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RFA + Saeran imagine where MC has them come over for a really nice Valentine's Day dinner and they're impressed with MC's kitchen skills until they help cleaning up after and notice takeout containers and realize MC didn't make the food

I kinda rushed to get this out before the days end and my success depends on your timezone
For some reason it wouldn’t let me put it under a Read More at any point so it’ll all be out there \^^/
~Mod L


♡ What…?
♡ Nooooooo…! 
♡ Her cooking was so good…
♡ He brought one over with a pout on his face
♡ Your sheepish grin told him all he needed to know
♡ “Baaaabe! You lied to meeeeee~!”
♡ He pretends to be all hurt but honestly didn’t mind
♡ “If you don’t want to cook, let me know! I can cook, or help you pick out takeout with you!” 
♡ You both end up laughing it off, enjoying the rest of your night together.


smol gasp
Takeout is bad for his skin
♡ “Babe! What is this??”
♡ Can you say drama queen
♡ After a while of pretending to be upset, he pulled you in and kissed your forehead. 
♡ “I know you wanted to make this day special… but I hope you don’t feel like you need to lie about it. Any day with you is special. I don’t care what we eat, or whatever date we go on. If I’m with you, I will be happy”.


♡ When she pickup the takeout box, she bit her lip. 
♡ She immediately understood, but wasn’t sure what to do about it.
♡ When she heard your footsteps approaching, she quickly shoved it in the trash bag, dumping something else on top of it so it wasn’t visible,
♡ After a short conversation and a quick peck on the lips, you left again
♡ She sighed, tying the bag off before taking it off
♡ She felt a tinge of disappointment that you had lied, but she knew you wanted to make tonight special for you two
♡ She felt that if she brought it up you may just feel defeated and embarrassed,  and she didn’t want to make you feel bad.
♡ She figured she’d save the conversation for another day


♡ Takeout…?
♡ He took the box to you, incredibly confused
♡ “I never eat takeout, so how did this box end up here?”
♡ You giggled, your face turning red
♡ You explained you didn’t actually cook dinner, and the takeout boxes had your actual dinner
♡ It made him more confused
♡ “Why? I have a professional cook if you didn’t want to cook yourself?”
♡ Then it hit him
I ate commoner food
He refused to admit how good it was


♡ When he found the box, he dropped to his knees
♡ “Noooooooooooooooo!”
♡ You ran in the room in a panic, finding him hunched over the takeout box
♡ “I feel so betrayed!”
♡ “Seven-”
♡ “My life is a lie!”
♡ You started laughing at his dramaticness
♡ He pretended to sob into the box
♡ “You liiiiiied!”
♡ You were overcome with giggled now. “I’m sorry!”
♡ He grabbed onto you, sobbing into your shirt. “I’m so heartbroken…”
♡ You kissed the top of his head. “I’m sorry! Please forgive me?”
♡ He sniffed. “I might be able to… one day”.


♡ He rolled his eyes when he found the box
♡ He walked into the room with it in hand
♡ “You know I don’t care if you can cook, right?”
♡ When you spun around and your face started to get red, he couldn’t help but smirk
♡ “I can’t cook either. Next time, I can help you pick out the takeout place… I don’t know any, but we can try them together”.

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Freida Kahlo was half white so no dumbass she is and can be for white people.

I’m half white and I still don’t like white people! Being half white doesn’t mean you aren’t a PoC or that you have to like white people. She straight up said “I don’t like Gringos, they have faces like unbaked rolls” and was very under impressed with Europe and America because of white people. IF YOU WERE REALLY her fan you would know these facts. HELL, I find her problematic and over gassed but I still know my shit because she is Mexican Icon because of her art. Also I’m not the ignorant one since I can AT LEAST spell her name right and know shit. You however know nada and are out here with a grey face looking like an entitled twat. 

-Mod M