really liked how this came out

Happy Story! So I put some purple in my hair this week and have gotten tons of compliments from customers (aside from one lady who always makes a disgusted face when I dye my hair), but one really stand out and made my night. An older man, like really old, came through the drive thru and was just the sweetest, happiest man. He kept telling me how beautiful my hair was and how the light was hitting it perfectly. He told me that I really should be sitting where he is, looking at myself to see how beautiful it really was. It was just so innocent and pure and sweet.

Growing Up Batty: Part 1

Prompt: I really love your Damian Wayne series! I was wondering if you are willing to do another Damian series where he’s around 13 and Bruce forces Damian to go to school and he has to face what is it like being in middle school with the help of his brothers and he starts to develop feelings for the reader and they get really close and Damian tries to keep her safe and keep her from finding out that he is Robin??

Words: 590

AN: I really like how this came out, and I like the idea of a Damian with a friend who isn’t afraid of him.

You always hang out at your house. You’d think it was weird if maybe, just maybe, Damian weren’t so different himself. Like The fact that he seems to take immense pleasure in processed cookies, or lying on the floor watching mindless T.V. while he critiques everything wrong with the show. You know all of this about the youngest Wayne, and you accept him anyway, because really, who are you to judge. After all, you’re a scholarship kid, from an average middle class family, and it’s not like you fit in there either, everyone has the right to be a bit batty after all.

He had come in on the first day of school, acting like he owned the place, of course he kind of did. His father was the biggest big wig when it comes to Gotham Academy’s patrons. The fact that he also owns Gotham in some ways doesn’t hurt. Everyone tries to befriend him. He brushes them off, as though they won’t someday be valuable contacts.

You watch him from behind a book. You study him for a few minutes before returning to Jane Austen. You’re content to float; no real friends, no real enemies is your motto. You’re only attending this school, because it and a four point oh GPA are your gateway to an Ivy League School. Damian Wayne doesn’t seem to agree with this motto, he seems almost determined to make enemies, as though they can’t touch him.

He proves this theory when a group of kids, who are some of the elitist of the elite, corner him in the hallway. When he refuses their offer to join their little group, because he doesn’t join, he leads, they try and make him join. This ends with black eyes, and a bunch of bruises. You witness the whole thing and can somehow tell that he’s holding back. No charges are pressed, and the issue is never brought to the principal or a teacher. After that, people avoid him.

That’s how you end up partnered with him on everything. It’s fine at first, but eventually the moodiness gets to you. You’ve shared a bathroom with four sisters for your entire life, and as the youngest, you were certain that you could tolerate anything. But, after the thousandth grunt, you lose it. You go off on him in the middle of the library. You draw the attention of every other student there. And Damian Wayne just stares at you, eyes wide.

When you receive no reaction, none what-so-ever, you leave. You gather your books, and storm out of the library and go home to work on your projects, ALONE. The next day when a shadow blocks your reading light, you glance up to see Damian Wayne staring down at you. It’s a bit unusual considering the fact that you’re taller than him, but you’ve seen pictures of his father, you know that won’t last past age fifteen. You’d be willing to bet he begins outgrowing you in another six to eight months.

When he lays down a paper with a detailed analysis for one of your projects, you read it, just to make sure that it is correct. Then you cross your arms and wait. A mumbled apology comes a few minutes later. You accept it and give him the time to meet you after school. Too embarrassed to go back to the library, you take him to your house. The rest, as they say, is history. Over the next school year, Damian Wayne becomes your best friend.

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ok i am in such a pickle and i don't know what to do and i really need advice!!! so i am sooo into this boy. like more than any other boy i've ever been into. and we talk and facetime all the time and we're basically best friends and he even came to watch me play my soccer game in the pouring rain but i honestly truly don't know if he feels the same way as i do. because some days it seems like he does but then he switches up on me and acts like nothing is happening. whaaat should i dooo!!!!!

u NEED to tell him how U FEEL!!!!! let it out angel !!!! maybe he’s not sure if u feel the same way but like he watched u play soccer in the pouring rain and u facetime constantly like thats so cute 

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I don't mean to be ignorant, but if it isn't offensive could you explain what exactly non binary means? I tried to look it up but I'm struggling a little with the concept. Just ignore this if that is offensive!

for me it’s jus that i don’t feel like i fit into “female” or “male” and i feel very closely connected to the idea that i don’t have to conform to either. i don’t really know how else to describe it since i Just Came Out a couple of days ago lmao

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Have any headcanons about how the demigods of the past dealt with the chaos and fear that came from Y2K? Besides the usual 'The world's ending. Again.'

