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Can we all just take a moment and feel bad for thirstguy who only had one wish before he died…

No, it wasn’t his family, 

aaand probably also not finishing his collection of scented candles

Nope, it was his true love drinky.


Musicals In a Nutshell
  • Miss Saigon: Everyone Has an Unhealthy Obsession With America™ the Musical
  • Hamilton: Fries dipped in ice cream. You think the combination won't work, but it still does. Like, really well.
  • Heathers the Musical: High School Musical is boring. To spice things up, why don't we clone Sharpay twice and turn Troy into a traumatized sociopath?
  • Dear Evan Hansen: An awkward confused teen meets more awkward confused teens. Hell is unleashed.
  • Beauty and The Beast: France's First Furries

Come on Cas, it’s just prom, not the end of the world

This is my second amazing commission from linneart, it’s the last one for now but definitely looking forward to working with her again if I ever need another commission ;)

It’s the same idea as my first one, this time it’s them from ‘Free to Be You and Me’, which is season five where they were actually dealing with the end of the world. Get it? Anyways, the only thing world ending in that high school is probably not getting a date for prom. I am so happy that I got my two perfect and amazing commissions from such a talented artist and cool person. Thanks!


Ouran Host Club + Outfit Themes (1/?):

Balinese Royalty

“Gentlemen don’t bundle up in bulky clothing. It may be chilly, early spring out there in the real world but here at the club, we want to surprise our cold little kittens with a warm, tropical paradise. Oh, yes! We turned this place into Nirvana. A tropical island of everlasting summer!”

No but think about a high school au

Random thought but imagine the cliche with:
Shirayuki as the bright first year with equally as bright hair who spends all her time studying in the library before being dragged out by fellow first year Yuzuri who is often accompanied by second year Suzu
Zen as the headmaster’s son (Izana’s in university or something idek I haven’t thought this through) and known as the handsome ‘prince’ of the school by the students who is both good at sports and gets good grades.
Finally the mysterious third year transfer student Obi. No one knows anything about him but he’s best known for his playful attitude and good looks.
Zen saves Shirayuki from a student from a nearby school who seems intent on dating her due to her hair (Raj???) and eventually Shirayuki ends up tutoring Obi because she’s just that dam smart???
EDIT: Ryuu is a middle schooler Shirayuki tutors and sometimes Obi tags along to their sessions.
EDIT 2: Yuzuri and Suzu have a betting pool for the students to bet on who Shirayuki will end up with.

“You’re going to be bad for business, I can tell.”

@lesetoilesfous requested Moulin Rouge!Kuroken and I died a thousand deaths of happiness. 

taekook rec: march 2017

if this is what you want, i’ll get closer to you by bambambams (phanjessmagoria)

“You’re almost exactly how you seemed, hyung.”

Taehyung laughed, slinging an arm over Jungkook’s shoulders and tugging him close. Perhaps it was too intimate a gesture for the two of them, since they weren’t actually friends, but they’d known each other for the months they’d been taking dance classes together, so Jungkook didn’t shrug it off. “Then, should we get to know each other a bit better, Jungkook-ah?”

feel it coming by aeterisks

When Taehyung phoned the plumber he wasn’t expecting to have the embodiment of hot sent to his home, but he’s not about to complain.

(Or, Jeongguk is a plumber and Taehyung gets much more than his shower fixed.)

