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Some of the most iconic quotes from Ragnarok

You’re lucky i have really good memory.

-”Now you might be wondering, why i, Thor the god of thunder ended up here” 

-”Hold on, let me just circle back around- i thought we were really connecting just then” 

-”BEHOLD- my stuff”

-”I named this one Des and this one Troy. Together they are destroy” 

-*upon seeing Loki’s statue* “what the-” 

-”Hello Father.” “Oh shit”

-”I present Thor, prince of-” “No no no, you had one job.” 

-”I swear i left him right here” “Right here on the sidewalk or in that nursing home that’s being demolished?

-”I don’t know, i’m not a witch” “No? Why do you dress like one then?” 

-”I can’t believe you’re alive, i saw you die, i mourned for you!” “Im honored?” 


-”you think you’re some kind of sorcerer? Don’t you think for a second you second rate-” 

-”Kneel” “I beg your pardon?” 

-”she’s the, It starts with a b” “trash” 

-”I don’t see thunder, but i do see sparkles!” 

-”Oh do you know each other?” “I’ve never met this man in my life” 

-”He’s my brother!” “Adopted.” 

-”aw now he’s threatening me” 


-*being dragged away* “AGH LOKI”

-”It sounds like you had a very intimate relationship with your hammer, so much that losing it was comparable to losing a loved one” “that’s a nice way of putting it” 


-”Oh and Loki, Loki’s alive! Loki, look who it is!” “I have to get off this planet” 

-”YES, THAT’S HOW IT FEELS!” “Sorry i’m just a fan of the sport” 

-”What’s the team called?” “the uh.. revengers” 

-”i want revenge, you want revenge, and you uh..” “I’m.. undecided” 

-”Surprise!” “OW!” 


-”THE SUNS GETTING LOW THE SUNS GETTING LOW” “Would you stop that?!” -”You’ve been on other planets before!” “yeah! one!” “Well, now it’s two”

-”wait you’re just using me to get to the hulk. That’s gross” 

-”Just give me twelve hours” “i can do it in 2″ “…I can do it in one” 

-”Were going through there” “the devils anus?” 

-”We might as well be strangers now, two sons of the crown set adrift” “I thought you didn’t want to talk about it” “…Heres the thing” 

-”Loki, i thought the world of you, but lets face it, our paths diverged a long time ago”

-*holding back tears* “yeah, maybe it’s for the best if we never see each other again”  

-”Hey, lets do get help” “what?” “Get help” “No, that’s humiliating” 

-”Do you have any other ideas?” “No” “were doing it.” 

-”Help my brother’s dying, get help!” *Flings loki at enemies* “HELP HIM” 

-”It’s a luxury ship, like for orgies and stuff” “did she just say this ship was used for orgies” “yeah, don’t touch anything” 


-”This looks like a gun” *fireworks and loud music erupt from spaceship* 

-”In return, i wish to be granted safe passage through the anus” 

-”You know i don’t like that word” “What? mainframe?” “What? why would you think-? Slaves!” “Oh sorry sir, prisoners with jobs” 


-”But man, you’re really the worst” 

-”Who are you? Thor, god of hammers?” 

-”I saw you coming” “Of course you did” 

-”You’re late” 

-”Hit her with your thunder!” “I just hit her with the biggest thunder bolt in the history of thunder and it didn’t do anything!” 


-”Asgard is not a place, it’s a people” 

-”Oh Miek’s dead, i stomped on him and felt bad so i’ve kind of just been holding him all day”  

-”It suits you” “I might hug you if you were here” “I’m here” 

-”Do you think it’s a good idea to go back to earth?” “Of course, the people there love me!” “…Do you think its a good idea to bring ME back to earth?” 

I think the most beautiful thing about Diana is that she doesn’t fight the patriarchy.  She just flat out doesn’t acknowledge that it exist.  A room where women aren’t allowed?  Gender rules about sleeping with someone? Bruce grabbing her arm in a power play?  Diana’s all just, you’re doing what now? She’s a Princess and a Goddess, so way more powerful than you on any kind of scale.  She’s just gonna lol in your face any time the patriarchy comes up because she’s the most powerful person in the room at any given time, so she doesn’t have time for men to mess around pretending they have a say in anything she does.  