I was too little to really understand what all the Y2K hype was about tbh like I remember people being weird about it and I could not figure out why lmao

I imagine tho, that like the Apollo kids pretentious af “well, our dad says that-” and everyone else is like “W E K N O W” with death glares because if they have to hear about how the oracle is never wrong and blah blah blah one more god damn time they are gonna be cursed by Apollo for 100 generations for smothering all his kids

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Never will I forgive the writers for cheapening the old-fashioned and 'not like this'. It probably flew over most of the viewers heads, but for me it was something not to be messed with. Also, when Reagan came to the loft to check it out, she was complaining about some of the stuff in Jess's room, and how she doesn't want them there, and Nick just said 'Gone'. That ruined it for me a bit. Like, you'd really throw away your ex girlfriend's and best friend's stuff for a girl you just met? Really??

I could give them a pass on the old-fashioned because I can see they couldn’t really use another drink there (Nick doesn’t really drink anything else) and they were trying to establish Reagan as the “cool girl” by having her make that, but when I heard Nick say “not like this” to her the first time, I couldn’t help going, “Are you serious?!” I don’t know how you would forget how big that sentence was as part of “Cooler;” bad idea to try and use that again. They should have used something new there. Not a callback; that was literally just copy and paste of a key element of Nick and Jess’s love story that Nick used on a new girl. Felt really sleazy like Nick just uses that as some cheap pickup line.

I did not like Nick when Reagan was around and I could even have accepted Reagan as a different female voice on the show but the fact that she “fell in love” with that version of Nick would always make me lose a lot of respect for her. If Reagan was supposed to be hot and awesome, it definitely felt like she had some sort of self-esteem issues to fall in love with the creepy guy in the loft who smelled her hair.

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judging by the amount of 'brother' spoken by alec and jace to each other, i'm guessing the show is going the route of THE one with malec. and the recent true love kiss thing really hinted at that. at least to me.

     Well, considering the ‘true love kiss’ didn’t work….

     But no, I agree. While I think there could easily be IC reasons for Alec being like ‘brother!!!!’, such as trying to convince himself that that is how he feels about Jace (he only recently came out), I don’t think the writing is that deep. There are many different ways to interpret media and stories which is one reason they are so great, and I feel like if they were trying to reinforce romantic Malec as being THE one, which it is endgame wise, they did it purposely to show that it wasn’t enough in comparison to the (platonic) parabatai bond. True love’s kiss didn’t work. Compared to the strength of the soul bond, it wasn’t enough, which is a nice way to highlight the parabatai situation. I know Malec is endgame, and I 100% support this. I love Malec (I write as both Alec and Magnus). However, this shouldn’t lead to the retconning of Alec’s feelings for Jace, either. 

     I don’t want them to spend season after season with the gay character pining over his straight and unattainable bro, I get that, and I think a lot of people want to avoid that, too. But I think it’s important to resolve one storyline before, if not alongside, the secondary - which is Alec’s developing relationship with Magnus Bane. I just would have preferred there to be some kind of resolution for Alec, where his feelings were acknowledged by him instead of Magnus or Clary, and in which he was able to work through them and start to process them so he could move on. In the books, his feelings for Jace continue throughout his relationship with Magnus, but eventually Magnus does call him on it because he knows that Alec isn’t 100% in their relationship - he is still harbouring feelings and ‘holding out’ for Jace. 

      Later CC decides that Alec was never in love with Jace at all, and he was just confusing his feelings. I was really hoping the show would not go in that direction as it is very invalidating and dismissive to anyone who has ever been in Alec’s position, which is that of loving someone close to them, with whom their relationship is complex. I ultimately agree with you, but I’m not happy about it. Most of the Alec roleplayers I know don’t agree with it either. We aren’t the deciders of canon, we don’t write the show, but in my opinion, such a story line for Alec would make more sense and do more justice for his character, eventually leading to a wonderful, honest and stable relationship with Magnus.