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Shit from our D&D campaign: Session #3

In which we don’t fight anything in three whole hours and get super frustrated about it

I’m gonna start referring to characters by name rather than race so if you want to keep track of who’s who I recommend referring to this . If you want previous session round-ups, check the tag #riencing campaign

  • At the end of the last session Manpip (gnome) went off his own in the port town we’d arrived in, and revealed that, for reasons unknown, he’d kicked the local shrine and then cut the beard off the dwarf who runs the shrine. We decide to leave town very quickly
  • He then took this dude’s beard, knitted it into a scarf and insisted on wearing it for the rest of the journey
  • The shrine dwarf’s name was literally Spiritbeard and we’re not 100% sure if this beard-scarf contains a large amount of spiritual energy because nobody has a decent Arcana check - it may or may not be whispering to Manpip or it could just be random voices in his head
  • We’re literally five minutes down the road to the capital city when we spot a side-road that leads down to the coast and everyone decides we need a beach episode
  • The beach is covered in dead jellyfish. Nobody goes swimming. Manpip starts stuffing dead jellies in his bag
  • We discover a cave containing a shrine to a giant jellyfish god. My awed whisper of ‘it’s the Voidfish’ goes unappreciated
  • The shrine is guarded by some tiny angry fish-people, which inexplicably we decide not to fight and regret later 
  • Instead Skaan (bard) uses Message to telepathically tell one of the fish dudes that he’s their jellyfish god and wants them to run into the ocean and stay there for 30 minutes. Somehow this works
  • Etney (dragonborn) has to stay outside and guard the cave entrance because in character creation I decided she couldn’t swim and was not expecting us to have to wade up a fucking river
  • After squabbling over the loot at the shrine we find a tunnel at the back of the cave completely submerged in water - Skaan is an Air Genasi so doesn’t need to hold his breath and we send him through alone, where he finds a huge underground cavern in pitch darkness and encounters a single glowing green eye, which he promptly bolts from. Turns out we’d accidentally found an access point to the Underdark several sessions too early
  • The rest of the journey is super boring because we all get really high luck rolls and don’t meet anyone
  • Finally we reach an inn in the forest where we stay the night, which is run by a female gnome called Zucchini. Manpip, who has never seen another gnome before and his entire character arc is now complete after 3 sessions, is utterly dumbstruck by this and there’s at least five minutes of him awkwardly trying to flirt with her, including an excruciatingly bad Persuasion roll where he tries to invite himself to her room for the night
  • Manpip announces to Theryn, who has watched this whole exchange with fascination and horror, that his new mission in life is to get Zucchini to marry him no matter what. I asked the DM to do a Lesbian Perception Check on Zucchini but he didn’t tell us the result, so that may come back to bite Manpip later
  • The next-door tavern is full of merchants, which our DM instantly regrets because he’s never done commerce before - he ret-cons the rubies Theryn found in the cave and makes them garnets instead because he didn’t realise just how valuable rubies were and our fighter was essentially carrying about 30,000 GP in his pocket
  • We have our first encounter with Mylov the Potions Seller, who did not seem to understand how economics work, may or may not have killed his boss, and is 100% our equivalent of Garfield the Deals Warlock
  • He pays for his drinks using a Potion of Climbing, which results in the barman crawling along the ceiling like Spiderman for the rest of the time spent in there

There’s a trend I’ve noticed in fiction that I honestly don’t like: When a book or movie is teaching us about values, they always teach us that the most important things in life are friendship and courage and the like. The bad guys are always the big-picture thinkers, the intelligent ones and the ones who value logic over emotion. I feel like these books are telling us that friendship is more important than hard work, and who cares if you have a future as long as you’re a nice person? I don’t think that’s a realistic message to send, to be honest. Intelligence and logic are important, in many ways just as important as friendship and bravery - in some ways, more important. They should be more balanced in fiction, in my opinion.

I was tagged by @wetsammywinchester to post ten facts about myself and then pass it along to some of y’all. First, can we all just agree that Paula is great? And if you’re not following her–well, you should be. Honestly. 

Now, this sort of thing usually makes me forget my whole life story, but let’s see how it goes:

1. I was absolutely an accident baby, showing up seven years after my youngest brother. (High five, Paula!) My mom claims it was an awesome surprise, because she’s a nice lady. (Apparently when she told my dad the reaction was shock and then a huge grin. This is so cute to imagine.)

