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Youth | Pt. 3

Hey hey hey I’m back!! These parts are coming out really fast basically because I’ve already written them but changed a few things in the plot and made the writing better (from my old blog). But once I reach the end of what I’ve already written, updates might get a little slower just because it’ll be my first time actually writing them. Just a heads up! ALSO!! LOTS OF YOONGI IN THIS ONE!! :) - Hana

Focus: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 2.8k+

Genre: Fluff, Angst, College!au, Gang!au

Summary: A gang of delinquents go to your university. After your first encounter, things have been a crazy ride.

Warnings: Light alcohol and drug mentions, swearing.

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EXO Reaction To Seeing Their GF In A VS Commercial

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that’s all i wanted to say to you. oh, and you’re amazing as well! hope this won’t cause you anymore trouble cause of everything, but may I have another request of Exo when they see their gf in a VS commercial? no one, and I mean NO ONE is doing any of my requests at all!! :’( I’d really appreciate if you’d do it. thank you so much, have a wonderful day/evening. and remember, have faith! :3 :3

Xiumin: *definitely makes more excited about getting home, if you know what I mean*

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Luhan: *makes him wonder if he can get his girlfriend to give him a private show at home* 

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Kris: *Smirking to himself through the whole thing* 

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Suho: *minor freak out when he realizes its his girlfriend, in lingerie, on the tv, with all the members watching* 

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Lay: *trying to keep his smile from being too obvious*

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Baekhyun: *makes a little cocky with the members about his girlfriend* 

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Chen: *begins thinking about others moves he’d like to see his girlfriend do* 

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Chanyeol: *makes him just a bit frustrated considering they’re on tour* 

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DO: *makes him get subjected to a pretty brutal round of teasing* 

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Tao: *makes sure to take it in with all its glory* 

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Kai: *basically this, in a half-joking fashion* 

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Sehun: *transfixed*

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Doing A Sexual Dance Collaboration With Their Crush: SEVENTEEN

Anonymous said: doing a sexual dance collaboration with their crush seventeen got7 bts monsta x gfriend blackpink and twice version

I hope you all like this! The other ones will be posted soon. I didn’t add Dino, as he is still underage and a minor. 

S.Coups: He wouldn’t believe the managers as they told him that he was picked to do a dance collaboration with you, eyes wide from confusion and shock. Being the one to dance with you made him happy and giddy, excited to spend more time with you. As he arrived, he would be sweet to you, not wanting you to feel awkward. But, once he saw the choreography, he wouldn’t blame you for being awkward. Even though he was embarrassed about the dance, he would still be sweet and do the moves as best as he could to impress you. 

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Jeonghan: He would be thrilled that he was chosen instead of someone else, feeling proud of himself.  He would be thrilled that he was chosen instead of someone else, feeling proud of himself. You were his crush, someone he actually liked, so he was overjoyed that he was able to spend more time with you. Even though he was happy, he was also nervous, as he didn’t expect to be picked to dance with you. Not wanting to embarrass himself, he wouldn’t be as cocky as he usually was. After meeting you at the studio, he was sassy, yet sweet to you, you two cracking jokes. Once he saw the choreography, he would be nervous, but wouldn’t show it, doing the moves as flawless as he could. 

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Joshua: When the managers told him that he was chosen to do a dance collaboration with you, he was delighted, bemused of the idea of getting to spend even more time with you. But, once he found out the theme, he would be skittish and edgy, worried. Even so, he would ignore those feelings and meet you at the dance studio the next day, overall kind and complimenting you. Seeing the choreography, he would be silent, wondering why he was in this situation. To make you feel comfortable, he would make jokes, being sweet to you. He would try to do the dance perfectly to impress you, still being nice and even shy at times. But, there would be times where he would jokingly flirt, trying to make the atmosphere more comfortable. 

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Jun: He doesn’t really talk much, but once he learned that he was doing a collaboration with you, he would be extremely talkative. Being picked out of millions of others that could easily do the dance made him ecstatic, non-stop talking about how he finally had an excuse to hang out with you more. Smiling, he would immediately tell Minghao about the arrangement, both of them freaking out about being able to dance with you. When he arrived to the studio, he would greet you, ultimately shy at the encounter. But, he would guide you to the practice room, shocked once he finally saw the choreography. Even though he was a good dancer, he would be scared, knowing the situation was bound to be awkward.