ID #95216

Name: James
Age: 20
Country: United States

Hello! I’m not sure how long this will be. My apologies in advance. I’m currently a caretaker with my mom for my grandpa. I’m looking into attending college courses in the spring. I’m someone who really likes to write and am always looking to improve my writing.
I’m a pretty big NASCAR fan. My parents say when I was a mere little baby, while my dad was flipping channels NASCAR came on, he flipped it away and I started to bawl my eyes out until he turned it back on. Jeff Gordon was the driver of my choice until he retired 2 years ago.
My favorite Netflix binges include Futurama, Breaking Bad, Hell on Wheels, American Dad, That 70’s Show, and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. One of my favorite activities is a nice nature hike or a bike ride, but I’m not sure if that beats a really good concert.
An album I would absolutely recommend everyone has a listen to at least once would be: Aha Shake Heartbreak by Kings of Leon. While being only their second album and released in 2004 it is just truly perfection.
Since you’ve made it this far, I would say I’m looking for a pen pal for someone to be friends with, learn together, and grow together.

Preferences: 17+

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Dominique Weasley is a demisexual aro transgirl -H

Dominique is proud and just a little arrogant. She’s fearless. She’s outspoken. It’s no surprise to anyone when she’s sorted into Gryffindor.

Dominique isn’t really sure of a time in her life when she was afraid. She came out as aromantic and demisexual when she was 17 with no fear at all, not even when she came out purposefully in front of that annoying Barnes boy who made loud and bigoted comments towards her for the rest of her school career. But at 25, when she realizes she is a she and it suddenly clicks why she’s never liked the name Dominic, she’s terrified. Is it too late to come out? Will her parents accept that she is a trans girl? Will her siblings?

But Dominique is impatient. She doesn’t really know how to wait. She gets antsy and snaps at people. So she comes out sooner than she’s sure she’s comfortable with. Thankfully, her mom and dad simply say “well, of course you are” and thank her for trusting them enough to come out to her before they hug away the last of her fear. And dad hints that maybe Dominique should talk to Ginny - they might have more in common than Dominique realizes, leaving Dominique’s mind reeling before Victoire and Louis shout from the other side of the door they’ve been eavesdropping from to ask if they can come in and congratulate her yet. 

~Hufflepuff Mod

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I'm so excited for Ed's new tour I hope he come to my state. I came into the fandom late and have never been to his concert. What are they usually like?

Dude, you’re not late! This is only his third album out of ten. You’re actually really close to the beginning. :)

The concerts are so much fun. This year is going to be arenas, so the crowds will be really big and loud, which is cool because the bigger the audience is, the stronger you can feel how excited everyone is - like you can actually feel the air buzzing! Ed will be by himself on stage for most of it, but the whole space behind him will be covered in cool things to watch, screens that go from one end of the stage to the other with lights and animations and video clips and even a live feed of Ed himself, so even if you’re far away you’ll still be able to clearly see him for parts of it, and the other parts will have other interesting things to see. All the music is live – you’ll get to watch Ed actually building the songs with his loop pedal using his feet, and when he sings it will be happening right in front of you, not with a pre-recorded track like a lot of other artists have. He’ll ask you to sing along for some songs, or clap or bounce, so you’re not just standing there watching but actually participating in the music with your whole body. You won’t be able to stop smiling! Except during the parts where you get so moved that you accidentally cry. But even that’s not a bad thing. 

I really hope he comes to your state too, or that you can travel to the nearest place where he’ll be. You’re going to love it! And welcome to the fandom. :D
Chanticleer Calling From Calais - ArchangelUnmei - Hetalia: Axis Powers [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Pairing: France/England (pre-relationship)
Rating: T (mentions of death and wartime conditions)
Time Period: Human AU; WWII
Word Count: ~3,800

“Salut, this is Chanticleer calling.”
Arthur leaned forward and tapped the receiver. “Good morning Chanticleer, Icarus here. How’s the weather in Calais?”
“Not half so nice as it is in Dover.” That was the correct code response, and Arthur relaxed a fraction. After almost a year, he thought he had a good ear for Chanticleer’s French-accented voice, but it was always better to be safe than sorry.

Notes: Written for @orita-lutao as part of the 2017 Fruk Gift Exchange! I really like how this one came out, and I really enjoyed writing it, so I hope you enjoy it too! Thanks to Shacha for being my long-suffering beta and sounding board. She deserves all the love for running the exchange too.