2. We had season tickets to the opera from when I was about seven to when I was about nineteen. I still find opera a little dull, but I can’t stand theater. (This despite being a theater kid in high school.) And I really, really hate musicals. What’s the deal with that, brain.

3. I fully admit that a lot of my political leanings are based off of watching the West Wing throughout my formative years. They’ve gotten more complex since then, but I still wish President Bartlett was my president.

4. I never had a teddy or equivalent toy that I clung to as a kid, which I think is kind of weird.

5. I’ve actually never done a schedule-class drug. I’m too protective of my brain. (Those ‘never have I ever’ games are pretty bad for me.)

6. I only recently put together that the vast majority of the ships I find interesting have an incest element, which is a little worrisome. No familial lust here, I promise. (But seriously, what’s with that? Is it the obsession? The intensity?)

7. I really dislike baked potatoes.

8. I went through a period of being pretty smug, and then went into a kind of nadir of being intensely self-critical, and now have evened out. Still sort of struggle with the right balance to take on confidence vs. caution, tho.

9. I have never listened to the radio, with a brief exception of listening to the terrible modern rock station for about nine months in 2006. (They’d play Tool, sometimes.) I also have the magical ability to not hear ambient music (in restaurants, in stores, etc.), so have had this and similar conversations with the BFF many times:
“Have I heard an Adele song?”
“…Yeah. Dude, like, every day.”
Thank god for Spotify, or I’d have no music life at all.

10. Here’s where I’m digging for things I haven’t already told y’all. Um. …I was valedictorian in high school, but (thank god!) the ceremony got rained out so I didn’t have to give the speech. (I was fine with doing it, but my initial cool speech got neutered by the boring-ass vice-principal [that bitch], so I really didn’t want to.) Side-note: followed that up by taking a super easy major in college and coasting throughout. I’m lazy, what can I say.

–so now, I get to tag ten of you! How exciting, because then you have to tag me back and I get to learn random things about you. Let’s see:

@nomercles, @silver9mm, @marrieddorks, @purgatoan, @withthedemonblood, @buttheyrebrothers, @oopsmybadbro, @idontneedasymbol, @chiisana-sukima, @idontdo-marigolds

School Info from Kay

Okay so since I’m a senior now i feel like i should give some words of wisdom to the upcoming freshmen on how to “survive” high school and general stuff that comes with it!


  • Make friends. easiest way to do this is by talking to people in class or by joining clubs. I promise you there are people out there who share interests with you, you just gotta find em
  • Don’t go to big parties. I’ve been to a few and honestly they’re really boring and everyone is drunk/high and the cops might show up which just makes you anxious. Freshman year, don’t go to big parties. Instead, go chill with some friends and raid a CVS for soda and chips at 2AM. Way more fun, way less stressful. Better memories too.
  • Hang out with people on weekends! People can generally give/get rides, and chilling out on weekends while studying is a really fun thing to do. Skype is also a great way to do this if rides aren’t available.
  • No one notices if you are alone at lunch/in the hallway, so dont feel worried. If your friends have a different lunch than you, try to make some friends in the same lunch, or pretend youre studying if you feel awkward about sitting alone.
  • Dont. Date. Upperclassmen. Its not that you’re immature or not, but its freaking creepy if an upperclassman wants to date you. There is something wrong with them if they want to date you. Especially seniors - they’re almost adults and they’re going after someone just out of middle school? thats fucked up. Just dont do it. Even if they’re cute and on the tennis team or something, don’t do it. 
  • Don’t have sex/send nudes “just because” Not to be proverbial, but if your friends jumped off a cliff would you? no. I know that you may feel ready, but I can promise you that it just feels bad afterward if you really arent ready. I’m a sex-positive person, but freshman year is too young to put yourself in that emotional position. It’s very stressful, and for myself personally as well as friends of mine it caused us all more anxiety than we would have gotten otherwise.
  • Don’t overstuff your schedule with clubs. I tried this last year, and it was just way too stressful. Instead, focus on one or two clubs that interest you. Leave time for yourself.


