really hungry rn

Cuddling with Jeno
  • omg hiii
  • y’all have no idea how i screamed when i saw this request
  • he’s such a bias wrecker
  • i know perfectly that after doing this i’ll have a completly different bias list, lmao
  • but let’s start okay!!
  • well, jeno is like low-key clingy right?
  • like, if we talk about the dreamies there are times when he’s normal and chill and there are times where he’s hugging and cuddling all of them right
  • well, with you it’s not like this,
  • he’s just over you aLL THE TIME
  • he just loves having skinship with you, even if is just little things idk holding your pinky or touch your hair
  • and it’s really cute, omg, as soon as he sees you he’s already running to you so he can hug you and place his hand all over you
  • but i feel like his touches would be really soft and cute and would constantly ask you if you feel uncomfortable or if he’s bothering you
  • he’s such a genterman <3 but you’re like
  • “amm, obvs no? i love your cuddles bby”
  • i mean, who wouldn’t
  • and while cuddling he loves just talking to you
  • idk talking about little things like how you feel to big things like idk already planning your future together
  • and honestly i’m down for it like
  • i mean, having lee jeno, the most adorable being in this whole universe, by your side
  • + cuddling you the whole time
  • + listening to his soft voice in your ear
  • + talking about how much he wants to spend his whole future by your side
  • idk about you but sIGN ME THE FUCK UP MAN
  • it sounds like heaven to me, idk
  • and sometimes, when you’re having lazy dates you always watch one piece together and honestly he loves those days
  • also, he doesn’t have a problem with showing skinship in front of the members
  • he’s not the jealous type, specially from his friends, but he likes to remind them what is his ;))
  • and he’s always the big spoon
  • except when you’re having the lazy dates
  • in the case he would prefer to have you sitting by his side, maybe with his arm around your waist or holding your hands
  • but he doesn’t care if u complain, he just loves being the big spoon bc he feels like he’s protecting you?? and loves how smol your figure is compared to his
  • i’M DYING, this is adorable oh my
  • but why would you even complain i mean just imagine it,,,,
  • jeno backhugging you and talking to you with his beautiful voice softly in your ear
  • it’s like my fucking dream
  • so, going to the story now
  • it was a rainy day and you were in the dreamies dorms
  • for some reason?? you and all the dreamies were in jeno’s room talking about idk food
  • and when you sat next to jeno in his bed he would suddenly put one of his arms around your shoulders
  • and at the same time just talk naturally with donghyuck about how jajangmyeon is better than champon
  • and all the members are like
  • “eww stop doing that”
  • and he’s like
  • “no, dude, can you stop being so affectionate when we are around, jfc”
  • and all of them just leave both of you alone lmao
  • actually they’re used to his skinship, they just love to tease both of you lmao
  • btw, i never tried korean food before?? i tried chinese food tho and it’s soooooo good
  • i’m really hungry rn idk, why am i talking about food jfc
  • “i guess we’re alone now ;))”
  • “hey beauty, would you like to watch one piece with me? ;)
  • jfc, this boii
  • but you say yes because the day was really relaxing and watching some anime with this prince would make it just a lot better right
  • and he’s really silent when you watch anime, maybe laughing from time to time or making little comments
  • but he would also like, randomly compliment you??
  • like idk while watching the opening or while you change the episode he would remind you how beautiful you are and how in love he is with you
  • ”you look really pretty today, babe”
  • “you’re so breathtaking”
  • “i love you so much, princess”
  • and you’re there just blushing non stop
  • “stop it”
  • “did you get shy? aw, my baby is so cute <3″
  • and when you hide your face in his chest he would laugh and caress your hair, making your heart beat faster
  • “i really love you, y/n, you would never be able to know how important you’re to me”
  • how is it possible for this bby to be so romantic he’s like ten years old
  • “i love you too, baby”
  • “now put the next episode, don’t you i’m waiting”
  • lmao
  • and the end <33 so cute omg
  • i love him even more now, but anyways byee

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what about some good ol' domestic fluff

I’m really hungry rn so I wrote about breakfast, also Mille is featured because I love her so much. Seriously, guys, check out this pup

“Mmm… Something smells good,” Stiles announced as he strolled into the kitchen, running a hand through his messy hair. Their puppy, Mille, galloped after him into the room, skidding to a hasty stop at his feet, nearly colliding with the back of his legs.

Derek looked up from the griddle, a plastic spatula in his right hand. He smiled widely at his fiance, who was yawning, and succinctly explained, “Thought you might like some chocolate chip pancakes to celebrate your day off.”

“You would be right,” Stiles claimed with a beaming grin, his stomach rumbling in anticipation as the smell of chocolate and freshly brewed coffee hit his nose. He took a couple more steps into the kitchen, Mille following him like a lost duckling that had imprinted on him.

She did end up bumping into his leg when he stopped beside the kitchen island, resting his hip against it.Chuckling, he reached down to scratch under the puppy’s chin, bending over to kiss the spot of white on her forehead.

Straightening up, he crossed the room to the pantry, opening it and rifling around for the bag of dog food. Mille danced around his ankles, yipping in excitement when she heard the sound of Stiles scooping up some food.

She followed him over to her food bowl, tail wagging as she skipped around, still barking. As Stiles filled her bowl, he addressed Derek, “Maybe we could take her for a walk later. She could use the exercise.”

