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anyone who needs a push for positivity:

there’s a free app called color calendar i use where you rate your days based on colors that coordinate with awesome, good, neutral, bad, and horrible. it helps put into perspective how many good days u have and makes u reflect on ur day, helping u realize one small event doesn’t ruin it all and ur life isn’t as bad as u might think 💖


I’m an aspiring novelist. I’m currently in the process of trying to complete and publish my first book, which will be a modern retelling of Edgar Allen Poe’s Annabel Lee, about the trials that two teenage boys face falling in love in an early time period. As an LGBT writer, I want to create more stories with diversity and representation available for teens and young adults.

I need to gain support, for this book. It seems a little silly to ask, but this will never become a thing unless there is a real following and genuine interest for the story. I was told that gaining interest on social media is the best and most efficient way to start my career and make a living from this.

Truly, this will NOT be able to happen without tremendous support from all of my followers, as well as anyone who wants to support diversity in young adult literature and young, aspiring authors.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you are at all interested in reading, knowing more about, or supporting me and this story, LIKE AND REBLOG this post. Gaining a following is one of the biggest and most important steps in gaining the momentum needed to self publish or to get a decent publisher, and any support, whether it is liking or reblogging this post OR following my blog, it would be IMMENSELY helpful.

Tumblr has always shown momentous support when it’s been needed, and I would really, really appreciate anyone who is willing to help get this jump started. I will be posting excerpts, updates, and recording my experience as it happens, as well as continuing my regular prompt filling that I do now.

Thank you SO much in advance, and please feel free to send me an ask if you’re interested in learning more!


Regarding my BTS series:

1. I love making fake subs. I really do, even though they take me hours to make. But seeing them being disrespectfully reposted outside of tumblr so many times has really pissed me off to the point where I’m this close to stopping the series altogether. 

2. However, I’ve gotten so many nice messages about this series and they seem to make you guys happy so I want to keep doing them.

3. SO IF YOU LIKE THESE SUBS AND WANT THEM TO CONTINUE, I have a request from the ARMY Fandom:

- if you see these being reposted, tell me. 
- also msg the reposter and ask them to take it down.

Until i see none of my posts reposted on twitter i wont be making these again

  • Me: I'm bisexual
  • Straight Person: Your Faking it, You're going through a phase, You're really gay on the inside
  • Me: Help me out guys, can I have some help from the rest of the LGBT community?
  • Lesbians and Gays: No we are gonna side with the straight people on this one, oh also don't come to our pride rallies if you're with a person of the opposite gender. You just aren't gay enough honey. Also we may suspect that you are just experiementing so take your time and your sexuality is probably invalid
  • Me: wtf...
  • (obvi this is not all lesbians and gays but there is a large number of people within the LGBTQ+ community that are very anti bisexual.)

*pops up awkwardly on your dash after months of silence*

Things have been weird. I broke my computer so I couldn’t draw anything, moved back home, got a dog, got a new job, got a new computer that can actually run sai, took forever to figure out how to use it…still working on that…but now I’ve got used to it enough to start posing things again! Whoot!

Have a doodle from Marks subnautica vids, which I am very much enjoying, as a peace offering.

So I remade my Commission sheet again because I wanted to change the currency to USD.

I would be more than happy to make some commissions for you guys and it really would help me out a lot!

I also do Pinboard Commissions if you want to take a look!

And I don’t know if anybody is interested but I have a bunch of buttons but shipping would be insane if you only want one or two.

But yes, if you are interested in any of these, please write me an IM!

since my dash has become extremely repetitive lately, i really need new blogs to follow. so guys, please help me out and like/reblog this if you regularly post atleast two or more from this list:

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the lot less yuri!!! on ice you post, the more likely i am to follow you. that’s the only thing on my dash nowadays, and i really need more variety. it’s a plus if you make your own gfx, but it’s not a necessity. please don’t feel bad if i don’t get to follow you, and thank you for responding ( ᐛ )و



A HUGE thank you to @tarot-dreams and @lloyd-la, you guys really helped me get this project out there! 

And an EQUALLY HUGE thanks to everyone who backed, reblogged, and shared this project, none of this could have happened without all of you! 

We’re in stretch goals territory now! I’ll update this post with those once they’re live!

Meanwhile, I’m gonna need to sit down and process all of this. This deck was a labor of love and now it’s finally coming to fruition! 

Alright followers. I need you.

All 182 of you lovelies. (Even the robot spam blogs that follow me).

My 15 year-old brother is kinda going through a rough time because he’s, you know…in high school…and he’s not feelin too great about himself. He is a bass singer in choir at school and in two professional, nationally recognized jazz bands. He’s really mad that he’s not a tenor, though. He thinks people (girls are who he’s most concerned about) are only attracted to high singing voices. Can you all please give this a like or reblog if you love it when someone has a super deep voice? Doesn’t matter what gender or sexuality you are. I keep trying to tell him deep voices are awesome and attractive. He won’t listen. Do me a solid?