  • Be up front with teachers about mental health. Teachers will try to help you. They will work with you on that stuff. I can only speak from my experiences, but finding professional help for my mental illnesses actually helped me in school. 
  • Don’t procrastinate forever. If you have tests, prepare for them ahead of time. If you have projects, start doing research or plan. If you have a paper due, start writing before the last day. Even if it’s possible to do something the last second, the stress isnt worth 
  • Take time for yourself. buy that bath bomb and chill out to the sounds of metallica if you want to, binge watch voltron one weekend if you want to. Take a nap if you want to. Play some video games if you want to. Just, don’t fill your time with school. You will wear yourself out so fast. 
  • Talk to your friends. If you had shit friends in middle school, get new ones who listen to and respect you. Friends are there to be friendly. For those of you who have parents you trust, talk to them.
  • Be super fucking gay. This obviously applies to location, but most schools now have some variation of a gsa/saga. Join them. If you’re closeted, just say you’re looking into it for a research paper or something, or that youre an ally. i can promise you there are more gay people in your school than you expect. Be gay in front of your teachers, in front of your friends, your principal, idgaf, just don’t feel obligated to be a super closeted person in high school. (disclaimer: if you are in an unsafe area do what makes you feel safest. There are tons of online forums for other info - GLSEN is great for school related saga stuff.)
  • Don’t worry about dating. This can fit into the first category, and a lot of overlaps happen like that, but honestly if you cant find a boy/girl/date-friend its okay! I didn’t have a steady relationship until my junior year and no one cared at all. have fun meeting people, and dont pressure yourself into something. If you don’t like someone and they ask you out, don’t say yes just because you want to date someone. Its not worth it.
  • During Summer, don’t completely slack off. I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but don’t just log out of life during summer. Take extra time for yourself, and have fun, but summer is a great time to deal with mental health problems due to increased flexibility. Ex. if you want to start seeing a psychologist/therapist, summer is a great time to start. If you think you need to take medication, summer is a great time to find out.
  • Take Mental Health sick days. Its a legal thing you can do. it counts as a normal sick day. Relax, drink some tea, watch a movie, take a nap. 
  • But if you cant take a day off… talk to your friends, don’t stress yourself with work at school. Explain to your teachers that you dont feel well, just don’t overwork!

