really he's gonna win

we're at my grandparents house for my mom's birthday dinner
  • mom: yeah well everything's trash now that donald trump is gonna be president
  • granddaddy: you really think he's gonna win it?
  • me: i have some bad news granddaddy

You have some talent and you work hard. I’ll take that over prodigy any day.


I’ll moan your name when you hold my hips
and make you lose your guard so after I’ll
scream poetry about how you broke my spine
paint my walls with chunks of flesh
torn from your chest hang your head
up on the mantle like a trophy a cheap prize 
I won at the carnival. You always wanted 
to be the center of attention, didn’t you?

Sade Andria Zabala (surfandwrite) | Breaking Hearts Is An Art



Hello everyone! Just a quick heads up!

The person in this video, Jaycob Curlee (Or, as he went by in school, Jake) is a friend of mine. He and I were in percussion together for 2 years before he graduated. He is extremely talented, and none of the story is made up. 

I personally feel like he really deserves to win AGT, and so I’m gonna go everything I can to help him out. If you could reblog this, and vote for him on AGT, it would mean the world to me!!!