really intense hair


I’m not even going to bother cropping the pages.


Wait, I have one screencap that accurately depicts my mood right now:

(Trust Meganekawa for all your screaming needs.)

On the one hand, I’m so happy that Osamu scored. My boy? He got several panels? And a point? It’s incredible.

But on the other hand, I’m still bitter about what happened and I’m sure he can’t celebrate either because he is well aware of how his brother doesn’t see him as anything but a tool, and Osamu knows that this quick is the one in which he has no control over the ball.

Let me explain: remember the first quick Hinata and Kageyama did? Hinata didn’t even have to look at the ball to spike it. It was an unbalanced quick because Kageyama pretty much did all the work himself (just like the tyrant side of himself wanted to: do all the work on his own). And then Hinata and Kageyama went through a pretty nasty fight until they both evolved to create the perfect quick: a balanced quick. A quick in which Hinata can decide as much as Kageyama, because he can control the direction of the ball.

Come oonnnnnnnnn, we suffered a lot through that fight until those two could finally trust each other again to get the perfect quick together!

But this one the twins did? That’s the old quick Hinata and Kageyama used to do. The one in which only the setter has control over the ball. I’m sure Osamu is aware of this. Atsumu is trying to get all the control of the ball -he’s becoming a tyrant. You just have to compare the reactions of both twins. I don’t think this is about their personalities. Atsumu is so happy about the quick being a success because it establishes him as the superior setter, but Osamu is just a tool. I might be wrong on this, but I don’t think we’re gonna see Osamu being happy about this next chapter.

And speaking about next chapter… Color pages? Will we finally get to see the official colors for the twins? Will they match our headcanons?

I, for sure, am gonna spend the rest of the week having a nervous breakdown.

i can’t be the only one who thought about a completely different character when slade delivered that line to raven i swear

yeah slade you’d know all about “the quiet ones” wouldn’t you

i’m not exactly sure what’s going on here but i feel like jericho just infiltrated and messed up one of slade’s carefully laid anti-teen-titan plans big time and daddy ain’t pleased


tired science boys…. shouchi about to get an ulcer there from working too hard

iib, the au where i modify everyone’s color schemes at will


In honor of it officially being less than a week until Aaron Tveit’s Wolf Trap concerts I thought I would post a throwback here with some of my pictures from Irving Plaza (6/11/16) (x)

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jared and reader hatefuck hcs? like maybe they fuck after a fight and its really intense? like slapping, hair pulling, lots of dirty talk.



- you don’t want to make up
- you don’t want to forgive him
- he grabs you
- bending you over the kitchen table
- fucking you hard
- pinning your hands down
- smacking your ass
- he doesn’t care if you’re cumming
- he just wants to get off
- he pulls out and you sit on the table
- slapping him across the face
- scratching down his back
- he doesn’t talk dirty to you often
- but when he does
- he’s cocky as shit
- “God I bet you like this.”
- “you want me to use you like this? I know you do.”
- “take it, fucking- take it.”
- you’re trying not to whine
- trying not to let him know how hot this is for you
- but he rips your clothes
- pounds into you
- you start whispering his name
- he doesn’t kiss you
- he bites down on your lip
- you cum around him, gripping his hair
- he finishes in you not long after
- he pulls out and slams the door

- you make up after, but Jared starts causing more fights to try and do that again.

