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Bug head writing prompt "I could kiss you!" One of them figures out something for the other and the latter gets so excited or happy they either kiss the person or exclaim that they want to...

A rather delayed answer to your adorable request before I post something regarding last night’s episode later tonight, so stay tuned! I hope you like it!!! Thanks so much for requesting!! 

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It was dead silent in the students’ lounge that Tuesday in free period.  Being one of the rare days that the sun was showering the small town of Riverdale with its rich, warm rays, every student was out in the backyard, soaking up the much needed vitamin D. That of course didn’t apply for Jughead Jones whose mainly attitude and way of life was far beyond from sunshines and rainbows.

He threw his bag at the couch at the center of the room carelessly and mentally let a happy sigh of relief that the only sound around him was him thinking. He pushed some coins into the venting machine paying for a very small, much to his dislike, pack of chips and some Skittles, the boy always up for an unhealthy snack, peaking out of the window mindlessly as he waited for the machine to deliver the goodies. Amongst the sea of high schoolers, he could see Archie along with Reggie and Moose and other jocks engrossed in a low-key baseball match in all their Bulldogs’ glory of heavy laughter and dude jokes and Veronica sporting some oversized, designer sunglasses while sunbathing on the grass along with other cheerleaders while Cheryl Blossom was some benches away with Josie and the Pussycats, the girls watching something on an iPad and swaying lightly to some beat. Jughead didn’t feel even the slightest of need to join them.

With snacks in hand, the boy threw himself on the couch and got comfortable, resting his legs on the coffee table in front of him and crossing them at the ankles, his mind briefly wandering to the bubbly blonde his eyes didn’t quite catch outside, enjoying the nice day. He hoped she wasn’t with her face buried in some book at the library or squishing her mind for ideas in the Blue & Gold; she studied and worked too much for her own good. Thinking that maybe he hadn’t notice her presence outside – something much more than doubtful because he was always aware of her presence without even looking up – but making a mental note to check up on her in a while, Jughead opened his laptop on his lap and double clicked on the document that held his precious novel, feeling his fingers itching to put on paper the words that danced all day in his mind.

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Playing Too Hot with Sunggyu would include:
  • He would sit nervously as you gave him a puppy dog look
  • “One time okay”
  • He would get into position and take a deep breath
  • You would giggle at him and it would make him want to win 
  • You two would start with light kisses 
  • Before long Sunggyu would start to deepen them making sure you felt his passion each time 
  • He would lift his hand before he brought it back down remembering that he wasn’t allowed to touch you
  • A smirk would cross his face as you two pulled back for a breather 
  • “I’m gonna win”
  • “No you won’t Sunggyu”
  • “Really?”
  • He would instantly moved close and began to kiss your neck 
  • “No that’s cheating don’t suck” 
  • He simply smiled as he began to suck on your neck
  • Within seconds you shoved him off 
  • “That’s low babe” 
  • “Yeah it maybe but I won”
  • He would scoot back and sigh lightly 
  • “What do you want?”
  • He would sit there for a moment 
  • “I’m hungry. How about you order my favorite food and pick it up for me”
  • “You don’t want sex?”
  • He would raise a brow
  • “Not as bad as I want dinner. So go”
  • He would usher you off and you would give him a look as you went to go get the menu for the restaurant
  • “Who needs sex when you can have a great meal?”
Big Bang reactions to his gf winning Artist of the Year at MAMA

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He knew you were nominated for artist of the year and he couldn’t wait to see you win. He knew you were gonna win this award because you worked really hard. He couldn’t go to the award show, but he did watch it with other member at the studio when it was your turn to except award. He was very proud on you and bought you a gift for you and your group. He made sure you had great time at the after party and he came there to surprise you.
“Congratulations Jagi. Let’s have some drinks.”

*crazy dancing*

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When you told him you were nominated for the artist of the year, he was a little surprised because you just debuted this year and he didn’t know you were that successful. He didn’t come to the award show, but when you texted him that you won he was really proud and he just wanted to hug you, but he couldn’t because he had to work late. While he was working he decided he will buy you a star and named it after you.
“Y/N meet Y/N *points at the night sky*”

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He was so excited when he read you were nominated for MAMA Artist of the Year award, he voted for your group every day to make sure you are as close to winning as you could be and after all that voting you did win. He was very happy for you and he wanted you to have a lot of fun with your members that night, so he came to pick you up on the after party.
“Congrats, dope award… kekeke… just kidding… You should thank me for winning because I voted every day.”