School Stuff

  • Don’t stand in the middle of the hallway. Upperclassmen do this too, and if they do it just shove through them. But seriously, its the worst thing to have someone or a group of people standing in the middle of the hall/doorway. If you are walking slowly, stay to the right of traffic.
  • Being late to class sucks, but it’s not everything. no one really cares other than the teacher, but it’s not very fun to miss out on warmup time. Also, you can get in trouble which is crummy.
  • If you are absent, talk to your teacher/classmates. Many schools have an online thing you can check for assignments, but also email your teacher if you are sick. If you know ahead of time that you’ll be out, talk to them about it. And, if possible, work on those assignments/lessons while you’re out to avoid falling behind. 
  • Study. Like, seriously. Even if you never had to study a day in your life before, do it. And take notes. Take notes over and over. Quizlet is great for studying, and there are a ton of studyblrs that can give you tips. 
  • Make your notes readable. I’ve literally had times where i couldn’t read anything ive written. It sucks, but just make sure you take your time. 
  • Listen to teachers rather than writing everything from the slide. Teachers usually tell you whats most important on the slide anyway. Write down what they say. And make funny notes about it - it helps you remember! There was a funny picture in the textbook? Draw it into your notes, or write about it somewhere. Teacher made a joke about the plot of a book? Write that down! Stuff like that will save you on test day!
  • Don’t worry if you’re late on the first day your teachers super duper understand. This also applies if you go to the wrong class or something. No one cares.
  • Have a visible copy of your schedule for at least the first 2 days. You will forget where your rooms are. You will be asked your teacher’s name. You will need to know this stuff. Take a picture on your phone or print out one and put it in your agenda, whatever suits you! Don’t put this away either - keep it out while you’re going to each class. 
  • Don’t stress about knowing the building. I just discovered a new wing of my school last year, so its no big deal if you don’t know every nook and cranny. Ask a teacher/janitor/whoever if you cant find your class. An upperclassman may also know!
  • Don’t act like a dick. You may assume this is common knowledge, but ive met so many kids who act like they’re hot shit on the first day. Seriously, shut up, I just have to go to class and I dont need you acting personally offended when i accidentally push you. Also, if you seriously body slam someone, apologize however quickly, but also don’t be afraid to squeeze through groups of people taking up the hallway (they’re the ones being dicks, not you)
  • Make room for disabled students. Whether this be students with physical or mental handicaps, giving a bit of extra room is really nice. As someone who’s been on crutches at school, being in the middle of a crowd with no room sucks. Mentally disabled students are really chill, but their teachers may want to keep an eye on them so they don’t accidentally get hurt. Be curteous.
  • Get an agenda. Seriously, don’t just use your phone to write everything down. Even if your agenda is a $1 walmart version, its really useful (I got calendar sheets from target for about $1 and a binder for them for $2.) Copying down your assignments physically helps put them in your mind.
  • Write. Your. Notes. Physically. As stated above, writing physically helps you remember things. A tip for those who are willing - write your notes in class messy and then rewrite them more nicely in a binder at home with just the key info. It’s another copy-to-remember session and helps you find key points. Bonus if you put those notes online for your friends to look at too.
  • Don’t go to things you don’t want to. I went to my freshman homecoming dance and it sucked because I didn’t really want to be there/didn’t know a lot of people. I went to prom last year and it was awesome only because I wanted to be there. I’ve never gone to a sports game because I’m not interested. Don’t go just because all of your friends are saying “only losers don’t go” (which is a total lie). Use your parents as an excuse, or say you got sick, or whatever if you don’t want to tell them straight out you aren’t feeling it.
  • Don’t feel obligated to keep up with your blog. My followers probably can tell when school starts for me because im on 10x less than usual. Its okay to use tumblr as a fun time to relax, but don’t spend more than 2 hours on it a day. 
  • Even if homework isnt assigned, do homework. This means studying, reading up on the next chapter, doing makeup work, working on a project/paper, etc. Do something school related for whatever subject doesn’t have homework.
  • DO YOUR WORK ON FRIDAY. Please, take this one to heart. Having a less-awesome friday because you chose to do your homework means you have a less-guilty saturday and sunday (which helps you relax and prepare for the next week of school!) Alternative: do half on friday, half on saturday morning.
  • Go to bed at a reasonable time. This includes if you have homework left and its midnight. Get to sleep, your paper is gunna suck even if you finish it past midnight. I know waking up sucks (im a night owl myself) but seriously, wake up an hour early, take a shower, get a coffee, and plunk yourself in front of that project. in additon, get to bed at a fairly regular time. If you go to bed at 11 every night, thats better than going to sleep at 9, then 7, then 3:30 AM. Regular sleep is key to good sleep. #ap psych taught me that.
  • Don’t stay up chatting with friends. Seriously, if your friends are still awake at 4 AM tell them to get to bed! You won’t miss out on anything if you go to bed early, and even if you do, im sure it wont be so important that it couldnt wait.
  • Don’t be a jerk to teachers! especially your first period jesus. Imagine how tired you are - then multiply it by 100. My mom was a teacher and she always stayed up later than me grading work and planning lessons. Teachers, even if they suck and are assholes, don’t deserve you being a jerk to them. Sure, rant about  them to your friends, but don’t cause problems in their class. Youre not cool, youre just annoying if you do. 

