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What if the human on the lost light attracted multiple yanderes? Can you imagine Rodds or Drift fighting over them or maybe even Skids and Swerve?

Why yes.  Yes I can…  ;)

We’ve already talked about what yandere Skids and Swerve would look like, so I imagine the two of them fighting over their mutual object of affection would be less confrontational, and more subtly manipulative.  Skids is a shy, awkward vent creeper, pining over your beauty from afar, and Swerve is an affection starved loner, so there’s no way they would actually directly fight each other over you.  Instead they both up their game 5000%.  Each one trying to outdo the other in terms of courtship, whether it be forcing you to sit through inviting you over for an all night movie marathon, or leaving even more flowery and borderline erotic poetry in your habsuite without your knowledge.

Rodimus and Drift is another matter entirely…  

Rodimus is like the baby yandere.  The kind that doesn’t even realize he’s a yandere until he starts obsessing 24/7.  He uses his position as captain to get you to spend time with him or vice versa.  He’ll clear your schedule and assign you to some meaningless, simple task on the bridge just so he can spend some one on one time with you.  Also, if he catches anyone showing a particular interest in you, they suddenly find themselves with a crushing workload clearing out the lower decks, far away from where you are.  

Drift is a bit different.  He’s suave.  He’s subtle.  He pays you pretty compliments all the time and genuinely acts very pleasant around you.  On the surface he seems like the perfect gentlemech, but on the inside he’s like a black hole of obsessive lust.  He has a shrine dedicated to you in his habsuite filled with stolen items of yours that he uses to try to complete the perfect love spell.

When the two of them fight over you it’s all strained smiles and poisonous glares and thinly veiled threats.  It’s almost like a game to them, with you as the prize.  “I’d advice you to concede captain.  Your time is better suited to working towards something that you can actually accomplish.  Like steering us off course yet again, for example.”  “Drift, if you have a problem with my methods, I have no qualms about kicking you off the ship again.”

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What type of yanderes do you think Fort max, Overlord, and Tarn would be?

Mmmmmmmmmm, boi!.  ;)

Fort Max:  He’s another one of the “accidental” yanderes, or the “doesn’t realize he is one until you show up” type.  He’s almost immediately taken by your sweetness and your charm.  He finds your kindness and you sincerity refreshing after all the horrors he’s seen.  He takes it upon himself to become your silent protector, keeping watch over you and making sure you never come to any harm.  It starts out innocently enough, with him occasionally popping by to check on you, but as his affection for you grows, so does his obsession.  He start’s sneaking into your room at night to make sure you’re asleep.  If you are he’ll give you just the tiniest brush of his finger against your head as he tucks you in.  

He pays Red Alert to check the security feeds for you, to make sure none of the other bots are giving you any trouble.  If anyone is, or you happen to mention to him that some of the others’ advances are making you uncomfortable, there will be absolute hell to pay!  He’ll take the entire ship hostage, if necessary.  All in all, not so bad as far as yanderes go.  He’s a bit invasive at times, but at least you know he would never ever hurt you (at least not intentionally) 

Overlord:  You are well and truly screwed if Overlord ever decides he’s got a thing for you.  Forget sweet but creepy night visits, he’ll straight up kidnap you and keep you hostage in his creepy torture lair.  He’s not at all gentle with you either.  He won’t go straight for the chainsaws or anything, but if Overlord wants love, he’s going to get it, whether you like it or not.  He’s intentionally rough when he plays with you and actually finds it funny when you get upset or scared.  More often than not you’re left covered in marks and bruises.  “To show the others that you’re his”, as he puts it.  Your only hope of escape is to try to find a way to contact the Lost Light and hope that they have the resources to save you.  If you try to run away by yourself, you run the risk of getting caught.  And Overlord is far less pleasant when he’s angry…

Tarn:  He’s one of the yandere’s whose initial interest doesn’t stem from attraction.  He decided to capture you on a whim - a trophy of sorts.  He couldn’t really explain why.  Maybe he was in a good mood that day.  Maybe he thought it would be funny for you to suffer with the survivor’s guilt.  Or maybe he found you to be strangely aesthetically pleasing, despite your disgusting organic nature.  Whatever the reason, he actually keeps you fairly well (at least by DJD standards).  You’re treated as more of a pet or an ironic novelty, but at least you’re alive and unhurt (although the damage wrought from watching Tarn brutally dismantle so many bots leaves a far deeper mark).

