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[id-ee-uh t]


1. Informal. An utterly foolish or senseless person


2. Informal. Arthur Kirkland’s unique way of expressing conformation. See the word: yes.

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“Artie, baby! It’s been too long!”

It had only been a few days since she’d seen Arthur, but Mrs. Jones liked to make a fuss. 

To Alfred, however, it had been long. What with exams coming up, Arthur did what he usually did- spent wasted hours squinting down at the words in his textbooks, locked away from any human interaction in his bedroom. The only explanation Alfred would receive was that an omega had to work harder to get into college. He supposed that was true, but it was hard to say that Arthur was even studying in the first place. 

He never really did like human interaction, and lately, he’d been conjuring excuses left and right for the sole purpose of not hanging out with Alfred. It was likely that the whole studying thing could’ve just been a complicated ruse, an excuse, something not a total surprise coming from the crafty little omega. 

Alfred rolled his eyes as his mother scooped Arthur up into her arms, peppering his face with wet kisses. “You’ve got to come sleep over soon. Alfred’s fussy, he’s always complaining about how cold the bed is without you!”

“Is that so?”

Arthur was smirking at him now, and it shouldn’t have bothered him. But considering the circumstances-

Alfred’s red-faced response was through gritted teeth, “Mom-” 

His mother, like every mother of a semi-attractive, popular alpha, was rather embarrassing. Not to the extent that the embarrassing-ness would only appear in the occasional campfire story, but rather more so. Her embarrassing-ness was something of a usual thing, more open to the public. 

She always chose the worst times, whether it was laughing at wine-mom memes at a funeral, or, in their case now, sharing a bit too much information in the midst of people that would’ve been better off without it. 

To take as an example, Alfred’s girlfriend. 

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I… honestly am full of too much emotion right now to describe how this night made me feel, how this fucking incredibly kind and talented and sweet and considerate man made me feel tonight. (also big shoutout to @hikasho who let me scream with them and helped me keep my cool agdusjsg E im so fuckin glad i could share this experience with you!!!)

the show was UNBELIEVABLE, they were so into it and intense it was incredible, we met so many nice people and the bands they played with were out of this world, and i got the tour shirt!! AND THEY DID A DAVID BOWIE COVER WHICH KILLED ME INSTANTLY

meeting him was absolutely the most heartfelt and honest meeting ive ever had with someone I admire, hands down. there were autograph hounds waiting for him but he came out to see us anyway because he cares so so much about his fans, the people who care about him, and he took SO MUCH time with everyone?? like he was making actual conversation with us and making adorable monty python references, and he asked my pronouns unprompted!! that was incredibly important for me, that doesnt happen in my daily life and to have ezra, exhausted from an intense concert and putting all the gear away and still out talking with us at 1am, he took the time to ask right away what my pronouns were, and that will always be special to me. i almost wore the exact shirt hes wearing in the pics, and when i excitedly told him so he said “oh wow really? this is the first time ive worn it!” and he was just so happy and calm and sweet with us, and gave the BEST hugs on the entire planet, of that i am certain. and like i was there with E and it definitely seemed like he wanted to talk with us more, like he kinda lingered with us? and he gave me another hug and like grabbed my hand and held it softly and im so very compromised right now.

he also asked if id be at the show in san diego tomorrow and i said maybe, and he seemed so excited that i might go that it made my mind up right there, so i guess im seeing them again tomorrow XD i told him to drive safe down there, and then he asked me how i was getting there and told me to travel safe as well, and im just way too full of love and admiration and gratitude for this man. gah.

(in the last pic he said “lets make shapes with our hands like beasts” and i was like yes ezra of course lmao)

anonymous asked:

I know this is a bit more serious than your normal awesome anons so I'm sorry, but I really look up to you as an artist and wanted to know if/how you deal with negative feelings about your art? I just spent the past hour trying to draw anything remotely good and I'm crying and so frustrated and hopeless. It doesn't help that I keep giving up for months on end but it's so hard to deal with. Do you have any advice? I'm sorry you don't have to answer I know it's not a cute or funny ask I'm sorry

Please don’t feel the need to apologize, I appreciate your ask, it’s okay!
I understand what you’re going through, especially since I constantly feel like I’m disappointing myself or that I can do so much better. For me, I think the best thing to do is to not deprecate yourself. You’re doing your best, and it’s amazing that you decided to pick up a pencil today, you’re doing great already! 

Try to find the things that you’ve done well in your drawings! Maybe that one brush stroke was really smooth and your lines are amazing or that color looks really good and that one circle actually looks like a circle. Even if it’s a really small detail or something you liked during your drawing process, then you’re succeeding !!

Take your time, and be lenient with yourself. If it feels like you’ve been drawing for hours and nothing turns out the way you want it to, take a break. you can come back to it later, you did your best for the day, it’s okay
Allow yourself to doodle whatever else is on your mind without thinking about how good it should turn out, kind of like as stress-reliever or just to blep down silly ideas

Be proud of what you can do because you’re giving it your all, you’re constantly improving with every line you make, and you’re the only one who can draw the way you do! even if it wasn’t a complete piece, whatever you’ve drawn is already making you a better artist, so please keep going <:

Christmas AU Prompts

these are incredibly long prompts I came up with at 2 am, feel free to use them.

