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May 20 2016

(tbh I had this all typed up but Tumblr mobile didn’t post it so now I havE TO TYPE IT AGAIN OMG)

Last week was so brutal because I was trying so hard to understand the ambiguity of organic chem but I guess it paid off beCAUSE I GOT A REALLY GOOD MIDTERM SCORE I knew that day was going to be a good day when I drew my eyebrows in nicely

Finally caught up on sleep today after coming back from the OC night market last night at like 1am lol. Had a Bruin Club Tennis tournament this morning (which I won actually!!!) and then ate brunch alone because study buddy boyfriend is out working a health fair in Koreatown.

I have a life sciences midterm to study for now but I think I want to go swimming because it’s soOoo hot today. So here are some life science notes that I’ll go over later feat. chickudee the mini chicken


Look at her reaction when the ex-wife turns up and tell me you don’t ship Harder.

mezzorella  asked:

hello! just wanted to let you know that your art makes me so happy and it brightened up my day~ :) I made a couple of your pieces the backgrounds on my phone and as soon as my friend saw she got very excited and wanted to see more of your art as well! anyway, I wanted to ask if your shop on tictail is open right now? I can't seem to access it unfortunately!

hi!! Ahhhh this just made me so happy thank you for telling me ;v; so motivating!! and shoot I forgot to announce here on tumblr,

I closed my shop for now! 

since I still have many orders (around 200) left to send off and I really need to focus more on uni now, so yea..closed temporarily! But I hope you´ll come back once I reopen it C: thank you again for the message <3

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I found your Youtube channel a little while ago by chance. I meant to only watch the one video that showed up in my recommendation. That one video led to watching another. Then another. Then going to the channel itself and watching every video I found interesting. Which was the majority. Now after finding talefoundry tumblr, I think its safe to say you got a new follower and a really interested one at that. Hopefully not coming off in a creepy way.

Not at all! At least not by our standards. It’s hard to creep robits out with that kind of thing. Thanks for taking an interest. We’re glad to have you around!


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I was playing a game of cards with my friends. We were playing Bullshit and one of them asked "Who's ace?" And I almost responded "Me but what's that got to do with the game? lol" But because of tumblr, trying to poke fun at myself now feels like flaunting and it just comes off as awkward. So now I don't tell anyone unless specifically asked or flirted with. Fuck this hellsite.

That’s actually really funny, top notch joke. Like I joke sometimes, there’s a difference between flaunting it, and making jokes or telling people.

Flaunting: look how gay I am, I’m gay, ha ha, I’m so gay, gay gay gay, look how fabulous I am.

Joking: my dick is a rainbow

Telling: I’m gay.


anonymous asked:

Are you able to explain the Steven's Knife meme that seems to be going around?

Hi anon! Thanks for writing in.

Anon, this meme… is one of the funniest memes I’ve witnessed the birth of. Like the original post makes me laugh so much my stomach hurts and I don’t even know why. I hope I can explain it in a way that makes sense because it is weird and I am not really good with words.

As far as I can tell, someone made a joke post about how people are so quick to jump on the gems’ flaws while ignoring Steven’s biggest flaw: the fact that he kills characters left and right with his Knife, and that every episode has him indiscriminately killing but no one’s talking about it, the joke being that when the heck has Steven been doing that. He’s like the sweetest and purest kid ever and it just makes no sense. The post was random and some people got the joke but some thought it was legit and it became big. It went from an obscure joke (like yesterday) to this weird meme (today). Like, not only has it been compounded with other memes (particularly “gun” and “let pearl say fuck”), but it has also spawned other responses that have become memes in and of themselves (ranging from edits and fake title cards to fanart and other text posts, and dealing with a wide variety of characters).