There’s so much more I could put in here, but I really feel like a lot of it just comes naturally. Everyone is different, so pay attention to your own body and needs, but don’t overwork or overstress yourself! High school should be a fun time getting to know your interests, so don’t put pressure on yourself to be the perfect straight A student! if you do, you might realize you missed out on a lot of fun!


And so the powers that were did decide to send Billy and his boys over the river first and they spent a cold night/morning securing roadways and waiting for the rest of the army to cross the Delaware.

Senpai!Oikawa and Kouhai!Iwaizumi AU
  • Iwa was really shy when he and Oikawa met for the first time
  • They were in the same school from the beginning but Oikawa has never seen him lmao
  • Oikawa insisted Mrs. Iwa that Iwa would go to the same middle school as him (and Iwa internally sCREAMED)
  • Oikawa taught Iwa volleyball and they joined the club together (they weren’t even bench players)
  • Iwa started being mean to Oikawa since he was 4th grade, 2 years after they met
  • “What should I call you? Hajime?”
    “HELL NO” 
    “Then what?” 
    “Iwaizumi? Iwaizumi… Iwai… Iwa… Iwa? Oh! Iwa-chan!” 
    “Sounds good right? *wink wonk*” 
    “Oh dear lord”
  • Oikawa keep asking Iwa to call him “Oikawa-senpai” but Iwa would always refuse
  • One time Oikawa was insisting Iwa to call him senpai
    “No matter what you do, I won’t call you ‘Oikawa-senpai’”
  • Kags befriended Iwa to get close to Oikawa
  • Kags is really confused because he somehow views Iwa as a senpai??? Iwa was very mature
    More mature than Oikawa
  • In that incident where Oikawa almost slapped Kags Iwa called him “Oikawa-san”
  • He was pretty brave for a first-year because he fucking headbutt-ed a third-year
  • Oikawa insisted Iwa to go to the same high school again gdi Oiks
  • Iwa and Oikawa practiced after school Always
  • Iwa would always be at Kags’ side even tho Kags was hated by everyone, Iwa still accepted him
  • Iwa tried to spike Kags’ toss (king’s toss //you know? That toss that no one spiked) but failed (that’s when Kags fell for Iwa— NAH JK //when Kags met Hinata, he remembered Iwa)
  • Kindaichi admired Iwa and felt guilty for hating Kageyama because of that
  • Kindaichi was still Iwa’s fanboy #1 that’s why he asked which high school Iwa wants to go
  • High school was pretty dramatic
    Like, really
  • First year high school Iwa is 173 cm
  • The third years teased Iwa quite often
  • But Iwa is still the Arm Wrestling Champion™
  • He calls the third years except Oikawa “senpai” and Oikawa was really mad about it
  • “Two years in high school was pretty boring without you” 
    “what the fuck that’s gay”
  • IWA CRIED DURING THE THIRD YEARS’ GRADUATION and Oikawa teased him about it //and he thinks it’s pretty cute
  • During the third years’ grad Iwa promised Oikawa that he will defeat him when the time comes (like that motherfucking exTRA CHAPTER)

  • “Call me nii-san”
    “why the fuck would i”
    “i’m older than you”
    “that would make you my brother” 
    “is there something wrong with that?” 
    “Why would i make you my brother when you’re my boyfriend” 
    “……….wait what” 
    “…………………are you sick”
  • Oikawa tries to be cool but sorry, Iwa is much cooler than you
    “because you’re the cute one”
    “………………..what the fuck”
  • Iwa is much smoler than Oikawa so Oikawa likes to place his chin on Iwa’s head
  • Iwa standing on tiptoes to kiss Oiks AAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • Iwa meeting Oikawa again in college like
    “Oh? Oh my, Iwa-chan! Look how you’ve grown!”
    “What the fuck you sound like an aunt”
    “Shut up I’m still taller than you tho *wink*”
    “I swear to god I’ll break your fucking jaw”
    “Oh, you love me~”
    “I hate you"