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Irish Coffee

Hey guys! Long time no see. Working my way back into writing by doing a little drabble or two. For those of you who remember I did a thank you poll when I hit 500 followers and A LOT of people voted to have me try writing outside gajevy…upon another poll the most requested pair was lelu brotp! So here we are. Don’t worry, the gajevy is still strong, but this was a nice little way to get back into the groove. Lots of fun fluff ahead, and maybe a quick appearance by some of our favorite dragonslayers! I hope yall enjoy. As always, leave me a comment, reblog, tag, whatever you want to interact so I know what yall like! Get ready for more fic soon…I have ideas…many, many ideas :)

Pairing: Lelu brotp

Prompt: Sleepover

Length: 1.1k

Irish Coffee

Eighteen hours until the wedding. Levy clutched her stomach, laughing, as she snuggled against the fluffy pillow resting on her best friend. Sweet alcohol tickled her tongue, and she finished the last sip of her drink.

“I miss times like this,” she sighed, “When was our last sleepover?”

“Not since you moved out of Fairy Hills,” Lucy replied. A smile crept across her face as she thought back on countless nights huddled under blankets, watching movies, and joking about books and boys. Those nights were when Lucy realized she’d found a friend to lean on; in good times and bad, she’d always be able to count on Levy. A loud chime came from the microwave, and both girls jumped up from the couch, falling into their designated snack preparation roles like no time had passed. Lucy grabbed the popcorn, adding an extra dusting of salt, while Levy carefully walked back with their drinks. Reaching for her mug, the one covered in constellations, Lucy took a sip of Levy’s latest concoction. Alcohol burned her throat unexpectedly, forcing her to gasp. “What is this?”

“Irish coffee,” Levy giggled, “Gajeel taught me. Once you have a little whiskey in your coffee you’ll never go back to just cream.” Her face was tinged pink by laughter and drink.

Lucy put down her mug and eyed her friend. “I think he’s rubbing off on you a little too much.”

Levy sighed, letting her head fall onto the pillow. “Not tonight he’s not.” A brief moment passed in silence before both girls exploded in laughter, blushing even more. Innuendos went out the door during girls’ night.

“It’s a tradition,” Lucy chided.

“A stupid tradition,” Levy grumbled back, fisting another handful of popcorn into her mouth.

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October 8, 2016-November 18, 2017

In honor of Ultra Sun/Moon I redrew this! Pretty sure this was when Primarina wasn’t confirmed yet but I remember I loved this piece. It had a whole story behind it with character back story too. 

Anyways, there’s Brian the brionne, Liam the torracat, and Prescott the dartrix.

Are you ever just so profoundly grateful that someone you used to know is out of your life forever lmao

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to let you know what you said about Martin Stein and dying during the crossover was very antisemitic. Watching a Jewish man die by Nazis is very upsetting and triggering for many Jewish people, and how you worded what you said about his possible death was very upsetting to read. I felt I should let you know this.

I’m really sorry that I upset you, and anyone else as well. That was never my intent, but I can see (and will attempt to unpack) why I think that happened, and hopefully clarify what I meant. I’ll also endeavour to be more careful in the future with my wording.

And I want to clarify that in no way did I ever mean to imply that I want Martin dead. I very much don’t.

I’ve stated elsewhere that I find his death quite sad and I think it’s an unfortunate way to write the character’s exit. And I think that my point about how I expect Martin to be the one to die isn’t altogether out of line, because it’s based on how the Legends’ story arc is set up this season, particularly with the focus on Firestorm and Martin wanting to leave (because Victor Garber is leaving). And my assumption that it’s him is also that it doesn’t fit the overall tone of the other DCTV shows this season. I just can’t see them killing off a major character on The Flash when they spent all their seasonal lead up talking about how much lighter this season is going to be.

I assume (which might be incorrect, but I’m doing my best to get to the heart of this) that the upsetting part wasn’t the speculation about what’s likely so much as the line that I said, specifically: 

“So if they aren’t looking to gut us, and are just looking to give Victor a completely clean exit, then Martin is the one on the chopping block. And honestly? I hope that’s the case.” (boldness added for emphasis here).

(If that’s not the part that was upsetting then I am, truly, at a loss).

I didn’t mean that I hope Martin dies. I’ll agree, it was a callous way to word that (”chopping block” was in poor taste), and the “hope” line was done to contrast how I felt about the possibility of someone else (specifically, Joe West) dying. I’m sorry for implying that I’d ever hope for his death.

And I really don’t want him to pass away. I love his character and would vastly prefer him to be written off in a way that respects the character’s legacy. But I also know that someone is going to die during this crossover, and that the CW is shit and going to make it dramatic as hell. 

I also wasn’t thinking about Martin’s death as relating to the broader crossover and Earth X. I know that’s obviously not an excuse, but I want to clarify that I never once thought of his death and thought “death by Nazis”. I pretty much avoid thinking about Earth X as much as possible, and genuinely mind-blanked on the fact that that’s the most likely way Martin would be dying in this instance. So when I talked in that post about how his death wouldn’t be as gutting to the viewer, I wasn’t thinking about his actual death - I was thinking about the character’s long term narrative arc, and how people (the viewers) will typically find that a person who’s lived a fully and happy life doesn’t cut them as deep as a character who’s just starting a new part of their life. 

Which again, is not an excuse for my not really thinking about the other elements (the antisemitic implications in particular), but when you framed it as “watching a Jewish man die by Nazis” my jaw literally dropped because I couldn’t help but think of Martin’s death as… softer than that, somehow. As being divorced from all this mess of Earth X and as being something I imagined as only about Firestorm, as only about the Legends team. But of course that’s not the case.

What I was thinking of it was in terms of narrative arcs. And I don’t know what else to say on this particular front, because I run back into my original issue, so to speak. Basically: I don’t want anyone else to die either. It’s antisemitic for Martin to die during the crossover, and the entire crossover itself is antisemitic, and there’s just… no solution. It’s ugly.

if you ever see me talking about not feeling real it’s.. it’s hard to explain but what i mean is. i have trouble processing the fact that i exist outside of an active conversation. that i exist to people even when im not activly talking to them 

the easiest way for me to explain it is like. ya know how people play peek a boo w babies? the whole thing with object permanence? it’s sort of like that. if im not actively talking to someone it feels like.. i don’t exist to them anymore. and then that makes me freak out 

so if i ask you to tag me in stuff sometimes, or to just talk to me, or something like that… it’s just. i need help remembering that i exist.


YOU ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD!!!!!! I LOVE YOU MY SON!!!!!

Little comic with Remington and Emilia (ok?)