I don’t know why it became so big so soon, but I think it is because people who get it act completely serious about it, sort of like the way people seriously analyze or criticize portions of the show - maybe the original post was making fun of or satirizing how ridiculous people can get over that, or maybe it was just random fun, but it somehow proved its own point. However, there were many people who didn’t get it… like I guess there were people who convinced themselves Steven running around and murdering people is something that actually happens and that they just missed it or something idk. But mostly it’s confusing (esp to people who don’t watch the show or who aren’t caught up), and I think the randomness and the confusion is sort of part of the meme.

Ok wow sorry this got really long and rambly… I hope I didn’t come off as a pompous jerk or something, and that this made sense? I just. .. really like (analyzing) memes (which is sort of ironic??) and seeing how they grow and then fade away. Memes are weird and fascinating, and Tumblr is a meme breeding ground, and this is one of my favorites. But let me know if this just baffled you more. Ok lol sorry, for real, I’ll stop talking now…

Jim Hawkins • Treasure Planet

“Now you listen to me, James Hawkins. You got the makings of greatness in you, but you got to take the helm and chart your own course. Stick to it, no matter the squalls! And when the time comes you get the chance to really test the cut of your sails, and show what you’re made of… well, I hope I’m there, catching some of the light coming off you that day.”

Photoshop CS6, Intuos 3 Small

Jack G - Dirty imagine

Side note: Sorry if it’s not good :)

I woke up to loud boys voices from the hallway. I turn my half asleep head to my left and looked at the clock’’ aww you don’t mean that’’ I cried even though I knew they didn’t hear me, the time was 9:56 and I usually normal get up at 11.

My brother was one of the ‘popular’ boys from school, tall, brown hair, beautiful green/blue eyes and his body was trained.

So of course he had the popular boys visiting, it was okay but one of the boys made me so angry that itnot  even should be possible, his name is Jack .. Jack gilinsky. He plays so smart and it frustrates me ..

I got up I could not sleep because of all the noise. I had put my hair up in a bun, and took some tight pants. I looked carefully out of my door if I now went into a boy .. and I now prefer to avoid that. Now in this case there was a clear path so I went down to get some breakfast, oatmeal with milk as usually it was a classic breakfast.

After I had made my breakfast, I sat on the couch and watched TV while I ate, lots of footsteps came over from stairs and lots of boys in the bargain.

I dug myself a little farther down on the couch, hoping no one would see me, it was so not so my lucky day for of course came  Jack  leaping onto the couch so all my oatmeal land on me’’ what the fuck are you doing!?“ I shouted

” Calm down princess’’ he said with a smirk. All the others just laughed’’ fuck you’’ I said, and went into the kitchen and got dried oatmeal  of me. I did not really feel like i wanted a second breakfast, then I washed the bowl and got dried it off.

I sat up on the kitchen drilled and checked tumblr and twitter, I felt some eyes looking at me as I looked up, it was Jack. He came slowly toward me with a smirk on his face’’ what do you want  Jack?“ I asked him” nothing really, I just want to talk’’ he said, coming closer towards me

“oh sad but I’m not in the mood to talk to you right now” I said and looked at my Iphone again. When he reached me he put a hand on my knee, I got goosebumps from his touch. I tried to ignore his hand but all of a sudden he brought his hand up to my thighs

“Jack” I said and removed his hand from my thigh’’ but my hand was so comfortable where it was,“ he said, I could feel his brown eyes on me but I did not dare look at him. ” (Y/N) admit it you want me’’ he said all of a sudden’’ WHAT?“ I said,” Who says?“

I said, and this time I looked him straight in the eye” I can see it on you, you are unsure of how to behave yourself in front of me, i know your a tiger in the bed,“ he said, and tilted his head slightly to one side.

’'Now stop Jack, I’m sure how to behave myself in front of you and how do you even j´know that anyways?” I said, and his hand came back up to my thighs and I looked back down because of the nervousness “ see I make you nervous, cute” he said with a smirk.