But then you start to notice him slipping further and further away from sanity as his desperation to find and kill Megatron increases.  He begins talking to you more, mostly to ask you rhetorical questions or to vent.  He starts confiding in you, or rather at you, spouting nonsensical threats and promises to bring the Decepticons back to their original glory.  Even his fellow DJD members seem warier of him now.  You realize that if this keeps going, you might not live to see yourself rescued.  Luckily, it seems Deathasaurus seems to have taken somewhat of a shine to you, or at least pities you.  If you play your cards right, you might just get out of this whole ordeal unscathed.

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Hey, this is @writeyouin, funkysora is just my main blog. Anywho, I just wanted to congratulate you on your new blog, it's fantastic Lily, truly so I figured I'd send in a request. How about Rung, Swerve and Rodimus getting jealous of another human asking you out because they have a crush on you, (This is going to come up later in the Swerve fic btw.)

Oh my gosh hello! Wow, it’s such an honor that you sent in a request! I LOVE your writing, especially the Swerve fic~! He needs some serious loving, all these bots do. And thank you so much! That makes me feel so wonderful.
So I did this sort of angsty (not too much but more so for Swerve) with fluff at the end. I like the idea that their human crush secretly likes them back and this is how these peeps get together (though it’s kind of ambiguous). I hope it’s to your liking, doll~! :)


  • He’s naturally not happy about the situation but he definitely doesn’t reveal this to you. After all the two of you aren’t dating and you have the right to be with anyone you choose. He doesn’t want to interfere with that but he can’t help the way he feels. His spark jumps painfully in his chest as he watches the two of you talk. He ends up a bit embarrassed when he realizes he’s staring and probably leaves.

  • But the next time he sees you, he debates inquiring gently about it. It’s not really his business and normally he doesn’t like to prod (okay he does but knows he shouldn’t, it’s the psychiatrist in him). However, if he notices that you seem distracted or upset in anyway, he will ask what’s wrong out of concern. Otherwise he’ll just let it go but continue to brood about it a bit.

  • Finally just decides to talk to you. He lets you know his feelings and that he completely respects if you don’t feel the same or you like that human. He just doesn’t want to waste this opportunity and let you be whisked away by somebody who doesn’t deserve you  who also recognizes how amazing you are. Once he does, he’s so glad because it turns out that you know how amazing he is. ;3


  • He’d be the most obviously jealous of the bots, to the point where you would easily be able to tell. He wouldn’t say anything directly of course but he gets really pouty and upset. The moment this human asks out his friend, he’d glare daggers at them. Having a big, pissed off robot glaring at them would scare anyone and the human would scurry off, leaving you confused. 

  • You figure it out when over the next few days Rodimus is tense around you. He’s not mad at you, no never but he’s frustrated with the situation. He doesn’t want you to say yes to this person and then he loses his chance to be with you. But he’s so nervous about you turning him down if he asks you out, he can’t bring himself to do anything but be moody all the time. It gets to the point where the other bots are like ‘would you just tell the human you like them already PRIMUS’.

  • If he sees the other human again, he will definitely abuse his position to talk to them about backing the fuck off. It’s not until you hear about it from them that you decide to just go to Rodimus and demand he tell you what’s going on. He’s resistant at first but eventually opens up to you that he’s had a crush on you for forever. Well, Rodimus why didn’t you just say so? ;3


  • This bot would be heartbroken, honestly. He’d try to hide it to the best of his ability, continuing to clean glasses and pour drinks as he watches the two of you talk. The two humans he reminds himself. Of course you’d want to be with someone of your own kind, someone you can hug without fear of getting squished. The longer you two talk, the more Swerve slips into his depressive thoughts.


  • He wouldn’t bring it up with you, he’s too scared of you being angry with him for what he considers petty feelings. Or worse telling him that you don’t want to be his friend anymore. Even though a part of him knows it’s ridiculous (you’re much too nice to do that!), he can’t help but go through all these different scenarios in his head. What if you say yes and then fall in love with this other human and get married and he never sees you again, and - and - damn it.

  • You’d have to go find Swerve, most likely sulking in his room. You’d then have to convince him to tell you why he’s so upset and has been avoiding you lately. But once you do, it all tumbles out in his usual fast paced, nervous way and you’d probably be a bit confused. Oh Swerve, you silly bot, you turned down that person. There’s already a certain bartender you like~ ;3


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This isn't a request but a thought. What would yandere Tyrest and TFA Megatron would be like ?

