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Lena Luthor/you fic part 13

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Things got bad that night.  Around midnight, you came down from the pills left in your system and the shaking started.  You had laid next to Lena as long as you could, shaking and trying to keep your teeth from chattering, but then the nausea hit.  A substantial amount of pain accompanied your trip to the bathroom and your knees collided with the linoleum floor in front of the toilet.

Lena woke up as soon as you lurched out of bed and blinked the sleep out of her eyes.  The sound of you retching into the toilet shot her into alertness almost immediately and she stumbled into the bathroom just in time to see you gag so forcefully that you were hit with a coughing fit.

“Hey,” Lena murmured as she dropped down beside you.  “It’s okay.  You’re alright.”

“J-just go back to bed.”

“Shhh, no.  It’s alright,” Lena replied quietly.  Her hand ran up and down your back in light patterns and you struggled to catch your breath.  After nearly a minute, another wave of nausea hit you and you vomited again.  Lena could practically feel her heart breaking as you lurched under her touch.

“You have work, please just leave.  I can handle this.”

“Y/N, don’t push me away.  It’s alright.”

Lena stroked your back once more and then got to her feet.  You spat out the remaining bile into  the toilet bowl while Lena grabbed a paper cup full of water from the sink.  Grateful for the relief, you rinsed your mouth out while.  Lena, not wanting you to spend the rest of the night on the bathroom floor, grabbed the trashcan from under the sink and carried it over to your side of the bed.  

“Come here,” Lena spoke as she wrapped her arms around you and helped you into a standing position.  “There you go.”

“Lena, I can move out.  I don’t want you to deal with this.”

“Stop.  I want you here.  We’re going to get through this, and everything else that happened, together.”

You didn’t reply as Lena helped you towards her bed and back under the blankets.  Another series of tremors hit you and Lena quickly slid in next to you and pulled you against her.  She was warm and comforting and as much as your instincts told you to pull away, you let her hold you.  

“Y/N, I love you.  What you told me tonight doesn’t change anything about that.”

“I love you too.  I’m sorry.”


You didn’t sleep much at all that night.  The constant stream of chills and guilt kept you awake until almost four, and Lena waking up for work roused you around 6:30.  While you managed to lay still long enough for her to leave, the second she did you ended up back on the bathroom floor.  

After heaving up the remnants of your stomach, you drug yourself up, brushed your teeth, and collapsed back in bed.  

God, did you regret telling Lena.  If you hadn’t, you would be fine right now.  Your healing bruises and broken bones wouldn’t be flaring up at the smallest movement and you wouldn’t feel like you had just contracted every virus available on a preschool floor.

After a few hours of restless sleep, you drug yourself out of bed again and out into the main area of the apartment.  Much to your surprise and dismay, Kara Danvers was sprawled across the couch in the living room.

“Didn’t realize I was getting a babysitter,” you grunted.  Your crutches clicked against the hardwood floor as you begrudgingly hopped over to the couch.

“Well, from the sounds of it, you need one.”

“Wow, okay.”

You spun back around, unwilling to listen to this.  You were on edge, irritated, and still felt like you had contracted a mild case of food poisoning.  The last thing you needed was a lecture from a superhero.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m getting dressed and I’m leaving.”

“Cool.  Where are we going?”

Your jaw locked in annoyance at the sound of Kara’s footsteps trailing you and you slammed the door to Lena’s bedroom.  Every so often, a series of chills ran its way through your body and you did your best to ignore them as you unstrapped your boot, threw on jeans and a long sleeved shirt, and then put it back on.  When you emerged from the bedroom, Kara was standing right in the doorway, arms crossed.

“So, where are we going?”

“Does it matter?”

“Well, kind of.  If I knew, I could just fly us there.”

“I don’t need your help, thanks,” you grunted as you made your way towards the front of the apartment.  

“Fine, we’ll walk.  It’s a nice day.”

“Glad you approve.”

“So, are you going to talk to me about any of this?”


You quickened your pace in order to get ahead of the alien and spent a very awkward tense elevator ride scowling in Kara’s direction.  It was the first time out of the building in a while, and the sun nearly blinded you when you stepped out onto the street.  It only intensified your headache.

“Y/N, I think it was really big of you to tell Lena about what you were doing.  I just don’t understand why you would start-“

“Yeah, you wouldn’t understand.”

“Well, neither does Lena.  So the least you could do is try to help us to.”
“It isn’t any of you business why I do what I do.  And if you were really as super as you think you are, you’d be able to figure it out.  It’s not that hard.”

“Are you still in pain?”

You scoffed, ignoring the burning strain in your arms from moving so fast, and glanced over in Kara’s direction.  

“Why wouldn’t you just take your prescription like normal, then?”

“Kara, how long have you ever been in pain for?  Like, five minutes when a super villain gets the upper hand?”

“You’d be surprised.”

“I’ve been roughed up before,” you continued as the two of you came to stop at a crosswalk.  “But, not like that.  And, if I let it bother me as much…as much as it should, it’s going to affect Lena.  I’ve seen addicts and I’ve seen how well it can be hidden.”

“You can’t hide something forever, though.”

“I didn’t need ‘forever’, I needed Lena to stop looking at me like I was about to break.”

“Don’t you think this will worry her more?”

“I didn’t say it wasn’t a mistake!” you snapped defensively.  The light changed and the two of you stepped out onto the street.  Kara’s gaze softened when she realized how genuinely upset you seemed with yourself.

“You can fix it, though.  Just make sure that Lena sees you’re trying to keep it together.”

“That’s all she sees anymore.  Things aren’t…they aren’t working like they did before everything came out.  I know Lena cares and she loves me, but it’s like she’s afraid to now.”

“What do you mean?”

“She’s just…so careful.  Like she’s walking on eggshells around me.  I don’t know how to make things more, uh, comfortable.”

“Do you tell her any of this?”

“No, it’ll just make her feel bad.  Lena blames everything on herself.”

“I’ve noticed,” Kara sighed.  Her forehead crinkled when you stopped hobbling in front of a bar.  “This seems like a bad idea.”

“So, you are my babysitter…”

“Fine,” the blonde relented and opened the door for you. It was a tad more ritzy than your normal venue, but it was the first one you had seen and you’d be lying if you tried to say the short journey hadn’t left you winded.  

The bar was entirely empty, and you chose the stool at the farthest end of the bar.  Due to the lack of patrons, you were served a rum and Coke within a minute.  You downed half of the beverage quickly; having become rather parched from the walk over.  

“Still no luck finding Lillian?” you asked after setting the drink down onto the paper coaster.  Kara sighed.

“Not yet.”

“What happens to her when you do?”

You took another drink after seeing the older woman’s face flash through your mind.  The image made your stomach twist.

“She goes somewhere more secure than a state prison, that’s for sure.”

“Wouldn’t it just be safer at this point to take her out?”

“You mean kill her?” Kara frowned.


“We can’t just kill someone because they’ve done horrible things—“

“I get why you can’t do that with your, uh, justice bullshit.  But, I could.”

“Y/N, you don’t mean that.”

“Trust me, I do.”

Your grip tightened on your glass and you glanced sideways at your companion.

“I know what it feels like…to want that.  I had people to stop me when I couldn’t stop myself,” Kara admitted.

“I don’t care about doing ‘what’s right’ or whatever the hell Superman would do, Kara.  I care about keeping Lena safe and Lillian isn’t going to stop until she destroys her.”

“Y/N, the DEO has cells that contain aliens three times—“ Kara clasped a hand over her mouth upon realizing that, once again, she had said to much.  You turned towards her with your eyebrows raised.

“The DEO?”

“Shhh!” Kara gripped your arm and glanced unnecessarily around the bar.  “It’s the Department of Extranormal Operations.”

“So…alien stuff?”

“Yes, and since Lillian Luthor ran an organization targeting extraterrestrials, we can justify taking over her containment.”

“Why the hell didn’t you do that in the first place?”

Your voice had risen in volume, earning you a judgmental look from the bartender, and instead of apologizing you drained the rest of your drink and tapped your glass on the wooden surface in front of you.  The man’s gaze hardened, but he moved to refill your drink anyway.

“Federal prison facilities are generally secure.  There was no way we could have seen any of this coming.”

“Hmm,” you grunted and watched your beverage being made.  If this ‘DEO’ had just taken the lead in the first place, you and Lena might be fine right now.  You wouldn’t have been beaten to within an inch of your life and Lillian wouldn’t still pose a looming threat.  It didn’t seem fair.


We have eyes on the target, ma’am.  She’s accompanied by Kara Danvers approximately four blocks from your daughter’s apartment.  Do we have permission to move in.

“No,” Lillian barked the reply into the phone quickly and spun around in her chair.  Her cold gaze scanned the rows of pictures documenting the movements of both Lena and any visitors to her apartment.  It caused her a great deal of personal pain to keep from sending every force available in order to end the disgusting coalition between Lena and the scum she surrounded herself with.

“Keep your eyes on them.  Note the target’s physical condition; we can’t operate under any complications.”

Yes ma’am.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ————————————————————————————————

“Oh God,” Kara’s eyes widened as she looked down at her watch.  “Lena’s going to be home any second.  We need to get going.”

“Already?” you slurred in surprise.  You had lost track of how many times your glass had been refilled, but it had been enough to quell the anxiety in your chest and the way your good leg had been shaking up and down since you had thought about Lillian.  “If you say so.  Hey!”

Your call got the attention of the bartender and you tossed your wallet on the bar.  Your hands fumbled through your cash and you eventually settled on leaving a crisp $100.  

“Keep the change, pal,” you nodded and slapped the bill down.  Kara watched, uncertain as to how well you’d be able to balance, as you put your crutches under your arms and balanced.

“Thank you,” Kara said politely.  “Have a nice night.”

The two of you exited the establishment without too much trouble, but once you got out onto the street, Kara pulled you into a side alley beside the bar.  

“What the hell are you doin’—“

“I’m not watching you break your other leg trying to hop home.  Come here,” Kara ordered and then opened her arms expectantly.


“Perks of being friends with an alien; free rides.  Hurry up now; before someone sees.”

“We aren’t friends,” you scoffed, a little uncomfortable and embarrassed at the term, but allowed Kara to lift you up anyways.  With your crutches in one hand and your other one gripping onto her somewhat nervously, you braced yourself for liftoff.

“Call it what you want, but I’m saying that we’re friends,” Kara shrugged and leapt upwards at an alarming speed.  The two of you ascended upwards and you felt your stomach lurch as though you were on a rollercoaster.

“Holy shit,” you breathed out.  Kara couldn’t help but grin a little bit at the expression on your face and reminded herself to take it ‘slow’ on the way back to Lena’s.  



The panicking Luthor heiress whirled around at the sound of your voice, only to see you stumble in from her balcony with windblown hair and Kara supporting you from the side.  

“We got drinks,” you explained as nonchalantly as you could.  You had definitely drank more than you should have, but in a way you were grateful that you went out.  Sitting and talking with Kara for a few hours had brought your focus back to taking care of what was in front of you at this point, and that was Lena.

“Have a good night,” Kara waved and disappeared back off of the balcony in a split-second.  You swayed a bit getting back onto your crutches, but stayed upright enough to crutch over to Lena.

“Have you been drinking?”

“A little.  Are you mad?”

“I’m not mad, I just…” Lena crossed her arms and did her best to gauge your mood.  “Are you just drinking to replace the pills?”
“Lena, I don’t have a problem with alcohol,” you groaned.  You should have known that this would be a thing.  Spending a day outside the apartment had helped you clear your head and you had nearly forgotten about the previous night.  “Can we seriously just have a normal night?  Hmm?  Doesn’t that sound good?  Just not talking about…about all of this shit?”

You let your crutches fall to the floor and draped your arms around Lena’s neck.  Her hands came to rest on your hips and you smiled up at her when your eyes met.

“Okay,” she agreed.  

Threw in a little bit of fluff at the end!  But don’t worry, lots of problems coming soon!


There’s a bunch of rumblings ahead, be warned, ha.