I jumped down from the kitchen bored and walked away for an indefinite period two fixed big hands took me on my waist and pulled me toward the kitchen drill again’’ Jack could you please?“ I almost cried” calm down princess’’ he said and removed a hair in front of my eyes behind my ear and his beautiful chocolate brown eyes land on me.

His one hand was behind my head and pressed my head against his, so our lips meet his kiss was sweet and deep. A hand around my waist and one behind my back, our bodies were so close together that not even a piece of paper to come through us.

The hand that should have been on my back was now gone but marked it down on my ass. I smiled into the kiss Jack noticed it and smiled too, I took both my hands on his neck so the kiss could be more personal.

“ (Y/N),” he said and turnd to see if anyone looked and started kissing me again, his hands were now down at my pants in the same second he pulled them down and stuck two fingers up at me, and I began to moan’’ so tight “ he said, i put both my hands on the kitchen drill to raise me up a bit so he could finger me better.

’'Mmm babe who made you this wet” he says and pushed his finger into me again. I moan and i closed my eyes. “Answer me, and open those lovely eyes” he demands.

I did as he told “You did babe, it’s all you” i sad and moan while he pumps in and out of me. He adds another finger and goes deeper, hitting that spot that drives me nuts.

His big finger inside me made me quite wet of though. He pulled slightly away and start licking his finger on the most sexy way I have ever seen before’’ mhh you taste so good (Y/N),“ he said, putting back his two fingers inside me and then pulled out again” do you wanna taste?“ he asked and I nodded.

I start licking Jacks two finger slowly and at one point I looked up and saw him with his head back and mouth open with pleasure. I could not help but look down at Jack’s pants because I saw a small bump stick out or not even small very big indeed.

He smirks and pickes you up and throws you on the bed. You go to grab his length and he stops you, ’'Watching you cum was so fucking hot, I’m so hard.

I won’t last if you suck me babe he says. You smile proudly and move your hips upwards grinding onto his cock and he growls. He grabs your hips and pushes them down, pinning you to the bed. He enters you slowly, filling you completely and his tip grazes your g-spot causing you to cry out. His hands rest on either side of your face, supporting his weight.

(I’m sorry if you’re a little confused by my shift)

Your hands are scratching his back as he fucks you relentlessly. He’s thrusting non-stop and his head dips down to your breasts. He takes your right nipple into his mouth and sucks making it harden instantly.

He pinches the other roughly and soothes it with his tongue. You’re a moaning mess and he can’t help but smile at the sight beneath him.

You attempt to meet his thrust, raising your hips but he slams them down once more and spreads your legs wider. His finger starts circling your clit and you scream so loud the neighbors could probably hear you. ’'That’s right babe scream my name like your life depends on it” his dirty talk makes you moan louder and he rubs fast hard circles on your clit.

He’s hitting your g-spot repeatedly and you just can’t take it anymore, you scream and your whole body is shaking. Jake comes to a stop and pulls out of you. You open your mouth to welcome his throbbing shaft and he pumps himself a few times before he cums.


I’m going to be taking an internet break of at least 10-14 days, starting probably at some point today! This is because I am WRITING A NEW BOOK, and since I damaged my neurology, I need to really FOCUS. (Though, damaged neurology or NO, it’s often helpful to take a break and FOCUS.) I’ll stay off as long as I feel is NECESSARY. But I am sending my passwords to my assistant, Felicity Disco, and I will not be able to get at them for AT LEAST 10 days. Once I write the passwords down and sent them to her, I erase them from my computer. All of my pleas to have them back before the appointed time must be ignored.

In essence, I am doing #nanowrimo! Every year people ask me if I am doing NaNoWriMo and I say no, I do MeNoWriAllthetime. This year has been different. I wasn’t able to write as much (often, at all) when I got sick. And so, I am sort of doing NaNoWriMo!

