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I have adhd and my brother is autistic and we both have the sensory issues that can go along with those. The problem is that we both stim, and most of our stims are pretty much sensory hell for the other one. Also sometimes his constant non stop talking gives me sensory overload. Our parents don't really understand that neither of us are able to just ignore or tune out the things the other one does that gives us sensory issues. Do you have any advice?

Competing access needs can be a huge problem. If you can, work with your brother to find things he can do that you can manage, and things you can do that he can manage, and then you figure out how to make sure you only do those when he’s around and vice versa. The talking is harder, but maybe you two can come up with a code word that you can say when you’re starting to feel stressed by the talking, and he can take that as a cue to find something quiet to do instead of chattering.

One of the things I’ve noticed about my own sensory processing stuff is that when I’m stressed or anxious it’s harder to deal. So if you can frame it that way for your parents they might grasp it better. Like, I’m sure they know that if they’re really tired they have less patience for traffic foolishness, right? Maybe you can explain it like that: being stressed or anxious tires out your ability to manage your responses to distracting or annoying sensory input and so it just stresses you out more.

Followers, do you have any thoughts on this? It’s a tough issue and I know I’m missing something!


I also captured some screenshots where it looks like there’s a lot of awkward dancing going on...

Jacob: “Awww yisssss this is my JAM! Come on Evie let’s dance!”
Evie: *????*

Jacob: *totally lost in the beat*
Evie: *Jacob actually LISTENS to this garbage?!*

Jacob: “See Evie? Epic tune isn’t it?!”
Evie: “Uhhh, yeaaah…. really great….”

All screenshots taken on VLC from my PS4 video capture. Enjoy!

@burythekidd for @arachnescurse! This is for our zine: To Ashes! Here’s a snippet to go with this scene: 

With that said Hanzo aimed, held his breath, and fired the arrow into the early-morning sky. The rest of Overwatch held its collective breath. Or at least the members who breathed could. Hanzo lowered his both and gave a curt nod. “It is done.” “Really?” Jesse squinted although he knew it wouldn’t actually help.

Stay tune for some more happy fun zine times! The hype train is real, folks! 

i am actually so so proud of sehun right now … his singing has obviously gotten so much better he’s in tune and he even has a little vibrato going on. that just shows how hard he works and how determination can really pay off i lov him


Loki & Verity.

Fire is the test of gold; adversity, of friendship.

P. 81 of A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

(Can you guys tell I love this chapter, quoting it two days in a row? Yes, yes I do)

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To the nonbinary people who are told that they are “dodging male privilege” or are “really just trans women”: you are valid.

You are not just a woman or a man.

You are truly nonbinary. You are an important and loved member of the nonbinary community.

Don’t listen to any binary discourse that says otherwise.

You are nonbinary.

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How is perfect pitch a curse?

  • i can’t play transposing instruments because my brain is bad and cannot relate the notes on the page to the concert pitch
  • people use me as a human tuner
  • *screams* “hey what note is this” fuck off i just want to warm up in peace
  • every time i hear a note, the name of the note plays in my head and i am unable to turn it off
  • hearing note names to everything including but not limited to the school bell, refrigerator noises, and garage door noises
  • i just want to listen to stuff without every note name jumping out at me dammit
  • my main instrument is piano so intonation isn’t even a benefit 
  • if a note is even less than a quarter tone off from the normal chromatic scale that’s all i can focus on (like for example a specific whirring sound my refrigerator makes is between F# and G and it drives me nuts)
  • my ear is tuned to equal temperament bc of piano but i also play instruments that use just temperament so i have to attempt to tolerate that
  • baroque tuning
  • the viola part of sinfonia concertante
  • the differences between A440, A441, and A442 (i still maintain that A441 is the best A but i guess 442 is ok too)
  • trying to read the scores to bass concerti along with the recording but the bassist is in solo tuning

On Friday night, a new American monarch rose to power beneath a cascade of rose petals, a cracked mask and the ballads of Whitney Houston.

But she didn’t just use the glamour, comedy, acting and lip syncing prowess that fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race have come to expect from America’s Next Drag Superstar. Sasha Velour relies on brains.

When the 30-year-old queen is at home in Brooklyn, N.Y., she produces and stars in a monthly drag cabaret event called Nightgowns. She co-founded Velour, a magazine spotlighting lesser-known styles and issues in drag. She received an MFA from the Center for Cartoon Studies and studied political art as a Fulbright Scholar in Moscow.

She also considers herself an “amateur drag historian,” acknowledging there have always been different schools of drag — all competing, warring, pushing the art in new directions.

But for Velour, her style comes from simultaneously paying tribute to the queens who came before her and blocking out any voices that might try to dictate what her drag should be.

“I want to do something that is not just a pastiche of drag that’s come before, but is really authentically me,” she said. “I try to tune out all the drag that’s out there and tap into the drag that I was doing when I was a little kid — when I didn’t even know the word ‘queer’ or that gay people were out there. … Tapping into the things I’ve always loved and building a drag that honors those.”

'RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Winner Sasha Velour Cut From A Different Fabric

Photo: Courtesy of VH1

hey David, you should really get that thing on your neck checked out, looks like it could be poison oak… or bugs…

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ya never know in these woods, amiright???