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Psst. What are Whatever and Timekeeper and where do I find them? (Google has, like, A LOT of results! None of them particularly helpful.)

Lol Whatever is written by SJ Goslee, or @pantstomatch if you wanna gander at her tumblr (she has a link to her book on there). It’s a high school stoner comedy about a boy realizing/coming to terms with his bisexuality. It’s hilarious and endearing and should be read no less than twelve times

Timekeeper is written by Tara Sim or @tarasimauthor and it’s a steampunk adventure/romance about a clock mechanic named Danny that falls in love with a clock spirit named Colton. There’s a lot of action in it and every character is an A+ character to read about (I’m looking at you Brandon) Also Colton gets thoroughly chastised by Big Bens clock spirit for being a hooligan little brother

“it’s not like a stab wound you can protect me from. it’s a million little paper cuts every day.”

alec lightwood talking to his sister about the homophobia he has to deal with in “city of lost souls” i’m emotional

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some things that can make a difference to how you feel eating really healthy cooked meals can make u feel positive getting into a really good book covering yourself in scented body washes and moisturisers getting a really good sleep and getting up earlyish honestly I think you are absolutely beautiful your face is to die for and I hope that you are soon able to feel comfortable with everything because you seem like a lovely girl, also I love your style n blog !!

this means so much you’re literally a sweet heart, thank you 💋🌹

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*walks in with starbucks at 1 am uninvited* Hey I've read two really good books with autistic main characters lately and I'm here to recommend them even though nobody asked for it. #1 is On The Edge of Gone by Corinne Duyvis, a book about a biracial autistic girl trying to gain a spot on a generation ship. The book is set in a post-apocaliptic Netherlands, but like, the immediate aftermath of the apocalyps, so you get to see everyone's reactions to it and it's really cool. 1/?

On the Edge of Gone is written by an autistic author so the portrayal of autism is A+ and Denise (the main character) is also just bloody AMAZING. Also she has a trans bisexual sister who Gets Shit Done and is also amazing. And I don’t think there’s a single white cishet christian man in the entire main cast, so, plus. Now, the second book is The Real Boy by Anne Ursu which was longlisted for the National Book Award. It’s a fantasy story with an autistic main character. The magic in this fantasy world is incredibly interesting and the plot is very unique. The author isn’t autistic so the portrayal feels a bit more ‘checklisty’ (especially since she also didn’t have sensitivity readers), but she surprisingly got a lot of details right and Oscar was for like 99% relatable to me so good job. (she later admitted in an interview that not using sensitivity readers was stupid so A+ on admitting your problems) Anyway, the fantasy world is medieval so the word 'autistic’ is never actually used but it’s confirmed by Word of God and also I picked up on it after literally two pages. It also purposfully brings a harmfull trope to the table ('autistics turn out not be human’) and then slams it into the ground. So yeah that one’s also amazing go read it please I’m dying.

omg i need to read both of these thank you for the suggestions and all the info!!!! ill definitely see about both of these and i encourage everyone else to do the same !!!!!!! i’ve heard of Edge of Gone before, i actually think my library has it.


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also don’t look at it too hard cos the more you do the more you realize how much I screwed this up

I’ve just kind of had this idea floating around in my head all day about Cas owning a cozy little bookstore. He keeps it open 365 days a year, because he wants it to be a safe space for people. He knows first hand that, especially around holiday season, not everyone has somewhere to go. And he’s made it his mission since he opened two years ago to make sure everyone has somewhere to go if they don’t want to be alone.

So when Dean, a frequent customer the past few months, (and a frequent star in Cas’ day dreams) offers him a chair at their Thanksgiving feast tomorrow night, he politely declines, and advises Dean he will be working.

‘Can’t be working on Thanksgiving Cas! What the hell are you gonna eat? That’s the best part of the whole day!’ Cas just shakes his head, and apologizes. When Dean persists, questioning why Charlie can’t run the place for the day, he explains that Charlie is meeting Dorothy’s parents, and he doesn’t mind working.

Thanksgiving morning, Dean stops by to try and convince him one last time to close up and come to Sam’s with him, Cas states harshly, 'Not everyone has a place to go for the holidays, Dean. I didn’t have a place to go for twelve years after my parents kicked me out. I NEED to be here so no one is in that situation if they don’t want to be! NO ONE should be alone during the holidays.’ And while Dean is taken aback by the tone, he mutters an apology and leaves.

Cas spends most of the day by himself, a teenage girl comes in around ten, and then he doesn’t see anyone else until four. The older gentleman leaves around four thirty, and though neither of them make a purchase, he’s still glad he was here. When the bell at the door rings again around seven, Cas is happy to see someone else in need. However when he turns the corner from the aisle he was reorganizing, he sees Dean, arms full of bags. From their transparency, he sees a bag of dinner rolls, what he believes is several Tupperware containers full of mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, and stuffing, and the unmistakable circular outline of a pie tin.

'What is this, Dean? Shouldn’t you be at Sam’s?’

'You were right, Cas. No one should be alone on Thanksgiving.’

To sing, to scream, to dance barefoot in the woods in the dead of night, with no more awareness of mortality than an animal! These are powerful mysteries. The bellowing of bulls. Springs of honey bubbling from the ground. If we are strong enough in our souls we can rip away the veil and look that naked, terrible beauty right in the face; let God consume us, devour us, unstring our bones. Then spit us out reborn.
—   Donna Tartt, The Secret History    

P. 81 of A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

(Can you guys tell I love this chapter, quoting it two days in a row? Yes, yes I do)

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so this is what i’ve been up to lately, finishing a piece for a gintama fanbook dedicated to the series coming to an end. i wanted to make something really fun, something very gintama-esque so i hope i did okay