really its like the best in the world

X: Hel-
Me: Min Yoongi is one of the best young rappers of our generation and I don’t give a damn if you don’t like k-pop, because we’re not talking about k-pop: we’re talking about his skills as a rapper and everyone can understand he’s really talented and also writes meaningful and beautiful lyrics; you don’t have to speak korean to understand this. He also has a kind and beautiful soul even if he’s been through so much and he only experienced cruelty for so long. He drags Korean society and its injustices and also the terrible things which happen in idols world. He writes about his experiences and his traumas and his mental illness because he wants people like him to feel understood and wants them to know they’re not alone and not in the “don’t be sad everything will be fine be happy come on!!! :)” way, but in the realistic way, speaking about how much depression, social anxiety, ocd, suicide thoughts, socio-phobia, self-hatred can really damage and destroy someone. If you think that only American rappers are real rappers and people who speak different languages from english can’t be talented, then I can assure you you’re totally wrong.

i just want to say to fic readers that big long rambly comments on fics, where you say the things you loved about it and sometimes get capslocky and squeal and use exclamation points and quote parts and praise the smut or the characterizations or the world building or the chemistry or all of the above, comments like that are fucking incredible and every fic author loves you, thank you

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honestly i have no problem with ‘queerplatonic’ relationships as a way to define a unique type of friendship In Theory (if they changed the name to something without the q slur bc theres nothing ‘queer’ about it) but like…

no offense but literally all this is when it comes down to it is just a close friendship that bends a couple social norms and blurs the lines into roles generally considered to be involved in a committed couple relationship. theres really no absolute line that separates ‘friend’ and ‘lover’ that can be applied to all relationships. most of us have that line in our personal lives, but what constitutes that ‘line’ will vary from person to person. theres no universal distinction.

so basically its just Advanced Friendship or a way to label an unconventional committed relationship. but unfortunately since years of MOGAI politics have overlabelled everything and pretty much set back tumblr’s collective critical thinking ability by decades, its treated like something unique that could be identified cleanly outside the lines of “friendship” or “relationship”.

so now youve got people acting like Advanced Best Friendship is “queer” and going as far as to say its “radical and progressive”, and inventing a nonexistent normativity (’amatonormativity’) that it supposedly challenges when, in the real world, it barely matters at all and doesnt really exist. its honestly a mess

skam-fest (balloon squad livestream): TRANSLATION

disclaimer: we dunno danish. huge shout out to @maksisskambackwards for norwegian-english translation for the boys and Håkon. (they didn’t want credit and I said hush) grammar fixes by me ;) 

Everybody introduces themselves. And Håkon says that they’re still producing and thats why everybody couldn’t be there. Håkon likes Eskilds character the best.

Mutasim: Hei hei. My name is Mutasim and I play Mutasim. And I don’t know what else to say. My favorite character is Chris - girl Chris. Good actress.

Cengiz: should I introduce myself? I’m Cengiz, its like Ghengis Khan. (pronunciation of his name) I’m 19. And turning 20 today. No yesterday. What else should I say. I’ve never done any acting before. So this is very new for me. But its very fun to be here and speak before you. My favourite actor is many actually. I think like Håkon over there that Eskild has been really good. Chris. Really all, many are good. And I also think Vilde. Of course I like all the characters. Sana is a really important character. I support all of them. All my colleagues are great.

Simo: Hi, I´m Simo and I´m Sana’s brother, Elias. My favourite actor, I wanna say first everyone is amazing. But if I have to choose one it would be Sana.

Yousef: My name is Yousef, and I play Mikael. My favourite character is maybe Even. An (unpredictable?) character.

Adam: Hi everybody, I’m Adam and i play Adam. I’m 18 and really an artist and suddenly I’m an actor. My favourite is Jonas or Marlon. I’ve known Marlon for many years. We used to skate together and are buds. And one day he was like, “Adam I’ll be in this new show on NRK,” and we were like,  “okay… Is that cool?” And it was really fun to watch how it turned out.

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listening to the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack without the context of the show is like listening to the story of a boy who wants to preserve the legacy of his best friend because he cares so much about him and not enough about himself and he ends up having a mental breakdown because he cares too much about everything and it’s really cute and kinda depressing but still heartwarming



Can We Still Be Alone? (NSFW 18+)

A/N: This was inspired by two songs Windswept by Crywolf and Daning On My Own By Robyn (the Hunter Plake and Jack Cassidy version). When I heard them the ideas just started flowing. This is very different from anything I have written. I had @minhosmeanhoe on my mind as I wrote this. Not for any particular reason, she’s just my actual soulmate so I’m dedicating this to her. I really hope you guys like this (: Also, I’m pretty sure I proofread this! (Pretty sure)

Paring: StilesxReader

Warnings: Smut 

Word Count: 4988

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If You Like Be More Chill...

Here are some more songs you might like by Joe Iconis!

Kevin : This song is sung by Andrew Rannells (a god) about being bored in Brooklyn. Plot twist song with a catchy tune that I sing in all my free time. Features this breathtaking ending and amazing chorus.

Jeff : Jeremy Morse sings about spying on his neighbors. Its funny and awful on the surface, but gets extremely interesting. It has some amazing one liners and moments that really make you think about this character and his life.

Party Hat : MK Lawson and Eric William Morris have this amazing chemistry that is reflected perfectly in a story about a lonely girl and a cat. Its unbelievably charming and well done. The fact alone made me laugh that Eric was playing a cat.

Blue Hair : Jordan Stanley has a young boyish charm that is beautiful and gorgeous and I love this song. Its about a boy who decides he wants to make a statement and just dyes his hair blue because he can. Its actually from one of Joe’s other musicals called The Black Suits. Highly recommend. 

The Goodbye Song : Jason Williams. Deep song. Kinda sad. I sing it and pretend I’m on a stage all the time. This song is gorgeous and I don’t really know how to explain it, but its basically this song about a death and how the person dying wants everyone to be okay when he’s gone. 

Right Place/Wrong Time : Eric William Morris and Katrina Rose Dideriksen both have amazing voices that work so well in presenting the concept of the song. They sing about how they always seem to be missing their chances even when they might have talent. 

Honey : Listen as Jared Weiss tears your heart out as he sings about pining over his best friend. Its an extremely cute piece that is so well sung and portrayed. No jokes, just cuteness.

Lisa : Katrina Rose Dideriksen sings about feeling like you’re not enough to be with a girl. It is actually the best thing. Katrina brings this amazing emotion and power into it that just wow. Honestly, its a gay anthem. (Also from The Black Suits)

Velociraptor : Liz Lark Brown sings about being a velociraptor and its hilarious, but actually a metaphor for societal expectations and where we all belong in the world??? She has an amazing voice and there’s some parts where you laugh and some parts where you have to furrow your eyebrows and really appreciate it.

The Actress : Katrina Rose Dideriksen yet again. It follows the struggle of this girl and what she has to do to become an actress. The meaning behind this song is so impressively portrayed and once more leaves your jaw dropped at Joe Iconis and his writing. Its funny and charming as well. 

These are just my personal favorites! Feel free to message me or send in an ask telling me what you think of these songs, which are your favorites, or even recommend some more! Happy listening!

You know what I don’t understand? Girls who think they are too big to sit in your lap. 