So, turns out a whole year has passed since I made this blog, didn’t even know at the time I’ll get this far. Strangely, it feels both long and short at the same time, but sure quite a bit had happened since then. While I’m sad some things had ended as they did, there was also a lot of moments that really made the time here worthwhile, and which I’m glad I didn’t pass up. I only regret I could never muster up enough courage to approach certain people and enough confidence to properly respond to certain others. I apologize for that. I want to also apologize for being so withdrawn for the last couple of months and failing to keep in contact with some of you, the issues in my head were taking the better of me, guess that’s a sign I need to finally take more serious steps to fix this. 

All the more I’d like to seriously thank everyone that made this adventure possible: those who’ve stuck by this blog for a long time, those with whom I only interacted shortly (I know the fault for that was mostly mine and my irreformable social insecurity ^^;), those I only talked to on old Discord server, those with whom I’ve never interacted with but kept following anyway, or that I quietly followed because they were making my dash a happier place, and all of you anons and other not-anons that ever took the time to shoot a message. 

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If I forgot someone, I’m sorry (you’re free to come and give me a metaphorical kick ^^;).

Now let’s see if I’ll make it to another year and if the list grows. I don’t think I’m ready to shoot into greater activity soon, but hopefully this new year will allow for slowly getting back on my feet here.

Last but not least, I hope all of you take care and keep warm <3

dead-annabethcaser  asked:

X. percabeth when they first started dating

Sally’s grin was so wide it was the first thing Percy saw when she opened the door. “Hi! How was the date? I mean movie, sorry, how was the movie?”

Percy’s cheeks flushed red and he flashed Annabeth an apologetic look. “Mom,” he groaned; and then, at normal volume, “The movie was good.”

Sally stepped back to let them in. “Good, good, I’m glad! Annabeth, dear, do you like spaghetti? I asked Percy what your favourite meal was but he couldn’t give me a definitive answer, so I went ahead and made some pasta…”

Annabeth looked slightly taken aback. She blinked up at the older woman. “Uh, yeah, I like spaghetti. I mean -”

“Wonderful!” Sally spun around and wandered back to the kitchen. “It’ll be done in fifteen minutes, you two go chill out for a bit and I’ll call you when it’s ready.”

Chill out?” Percy asked.

At the same time, Annabeth said, “Oh, you really don’t have to -”

When they realised they’d spoken over the top of each other, they lapsed into an awkward silence. Sally watched as they glanced at each other, having a silent conversation. She could read Percy’s expressions perfectly: Stay, he was saying, I want you to stay. Annabeth was a little harder to decipher, but Sally was a shrewd woman.

“Annabeth,” she said softly. “It’s no trouble at all, really. I’d love you to stay for dinner, but only if you don’t have other plans.”

The teenager glanced from her to Percy and back again. Her shoulders dropped and she smiled. “I’d love to stay for dinner, thank you, Mrs Blofis.”

“Sally,” she corrected.

“Thank you, Sally,” Annabeth said with a small smile.

Percy beamed at his mom as he took his girlfriend’s hand. “Come on, I wanna show you that photo I was talking about before.”

Sally watched them disappear down the hall towards Percy’s room, listening to them talking and laughing the whole way. She smiled to herself as she turned back to the spaghetti.

It had taken them a few years, but Percy and Annabeth had gone on that date in the end, and Sally couldn’t have been happier about it.

Negan’s Match Part 120

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I sped down the street as fast as I could trying to hopefully make up some time from when Dwight and the crew left. He was probably pulling in to the Sanctuary right now and is about to feel the wrath of Negan when he finds out I am not there. I have so many worries running rampant through my head. Negan losing his shit, doing something to harm Dwight, and worst of all, Hader. Ashley was right, no way was he going to just let me go. I know him, he doesn’t ever give up. The fact that he let me leave that easily made it worse. He would rather see me locked up in a cell than to just let me leave on my own. The only logical thing I could do to keep myself and my child safe is to leave, I need to leave and I need to go far. But how in the hell am I going to leave, how am I suppose to convince Negan to just up and leave the community he has built. I shook my head and tried to pay attention to the winding road. First thing is first, what the hell am I going to tell him.

Darkness is falling on the horizon as I approach the road that leads to the Sanctuary. The nervous feeling in my stomach is getting worse. I wouldn’t be surprised if I pull up and see poor Dwight’s head on a pole at the gate. As I get closer I am surprised to see things look calm and collected. I pull up see the guard squint at me and I wave him to open the gate. He nods and yells down to the gate attendant. I see him grab for his radio and speak in to it. Probably to Negan to tell him I have arrived. I pull the car in and park it next to one of the trucks and step out. I stretch for a minute and take a deep breath ready to deal with what I am sure is about to be the beginning of a nightmare. I roll my neck and start to walk towards the door when it swings open. The first thing I see is Dwight getting shoved through the door and on to the ground. Negan follows closely behind and looks at me. I rush up to Dwight on the ground to look him over. He is bruised and beaten. Blood dripping from his lips and his eyes already turning black from the hits. I try to help him up but he whimpers from the pain. I look up at Negan who is standing there, towering over the two of us, face as red as a tomato.

“Where in the absolute fucking, fuck have you fucking been? You told him to fucking leave you? You better have something good to say because you just signed his fucking death warrant. His head is going to roll and it is because of you.”

I stood up and moved Dwight behind me, he would have fought this but was to weak to challenge me. I looked up in to my mad husband’s eyes. They were dark. I could feel the emotions well up in me. I could feel myself wanting to jump up and beat the living shit out of him. I wanted to choke him out but I took a deep breath. “Negan, don’t hurt him. He was following my orders. If he wouldn’t have, every single one of them would have been slaughtered. You would never know what happened to them or me. Trust me on this, he did the right thing. You need to calm down and you will not touch him again. Ever.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me woman. He is dead as he stands there. He doesn’t follow your orders, he follows mine. Mine are simple. Don’t fucking let her out of your sight. It is simple and clear and he fucked up. For the last fucking time. He’s done, he’s gone.”

