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whats your opinion on that mimibts/ghost blog always spreading false info and barely crediting a good amount of her Twitter reposts :P im seeing a lot of blogs talking about it..


my first ever interaction with mimi was when i contacted them about sab’s gifs they reposted. as an excuse they said they didn’t really know how tumblr worked and were very insistant i help them get used to it. i see they quickly got the hang of it since their posts are all over my dash now

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My birthday is coming up and I really really love your drawings of Bokuto. If you're not too busy, could you make my day with a Bokuto drawing? Thank you!

Ahhhhh thank you!! I hope you’ll have a great birthday~!!

caejose ikea hc’s

you thought this was going to be a shitpost but i come bringing some (questionably) fresh content, and this is entirely @j-j-bean-a‘s fault…

  • you know those frat boy types that are embarrassingly loud and obnoxious as they walk through ikea, testing out every bed and poking at every other piece of furniture? it’s them
  • joseph, in particular, launches himself onto every bed with all the enthusiasm of a rabid chipmunk, diving face-first into the blessed spring-powered comfort of swedish engineering (as caesar does his best to pretend he doesn’t know the british giant currently assaulting ikea’s innocent merchandise)
  • joseph is that gremlin that swipes all the small ikea pencils for no real reason, to caesar’s dismay
  • joseph’s also convinced that ikea employees are just customers that’d gotten lost and were absorbed into, like, the ikea cult
  • caesar tries to flirt with the ikea employees and he’s summarily shrugged off. that’s when he starts to buy into joseph’s theory — the only people capable of resisting his charms are inhuman monsters. there’s something afoot
  • joseph gets pouty when caesar tries flirting with the aforementioned soulless husks. he sits in one of those spinning egg chairs and pulls the visor down and spins sadly, sulking.
  • “c’mon, don’t be like that,” caesar tries. joseph, in the egg chair, spins faster. his legs aren’t even sticking out underneath the cover. he’s powered by pure spite.
  • caesar’s running out of options. he doesn’t want to do it, but when joseph is like this, he doesn’t have much choice in the matter.
  • fine,” caesar grits out. joseph’s egg chair stops in its tracks. “we’ll get the stupid meatballs.” joseph bursts out of the chair, striking a victorious pose. caesar tries not to bang his head against the nearest wall.
  • “i love you,” joseph proclaims, all remnants of his previous mood washed away in the post-meatball high. caesar tries to remember how much he hates joseph, but it’s hard when joseph’s eyes are twinkling in the shitty artificially florescent overhead lighting. 
  • “i know,” caesar mutters. “you’d better—” 
  • he’s cut off, rather rudely, when joseph leans in and kisses him — just a quick peck, but caesar flushes a little all the same. 
  • (they end up getting joseph’s swedish meatballs. caesar doesn’t complain nearly as much as he’d thought he would.)

Some Taaco Twins

(first time drawing these 2)
first date
  • me: so do u like bts?
  • date: yeah of course!!
  • me: really? who's your bias?
  • date: i don't have one, they're all so great
  • me: oh wow, I think you must be my soul--
  • date: but i don't really like jimin i hate yoonmin they're gross
  • me: *stuffing breadsticks rapidly in my purse* excUSE me i THINK I MuS T GO

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If you don't mind, what brushes and technique do you use for your shading? Your art is so gorgeous!

Not at all! Thank you for the lovely words :)

For brushes, I switch between three different packs:
Ahmed Aldoori’s PS brushes
Istebrak’s Skin and Blending brushes
* Marc Brunet’s Starter Brush Pack

The first is completely free, and is actually the one I use the most!

As for shading, I don’t really have a set technique… but I guess there’s some method to my madness. This is also a good excuse to get some use out of a sketch I abandoned.

There are three things to note before I get into it. First, I work on a form shadow to cast shadow system. Second, I paint skin in the same way I put on makeup. Thirdly, this probably isn’t the best way to go about shading, but it is the way I do it… Most of the time.

1. I start off by working with “form shadows”, and from dark to light. Basically, I make deeper set areas darker, focusing on the nose, eyes and cheekbones to give them definition.

2. Next I add in the lightest areas: cheeks, nose and chin. All on the same layer.

3. I create a new layer underneath the first, with a mid toned colour, generally warmer than the highlight and shadow colours.

4. Next, I add another colour into the mix, generally a pink or a purple. This is what I use to start blending the shadows in. I use the eyedropper technique (here).