Look, I know I’m short. I know that for all your experience with cis dudes, I seem kinda small I get that. But like…have you ever had a girl sit in your lap? Because it’s the best thing in the world. and it doesn’t matter how much shorter or smaller than her you are. it’s ALWAYS good. 

@ all girls of all sizes: you are NOT going to crush me. I am not going to be uncomfortable. Please, by all means, sit in my lap. 


Something amazing happened to me today.

If you have never been bottom-of-the-barrel broke for a decent length of time then you cannot truly understand that horrible feeling when the cashier tells you that you can’t use your loyalty points because the server is down. That sick sinking feeling that happens as you come to the realization that you have to pay full price when you were counting on having the extra $5 the points would have saved you to buy the meat for dinner. That if you want to eat now you won’t later or if you want to eat later you can’t eat now.

I experienced this feeling again today at the coffee shop. I only ordered a small coffee and a ham and cheese croissant. It’s all I could afford if I used the points I’d saved up to pay for the coffee. My total was only $10.90 but I had been counting on using my points to bring it down to $6. Then she told me the system was down.

Everything stopped. My heart sank and suddenly began racing 100ks an hour at the same time and I started shaking. In the space of about four seconds I thought several things at once.

“Do I say leave the coffee? The food is more vital than the caffeine”

“Do I just leave both? I need to buy the stuff for dinner tonight and I have to get to therapy tomorrow”

“Maybe I can borrow from Mum to do dinner and therapy”

“Oh god! They probably think I’m just angling for free stuff!”

“Fuck Georgia! Just pay by card and pray you make it to next week on what’s left”

“I’m going to throw up”

“Tell them it’s fine and pass your card over for fucks sake!”

So I take out my card and start to hand it over. I’m trying to put on a brave face but clearly I didn’t do much of a job of it. The cashier looks like a deer in headlights. She doesn’t know how to handle this kind of thing. She immediately tries to reassure me.

Then it happens.

I hear a gruff voice behind me ask,

“How much does she need?”

I turn and see the older lady who came in behind me and let me go ahead of her in the queue opening her wallet and looking at the cashier.

I’m still desperately trying to convince both women that it’s fine and I’ll pay but they don’t seem to hear me. By now I’m shaking and also crying. I can tell both women are uncomfortable so I desperately try to get myself under control. It’s not working. In the madness the cashier puts through the point discount and the Gruff Older Lady pays for my order. Now not only do I still have the $5 I was counting on from my points I have the other $6 I would have paid for my coffee too.

I move off to the side still loosing my shit and crying (embarrassingly) in a coffee shop, as the cashier takes Gruff Older Lady’s order and she pays and we all wait for our orders.

The whole shop has been watching this and not said a word. I think (it’s something of a blur) I may have hugged her. And I think it made her even more uncomfortable. Anyway, I’m still trying to get myself under control. Another patron comes over and asks if I’m ok and I tell her what’s just happened and she smiles and calmly chats to me till I’m calm and her order is called. She wishes me well and leaves.

My order is then called at the same time as Gruff Older Lady. I can barely look her in the eye. I’m so embarrassed. But I’m also so incredibly grateful so I look up and give a wobbly smile and thank her again as we put the lids on our coffees. She asks if I’m short of money and I admit that I am but I’m mostly coping without looking up from the counter.
Next thing I know she is opening her wallet again and pushing the last of her cash, $30, into my hands. I try to refuse and tell her she doesn’t have to do that, I’m ok. Again the tears threaten.

“Don’t you cry again!”

She tells me in that same gruff voice she used at the counter.

“You’ll set me off! Just take it! I know what it’s like to be where you are. I’ve been there myself. I’m a bit flush this week so I can afford to do this.”

I can do nothing but stare at my shaking hand now holding $30 and thank her profusely while trying not to cry on her. She simply gives me a small smile and murmurs,

“I’ve done my kind thing for the day.”

And leaves before I can say another word.

It’s taken me an hour to write this and I’m still shaken and overwhelmed.

This woman was so kind. It wasn’t the stereotypical warm, beneficent old woman with a big hug and a cheery smile. She was real and my gratitude seemed to make her uncomfortable. Like she hadn’t realized how big of an impact she would have when she decided to do what she did. She was gruff and awkward and that is the only thing that has me convinced that this really happened and I didn’t dream it.

Well, that and the lasting embarrassment from having had such a major breakdown in a public place.

I have now had breakfast and I’ll use the extra $30 for food. And it’s all thanks to that incredibly kind Gruff Older Lady.

I don’t know how to end this except to say again even though I am sure she’ll never see this…

Thank you. Paying for my breakfast the way you did has had a far bigger impact than I think you will ever know.

Signs as Emotions

Altschmerz is the feeling of weariness of the same flaws, anxieties, problems, etc. that you’ve had with your life. Because you’ve been dealing with them for so long, it almost seems repetitive and boring to have them, now. Capricorns will always feel this way because they can’t change who they are or necessarily improve on them, either. If the Capricorns can’t change, then they’ll get bored of the same old them and just get tired of it all. It feels a lot like depression but kinda, emotionless.

Nodus Tollens is the feeling of realizing that your life doesn’t make sense anymore. Although you’ve thought you’ve been going where life intended you to be, it seems that you’re going in even more confusing passageways the farther you get. After this, you realize that you were supposed to choose your own adventure, not follow the one given. Aquarians feel this a lot because they feel like the world is already giving them the plan is which they’re supposed to do. Having this mindset, however, means that they’ll take any opportunity that comes their way, which can be a helpful or hurtful thing for the Aquarians. If they learn that they have to choose their own adventures, things would probably be way easier for them.

Ambedo is the feeling of when you suddenly become obsessed with all of your surroundings. Everything is very vivid now and it brings you into a kind of trance. You notice things such as birds chirping, the conversations of other people, the cling of glasses on a table. Pisces will have this feeling often because usually, they’re caught up in their own bubble of life so whenever they actually focus on the world, everything is so amazing and wonderful that it puts you in a trance. It makes you think that all of the senses are important and that everything should be admired once in a while.

Nighthawk is the feeling of having a recurring thought that only seems to come back to you during the later hours, especially when rest is being requested. It could be anything, something that you’ve been procrastinating on, a guilt sticking with you for the past years, maybe the thought that you’ll have no future. You can ignore this problem for weeks, feel its linger everywhere you go but then, when it hits you, it hits you hard. Aries will always have this feeling because they always will have something that they don’t want in their lives, anymore. It’s easy to ignore during the day, with all of the commotion around you but, at night, where everything’s still, it’s easy for it to come back. Hiding the thoughts only makes it stronger because all it does is linger and wait, but you Aries know that already.

Fitzcarraldo is the feeling of when an image suddenly pops into your brain and never leaves. There are a number of places where it could’ve come from-a dream, a book, a real time event that you’ve forgotten but you don’t know where it came from. an image that somehow becomes lodged deep in your brain—maybe washed there by a dream, or smuggled inside a book, or planted during a casual conversation—which then grows into a wild and impractical vision that keeps scrambling back and forth in your head like a dog stuck in a car that’s about to arrive home, just itching for a chance to leap headlong into reality.This happens to a Taurus all the time because they may forget a lot of things or have trouble remembering events but then one day, it’ll come into your brain. This happens very often and may be annoying but also helpful as it may have helped you in a conversation or come up with inspiration for something. Embrace this emotion as it may be one of the best ones Taurus will ever have.