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When you told him you were nominated for the award they won a couple times he got excited and made posters to cheer on you the day before award show. He watched the whole show and fangirled you hard and right before they announced the winner he got all crazy cheering on you and when you won he got even crazier and started jumping on the couch sending members texts that you won. When you came home he couldn’t stop hugging you.

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Ever since he read the article you were nominated for Artist of the Year he kept checking the results of voting. He really wanted to be there with you when you’ll except the award, but Big Bang was preparing for their comeback so he couldn’t. He had to be in the studio, but he asked GD and Teddy if they can just watch that part where you win and he was right, you did win. He started screaming how proud he was and immediately posted congratulations photo on Twitter and Instagram.
“OH MY GOD! I can’t believe they really did win. I am s proud… I can’t even…” *proud screaming*

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the storytelling in this feud is really good though?? like, you have seth who’s undefeated on playstation but he has to play on xbox and his team sucks more than ever so his confidence is down but he’s relying on his skill and talent and drive to win.

and you have aj who’s an xbox guy so he’s more confident in that respect but he hasn’t played football that much and admits he’s sucked recently but he probably has more motivation to win because of what happened last time because it’s gonna be really embarrassing if he loses again after making such a big deal about the whole xbox vs. ps4 issue and he swears he’s not gonna destroy any controllers or throw a tantrum/rage quit if he loses but can we really trust that??

so, who’s gonna win?

is the xbox controller gonna factor in and give the advantage to aj?

is the experience difference gonna be a factor and give the advantage to seth?

who wants it more, aj to redeem himself after last time and regain some of his pride, or seth who values his status as the undefeated madden champ so much??

is aj gonna break a controller or actually display some character development and be more sportsmanlike in defeat?

is aj gonna cry like a little baby?

is seth gonna lose his undefeated streak??

so many questions. find out on sunday.

better than most of the stuff actually happening on wwe tv right now tbh.

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*sighs longingly* Y'all remember when Azazel was a right asshole that deserved approximately half of the shit he had to deal with? I miss Azazel and his assholery but holy damn this is some serious character development from Genesis when he has gleefully fucking up people's lives

Hello there :D

Sorry this took me too long to answer. On one hand, I really want to rally behind azazel protection squad, but on the other hand… as you said, he was an asshole who deserved half the things he has to deal with. Then there’s also the part of me that likes to see my fav characters suffer and pushed to the limit bcs that’s usually where they shine, where they show their true colors, where they show what they’re really capable of. SORRY.

This is really a dilemma bcs while I really want Azazel to win (and see if he gonna go back to his old smug attitude), I kinda want to see him lose more bcs if he keeps losing like that, Lucifer would have no choice but to come save him again right? :D or maybe Mugaro would go berserk for Azazel’s sake, I’m not picky :p

Speaking of character development tho.

behold that mean and smug af smirk.

I see ppl commenting how he fastly improved from S1 bcs now he’s kinda a dark hero for the demon side, and how he’s more, er, empathetic toward others now?

I actually disagree on this.

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Wii Are Better Than U || Michael Clifford

i love mario kart, im rather good at it lol

Summary: You, a competitive beast, was dating another competitive beast with red hair and forest eyes. You and Michael were racing each other in Mario Kart with the other boys recording your joking name callings and playful disrespect. 


“There’s no way you’re beating me, babe!” Michael yells as he selects his character.

“Bring it on, Mikey,” you said simply, selecting your character and your choice of kart. You and Michael were on a date, which was basically at home with the other guys playing video games and getting fat. But you loved every second of it because like Michael, you loved games and competition. 

“You’re not gonna win, really,” Michael urged as he was selecting a map to race on. “No point in saying big words that won’t mean anything once I beat you.” 

“Oh yeah, Flame Face?” You asked, calling him the name you made for him when he burned half his face. All he could do was laugh and be amused by the cheesy, yet well thought of, nickname. “Pick Rainbow Road and we’ll see who’s really gonna win.” Rainbow Road, deemed as the most difficult map in every Mario Kart game created. It was intimidating for gamers who wanted to be the best of the best. But you weren’t afraid; you knew you were the best of the best. 

“Oh shit, this is getting real!” Calum commented, jumping off the couch behind you two to get his phone. Ashton and Luke remained on the couch, waiting for Calum to come back with his camera. “We have to put this on our Youtube as part of our tour.” The two boys agreed as Calum set up his phone. But you and Michael were not listening, completely oblivious to what the boys were on about. 

