that I think about it the e.m.p armor enhancement is perfect for wash he’s a combat engineer and their main job is to clear/create obstacles to make it easier for the team to advance/complete the objective and eliminate the target(s) (examples include: radios, communication getting cut off, power cuts, system shutdowns ahhhh so many options)

The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater 


“I don’t believe it,” She said flatly. […]

“He asked me not to tell you–to let him be your only father–as long as he lived. After that, he said, it was up to me.” I swallowed, licking dry lips.

“I owed him that,” I said. “Because he loved you. But now Frank’s dead–and you have a right to know who you are.”

frick I can’t draw backgrounds or proper anatomy

Ok so a certain fic dragged me into terumob hell… and that’s @uncannycookie‘s awesome fic And Nearly Letting Go.  I was tricked by the Mogami angst and now I’m a shipper oops… (I rarely ship anything but terumob is so cute).

But anyways, this thing here is from Mob being a bit of a dumby and going out in a snow storm with no shoes. Like dude, people lose toes that way.

dammit i wanted my first fanart of my angry trash son to be cool and intimidating and feature a lot of explosions or something, not This

Transformers Friday

Have you ever thought about what you would look like if you were a Cybertronian?  What would your alt mode be?  What kind of frame type would you have?  What would your bipedal mode look like?  What color would your paint job be?  Is there a difference in what you’d want to look like vs. how you would realistically look?

Reblog or drop me an ask with your responses.


AU where Alfred and Arthur were childhood friends and then one of them moves or something so they don’t see each other for years until they finally have the families meet again. When they see each other, not only have they both grown up and somehow become strangely attractive, but Arthur’s appearance shocks Alfred a little more than he expected.

This joke was funnier in my head XD
(Edit: Also this is now a series)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10]


“Seven guardians of light? Well, for Keyblade wielders, there’s me and Riku and Sora. And my three missing friends, that’s six. Then the seventh would be…”