Gnossienne is the feeling of when you realize that someone you’ve known for years still has secrets that they’ve never told you. A private and mysterious life is still there that you may never know about in your or their lifetime. It’s like you’re in their map and you’ll never know have close you may be to the ‘X’ that is their entire life. Geminis will especially have this feeling because most of the time, they can be this friend, too. Yes, they can express themselves very widely and tell secrets that most don’t know but there will always be something they’re hiding. Something private that they won’t share to anyone. How far you know about this Geminis life, you won’t know but at least you’re on the map.

Mimeonia is the feeling of frustration that you knowing fit into sterotypes without even trying. Even if unintended or unfair or if someone feels the same way, you’ll always have the question in your head, “What are you supposed to be?” Cancers have always felt this emotion and it frustrates them everytime they think about it. They don’t want to be know as the “crybabies” or the “sensitive” types but they are, anyway. They thinks it’s unfair how they are built this way and wish they could change, even after noticing that others feel this way, too. Knowing what they want to be out of the sterotype, however, is harder to think about than being in the sterotype.

Semaphorism is the feeling of when you have something personal to say in a conversation but won’t necessarily elaborate on the feeling. An nod of empathy, an emotionful “I know the feeling” show that you have something buried that you feel but don’t ever talk about. Leos have this feeling all the time and it can be very hard to swallow. Knowing that you have problems but never being able to share them is a burden and the hardest part of living for you. However, being there for someone who has the same feelings as you is the best thing ever because you can finally tell yourself you’re not alone and that there are others like you that feel this way. That you’re not just in a dark hole by yourself but with other people that have the same experiences.

Occhiolism is the feeling of realizing that your perspective is small compared to everything in the universe and that you can’t really draw any meaningful conclusions about anyone or anything at all. The world and its past is too complex to figure out because you’re just one and there is many. You may be a science experiment but in the other room, a new medicine is already about that can cure all madness. This feeling is what Virgos feel all the time as they want to understand the world and its problems and its past but it’s all too complex as you are simple. You can’t possibly know everything and you can’t possibly have any explanations for everything because you only have one life and two sets of eyes that can only see so far. You are one but there are many.

Daguerreologue is the feeling of having an imaginary interview with your past self, a figure who is still in the house that you grew up in that have spent many days wondering who you are right now. Libras will feel this because they are constantly looking back at their former selves, questioning who you were are are and if that’s better or worse. This can be kind of problematic as you can try to fix things about yourself or your life that don’t necessarily need to be fixed at all. It’s a very complex emotion to feel and having the emotion can make or break you is anyway shape of form, depending on the way you handle it.

Exulansis is the feeling of when there’s no word for you to describe the emotion you’re feeling which can be profoundly frustrating. Especially when trying to share the feeling with others but the English words that exist could even remotely describe how you’re feeling constant or just at the moment. Scorpios will often feel this and get quite frustrated because the time they want to share their feelings with someone, they can’t even think of words to tell them. It’s not a very helpful tool for someone who barely communicates their feelings in general but not finding a word for it is very angering and discouraging as they feel as if their feelings aren’t really valid.

Mal de CouCou is the feeling of when you have a very active social life but have very few close friends such as people you can trust, who you can be yourself with, and who can just throw away all of the weird toxins that grow in you over the years. This is a very common feeling for a Sagittarius because they will always feel like they are very social and have many friends in which they can talk to but in reality, they only have a few that really know them well enough for them to be themselves. It’s hard for everyone, especially Sagittarius to find friends like those but will still talk to a lot of people but with a type of mask to actually cover their “real” selves that could potentially, in their mind, ruin a friendship/relationship. 

(Btw, anyone can have these feelings. This post is just to describe which signs have these feelings the most so people don’t be offended if you’ve never felt this way or you’ve felt a way that another sign on this list has. Thank you.)

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Have yuou seen the drama around Cartoon Junkie?!!she got crazy on twitter’s a subject i would have prefered to avoid but yea’. the situation is pretty…tense. δ(´д`; )

I think only few ppl kno’ but CJ lost a bit of her mind for no reason. imah absolutely neutral tho’. I don’t want to talk about this problem as a “””drama””” but sure. there is a somethin’ to point out.


?(ノ)・´ω・(ヾ) As summary of the situation, I won’t talk about her questionnable politic point of view but she decided to leave the community(i completely understand) but after that,she started to be agressive towards her fans again. It’s not the first time that somethin’ like this happen but that was pretty harsh this time.

She certainly has some issues but dragging down Markiplier for doing charity livestreams is somethin’ i can’t really tolerate. If we don’t like someone’s act. we just have to..move on. 

It’s just hate towards the entire world at this point. Σ(・ิ¬・ิ)

Aah sorry i feel like mah answer was pretty negative but i sincerely wish her the best for her future tho’. I’m sure she has problems in her life !!

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Can you elaborate more on how the Alys-Sigorn wedding was awesome and its like a baby that conquered the world? I just really like Alys/Sigorn and want to hear more about it.

Whew, where to begin? The Alys-Sigorn wedding is IMO a strong candidate for “best scene in the series,” and it’s probably exhibit A in the case for ADWD as the best book in that series (give or take Dany X and the dragontaming). It’s the surest sign that GRRM still knows what he’s doing and that the sedimentary layers of story are producing more powerful moments as he goes. It’s such a narratively dense event with so many resonances that you could spend days teasing it apart. Here’s just a brief overview.  

At one level, the wedding symbolizes and enacts the alliance between the Stark North and the Free Folk, presided over by the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch (himself having been raised in Winterfell, but also having ridden with the wildlings). It’s very ceremonial and ritualistic, GRRM taking his time setting it up and lingering on every detail so you really get what a momentous deal this is: a powerful wildling leader and the daughter of a significant Northern house joining to forge something new. This carries such weight with us because we’ve been living with this bitter divide and the knowledge of how longstanding and entrenched it is for multiple books. Climbing this hill seemed nigh-impossible back in ASOS when Stannis proposed it; now, we see a real ray of hope. And of course, this dovetails so beautifully with what happens at chapter’s end: the horn blast announcing Tormund Giantsbane’s arrival to cement that pact. 

This sense of harmonic resolution wouldn’t mean much, though, if it didn’t also extend to the bride and groom specifically. Alys coming to Jon (specifically as Ned’s son) and securing his help against Cregan and Arnolf marks a symbolic reconciliation between Houses Stark and Karstark. Instead of the latter house as an enemy, as they’ve been since early in ASOS, we now see them as a complex family riven by internal conflict, and there’s a chance to set things right. It helps, of course, that Alys is immediately one of the most lovable characters in the story: “Let him be scared of me.” As for Sigorn, his father died at Castle Black thanks to Jon’s defenses, and earlier in ADWD, Sigorn himself opposed assimilation to the point of threatening Jon’s life. Here, however, he brings the Thenns into the larger realm and makes a very moving peace–and of course he, too, is written to encourage empathy in the wedding scene, coming off nervous, awkward, and ultimately good-hearted. 