The best kinds.  >:3

Tyrest:  You remember The Hunchback of Notre Dame, right?  Well, picture that, but like a billion times worse!  XD  Tyrest holds himself to a higher standard than most people.  He considers himself a beacon of moral purity.  For you to be so ingrained in his mind - for him to be so… infatuated with you, must truly be a sin.  And so he continues to mutilate himself, drilling more holes into his body in the hopes that the pain will somehow make these new feelings go away.  It doesn’t of course, and that disgusts him.  He disgusts himself!  How could he feel such desires for a mere human?  It’s unnatural.  It’s unholy!  And yet… with each passing day those inhibitions become fainter and fainter in his mind as thoughts of you slowly start to consume him.  You will be his, he decides.  If he has to tear apart the Lost Light with an army of legislators, then so be it.  One way or another, you will become his conjux endura.  You really don’t have a choice…

Megatron:  He is the leader of the Depicepticons.  All powerful and feared throughout the galaxy.  He inspires both loyalty and fear in equal measure.  There is no one in the known universe to rival his sheer brutality and strength.  And yet…  he finds himself becoming increasingly more fascinated with you.  You a human.  One of the many, pitifully insignificant creatures that inhabit this miserable planet!  Why should you of all people be the one to plague his dreams at night?  He begins to watch you more closely from afar, at first to try to dispel this newfound curiosity of his, and then simply for the pleasure of seeing you.  You are perfection given form.  Your grace, your beauty, charm, every insignificant movement and detail drives him further and further into obsession.  It isn’t long before you’re brought before his thrown, shaking and terrified as you’re held aloft towards him by another one of those monstrous machines.  He stalks towards you, red eyes glowing with a predator-like gaze.  Gently, almost lovingly, he reaches out and lifts your chin towards him with one finger.  He smiles as he meets your wide-eyed, watery gaze.  “Welcome home, little Decepticon…”

Okay guys, I’m about to get real and rant about something kind of controversial, so if you don’t like getting caught in drama you might wanna skip this one.

I saw a post, however, in which someone called James Roberts a “fascist” and a “Nazi sympathizer” because he DARED portray Megatron in a sympathetic light. Because he DARED to make a character that has been depicted as a tragic villain by the fandom for 33 years actually a kind of tragic villain. I’m about to drop some stuff on you guys.


Does he have parallels to Hitler? Sure. Is what he did during the war completely unforgivable and monstrous? Yep. But that doesn’t mean that depicting him as being remorseful for his actions and wanting to make it right makes the writer a fascist or a Nazi sympathizer. MtMtE and LL make it VERY CLEAR that you’re not supposed to be okay with what he did. With what he caused for four million years. For the billions of lifeforms that died because of his cause.

You know what it does do? It poses a very interesting question. No matter how terrible and unforgivable a person’s crimes are, if they make it clear that they have every intention of living their lives doing good from now on, if they are TRULY REMORSEFUL for what they did, do they deserve a second chance? I’m not asking us to have this debate here, that’s something you guys can do in your own threads. I’m pointing out that it’s a philosophical and thought provoking question that the comics give us. And many of us are on different sides of the answers.

Would we give Hitler a second chance? If we could, of course we wouldn’t. But Hitler was a very real and very terrible person. He felt no remorse for his actions and in the end took the coward’s way out rather than face his consequences. Megatron is not Hitler, though, and he’s not real.


Hasbro And IDW are responsible for that decision. MtMTE was set to go in a completely different direction before they told JRo, “BTW, we’re giving Megs a second chance, but we don’t wanna deal with him in the main story. Can you take this one?” JRo had to change his entire storyline to fit this new development. And you know what? He did a really great job for having to basically pull all this out of his ass. He could have just made Megatron the monster, keep him as just being a complete villain who would cause chaos and trouble across the ship. But… that’s not the tone of the comics, guys. For a single story arc, such as the Slaughterhouse? Sure. But not for the overall comic.

So he took a stab in the dark and blended Megatron into the crew by giving him a chance. By showing this side of him that we wouldn’t have expected. One that gets in petty arguments with Rodimus, respects Ultra Magnus, and actually makes good decisions (though not all the time) for the crew. All while stubbornly retaining a good chunk of his Decepticon tendencies, and while most of the crew distrusts and despises him. It’s never depicted as the crew being wrong for hating him. The only people truly shown to be in the wrong are Atomizer and Getaway, and it’s not because they’re against Megatron. It’s because of the actions they take to get back at him.

Again, whether or not JRo succeeded in it isn’t a debate for here. This isn’t a speech about whether or not his writing is good. This is about him being unfairly accused of Nazi sympathizing and fascist tendencies.


If you want a mustache-twirling, baby-kicking villain, then that’s fine. Let’s face it, that’s what the DJD are for. But even they are allowed to be depicted as having moments of civility. Just because the villains don’t kick puppies and kill civilizations 24/7 DOESN’T MEAN YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO AGREE WITH THEIR ACTIONS. Humanizing monstrous villains exists to give them more layers, NOT TO EXCUSE THEIR CRIMES.