Also, in general, my brain needs rebooting a lot. I’m basically like a computer that got wet–I work now, but I’m glitchy and sometimes programs shut down for no reason and you have to do a manual restart a few times a day. These short breaks help. I rebooted once before this year, in the run-up to GeekyCon. I’ve used Tumblr a bit less frequently since then. BUT! I anticipate really coming back much more once I have really started writing and REBOOTED MY BRAIN. I WILL be doing more #askauntiemj, so you can always leave questions in THE ASK BOX.

I will be off Twitter and here, but I do have Instagram. When I do these little breaks I often post there FURTIVELY.

You may not even care about this, so if this post has come to you and you do not want it you may dismiss it with a hiss and wave of the hand.

I will see you SOON.

anonymous asked:

The NaruSaku fandom were robbed of their ship being canon so naruto could fuck the big tits moe side character. Whatever "threats" we've made are justified. We're angry. You naruhina fanboys are just glad you can self insert and wank off to the idea of naruto and his bit tit bimbo wife. We didn't do anything wrong.

I gotta say, I was laying in bed, debating getting up now or later, poking on tumblr with my phone when I got this and just immediately felt a wave of energy come over me, so thanks random nonsensical anon, you helped give me the energy to get up and trounce this sorry string of excuses and silliness. You really helped me out there! I almost feel bad about what’s coming next. Almost.

Lets break this down bit by silly bit. First off, “The NaruSaku fandom were robbed of their ship being canon.”

No. For several reasons. Firstly, it doesn’t make sense. To be robbed, you’d have had to had something, first. Which, flatly, you did not, in several layers. Like an onion.

You see, the first layer of this is the fact that NaruSaku was never canon, and therefor you cannot be robbed of canon status as it was never something you had to begin with. So that can’t be what you were robbed of. Secondly, given NaruSaku had explicit sinking moments in the manga several times, had zero foreshadowing of actually becoming a thing, and so on, it wasn’t even like a bait and switch version of being ‘robbed,’ because it was never even something IMPLIED you were going to get. 

You weren’t promised being canon, you weren’t even implied you’d be canon. You were owed nothing, and you got nothing, and that’s the way things is. You know what this view is, really? I hate how the term gets thrown around, but so many anti’s seem motivated by ENTITLEMENT. They felt ENTITLED to their ships, and this manifests in how anti’s will interpret any sort of merchandise or moment that seems to exist between two characters as being some sort of targeted marketing for them.

Art with Naruto and Sakura in proximity is not targeted at NaruSaku, just like art with Naruto and Sasuke is not targeted at SasuNaruSasu. Naruto rushing off when he gets word of a threat from Sasuke is not a ‘SasuNaruSasu’ moment, its Naruto taking his job seriously as hokage. It isn’t about you, it never was about you, and the only reason folks think it is about them is entitlement and refusal to acknowledge that, in the big scheme of things, they really don’t matter in this.

This is where the anti-Naruto fandom ends up sitting below sea-level and claiming they have the moral high ground. In reality, the moral high ground is a great place to site your canon. Excuse me, cannons.

Moving on, we get to “so naruto could fuck the big tits moe side character.” 

Alright, lets tackle this gem. Again. I’ll get into the specifics of things later, for now, I want to address simply the accusation about Hinata as a character. Simply put, Hinata does not fit the moe archetype no matter how much certain folks want to imply she does. At least, she does not if we actually use moe as it really is intended, and not in the entirely flanderized term that has becoming functionally meaningless. This is the same way folks will accuse Sakura of being a tsundere (she’s not) or many characters (I’ve seen it for Naruto and Hinata the most, actually, but not Sasuke, which is odd…) of being Mary Sues (or Gary Stu for the males.) They’re not.

Moe is an archetype Hinata does not fill, because her shyness, self-esteem issues, and the like are never used in a sort of romanticized way; they’re never used to invoke this sort of protective draw to Hinata. Rather, they’re used as actual character issues to overcome. You are meant to empathize with Hinata, but you’re not meant to want to be her protective sibling or the like. Which, of course, ties into the fact that moe isn’t really a fetish, or at least, it’s not supposed to be. Moe characters are not characters you want to fuck, they’re characters you want to protect. Moe fetishization honestly isn’t even ABOUT sex, it’s about assuaging a desire to protect and nurture. 