But what really makes this scene shine, undergirding and emphasizing all of the above, is the imagery. It…glows. 

And Melisandre said, “Let them come forth, who would be joined.” The flames cast her shadow on the Wall behind her, and her ruby gleamed against the paleness of her throat.

Jon turned to Alys Karstark. “My lady. Are you ready?”

“Yes. Oh, yes.”

“You’re not scared?”

The girl smiled in a way that reminded Jon so much of his little sister that it almost broke his heart. “Let him be scared of me.”The snowflakes were melting on her cheeks, but her hair was wrapped in a swirl of lace that Satin had found somewhere, and the snow had begun to collect there, giving her a frosty crown. Her cheeks were flushed and red, and her eyes sparkled.

“Winter’s lady.” Jon squeezed her hand.

The Magnar of Thenn stood waiting by the fire, clad as if for battle, in fur and leather and bronze scales, a bronze sword at his hip. His receding hair made him look older than his years, but as he turned to watch his bride approach, Jon could see the boy in him. His eyes were big as walnuts, though whether it was the fire, the priestess, or the woman that had put the fear in him Jon could not say. Alys was more right than she knew.

“Who brings this woman to be wed?” asked Melisandre.

“I do,” said Jon. “Now comes Alys of House Karstark, a woman grown and flowered, of noble blood and birth.” He gave her hand one last squeeze and stepped back to join the others.

“Who comes forth to claim this woman?” asked Melisandre.

“Me.” Sigorn slapped his chest. “Magnar of Thenn.”

“Sigorn,” asked Melisandre, “will you share your fire with Alys, and warm her when the night is dark and full of terrors?”

“I swear me.” The Magnar’s promise was a white cloud in the air. Snow dappled his shoulders. His ears were red. “By the red god’s flames, I warm her all her days.”

“Alys, do you swear to share your fire with Sigorn, and warm him when the night is dark and full of terrors?”

“Till his blood is boiling.” Her maiden’s cloak was the black wool of the Night’s Watch. The Karstark sunburst sewn on its back was made of the same white fur that lined it.

Melisandre’s eyes shone as bright as the ruby at her throat. “Then come to me and be as one.” As she beckoned, a wall of flames roared upward, licking at the snowflakes with hot orange tongues. Alys Karstark took her Magnar by the hand.

Side by side they leapt the ditch.

“Two went into the flames.” A gust of wind lifted the red woman’s scarlet skirts till she pressed them down again. “One emerges.” Her coppery hair danced about her head. “What fire joins, none may put asunder.”

This is hope rendered in radiant red and gold; this is what endgame looks like. We saw it, just a flash of it, as their leap (like Theon and Jeyne’s, several chapters later) reached its apex. This leap over the flames and everything that goes with it exists in defiance of the Long Night, in spite of the army of the dead. It’s a fire to circle around, a well from which to draw strength, and a foundation for what comes next. House Thenn’s sigil is appropriate; they represent the Dawn.

BTS Reaction

Request maybe? when BTS’ (significant other) is from a country that doesn’t use chopsticks and so struggles with eating every now and then (which can be embarrassing when they’re eating in public ~anon


Personally i think that Jin wouldn’t really care if you didn’t know how to use chopsticks or not. Don’t get me wrong, sure he’d appreciate you trying to learn how to eat with chopsticks but you could eat with a fork and spoon if you wanted. just as long as you could eat well and ate with him, he could care less about what you ate with.

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This would be something he loves about you or is fond of you for. You could be asking “why would he love me for struggling with chopsticks?” It’s not really about the chopsticks, its seeing you trying to learn something that is apart of his culture and his lifestyle. He wouldn’t feel embarrassed at all. He’d see you struggling and help guide and encourage you to accomplish your goal (even if your goal is to put a piece of chicken in your mouth)

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Though it may look like he’s hardcore judging you he’s not. He’s secretly thinks that you not knowing how to use chopsticks is the cutest thing in the world. He would never admit that to your face but he would show you the best way to use chopsticks without using too much effort

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This little angel would get so into it. Like he’d be the one to take you into a legit classroom and on the board it would say “J-hope’s Guide to Chopsticks”. He’d would make learning how to use chopsticks fun and easy for you. He would also take advantage of the fact that he would be able to take you out on way more dates just to “practice” how to use chopsticks. But in reality, he would just turn it into a date.

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Okay so you and Tae would be at a restaurant and he would see you struggling with your chopsticks. You being okay at using chopsticks wan’t a problem for him cause he didn’t really care how good or bad you were. He would try to make the moment really romantic by setting your chopsticks  down and start feeding you your food with his chopsticks.

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This boy would be the death of me omg okay. You and Jimin are sitting next to each other eating with chopsticks when he sees you having trouble picking up some food. Instead of showing you how to use them like a normal person, he would wrap his arm around you so that he would be able to take your hand in his while he fed you your food.

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He would make it into a game to help you become more comfortable with using chopsticks. Like he would notice you struggling and getting nervous about it so he would pretend to feed you but would “miss” your mouth by touching your cheek with the food. You would be surprised and do the same to get him back but all he would do would smile at you because you were able to pick up the food without even thinking about it 

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Why you should buy: Nova 2016-2017

The Nova Corps, if you don’t know, were basically the intergalactic police force of old. Powered by their technologically advanced helmets and armor, the Corps are now nonexistent except for two Novas of Earth: Richard Rider and Sam Alexander. Marvel’s 2016 series Nova, by Jeff Loveness and Ramon Perez, is essentially a buddy cop series in space. Comedy, adventure, drama, family, friendship, romance, and more, Nova has something for everyone, and is (for me) one of the best ongoing comics hitting the shelves.

This comic really compliments Marvel’s more comedic yet heartwarming tone that they’re implementing in their cosmic/space adventure genre. If you like Guardians of the Galaxy in any form, Nova is definitely for you! Some other reasons to read Nova: 

1. Captivating Characters and POC lead

Richard Rider was the original Nova, who died a hero by sacrificing his life for the galaxy, but mysteriously returned to life. Sam Alexander is a mixed Mexican teenager from Arizona who inherited his Nova helmet from his missing father, who was a part of the Nova Corps. While Sam’s character is more focussed in growing up, high school, and family, Richard’s is completely different, tackling issues of life, the difficulties of moving on, and trauma. The contrast between the Novas of new and old also add to why the comic is so diverse when it comes to genres, but instead of feeling convoluted, the narratives compliment each other extremely well. The bond that builds between Richard and Sam create a really interesting and fun dynamic that’s less of a typical mentor/mentee relationship then something much more complex and personal. They both learn from each other and grow through their friendship, which makes their character development intriguing and appealing.

The artist and co-writer, Ramon Perez, is also Latino, and he’s made it clear how much he loves Sam (lol), and is keen on depicting him and his family very visibly Not White. So you’re also supporting creators of color by buying this series! 

(There’s also a talking Russian astronaut telepath dog, Cosmo, who’s a friend of the Novas and a very cute and hilarious addition to the cast) 

2. Gorgeous Art/Colors

Ramon Perez’s art style is extremely dynamic and beautiful, and Ian Herring’s bright color palette full of pinks, purples, and blues create a visually stunning comic. Fight scenes are thrilling, and alien and enemy designs are completely lovely. 

