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Ouran Host Club + Outfit Themes (1/?):

Balinese Royalty

“Gentlemen don’t bundle up in bulky clothing. It may be chilly, early spring out there in the real world but here at the club, we want to surprise our cold little kittens with a warm, tropical paradise. Oh, yes! We turned this place into Nirvana. A tropical island of everlasting summer!”

“You’re going to be bad for business, I can tell.”

@lesetoilesfous requested Moulin Rouge!Kuroken and I died a thousand deaths of happiness. 


And so the powers that were did decide to send Billy and his boys over the river first and they spent a cold night/morning securing roadways and waiting for the rest of the army to cross the Delaware.

anonymous asked:

would you ever consider writing in French? I would love love love to read your work in French

Oh, wow this is a surprising ask haha. Truth be told anon, I haven’t written in French in so long that I don’t even know if I’d be able to make anything worth reading? It’s so strange because it is my first language but ever since I started my higher education in English, it’s like my brain associates English with writing? Especially doing a degree in English Literature?? Narratives come to me in English now? I don’t know being bilingual is weird. I write everything in English: essays, fics, my original fiction? I can’t remember the last time I read a book in French, let alone the last time I wrote any fiction in it? Probably some super awful short stories that I wrote in high school and would be mortified to reread haha… I guess it could be a challenge to see if I still can, but I don’t know if there would be an audience for that beyond you? Or if I’d even manage it. Like… Even on days where my brain is Very French and I’m struggling to write because of it, the words don’t really come in French?? They just don’t come at all?? Idk, have I mentioned bilingualism and linguistics are weird??? I guess some people would say it’s sad since it’s supposed to be my first language but I don’t really feel that way? I like the fact that both languages have different functions in my life and that I see them so differently. 


I’m really bored so I thought I’d do some requests. You can choose any character (though I’m better at drawing dudes) from any if these fandoms: RWBY, ATLA & LOK, Free!, One Punch man, Princess Princess (however I doubt anyone has watched it) Yuri!!! On ice, Ouran highschool host club, Haikyuu!!, Food wars, Kiss him not me, Hetalia (I know I’m trash), Gravity Falls, Steven Universe and any other fandom I’ve posted about (NOT killing stalking though). I’m limiting myself to animated shows and comics. So send me an ask and I’ll try my best. This will probably be very temporary as I just happen to be super bored at the moment 

m0rbidcuri0sity  asked:


4. What is your zodiac sign?
im a stupid shitty leo haha (i dont hate leos. i just hate me and russell

9. How tall are you?
about 5'7"

12. What was your last dream about?
i was getting a hickey in a bathroom from @manicpixiedreamangel and i felt high. really boring sorry!

24. Baths or showers? i dont take baths or showers but bathtubs are nice to sleep in.

30. How many pillows do you sleep with?
none. im a freak of nature

33. What do you typically have for breakfast?
water, 2 med pickles, or ½ cup cucumber, 1/8 a tomato and 1 thin slice of turkey. on high cal day maybe apple sauce& cinnamon too?

36. Favorite clean word?
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im not sure. maybe tight or smthn.

37. Favorite swear word?
cunt, fuckos, fuckshit. i cant pic one cause im apparently an *~edge lord~*

42. Are you a good judge of character?
maybe sometimes but when ppl are good to me i get overwhelmed and love them too hard until it kills me.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!! i really appreciate it man

I feel kind of disappointed by the Supernatural finale… I don’t know I guess I had my expectations really high and I found the ep boring?? Also some of the lines felt really cheap and the scene with Dean and Cas in the impala hurt me in many ways u___u I didn’t like the way it was shot. Like at all. We are used to see the boys sitting in the Impala with a very different camera angle or whatever, one that keeps their bodies at almost the same size despite the distance between them. Like this:

Hell, we’ve even seen in our screens shit like this: 

Their faces are fucking touching, at least visually, and you can see the deep connection this two dorks share.

Now, what did we got this time?


Dean just let Cas know in the  most impersonal conversation ever that he is loved as a brother, and because of the way it was shot (intentionally creating that huge Grand Canyon between them) I didn’t get any of the feels that this scene was suposed to give. Not even platonic bros. We’ve got a problem here.

It also rubbed me the wrong way when Cas jumped in and said that somebody with a personal connection to Amara had to be the one to get close to her to take her down, and then looked at Dean. I mean, are you KIDDING me? That’s right what Lucifer told Dean while grabbing his right shoulder, back when Dean still didn’t knew Cas was possessed. We all knew that Cas would never say such a thing (heck, even Dean, bless his heart, seemed taken aback when he heard his friend say this). And know we have the real Cas saying exactly the same? If that’s not OOC I don’t know what it is. 

just a few dex headcannons:

  • he has three sisters and one brother. one of his sisters is a few years older than him, but the other two sisters and his brother are younger. 
  • his family is all freckly red heads except his youngest sister. she has brown hair. no one knows why. it’s kinda weird.
  • he sleeps with socks on, even if it’s really hot out
  • he’s decent at math, but finds it really boring and bland
  • he took a theatre class in high school once to try it out, and he hated it because everyone was really loud and seemed like they were trying too hard. The teacher was really nice, though. she seemed to catch on that he wasn’t super into standing up in front of a class of energetic and outgoing people and stuttering through a script, so she let him keep to himself and watch, passing him with a B+ at the end of the term
  • his best friend in the whole world (who he’s known since they were in kindergarten) moved their sophomore year to another state, and since then he’s always had a hard time making friends. he gets nervous around new people and frustrated when they make assumptions about him
  • his parents were always struggling to make ends meet, so him and his siblings had free lunch at school, but the food always sucked and provided minimal actual nutrients, so dex was always hungry at hockey practice :( :(
  • (when he meets bitty, he’s a bit put off at first. he doesn’t know how to tell him how much it means to him that bitty is always so eager to feed everyone without sounding weird, so he just helps him cook whenever bitty will let him.)
  • his mom is a nurse (THE IRONY)
  • when he was younger he also wanted to be a nurse (THE SWEET, DOUBLE IRONY) until he realized that it was a lot of work for a career that really doesn’t live up. He toyed with the idea of being a doctor for a bit, but then one of his little siblings fell really hard one day at a park and the sight of all the blood had him feeling queasy, and he decided against it 
  • he drinks black coffee, something that pisses nursey off greatly when he finds out, after shamefully pouring a large amount of sugar into his own mug. dex laughs at him.
  • he’s a cat person
  • he doesn’t have a favorite music genre, and his ipod is mostly just a complete mess of single songs by vastly different artists. some top 40′s songs that remind him of his younger sister (and now bitty), some classical orchestra music that reminds him of his mom, some classic rock for his dad, some angry girl music that reminds him of his oldest sister, and even some stupid hipstery acoustic bullshit that nursey sent him over skype that he begrudgingly liked enough to keep (nursey doesn’t know he kept it and isn’t allowed to touch his ipod for this reason)
  • he worked at a movie theater when he was in high school. it was horrible and he’s always super kind and polite to concessionists when he goes to movies now, because he recognizes the dead look in their eyes and can’t smell popcorn without flashing back to “20 dollars for popcorn and soda? let me speak to your manager please.”
  • he hogs the bed and is like an octopus when he sleeps, and it’s both cute and frustrating to whoever is sleeping with him. 
  • his hands are cold all the time
  • he had braces in middle school, but he got them off in the middle of his freshman year of high school. sometimes chowder mentions how annoying they are, and dex just pats him on the back, trying not to relive the horror
  • he had his first girlfriend when he was 13. they held hands at lunch and she kissed him on the cheek one day in front of all his siblings when they were about to walk home. he blushed and ALLLL of his siblings had something to say about it on the walk home
  • he’s gay as hell but he’s FILLED TO THE BRIM WITH INTERNALIZED HOMOPHOBIA my baby :(
[TRANS] 160702 IU replies fans on uaena fancafe (Part 3)

Fan: Unnie, the Legal High drama you recommended a long time ago was really interesting. Do you have any other recommendations..?!! I’m a university student looking for work, so I’m really bored..
IU: Legal High!!!
IU: Have you watched The Office?

Fan: Unnie, is there any song you’ve been listening to recently?
IU: I like ‘Bye bye my blue’ (TL note: Baek Yerin’s ‘Bye bye my blue’ MV )

Fan: That’s the same hat as this.

IU: How did you know?!!!

Fan: How is our YooDJ doing these days? keke
IU: Inna-jjing is busy filming a drama in China.. PangZhiyi.. Heart

Fan: Post a photo of your feet too -inserts photo of own feet-
IU: My feet…?

Fan: Post a photo on the freeboard please ㅜㅜㅜ (TL note: Only Marshmallows can reply on the From.IU board)
IU: Nope (firm)

Fan: Please post a photo there (an adult throwing a tantrum
IU: Alright alright I got it~~~~~

Fan: Did you remember to pick a category for your post..? keke (TL note: All the posts on the freeboard have to be tagged with a category.)
IU: I went and tagged it and came back…

Fan: Unni, what schedule do you have tomorrow?
IU: I have a print ad photoshoot for Cable TV tomorrow.

Fan: Unni, post a photo of your hand too -inserts photo of own hand-
IU: Hur hur

Fan: Unnie, you’re not following the rules on the freeboard!!
IU: IU, youuuuu~~~?!

Fan: Your right hand this time.
IU: Hur hur hur

Fan: Unnie, the freeboard rules state that you need to have at least 150 characters in your post~!!
IU: Im Sunah (the fan’s name), youuuu~~~?!!

Fan: Unnie, when did you meet YooDJ recently???
IU: 15th Juneㅠ0ㅠ

Fan: What does your blanket look like? kekekekeke Show it to us!!
IU: This is my favourite blanket..

IU: I’ll go sleep now. It’s been awhile, so it’s more fun right?! Goodnight! I’ll be back~~~ Hearteu

IU: I’ll end off with an innocent panda 

IU: Bbyong~

Translated by squishy with love