5x11 // 5x12 is he practicing for something?

anyway can we just appreciate the fact that bellamy got to spend six whole years away from the racist & abusive white girls in his life. six whole years. like no matter what happens from here on out at least he got That. what a gift. what a blessing. i hope he’s happy and healing and healthy

  • Sasuke: Naruto and Hinata?
  • Sakura: Himawari was just born, I don't want to bother them.
  • Sasuke: Ino and that pale guy?
  • Sakura: You know very well his name is Sai and no, they are going on the vacation same way we are. They left Inojin with Ino's mother.
  • Sasuke: Your parents, then?
  • Sakura: Dad has a really nasty flu now. I don't want Sarada to catch it.
  • Sasuke: Shikamaru and Temari?
  • Sakura: Can't, they are visiting Gaara in Suna.
  • Sasuke: Chouji and... (struggles to remember) Karui?
  • Sakura: Same, they're out of the villiage.
  • Sasuke: Didn't you say Tsunade was free?
  • Sakura: I'd rather it to be two people watching her, Sarada can be quite a handful.
  • Sasuke: (sighs) That's it then. We are not going anywhere, we'll have to do the anniversary trip another time.
  • Sakura: Wait, there has to be a solution!
  • Sasuke: What option do we have left?
  • Sakura: ...We could always let Suigetsu and Karin babysit...?
  • Sasuke: ...
  • Sakura: ...
  • Sasuke: ... (raises an eyebrow)
  • Sakura: You're right, I'm going to call Tsunade.

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I am a seungri stan and it really bothers me how underrated he is. He is such a talented person but I'll admite that sometimes I feel envious of Gd because no matter what he does he is always so succesful you know? Like riri is putting so much effort in his new label for example but vips that aren't his stan barely notices him and if his new comeback this year isn't really succesful I'll feel so sad and even more envious but I know I shouldnt cause this isn't ot4 fault but I just can't help it

man if i could give you the longest hug like :/ i’m not a seungri stan in the slightest, but i have a very soft spot for him since his ltal promotions, and it bothers me too that seungri has to work sometimes 1000x harder because he feels like he needs to “catch up”. he’s so great at a lot of things and it sucks that he can’t see how great he is. he’s like what, 26 right now and the dude now co-owns a building like that’s incredible!

but yeah it really sucks how much the fandom is so obvious with not caring about seungri’s activities outside of bigbang. if i’m not mistaken, he’s the one who started having these businesses on the side (he started with seungri academy and then it happened with, and now his new building w/ aori ramen and natural high records). ngl, it rubs me off the wrong way how some would fight the death over gd’s fashion line, but could’ve easily talked about how aori ramen’s hitting it off pretty well (i remember seeing an instagram post where there was a long line waiting to eat at the place like :/) or how seungri earned about 45+ million overnight after investing in luk hing. i mean, stock value can change over time and from what i remember, he can’t cash out until he reaches 6 months, but it’s just interesting to me.

yg does a shit job at promoting seungri to his fullest potential. he has him work so hard by giving him to a rather hectic schedule (the fact that he had to fly back to china weekly for girls fighting on top of filming for his chinese drama AND his japanese movie and then fly to whatever country for the tour/for group promotions…). if it was gd, people would be all up in arms about it and demand yg to give him a break, but people hardly notice when seungri has the same workload. it sucks that when he actively chose to pursue other activities, he does them quietly or has to work harder to promote. while everyone else is helping to promote top’s sotheby auction or gd’s peaceminusone launch, they didn’t do it for seungri’s business ventures. hell, even seungri helps promote them too. i’ve never seen hyung line mention anything about his ventures, which i’m not sure why.

but yeah, i get the envy and being distraught over it like. he deserves better tbh

Also, I think the scene where Sana is praying and also remembering everything that happened with Yousef the day before is so powerful. It emphasises the struggle she’s going through. It’s very explicit how there are two parts in her identity that are trying so hard to get along: her faith and her feelings for a non-muslim boy.

In earlier clips, we saw how Sana wasn’t able to pray in peace because 1) she was at a party and some random people bothered her and 2) the music was too loud at home. But now we’ve seen it’s not something around her that’s making it difficult for her to pray; now it’s inside of her. It’s not even Yousef, it’s Sana thinking about him. Now she can’t go to another room or ask somebody to turn the volume down because now it’s something she can’t control.

