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Ancient wisdom from the neural network

What happens when really old advice meets really new technology?

A recurrent neural network (like the open-source char-rnn framework used here) can teach itself to imitate recipes, paint colors, band names, and even guinea pig names. By examining a dataset, it learns to formulate its own rules about it, and can use these rules to generate new text that - according to the neural network - resembles the dataset. But since the neural network is doing all this without cultural context, or any knowledge of what the words really mean, the results are often a bit bizarre.

In this example, the dataset is a list of more than 2000 ancient proverbs, collected by reader Anthony Mandelli. Some of these are well-known, such as “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” and “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Others are frankly a bit strange: “Where there’s muck there’s brass.” and “A curst cow has short horns.” and “Be not a baker if your head is made of butter.”

What will a neural network make of this ancient wisdom?

If you answered “Really really weird proverbs”, you are correct.

A fox smells it better than a fool’s for a day.
No songer in a teacuper.
A fool in a teacup is a silent for a needle in the sale.
No man is the better pan on the hunder.
A mouse is a good bound to receive.
Do not come to the cow.

Some of them almost make sense:

A good wine makes the best sermon.
A good fear is never known till needed.
Death when it comes will have no sheep.
An ounce of the heart comes without an exception.
A good face is a letter to get out of the fire.
No wise man ever wishes to be sick.
A good excuse is as good as a rest.
There is no smoke without the best sin.
A good man is worth doing well.
A good anvil does not make the most noise.

While others would be more difficult to pass off as real proverbs:

We can serve no smort.
A good face is a letter like a dog.
A good earse makes a good ending.
Gnow will not go out.
A fox smeep is the horse of the best sermon.
No sweet is half the barn door after the cat.
There is not fire and step on your dog and stains the best sermon.
An ox is a new dogn not sing in a haystar.

One of the oddest things to emerge from the proverb-trained neural network is a strange obsession with oxen. I checked, and there were only three oxen-related proverbs in the dataset, yet they appear frequently in the neural network’s version, and usually as rather powerful creatures.

An ox can lever an enemies are dangerous and restens at home.
An ox is not to be given with a single stone.
An ox is never known till needed.
An ox is as good as a best.
An ox is not to be that wound is hot.
An ox is a silent for the gain of the bush.
An ox is not fill when he will eat forever.

Whatever the internal mythos the neural network has learned from these ancient proverbs, oxen are mysteriously important.


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day 2 of @johnweek. i tried to grow him up but it didn’t work (but he’s transparent)


Life is about overcome the fear. And it’s on the other side of fear the most amazing things are. Live and learn. And that’s why I think it’s so important to not limit yourself, and never stop challenging yourself. Because it’s when you challenge yourself and do the hardest things that you can ever imagine to do, that you really feel… it’s like a new door opening! Oh, here was a new feeling! Because on the other side of fear is infinite amount of happiness. A happiness of freedom.
—  Henrik in “Troværdige samtaler” at Roskilde festival

oof, hitting me below the belt here

in all absolute honesty I do… feel the same, like they just missed the mark of what the essence of Gladstone’s look is- taking a new angle and using a new style is awesome, no problems with that at all! but especially that second anon there you kinda hit the nail on the head with the key features business, but it is very early days and we haven’t seen him in motion yet! perhaps the design will work better/we’ll get more used to it during the actual show? that said I have been itching to have a try at tweaking it… maybe I’ll try later

keeping those rocking eyebrows though hot damn

i listened to 20 nirvana songs while drawing this

H-Hi! I’m Matthew

And I am Arthur. We are a happy couple that, as you can see, choose to open an ask blog…

Yes! S-So, we’ll answer whatever you ask u-us!

So ask away!


Mr Thesassygandalf got me a present *-*
Ghana import 30 million condoms but dem no use am - BBC News
Ghana AIDS Commission dey worry say people no dey too like to use condom.

“But e be like say people no dey use dem. Ghana AIDS Commission dey worry say people no dey too like to use condom.” 

Population: Exploding
AIDS: Spreading
Condoms: dey no like to use dem

This new BBC African branch is really an eye-opener.

A Fool of Mine [5]

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Title: A Fool of Mine
Chapter: 5/?
Pairing: Gaston/Reader
Words: 2,030
Summary: [ After another lunch date, you decide to visit the tavern for drinks. ]
Tags: @17gnomes-in-a-trenchcoat @with-a-hint-of-pesto-aioli
Part 4 can be found here
Part 6 can be found here

The next day you woke early, just to get to town before the hustle and bustle of the early morning crowd could swamp the square.