• It’s freezing outside and I didn’t wear a heavy enough jacket but you are letting me wrap my arms around you under your VERY WARM jacket and now I don’t want to leave so let’s just waddle around like this and now we’re laughing like idiots. People are looking. WHO CARES I’M WARM AU

• We’re at an ugly christmas sweater party and your santa hat cat sweater is actually incredibly cute so I feel the need to disagree with your idea of an ugly sweater and now we’re arguing but okay you’re really attractive and now we’re just shouting compliments at each other AU

• We’re at this lame christmas party but holy cow WHO IS THAT OVER THERE they are so attractive, I’m gonna trick them under the mistletoe and wait for my kiss. It’s gonna happen. I just KNOW IT AU

• I thought I was the only one working over time at the office on christmas eve so I was singing jingle bells at the top of my lungs incredibly off key while making hot chocolate in the break room but you surprised me and I dumped it all over your pants. hello nice meeting you for the first time lemme dab your wet pants with this napkin AU

• I made an extra big snowball to throw at my friend but I missed and accidentally hit you in the face instead and you slipped and fell and I ran to your help but also slipped and fell on top of you and we can’t stop laughing. Wow your eyes are pretty AU

• I picked your name for secret santa at work but I don’t even know you or know what to get you but since it’s a secret I just bought a cheap #1 dad shirt cause I thought it was funny and you opened it and are now on the floor cry laughing and your laugh is so cute I think I’m in love AU

• I want to go christmas carolling with this charity group but you don’t want to but I force you to do it with me anyways but waIT YOU’RE DRUNK? YOU SECRETLY POURED ALCOHOL IN YOUR EGGNOG I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU! Now you’re drunk carolling and your singing the words inappropriately wrong and the group hates us now, thanks AU

• My friends saw me staring at you while we were christmas shopping and they dared me to go up to you and ask if you were a present because I want to unwrap you and I never turn down a dare so I did it but you actually thought it was funny, let’s get married ok AU

Story time:

So I’m home from school for the weekend, for the second time since school began, and last night I was FaceTime-ing with my lovely girlfriend. And we’re watching tv together, and we’re making dumb faces at each other, we’re laughing at our own silly inside jokes.

So, pretty soon I’m just laying in bed and we’re both falling asleep, and I’m thinking about how the last time I was laying in my bed, early October, this girl was still so new to me. The last time I was here in my room, I was simply “seeing a girl”. I didn’t know where it was going, and I was nervous and scared and excited and all those crazy feelings.

What blows my mind is, the time before that, August, I was laying in my bed, scrolling through the sapphic tag on Tumblr, wondering if I would ever even develop the confidence to talk to a girl in that way, let alone actually wind up with a girlfriend. I would see photos of happy girls with their girlfriends, and I’d see those sapphic mood boards and all of those “wlw ask” things, and, after only a couple months of knowing I was gay, I would wonder when I was gonna finally get to have that.

And now I guess I’m just ranting, but I think my point is this: 3 months ago, I was wondering what it would be like to have a girlfriend. 1 month ago, I was nervously maneuvering the beginning stages of seeing this really cute girl. And now I’m calling this girl my girlfriend and she’s calling me hers, and everything is just so good.

That was just weird to me. Time is weird.

But for any wlw who just realized they like women, and for those who have known for a while, who are wondering when they’ll finally be able to call some cutie their girlfriend: just give it time, it’ll happen :)

Okay, I’m done now, class dismissed…

So I finally thought of names for my OC girlfriends!! 
May I introduce, Livia on the left and Poppy on the right :P
While Poppy is outgoing and usually energetic, Livia is more of a shy and sometimes nervous person :’)


Sanada Yukimura ☆ Maeda Inuchiyo 
The Spear Duo 

Please do not repost without permission 

@bokuakakuroweek DAY ONE: RIVALRY | COHESION

(I’m so sorry, all of my entries are going to be hella late OTL)

Alright, but consider Bokuto and Kuroo doing Who Has the Best Akaashi-Pickup Lines competitions every once in a while, in any place they are. They always shoot the absolute worst pickup lines, which make everyone sigh and shake their head while Bokuto and Kuroo are grinning stupidly at each other, trying to outmatch the other’s terrible pickup line proposition. 

Then one day while they’re training all three of them alone, and another Pickup Lines competition has started, Akaashi can’t take the secondhand embarrassment anymore and says without hesitating, “Please, take me to the hospital. I broke a leg falling for both of you.” And it feels like time has stopped, Bokuto and Kuroo are speechless, looking at Akaashi with their jaws haging open, a massive blush spreading over their faces and tears making their eyes shine.

Akaashi thinks, “I’m so in love with these dorks…”

  • Baekhyun: yeol please go out, I need to change
  • Chanyeol: can't, I am asleep
  • Baekhyun: what?
  • Chanyeol: *eyes wide open*
  • Chanyeol: I am dead asleep
  • Baekhyun: ……
  • Chanyeol: ……