Is your rising sign, cute, hot or beautiful?
  • Aries rising: Is actually typically very cute, they tend to have puffy cheeks that turn red easily, big eyes that draw you in and prominent eyebrows.
  • Taurus rising: Is typically beautiful/handsome they tend to have a graceful body, smooth hair and very sweet beautiful eyes.
  • Gemini rising: Between cute and hot, they tend to be lanky, long limned and sharp facial features and have a very strong presence.
  • Cancer rising: Beautiful/handsome, they tend to have chubby adorable faces, stunning eyes and a breathtaking smile.
  • Leo rising: Hot, they usually have very intimidating faces, beautiful and strong and walk with confidence and power, they almost always have amazing hair.
  • Virgo rising: Cute and hot, they tend to have smaller faces, high cheekbones and wear really goofy grins.
  • Libra rising: Beautiful/handsome, usually have really smooth skin, prominent lips, very sensual looking and incredibly graceful bodies.
  • Scorpio rising: Cute, typically have darker eyes, longer faces, full lips and a very sweet smile.
  • Sagittarius rising: Beautiful/handsome, Tend to have agile bodies, really strong jawline and very noticeable kind eyes.
  • Capricorn rising: Hot, they tend to have really well kept hair, intense eyes, prominent cheekbones and a presence of confidence.
  • Aquarius rising: Cute, they tend to be on the shorter side, most likely to have wild hair colors, usually have big eyes and cute smiles.
  • Pisces rising: Beautiful/handsome, they ten to be very ethereal, dreamy eyes, typically smaller lips and can have cute elf ears.
When your friend is on point...

I was texting one of my besties about my insatiable love for Adam Driver and she said this:
“ But, yeah…(in reference to the last guy I liked) I think you definitely go for that unique yet dark and tortured look”


I have a type…I have a pattern, and Adam Driver embodies it…..shit….

Taller, a little lanky, but semi- muscular uniquely featured men with really intense eyes and great hair that are sexually forward…. It’s a good type tbh

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This year was my first time at Warped Tour and Mayhem Fest. I went with my friend and her mom to Warped where surprisingly enough i was able to meet Motionless in White, Attila, Of Mice & Men, Ryan Seaman and Max Green of Falling in Reverse, all of the band KUZA (even though they didn’t win the Ernie Ball BoTB for Pittsburgh, they were still there), and VeeOneEye. My friend and i were going to meet the other Youtubers that were there, but the line was too long and if we waited we would of missed the Of Mice & Men signing. So instead we stood around the barrier that was there and took pictures. First we met OM&M, they are really sweet guys and even though hugs were not allowed, Austin still gave us hugs (one of the best hugs of my life!). Then we went to meet Attila, where my friend gave Fronz a stuff turtle and he wouldn’t let go of for the rest of the signing. He also sang to it when he was signing my Warped Official Program booklet, and Chris Linck gave him the “WTF bro” look.  then we went to see OM&M play, where my friend got a picture message from her mom. It was a selfie of her and Michael Kuza. Of course being us we fangirled for little then watched about half of the set. We left early so we could get a good spot for the MIW signing. On our way to MIW’s tent, Ryan Seaman was at the FIR tent hanging out. So we talked to him for a few minutes and took pictures. When we went back in line, Max Green walked over to the FIR tent and i practically forced my friend to come over with me so we could meet him. When we did he was super nice and shorted than expected.  Also during this time, the members of Motionless walked through they were in arms reach. When we met MIW, i couldn’t believe it was real because they’re one of my favorite bands. They’re all super sweet guys, too. After this, we met all of KUZA who were just walking around. They’re all so nice and Franccesca, Mike, and Kyle were joking around when taking pictures with us. Later in the day while watching Issues preform, we met VeeOneEye. Hes a really cool guy with really intense hair! A week later my dad took me and the same friend to Mayhem Fest. My friend and I had some firsts that day including her crowd surfing thanks to my dad, me moshing in 3 different MushroomHead pits, and seeing Miss May I. We somehow got to the barrier for MMI and in the official Mayhem vid  (Day 17 - Burgettstown, PA). After MMI’s set Levi said he’d be hanging at his tent so we headed over. When we actually got to meet him he was really happy and sweet. My friend and i both got pics with him and we asked if he could sign our tickets. He did and he gave us hugs ( the other best hug of my life!). We didn’t even ask for them, he just hugged us and also told us that he liked our hair ( it was and still is purple). We learnt that day that Levi is sweeter in person, he likes hugs, and that he gets excited when fans want to take selfies with him. :)