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Hoshi: As the managers told him the collaboration arrangement, he dropped everything he was doing to tell the others, excited to be able to do the dance with you instead of someone else. Even though he was told not to worry by his members, he still worried, as he didn’t want to do something in front of you that would ultimately embarrass him. The next day, he met you at the studio, greeting you happily before going to the practice room. You two watched the choreography, turning nervous and shy as you observed. He knew that this was going to be awkward at times and shy at others, he would try his best to do the moves as perfectly as he could, still enjoying the time you two have.

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Wonwoo: He was shocked, confused as to why he was picked to dance with you, but being overjoyed nonetheless. Of course he was nervous; he was doing a dance collaboration with his crush after all, but he ignored it the best he could, not wanting to make a fool of himself. After he arrived to the dance studio, he greeted you, being shy at first. But, he got comfortable as you two waited to see the choreography, joking with you repeatedly before finally being able to observe the dance. As you both watched the choreography, he would know that this was going to be an awkward experience, but he would still do his best to not mess up the choreography. 

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Woozi: The managers informed him about the collaboration, exciting and shocking him at the same time, as he didn’t think he would be picked for the collaboration. He was excited for it, not really worrying about the arrangement. But, he would get nervous once he actually arrived, greeting you shyly before having a conversation to pass the time. Finally, you both were guided to the practice room, watching the choreography. As he watched, he would get more nervous, knowing that this was going to be hard for him. But, he ignored it the best he could, quickly trying to memorize the dance, wanting this to be one of the best performances he’s ever done. 

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DK: The members could hear his screams of excitement from across the dorm once he was told of the arrangement by the managers. Being able to spend extra time with you and show you his dance skills at the same time made him really happy, impatiently waiting to go to the studio. When he finally arrived to the studio, he would greet you happily, forgetting his usual shyness. Once you two finally saw the choreography, he would freak out at the moves, shocked. Even though he was even shy and awkward now, he would try to forget that, becoming uncomfortable. He would joke around, acting like a dork to make the time funnier and more relaxing. 

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Mingyu: He didn’t expect to be picked to dance with you, giddy and excited to spend more time with you. Even though he was delighted, he would be nervous, wondering if he would embarrass himself or accidentally upset you. The members would reassure him that he was going to be fine, but he would still be wary, scared to do something wrong. But, he would greet you happily, flirting with you to loosen the tense atmosphere. Finally, you two were guided to the dance room, watching the choreography. Watching the moves that you two were going to do, he would instantly become even more worried, knowing that he’s going to be awkward for most of it.

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The8: Once he found out that he was picked to do the collaboration with you, he would be extremely happy, telling Junhui the arrangement immediately. The realization clicked when he was alone, dancing joyfully; he was going to spend more alone time with you. Saying he was excited to see you was an understatement. After he arrived, he would greet you, joking around with you as you two waited for the chance to watch the choreography. You were guided to the dance room with him, finally getting to see the choreography. Even though he was a wonderful dancer, having to do the moves assigned with you made him scared. But, he would still try to hide it, remembering the dance as quickly as possible as he didn’t want to mess up in any way.

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Seungkwan: As he was informed that he was picked to be your dance partner, he would be incredibly happy, yet nervous and confident at the same time, just wanting to see you. He wondered why he was chosen instead of someone else, but he was grateful to spend more time with you. Once you arrived to the studio, he would greet you, trying to not show his actual fear of doing something with you like this. You two were guided to the dance practice room, finally allowed to see what you were assigned to do. Watching the choreography, he would instantly worry, thinking of the worst case scenarios of either embarrassing himself or upsetting you. But, he would try his best to impress you, wanting to not ruin anything accidentally.

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Vernon: Confidence and joy was the only thing he could feel as he was told, the members teasing him, but he would ignore it as he realized that he was going to be able to spend time with you. But, this only made him nervous, his thoughts still trying to process the arrangement. He arrived to the studio, greeting you flirtatiously, causing the atmosphere to loosen. Once you were guided to the practice room with him, he would notice the suggestive moves. Watching the choreography made him more nervous, afraid to upset you or even embarrass himself. Even though the moves got him worried, he ignored it to joke with you. You two were become comfortable, joking and flirting openly as you learned the dance. 