This is Sana’s shame as its fullest.

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Honestly, I appreciate that you're trying to make my shift better by making a joke. You think you're helping and I can't fault you for that. But please, if you tell me the first joke to pop into your head, or the second, or the 14th, I guarantee I've heard that joke 700 times today already and you're really just stressing me out more because now I have to pretend it's original and force a laugh to make *you* feel better.

Don’t laugh. Just keep the same smile on your face. If they are bothered by it and say something get a piece of paper/box/something to write on and put a / on it. It helps if there are tons of marks already on it. That way when they ask you can say in your best customer service voice “It’s the number of times I’ve heard that joke today.” Most will laugh and some may apologize. But that one asshole that raises a stink are the ones I live for. They can’t say you were rude. You smiled the whole time. You answered their shopping questions. You just didn’t laugh. That will send some people into thermal meltdown and you can call a manger sit back and enjoy the show.


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Oh no no you are not annoying at all! What I meant is an MC with really similar personality of Jihyun (V). I really hope that it's more understanding now but it wouldn't be a bother at all for me to reword it one more time of needed to. I can't describe what so I just put it simply like this . I'm really sorry about it

I understand now Anon, sorry you had to reword it. I hope you like the headcannons, sorry if it wasn’t what you wanted. 


  • “Huh MC you remind me of     someone…”
  • Oh no
  • Oh. No. 
  • Oh come on!
  • Kinda can’t get passed it at     first
  • Because like??? It’s V
  • The man Yoosung disliked beyond     belief     
  • He tries not to see it but it’s     not easy…
  • It’s sought of like the while     ‘comparing-to-rika’ thing but with V    
  • It’s highly annoying 
  • “Gah! I’m sorry MC, you’re     just like him… I can’t get it out of my head…”
  • It hurts 
  • “Would it be better if I     were more like Rika?”    
  • “Yeah! Rika was     amazing!”
  • “So can you not like me     for me, Yoosung?”    
  • That made him feel absolutely     horrible     
  • After that he stops seeing you     and V as a combined thing     
  • He sees you
  • He sees V 
  • And that’s how it is 
  • If I’m completely honest I     don’t think Yoosung could fall for someone who is like V
  • Maybe after the truth comes out     he could see you in a different light 


  • Didn’t notice the personality     similarities at all
  • If you had the same hobbies as     V, she might notice     
  • “Oh MC, you’re in to     photography? So is V, you should talk to him about it”
  • Unless someone points it out,     she probably isn’t gonna notice    
  • If someone does point it out,     she’s confused
  • “But, MC is MC? And V is     V? They’re different”    
  • Jaehee you’re missing the point 
  • She does notice it now
  • So at RFA parties she compares     you two, not in a bad way, and sees what people are talking about 
  • but it doesn’t bother her
  • She loves you, not V
  • Even if you are similar, she     fell in love with you, not V. 
  • Practically Perfect in every     way is a great description for Jaehee 
  • That being said, sometimes she     has to stop herself from questioning if you and V are related 
  • Probably does some sort of research 
  • She’s just curious ok


  • Kinda sees it but kinda doesn’t     it 
  • Like Jaehee, he’s more of a     ‘but they’re their own persons’ kind of person 
  • He’ll get really defensive if     Yoosung anyone doesn’t see you as you    
  • Also, he knows how pressuring     and scary it can be if you’re forcibly compared to someone else 
  • And he really doesn’t want you     to change because he loves you    
  • He finds it very amusing when     you and V talk, because it’s like V is talking to a mirror
  • Probably has to stop himself     from asking V why he’s talking to himself a lot 
  • But Zen appreciates your kind     and caring nature     
  • He’s fine with you sharing     traits with V


  • noticed it straight away 
  • Asked if you knew V before hand
  • You know how you sometimes     adapt friends characteristics when you’re around them a lot?
  • He thinks maybe that’s what’s     going on because you’re so similar    
  • He finds it so easy to talk to     you 
  • And V isn’t around much, so he     really needs someone     
  • He’s glad you’re there to help     him
  • Of course, he sees you as your     own person
  • It was a little weird to have     romantic feelings for you    
  • Because it was kind of like     having feelings for his best friend    
  • But it was you??
  • He’s gets over it quickly     though
  • He really appreciates the     understanding nature you and V shares    
  • And he loves seeing you and V     talk, because it’s like the two brightest suns in the world colliding 
  • It’s beautiful 
  • Also apparently Jumins poetic 