My favorite parts of the comic art-wise is of Richard and the demons that torment and infect him (no spoilers…) These depictions are mind-blowingly gorgeous and haunting. Not much else to say other then to take a look for yourself! 

3. Its Pretty Fucking Funny/Endearing 

Jeff Loveness is a Emmy and WGA nominated comedic writer for Jimmy Kimmel, The Onion, and more. His extremely well-crafted dialogue is full of humor and fun, and the comedy makes the characters even more charming. He also enjoys poking fun at the ridiculousness of the comic world: 

(This scene has like 20,000 notes so why did none of ya’ll actually buy the comic)

I also love how the humor in Sam’s scenes make him a very endearing kid you really want to root for. Sam’s self-doubt and typical teenage insecurity is very relatable and always depicted in the best ways: 

Unfortunately, despite all the good reviews and positive fan feedback, this comic is getting cancelled after 7 issues, which is a huge mistake on Marvel’s part. Nova really feels like its just starting on something big, and it was heartbreaking for me to hear about its cancellationI really wish I wrote this sooner (Loveness and Perez were so bummed out about it, I feel like I personally failed them) but I’ll still do anything to promote this comic as much as possible, the creators deserve that much. Its a very charming and entertaining series, and I love this hidden gem with all my heart! I hope this convinced you to read Nova!

Definitely check out if you like: Starlord, Guardians of the Galaxy, Power-Man and Iron Fist, Ms. Marvel, Green Lanterns, and Blue Beetle. Tbh i’d even say space dramas like Voltron and Cowboy Bebop have a similar vibe.

If you enjoy the comic, please support these creators and sales by buying the comic instead of torrenting! Check out your nearest comic book store, or buy digital issues on or for #1-5! 


Here is the transcript from the panel only including the actual questions, for the people who cant watch / don’t have time / or who were triggered by some of the topics discussed. 

All of the personal stories have been removed, this is just the questions that the fans asked and Jack answered. Some questions were left out as i either couldn’t hear it properly or they were too complicated to write out (only one or two). Enjoy!

Fan: I wanted to know if you could speak another language?

Jack: Uh, kinda? I mean- I barely speak english, so. I speak a small bit of Irish, French, Danish, a little bit of Korean. Not very well!


Fan: I have a serious question, do you want to go to prom with me?

Jack: I was waiting for some very strong political commentary or something. Dude i’ll go to prom with you! I’m not a cheap date though. Im gonna need a limo, a dress, flowers.. Ok, sure. No problem. Hit me up. Hit me up in the DMs. Slide into them DMs man.


Fan: Do you prefer the original ghostbusters or the remake?

Jack: What do you think? It’s like- Do you like to eat pizza, or do you like to eat garbage? Does that answer your question? [laughs]


Fan: What’s your favourite song?

Jack: Im gonna have to go with the opening to Peppa Pig. It’s the best. It’s hard to top that. [snorts] [quietly sings Peppa Pig theme song]


Fan: Whats your favourite soundtrack from a game?

Jack: Oh, Jesus. See, everyone wants me to say Undertale, and that’s a good one, but i’m going to have to go with Shadow of the Colossus. And thats not just because its my favourite game ever, i think the soundtrack is really good and it really compliments that game as well. And its epic, you should work out to that soundtrack. Just like, battling titans, its amazing.


Fan: Since you don’t like Guinness, what kind of beer do you like?

Jack: See i’m like the worst irishman. I like beer but it’s like, Miller and Coors. Im so not patriotic at all. I like light beers. Im sorry everybody!


Fan: Do you like Twenty One Pilots and if so, what’s your favourite song by them?

Jack: I started off listening to their Blurry Face album- [Audience cheers] Man, thats all i have to talk about is Twenty One Pilots and then i’m good? [Audience cheers again] My favourite song from them is Lame Boy.


Fan: I wanted to know what your favourite storyline series is on the channel? Aside from Shadow of the Colossus.

Jack: Oh god, hit me with all the big questions. I don’t know, there’s a lot of good ones that i’ve played that have really good stories. My current favourite one is Night in the Woods. I love it, it’s just so weird! “Im a total trash mammal”. But probably Undertale. I’m not pandering either, i really like it.


Fan: Is there something that you wanted to try in the next year that you haven’t tried before?

Jack: Hmm, how much am i allowed to say… One thing that i want to try more of, and i’ve said this in videos, is to try and do this kind of thing in a touring fashion. To try and go around- because we always go to these events, and we always go to panels at them, but not everyone can come to this and there’s people watching at home- Hi people at home! [waves at camera] So it kind of sucks because all of these events go on in places that certain people can’t get to. So im going to try and do a thing- its not going to be anything crazy. We’re just going to try and do a thing where we go to more places and try and do more of these at different venues. Hopefully, i don’t know how that’s going to work, we need to test it out first. It could be awful. But hopefully we can get it done.


Fan: What video was the most fun for you to make?

Jack: Oh god, there’s like four million of them. I don’t know, it’s different because different things are fun for different reasons. Recording certain series- recording Shadow of the Colossus was really fun because its my favourite game, and then recording The Last Guardian was awesome because that was the sequel to that. And then recording with these guys [gestures to Mark, Ethan, etc] is awesome as well because we always laugh a lot. Different games for different reasons, certain things that- well, its more the ones that stand out to me more so the ones that are ‘fun’. It’s easy to have fun but its hard for a game to have a huge impact on you. 

So two games that come to mind that have had a huge impact on me was ‘That Dragon, Cancer’ because thats just a rollercoaster from start to finish. That and ‘The Beginners Guide’ was a big one for me. Because i remember when i finished recording that video i was like “Ok, people are going to like this. I love this, this was a good thing to record.” And it was a nice experience to share and i don’t often get to do that with games. Like its fun to do Happy Wheels and everything, but at the end of the day they all kind of blend together. These are the ones that stand out, and it’s the one that stand out and sit there for a very long time that mean the most to you. Not that they were the most fun to record, but they were the ones to kind of stay with me the longest.


Fan: Is there a game that you play that you’re not very fond of?

Jack: Ooo, good one. I don’t know, i don’t think there is. If there’s ever a game that i’m not really fond of i just don’t play it. I think that goes for a lot of people. Or if i get bored of something i usually stop playing it. Well a lot of games i don’t know what they’re going to be like until i play it. God i wish i had an example, im bad at this. What videos have i recorded?


Fan: If you were to discover a planet in outer space, what would you name that planet?

Jack: Well, Uranus is taken. So im going to have to go with Urectum.


Fan: What kept you motivated throughout your entire YouTube career even when things seemed like they would never go your way?

Jack: Its going to sound like a cop out, but literally the people who watch the videos. I know it sounds cheesy and it sounds like you’re pandering to the people, but thats the real reason. There’s always a time when you’re uploading stuff that you don’t know if its going to do well or you don’t know if people are going to like it, and sometimes it just takes off and people love it. Then there’s always the times when you feel really down and you can go into the comments or go on Instagram or Tumblr or Twitter or something, and you can see people saying really nice things, or you will see them drawing fan art of the game that you’ve played or telling you their story. Like the people who have come up and said that you’ve helped them a lot, its that kind of stuff that keeps you going. 