So I’d really appreciate if you guys helped me out here. This is my current list of LIW’s to watch. As you can tell, there are copies of some of the Jane Austen and Shakespeare ones. If you’ve seen any of them, please tell me which one is the best! Also, specifically the Romeo and Juliet ones because we’re reading it in school and I really want to watch along in a webseries!!
And if there are any that are REALLY bad or deviate COMPLETELY from the source material, tell me that too! Thank you for even reading this far!!!

Jane Austen:
Elinor and Marianne Take Barton // Sense and Sensibility
Project Dashwood // Sense and Sensibility
Mars and Elly // Sense and Sensibility
From Mansfield With Love // Mansfield Park
Northbound // Northanger Abbey
North Hangin’ // Northanger Abbey
Autobiography of Jane Eyre // Jane Eyre
The Elliots // Persuasion
Death Comes to Pemberley ⭐️ // P+P sequel
The Jane Games // Jane Austen in general

Jules and Monty // Romeo and Juliet
Any Other Vlog // Romeo and Juliet
Tragicomic // Hamlet
Hamlet the Dame // Hamlet
A Document of Madness + The Better Strangers // Hamlet
Kate the Cursed // The Taming of the Shrew
Call Me Katie // The Taming of the Shrew
A Midsemester Night’s Dream // A Midsummer Night’s Dream
The Soliloquies of Santiago // Othello
Twelfth Grade (or Whatever) // Twelfth Night
Shakes ⭐️ // Shakespeare plays in general

Fairy Tales:
Grimm Reflections // Snow White
Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros // Cupid myth
Cindy // Cinderella
My Name is Mulan // Mulan
The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy ⭐️ // Peter Pan
Or So the Story Goes // Peter Pan
University Ever After // Princesses in general

Other Books:
Carmilla // Carmilla
Green Gables Fables // Anne of Green Gables
East and West // North and South
Nick Carraway Chronicles // The Great Gatsby
Jamie Watson and Sherlock Holmes // Sherlock Holmes
Baker Street / 221B // Sherlock Holmes
Masked // The Scarlet Pimpernel
Misselthwaite Archives // The Secret Garden
A Little Princess Vlog // A Little Princess
Middlemarch: the Series // Middlemarch
Away from it All // Far From the Madding Crowd
The Gray Tarmac Road // Wizard of Oz
Project Green Gables // Anne of Green Gables

Other Plays:
In Earnest // The Importance of Being Earnest
Adventures of Serena Berg // Cyrano de Bergerac
Notes by Christine // Phantom of the Opera

The Writing Majors // (Lives of) Jane Austen, Bronte sisters, Oscar Wilde, William Shakespeare
Blankverse // Shakespeare, Marlowe, Johnson
Classic Alice // Classic literature in general



Part 2 (finally) of the Flower Selling Witch(rry) is now up on my youtube channel DaniMarieDraws !! Please like and subscribe guys it really helps me out xx

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Hey guys I just realized that I ordered a binder that is really bad for your body but it was the only one that was inexpensive enough for my mom to agree to w/o realizing what it was. Im a trans male and I’m pre everything so I really need a binder bc I get misgenederd all the time. My PayPal is and I would really appreciate if you guys could help me out. My dad is really transphobic and my mom won’t even discuss getting me a binder without changing the subject. Please please please donate if you can or reblog this post if you can’t. Thank you

  • cheer danshi: introduces gen, who is good-looking, playful, a bit of a flirt, seemingly sweet, a tennis player, a backflipper, and a business student
  • me: daMN i t's mY ty PE

Okay but now I really am getting emotional over Steve and Tony as Actual Co-Leaders of the Avengers because like

Tony seems like the kind of person who has so many thoughts racing around at any given time that to really focus in on one train, he has to talk it out and force himself to think linearly (cue JARVIS and the bots). We see something like that in Avengers, when Steve and Tony are talking about Coulson and then Tony takes off trying to figure out Loki, and by bouncing his thoughts off of Steve, he realizes he already knows where Loki is; and that’s echoed in AoU, when they’re actively working out their next steps at Clint’s farmhouse. 

So like

I like to think that, somewhere between Avengers and AoU, as the team comes together to shut down all the rogue HYDRA bases and look for the scepter, this becomes something of a ritual: before every raid, Tony and Steve wander off alone so Tony can rattle off every possible scenario he can imagine given what they know, and then Steve strategizes accordingly. And they both know they can’t possibly plan for every single scenario – and it’s fine, they’re both very practiced improvisers – but they at least have a unified sense of what COULD happen and how they COULD react. As co-leaders. As a team.


(look what you made me do @knightinironarmor ;P)