  • Probably jokes about it at     first
  • Of course
  • Says you and V are long lost     twins     
  • But then all the stuff with     Mint Eye happens
  • He probably pushes you away     more than he would with anyone else 
  • You’re like him, what if you     hurt him as well?     
  • Can you really be that     different?     
  • It takes some time 
  • But 
  • He loves you, he does, but give     him some time to accept that V betrayed him
  • Let him sort out that it was V     and not you     
  • Once that’s done he needs you     by his side
  • Your understanding and caring     nature really helps him    
  • He stops thinking about V after     you, it hurts him too much to think of you as him
  • Or to think that you are     similar     
  • Or that you might hurt him
  • No, no that’s not fair on you. 
  • So, he puts V out his mind, and     you’re just you.


  • please don’t make him think     about that
  • Please don’t make him see your     face when he has nightmares about killing that man
  • If he compares you to V, he     will start seeing himself kill you. It wasn’t you, but what if it was?
  • He didn’t know V, the only     thing he knew was he was once an obstacle in Rika’s way
  • That’s what he did think, now     he sees him as an innocent man that lost his life 
  • Because of him
  • So he doesn’t think you have     similar personalities     
  • And even if he did know V and     who he was     
  • Why the hell would he care? 
  • He loves you not that man 
  • But please don’t make him think     about you and him being similar 
  • It will hurt him so much
  • Whoever pointed it out better     be ready for the backlash     
  • Because if Saeran starts to     think about that
  • It will break him 
  • So just keep being yourself and     keep being there for him     
  • And let him love you for you 


  • Someone pointed it out, and he     just kinda…
  • Who?
  • The kid that got killed by the     Saeyoungs brother?     
  • Okay sure whatever you say…
  • He didn’t know V, at all. 
  • So??? 
  • Gives 0 shits 
  • In general if he has a partner     that is as kind, sweet and considerate as V he’ll wonder what we did to     deserve it      

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Hai! I really enjoy seeing your content. I was curious about how the s & m brothers would react to an s/o who is shy and easily flustered, but also has a dirty mind and can't help but laugh at things she takes that way.

Hey, sorry this took so long! I’m back from holiday now but school starts tomorrow, so don’t expect too many updates guys :)


Shu: Has a field day teasing her (when he can be bothered) and enjoys watching her get to wound up and flustered about the littlest of things that wouldn’t bother anyone else.

Reiji: Whilst it is highly amusing to see her stumbling over her words and avoiding his gaze when he teases her, it can become kind of annoying for him when she takes everything in the wrong way; surely a punishment would be fitting for such a woman.

Subaru: He’s almost exactly the same, only angrier and more likely to lash out. Because his S/O is so similiar to him, it does give him a little more confidence, since he can be sure his S/O is feeling exactly the same way as he is.

Ayato: Loves her so much! Or, as much as someone like him can care for a person. He loves feeling like she’s innocent and he’s corrupting her, and the fact that she makes him laugh is a bonus.

Laito: Pretty much the same as Ayato, but sometimes when she gets flustered after he’s asked her to do something sexual he can slightly loose his temper and get a little more pushy.

Kanato: Hates it, but loves it at the same time. Likes her innocence, but hates how she becomes a bumbling idiot whenever something slightly suggestive comes up.

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these pride month foods are really half assed and it would have been better if you didn't bother at all because no matter what you can't cover all the different "identities" out there now. if you want to do the same thing next year, just stick to the LGBT and you'll have hit the umbrella's that everyone in the community can fall under

I don’t really appreciate this, because I’m trying really hard here. I understand your point but I would like to try and include as much as I can, so hopefully you’ll respect that and just appreciate the videos for what they are. If you can’t do that, feel free to block the “pride” tag so you don’t have to see them.