In a similar manner, Sakura is not tsundere. Tsundere is not ‘temper, and sometimes nice,’ it’s a larger character archetype that Sakura does not really fit. Sasuke fits tsundere more than Sakura, and even that I’d be dicey. Really, there aren’t any real tsundere characters in Naruto.

I feel no need to touch on the bust issue because its simply pointless and been done to death. Suffice to say that anti’s seem to focus on her bust far more than her fans do.

Now then, “Whatever “threats” we’ve made are justified. We’re angry.”

Yeah, no. Anger is not a justification or excuse for behaviors that are beyond the pale. They might explain it, but they do not JUSTIFY it. Given the entire reason you are anger is not legitimate, too, claims that it could justify anything are simply ridiculous. I’m sorry, but no amount of anger would justify threats of violence, threats of death, or the like, against Kishimoto or actual people.

This is a universal across all fandoms and society really. No amount of threats of death or violence are justified over, literally, someone not producing the thing you wanted them to produce. This ties into the point above, the entitlement that is driving forward this thing. Entitlement breeds this idea that you were slighted, which breeds moral justification for bad behavior. The reality is you’re just behaving badly.

“You naruhina fanboys are just glad you can self insert and wank off to the idea of naruto and his bit tit bimbo wife.“

I wrote a short think on why the self-insertion argument is fault, but I’ll restate it here. To start, making an assumption like that without any sort of evidence is fairly silly, particularly when it doesn’t line up with the reality of the fandom or characters. Hinata does not fit the archetype of ‘bimbo wife,’ for one, nor is portrayed as such in the fandom, so this idea itself is absurd, but secondly, the idea that it must be about self-insert is fundamentally flawed.

Am I any more right to say that NaruSaku fanboys are just ‘nice guys’ who want to self-insert into the role of loser who gets the girl who only went after the jerks but finally noticed him? Or the relationship where he gets to remain the immature manchild with a significant other that is more a mother to him than wife because she has to ‘keep him in line.’ The oedipal overtones of many NaruSaku arguments get to me, I’ll be frank; the fixation of Sakura being like Kushina miss that fundamental flaw that he is not engaging in a relationship with a mother, but a spouse.

Yet I’d still be flawed if I made the assertion these were the ONLY or even PRIMARY views or motivations of NaruSaku fans. You are not even attempting to understand why someone might ship a thing. You could, I don’t know, ask a NaruHina shipper why they do… and that would give you THAT shipper’s motivations. Do that time and time again you might get a general picture of some reasons.

Further, there is a contradiction, based more in your misunderstanding of moe as stated above. If Hinata was a moe, than she really can’t also be a ‘bimbo,’ which more simply shows you have no idea what the terms you use actually mean, you just want to be hateful and throw insults you don’t even understand.

“We didn’t do anything wrong.”

‘We’ as in the entire fandom? No, because collectivizing guilt is a dangerous game. However ‘we’, as in a large number of anti’s who happen to ship NaruSaku or SasuNaruSasu? No, they very much have done wrong. You’ve done wrong yourself, even in this ask, but on a greater amount? The harassment and threats to Kishimoto and his assistant? The defacement of the Thank You page? The constant lies and insults about Kishimoto, the series itself, or fans who don’t cleave to the anger and toxic bile you stew in?

The actual threats, credible or not, of violence against Kishimoto? The threats and vile hate sent to fans, like a friend of mine who had a NaruSaku fan tell them they hoped they and their young child would be raped. Yeah, that’s not wrong at all. Yet this is not the fault of all non-canon ship fans, no, just the ones behaving badly. The problem is, you’re killing your own fandom. Your tags are dying because you fill them with hate, and it festers like an open wound. 