5. Detail work… Mostly just me adding makeup and shiny things.

6. And here comes my favorite part: adding in a secondary light source and then going crazy with the highlights. Still on the same layer

7. Time for cast shadows! Taking into account my choice of secondary light source from before, I add in strong shadows on a new multiply layer (just in case I mess up). I tend to focus on the shadows cast by the nose, the brow ridge and the neck.

8. More detail work. Here’s where I add warmth (and by warmth, I mean blushies) and texture to the skin. And eyes! If I’m working on an important piece, I’ll also blur out or erase some of my linework, to make things looks more polished.

9. Rinse and repeat on everything else. Except not here, because this sketch is a throwaway and I’m lazy.

I hope this was somewhat helpful! Here’s a process gif for good measure :)

Avengers chatroom: Coffee
  • Tony has created a chatroom.
  • Tony has invited Bucky, Steve, Y/N, Vis, Wanda, Nat, Clint, Sam, T'Challa.
  • Tony: Which one of you keeps leaving coffee grounds in the sink?!?
  • Steve: Good morning to you too, Tony. It wasn't me.
  • Nat: I don't drink coffee.
  • Vision: I am not human. I do not have biological functions that could sustain the consumption of coffee.
  • Y/N: Not me.
  • Bucky: Ditto.
  • Tony: What about the rest of you?
  • Wanda: I don't really prefer coffee.
  • Sam: Unlike some people, I clean up after myself.
  • Y/N: Shots fired.
  • Bucky: Excuse me?
  • Sam: If the SHOE FITS.
  • Nat: :) do you boys want to really do this right now?
  • Sam: I am sorry.
  • Y/N: I know who it is.
  • T'Challa: Who?
  • Nat: I know as well :)
  • Y/N: Dunno if i should snitch
  • Tony: I'll give you $5000
  • Y/N: DEAL. It's CLINT!
  • Clint: DAMMIT Y/N!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Tony: I let you crawl around in the vents. I have been patient. Tolerant.
  • T'Challa: You guys aren't invited to Wakanda anymore.
  • T'Challa has left the chat.
  • Wanda: This is why I prefer Steve over Tony...
  • Vis: I wish I could choose Steve.
  • Y/N: u feelin ok there tony
  • Vision has left the chat.
  • Wanda has left the chat.
  • Tony: Clint has to now clean up after everyone for the entire month, that's final.
  • Steve: Tony you're being a little dramatic.
  • Y/N: A LITTLE?
  • Clint has left the chat.
  • Nat: I will go find him.
  • Y/N: He's probably hiding in some place high up.
  • Bucky: SOunds Like SAM: BIRD TENDENCIES
  • Sam: BOY
  • Nat has left the chat.
  • Tony: I can hear that lil shit crawling in the vents.
  • Tony has left the chat.
  • Y/N: Earths mightiest heroes, also earths weirdest.
  • Bucky: Not me though.
  • Y/N: can you two knock it off
  • Bucky: Whatcha gonna do about it?
  • Sam: Yeah?
  • Y/N: :) youll see
  • Y/N has left the chat.
  • Steve: R.I.P to my bestfriends.
  • Steve has left the chat.
  • Sam: Truce till we fend off Y/N?
  • Bucky: Deal.
  • Sam has left the chat.
  • Bucky has left the chat.

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I fall in love with trash lord Anakin Skywalker because of your art. I don't even know is it good or bad, but thank you. If someone said me "Join the dark side, we have a lot of Shorelle's art", i will join them immediately. You are wonderful person.

oh my lord, thank you so much anon! I’m so glad you fell in love with this trash lord too, IT’S TOTALLY A GOOD THING and honestly am just really honoured because Anakin Skywalker is literally the reason why I got back into drawing a few years ago!

