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hey guys! so this week’s video is focused on the overwhelming crippling fear of the vastness of the universe and the inevitably of death…u know, fun relatable content. hope you enjoy and as always if you like/comment/subscribe i hope you have a great day!!


relax your eyes and relax your mind . 🌸

     you know i’ve had a rabbit for just over a year now, and… it’s the best decision i ever made getting one. not many people know just how loving and sweet the little things are once you’ve bonded with them. Kira’s been a source of stability, love and comfort in times I haven’t been able to reach out to others, made me smile and laugh with the silly little things he does… granted, he’s scared me sometimes with his escapes, but at the end of the day… he’s always right there with me, helping me forget about things for a while. if anyone ever thinks about getting a rabbit, i highly suggest them. they’re like a funny mix of cats and dogs.

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did you watch the last episode of naruto? opinions??

No, not really. I read spoilers and I watched a video clip of like what? 2 minutes or so? Yeah that was about it. Anyways, I was disappointed but not surprised. I really hated how they just ended a 15 year old ninja series, based of friendship, bonds, justice, peace, revenge, war with a wedding? As if a wedding suddenly solves everything. They showed Naruto for less than 2 minutes in the last episode of NARUTO. Hell, Sasuke got less than 10 seconds. I don’t know I just feel…unsatisfied? Like if something just didn’t end. Like if something was missing. Everyone got paired up for the sake of the next generation. Oh well.

It’s weird bc I really like studying “lowbrow” art and media (like… video games, comic books, etc) because I feel like they’re the best expressions of contemporary culture

But I’d also rather stick a pike up my butt than try to analyze ppl like Crichton or Dan Brown

That just makes me a different flavor of elitist, right? Idk this isn’t behavior I care about correcting, as long as I acknowledge that it’s hypocritical

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I was told after my autism assessment that I have quite a flat and monotone voice until I talk about something I love, then it gets all weird and high and happy but still muddled up! I love your voice btw!

i think thats very similar to me!! my voice is quite flat and then when i talk about stuff i really like it fluctuates ! (which is why in youtube videos i have pretty average fluctuation i guess)(because i talk about topics i like)

thanks so much btw !! keep doing you!

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I'm honestly really curious about what you thought of the music video. Like it was beautiful and I loved how they spoke after so long but god damn what the fuck was 2D wearing lmao

I FUCKING LOVED THE VIDEO like i loved all the 2d n 3d elements coming together and it looked so cool and interesting i hope they animate all the videos like this oh my gosh. plus i love all the music that’s been released so far

BUT 2D LOOKED SO RIDICULOUS IN THE VIDEO OMG i kinda loved it he’s still such a cutie pie a sweet soft boy

I really liked the 2d animation in the new gorillaz video. The 3D parts were ugly but I liked that. It reminded me of the first season of the ninja turtles nick cartoon.


I’ve made an animation wuwuwuuuu!!!

It is the very first animation I’ve done, a short video with older DipDip and Mabel :3c 
Ship allowed me to use his voice for this (isn’t he the best?!). I’m really happy with how it turned out 

D̴͓͉̭͎̻̠ͣͣͣi͉͍̼̼̟̲̠̝̘̋͒ͫ͂̂̒̚̕D̹͖͎ͪ̊͛ͤ͆ͫ̀͜ ̨̀ͣͤ̋̌ͧ͐ͪ͏̶̮Ÿ̛͔̭̠̗̯̠̓̃́o̜͍̣̮͉̯̯̪͚̿ͥ̆̽͋̈ͣ̅̇U̖̜̝̭̩̲͈͌͐̐͑ͨ̓͋̉̚ ̶͔̩̟͍̫̙̭ͨͧ̎̍̔̌͢M͇̗̻̹̮͇͙̹͐͌̑ͭ͒̀̐̀͟͝ͅi̸̢̧̠̬̩ͬͪ͒̂̅͒̚̚ͅS̫͖̲̳͖ͦ͗͂́̕͞S͖̘͇̦̫̼̾ͨͬ͌̚͢ͅ ͉͈̪͈͋̓̍͡m̧̬͌͆͌̋̄ͤ̑ͅE̸̢̻̞̺͒ͫ͋̈́ͅͅ?̨̖̬̘̝͚͋͊̓̑̇̇͒ͅ