lucifer ( season 1 ) starters
  • ( ep 7-13 )
  • You're not busy, are you?
  • Actually, shocker, I am busy.
  • Now, I'm one not to get into the feels, usually, but... you seem genuinely distressed. You okay?
  • Do you want to--I don't know--chat about it or something?
  • Sex is always on the table.
  • You sure you don't want to chase after her?
  • We brought you a birthday gift.
  • You're supposed to be on my side, you know.
  • What's bothering you right now?
  • Well... right now I'm experiencing a very odd feeling. It's--it's like a fat man sitting on my chest. But not in a fun way.
  • You're really in therapy?
  • Why is that so surprising?
  • You're the least reflective person I know.
  • I have layers. I'm like an onion. An irresistible one.
  • You don't save a marriage by sleeping with other people
  • It can't hurt to try.
  • Have you ever considered that all of this excessive partying may be your attempt to fill a void?
  • The most evil of people have the most normal names, I've experienced. Beware anyone named Keith
  • We all have demons inside.
  • It's okay. I'm not afraid of dying.
  • We might not always understand it, but God has a plan.
  • You get to eat chocolate cake in bed tonight.
  • You don't care who you piss off, do you?
  • I made a friend today.
  • I can't believe that I would let myself care for him again
  • You're a kind person who puts the needs of others before your own
  • You can't be mad at me forever.
  • Oh, God, what have I done?
  • Don't worry, my father's the forgiving sort
  • Only you could turn a tragic death into an excuse to talk about you.
  • Where have you been?
  • Deviant foreplay is so time-consuming.
  • Come on, you can't say this isn't the best sex you've ever had
  • If that's supposed to be an offering to me, I decline on grounds of salmonella.
  • Step one, travel back in time and not make such a mess of things.
  • You know, I'm suddenly reminded of why I wanted you dead in the first place.
  • Look, I know you think I'm a bad guy
  • I need a favor

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I read almost every work u have in one night (couldn't sleep anyways) and I'm in love with ur blog. The way u write is really good and make it enjoyable. I see that u have open the request so, if it isn't a bother, I would like a yandere son of the reader, but not like... Edipo complex. The son just don´t see any men worth of them, like the reader is some kind of goddess and the son just can't stand the idea of other man who doesn't treat them with enough adoration. Reaper, hanzo (separated)

I was gonna do both of them but then it started getting really long. If you want someone else, feel free to send in another request!

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♔ Todomomo please?

♔ : Finding the other wearing their clothes

Aged up to their mid-twenties

Shouto yawned, stepping out of the bedroom, still feeling sore all over from yesterday’s fight. Thankfully, he had the day off. Usually the agency staggered their breaks, but this time, Momo did as well.

He made his way towards the kitchen, when he caught sight of his girlfriend wearing… his shirt?

After a moment of observation, Shouto concluded that it was one of his old ones, slightly battle-damaged.

“Did something happen with the laundry?” He asked, running his fingers through the the right side of his hair.

Momo paused, stopping halfway out of the kitchen, mug of coffee in hand.

“N-No… I just like it.” She explained, blushing crimson, “It, uh, reminds me of… you, that’s all.”

She’s so cute when she’s flustered.” He thought, grinning, “It’s not a side of her I get to see often…

Stepping closer, Shouto tilted his head to one side, “Looks good on you.”

She laughed, brushing the hair out of her face, “W-Well, I mean… it’s a… nice shirt.”

“Kinda damaged, actually. You could have taken one of the extras I have.”

“Those… They don’t, um,” She looked down, blush intensifying, and voice going quiet to practically a whisper, “smell like you.”

He raised an eyebrow, lips lifting into a smile.

Momo snorted at his look, trying to cover her embarrassment with a sip of coffee, “You were just gonna throw it out, right? I’m really just being practical.”

“Umhmm.” Shouto nodded, leaning down to kiss her cheek, “Practical, of course.”

“OK, well, now you’re never getting it back.” She huffed.

“I think I’m fine with that.”

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Probably an unpopular opinion BUT I DON'T CARE I really hate how the fandom gives too much attention to Karamatsu and only cares about certain characters if they are in relation to him. I like him- I really do- but the fandom butchers his character and now i can't go anywhere without seeing HIM or KARAMATSU ANGST and its really annoying. There are other characters. There are other sextuplets. Have any opinion- I won't change it- but this has been bothering me for a long while.

idk why u r coming to my blog, a ShitPost blog, to complain about karamatsu

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Yes! Please! Omg, please keep talking positively about s4 because I didn't really like it but can't really say why so make me love it, please ;u;

I’m not about to shut up about the things I like, so I’ll try. I can’t say how successful I’ll be though, especially if you don’t even know what bothered you :P

For one, I really really liked the set up work this season did. 