Villains are allowed to have tragic backstories, reasons for their actions (even the deplorable ones), and moments of sympathy. Megatron is allowed to have a fear of mnemosurgery because of Trepan. Tarn is allowed to be shown as being disgusted by his fellow DJD members’ bloodlust. Neither of these things are excusing their actions. Never once in the comics does any character say, “Oh, well, they have reasons they’re like they are. Well, then, they’re completely excused from the horrible things they’ve done.”

What it does is makes the characters feel more real. That they’re not one-dimensional characters. Whether or not that sympathetic backstory makes you forgive them is on you, not the writer who has never said he agreed with the villains and their ideals. Speaking of…


And yes, the DJD are insanely popular with the fandom. Hell, they’re one of my favorite parts of MtMtE. That is NOT JRo’s fault. He did his job. He wrote extremely likable depictions of characters. It’s up to the individual readers whether or not that’s now their new favorite character. Even if he himself likes the characters, just like with he fans, that doesn’t mean he thinks they’re right.

You know what other villains are popular but weren’t written with the intent that you agree with their outlook and methods? ALMOST EVERY OTHER COMIC VILLAIN EVER. Are there those who think say… The Joker is in the right? Of course, but again, that’s on the readers, not the writers.


Guys, please stop accusing JRo of being a Nazi sympathizer and a fascist just because you disagree with his sympathic depiction of Megatron. Those are extremely serious accusations, ESPECIALLY the Nazi sympathizer part. Actual fans on twitter already seem determined to ruin his reputation with their incessant meme-filled questions (and bless him for how many he actually answers because he loves his fans that much).

Again, this is NOT a post about whether or not his writing is good. That’s a matter of personal taste and opinion. Also, please leave any debates about issues revolving around him (such as the accusations of gay baiting and transphobia) to other posts. That’s also not what this post is about. This is strictly about the accusations of fascism and Nazi sympathy.

To my followers, I apologize for the long-ass rant. I love you all.

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It is alright for me to request headcanons of a poly ship between MTMTE Ratchet/Drift/Rodimus please? ^^ Also it's nice to meet you Lily!

It’s wonderful to meet you as well, darling~! Thank you SO much for this, I’m madly in love with these bots. Honestly a poly relationship would be the best possible outcome (in my opinion) and I’m rooting for it to become canon. But for now, I’ll indulge in this fantasy on here. ;D I hope it makes your day~

  • This would honestly be a really fun and healthy relationship. It would take work like any relationship of course but these three are good at balancing each other out. Plus they’re all very committed to each other, there’s definitely a lot of love.


  • Rodimus brings the fun to the relationship (not that the other two can’t be fun) because of his wild personality. When the others are feeling down, he’s always there to cheer them up. He also gets the others to relax when they’re working themselves too hard, especially Ratchet.


  • Drift, he’s the peace maker. He’s a calming presence so when Rodimus is being too over the top, he’s good at bringing him back down to earth. Or when Ratchet wants some quiet time and Rodimus is off being Captain, he’ll stay by Ratchets’ side. He also helps Ratchet relax but in a different way than Rodimus, usually by convincing him to recharge.


  • Ratchet keeps the other two from being complete idiots - well most of the time. He helps keep Rodimus on track by reminding him of his duties and because it’s coming from Ratchet, Rodimus usually listens. He also reminds these two that they’re loved when they’re feeling a little bit down about themselves. Rodimus has low self esteem and Drift still struggles with his past and Ratchet’s no nonsense “I love you damnit” moments always help them feel better.


  • Their dates usually just consist of going to the bar and getting drinks while talking. It’s easy because Ratchet is usually too tired to do more but he wants to spend time with them. He likes seeing them happy and they like seeing him relaxing. He’s also helpful for when Rodimus gets in bar fights (he denies this happens but it does) and Ratchet can always be seen rolling his eyes as he patches Rodimus up. :P

  • Drift sometimes tries to get the other two to do yoga with him. Ratchet usually blows him off saying he’s not interested in that hippie shit and Rodimus is too hyperactive. So it’s a surprise and really nice when the three do manage to get together with Drift to do yoga. He knows it’s the other two making an effort to spend time with him and do what he likes. Surprisingly the longer these three are in a relationship, the more they come to enjoy yoga with Drift. They don’t know it but Drift is quite smug about this. ;P

  • For Rodimus, the other two are a constant well of support. He doesn’t feel alone anymore and he knows he always has someone to talk to; it’s a wonderful feeling. A lot of times he’ll visit Ratchet when he’s working in the medbay and though the bot pretends to be irritated at his work being interrupted, he secretly appreciates the gesture. Drift sometimes comes along too. They might have a tendency to distract Ratchet too much and have to be kicked out of the medbay on occasion.