He smirked as he wandered over to Derek’s side, joking, “And she always gets me plenty of phone numbers.”

“Wow. Really, babe? Using our puppy to pick up cougars in the park?” Derek tsk-ed, shaking his head in disapproval as he pursed his lips. Stiles had to hand it to him, he really did have the disappointed dad look down pat. It would definitely come in handy when they had kids.

“Yup,” Stiles answered cheekily, laying his head on Derek’s shoulder and coyly batting his eyelashes. “You don’t mind, right?”

Derek set down his spatula on the counter and turned down the heat on the stove. A moment later, he had Stiles in his arms, spinning him around a few times before setting him on and counter.

He braced his palms on the counter on either side of Stiles’ hips, leaning in close to bump their noses together. Pressing his forehead against Stiles’, he murmured, “Guess again. Something like that deserves punishment.”

“Oh my god, please tell me you’re gonna spank me,” Stiles blurted, setting his hands on Derek’s bare chest, drawing circles with his thumbs. His face was flushed from laughing so hard when Derek spun him around, his pale face blotchy and red.

But Derek just shook his head, a devious smirk curling his lips that were just out of Stiles’ reach. He leaned in close, as though he was going to kiss Stiles, but just before their lips could meet, he declared, “No bacon for you.”

“Aww, come on!”

send me a theme and I’ll write a 500 word fic for it!

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Can you do more Filipino Yamaguchi head canons please, they're just perfffff ( ; 0 ; )/

filipino yamaguchi is my everything (。’▽’。)♡

half filipino yamaguchi tadashi making jokes in tagalog but they don’t translate in japanese

half filipino yamaguchi tadashi likes opm (not all of the songs tho bc some of are really corny) and introduces some of his fave songs to tsukki

half filipino yamaguchi tadashi whose older cousins (they’re in college by now) ask him if he wants to spend their summer break with them in baguio! yams asks tsukki and he goes with him and tsukki isn’t expecting baguio to be so damn cold so he doesn’t bring any warm clothes with him. when they get there, tadashi’s college friends flirt with the both of them. tadashi flirts back in tagalog and tsukki (even though yamaguchi and his mom have been teaching him some tagalog) doesn’t understand anything. yamaguchi buys him strawberrry taho afterwards

half filipino yamaguchi tadashi whose older cousins bursts in their room at midnight, waking them both up and demands they go ghost hunting since they’re in baguio!! that’s like, ghost party central!

half filipino yamaguchi tadashi who invites tsukki to the philippines for christmas break and yamaguchi wakes him up at 3 in the morning, telling him to get dressed for simbang gabi

half filipino yamaguchi tadashi who knows how to cook filipino food but he prefers cooking sweet things like turon, yema, polvoron, pastillas, palitaw etc etc

half filipino yamaguchi tadashi telling his team mates stories about the philippines and some of them lose their shit over cheese ice cream

half filipino yamaguchi tadashi who helps his grandma make ube and candied peanuts (which are basically just peanuts cooked in butter and sugar) because she needs someone strong to keep stirring so they won’t burn

half filipino yamaguchi tadashi whose chosen as an escort for flores de mayo/santacruzan and his cousins send pics of him in his barong tagalog to tsukki

half filipino yamaguchi tadashi whose fawned over by the same girls who used to make fun of him when he was younger because of his freckles just because they realized that he’s surprisingly handsome when he’s all dressed up and looks like he’s ready to go to a wedding

half filipino yamaguchi tadashi who somehow convinces tsukishima to have a movie marathon with him and they start watching really bad/funny/heartbreaking filipino movies

half filipino yamaguchi tadashi who is expressive as heck when he speaks in tagalog

I just want to think about Cole doing human things and being happy bc I feel really tired and worn out

I want to think about Cole starting to eat after he becomes more human and finding foods he really likes. I can imagine him mixing things together without that seem really weird to other people but he has no prior opinion of what foods go well together so he doesn’t care. Imagine Cole cooking for other people and it not being too good at first but soon he’s bringing snacks to the inquisitor bc they’ve fallen asleep at their desk again and he knows they’ll be hungry when they wake up. Or imagine him bringing Cassandra’s favourite cookies with him when they read together. Imagine him bringing whole meals to Cullen or Josephine because they were planning on skipping dinner due to all the work they have left to do.

Think about Cole climbing trees. He isn’t short but he likes the way that the tree and him work together to be taller. Imagine him falling asleep in the branches, closing his eyes to the sounds of the wind shifting through the branches and waking up with sparrows perches on his head. Think about him carrying seeds up the trees with him, now he and the birds can relax together. The birds will eat the seeds and he will eat up the view, watching as people go about their business completely unaware of the young man observing him from the branches of the trees they pass under. He can listen better from up here.

Imagine Cole trying to steal from the kitchens even tho people can see him now. He still tries because the squirrels are hungry and nobody ever remembers to feed them. The kitchen staff catch him with an upturned hat filled with an assortment of walnuts and bread crusts. The cook smiles and grabs an apple from the fruit bowl on the counter. She slices it into smaller pieces and suggests they sit in the garden where the squirrels like to play. They sit together in the grass until the squirrels have had their fill, naming each of the fuzzy creatures as they cautiously approach Cole’s nut filled palm. Afterwards the cook invites him to come back tomorrow, and the day after. He doesn’t have to sneak around so much, she tells him, she’ll gladly supply the food the squirrels need. “Anything for a friend”