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Ultra Magnus fluff. Do your magic!!!

🎵This got really fucking long I’m sorry I rambled I just really love this nerd🎵  -jazz hands- 

Ultra Magnus MTMTE

He’s a workaholic, so sometimes you find it a bit difficult to get time alone with him when he isn’t multitasking or worrying about ship wide shenanigans. It’s not that he doesn’t care, he actually cares very deeply for you, but his work keeps him busy. You eventually came up with a trick that would snap him back to the reality of his personal life. All you have to do is say his name very sweetly to get his attention, ask him to bend his head down to your level (probably on his desk), and give his nose a quick kiss. Nothing big, just enough to get him a bit flustered and ask what that was for. Once you tell him that was to hopefully pull him away from his office for a bit, he feels a bit guilty and tries to finish up his work quickly 

One such time led to the two of you attending Swerve’s movie night. Magnus wasn’t much movies, but when he saw your face light up at the title he agreed. Even though he felt awkward through the whole movie, he enjoyed watching your reactions to each scene. He got a little chuckle out of watching you shove a particularly large handful of popcorn (courtesy of Swerve) into your mouth during an action scene. There was one scene that caught his interest, where the two main characters slow danced together. He quietly asked if anyone had ever taken you dancing, getting a bit excited when he heard your muffled-by-popcorn ‘no’. He now had a nice date idea and he was going to be prepared

For every nice gesture Magnus made for you, he always noticed and appreciated when you returned it. Since he works so much, he tends to talk a lot about all the little details of the job or what code this or that had violated (or successfully upheld on good days!). And he genuinely likes talking about these things, it’s his passion. Even if you find it a bit boring, he appreciates that you take the time to listen to him and even remember/learn things. He was the proudest bf when during one of his many lectures about proper code, you chimed in and added another point of concern (hallway safety violation probably). He practically beamed with admiration before catching himself (no favoritism on the job, even for you sadly), and saying ‘yes, they’re absolutely correct’ with stern expression. Once no one was looking, he gave you a quick smile and whispered ‘good work’ 

2 AM appreciation post- Rodimus

You know, with Lost Light #4 coming out and all that I’ve sort of realised my love for Rodimus has grown substantially since I first read More Than Meets The Eye. Admittedly, I wasn’t too far into the Transformers fandoms and verses, had only seen the Bay movies and the original animated movie; so my opinions were highly influenced by my friend who had seen most of the shows as well as the movies and was highly opinionated about Hot Rod/Rodimus as characters. Mostly if not entirely negative, describing him to be an irresponsible brat who didn’t deserve the accolade he has received over the years as a good character.

However, I have learned that despite his childish antics aboard the Lost Light he is a passionate mech who really does follow his heart when it comes to his actions. True, he is flawed, as of when the Overlord instance occurred and the Sparkeater’s little arc, his judgement as a leader can be constantly doubted as it costs the lives of many and risks more of those under his command. Despite this, throughout MTMTE he is seen to learn, develop, grow as a character and mature into the role he has been assigned. I don’t know, there’s something about how he is now in Lost Light, standing up to Megatron and speaking his mind, holding his ground, using his flamboyant personality to his advantage, that has caused me to just gain so much more love for him. From a brat, to a childish but growing leader with at least some smarts about him… it’s safe to say he’s become one of my favourites.


PART 1 HERE (the thing i made before this)

On the next episode of mechs smacking their crush on the face with their extension kibbles,
Perceptor <accidentally> gets his revenge, but still fails because Brainstorm is always prepared
inspired by this lovely thing


MTMTE 50 cover.

I really love this artwork.
Did you see all the heads in the stone?
Some of them are dead, some not.
Meaning? Is there a meaning?
Who knows.
But however, I love this artwork so much <3

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‘Any day now you’ll see the covers to MTMTE #50. Do not draw any conclusions from them. They represent the series, not the story inside…’

We will see right?

But MTMTE 50 and The Transformers 50 will be double sized! That’s amazing.

I think one thing I really love about brainstorm is that, and this might be some of his fandom characterization bleeding into my perception of him,
But the fact that he’s obviously a genius- this has been proven tons of times- but he’s still kind of a goof. He’s not the uptight science and logic are the only emotions I feel trope and I just love that so much. He obviously really cares about other bots (as we can see with chromedome and quark) so he also doesn’t fall into that detached and cold genius trope either and I just really love him so much? He’s just so full of life and animated and he cares so much about other bots and throws himself completely into whatever is gaining his attention at the moment.

Like I can see him taking a selfie and adding emojis to it one second and doing quantum physics the next and hot dang if that isn’t a fun character????