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I hope you enjoyed this, lovelies! I’ll be done with the requests soon, so prepare your requests! Sorry it’s been taking me so long to post! Have a wonderful day!

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SEVENTEEN Roommates with MONSTA X #BTSKickedUsOut

(You guys voted and the response was overwhelming for Seventeen to move into the Monsta X dorms and slowly have their alleged innocence ruined lol)

Kihyun: Okay guys I have a very big announcem-

Wonho: *enters from hallway* Um not trying to be rude but why are there 13 extra toothbrushes in the bathro…WOAH why is Seventeen here???

Seungkwan: What up man?

Jooheon: Before you interrupted Kihyun was about to tell us what was going on.

Hyungwon: Why is Kihyun in charge in the first place? Last time I checked Shownu was the leader of Monsta X.

Kihyun: First none of us can remember the last time you “checked” a mic during practice and you get paid for that-

Minhyuk: *whispers* Barely

Kihyun: How about you save your observations to the end of the meeting?

Dino: Wow…anyone getting major Exo flashbacks here?

Seungcheol: Our dorms flooded and we’ve kinda been bouncing from group to group trying to find a place to stay.

Changkyun: I thought I heard you were all at the BTS dorms?

Joshua: We actually came back after a rehearsal earlier today and found out that they had changed the locks.

The8: *mutters* and we all know why….



Minhyuk: *from back* Shut up and kiss already!!!

Jun: God, this got weird fast.

Kihyun: OKAY back to me, so yeah, after Scoops-

Seungcheol: It’s S.Coups…you know that.

Kihyun: Whatever, after he contacted me, I graciously extended the offer to use our dorms.

Jeonghan: *looks around* Hmm it must be nice to not be successful but to still have a big company backing you, so you can fail in style and luxury.

Minhyuk: Um… thank you?

Hyungwon: *puts hand on Min’s shoulder* Bro, he’s trying to roast us.

Shownu: *raises hand*

Kihyun: Yes Shownu?

Hyungwon: *from the back* WHY ARE YOU RAISING YOUR HAND??? YOU’RE IN CHARGE!

Shownu: I just wanted to acknowledge that I was here today.

Kihyun: Thank you.

Hyungwon: Why do I try??

Jooheon: Am I the only one who’s freaking excited? This is about to be lit!

DK: I am! I think that this going to be so much fun!

Jun: True. We’re always up to see how the lessers live.

Hoshi: Not going to lie, We’re known for always doing softer concepts but it’s getting old.

Seungcheol: Agreed.

Woozi: Yeah

Joshua: Wait, am I the only one who appreciates that about us??

Dino: We did the highlight video and that was sexy but-

Wonho: I saw that! Way to go on the pelvic gyrations!

Shownu: You guys did really good.

Hoshi: I feel like the choreo need a little more tho.

Wonho: Well you were wearing suits, when a speedo would have done the trick just as well.

The8: *whispers to Changkyun* Is he serious?

Changkyun: Like a prostitute when the rent’s due.

Dino: Ew.

Woozi: I know you all want to talk and catch up, but seriously we already all know each other. Can we just get our room assignments and go?

Kihyun: are you trying to rush my meeting, small one?

Woozi: I don’t know, Is your company trying to rush a win? *leaves down hallway*


Seungcheol: I’m sorry, It’s been a long day. We’re usually much more pleasant.

Jooheon: Okay if it helps, I want Hoshi and Vernon with me.

Hoshi: *highfives Jooheon* Deal!

Minhyuk: Um where is Vernon?

Seungkwan: He said he’s not coming out of the car. He had been texting Chanyeol a lot since we left and he thought that we were going ba–


Changkyun: Bro!! Be careful of what room you go into! Woozi went down that same–

Vernon: *shrieks of unimaginable pain*

Changkyun:….way. *sighs* Give me Mingyu and Wonwoo and I’ll be fine. I could do with some chill rappers.

Wonwoo: Just a small prob with that.

Mingyu: Yeah the part, where Changkyun is included.

Kihyun: Shut up. Minhyuk, you got Joshua and The8.

Hyungwon: *laughs* Aka the boring, vanilla room.

Kihyun: And Hyungwon you have Jeonghan.

Minhyuk: Wait! Why does he only get one person??

Wonho: LOL is it because they’re suppose to be the pointless visual room? Hahahahahaha

Kihyun: Oops sorry, you’re right. I did want to put the pointless visuals together. I meant to say Hyungwon and Wonho you’re going to share a room so that Jeonghan and Seungcheol can have a room together.


Hyungwon: I should have expected this to be honest.

Kihyun: So Shownu will get Seungkwan and I’ll get Dino.

Dino: Sounds fair.

Seungkwan: Wait Shownu is here?

Shownu: I’m sitting literally right beside you.

Seungkwan: Dang…your presence really is nonexistent.

Kihyun: Are we all clear?

Seungcheol: what about Woozi? He kinda just disappeared.

Kihyun: Oh he can have his own room. Lol we have like 8 extras.





Jeonghan: Then why are WE SHARING??!!

Kihyun: Um…bonding?

Jeonghan: Kids pack your things we’re going home.

Dino: *grumbles and picks up suit case*

Seungcheol: No, we’re staying for now, but we’re definitely not all sharing rooms anymore that’s for sure.

Kihyun: Oh so you’re going to act like I’m not in charge??!!!


Seungcheol: Yes

Kihyun: Whatever. I got an OST to prep for anyway. *leaves*

Hoshi: So is that how the meetings end around here?

Jooheon: This was actually the best meeting we ever had. Last time Wonho left in tears.

Minhyuk: But to be fair, Wonho cried even in Up and that was a children’s movie so-


Hyungwon: You cried when the dog started talking.


Seungcheol: So Shownu do you have anything you want to add?

Shownu: Um.

Seungkwan: Anything?

Shownu: um…do you think that Kihyun will be back soon or–

Seungcheol: *sighs*

Seungcheol: I can’t do this anymore.

Jeonhgan:*puts hand on his shoulder* To be fair you aren’t doing much now anyway.

DK: Yep this is going to be a blast!


change as needed. some trigger warnings apply.

  • hi, i’m here alone, and i can’t sleep.
  • choke me with the dead cat !
  • i can’t even prioritize between video games and internet porn.
  • you’re just not optimistic ! you’re being very stubborn right now.
  • fuck you, shithead fuckface, fuckhead.
  • wow, you’re kinda nosy.
  • i can’t believe i’m having this conversation with my computer.
  • i actually like crying sometimes. it feels good.
  • i’m going on a date.
  • i want to be as complicated as all of these people.
  • well, you don’t know what it’s like to lose someone you care about.
  • you wanna try getting out of bed ? mopey.
  • you’re like a little puppy dog.
  • don’t use your tongue so much.
  • wait, you’re not gonna fuck me and then not call me like the other guys, are you ?
  • you know, at this age, i feel like i can’t let you waste my time if you don’t have the ability to be serious.
  • you’re a really creepy dude.
  • what’s it like ? what’s it like to be alive in that room right now ?
  • sometimes i think i’ve felt everything i’m ever gonna feel and from here on out i’m not going to feel anything new - just lesser versions of what i’ve already felt.
  • what a sad trick.
  • but i should tell you that i’m not in a place to commit to anything right now. i want to be up front with you.
  • yeah ? well, did I say i wanted to commit to you ? i’m confused.
  • what if you could erase from your mind that you’d ever seen a human body and then you saw one.
  • what if your butthole was in your armpit ?
  • the past is just a story we tell ourselves.
  • it’s not serious, it just feels good to be around someone who has an excitement about the world.
  • but you know, only one major life decision at a time.
  • for the next ten minutes, if you say anything that sounds remotely like guilt, i’m gonna stab you with this.
  • anyone that has sex with you is probably faking it.
  • i think anybody that falls in love is a freak.
  • yeah, but everything makes you cry.
  • everything you make makes me cry.
  • what ? say it. am i really that scary ? say it.
  • i guess i was just trying to communicate because that’s how people talk. that’s how people communicate.
  • i just don’t think we should pretend you’re something you’re not.
  • fuck. will you just punch me in the face ? or smash my skull into the corner of your desk
  • we’re just dumb humans.
  • you’re a good one.
  • i just wanted to hear your voice and tell you how much i love you.
  • are you in love with anyone else ? 
  • you’re mine and you’re not mine.
  • i’m yours and i’m not yours.
  • we’re all leaving.
  • i love you so much, but this is where i am now. this is who I am now. and i need you to let me go.
  • i’ve never loved anyone the way i love you. 
Evan Gets High

Trigger warning!

- drugs
- weed

Evan gnawed at his fingernails as he turned the corner, then retreated back around the corner to where he was originally. His eyes scanned everyone who walked by, was this them, like them them? The drug dealer them? Evan winced just thinking about it, like the police somehow might be telepathically listening to his thoughts. ‘Okay, simple, I just won’t think about it.’ Evan thought, taping his foot. He concentrated on the cement. 'Wouldn’t it be weird if pot plants just grew out between the sidewalk cracks, like then I wouldn’t even need a drug deal- fuck! Evan! No! Stop! Think of anything else but that!’ He grimaced, jumping when someone touched his shoulder. He whirled around, “I’m not buying drugs!” He cried out. Suddenly a hand went over his mouth, “Shut the fuck up, Hansen!” A familiar voice hissed. Evan blinked, in front of him stood Connor Murphy, yes, the same Connor Murphy who threw a printer. Evan stared, how could he not have guessed? He should’ve known this was who Jared meant when he said “I’ll hook you up with the school shooter.” Evan sighed, Jared probably found the whole situation hilarious, but Evan didn’t really care who the weed came from, as long as he got it. He read online that it would help with his anxiety, so he figured why not? He had tried just about everything else. Evan was snapped back into reality, Connor had asked something, “I’m sorry, what?” Evan said, as Connor kicked a rock, “I said, have you ever been high before?” Connor repeated. Evan nodded “Oh yeaaaah, all the time! I, I always smoke….?” He trailed off as he saw Connor’s eyebrow raise. “Really?” Connor asked, Evan frowned, “No, I don’t know why I just lied to you, I’m sorry.” Connor shook his head. “Are you going to do it with someone?” Connor muttered. Evan considered lying one more time, but then shook his head. Connor took a deep breath, “Look, even I didn’t get high alone my first time, and I’m a fucking freak.” Connor mused as Evan sulked, “I’ll make you a deal, I’ll get high with you, but you still gotta pay.” Evan’s eyes went wide, “Really?” He asked, trying to hide his relief and excitement. Connor groaned, “Yes, Hansen. But we have to do it at your house.” Evan nodded. About an hour later, they were sitting on Evan’s floor, Connor took a hit from the bong, making it seem like it was nothing, as he coughed a bit. He handed to Evan, who just stared. “Want me to fill it for you?” Connor asked, Evan had no idea what that meant, but he nodded. Connor filled, then handed to Evan, “Now just breathe it in, do what I did.” Connor instructed. Evan took a hit, suddenly coughing his lungs out. Connor threw him a water bottle, Evan chugged it, still coughing. “The first time is the worst.” Connor assured, “But it’ll get smoother with time.” Evan nodded, still coughing as Connor took another hit. Two hours later, Evan laid on the floor, crying. “Am I dreaming?” He screamed, Connor patted his back, “No, it’s okay, your body is just really relaxed, so you feel like you are.” Evan shook as his legs twitched uncontrollably. Connor groaned, pulling Evan up. “Hey, hey, look at me Hansen.” Evan’s eyes were squeezed shut. “Come on..” Connor said softly, “I’m here with you.” Evan slowly opened his eyes, Connor was holding his hand out to him. Something was in it. “Watch.” Connor said, putting the object in between his fingers and spinning it. Evan stared, suddenly his tears stopped. “You wanna try?” Connor asked, handing him the spinner. Evan took it, spinning it. “See, this isn’t so bad, right?” Connor grinned. Evan spun the spinner for the rest of the night, while Connor talked about his theories on how the dinosaurs died.

anonymous asked:

You asked for holiday prompts so maybe everyone, V, and Saeran (mostly Zen tho ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡) finding out MC is the prima ballerina of the city's huge production of The Nutcracker.

Ahhh I’ve always dreamed of being a ballerina but I ended up quitting pretty early on. Still wish I’d continued though ;;
Also the prima ballerina is (I think?) usually the Sugar Plum Fairy, so I’m going with that! I’m sorry if it isn’t accurate^^


  • You don’t really remember much about how he found out?
  • One second, you’re sat on the sofa watching TV and the next he’s running into the room yelling something about a ballet production?
  • Ohh yeah you haven’t told him yet damn it
  • You’ve never known him to get so excited about something
  • Every time he’s been on stage, you’ve been there without fail
  • And now he gets to return the favour? Safe to say he’s looking forward to it
  • He’s there to cheer you on so much when the production comes around with flowers and kisses
  • And to help you relax when you’ve been working hard


  • He was wondering how you were so naturally graceful?
  • So when he saw the costume he realised that oh you’re a ballerina
  • He doesn’t know a lot about it, but he’s in love with watching you and sometimes just stands in the doorway when you’re rehearsing 
  • Sometimes you don’t even know he’s there?
  • When you tell him that you’re the prima ballerina he doesn’t really know what that means?
  • But then you explain it and he just becomes so amazed
  • He wishes he found out sooner but he’s going to make up for it by being there to help 
  • And he’s gets very engrossed in watching the performance, as well as talking about it after to you


  • He came home one day from work to see you practising 
  • And is instantly so impressed with you
  • You’re so talented how didn’t he know this?
  • He’s been going to the Nutcracker production since he was little, so he was really excited to watch you
  • You get a lot of pampering after you’ve been rehearsing though
  • “Jumin please I’m used to this you don’t have to do that-”
  • He’s more than willing to get the best equipment and training even if you don’t need it for you, and will without a doubt get the best environment for you to practice
  • And no matter how many times he watched you practise, he’s mesmerised all over again when he’s watching you on stage


  • She’s actually liked going to see the Nutcracker production whenever work permitted it was hell to avoid Jumin there too
  • So she recognised the music for the Sugar Plum Fairy dance as soon as it started playing
  • At first she thought that maybe you were into the ballet too, and was really looking forward to talking to you about it
  • Because then you could both get hyped about going together
  • Her face lit up when you said that you were in the production though
  • She’s there to support you throughout the entire thing
  • And there’s no way she’s going to let work get in the way of her going to watch this time


  • He’s obsessed with watching you
  • And really likes just jumping in and interuppting you when you get really into practicing
  • will stop when you really need to practise though
  • One time you “accidentally” spun and kicked him though
  • Still, he loves to talk about how amazing you are whenever the topic comes up
  • And will end up turning your serious rehearsal time into pointeless pun battles whenever he can
  • He gets front row seats to the show
  • And comes in a full cosplay
  • Of the Nutcracker
  • In the front row
  • “take the damn hat off or I’ll kick it off of your head”


  • You honestly would have to explain it to him tbh
  • Because he’s never actually been to a ballet production
  • But the second you tell him that you’re the prima ballerina? 
  • Yeah he’s estatic 
  • A little shy about the idea of going to the ballet because it’s so long to be in public but on his own?
  • But he quickly finds that he could easily just sit there watching you dance for ages
  • lowkey really wants to try it too but doubts it poor bby
  • When it comes to the performance, he’s speechless when you’re dancing and never wants it to end but won’t admit it to you
  • But will be more than willing to cuddle up to you that night


  • He overheard you talking to one of the other ballerinas in the production
  • And became so excited for you
  • If you stumbled at all though, he’d freak out a little because he doesn’t want you to get hurt at all
  • He’s all about taking care of you after practising for a while
  • And he lives for when you need help with duets, because that means he gets to help lift you
  • and then he can actually feel you dancing, and the energy that comes with it
  • He’d be sure to go to the performance, even if he wouldn’t be able to watch you very well
Preferences - them having a girlfriend that rarely drink/smokes/gets high

