really i'm not that school spirited

~The Types as Dreams I've Had~
  • INFP: There was going to be an anime about Michael Cera and I was so excited to watch it but it got cancelled to make way for this anime about a little girl who could turn into a packet of chips
  • ISFP: A skipping rope was being swung around in a pastel pink room. All of a sudden a tiny baby pug comes running out of nowhere and starts to jump the rope.
  • ESFP: There was a horrible mix up and I ended up with a sugar daddy. I was terrified but it turned out all I had to do was pour apple juice into his nostrils and I was a billionaire. He collected brooms.
  • ISFJ: I really wanted to make chocolate eclairs but no matter what I did I JUST COULDN'T FIND A MIXING BOWL. I searched my entire house, went to every store in town, drove across the entire state and checked in EVERY SINGLE BUILDING but I just COULDN'T FIND ONE. I was in actual tears and honestly I had lost my will to live. Then I woke up. As I pondered this peculiar dream, it hit me: you dON'T EVEN NEED A MIXING BOWL TO MAKE EFFING ECLAIRS
  • ESTJ: Luigi became president and for some reason he banned abortion so Mario broke into the white house and crucified him
  • ESFJ: I was working at a nursing home at the old people just woULD NOT STOP STARTING RAVES IT WAS SO FRUSTRATING
  • ENFJ: I dreamt of a world in which everyone was in a banana cult. Everyone wore banana costumes and everything was yellow. The buildings,the skies, the animals, the vehicles, the book covers, you name it, they were all bright banana yellow. Everyone ate only bananas. The music was simply one song that repeated " Banana is our lord. Banana is our saviour. Banana is good.". They discussed only bananas. There was no rebellion against this. There was a giant floating golden banana in the middle of the city. Everyday at 3 pm they bowed down to the banana and ten people had to sacrificing themselves to the great banana god, to prove their love and devotion. It was told that if this was not done the banana god would reveal his great wrath.
  • INFJ: I was Justin Beiber's new manager and he confessed to me that he was dating Kanye West. I didn't even know who that was but I told the media because I hated him. Justin got so angry that he sent me to get hanged so I ran away and lived in the forest and then I became friends with this tree spirit but I'm pretty sure he ended up strangling me to death with his magical roots.
  • ISTP: Everyone except me had these really cool auto tuned voices and I was so jealous that I stabbed them all in the throat.
  • ENFP: We were doing the beep test at school that day. I lined up at the starting line. The first beep resonated across the basket ball court. As I stretched out my legs to take the first step towards the painful and winding journey that was the beep test, my arms flung out behind me. I tried to move them down only to discover it was impossible, and before I knew it my legs were moving on their own. I was Naruto running across the court. I Naruto ran and Naruto ran, crossing the line far before the beep, Naruto running out the other side of the basket ball court. Naruto running out of the school grounds. Naruto running across the town. Naruto running across the state. Naruto running into the ocean. I Naruto ran right until the very last moment of my Naruto life.
  • Believe it.
  • ENTP: My sister was baking cookies and she was like " Don't open the oven they aren't ready yet!". I opened the oven anyway 'cause I'm a cool kid, and inside the cookies were wearing tiny bras and panties, putting on mascara, and when they saw me they blushed and screamed " iie! Hentai!"
  • ENTJ: I was an extremely successful drug dealer and I rode a Segway everywhere and wore light up shoes
  • ESTP: They were remaking Fergalicious but Fergie's arm fell off for some reason so they made me star in her place. I was so scared because I didn't know the rap lyrics or anything but when I was on the stage they suddenly came to me perfectly and suddenly no one liked Fergie anymore and they made fun of her for having one arm and they burned her house down and she died.
  • INTP: I was playing Mystic Messenger and Jumin Han went to France and 707 starter calling him Jumin Hon. I woke up crying.
  • INTJ: Some creepy isolated dude who lived on a farm would kidnap people who tried to get talk to him. He'd rip all their guts out and feed them to a small child he kept in a locker, and then he dressed up their gutless corpse and used it as a scarecrow for his farm.
  • *today was costume day at my school for our homecoming spirit week, so naturally I went as Castiel*
  • Mom: Why are you still wearing your costume? It's like 7:00, don't you want to change into something else?
  • Me:, I like wearing the trench coat. I'll just change when I get ready for bed.
  • Mom: Really? Don't you want to change into something more comfortable now?
  • Me: No, I'm actually perfectly comfortable.
  • Mom: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Mom: ...Emma-
  • Mom: ...*laughs and shakes her head before going upstairs*
  • Me: *after she leaves* I am an angel of the lord, I shouldn't have to put up with this shit.
House Animals
  • Godric: Ok we need to come up with animals to represent the four houses.
  • Salazar: But why?
  • Godric: School spirit bro.
  • Rowena: Well I'm going to go with an eagle. Raven is a bit TOO obvious really.
  • Helga: True. I'm going to say badger. Because they're all cute and furry until they eat your face.
  • Salazar: Helga you're insane. I choose snake. They do my bidding. Plus I promised the secret serpent I hid in the castle to kill every mudblood that I'd do this.
  • Godric: Salazar stop talking, no one ever listens to you. Now what should the Gryffindor animal be. Hmmm Gryffindor. Gryffindor. Griffin...door. Got it! I choose a lion!

