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Post-Finale Headcanon #328: Eventually, Stan learns most of Ford’s weirder triggers and it becomes his job to screen any science fiction film the family watches during movie nights, just to make sure that none of the aliens in it turn out to resemble some brain-eating nightmares he encountered in the portal. 

me: *looks at Sebastian’s in-development projects*

me: …

me: …

me: …

me: I’ll be watching a lot of weird stuff, won’t I.


David Singh + his boyfriend fiancé

IMDb musings

It’s been almost a week since IMDb announced they will be shutting down their message boards on February 20.

As a regular on those boards for years, I was among those who immediately found other communities for appreciation and discussion of movies and television programs, and the people who make them.

So now the message boards are a deserted wasteland; not quite dead yet, but with the death notice posted and very little activity. It saddens me. It’s fun becoming a part of the Tumblr community but I miss my IMDb community.


Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag

The year is 1715. Pirates rule the Caribbean and have established their own lawless Republic on the island of New Providence where corruption, greediness and cruelty are commonplace. Among these outlaws is a brash young and selfish Welsh captain named Edward Kenway. Kenway joins with Blackbeard and other legends of the sea to become the bane of Templars and the enemy of empires.

Tension - Horror Films

Ok this time it is not about sims. I really love these type of films and watched most of them. But maybe there are good ones that i dont know. Conjuring 1-2 has really good vote on imdb and everywhere. But honestly that is not type i am looking for. My friend 13pumpkin recommended crimson peak, and i loved it really, loved the quality, costumes and surprising end. So i am looking for clever scenario and tension yes :) Hope you guys recommend some good ones :)

*somebody asks for film recommendations*

me:  starts listing off semi-pornographic eurotrash from the early ‘70s with really low imdb ratings that haven’t been released on dvd :)

I’m really disappointed that IMDb is shutting down their message boards and private messaging system on February 20th. As informative as the website is about film, television shows, and video games, I actually keep returning to interact with filmgoers who actually share similar tastes and interests.

Literally the best thing about their message boards is that each film, television show, video game, etc. has its own individual forum.


It speaks volumes about the quality and inclination of a discussion board when the thread dedicated to Dean Winchester is titled “Dean Winchester :aka not Moose”. 

I mean, this is Dean Winchester, one of the most iconic characters of current TV era, and you have nothing to say about him except that he is not moose? Dean is the righteous man, the worthy bearer of MoC, the firewall between the light and the darkness, the hunter extraordinary – and yet, the only thing that was chosen to describe him was “not moose”? Aka not Sam? Seriously? 

Yeah, I’m really going to miss IMDB supernatural message boards. 

anonymous asked:

what are some good tv shows you can recommend?:)

i dredged up my age old excel file documenting all the shows i’ve watched for this (tv.xlsx: time to shine). i should really make some imdb lists instead some time 

comedy/family: speechless; this is us; call the midwife; broad city; crashing; fleabag; galavant; fresh off the boat; high maintenance; rick and morty (animation); silicon valley; you’re the worst; search party; brooklyn nine nine; jane the virgin

crime/thriller/sci-fi: and then there were none; black mirror; luther; happy valley; orphan black; supernatural (i recommend watching the first 5-6 seasons); the missing; the night of; true detective; westworld; stranger things; the bletchley circle; being human (uk version) 

drama: black sails; elementary; daredevil; outlander; game of thrones (stopped watching beyond s4 tho); house md;  humans; in the flesh; looking; jessica jones; luke cage; mad men; marco polo; merlin; misfits; orange is the new black; peaky blinders; sense8; shameless (us version, stopped watching around s5); skam; sons of anarchy (stopped watching around s6); the girlfriend experience; the knick (haven’t watched s2 yet); unreal; the affair; preacher; taboo; lost

period and pretty: the borgias; the crimson field; the musketeers (stopped watching around s3/4 ish); downton abbey (stopped watching around s5 idk); birdsong 

political/procedural: borgen (danish); house of cards; the newsroom; the crown; the hour; 

documentaries: planet earth I&II

and of course there are a lot of overlaps in the categories i listed above

and i’m probably forgetting 15 shows 


p.s. feel free to rec shows to me, as always 


What do you want from me?
I want you to do what you do best, Lydia. I want you to scream.

Drama |  2016
Dirigida por: Garth Davis
Reparto: Dev Patel (The Man Who Knew Infinity), Nicole Kidman (Cold Mountain), Rooney Mara (Carol)

Descripción: Un niño que se pierde en las calles de Calcuta, esadoptado por una pareja de Australia; 25 años más tarde, se propone  encontrar a su familia perdida.

Saroo, un niño de apenas 5 años, se pierde en la India. Vagando en las calles de Calcuta, resguardándose de los peligros de la ciudad, es llevado a un orfanato donde pronto es adoptado. Cuando Saroo crece, nota un vacío dentro de él, y comienza la búsqueda por regresar a su casa.

Historia basada en un hecho real, buenas actuaciones de Kidman y Patel. Un buen drama, i really enjoy it. 

IMDb: 8.0
Rotten Tomatoes: 86%
Metacritic: 69
Calificación Patata: