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Having two cups, but grabbing the wrong one you we’re expecting. 

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How many tickles does it take to make a squid laugh? Ten-tickles.


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How come Jensen doesn't always seem to really wants to be at conventions? I've only been in the fandom for a few months so maybe it's just because I don't know him very well but it seems like he doesn't always really enjoy interacting with fans, especially by the way he answers some questions and such. I don't mean this to be rude or anything, I'm just rather curious

He actually loves it. I’ve been to one convention (NJ con 2015 and I’m going again this year too) and Jensen was so incredibly nice to everyone. He was very engaged in our conversation when I was getting my autograph. He looked me directly in the eye and was so intense and attentive to everything I said. He was so sweet and so grateful. And during my photo ops with him, he was so happy! He hugged me so tight twice and gave me a little extra squeeze before it was over. He looks at everyone and engages with everyone and genuinely is having a good time. If it ever seems like he’s not, then it must be because you’re watching a video and it all doesn’t come across like it does in real life. So from experience, he definitely enjoys the cons and meeting fans. :)

realistically dating calum (requested)

• he wouldn’t really be all cuddly and cute and romantic as books and imagines make him out to be

• he’s actually really funny and has good jokes/a good sense of humor, but sometimes he’ll use them as a tactic to avoid situations he doesn’t want to address

• you two wouldn’t really go out on any big adventures, even if you were on tour with him. if anything, maybe you’d just sleep and then go and eat at a cafe.

• he would fall asleep after sex a lot since he’s so tired due to the tour

• sometimes calum could get really grumpy and annoyed and give you attitude that you wouldn’t like

• your fights (assuming based on what i “know” of his personality or what i see through camera) would sometimes get really bad because you’d probably be so angry and he’d give off the vibe that he doesn’t give a shit when he’s actually trying not to get too angry or trying to calm you down

• he would love you and care for you and make you smile and try the best he can be to be the best boyfriend but he’s only human

• he can get really distant at times for no reason

• i definitely feel that he’d have an issue saying ‘i love you’ as in he’s either too nervous to say it, or he doesn’t want to give his heart away to the wrong person (commitment issues maybe)

• pda wouldn’t really be a thing, he doesn’t seem like the type of person who would be smacking your ass in public or making out with you in broad daylight, so he’d probably just hold your hand or keep his arm wrapped around you.

• rumours, as always, would be super tough, especially when he’s associated with so many people and there’s so much talk about publicity stunts but he loves you, and that means that to him, you were the only person that he had eyes for.

• sometimes when you guys would have big arguments or something similar, he would tell all the boys. not necessarily in a gossiping way, he’d just want either advice or want to get things off his chest, but you still didn’t want him telling people about your private matters.

• he’d zone out completely or ignore you when he was in a song writing mood, but he would never do it intentionally,he just needed to “keep the writing flowing”

• he wouldn’t buy you gifts from every single city or country he toured, but he would probably buy you one or two gifts when he saw something that he thought you would like or something that reminded him of you

• i’m not really sure about now because calum seems pretty laid back but i know that he used to party a lot and constantly went out and drank and just had a fun time in the club. not a lot of people liked to do that or do that continuously and so maybe you were one of those people. if you preferred to stay in than go out to a noisy bar, you would probably never party with him at all.

• he’d write stuff about you, whether it’s a song or a poem. they may not technically be full, good ones, but he’d still write them and never show them to you.

• you guys would have a lot of disagreements and hard times, but if you love and respect each other, it can work. relationships aren’t perfect, and believe it or not, neither is calum.