really like this duo


I really do appreciate the fact that we get to see Ladybug feel slightly threatened by the idea of someone else who can save France as she has. And the fact that it’s Chat Noir that gets her to feel that way makes me feel pretty happy - that she feels threatened that Chat Noir is so easily accepting of a potentially new superheroine in the group. It’s like she really likes that they have a duo partnership - that they are ONE-ON-ONE.


On the subject of Tweek and Craig as a superhero duo, I really like the idea of them sort of compensating for each others’ flaws. Craig helping Tweek have more confidence in himself is a given, but there’s also the fact that he doesn’t really care about most stuff while Tweek has, to quote the South Park wiki, “ a strong moral center and a willingness to act upon it”, so I kinda like the idea of Tweek having to spur (read: drag) Craig into doing the right thing sometimes.

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What Pokémon do you think would fill the last spot on certain peoples teams, specifically Hau, Gladion, and Acerola?

- kadabra would make a really good fit! esp bc its a really popular headcanon he loves psychic types! 
- i could also see him with a gengar, just because it’s scary factor really contrasts with hau’s cute personality….they’d make an unlikely good duo

- i feel like he could really use a dragon type on his team, so what about a hydreigon? not only does it match his outfit somewhat, but i feel like he’d appreciate the edginess hydreigon gives off, u feel me?
- a fearow would also make a good partner if he didn’t already have a flying type on his team!

- seeing as she’s exclusively ghost type, i feel like chandelure would make a great addition to her team! not only does it match her aesthetic, but she could def use a fire type when battling
- i could also see her easily with a zorua! just because they match in personality :>


Kind of a continuation of this thing, where Spock and Kirk end up as kids for whatever reason and poor Bones has to keep up with his childish superior officers who are…actually children this time :P

In the end it’s just horribly self indulgent fluff to make myself feel better X’’D

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Hoshidan Festival: Keaton and Velouria Parent-Child Conversation

HURRY! Post before my Internet goes back to dialup-like speeds or cuts out completely! (OK, most of the time it’s not quite THAT slow, but still. xD Remember the days when you had a 28K/56K modem and image-heavy pages took forever to load or didn’t load at all? Or when you fought with your siblings over who got to use the Internet because even though your family had more than one computer, only one could be logged in at a time? Remember?? If you say “no,” then…you really missed out. xD Ah, the memories…)

Oh, I’m getting sidetracked again. As always, Keaton’s tsundere nature doesn’t phase Velouria at all. I really like them as a father-daughter duo; their personalities are really different, but the complement each other well. I feel sorry for Keaton’s wife, as she has to put up with two hoarders of junk! And, she’d better like meat, because I think they eat a LOT of it…

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I played a match with a really good junkrat and roadhog duo, like role-playing while kicking ass. It was a beautiful sight and made me think of you.

AWW thats adorable omfggdfgdf true love. thank u for sharing aww <3 

  • ハイキュー‼ 烏野高校排球部 座談会

[7] HQ!! voice actors chatting on the Bluray/DVD Vol.9 Special CD.

They talk about Yoshino (Iwaizumi) and Namikawa (Oikawa).
Kaori (Kiyoko): I love Oikawa-san and Iwa-chan as a duo. Oikawa-san is the leader at first glance, but Iwa-chan is supporting the team behind the scenes. Their trust propels the team. It’s a different type of teamwork compared to Karasuno. I think it’s really amazing.
Irino (Suga): Namikawa-san’s and Yocchin-senpai’s relationship is really good.
Hino (Daichi): Indeed.
Kaori: I agree. They can act in a cool manner but also quickly switch and do the opposite. That’s also why I really like them as a duo.
Hino: It might be because those two senpai are voicing them.
Irino: Namikawa-san might be able to voice him perfectly thanks to Yocchin-san.
Hino: Actually, during recordings, if Namikawa-san screws around and says “I can’t do it”, Yoshino-san will say “Stop screwing around.” Their relationship is really similar [to the series].

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"the Bois as strippers"yeah butImagine Ian owning the strip club &Chad's the body guard &jojis &max pole dance really good and they're like an iconic duo👌and the do things such as dramatically lying back in a chair and buckets of water splashin them

I’m wet