Because it’s very easy when you’re doing YouTube to get very jaded by it, because there’s a lot of- like when you get super involved in it and you do it as your job and you’re doing it day after day all the time, its very easy for it to consume you and to make you feel a bit cynical about everything. I don’t know, like you kind of take for granted what you have. So its when you do things like this, when you meet people, when you hear their stories and you hear how much what you do means to them, even if you think its silly, that keeps you going. Because you mean a lot for other people, as much as the people mean for you when they watch your videos. It’s a very back and forth thing and i definitely think its the viewers who watch your content.


Fan: Does pineapple belong on pizza?



Fan: What do you want to say to all of the haters of pineapple on pizza out there?

Jack: Fuck you. There’s two types of people in the world, people who like pineapple on pizza, and people who are wrong [points at Mark]


Fan: When the full release [of Subnautica] comes out in May, are you going to re-do the series?

Jack: Yes. I mean, i feel like i kind of have to. Well i’ll probably skip a lot of the similar stuff like building bases and farming things [can’t hear what he said here] and whatever we haven’t seen or if stuff has changed or anything like that. I will definitely do it again, i love that game. The more Subnautica i get to play, the better. Its like the best game ever.


Fan: How is it like to make people smile every day?

Jack: It’s the best, man. Its awesome. It’s weird when you do- like i know that YouTube, what we do, people don’t consider it a job, but it is a job. And not a lot of people get to have that sort of feedback in their job or their line of work or the stuff that they like to do, or in their hobbies even. So its really cool that the stuff that we get to do that makes us happy, in turn reflects and makes other people happy, which in turn makes us happy, then it makes you happy. So its a really cool thing. I love it. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else anymore and it’s the best feeling in the world.


Fan: What’s a big goal that you want to achieve this year or in the next coming years?

Jack: Its like talking to a guidance counsellor again, like, ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’. I don’t know, happy? [laughs]

Fan: It’s ok, happy is good. Stay happy!

Jack: I will try my best. As i said in the other question, i hope to do touring, and there’s other stuff that i’m trying to get done, that i can’t really say anything about and we don’t know if they’re going to happen or not so i don’t want to put stuff out there. As i said in the new years video i did, i just want to try and reach my potential or at least push past that. Because again, it’s very easy to just get complacent and just upload videos and do whatever, but you need to have that drive and that fire in you to keep going and try new things. I really want to try new things because i keep putting it off a lot of the time like, ‘oh, i have to make videos today i don’t have time for that.’ 

So i want to try and do more, and try and do bigger and better things because i always see other people do bigger and better things and its really inspiring. I want to try and reach that kind of potential as well. And i want to surprise people more than anything. I don’t want to just do the same thing over and over again and people think ‘oh its the loud, swearing Irishman.’ That’s cool, and that’s going to be on my gravestone, but i want to do more, and i want to as i said, surprise people and maybe do stuff that people thought i couldn’t do or stuff that i didn’t think i could do. I don’t know what that is, but we will find out together.


Fan: What’s it like knowing that thousands, millions of people support you in your dream even though 95% of them you’ve never met?

Jack: That is a weird thing, isn’t it? Because i always meet people and like all you guys here, a lot of you know who i am, some of you probably don’t, you probably just wandered in here, saw a crowd and was like ‘sure, whats going on in here?’ [laughs] So its really weird when you meet people and they know so much about you but you know almost nothing about them. Or maybe you know their username or their avatar and stuff like that, so i don’t know, it’s really bizarre. It’s a really surreal feeling, it’s awesome, i love that. I love that when you do YouTube you can reach so many different people, and not just world wide, there is so many people in different countries that speak languages that i had never even heard spoken, that you can see watched your video and im like, how? That kind of stuff is just so cool. I’m always fascinated by it. I don’t think i’ll ever stop being fascinated by it.


Fan: When did you and Signe meet? And how?

Jack: We actually met through Tumblr, which is really weird. Whenever i tell people that, they are kind of like ‘Oh.. i don’t know..’ Oh, we have five minutes! Ok, really fast. So, i was on Tumblr one day, and i was looking at a cool thing, and then she was like ‘hey dude wassup’ and i was like ‘yo girl wassup’ and then i was like ‘oh awesome.. thats pretty cool’ [laughs] 

No, she had drawn some stuff of me a long time ago and then we just got talking. I can’t remember what we got talking about first, i’m terrible. And then i needed- I asked her if i could use one of her pieces of art in a thumbnail for a fan game that was done, so we just kind of got talking through that. And then she was doing a livestream on her birthday, and she was drawing me in it, so i stopped in, creepily. And i just said, “Hey, you better draw me pretty.” as a joke and she said “Go fuck yourself.” so i was like [nods head] Suh dude? [laughs] Its not just some magical fairytale, i didn’t ride in on a white horse brandishing a blade. I’m such a Casanova, right?

maybalwild  asked:

Hey! I loved your Drunk RFA headcanon so maybe I can ask a similar headcanon? How about RFA + Saeran had a fight with MC and she break up with them. And one day they are so sad and drink a LOT and call her in the phone apologizing and ask her to come back? Sorry if this is confusing, my english isn't so good. Thank u

Aw thank you for liking my work!! also your english is fantastic don’t worry ^^ 

RFA + Saeran Breakup 


  • “You know what Yoosung I’m fed up with you comparing me to Rika all the time, it hurts you know, do you even know that?! You probably don’t care. I love you.. but I guess you only need Rika. Y-you know what I’m done, we’re over”
  • The words echo through Yoosung’s mind as he chugs another beer down
  • He loves her, he hell is sure of it but he made a grave mistake
  • He knows she loathed being compared to Rika but he still is a fool to keep doing it
  • Yoosung remembers all the times she made him happy, all the times they laughed, cooked together, held hands, held her waist as she sits on his lap while he plays LOLOL
  • He misses it all
  • Wet tears burned his eyes and he didn’t even try to stop them, he was too tired
  • He felt his phone around his pocket and absentmindedly called MC, wanting to hear her voice, wanting to feel her presence even if it was just her voice
  • “Hello?”
  • “Oh God you picked up, I’m- I’m so sorry MC! I love you I really do, I was stupid I was so so stupid MC I need you. I need you, my princess please MC I love you”
  • “Yoosung are you drunk right now”
  • Her voice made him smile but the reality of what he’s doing right now made him feel embarassed
  • “I’m sorry…”
  • MC sighed
  • “I’m sorry for hurting your feelings yoosung, tell you what get yourself sobered, come over here and let’s have a talk, I-I miss you”
  • “Y-yes! yes MC i’ll do just that! I’ll do everything just to have you in my arms again, I love you so much”