“You ready to lose, Y/N?” Michael said as the map was being introduced. Your eyes ogled at the series of looped roads and variety of colors. It was one of the reasons why you loved this map so much. 

“No, actually,” you said in a matter-of-fact tone. You began to press your manual breaks button, ensuring to have a very quick start. The Lakitu floated in front of all the races, counting down from 3 before the race began. One it started, you found yourself with the quick start you planned for, finding yourself speeding in front of many racers. But Michael wasn’t stupid and did the same thing. 

“Oh, so you think you’re Sonic the Hedgehog now?” Michael commented with a chuckle, his kart right at your tail. 

“No,” you said, biting lightly at the tip of your tongue as you went down the long, rainbow slope. You grabbed one of the mystery items and paid attention to it’s spinning. “But I think that you’re too slow!” Because you were in second place, you were given a banana peel. Your eyes were set on the computer that was in first place, making you seethe in anger. 

“Hey, take this gift, Y/N!” Michael said, as he was nearing you. “Consider it our something anniversary gift.” You were hit by a green shell, causing your kart and character to flip over and recoil from the hit. Unfortunately, it ruined the speed streak you had and many of the other computers were going ahead of you. But you weren’t losing this match. 

“Cute, you think that was gonna stop me,” you said with a smirk, catching up to Michael while passing by the other computers. “Hey, I heard that bananas are good for hair loss!” You comment before throwing your banana peel right on Michaels character. As he flips over, you hit him with your kart before going passed him. 

“Oh haha, attack the hair, how original,” Michael comments with a bland chuckle and a smirk. You watch his recovery before hitting another mystery item. You were currently in third and Michael in 5th, but you noticed he got a mushroom. He immediately used it, speeding passed the 4th place racer and slightly ahead of you. You bumped down to 4th place and that made you angry. 

“Michael’s the name, speeds my game!” Michael says as he races into second. Oh no you don’t, you think in your head. You ended up with a red shell, which was good, considering Michael was now in second and you were in third. 

“Michael, we’re not playing Sonic Riders, stop making Sonic references!” You exclaim. Michael laughed until you hit him with a red shell and entered the second lap before he did.

“Oh fuck you, Y/N!” Michael groaned as he recovered and finally entered second lap. “Stupid period shell hit me…” He mumbled furiously, making you giggle at him. 

“Blah blah blah, all I hear is saltiness because a girl is beating you,” you mocked, racing as best you can to ensure your success. Michael proceeded to shove you with his arm, making you giggled at him. 

“I will beat you, Y/N,” Michael said quietly as he tapped on the remote. “For my father. To restore my honor!” 

“Are you seriously jumping from Sonic to Zuko?” You snorted as you finally found yourself in your rightful position: first place. Although you didn’t want to jinx, you were feeling pretty confident. 

“But everything changed when the fire nation attacked!” Michael exclaimed. As much as you wanted to shove his face and laugh at him. But your full focus and objective right now was to win and beat Michael. You were too busy to focus on his Avatar references. 

“Oh fuck!” You yelled as you were hit with a blue shell. “Fuck you computers! This is bullshit!” You tapped away on your remote as you see a few computers get passed you. You see Michael in first place, making you more than angry. 

Entering the last lap was making your heart race (lol get it? bc racing game). You were stuck in second, with Michael cockily in first. He’s been throwing a series of bananas behind you, trying to mess you up somehow to ensure his win. And, sadly, it really did seem he was going to win. He was considerably far ahead from you, making you fear that he will come out victorious. But then you see the item you recieve from the mystery block and smile. 

3 red shells. 

“Well I’ll be damned, Michael,” you said calmly, glancing at your boyfriend. “I suppose the Mario Kart gods heard my pleas.” 

“Oh really?” Michael asked with a snort. 

“Mhm,” you say before hitting him with one red shell right before he crossed the finish line. Michael looked at the screen with horror, and quickly looked at yours. He closed his eyes and sighed as you hit him with the other two shells before going passed the finish line in first place. 

“Fuck you, Mario Kart gods!” Michael complains, throwing the remote aside once he claimed second. 

“Aw babe!” You see how sour he got and immediately got on him, giving him a floor hug and kissing his shoulder. “It’s okay, baby, it’s okay. It was a good race, okay?” You made Michael sit up. He gave you a pout and looked away, which made you amused before you cupped his cheeks with both of your hands and pull his lips on yours. Giving him a quick kiss, you detach to see Michael smile. 