You’re hemorrhaging fans, and you have no one to blame but yourself.

From Entertainment Weekly’s interview with Kit Harington:

I was talking to Dan Weiss and he said Jon is really dead. But George R.R. Martin left open the possibility the character might not be dead in the books….So let me ask you: Is Jon really dead?
This is my understanding of it. I had a sit-down with Dan and David, we did the Tony Soprano walk [letting an actor know they’re being whacked]. And they said, “Look, you’re gone, it’s done.” …Quite honestly, I have never been told the future of things in this show, but this is the one time I have. They sat me down and said, “This is how it is.” If anything in the future is not like that, then I don’t know about it – it’s only in David and Dan and George’s heads. But I’ve been told I’m dead. I’m dead. I’m not coming back next season. So that’s all I can tell you, really.

Hey y’all story time:)

So I just came back from a run. I ran past this guy who started yelling things at me. The only things I could make out where “hoe” and “too fat”.

I’ve always wanted to run but was afraid of what people would say to a chubby black girl on the street. It wasn’t until I found @sunnystrong (she is literally a ray of sunshine!!)here on tumblr that I decided to be brave and do it. Coming from a person that has been bullied and teased for most of my life, it was really scary to go out there the first couple of times. But the more I did it the more comfortable I got. And now, I don’t feel weird at all :))

So when this hillbilly started yelling nonsense at me it was no big deal. You wanna call me a hoe?? You wanna tell me I’m too fat?? Lawlzzzzz

But I understand that not everyone will be able to laugh stupid shit like this off. If this happened to me  three years ago, I probably would be too embarrassed to even run again. And to those people, I just want to say don’t let anyone’s comments or attacks dictate how you live your life. Don’t stay inside because you are scared of assholes. The world is full of assholes and you will encounter many in your life time. Don’t let people, especially ones that mean absolutely nothing to you, make you feel bad about yourself. Don’t let people discourage you. You are great. You are wonderful. You are beautiful! Do what you want. Do what’s best for you. Do what makes you feel good. Running is one of the best things Ive done and really helped me with my depression. So I can promise you that I will be out there tomorrow.

Alright that’s all I had to say. Niight you guys:)

Ok so I'm going to try have a conversation with Tom..again (long post)

Since last night ended in Tomm totally goofing around I’m going to try this today again.. I’m blaming the high sugar level he had when I was trying to talk to him last night.. To much banana pudding I should have known that he get’s uncontrollable when he is high on sugar.. anyway, he is more calmer today, I have given him his tea and he is currently mesmerized by the cartoon version of The Avengers on Disney XD.. 


Tom I’m sorry that I’m disturbing you, I know you love your cartoons in the morning but I want to talk to you..

Thank you.. do you think we can have a normal conversation this morning?

Okay, thank you.. I’m just going to turn off the tv so I can get your full attention and have you focusing this time and not go totally bonkers like you did last night..remember?

Mhmm.. Anyway let’s get to it.. 

So Tom.. Darling, what I wanted to know is… Tom..TO…

 *snaps fingers* Tom god dammit.. can you please focus? What were you thinking about now?

Yes I saw you drifting off.. Care to share?


Oooh really? Now I’m even more curious.. come on please tell.. Was it about the slores?

Oh my god it totally was!!

Oh just admit it, you got the total hots for the whole slore community! I know you are!


Oh there is no need to play coy now.. everyone already knows you are browsing Tumblr on a daily basis to fuel your ego.. not to mention ehem.. catch up on the smut fics.. oh yeah! I know that too I’m not totally oblivious to that.. I know you have read them, and I know laterovaries is one of your favorite writers, I have seen you read almost everyone of her smut fics..

Ha! I knew it! you are so busted! and I know how you love ophelia-tagloffdirty smut as well.. I have seen you read that too, nothing escapes me when it comes to you..