  • Really, they all lean on each other and are there when one of them is struggling. Whatever it is, they are good about talking things out. Ratchet takes a little more time to open up than the others but he trusts them both unequivocally so eventually he does.


  • Ratchet doesn’t like PDA and if either of the bots are too flirty or give him kisses in front of others, he’ll end up blushing and yelling at them. So sometimes they do it simply because they love getting a reaction out of him. ;3

  • But when they’re all alone, it’s cuddles galore. Rodimus and Drift are both very affectionate. They help Ratchet open up and he over time he does return their affection ten-fold. When he’s particularly tired and all three want to do something together, they’ll go back to their shared habsuite and cuddle. A lot of times Ratchet falls asleep in the middle of their cuddling session, but the other two don’t mind. They’ll stay up, on either side of Ratchet, talking to each other. Mostly about how much they love each other and Ratchet.


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*whispers across the room* Yandere mtmte Prowl~ Oh, and perhaps Swindle? And Drift feeling his obsessive/possessive self slipping back into becoming Deadlock.. and he's not resisting it as much as he should...? -Greetings from yandere poem writer

(Rubs my gay little hands together)  More creeps are coming to the yandere party!  >:3

Prowl is pretty much already the jealous, obsessive type in canon, so imagine that x5000!  He’s extremely possessive of you and can be a little controlling without really meaning to, but he treats you like absolute royalty.  His fellow officers are convinced that he’s only ever in a good mood when you’re around.  I’d be sweet if he wasn’t so intense at times.  At text every day to say he loves you is cute, 50 is borderline stalker-y.  Primus help any mech who’s dumb enough to flirt with you in front of him, though.  They’ll find themselves getting stopped for a “routine police frisking” at a later date.

Swindle is sort of tame as far as yanderes go.  He’s isn’t as controlling as some of the others, but that doesn’t mean he wants anybody laying a hand on his most prized possession.  :3  Any of his customers that flirt with you have about a 99.9% chance of having their weapons backfire on them.  Swindle also tend to get very handsy and touchy-feely around you when you’re alone, whether you like it or not.  Whether it’s pulling you into his lap as he skims over his datapads, or giving you his undivided attention as he strokes your hair and coos over how lovely you are.  You learn to put up with the nearly embarrassing amount of affection on a daily basis.   

Here’s the previous post about Drift.  I like the idea of him slipping back into his Decepticon ways.  >:3  His vast knowledge of magic and curses comes heavily into play when it comes to luring you to him, or making sure others don’t get in the way.  He’s also figured out a thing or two about hypnotizing humans.  One look into those brilliant blue optics of his, and you’re practically putty in his hands.  


PART 1 HERE (the thing i made before this)

On the next episode of mechs smacking their crush on the face with their extension kibbles,
Perceptor <accidentally> gets his revenge, but still fails because Brainstorm is always prepared
inspired by this lovely thing

IMAGINE (monsterformers)

Whirl is a gargoyle and certified asshole, he constantly hides your tools that you use to detail and repair his fellow gargoyles (even if they cant come alive like he can) but when he notices that no matter how dickish he might try to be, you never leave, you just put up with it and get things done, and hes angry at himself to admit you'v earned his respect (even more angry than normal considering how the respect turned into trust, and trust is a very dangerous thing, especially for Whirl)

but it finally clicks with Whirl that he doesn’t just respect you, he admires you, he wants to protect you, to love you, and it only clicks (oh so loudly) after one of his more depressive bouts where the memories are getting to him a bit more than they usually do, and your there to comfort him and ‘protect’ him while he slumbers (even when he knows he shouldnt trust you, your weak and frail, you cant protect him worth a damn) but yet he trusts you so willingly that it hurts you to see this proud creature so broken, that you cant bring yourself to leave him, especially after you made your promise

whirl awakes to the sight of a blanket (your blanket) draped across his wings as you lay passed out on the floor next to him, and Whirl knows thats not comfortable (or healthy) for a human, no matter how hard they may try to deny it, and he just wants to wrap you up in your blanket, but all he can do is gaze down at you (you, the stupid human who made him care, made him trust, made him love) and all he can do is pull the blanket around him tighter

(god help anyone who tries to disturb you, they’ll only be met with a protective gargoyle more than prepared to send them flying out of his bell-tower perch)