// uses this excuse to doodle our original Space Trash King (now in eternally sassy force ghost form!!) (/¯◡ ‿ ◡)/¯ ~ ☆

Sherlock and John meeting
  • John: *holy shit he's really fucking hot, act natural*
  • Sherlock: *oh fuck he's really cute and in the military i just-pull yourself together! Okay make up some excuse to talk to him.*
  • Sherlock: MY PHONE. I UH DONT HAVE IT.
  • Mike: here, borro-
  • John: *lol good job that was smooth. Omg his voice*
  • Sherlock: *he's so hot. Look at his tan and his face and his HAIR and oh my gosh wounded in war he is so hot and and I need to impress him*
  • John: *holy shit he's psychic and even more gorgeous up close*
  • John: HOW DID YOU KNOW????
  • Sherlock: *don't let him get away...*
  • John: *gettin laid be casual*
  • Sherlock: *he's so hot im too busy staring at him so idk wtf he just said lol*
  • Sherlock: *WINK*
  • John: *oh I'm so fucked*
  • Sherlock: *oh my gosh omigosh omigosh omigosh yesyesyesyes*
  • Mike: *lol I'm the best mate ever*

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What were ur thoughts on Kent that ngozi agreed w!!

ok this is gonna be really long because it was basically the Best Day Of My Life, so. settle in kiddos.

(this is also very very heavily referenced from chat logs where I talked about this the day after it happened and a couple of posts I made / tags I wrote around that time. so even though all of this happened like four months ago, I think it’s still reasonably accurate. but obviously memories are flawed things etc)

  • so ok first of all ngozi is SO FUNNY AND NICE in person ahhhhh
  • I was wearing my kent parson jersey that I made!
    • …… but when I first saw her table, I got super overwhelmed and nervous so I like…… walked by really quickly without looking at her and just did a lap around the dealer’s room??? so I could calm down??? haha oh my god it was so awkward.
    • I was actually hoping she hadn’t seen me but apparently she DID because later I was talking to someone who’d been standing by her table when I walked by and APPARENTLY she whispered, “PARSE JERSEEEEYYYY” when she saw me omfg
  • but anyway she was super friendly right away and asked me if she could take pictures & wanted to know how I made my shirt / etc etc. we talked for a minute and then (of course) she asked me, “so, why do you like parse?”
  • and tbh…… I’m still not sure how I was this smooth but I immediately said, in a Very Diplomatic Voice, “I like characters who have a lot of room to grow.”
  • which made her laugh!!! she was like, “that’s refreshing!! that’s a really great answer!!! a lot of people are just like, ‘I like him because he’s an asshole!!‘”
    • …I think it makes her sad half because she doesn’t get why someone would like a character just because they’re mean, but also half because she doesn’t think of parse as an asshole? she didn’t clarify explicitly, though…. she just expressed that she’s sad and disappointed when people say stuff like that to her.

MORE under the cut oh god I’m sorry there’s a lot

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One thing I do wanna say after scrolling for a bit is that no matter how nasty a person or their action was, sending spiteful messages is not okay. I don’t know the people who were involved in this, I don’t know if the like was accidental or not. I do however know that fighting hate with more hate won’t solve the problem, it’ll only make it worse. You can speak out and criticise someone’s behaviour without stooping down to their level. Treat people with kindness. 

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You're nothing but a disgrace to our fandom, get your shit top Levi out of here. We don't want to see it. You're disgusting, a piece of filth of even to ship Levi x Eren let alone have him dominant Eren. Pedophilia is what you all seem to fail. Just because he's 19 now doesn't mean that it's an excuse! Your sick as well as your buddy attack-on-stalking. Pieces of shit is what you all are and gross. Please kill yourselves <3

…hm. Well I don’t really know what to say rather you gave me a hell of a good laugh. The “pedophilia” issue I don’t have to go through because that case has been brought up many of times. Usually I would go AWOL and cuss you out, especially me already having depression already and having a horrible day. I see that you aren’t fond by my preference and to let you know that

A) I don’t like your preference at all, once so ever. So if you actually think that will effect me then you have another thing coming.

B) I don’t care about what you think if all you do is give me disrespect. I truly am a friend to all EreRi fans or even EruRi fans (that I’m guessing you like?) and I will not hate on them, but you really do put a bad spotlight on EruRi fans and bottom!Levi fans in general. Think about that.

And to put someone in this such as @attack-on-stalking should be the most shittest thing a hate anon could do. And for that madam/sir you are the piece of shit you’ve called me :) I’m not in the mood for this and telling me to kill myself won’t make you feel better but just less human.

Oh and by the way, you’re one of the pussies out there that hide behind a screen and a anon face. Thank you for your time. <3 I’ll let my fans take you in their hands. Get ready for the rant of your life :)

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Hi! Excuse me, I don't know if you still takes prompts but I love what your posts and I was wondering if you could write something about Michelle having troubles at home and Ned and Peter not noticing until it gets really bad because she's good at hiding things? Thanks!

so this has sat in my inbox for so long because michelle struggling/being sad is so hard for to me to write. but i hope this is okay!