“I guess it was fair,” Michael admits, sticking out his tongue at you. The both of you then looked over at the other boys, who smiled at you guys. 

“Got the whole thing on video!” Calum says happily as he shoots his phone in the air. You roll your eyes as him as you and Michael laugh. As he gets off the couch and skips over to the management to edit the video, Ashton and Luke spoke with you guys. 

“I don’t get why you guys are so competitive,” Luke comments, shaking his head at the both of you. 

“Yeah, like, what’s the point?” Ashton asks, causing you and Michael to exchange faces. 

“You’re just jealous that Wii,” you start, gesturing at both you and Michael. “Are better than U.” Luke and Ashton stood there for a moment while Michael bursts into laughter. 

“I get it, because we were playing on the WiiU!” Michael says, laughing before taking your waist and placing you on his lap. His arms wrap around your stomach as you looked up at the still seemingly confused boys.

“That was unbelievably corny, Y/N,” Ashton says with a sigh. But you and Michael laugh it off as he rubs your sore gaming thumbs. 


anyhow, i hope you guys liked this one. i felt more in touch with myself since i play a lot of video games. 

anyways, check out my masterlist and send in some requests! links are pretty much either in or below my bio. below for pc users, in for mobile users. 

BTS reaction: someone keeps flirting with their crush

You were perfect. Everybody wanted you, they wanted your personality, your wisdom, and your looks. Unfortunately, the boys had to sit through all the poor souls who pulled cheesy lines to try and win you over, rolling there eyes at the empty words that spilled past their lips. 


He immediately paused the conversion you two were having as he observed the person who approached. He had a bitter taste in his mouth when he saw the person’s hands sliding up you arms, as if they had some sort of right to do that. Scoffing at the lame pickup line that left their mouth, he grabbed you by your arm and tugged you towards himself. “Don’t put your grimy hands on _____ .” Jin hissed. “Your pathetic lines aren’t going to win them over, back off.” With slight intimidation, the person backed away and went back to their group of friends, leaving you sat next to Jin, laughing softly into your hands. “Don’t you think that was a little harsh? I thought the line was cute.” Jin rolled his eyes at you, raising a brow in question. “Really?” Trying to staring strictly into his eyes only led to you both cracking up. “Of course not! It was a lame attempt, I’ll admit.”

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He stared blankly at the person who approached you two, annoyed that they had interrupted what you had been saying about your dog or something. The person leaned against the wall, complimenting obvious aspects of you, causing a blush to rise in your ears. Yoongi’s brows furrowed as he saw the person eye you with a dirty look, their compliments and pickup lines becoming more provocative. As bad as he wanted to pounce on the kid for even approaching you, he didn’t want you to scold him for “being rude” again, so he waited it out. His own eyes became dark and intimidating, the person finally noticing his threatening figure behind you, swallowing hard as they started to back up. “U-uh, I have t-to go..” They trailed off, bolting down the street before you could get a word out. Turning quickly on your heels, you caught a quick glance of Yoongi’s darkened figure before he wiped the look off his features. “Really Yoongi? They were cute.” The boy only rolled his eyes at your pouting face. “I can’t believe you actually fell for that.”

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He raised a brow at the person who approached, thinking that this can’t be happening for the third time today. He was so done with all the people who kept trying to grab your attention like, couldn’t they see that you were busy. But of course they couldn’t, they were idiots. They thought an overused pickup line would win your heart, or the subtle forms of sexual harassment was going to make you come crawling towards them. “Can you please leave?” He would question kindly, but to no avail, the person remained right where they were, too stubborn to accept your unworded rejection. “Hey!” Namjoon finally shouted, gaining some attention. “Clearly they aren’t interested, so drop your ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ act and get the hell out of here. Common courtesy not to interrupt people on the streets.” Finally accomplishing his goal, he visibly relaxed when he saw the person finally leave your side. He just hoped nobody else decided to come join the party for the rest of the day.

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You guys were mid-conversation when they approached, empty lines spilling past their lips in attempt to woo you over. He waited it out though, passing judging looks the entire time they were in your zone, scoffing internally at all the useless pick-up lines they tried using, and laughing every time they were rejected. He could tell you were annoyed, he was too, this whole ‘I’m-gonna-win-____-over’ was getting really old. He watched as the person tried to place their hands on your waist, or arm around your shoulders, finally drawing the line. “Stop.” He abruptly stated, ceasing the commotion between you and the third party. “You have no rights to place your hands on them. We’re leaving.” He spun on his heels and began to leave the scene, clearly aware that you were following close behind. “Thanks, they really weren’t trying to leave me alone anytime soon.” Hoseok just nodded, pulling you a little closer to his side. “Maybe next time they should learn some common manners.”