Lotor and his team had a major development. Lotor himself realized that he has no chance with restructuring the Empire into what he had planned the way he is now and I’m 90% sure that the loss of his generals affected him more than he let on. He also failed with his plan; he is a human enemy in that way. It’s refreshing to see that someone as strong and cunning as Lotor can fail too.

His generals went through a traumatic experience that changed their way of viewing things. From what we’ve seen so far, Lotor and them were really close before Narti. They hesitated to turn on Lotor but they concluded that they just weren’t safe anymore and decided to stick together. They are just as much as a team as Voltron is and I think they might join them at some point in the future!!

Now to the paladins. Allura grew more into her role and she realized that she wasn’t trained in magic, so with a little hope we’ll get back to that later. She kicked ass in Blue and called the entire coalition to arms - that’s important, up until now they’ve mostly fought in small groups, the war just shifted into taking the Galra empire back for good instead of just liberating singular planets.

Don’t even get me started on Pidge and Matt. I won’t shut up. God, I loved them. I loved them so so much. Their nerd talk, their mutual support, their open affections, everything. THEY WERE SO GREAT I LOVE THEM SO MUCH-

Next!!! Keith!!!! We didn’t see much of him this season but I was fine with that. He suffered a lot. Is still suffering a lot. It has come to the point that he was willing to do something straight up suicidal knowing that he’d likely die during it. The team hasn’t yet realized how messed up he really is, but should he come back (which he most likely will since he will absolutely want to be present for the discussion with Lotor) we might finally get more into that. Also, he got to train with the BoM - he got to connect with his Galra heritage a little more, even if it wasn’t in the healthiest way possible.

Now Shiro!!!!!!!!! I STILL BELIEVE THAT SHIRO IS KURON BUT I AM STILL VERY PROTECTIVE OF KURON-SHIRO AND I’M SUPER HAPPY THAT HE GOT TO PILOT BLACK!!!!!! It must have killed him to sit by and watch the team getting into dangerous situations over and over again. He relieved Keith of his burden as the leader (which YO KEITH ARE YOU BLIND ARE YOU NOT SEEING HOW PEOPLE FOLLOW YOU WILLINGLY WHEN YOU COMMAND THEM TO DO STUFF), something that might make Keith feel even more left out now but will definitely relieve him of a lot of pressure once he comes back.

Lance. Duuude, Lance in that last episode. Kuron-Shiro didn’t listen to his warning but he knew. That episode showed how much Lance grew during his time as Keith’s right hand: look at how he motivated Allura. He called her the “heart” of the team, not realizing that that’s a role he’s sharing (if not carrying on his own). His flirting was still reduced compared to the first 2 episodes so if serious!Lance stays for a little longer, the team will come to appreciate his assets sooner or later.

(Unfortunately there wasn’t much Hunk yet - but that doesn’t matter!! The show is supposed to run for 78 episodes and we have had 39, THERE IS TIME STILL. And he got to nerd out with Matt and Pidge <3)

Zarkon is back and he’s still as stupid and impatient as ever. Haggar has proven to be a powerful enemy once more. They discovered a new kind of quintessence, the portal to that other dimension still exists, Voltron has officially 1/3rd of the galaxy back under their control, Lotor is supposed to get killed on sight by the Galra Empire and wants to talk to Voltron.

Just!!!!!!!! The set up is amazing!!!!! We also got that filler episode that allowed me to finally breathe and laugh after s3 and the Keith angst!!!!!!!! I liked this season a lot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

helloworld-mynameismason  asked:

I saw the gender neutral post you shared a couple days ago (not rlly sure how long ago) but it was about gender neutral names for mom/dad/etc. Do you know the gender neutral versions for grandmother/grandfather and aunt/uncle? It's been bothering me for a while now because I can't really figure it out 😂😂

I don’t know about aunt/uncle, but I imagine that for grandmother/grandfather it would just be “grandrenther” or “grandren” since the root words would be the same. If anyone knows for certain, please let us know!


a series of unlikely crossovers: 

c: That’s it! I am officially over candlelight
k: Really?  I’ve heard some people find it —
c: — Quaint? Romantic?  That kind of wore off after lighting five billion of them.