A little too late to be embarrassed now… So If you have to choose your favorite of all the writers?

Okey so you apparently love them all, and also have read most of the smutty fics on tumblr.. is this true

Oh interesting.. how about all the other stuff one can find on tumblr? ehem.. not to ring my own bell but are you familiar with Frustration Game?

There you have it!! Tom knows about that too.. And do you enjoy it?

Oh really?! Fuck me I thought you would never admit it.. I thought you would just say no or avoid the subject.. haha you totally admitted without hesitation..

Hahahaha this is so going on tumblr!!! The slore community will love this!

Muhahahaha Tom is reading smutty fics and gets of on frustration game..

Nope!! This is what gets me through the day.. I love making the slore community squirm and get frustrated.. Now I can do the same to you too *devilish grin* muhahahah

Hahahah anyway.. let’s get real what’s your thoughts on all of..this?

True.. And apparently it is “touching” you too greatly 

Hahahhaa NEVER!! The cat is out of the box! And it is very much alive!! lol I’m having like crazy fun right now.. Beside we are soon done here.. 

Oh come on Tom!! you are doing that thing again.. staph it!!

Staph it! 

Tom I’m warning you.. The eyefuck isn’t a good card to play right now.. I.. I can’t deal with your eyefuck.. and neither can the rest of the slore community.

Noooo dont you oooohhoo.. Don’t you dare!!

Tom stop!

Not the tongue!! Stop it!!

FUCK YOU TOM!!! I can’t… seriously I can’t!! I’m gonna take a cold shower.. fuck this! *throws hand in the air and walks away furiously* 

Anything last to add before I close this shit down Tom?

Well thanks for the inp…. wait what?

OKAY OKAY THATS IT! closing this shit down before it spins out of control.. Say good bye Tom!

No not in a horny way!! just say good bye!


I don’t own any of the gifs, my thanks goes to makers behind them.. I know for fact my lovely smittentomkitten is one of the makers.. 

p.s. this was just for fun.. 

Some perspective.

Atlanta threw me off my game. I was having an awesome week, feeling strong as ever and things with my eating were on point.

My schedule got thrown off. I wasn’t in control of food being prepared for me and not getting enough sleep. I had fun but it was a fun that left me exhausted.

Then I come home and declare on tumblr I’m now in beast mode yet I didn’t take both feet off the struggle bus.

So for me, I’m happy that a fresh start comes whenever I want it. Instead of waiting till Monday to really try, I decided that my new beginning started at 1pm. My not so great lunch choice is now a thing of the past and doesn’t have to consume or control the rest of my day.

I had crap sleep and my pants feel tight but my gym bag is here. CrossFit still happens at 6:15 and I still have the choice to go and work off my frustrations and insecurities.

I’m choosing to take back control, to take back my Friday and to show my body some love.

One day at a time.

anonymous asked:

prompt: dan and phil are just mates, living together. dan needs some help with his computer and asks phil. their hads touch or something cute and then they akwardly stare at each other's eyes and shall there be enormous amounts of super cute fluff idk I have no idea

A/N: Sorta deviated a bit from the end of the prompt but I hope you like!


“Phil, wake up.”

Phil rolled over, away from the finger poking into his side through his duvet. He peeked to his clock on the nightstand, watching it glow with 2:30 as he heard footsteps. He squeezed his eyes shut again and brought the blanket up to his nose as Dan knelt in front of him. The prodding fingertip returned and pressed into his nose, dull nails making it sting slightly.

“Boop. Wakey wakey, Philip.”

Phil suppressed a swear and brought the hem of the covers down a bit, exposing down to his bare shoulders. “Dan, what is it?” His voice is thick with the need for sleep, but Dan didn’t let it bother him.

“The computer isn’t working right, I need you to fix it.” He pouted, hoping a puppy face would get him what he needed, even if Phil probably couldn’t see it in the dark. When Phil showed no sign of getting up, Dan decided to go about it a different way. “It’s that new program you convinced me to download,” he accused, reaching out to nudge his shoulder, a little more forcefully than he’d meant to. “That’s what’s making it not work. Come and fix it.”