  • Zen did it, he knows the weight of the situation and he blew it, god was he really this stupid?
  • “Zen I know you have a career to take care of and you know I support you but can’t you atleast give me some of your time! You barely even look at me nowadays and you’ve been smoking and drinking nonstop. Take care of yourself!”
  • “Look MC I’m tired, can’t you just sleep already”
  • “No! Zen I love you, if you keep being like this to me and to yourself you’ll break us apart”
  • “I’m the one breaking us apart? You’re the one here being all clingy and shit. If you truly do support me then do me a favor and just not talk to me for a while”
  • “And for how long? a day? a month? Why don’t we just call this off. You don’t even care about me”
  • Zen punched the wall as he felt something red and dripping running along his knuckles
  • He couldn’t even feel it, he was just so numb
  • How could he treat his girl this way??
  • How could he be such an awful man to her when all she ever done was support him and give him all the love she can give to anyone
  • He was a person of mistakes, an ugly, horrible person and he knows it, his parents know it
  • Situations like this makes him remember the way she complimets him and cheers him on, telling him that he’s the most beautiful guy in the world, both in and out
  • God did he miss her
  • It wasn’t a surprise that by the next minute he’s ringing her 
  • “Zen look I don’t really feel like talki-”
  • “Please MC hear me out..”
  • “I love you okay? I love you so godamn much and I know what I did was wrong. I know you only wanted the best for me and I know my career has been taking its toll on you. You’ve made that sacrifice for me from the beginning and I was stupid to take it for granted! I-I’m so stupid MC….. I promise I will be the best for you, i promise to give you the attention you deserve. I’ll even quit my career for you! I can work it out with my director, I’ll tell them that it’s time for me to stop and-”
  • “NO” MC shouted through the phone
  • “Zen you don’t have to, acting is your life. Let’s talk this out in person and when you’re sober okay?”
  • “How do you know i’m drunk?”
  • “I know my love enough, let’s meet tomorrow”
  • “Yes please”


  • “Are you kidding me? are you actually kidding me right now Jaehee? You’re disgusting! I never would beliieve you’d do something like this. i thought you were different!”
  • Jahee also honestly couldnt believe she would do such a thing
  • She had just cheated on MC.
  • A coworker of hers, her lips locked around her own and MC stepped right straight into the scene
  • she tried to cover it up but it was too late, she had been caught
  • “MC I-”
  • “Save it Jaehee, we’re over”
  • God what have I done
  • Jaehee felt so disgusted with herself, so mad that she submitted a full resignation
  • Even Jumin was surprised and disappointed of her actions
  • Jaehee then decided to drink, trying to reminisce the last remaining laughter she and MC sharing, sobbing really really loudly
  • She then decided to call MC, wanting her back even though she knows the answer
  • She atleast need to her an apology, Mc deserved an apology and she deserved someone better for her
  • “Jaehee?”
  • “MC I’m so sorry. I’m so disgusting and you were right. I love you so much and I just need you back MC”
  • “Jaehee you know what you’ve done”
  • “I know and ugh im stupid to even ask for you to be mine again but I tried didnt I? You always told me to try. I just wanted to say that I’m sorry, you deserved an apology”
  • “Yes and I forgive you, just know that I can’t anymore, not after what you did”
  • “I understand…. I hope you find someone who will treat you right, MC. Just know that i will always love you”
  • Goodbye


  • Jumin was currently at the restaurant MC was working at
  • A wine bottle or five strewn across his table
  • But MC didn’t see him, she was quite far to be honest
  • And Jumin requested that he be seated the farthest where he can only observe 
  • “Ugh MC why are you this clumsy? You ruined a deal with my business partner”
  • “I’m so sorry Jumin I was only trying to help”
  • “Help? By spilling coffee all over my suit? Outrageous!”
  • “I’m so sorry”
  • “Why am I with someone who turns me into a fool infront of work”
  • “Jumin I am so so sorry”
  • “Sorry won’t cut it, I need to be alone”
  • MC had only been giving Jumin his coffee when she accidentally spilled it on him, landing him a decline in his proposal
  • He was enraged but not as much as MC left the next day, leaving his penhouse dark and empty, MC had taken all of her belongings with her
  • Something in Jumin broke as he began to shout at himself that echoes throughout his home, or what used to be. MC was his home 
  • He was feeling lonely yet numb at the same time, he was feeling a whirl of bad emotions as he observes MC laughing with a male co-worker of hers
  • mine
  • He brought out his phone as he shamelessly dialed MC’s number
  • “Hello?”
  • Jumin’s word caught in his throat as he found it completely foolish to be scolding her at this time
  • His hard gaze turned sad as he felt his tears against his cheeks
  • “I’m sorry”
  • “Jumin..”
  • Their eyes locked and MC gasped at the sight before her
  • “What are you doing here? How much did you drink”
  • “It doesn’t matter, I’m sorry”
  • “Your intentions were pure, instead, I took it harshly and I have never felt so much hatred for myself. You are my light MC and without you I am nothing. Without you I am just this emotionless shell of a corporate heir. You brought out these feelings in me and I have never treasured anyone as I have treasured you. You are my home, you are my family and I will forever hold this in my guilt. I love you”
  • “Jumin I’m sorry too”
  • “Now if you would be willing to come in my arms again you would make me the happiest man”
  • “Of course”
  • MC ran straight at him and gave him the tightest hug
  • “I am still correct though. You do turn me into a fool”
  • “Hm?”
  • “A fool in love with you”


  • Seven couldn’t concentrate, he couldn’t at all
  • Why would he, when he had just cheated on his most precious girl
  • But he was under a powerful drug
  • His agency thought it would be a good punishment to have him aroused towards a different girl for making a mistake in his work
  • But he felt so so guilty. It made him hate himself more
  • So when MC found out, she left and he couldn’t utter the words he wanted to say
  • He wanted to say he loves her and that it was a mistake. A horrible horrible mistake
  • And that it wasn’t his fault, he wanted to tell her that he was sorry but he couldn’t
  • No words came out of his mouth, only silent pleas to stay that never really caught MC’s ears
  • Maybe at that time he was thinking of how much he didn’t deserve MC and that it was a good opportunity for her to leave him. To be free so that she wouldn’t experience the pain of being with him
  • But Seven regrets it
  • He regrets it all
  • He needed MC back. She was the one who brought him life, happiness. She was all he needed and he let her slip away from his fingers
  • He felt his growing stupidity as he clutched at his chest, trying to make the pain go away as he watched a CCTV footage of MC at her home.
  • He had installed a camera in her living room for safety purposes and he didn’t want to barge in her privacy but he needed her. He needed to see that she was safe. He needed to see an evidence of her existing
  • With shaky hands, Saeyoung reached for his phone and called MC
  • Seeing MC grab hers, his heart was already at his throat
  • And when she answered the call, the first thing she heard were professions of love
  • “MC I love you I love you I love you I love you” 
  • “I… don’t know Saeyoung, after what you’ve done I don’t think I can believe that anymore”
  • He can see her shivering as she silently cried
  • “No no you don’t understand it was because of the agency! I was forced! please hear me out I… i don’t want to lose you. I will fight. I will fight for your love and I will do whatever it takes for you to come back to me please I love you too much. My heart is just about to burst from all this love so please.. please hear me out”
  • “Only just about?”
  • “Huh?” 
  • “Your heart is only just about to burst? Mine already did for you” 
  • MC chuckled
  • She fricking chuckled
  • Saeyoung could feel tears or relief as he felt his chest unclogging
  • “I’ll head over straight there and we’ll talk okay?”
  • “I’ll be waiting, Saeyoung”
  • He kissed his computer with her footage as he readied his car