“No Negan, he isn’t. You don’t know what is going on, just calm down, let’s go to our room and I will explain everything to you. Please Negan, he did the right thing. I promise you.” Negan shook his head still mad and glaring at Dwight like a hawk. Dwight just stood there coughing and trying to catch his breath. I moved towards him and placed my hand on his cheek getting him to look at me, “Negan, you will not touch him again, if you do, that will be the end for me, I will leave and I will take my child and you will never see us again.” Negan’s face changed. His eyes darted back to Dwight and back to me. He backed up a little and stood down. I turned to Dwight “Go to the infirmary and have them clean you up. I will come explain everything to you soon. He just nodded and turned to walk towards the infirmary building. I turned my attention back to Negan who was still angry. He crossed his arms. I crossed mine to mock him a bit, hoping to lighten the mood. It didn’t work. He rolled his eyes and I could see his jaw clench. I stepped closer to him and laid my hands on his tight forearms. I looked up at him trying to soften my expression. He just stayed stoic, looking down at me. “Well, you better have a very good reason for doing what you did and I hope you don’t think you will be leaving on your own again.”

I reached up on my toes and pressed my lips against his. His expression softened and he released his arms and wrapped them around me, pulling me close to him. I could feel him shaking some from the adrenaline rush leaving his body. I stood there with his lips against mine and wondered what lies ahead for us. Convincing him to up and leave with me would be a challenge. Convincing him to not go after Hader himself, would be an even bigger one.

I broke the seal of our lips. “Let’s go in and we can talk, but I want to see my baby first. How did he do today?”

Negan smiled at the change of discussion. “He did so great, he was so brave babe, he wasn’t scared at all. To him, they are just weak monsters. He got to see his daddy in action and now he says he wants to be just like me.  He is so amazing. He missed you though. He kept talking about how cool it would have been if mommy would have been there. He also said they stink, it was pretty funny, got all the guys laughing. He is already in bed though. He was exhausted. I went ahead and fed him and put him in bed. He didn’t get to see the ass beating of Dwight, I am glad he didn’t know you didn’t come home.”

“Me too. I was so worried that he would find out and be really upset. It was one of my biggest fears. That and you actually killing Dwight. It is a miracle that I made it back when I did.” 

Negan smirked. “Well, you were about a minute away from that happening. I was close. It looks like you won’t be leaving my sight for a very long time.” We walked in to the doors and everyone was still standing around. Watching Negan beat up on Dwight is what I am assuming. Fucking Gawkers.  I walked back to Jax’s room with Negan right behind me. I could hear whispers of Saviors as I passed, I just ignored them. I wanted to see my sweet, sleeping son. I reached his door and Maria was sitting outside it. I just gave her a quick nod and I quietly opened his door and peered in at the sweetest, sleeping face. He shuffled some but his eyes stayed closed. I took a deep breath and caught his scent and slowly shut the door. I turned and Negan was behind me peering over me. I looked up at him. “Let’s go to our room so we can talk.”

We reached our room and walked in. I had just been there this morning but after today’s exhausting events, it felt like I hadn’t been there in a week. I walked over and sat on the chair and started removing my boots. Negan paced around the room and removed his leather jacket and scarf. He laid them in the usual place and I heard him sigh. “Well, what the hell is going on.”

I rubbed my face unsure how to start. “Well, basically, one of my worst fears was realized today. I ran in to the wrong people. The most dangerous people basically in the world.” His stance shifted and he watched me. “Negan, I know what you are thinking, you think we can take these people, but we cannot. These people are as dangerous as they come. These are the people I was trained with. Highly skilled, highly trained, sadistic killers. I had to send our people away, they would have killed them before they had time to pull the trigger.”

“I am confused, why, why would they just kill us? What happened exactly?”

I swallowed hard and took a deep breath. “The leader and I use to be a thing. It was a very twisted relationship, it is really hard to explain. In our training, we were taught not to love, not to have human relationships. Hell, they wanted us to forget about our families. Every relationship could be used against you. It was a weakness we couldn’t afford. I was emotionless in the relationship. He was not. It was one of his biggest weaknesses. Everyone knew it but me. To me, it was just meaningless sex. Sex was just something I used to feel good. I never loved him but someone did. She resented me for it. I just blew it off. I didn’t have time or patience for any of that. When the world changed, I decided I wanted to find my family. I was done with that. We weren’t working for the government anymore, the government fell apart. I had no reason to stay. When I told him I was leaving, he went crazy. He tried to get me to stay. He told me if I left, he would find me and kill me and anyone I was with, whether it was my family or what. I was so confused by all of it and I left in the middle of the night when no one was watching me.”

Negan sat at the end of our bed but didn’t take his eyes off of me. “Well, I don’t know what to think of all this.” He shook his head. “Did he do anything to you? Did he fucking touch you?” I could see him starting to get angry and jealous. 

I shook my head “No, he let me go. I told him about Jackson. It was the only card I could play. He was shocked. We all thought that we had been sterilized. He assumed I was with another man but I told him I wasn’t. I did that to keep you safe. If he thought for one minute that I was in love with someone else, the game would be over. He would have hunted you down and killed you in front of me.”

Negan’s fists were balled tight and I could tell he was about to explode. I stood up and walked over to him. I placed my hands on the top of his shoulders and looked down in his dark, stormy eyes. “I love you Negan, you are the only man I have ever truly loved. I love our son, I would do anything or say anything to protect you two. But this man, he is dangerous. It takes a lot to shake me, but this has. We need to leave. We need to go far, far away.”

Negan stood up and towered over me. He was quiet for a minute and it looked like he was studying my face. He smirked at me. “You don’t have to worry about a thing doll. This man will never get the chance to lay his eyes on you again. I am going to handle this. I am going to kill them. I am going to kill them all.”

I rolled my eyes and scoffed. “You haven’t listened to a fucking thing I have said Negan.”

“Oh, I have listened, and now you are going to listen to me. You think I am going to let anyone threaten me? You think I am going to let anyone come in and take what is mine. I am going to crush him. I am going to bash his fucking brains in. I want the last thing that goes through his brain to be Lucille’s wrath.”

Negan started to pace around, getting madder and madder by the second. I needed to get this out of his brain for now, at least give me a little time to come up with a plan. 

“Negan?” I started to lift up my shirt seductively. He stopped and looked at me. “Negan, I had a rough day and I can’t think of any way I would rather end this day then with my husband’s big dick pounding in and out of me.” I unzipped my shorts and started to move those down too. “Please baby, I need you to come fuck me. I want you to fuck me really hard Negan. I need you. We can figure out what to do about this asshole later.” I licked my lips and his curled upwards.