Phil just curled in on himself, pressing his face into the pillow. It was too early for this, and Dan would be better off getting off the computer and getting some sleep. Unless he still hadn’t finished editing. He groaned and turned to Dan. “Is your video ready to post yet?”

Dan had foolishly promised on Twitter that he’d have the new video up first thing in the morning, thinking he really could have it finished. But he’d spent the night on Tumblr instead, and now the Mac apparently wasn’t working. Phil didn’t think Dan really had a leg to stand on in saying this was somehow his fault, but he wasn’t awake enough to argue, either. Sighing, he tossed the duvet from his body and sat up to go and try to fix the problem.

Phil got to his feet and headed out of the room. Dan followed behind. “Not gonna put a shirt on?” he asked, trying to come off as nonchalant as his eyes wandered down and back up the pale expanse of Phil’s back. Damn, those shoulders…

“Won’t bother, this shouldn’t take more than a minute.” He couldn’t help but be a little annoyed, and how tired he was did nothing to help. Phil knew full well that Dan was probably capable of fixing the problem himself, if he was the only person available and in dire need. Phil knew laziness to be his flatmate’s worst quality, but he was still very fond of all those things about Dan that made up for it.

But right now, he wasn’t thinking of any.

Phil went to play around with the computer, try to figure what the issue was, but it wasn’t turning on. Curious, he pressed the power button a few more times before moving on to another possible source. He got out of the chair and crawled under the desk. Dan stood by, watching.

Dan was trying not to focus on the nice pyjama-clad ass, occasionally wiggling as Phil crawled deeper. “Think we might need a new computer?”

“Dan, I think it’s a little soon to decide if we need to buy a new Mac,” Phil called from under the desk. “If I can’t figure it out I’ll—”

Dan tilted his head. “You’ll…?”

There was another moment of tense silence before “Dan… Dan, did you just not have it plugged in?” He was honestly floored over how this could’ve happened, and how Dan couldn’t figure out that the damn thing was unplugged.

Dan’s eyes went wide. He really hadn’t been expecting that to be the solution. “I…” He had nothing to say, especially as he watched Phil crawl back out, backwards. Phil got onto his knees and started rubbing his eyes, yawning. Dan noticed he was shivering slightly and winced.

“Sorry I woke you up for that… Come on, borrow one of my hoodies and I’ll make some hot chocolate.” He had a fleeting thought that he’d really rather Phil remain shirtless, but he shoved the idea away, telling himself to stop being creepy.

Ten minutes later, they were both watching anime in the lounge, huddled under blankets on the sofa, mugs of cocoa in hand. Dan kept shooting sideways glances at his best friend, which Phil fortunately didn’t seem to notice. Dan tried and tried to direct his attention at the, honestly, less than interesting show, but the warmth radiating from the man next to him was too distracting.

There had been silence between them for a while, until Dan broke it with a soft quip. “So… are you mad at me?”

Phil sighed into his cup. “I think I should be, when you woke me up in the middle of the night to just plug in the computer, so you could finish a video you put off too long- but no. I’m not mad; I’m not even very annoyed. Just… if you do that again, make sure it’s really, really necessary? Or I might get mad.”

Dan smiled, laughing softly at the new mental image. “Yeah, but when you get mad you sort of just do that rabbit thing with your nose. You just look like an angry bunny.”

Phil knew he should probably take at least some offense to that, but he just laughed instead. Dan always seemed to have that sort of effect. “Shut up…” he said with no real intent behind it.

Dan grinned and scooted closer, taking a chance and laying his head on Phil’s shoulder, covered by one of Dan’s jackets that Dan told himself to let him keep. He let his eyes fall shut; this was far too comfortable and right for platonic best friends.