(also, this includes the death of a parent to cancer and the grief that follows. i will also say as a disclaimer that i’ve been fortunate enough to not have lost a parent so i’m unsure if i’ve accurately represented this. i’m sure i can’t even begin to fathom how hard that loss is, so i’m sorry if i’ve not done this justice.)

  • when the doctor comes out of the operating room with a heavy heart and tells her family that they couldn’t save her father she didn’t realize she’d be losing two parents
  • her father had been struggling with prostate cancer for the past year. she’d always known he wasn’t going to make it, but part of her had hoped
  • about a month ago when things really got bad, her mother started to check out. she spent every moment at the hospital and her older brother had to drive to drop off clothes and food for her mother, who’d taken leave from work
  • and when her father finally passes after a long and slow death, her heart cracks open and she feels as if her whole world has been turned upside down and she’ll never orient herself again
  • and it only takes her a few days to realize her mother is gone too
  • she immediately starts throwing herself into work. as a lawyer, she’s paid by the hour. so she just…keeps working. she comes home when michelle is getting ready for bed and leaves as michelle is heading down to make herself breakfast
  • her mother pays the bills but she’s never around anymore
  • so michelle, her older brother, and younger sister become their own family because their mother isn’t there for them
  • but it’s hard
  • michelle is just starting her second semester of sophomore year. her bother is a senior and is waiting on college acceptances. her sister is struggling at school and her teacher had sent a letter home talking about the possibility that she had adhd
  • in the time when they need a mother, a parent, her mother leaves them

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  • Me when Gotham started airing: Oh boy I can't wait to see how the characters develop into the comic icons they are. I hope they do a good job and explore reasoning and their emotions. That they really get into it and don't just give a lazy excuse of them just being crazy. I know it's probably a lot to ask but I'm hopeful!
  • Me now: I just want these two men to be gay and have some semblance of happiness is that too much to ask?!

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hi.. d'you have any tips for getting over fear of failure? i sit for some really important exams next month and i'm studying adequately (i hope), hoping to get a good result. but sometimes my own expectations scare me, like, what if i don't get phenomenal results like i want to? won't the disappointment be crushing? is studying even worth it? and so on. i know i shouldn't feel this way but i can't help it. really appreciate all the help xx

Hey there :-) Here are a couple of things that might help ease your mind:

  • stop making excuses and start doing - you’re probably in a cycle of wanting to do better but when it comes to actually trying, you’re either just lost or don’t feel like you can. Find small ways to be more productive - whether that be tidying up your desk, organising what you need to do, putting your work in order. If you get into a routine during each study session, you’ll find it a lot easier to stay motivated.
  • identify your doubts and learn to ease them - you’re going to be thinking “I can’t do this”, “I’m going to fail”, or “this is too hard” and that is totally understandable. Instead. you should think “I can’t do it yet but there is nothing stopping me from trying”, “if I fail, I’ll figure out why and try again”, or “I’m motivated to figure out this tricky thing”. If you can change your doubts around into positive opportunities to learn, you’ll be in a better mindset for studying.
  • make an inspiring and positive work environment - if you’re sitting at a desk that doesn’t inspire you to work then you might find getting that extra motivation tricky. On your desk, you should have out things that will help you study like pens, post-it notes, motivational quotes, etc! If you wanted to you could check out my ‘motivational monday’ printables. They’re free to download and you can stick them up on your wall to help you stay positive about your studies!
  • remember your previous successes - I’m sure you’ve had many awesome achievements in your life and they’re so important to remember. It’s so easy to forget those cool things you’d managed to do but think of how you felt when you were successful! Whilst you may still pass without studying, how great would it be to pass with flying colours because you revised!
  • remove the idea of “failure” from your mind - the likelihood is, if you’ve studied, you aren’t going to fail. You may perhaps get a lower mark than expected if you’ve not studied effectively but if you’ve done everything you should be, it is unlikely that you’ll fail because you were ill-prepared. Try to remain positive about your chance to prove yourself wrong. You can do it.

Hope this helps xx

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I need more of your sexy Gabe to live

Any Gabe’s a sexy Gabe because he is just a really good looking man but I gotcha
I get what you mean