“Oh baby, what are you doing to me?” Negan jerked his jeans open and pulled his shirt off as he walked quickly toward me. He wrapped his arms around me and turned to fall backwards on the bed. I squealed and giggled while his lips met my skin with little bites and kisses.

My sweet husband went to work on me while I came up with a new plan.

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First of all... sorry for all the notifications. Today I found my inner Simon!girl, and that is all thanks to you. Because of this, Imma need you to put me on the tag list :P pretty, pretty please!! Also, as for the lil' question you left on the bottom about the time jump and whatnot, I reckon you should go ahead to the birth :):) also reckon she should be a little self conscious after, which'll give Simon reason to assure her he really does love her, no matter what. Just a thought :):)

NEVER BE SORRY FOR ALL THE NOTIFICATIONS!! Gah! I loved waking up to that. Made it a little easier to drag myself out of bed this morning. 

I’m glad you found your inner love for Simon and I noticed you joined the squad :D That makes me super happy! And, just to pimp myself out… have you seen that I’m running Simon’s Advent Calendar Challenge. There are two slots left open. Just saying ;)

I’ve added you onto my tag list! And I think people wanna see a little more fluff before the birth so I’ll roll with that but I’ll definitely make a note of your suggestion. She’s bound to feel weird after the birth and I’m sure Simon will be adorable as usual :D

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Best Eddy line of this whole series!!

He makes the best facial reactions in every single screenshot from this moment. I feel like the artists didn’t have Eddy making weird faces throughout season 5 so this was their last chance to do so.

I really was not expecting this moment the first time I saw it. I thought it would end on a lose, but I am so glad the writers put in this well written character development. The writers really wanted to develop Eddy out from season 5 because ever they were sick of what the monster they turned him into.

Season 5 is different because it takes place from Edd’s point of view which is why the characters personalities are off. Season 1-4 took place through Eddy’s perspective which is why they had that possibly canon old man Eds ending. If they went ahead and made season 6 it would have had many episodes with Ed as the main character. I would have loved to see this season because we would have found out a lot more interesting details on Ed and who he is.

Marie is first to react followed by May. Marie gets scared so easily because she really fakes her way through the tough girl act. May’s reaction is so cute. She looks so mad at Eddy in the first image. It’s not like her to get mad at the other characters besides her sisters. She’s really just playing up the bad girl image for her sisters.

It is hard to tell with Lee because her hair is always covering her eyes. I feel like this is when Lee gets feelings for Eddy. She likes when men stand up for themselves. Lee has always seen Eddy as a coward which is why she picked on him the most.

The Kanker’s have never had a true man in their life so this is quite a difference. Someone is actually telling them off for once. We could see this is a mirror image from when Eddy snapped at the Kanker’s when they were yelling at Ed during Nagged to Ed. The Kanker’s started to cry and Eddy fell for this act. They were testing to see if the Eds were strong or weak.

Since all the male figures have walked out on them, they find the Eds weak because they couldn’t walk out without seeing if they were okay. This is why they have gone after the Eds. They didn’t want to go after strong men because they knew they’d have their hearts broken.

Eddy feels so happy with what he has done here. He feels so much better that he gets the last of his season 5 anger out. He’s sticking up for his best friend maybe for the first time since season 1 of 2. He really cares about his friends. Edd has just had it with this day and now he is hoping to make it better.

I love how Edd just disappears out from the frame. The second he returns to the screen the kiss marks are gone. He must have wiped them off quickly. What makes this moment funnier is that Edd never reacts to Eddy’s lash out. After this moment Eddy has brought him out from his beaten daze.


SURPRISE~! Since the first “Fight Like a Gem” sticker I made got such positive feedback, I went ahead and made one for all the gems! I love how they turned out and I’m really proud of them. All seven will be available for purchase at Anime Mid Atlantic this weekend! ;D 

Side note- There has been a lot of great feedback on these and I’m so glad you all like them. In time, I will turn the ones that are most popular into t-shirts. This is my original art and I’m so glad everyone is enjoying it, but please wait until I have come out with the shirts myself instead of doing it on your own.

Here’s a link to check it out on pixiv~ Fight Like A Gem - GeekyMelon

Please don’t remove the link~! ^ u ^ 

25 Days of Ladybug and Chat Noir

Hey guys!  This is a prompt system I found from @unluckyfortunes for a holiday series of drabbles.  Seeing as the holidays are mostly over I started really early for next year.  Mainly the writing bug got me and this is the result. I hope you enjoy!  

1. Mistletoe

The red and black heroine skidded to a stop on the slippery tiles to overlook the brightly glowing city streets.

The holiday season had finally come to Paris.  With it, came a sense of peace that only could be linked with Christmas, an overall lighthearted giddiness fueled by lights and decorations filling the streets.  Thick, evergreen reefs were hung on doorways, with ribbons and pine cones and frosted with artificial snow.  The light posts the lines the streets had elegant sashes entwined the poles.  Even landmarks like Vern temporarily decorated with holly and lights.  Surely the city of lights looks even brighter, glowing with the holiday spirit that only came once a year.

Unfortunately, even with peace setting the mood, there was no holiday for superheroes.  

Ladybug released a breath she didn’t realize she was holding and watched it cloud on front of her.  The temperatures were plummeting now, especially after the sun went down.  She mentally resigned to make this patrol as quick as possible so she could go home and warm up.  Marinette was never a fan of the cold, so by proxy, neither was Ladybug. She crossed her arms, rubbing them gently, hoping her partner would show up soon.  The suit was well protecting in battle but was a little thin for her tastes.  

A skittering figure soon appeared next to her as she mentally ( and very quietly) thanked the heavens.  Chat Noir straightened up, coming to full height by his lady, brushing imaginary dust from his leather suit.

“Bonsoir, ma coccinelle.”  The formal greeting fell from his lips naturally along with a small nod.  

“Bonsoir Chat.” She replied, turning her head slightly to view his profile beside her, “Beautiful evening for a patrol.”