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“Do you have a band-aid? ‘Cause I scraped my knee falling for you.” Really? Again? Jimin rolled his eyes as he watched the person who approached you, sneering at their terrible pickup lines that, obviously, were not working the way they wanted them to. He figured you would get a lot of attention, he gave you his everyday, but the pathetic people who thought that they could steal your heart,  weren’t even trying. “Do you really think they’re that dull?” He questioned, causing the person to pause immediately. “They obviously don’t like you, go away. If you want to win someone over, you better try a little harder because what you’re doing now isn’t getting you anywhere.” Jimin spat bitterly, standing up and dragging you away. He was more than annoyed with everyone thinking they can just waltz right in. “Thanks Jimin, that really was a pretty weak line.” You spoke from behind him. “Yeah.. Tell me about it.” He was just glad he could get you out of that mess before they stared putting their grubby little hands on you. What an idiot.

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“People can’t see air. Can fish see water?” You paused at the random question he had asked, at first wanting to answer with a call to idiocy, but you were second guessing. He loved these little moments, where you would take your time to analyze him, or something he said, he loved hogging your attention. Unfortunately, to his dismay, someone took your analytical attention away and hogged it for themselves. Taehyung absentmindedly sat behind your form, making faces at the person who spat blunt remarks your way, almost snorting at the poor attempt to make your heart flutter. “____, look at the birds!” He shouted. Failing to get your attention, he moved closer, setting his head on your shoulder and pointing at the flock of birds that flew in close to the ground. “Look ____, aren’t they funny?” Finally taking notice of the birds, you watched them fly wonkily through the air. Taehyung smiled as he watched the previous person finally leave the scene, once again leaving you to Taehyung’s original question. “So, can fish see water?”

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Uhm, what’s happening?” He though to himself, not really sure what to think of the person who approached you. Slightly annoyed at the least, he was just wondering why the same people kept coming back and back again, despite being rejected every time. He watched as they tried subtly slipping their arm around your shoulder, only to have it pushed away by you. After a few minutes of observing the person who tried too hard to grab your affection, he finally pulled you slightly by the arm, breaking the one-sided conversation between you and the other person. “Hey, we better get going, laser light skating starts soon. If we stay any longer we’ll miss it.” Without waiting for a response, he just tugged you away, leaving the other person where you once were. “We never planned on going roller skating.. did we?” You questioned, leaving the boy slightly flustered.

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Arboreal Dreams - Part 19

Title: Arboreal Dreams - [Part 19]

Summary: In a curious case of benevolent dryads, as thanks for sparing their lives, Sam, Dean and Castiel are gifted with a small but precious parcel: you.

Sam learns a little more about what it could feel like to be with a dryad.

Pairing: Eventual polyamorous Castiel x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 3500ish

Warnings/tropes: Plant sex (sort of), fluffy angst, a violent game of snap!

A/N: I know it’s a little late; I was supposed to post this maybe last week but I wasn’t having a very good week and it took me a while to go through it before handing it to the very patient @angel–radio for editing. Thank you so much to everyone who’s followed this story and I’m just so happy lots of you are enjoying it :) I hit 500 followers some time last week and that really made me really want to step up my game when it comes to writing. So really, guys, THANK YOU for making my tumblr experience so incredible. :)

Part 1| Part 2| Part 3| Part 4| Part 5| Part 6|Part 7| Part 8| Part 9| Part 10| Part 11| Part 12| Part 13| Part 14| Part 15| Part 16| Part 17| Part 18| Next Part

“You ready?”

Sam glanced over his shoulder and arched a brow as you shifted from foot to foot, looking all kinds of endearingly ridiculous with your hair a mess and your large bag on your back.

“The forest isn’t going anywhere, Y/N.”

You frowned. “That’s debatable. The rate of de-forestation is entirely unsustainable, even for dryads.”

“Oh,” he said, trying to sound duly admonished and making a show of tying his laces, “well, pardon me.”

You narrowed your eyes and looked out the window, determined. “I’m going to fertilize this forest.”

“Uh huh.” He pulled his pack on and led you out of the cabin. “And how’re you going to do that?”

“By touching every single tree in my path.”