You rode into town, stopping at the bookstore to let the owner know you’d need to borrow your book just a few more days, and of course he was thrilled to hear you were enjoying it. You didn’t, however, let it slip that you’d only need it for your student rather than yourself.

You arrived home a few hours before noon and, after getting ready for lunch, you sat and read to pass time.

‘With all his soul he married her before the diocesan court et coram patre; and day by day he grew to love her more…’

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NCT U Reaction: visiting your home country

NCT U members visiting your home country with you.

{Requests Open}


Originally posted by taei

He would be so excited to be in the place you grew up in. He would wanna visit the places you did when you were younger. Not only that, but he’d love to visit your family and friends (if you have any there). He’d be open to trying new foods and things as long as you’re there with him.


Originally posted by taeyongworld

Taeyong would be excited about everything, but he’d be the most excited about staying in the house you grew up in. He’d wanna hear stories from when you were younger. He’d just wanna stay in bed, cuddling with you. Whenever you do go out, you guys spend most of your time eating delicious food.


Originally posted by doyoungce

Doyoung would be so hyped to try all the different types of foods. He’d constantly ask you to take him to eat to your favorite restaurant or street food. He’d also really enjoy cooking the food with your (or your family’s) help. Overall, he would just really love being surrounded by the things you grew up with. 


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Ten would be really excited about trying out the food and visiting popular places there. Like Taeil, Ten would be really open to trying new foods, especially the ones you like the most. Whenever you guys visit a place, he’d make sure to take many selcas so he can remember all the moments spent with you. He’d definitely want to return. 


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Jaehyun would literally wanna do everything. He would wanna visit your family and friends, visit the places you went to when you were younger, try new foods, and go on random adventurous. But at the end of the day, he would just like to lay in bed with you at the house you grew up in as you tell him stories from when you were younger. He’d be upset to leave, but would be excited to return.


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Mark would also be excited to see the house and environment you grew up in. He’d wanna visit places like your old school to your favorite amusement park around there. You both would spend most of your time out visiting places and eating food. But like I mentioned before, he would just be really excited to be in the house you grew up in, so being there would be his favorite thing. 


(ah this makes me wanna go to Mexico. It’s been a year since I’ve been there. I miss my family and friends there. Anywaysss, requests are open so make sure you send in some requests. Sorry for any grammatical/spelling mistakes!)

Imagine...Being Who You Are

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Request: Could you write a Dean X Reader for “Who I Am With You” by Chris Young?

Pairing: Dean x reader

“Looking for a case?” you asked, walking in the library, sneaking up on Dean without meaning too.

“N-no,” he said, slamming the laptop shut. You smiled and just ruffled his hair. You could let him think that you hadn’t just seen the reservation email on his screen for a couples trip.

“I was thinking maybe we take some time for just us you know, to be together,” you said, taking a seat next to him. “Let someone else save the world for a few weeks.”

“Sure,” said Dean, reaching a hand over to pull your chair up against his. “Want to watch a movie?”

“’Kay,” you said, resting your head on his shoulder, his right hand wrapping over your left as he opened his computer back up, your eyes looking down at your lap so he had time to open a new window. “I really like you.”

“I like you too, might even say love,” said Dean with a smile, turning on a rom-com you’d seen a thousand times together but never got bored of.

“I love you,” you said, hearing Dean utter the same sentiment back. “I just wished you loved yourself like I do.” That made Dean pause the video and shift in his seat.

“Can I be honest with you?” asked Dean, your head tilting up so he could see your face. “I’m never going to get there, not all the way. I don’t think it’s in the cards for me.”

“Dean…” you said, his hand in yours squeezing. He wasn’t done yet.

“You are and always have been my saving grace, Y/N,” said Dean, stroking your cheek with his free hand. “When I’m with you, I like me again. I’m happy. You make me better, make me who I want to be all the time. I say I’ll never get there but you have a way of fixing me I didn’t know was possible.”

“I’m happy you’re happy,” you said, leaning up to peck a kiss to his lips. “I like…Dean you really don’t understand how much it means to hear that.”

“Try not to worry about me so much, Y/N,” he said, resting his forehead against yours. “If I’m with you, I’m always okay.”

“It’s my job to worry about you, you’re mine,” you said, moving your hand over to cup his face. “And I’m yours. You make me who I want to be too, Dean.”

“Will you stay with me? I don’t want to let you go ever,” said Dean, your lips curling up into a smile.

“I’m with you,” you said. “I’ll always be with you.”

“I love you,” said Dean, moving his lips against yours. 

“I love you back Dean.”

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