“Yes it is, though I must admit, the street’s radiance diminish in the light of your presence, my lady.”   His lightning green eyes alight in the dark, pupils zipping to look at the reaction on her face as she shook her head lightly.  

“Now you’ve gotten your greeting out of the way, should we begin our patrol?” Sky blue eyes framed by dark lashes met his attentive stare.  

“Oui, the normal circuit then?” The black cat rolled his shoulders, prepping the muscles for use.

“Sure, just, let’s keep it short tonight.  I don’t think anyone is likely to be out in this cold.”  She hoped he hadn’t read too deep into her words as another small chill zipped down her spine.  

Chat Noir however immediately knew the message and smirked, “Very well, if at any point you get cold, rest assured I’ll keep you very warm.”

Resisting the urge to roll her eyes, Ladybug ignored the offer and began leaping actress Parisian rooftops, knowing her partner would be right behind her.  

Their route was basically a circle around the city, hitting all the major populated areas they could. Their primary platform was the rooftops, only taking to the street when absolutely necessary as to limit their presence in the city.  Guardians were better of invisible anyway to limit the media or certain bloggers from getting to nosy.  The pair ran mostly side by side, separating on to parallel roofs for a wider view of vision, being as quiet as possible to not awake any sleeping citizens.  Keeping to their agreement their usually patrol time was halved with their speed, as like Ladybug predicted, nobody was outside save a few people heading for their warm homes.  

One final swing and fantastic jump lead to the duo coming to the end of their outing at Paris’ crowning jewel.  The Eiffel Tower was lit up, thousands of lights practically making it the largest lantern in Europe. Settling on the lower floors of the tower, the heroes rested for a moment, admiring the gardens surrounding the french wonder.

In the bitter cold of the growing night, the lucky heroine naturally sought out heat.  To her surprise, her partner was practically a space heater.  She could feel his warmth a mere half a foot from her body, calling her closer like a moth to a flame.  It must be the leather, she thought to herself as she tried to think of an excuse to get closer to him.  She didn’t want to just snuggle up to him for no reason after all they were partners, friends of course, but primarily partners.  She liked their relationship and didn’t want it to be ruined or tampered.

Chat Noir tried to keep straight face as out of the corner of his eye he watched her fidget slightly.  Surely everything she did was adorable to him; her grin of elation swinging through Paris, concentration when analyzing akumas and even now as she tried to keep herself together in the cold.  

“We made record time this night, although I’m glad I chose to stay with you instead of running ahead as usual.”  He decided to figuratively swoop to her rescue as she turned to face her and tentatively reached out a hand to her own, using his thumb to make smooth, constant circles on the back of her palm.  

She resisted the urge to bring the radiating hand to her face where she really needed the warmth and chose to look away, barely squeezing the hand back, mindful of the sharp claws, “You’re not that faster than me kitty.”

“I never implied such a thing my lady,” Chat knew he shouldn’t be smiling this much but, mon dieu, she was holding his hand! Willingly!  The light of the tower reflected off of her eyes so beautifully and her pink, kissable lips had been pursed in her body’s response.  The cat decided to push the good luck he had and gently lifted her chin up with his other hand, forcing her to look at him, “However, you can not deny the cold is affecting you.  Your face matches your suit!”

Ladybug slightly wanted to be angry at him for that comment but she knew he wasn’t wrong; running across rooftops had made the wind stronger, blistering her face with color.  Her lower body temperature didn’t help at all so she tried not to seen too eager when his fingers brushed across her reddened cheeks, leaving trails of blissful heat in their wake.  

For a moment she tried to pretend the hands that were stroking her weren’t Chat’s, but Adrien’s.  The smoothness of the leather impersonated human skin well enough.  With eyelids fluttered closed from exhaustion, for a split second she could picture Adrien standing there, in all of his perfection, touching her.  It was almost too perfect.  

“Huh, leave it to the French to incorporate romance into everything.”

Ladybug wondered why the comment had pierced her fantasy (also for a moment why it sounded almost like Adrien) and opened her eyes to see Chat Noir looking up.  Curious herself, she followed his glance to an odd piece of plant dangling from a thread on the swatches of evergreen tied to the towers support beams, clearly broken off but hanging strongly, making its presence known to the duo.  

It took a moment of staring to realize what the odd plant was and it slipped from her lips before she could stop herself.


As if on cue, electric green met sky blue before looking at anything else but the other.  

Ladybug was trying not to panic mentally and swore her partner’s bad luck was beginning to rub off on her.  

Chat Noir was screaming internally and thanking God that his partner’s good luck was beginning to rub off on him. However as soon as some of the concern started to leak onto her face he started to recover quickly.

“It is just a silly plant Ladybug, there are no laws saying we HAVE to do what two people would do under the mistletoe.”

“Chat. It’s not-just- that is…”  She couldn’t figure out why her tongue decided to knot itself.  God she was actually starting to sound like Marinette.

“I won’t force you to kiss me.” He said the words firmly, cementing them in the air between the two of them.  

“… You won’t?” She shouldn’t sound so timid and surprised.

“Of course not,” He looked her directly in the eyes, “I would never force you to do something you aren’t comfortable with, My Lady.”

The sincerity in his tone was so prominent she could taste it.  It made her heart leap in her chest.  She met his gaze full on, blinking as she took in the eyes of her friend that always gleaned with charm and ferocity and now… A flash of disappointment?  

Suddenly she began to sympathize with that fleeting emotion in his eyes.  The feeling of unrequited love burning in her heart, and for a moment she wondered if that’s what Chat Noir felt all the time he looked at her.  She felt like a fool, just because she loved Adrien didn’t give her any right to treat Chat like garbage, what kind of a friend was she?  She wanted to make things right, even the scales of not for his sake but for her own.

“… We can…”

The voice was quiet that at first Chat almost wanted to pretend he didn’t hear it, even with his cat-like super hearing.  Those two words made his heart stop for two solid beats and mad his face warm up considerably, he only hoped his mask covered what he knew was blush.

