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Ilvermorny Houses

“The boys’ ideas of what a magical school ought to be like were based almost entirely on Hogwarts, so they insisted that it ought to have four houses. The idea of naming the houses after themselves was swiftly abandoned and instead, each chose their favourite magical beast. For Chadwick, an intelligent but often temperamental boy, it was the Thunderbird that can create storms as it flies. For argumentative but fiercely loyal Webster, it was the Wampus, a magical panther-like creature that was fast, strong and almost impossible to kill. For Isolt, it was, of course, the Horned Serpent that she still visited and with which she felt a strange sense of kinship. When asked what his favourite creature was, James was at a loss. The only No-Maj in the family was unable to consort with the magical creatures the others had begun to know well. Finally, he named the Pukwudgie, because the stories his wife told of curmudgeonly William always made him laugh.”

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this was my countdown piece that I did for the @sunmoon-count but due to school and stuff I couldn’t find time to digitalize it ha ha…

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Gif Request Meme → Spartacus + Favourite Villain [requested by softvoicesdie]

“‘Proper’ is a word forged by men who would seek to enslave us with it.” - Lucretia

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The new kid that’s just been cast as Spider-man is gonna get so much hate I can literally hear parts of tumblr already preparing to rip him to shreds.

Let’s remember that he did not cast himself and any comments you feel you need to make should be directed at Marvel.

the best brothers tbh 

Scared Of Losing You

Request: A Reader x Raphael where the reader lets another vampire who is her friend drink some of her blood to help him heal after being seriously hurt and Raphael gets really jealous.                   Warning:None!                       Note:I hope you’ll like it..If you do let me know..:)))                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            i was sitting on the couch reading some book,as a mundane I spend most of my time in the hotel because of Raphael,but I didn’t see him the whole day because some vampire business and It’s already getting late..I closed the book and got up from my spot walking toward the door,then I saw Y/F/N entering the room..’Leaving so  soon.’ I looked at him..’Well yeah,Raphael isn’t here and I can’t wait for him it’s getting dark and you know how he is..He wouldn’t let me go home alone in the night.’ He smiled at me ‘Oh trust me I know and that’s way I’m going to keep you company and make sure you get home safe.’ I smiled and nodded my head.’Thank you!’                                                                                                                                                                                        The night was really beautiful,I could feel a warm breeze on my face it was so calming we were near my house when Y/F/N stopped me blocking my way with his hands ‘Shhh stay behind me.’ I just nodded my head and did as he said and in that moment i saw a demon coming in our way..Y/F/N runned toward him and they started fighting at first I didn’t know what to do but then I saw a metal pipe on the ground and when I heard Y/F/N screaming I picked it up and stubbed a demon in the chest..The demon dissapeared and I throw the pipe and instantly run toward Y/F/N  he was lying down and crying out of pain,I could see a big wound on his left side..’Y/N you need to leave now.’                   ‘And leaving you here hurt,yeah I don’t think so.’ I helped him up..’Can you walk?’ He nodded his hand and we started walking back to the hotel..                                                                                                                                             I bursted into the  hotel putting him down on the couch and yelling Raphaels name ‘RAPHAEL!’ He walked into the room confused looking at the both of us.’What the hell happened?’                                                                                                                                                                                                           ‘ ‘We got attacked by a demon and he got hurt protecting me.’ I could see his jaw clenching but I didn’t get it why so I just push the tought away from my mind,I walked and checked his wound and it was still bleeding,and he should be healing by now…’Oh please don’t bleed on my couch.’ I looked back at Raphael is he being serious right now…’Then help me get him in his room.’ He looked at me ..’There’s no way in hell I’m doing that.’ I gave him a death glare ‘SERIOUSLY SANTIAGO?!’ i started getting irritated by his behavior,seriously what was his problem right now…”Ugh fine!.’ He got him up from the couch and started walking toward his room.I helped him to put him down on the bed and I brought a towel and leaned on the wood..’Why he doesn’t started healing.’Raphael looked at me ‘Well the wound is deep that need time.’Then I looked back at Y/F/N a idea popping up in my head..’What if I-’ I saw Raphael tensing up’’”Oh Y/N don’t you dare.’ But I didn’t listen to him I leaned my wrist on Y/F/N ‘Drink!” He looked unsure first but then he started drinking and I heard Raphael saying..’Maybe he won’t be able to stop,he could kill you.’                                                                                                                 ‘Then let him,he’s my bestfriend and I’m not going to let him die.’I saw how his wound started healing and he stopped…”Well maybe you should let him.’ I couldn’t stand his behavior anymore sO I stood up and turned toward him ‘AND WHY DIDN’T YOU LET ME DIE THAT NIGHT WHEN I GOT HURT HUH,WHY DID YOU TOOK ME TO MAGNUS TO HEAL ME? My voice started shaking at the end but I couldn’t hold it up anymore,his looked softened ‘Because I couldn’t stand the tought of losing you you’re everything I have and I love you so much,and now I got scared that you would leave me for someone better..That you would leave me for him.’ He looked down and for the first time I could see that he was scared..Raphael Santiago the great vampire leader was scared of losing me..’I walked toward him putting my hands on his cheeks so he could look at me ..’I would never leave you for anyone else because I love you too with all my heart,and vampire or not you’re the one that I want.’ He smiled and kissed me with so much love it was true I wouldn’t change him for anyone else he’s all that I need.And yes Raphael Santiago maybe was hard sometimes but I didn’t mind.                      


Tolkien characters + Hogwarts houses | Part 2 [Part 1]

What I expect of Kiibo

Kiibo is my favorite so far so I hope that he inherits the will of the characters from the previous games within his AI. His name already indicates that he is somehow important towards the whole ‘hope will always beat despair’ theme.

And on a headcanon note, I hope that he gets really offended everytime someone points out he is not human. Like

‘Hey, Kiibo, do you want to eat something with us? You know, since you are a robot -’

‘Don’t pretend I don’t eat anything just because I am a robot!! Who are you?! The robot police?!’

‘Oh gosh, calm down, it wasn’t meant that way.’

‘Oh so you think you can tell me when I shall calm down because you are a human? I’ll remember that!!’

‘What the…?!’

or something. :,) and that he really tries to fit into the human crowd but has a lot of gadgets that make it very obvious he is a machine. Just like Nidai could pour cola from his eyes. Poor guy.