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Hi! I have two things to say: 1) I hope you have a great day! 2) do you have any rival highschool AU prompts?

ooh~ thank you anonnie. c; i hope you have a great day too !! and absolutely, yes i do.

  • “We got in a huge fight one day and it was only after I made your face a bloody mess that I realised how good looking you are oops”
  • “We were both sent to the office but started arguing about who should be suspended for longer and uh.. now we’re both expelled.”
  • “We’ve been rivals in the ___  club since the beginning of the year and the ultimate champion will be decided by this competition and you’re going dOWN” alternatively “and I know you’re going to win but go easy on me?”
  • “Our parents always fought in high school and want us to be the same way to each other but I really like yo- woops my dad’s here guess what you look stupid today.”
  • “I’m the captain of the football team and you’re the captain of the basketball team and we’re always competing to see who’s team has more spirit so let’s face off at a pep rally.”
  • “We’re on the same ___ team and god you’re really good at it, but I still refuse to be worse than you of all people.“ 
  • “Both of us have a 5.0 gpa right now but only one of us can be valedictorian… you better watch your back.”
  • “You’re the most popular person in school but I’m rising to the top and I swear to god if you prevent me from being at the top I’ll kick your ass.“ 
Dear Quicksilver Fandom:

Reminder that Peter Maximoff in the films is not canonically Jewish and if you want to do Christmas art with him, there’s nothing wrong with it and you’re not a horrible person. Even if he is, considering the school probably throws a Christmas bash, he’d very likely get into the spirit of things and run around with a Santa hat on his head rocking to Jingle Bells and wrapping presents. You fucking KNOW he would.

Christmas in America isn’t really about religion. As an atheist, I celebrate it too. It’s about family, presents, and fun. And bright sparkly lights. These sound like Peter things to me, so don’t shame people for putting him in a fuzzy elf hat or whatever’s pissing you guys off. JFC.

trc cheer camp au merovingiens im serious

  • adam’s there bc these cheer scouts came to his high school and saw him in PE class and were like we’ll give you a full ride scholarship to our school and he agreed i guess?? like i don’t really care
  • gansey legitimately loves being a c-h-e-e-r-l-e-a-d-e-r
  • as does noah
  • blue transferred from los anGELES YOUR SCHOOL HAS NO gymNASTICS TEAM THIS IS A LAST RESort
  • i can’t really think of a legitimate reason why ronan would be doing it except that he just needs to be where gansey is also at all times again it doesn’t matter 
  • so anyway they’re all at cheer camp together
  • that’s it that’s the au
  • noah and blue are flyers. 
  • adam can be noah’s base yeAH i bet u forgot i was czarrish cztrash 
  • gansey is CHEER. CAPTAIN. 
  • the dream pack boys can be their number one rival squad who are at the same camp though because the powers that be want to encourage a healthy friendly competitive spirit or whatever
  • but its just an all out camp war like people probably die or just like cry and get sent home more likely
  • tad is there too bc im making this up as i go
  • yes he still wants 2 fuck adam to no avail
  • everyone does, as per usual
  • ronan and adam getting partnered for stretches and also blue and gansey getting partnered for stretches
  • think about it
  • rly think about it 
  • stretching each other out
  • you know just 
  • super casually 
  • noah drops the spirit stick and gets cursed with 7 years bad luck for him and his squad
  • he is devastated
  • ronan just keeps making disgusting dildo jokes about it to try to cheer him up
  • their school mascot is something really inappropriate and/or embarrassing and they get heckled by all the other squads about it constantly
  • a night of  sneaking out after lights out and playing spin the bottle goes H O R R I B L Y  W R O N G
  • ok im stopping unfollow me if you must

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my parents are against bone collecting and always think that something died from rabies. I found a rabbit head at school I felt really connected with it? I don't know. I brought it home and my dad yelled at me and said that I would get rabies and threw it away in the trash. How do you know if a bone is safe to collect? Also, I heard you can talk to spirits by meditating but I'm not sure how it works. Sorry if this is long, you have a great blog!!

Oh goodness…

While rabies is definitely a concern when handling dead animals, the virus is nowhere near as dangerous or…prevalent as your parents are making it out to be. 