“Y-You sure? Ladybug really it’s no big deal-”

“Yes Chat, I’m sure.” Her tone got firmer as her hand joined his in her face, the pressure physically assuring him of her conviction.  "Besides, it’s tradition.“

"Right… Tradition…” Chat wanted to pinch himself because there was a chance he had passed out due to hypothermia and this was all a vivid fever dream his mind concocted to torture him.  

Ladybug smiled slightly and pulled his hand from her face to wrap with hers, squeezing them to incite done reaction to wipe the comedic shock from his expressive face.  All she could think about was how ridiculous this was, how she was still slightly cold and how badly her lips must have been chapped from the cold runs across Paris.  If only Lucky Charm could give her some lip balm or gloss or something.

He snapped out of it with a quick shake of the head and took a sneaky breath in, calming himself before looking at Ladybug for her permission.  After receiving a final nod, he brought he his hand out of hers up to her chin one last time to keep her in place as he licked his lips one last time before leaning down to meet hers.

At that moment, something clicked.

Their eyes shut simultaneously as their lips connected.  He had given her a simple kiss at first but the realization of the pressure of her lips against his had spurred him to tilt his head and kiss her deeper, his tongue and lips enjoying and trying to memorize the softness and flavor of her lips.  Her free hand had reached up blindly to his chest, fingers spread as she took in as much of him as possible- his taste, his gentle passion, the sturdiness of his frame over her own was just mesmerizing.  The two continued this dance, bodies pressed together as the kissed and kissed and kissed until both had to pull away for breath.  

After a few moments of intense breathing, the two opened their eyes to face each other, both dazed in the most delightful of ways. Chat mindless ran his tongue across his lips to taste her again, because he knew that if he missed her again he simply wouldn’t stop.  She flittered her eyes, tried to blink through the fog of her mind.  Eventually the duo physically parted after half-conscious goodbye and best wishes, headed in separate directions.  


After reaching the Agreste Manor, crawling into his room, Adrien released his transformation.  His suit vanished in a blinding green light and Plagg tumbled from his ring already complaining about a the cold and lack of cheese.  The teen motioned to the stash of Camembert in the corner of  the room and let the kwami be to appease his gluttonous self.  

Adrien flopped on his bed with the dreamiest sigh a boy could create coming from his lips.  Truly he was the luckiest boy in Paris tonight.  Absentmindedly, he licked and bit at his lips, tasting the vanilla and hot, sugary flavor Ladybug had left there, savoring it like water in a desert land.  She had been perfect, everything he had imagined and more so leaving him speechless and possibly more love struck than before.  

He just hoped and prayed to God for a next chance to kiss her again.  


After returning home, Marinette dropped from her skylight into her awaiting bed, releasing her transformation in a pink light as Tikki popped out of her earrings.  The kwami wanted to talk to The girl about what had happened  but looking at her it was clear she wasn’t forming any coherent thoughts for the rest of the night, so she floated away to get some cookies the bakers daughter had stashed in her room for emergencies.

Marinette lay in bed, arm draped across her eyes as if the action would help her focus. Her brain was a hot-wired mess of emotions she didn’t even understand.  Trying to ground herself, she licked her lips and tasted the bitterness of chocolate and cool mint Chat has been blessed with.  As she slowly came around, she realized that that kiss was the best  decision of her life to date and maybe it wasn’t all bad luck.

She partially hoped for another akuma attack soon, so she could have the excuse to see him again and possibly, quite possibly, kiss him again.  

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Ahhhhh I just love your El Salvador OC so I gotta ask have you ever drawn her in a ship? Like with someone? I just I love the art you have done of her. It's amazing ahhhhh also I'd like to ask if I could crop out the few pictures of her to use as icons. Love love love your art too <3 ❤️❤️❤️

aw thank you! I’m glad you like her :’)

and no, tbh, I don’t really ship her with anyone. I don’t know why, but I just find her really difficult to pair her with someone romantically lol. 

my only salvie otp is her and pupusas

and yeah, you can go ahead and do that. Just be sure to credit me, ok? :b 


So, I kind of jumped ahead and made my own Korrasami AMV. I definitely have to thank you for the inspiration. I really didn’t know where to start. I hope you like it. I’m looking forward to yours! (love-is-an-inside-joke)

This is really well done, especially for your first amv! It’s a pleasure to watch. The timing is precise and the song is fitting, and the part with the other avatars was very clever! 

I’m glad I could help you, and I’m looking forward to starting my next amv even more now!

Well it took about 2 months for coleoptera-kinbote SS gift to arrive but it finally made it in one peice!  

I’ve come to realize Christmas is the best time for me to design new stuff, so for my Jojo’s SS I went ahead and drafted out a new plushie pattern~ She’s all hand sewn with a bit of hand painting and glue here and there. I really loved how she turned out and I’m so glad you loved your gift coleoptera-kinbote!  Merry SUPER LATE Christmas!!

Teller of Fortune

[because after watching the infamous episode ‘book of the damned’, I needed to write this headcanon] 

Find a better (and less grammatically incorrect) version on my ao3

 Castiel still didn’t understand the purpose of the paper contraption Charlie was holding out in front of him but, after a look from Dean, he decided he ought to humour her.

 "Come on, Cas! Pick a number.“ 

 "Um… Five?”

 He watched as Charlie opened and closed this thing she called a fortune teller (or was it a cootie- something Cas couldn’t remember), as she counted, “one, two, three, four, five.” Proudly holding it out to the angel, she requested he pick another number, and repeated the process again. Was this the purpose of the device? To aid him in counting? Because he was an angel, not an imbecile, he could count to infinity if he wished. But it made him happy to see everyone else happy, so he humoured her.

This time when she held it out though, she just said, “Pick one.” So he chose the number 4, which seemed fitting as there were four of them at the table and it was this that made him feel like he belonged in a family. Charlie grinned and elaborately lifted the flap to reveal what lay beneath. Cas was slightly startled by this change of pattern, but he leaned over in order to read what she was pointing to, after all Charlie had told him that this would be his fortune, true to its word, and he would be lying if he didn’t say he was a little interested. 

He read what it said and immediately blushed a bright pink. Charlie leaned over to him still grinning and whispered, “I knew it!" 