  • Saeran had said some hurtful things
  • Very hurtful things
  • He was so mad, so so mad at himself
  • MC, the girl who’s always by his side, the girl who was willing to go through his recovery now left him
  • He felt so broken and was shaking
  • Saeyoung was trying to calm him down but he couldn’t, not when he just felt the light being sucked out of his life
  • And his comforting didn’t feel like MC’s, not at all
  • Hers was gentle and delicate and her scent was intoxicating, enough to put him into a calm oblivion
  • But she’s not here anymore, there was no one to calm him through the rage of his night terrors, no one to hold him close as she whispers soothing words into his ear
  • No body to grasp unto when he couldn’t breathe and couldn’t stop the tears from flowing
  • Her hugs were the best, so kind, so comforting, so loving
  • But she’s gone
  • “I messed up Saeyoung, I messed up this one thing that keeps me going”
  • “Call her, go to her. I can’t stand seeing you like this”
  • “She wouldn’t want to be with me anymore, I messed up I messed up”
  • Saeran was now rocking back and forth as he hugs his body closer
  • Feel her warmth, feel her warmth
  • “Yes hello MC, yes he’s here. Alright I’ll give the phone to him”
  • Saeran’s eyes snapped to his brother as he gave him the hardest look he could muster.
  • But he still took the phone anyways
  • “I’ll be right there Saeran wait for me! I’ll be there” 
  • He heard MC panting and he was dumbfounded
  • She’ll come back? Doesn’t she hate him?
  • “MC… I love you”
  • “I love you too… so so much. Wait for me a little longer okay?”
  • The twins heard the door open as they found MC on her phone, still panting
  • She went straight into Saeran’s arms as she stroked his hair and kissed his forehead
  • “I’m so sorry MC”
  • “I”m sorry too Saeran
  • “Don’t ever leave me”
  • “I’ll always be with you”

anonymous asked:

listen,,ive been up all night thinking about this,,but in two-player game a line is "its an effed up world but it's a two player game" and like,,,two people against the world,,,sounds like a plot to some kind of romance/adventure idk what im trying to say is that it kinda sounds like theyre hinting at a romance (but like not really?? cause theyre friends i guess)??? im really tired im so sorry ignore me

no, anon, i feel u. this line is very Best Friends Who’ve Got Each Other’s Back Against The World, but also the romance/adventure feel is Certainly there, spurred on i think by the easy devotion the whole song all in all conveys. 

id like to thank you, anon, because reading this just gave me an Idea: The Amazing Race AU

watch Best Friends Michael Mell and Jeremy Heere travel across the world to accomplish tasks, get lost, yell at each other sometimes, test the bounds of their friendship, and, to the audience’s and the producers’ fucking glee, slowly fall in love.

the producers of this season are trying their best to find anything thatll make this season stand out from all the rest of the seasons, and their salvation comes not in an ~exotic~ location, but in the burgeoning love story happening between what is arguably the fan favorite duo. michael and jeremy have no idea they just turned into the world’s new favorite romance story, but to be fair, theyre too busy running around the world, wondering exactly what this feeling inside their chests is.

jeremy has to bungee jump off a cliff and michael holds his face in his hands and says softly “you don’t have to do this, okay?” but jeremy just looks into his eyes, determination steeling, and tells michael. “i want to. for us.”

one episode, team Best Friends faces off against team Newly Dating, Rich Goranski and Jake Dillinger, and team High School Sweethearts, Jenna Rolan and Christine Canigula, and team Fiancees, Chloe Valentine and Brooke Lohst, in a pair challenge. it’s a really fun episode because even though everybody’s playing to win, it’s also a joy to see each duo support each other and who they love

(”We worked really hard,” Christine says in an interview portion of the episode they got eliminated, beat by team Best Friends by a slim two minutes. “And it’s been a blast. I’m just so happy I got to see the world with the woman I love, and I have no hard feelings against Michael and Jeremy. They obviously love each other too.”

the camera man whispers something to her.

“Wait, what?” Christine blinks.)

(”Wait, so they aren’t dating?” Rich Goranski says in another interview portion. He looks back to where Jeremy and Michael were talking about the latest cryptic riddle they had to figure out to find the next location. Their faces were close. Very close. “For real? Holy shit.”)

(”You guys better be milking this,” Chloe remarks while in the background Michael and Jeremy tenderly hug after accomplishing a challenge. “This is ratings gold.”)

michael’s multilingual prowess saves their lives when they end up in spain and all the other teams are lost as fuck. in this episode, theres a moment that gets gif’d faster than the speed of light where michael speaks rapid fire spanish to somebody, asking for directions, and jeremy’s eyes go wide, gaze meeting the camera. michael’s filipino skills come in handy once again when they go to the philippines. there, they dont get lost so much as get stuck in traffic, and they end up just barely scraping by. the episode is popular, though, despite the fan favorite almost being disqualified, because of one moment shot in a taxi where, to cheer jeremy up, michael sings along to the songs on the radio. the taxi driver claps when hes done, and jeremy is smiling by the end of it.

maybe they dont win, but after, when theyre flying back home, theyre holding hands and smiling. i dont know which one of them figures it out first, but it happens. one of them realizes that out of all the beautiful places theyve seen, nothing can beat this.

anonymous asked:

I will be 18 soon and for some reason I feel lost, I don't know where my life is going and I have lots of ambition but I feel like I will never get where I want to because every single time I want to achieve something or do something in my life I end up failing at it and I've been feeling like a failure for a really long time and it's so frustrating. Btw I'm so happy you're back! Inshallah Allah grants you all the best in this world and the next (you've helped me so much!)

Failing is important.

Little background on me: I did terrible in high school. I turned it around in college when this school (that my older sister also went to with me) accepted me [how a school that good took me, is a mystery to this day, honestly] I was so happy. But, I wanted to transfer to my dream school. The undergrad was a great school, but it was an engineering school, and since I wasn’t studying engineering, it made sense to transfer to this school. I mean, it was next to my parents, how great, right?

I didn’t get my letter, so I figured, they must’ve lost it. So I went to the admissions office. There were all those super accomplished high school kid who are on Tumblr who are like “I invented the cure to AIDS and Cancer, and I’m 14!” and so I’m waiting there and the guy comes out with my rejection letter and tells me I was rejected for transfer in front of everyone. It hurt.

That was a long way back home.

I stayed at my undergrad, I got to graduate with my sister (she graduated with her masters when I finished my undergrad) so it was awesome. I also was in a program where there were like 9 professors for 3 students. I was better prepared for the next step.

I got into my dream school, where I did my graduate work, and graduating with highest honors at both the undergrad and graduate level was an amazing feeling, especially as my parents had to watch my four years of truly poor grades in high school. It made me so happy to give them that.

So, the spot you’re in right now, it sucks. No one says it doesn’t, but the thing is, if you’re going to have this transactional relationship with God, then you’re looking at things the wrong way.

I got to spend two more years with my older sister, I got to learn from a professor who gave me so much attention, so when I was the youngest kid in my graduate program, I wasn’t overwhelmed.

You think God let you down, but that’s because you only are thinking about this immediate thing, and you don’t know what God is doing to help you.

Honestly, if we knew how merciful God was to us, our hearts would melt.

I know it’s tough, trust in God, and things will get better. Work hard. Things will turn around, just put that first step forward, and God will help you the rest of the way.

Failure is important, it will help guide you and humble you, and better yet, it will always be directing you towards something better.