I don’t mean that in the sense that a rabies infection is minor. It isn’t; it will kill you in the worst, most drawn-out of ways and there is no cure and not even any kind of treatment (unless you count the Milwaukee protocol, which I wouldn’t). Rather, what I mean is that… getting an actual rabies infection from a carcass is a little harder than they seem to think it is.

Let’s talk about rabies first, though. Like what is it, actually? 

Rabies is a zoonotic disease associated with violent, unpredictable behavior, foaming at the mouth, and frenzied biting. It attacks the central nervous system and causes, among other things, massive swelling on the brain. I could go on and on about the different stages of infection (for example, did you know that the “bite everything” phase only starts up in the middle of the infection’s course and the animal was infectious waaaay before that?) and how the virus changes its hosts’ behavior in eerily intelligent ways that could help it spread further, but that’s a topic for another day. One main point I will get to is this: When an organism is infected with rabies, the virus takes up residence in two main places: the salivary glands and the brain tissue.

Now, as insidious as it is, the rabies virus itself is… shockingly weak.

The virus itself is only truly infectious if it enters the bloodstream. You could have a rabid raccoon lick your arm for a day and a half–so long as you had no cuts or areas of broken skin, you wouldn’t get rabies. This is why rabid animals are driven to bite. It’s one of the only reliable ways for the virus to be transmitted to a new host, as a bite introduces infectious saliva into the bloodstream.

Now, rabies can technically be an airborne virus, but only under certain conditions–namely, if infected saliva or brain matter becomes aerosolized. (Your nostrils and lung tissue are mucous membranes, which is basically a direct link to the bloodstream.) This is why they tell people not to shoot a rabid animal in the head–that sends blood, saliva, and brain matter spraying into the air, where it can potentially be breathed in. No bueno.

The virus cells also have to be kept in a liquid solution (say, saliva) for them to be infectious. Once the saliva or infected brain matter dries, the virus deactivates, and getting wet again will not re-activate it. The virus is “dead”, insofar as something that was never technically alive can be dead. If you find a mummified raccoon, it won’t give you rabies, even if that’s what caused its death.

Also, the rabies virus is only viable within a very narrow range of temperatures. Much below… I think around 96 F, and the virus doesn’t function, and 110 F will outright destroy it. So it has to be kept somewhere between those two, which is a range of… fourteen degrees. This is one of the reason why the virus primarily affects placental mammals, as our body temperatures fall well within its preferred range; marsupials are just a liiiiittle too cool for it, reptiles are way too cold, and birds are too hot.

In North America, the most common rabies vector species (the species most likely to be infected with the virus) are bats, followed by raccoons, foxes, skunks, and–oddly enough–groundhogs. But the first four are hands-down the most common vectors among wildlife. Stray dogs and cats are also pretty high on the list. So if there is any fresh carcass you want to be careful about, it’d be from any of those species. 

Of course, if you live anywhere that is green on this map, congratulations, your rabies risk is 0% thanks to stringent customs regulations and, in most cases, the fact that you are in the middle of the ocean and rabid animals fear water. (No, really.)

The main thing to keep in mind with rabies is that it’s transmitted primarily through biting, and the bitten animal has to be able to survive the attack and live with the wound long enough to successfully incubate the virus. Small prey animals–mice, rats, rabbits–can certainly be infected with rabies, but it is much more likely that they will die (either by bleeding out or from the shock of the attack) before they can become vectors of it themselves. 

Also, if you want to show this information to your parents, and they want to know how credible I am… I worked in a wildlife rehabilitation clinic this past summer. We would take in rabies vector species in need of treatment, and as such, everyone working there had to have an understanding of the virus and the danger it posed, because it was directly related to how we did our job. We emphasized things like hot-water hand-washing, wearing heavy leather gloves if you absolutely had to deal with the animal, wearing disposable gloves whenever you handled its linens or washed its dishes, and never putting your bare hand near the cage–not even to pop in a grape for the raccoon as a treat. Even those who had been vaccinated weren’t supposed to touch RVS animals or anything they touched without gloves on. A simple scratch from the claws of an RVS animal was treated like a bite, because it was always possible the animal had licked its paws previously and there might be infectious material there now–any scratches had to be washed immediately with hot water and soap. I would often follow it up with a wipe with alcohol, to ensure the skin was dry.

We had to know the mechanisms of the virus and how to protect ourselves from it, because even those who were unvaccinated and not allowed to work directly with RVS animals were still at-risk for exposure. It wasn’t a terribly high risk, but it was still there. If it were truly that high, we would have required every single volunteer and staff member to have the pre-exposure rabies vaccine–but we don’t. 

The rabies virus is a very dangerous pathogen, but it’s incredibly easy to reduce your risk of contracting the virus, even if you have exposure to it.

Now, to answer your actual questions.

How do you know if a bone is safe to collect? That depends on you, really. Are you wearing gloves and do you have a bag to “quarantine” it in until you can clean it up? Do you plan to practice good hand-washing afterwards? If so, pretty much any bone is safe to collect!