Dean was laughing at Cas’ whole reaction to Charlie’s fortune teller gig. He looked as confused as anything and Dean definitely didn’t find it totally adorable. They way the angel kept asking what was happening, while Charlie would just grin mischievously. He hadn’t played with one of those things since he was a kid, but he knew it was all made up. Cas, on the other hand, wouldn’t have a clue, and this just made him laugh harder. He picked up his beer bottle and looked across at Sam, who smiled lightly but not convincingly. Tonight Dean would take what he could get though and concern about what was on Sammy’s mind could wait until tomorrow. Tonight he was surrounded by what little (and slightly unconventional) family he had left and he wanted to make the most of it. He raised his bottle up in a cheers to Sam, who smiled a little brighter and lifted his bottle in return.

A couple of hours later, several drinks in and some weird conversations after, Charlie was more than a little drunk and starting to fade. She yawned one of the biggest yawns Dean had ever witnessed and, after all the excitement of the day, he sent her to bed.

"But Dean! I was talking to Cas, and Cas was talking and… He’s an angel, you know…” She trailed off, perhaps realising how drunk she sounded and shrugged, “Maybe bed would be nice.” Her eyes closed slowly and she almost collapsed on the table, if Sam’s quick reflexes hadn’t caught her.

“I’ll get her to her room.” Dean nodded, Charlie would need guidance probably to find her room, and he wasn’t complaining at extra time alone with Cas, even though he did need to talk to his brother. 

“Yeah, you go ahead. Cas and I will finish clearing up here.” Sam and a nearly passed out Charlie left the room and Cas immediately made a move to pick the dishes off the table. Dean quickly went and helped him, despite four dishes being easy enough for one person.

“I’m really glad your back at the bunker with us, Cas.” Dean smiled, his hand brushing the angel’s as he reached for one of the plates. Then he realised what he had said and cleared his throat, “I, uh, mean it will be great having the team back together, you know, and it’s awesome that you met Charlie." 

"I’m glad to be here Dean,” replied Cas, seemingly oblivious to Dean’s previous stumble. “And Charlie is quite a character. I think her and I will be good friends.” And he smiled. An actual fucking smile, which were few and far between, and Dean was sent head over heels for the guy once again. 

Nothing was said for a minute as the pair just stared at each other in a way that over the years had somewhere slipped from weird to totally comfortable to actually kinda enjoyable. Until eventually Dean broke away to carry the dishes to the sink. “So Charlie was showing you how to use a fortune teller, huh?" 

"I believe that’s what she called it, yes. I have all the knowledge of all the books in Metatron’s personal library at my disposal, and yet still I do not understand its purpose." 

Dean laughed. "Cas, Charlie was having you on, they’re just a kid’s toy. Nothin’ special about the things. I agree with you though, not entirely sure about their purpose.” He was leaning with his back against the counter and taking a swig of his fifth beer bottle, so he didn’t notice Cas blush. “What did yours say anyway?" 

"Oh, nothing of import.” Cas replied quickly. Too quickly. Damnit, it wouldn’t take much for even a slightly intoxicated Dean to realise he was lying. 

“Come on, man. You can tell me what bullshit Charlie wrote for you. We’re family.” He teased Cas with a light nudge. Clearly Cas had realised he couldn’t lie, because he quickly mumbled something under his breath. “What? I didn’t quite catch that sorry." 

"It said the person I was destined to be with was sitting at the table.” Cas said quickly, but louder and clearer this time, before he turned back around and shoved his hands in the sink again. 

Dean felt his heart beat in his chest, loud and clear. This was it. It was now or never, so what the hell? He could always blame it on the drink talking if it didn’t go to plan, right? And besides, he was sure he had seen the angel blush after reading it. It’s got to be some kind of bullshit paper origami sign, right? 

“You know, maybe that one wasn’t absolute bullshit.” Cas looked up at him with his bright blue and , perhaps, hopeful eyes and, damn, he could get lost in those eyes. Keep it together, Winchester. He muttered to himself. 

“What do you mean, Dean?" 

Crap, the angel was looking right into him. He had to say it, but his tongue felt tied in knots. "Uh, well I just, um, mean,” he cleared his throat, “well, I mean, if you wanted, there is a good chance The love of your life could have been sitting at that table tonight.” He finished, proud of himself for not stuttering the last bit.

That was until he almost choked when he felt an arm slipping round his waist.

Cas pulled Dean into face him, a smile playing on his lips, “you mean, maybe the fortune teller was actually telling my fortune? Maybe it was right?" 

"Only if you want it to be.” Dean paused, before finishing his sentence in something close to a whisper, “if you want me to be.” His heart was pounding now and he almost worried it was going to jump out of his chest. What if Cas rejected him? What if that hadn’t been what Cas meant at all? I mean there were three other people at dinner, it could have been any of them. It could have been- 

But he didn’t get to finish his thought because suddenly Cas’ chapped lips were on his. He automatically leant into the kiss as the angel, his angel, pushed him into the kitchen counter, getting as close to Dean as possible. Never would a complaint about personal space be made again. Cas’ hand was gripping Dean’s shirt tight and the hunter brought his hands up to the back of the angel’s neck, holding them together for fear of letting go and finding this was all a dream. 

Charlie and Sam poked their head around the kitchen door. “It totally worked!” Charlie grinned. 

“Ew, that’s my brother in there! And Cas! And they are kissing!" 

"Don’t be such a baby, Sam. I knew my plan would work!” She held out her fist to Sam, demanding a fist bump, and the tall hunter rolled his eyes before gently hitting his huge fist to her tiny one.

“At least it will stop all the eye sex. I had had just about enough of those to eye fucking the whole time." 

"Yeah, now they can get down to the real deal." 


"What?” Charlie asked innocently. 

“That’s my brother we’re talking about.” Sam practically hissed. Changing the subject, he asked, “how did you get the fortune teller to work anyway? And besides how did you know he would pick those numbers?" 

Charlie tutted at him, "Sam Winchester, you know nothing about cheating, do you?” She carefully unfolded the paper fortune teller and held it out to him, “it was all the same fortune, you numbskull. You can only have one destiny Sam.” She finished before turning and proudly flouncing off down the hall, her mop of red hair held high.

Sam laughed quietly to himself, happy knowing this was his family, and he would do anything he could to keep it.