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Big Bang reactions to his gf winning Artist of the Year at MAMA

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He knew you were nominated for artist of the year and he couldn’t wait to see you win. He knew you were gonna win this award because you worked really hard. He couldn’t go to the award show, but he did watch it with other member at the studio when it was your turn to except award. He was very proud on you and bought you a gift for you and your group. He made sure you had great time at the after party and he came there to surprise you.
“Congratulations Jagi. Let’s have some drinks.”

*crazy dancing*

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When you told him you were nominated for the artist of the year, he was a little surprised because you just debuted this year and he didn’t know you were that successful. He didn’t come to the award show, but when you texted him that you won he was really proud and he just wanted to hug you, but he couldn’t because he had to work late. While he was working he decided he will buy you a star and named it after you.
“Y/N meet Y/N *points at the night sky*”

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He was so excited when he read you were nominated for MAMA Artist of the Year award, he voted for your group every day to make sure you are as close to winning as you could be and after all that voting you did win. He was very happy for you and he wanted you to have a lot of fun with your members that night, so he came to pick you up on the after party.
“Congrats, dope award… kekeke… just kidding… You should thank me for winning because I voted every day.”

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When you told him you were nominated for the award they won a couple times he got excited and made posters to cheer on you the day before award show. He watched the whole show and fangirled you hard and right before they announced the winner he got all crazy cheering on you and when you won he got even crazier and started jumping on the couch sending members texts that you won. When you came home he couldn’t stop hugging you.

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Ever since he read the article you were nominated for Artist of the Year he kept checking the results of voting. He really wanted to be there with you when you’ll except the award, but Big Bang was preparing for their comeback so he couldn’t. He had to be in the studio, but he asked GD and Teddy if they can just watch that part where you win and he was right, you did win. He started screaming how proud he was and immediately posted congratulations photo on Twitter and Instagram.
“OH MY GOD! I can’t believe they really did win. I am s proud… I can’t even…” *proud screaming*

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whatever the academy’s beef is with ben affleck (they gave argo an oscar for ‘best picture’ not best director) i hope it continues with casey affleck getting snubbed for his serious, over complicated version of ‘raising helen’.