I used to be a huge stickler about gloves, but I’ve become somewhat more lax about it these days. If the bone is completely cleaned of flesh and totally dry, I’ll pick it up bare-handed. Now, of course, I don’t touch my eyes, nose, or mouth again until I’ve washed my hands thoroughly, but I’m probably going to pay for this someday, so don’t be like me. Wear disposable gloves.

Once you’ve transported the bones home, give them a thorough scrub with some hot water. Soap, too, if you feel the need. (I don’t.) Get some bottles of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution from the drug store and pop them in overnight. DO NOT USE CHLORINE BLEACH, UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR BONES TO FALL APART AFTER LIKE SIX MONTHS BECAUSE BLEACH DOES NOT WASH OUT AND IT GRADUALLY DESTROYS THE BONE TISSUE. Ta-dah! Your bones are now safe to handle!

How do you contact spirits through meditation? My method has always been to “set up” a meeting place. This can work if you’re one of those people who does well envisioning themselves going places when they meditate.

For example, I used to have this whole long “journey” I would take. I would start off in a dark sea-cave, then follow it back through a series of long tunnels lit by glowing crystals, which opened up to this beautiful… place, sort of like a big, brightly-lit underground cavern. But there was a field of tall grass that I would have to walk through, which eventually opened up to a clearing with two large, smooth stones on it. This was normally the spot where I would meet with my guide–it was our agreed meeting place.

So you might try something like that. Envision a cave or tunnel of your liking, follow it until you come out on the other side, and see what you “find.” There’s all kinds of guided meditations you can find online that can help you with this!

Hope this was helpful!

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Hi Viria! I realize you're probably not going to see this, but I just wanted to tell you you inspired me to continue playing violin. I was near quitting last summer and that's when I found you, and even though you're an artist and not a violinist, the way you drew with so much passion showed me what I could be missing on if I stopped doing what I loved. Now I'm on the brink of getting into a prestigious school for music and I just wanted to thank you for helping me figure everything out:)

Thank you so much for writing me about it!! Messages like this one really help to lift the spirits when I need it the most, so thank you for it.<3

And I hope you’ll never lose your passion and will keep playing and shall that be satisfying and make you happy<3

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You did the weeb au/weeb reveal, which I ADORE, and so i thought you'd be a good person to ask. My experience with anime is limited mostly to shoujo and FMA, so what sorts of animes do you think Adrien would be into/what animes would he make a point to teach himself the themes on the piano/what would he want to share with Marinette? (This is for fanfic purposes, btw. Maybe fluff purposes. Maybe adrienette weekly saturday anime marathons in the agreste's personal theater purposes ;P)

Disclaimer: i have no idea what’s super new in the anime world for I am old lol, but here you go haha…also, this is going to be kinda long haha BUT I’M HAPPY TO HELP!  :)

Adrien, I think, would be really into so many different types of anime. However, I can see him being a weeb snob as well lol.

Here are some of his personal favorites: 

He’d like Attack on Titan fer sure. It’s gritty, it’s fun, and everyone loves the action. 

Good old Eureka Seven because I feel that he’d really like Renton because he’s this plucky kid who can do great things. Also, besides being a mech/fighting anime, he really likes the romance between Renton and Eureka!

Ouran High School Host Club–because really everyone, everyone watches this. 

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It's not really a question but I've been following you since you started out and my school is having a disneybound spirit week in a couple of weeks and I'm so excited, and I was going to take pictures and send them to you when it happens!

That is so awesome!! I can’t wait to see the photos! <3

In Which the Queen Needs to Rant

We are quite tired of all this rabble about uniforms. Children, little girls, really complaining about “I can’t wear short skirts or spaghetti straps! I can’t wear shorts! Control the boys, not us,” and We find it to be ridiculous.

When We attended school, back in the days of Our youth, We were not afforded the right to wear casual clothing. No, the public schools of the county that We were esteemed students of required all public schools to wear a uniform.

Here is a list of what We were allowed to wear:

  • White or Burgundy collared polo or dress shirts
  • Tan pants, shorts, skirts, or jumpers, all of which must reach at least fingertip length
  • Closed toe shoes.
  • Black or brown belts
  • Solid colored black, grey, or white sweaters

Undergarments of any kind were not allowed to be shown. Anyone found in violation of uniform was sent to detention for the day, where one had the option of finding a spare uniform that fit while trading in a valuable (phone, ID, etc) or one simply remained in detention all day. We only allowed to wear regular clothing on designated days such as Spirit/Homecoming Week, and only if we wore the themed clothing for that day.

Frankly, We find the young girls who are complaining to be whiny, entitled brats and that all high schools should have uniforms, end of story.

-The Queen of Hearts