“In that case, I guess I’ll leave you to it and meet you at the flag in three months’ time.”

“You heartless man.”

“This heartless man is probably going to wind up carrying your pack when you get distracted by a mulberry bush.”

You paused and thought about it. “This is probably true.” And then he laughed softly and ran a hand from the top of your head to the nape of your neck, the heat from his large palm making you warmer than any muffler could.

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Silent Treatment (Sammy wilk)

“Is this cute?” I ask my boyfriend of 7 months. No response. 

“Sam.” I say, turning around.

“Mhm yeah, baby” Sam finally replies, not even looking up from his phone. I sigh in annoyance, Sam is always on his phone and I’m sick of it. 

“You know what, Sam? You don’t have to help me pack for BeautyCon anymore,” I say. Sam looks up from his phone. 

“Really, babe? okay then,” he says, getting up and walking out the room. I finish packing and decide to get something to drink. I walk to the kitchen to find Sammy and the boys sitting on the couch talking about lord knows what. I try my best not to get noticed by them but I fail horribly. 

“Hey, baby.” Sam says, looking at me. I ignore him and continue walking towards the kitchen. The boys look at Sam in confusion and he gives them the same look. I get the water bottle out the fridge and and set it on the counter.

“Aye Y/N,” Derek calls to you. 

“Hey. What’s up, D” I say, smiling and beginning to open the water bottle.

“I’m chill,” He smiles at me, I smile back.

“That’s good, how ‘bout y’all,” I ask the rest of the guys.

Mis replies of the boys saying “good”, “fine”, and “chill” fill the room, expect Sam. 

“Baby” Sam calls to me but I pay him no mind.

 “Well I’m gonna go back upstairs” I say, getting my bottle of water and beginning to head upstairs.

 “Baby! c’mon talk to me, ” Sammy whines but I move swiftly up the steps. I hear Sammy groan in defeat as I make it up to the room. Maybe I was being a little dramatic but still all I wanted was for him to help me. Is that too much to ask? I question myself. I lay on the bed and decide to take a nap. 

 ~Sam’s POV~

“Shit dude. What did you do” Johnson says, chuckling.

“ I don’t know man” I stutter.

 “it must have been bad because she acted like you weren’t even here” Swazz says, taking a sip for his beer.

“Fuck, she asked me to help her pack for BeautyCon and all of a sudden she said I could leave, I said okay and I left” I say, telling them what happen.

“What were you doing while ‘helping’ her” Gilinsky questions, quoting the word helping. 

“I was on my phone” I reply, shrugging. I feel a slight pain below my head.

“Ow, shit!” I groan, “what was that for?” I say rubbing my head.

“Go fix that shit now, Samuel” Nate says, getting up and the guys follow him out. This is going to be hard.


I wake up from my nap to find 7 roses at the end of my bed. I really hope he doesn’t think he is just gonna win me over with some roses but it’s a start. I get out of bed and walk down the stairs to the kitchen to see Sammy standing there.

“Baby. I’m very, very sorry for not helping you pack for the convention thing. I love you! please talk to me.” Sammy Begs. I chuckle and hug him.

“I forgive you, chill”. Sam tangles his hands in my hair and kisses my head.

“I hate knowing that my princess is mad at me,” A smile creeps on to my face.

“I’m your princess?” I ask and Sammy grins.

“You’re my princess, my baby, and your the person I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with,” Sam breaths.

“Awe. Sammy Bear, you’re so cute,” I say pulling his face to mine and kissing him softly.


Hello everyone! Just a quick heads up!

The person in this video, Jaycob Curlee (Or, as he went by in school, Jake) is a friend of mine. He and I were in percussion together for 2 years before he graduated. He is extremely talented, and none of the story is made up. 

I personally feel like he really deserves to win AGT, and so I’m gonna go everything I can to help him out. If you could reblog this, and vote for him on AGT, it would mean the world to me!!!  


“How come he gets the pie and I get the burger?” Sam asked you, not that he actually really minded. 

“Wanna compare burgers, Y/N? Because I’m gonna win,” Dean grinned, before turning his attention to your masterpiece and taking a forkful of pie into his mouth. 

Sam went next, taking a big bite of his burger, and you watched with a smug smirk when both of them reacted very positively. 

“Who makes the better food?” you asked Sam immediately, taking a seat next to him. “Me or Dean?" 

"Wait, what? Do I smell…a challenge?” Dean asked, eyebrows shooting up. “Oh, you don’t know what you just got yourself into."