Request. ^^ Hope it’s alright and that we didn’t screwed it up too badly. V_V



  • Would be rather surprised that you don’t sport these kinds of hobbies. “Really?” he’d ask with a raised eyebrow when you refused to smoke a joint with him.
  • Maybe he believed that you were the kind of girl that likes to drink once in a while and have fun.
  • He doesn’t mind that much, but he’s still trying to somewhat convince you to indulge in these pleasures from time to time.
  • He just thinks you’re missing out but mostly, he teases you as a joke, not because he’s trying hard to convince you. It’s your lifestyle and he’s glad that there was at least one person near him that was more level-headed than he was.
  • When he sees you refuse vehemently his cigarettes or that even a drop of alcohol makes you scrunch your nose in disgust, he’ll leave you to it. He won’t try to force you and, in return, you won’t try to stop him from his relaxation methods (unless he was actually harming himself).
  • You somehow persuade him through your own way of life to tone it down a bit on these vices. 
  • You’re still amazed by the way he can make tricks with smoke and sometimes ask him to ‘perform’ for you.
  • He’s amazed instead by your ability to have fun while sober at parties (party animal over here, the soul of the party). “Teach me, master!” he’d joke. 
  • The only time you’d actually swear would be with Joji in bed—he’s so dirty that you can’t help but respond in an equal fashion (and he loves every second of it).
  • In time, you would probably convince Joji to give up completely, but it would be on his own, not because you told him to do so. 

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Friendship? || Luke Hemmings

any imagine you want, i shall deliver xx also, omf did u see luke and arz kissing at the warped tour? ungh im so torn bc im still not too fond of her but he seems so happy. that’s all i want for him

I M A G I N E 

“Alright, just promise not to freak out, okay?” You say softly at your friend, Ray. “They are really chill so like, try to be chill as well.”

“I promise,” Ray said in an excited whisper, making you giggle. When your friend, Ray, found out that you were dating Luke Hemmings from one of her favorite bands, she exploded. She kept pleading for you to introduce her to 5 Seconds of Summer, informing you of how much you adore them. You were reticent, granted, as you didn’t want to feel used somehow. But she seemed so ecstatic that you gave in. 

“Okay, c’mon,” you whispered happily at your friend as you guided her to the hotel. There were fans crowding the lobby, singing Waste The Night toward the suite that the boys were staying at. You nudged at the guard who knew you, allowing you to go through the stairs. “Get your hoodie on.” As you two got to the floor, the two of you hid in hoodies while the fans screamed. Urgently, you guys went to the suite, knocked on the door, and were let in by your one and only. 

“Oh, hey Y/N!” Luke says in a surprised, yet happy, voice. He lets the two of you in, allowing Ray to stare in shock while he grabs your hip and pulls you close. “It’s nice to see you, gorgeous.”

“Thanks, handsome,” you muse as he gave you a sweet, small kiss on your lips. But, realizing you had a friend over, you quickly detached from your boyfriend to introduce the two of you. But, as you were, you noticed this… sparkle in Ray’s eyes when she stared at Luke, giving you an off vibe. But you guessed it was due to the overwhelming feeling of meeting one of your idols. “Ray, this is Luke Hemmings, my boyfriend. Luke, this is my friend and big fan of yours, Ray.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Ray,” Luke says happily with such an adorable smile. It made you melt how charming and genuine Luke was. He had his arms held open for a hug, as usual for a fan. Ray quickly entered his embrace, holding him longer than she should’ve before letting go and squealing. Luke widened his eyes at her, seeming a bit skeptical but still smiling. 

“Y-you’re Luke Hemmings…” Ray said in shock, seeing as she was beginning to cry. Her hands cupped her mouth as she stared up at your quite tall boyfriend. You smiled at how emotional your friend was getting. You recall being the exact same when you met Luke, feeling overwhelmed with happiness and shock to meet your idol. It become over the limit when he actually gave you his number because he found you interesting. 

“And I’m Calum Hood, but nobody asked,” Calum pops up from the living room. Ray turned around and practically turned pale to see Calm with Ashton and Michael coming from behind. “What’s your name, gorgeous?”

“I-I’m Ray and I l-love you so much!” Ray breathes out, her hands instantly going back to her mouth. The boys instantly chant an “aw” as they go in to give her a group hug. It made you happy to see the boys so cool with you just inviting a friend over. You figured they flipped out due to the sudden appearance of a girl they didn’t know. But they were chill and it made you smile to see them just talk with her. 

“You’re so sweet,” Luke turns back to you and mumbles. You turn around, having him pull you by the waist to press your body on his. Your hands rested perfectly on his chest as he leaned his head down to give you multiple pecks on your lips. “She seems so ecstatic.”

“Yeah, she adores you guys,” you say with a small smile. The two of you glance over to see the boys already having her squished between them on the couch. She begins to ramble over her adoration of the band as the boys smile, chuckle, and blush at her words. “I’m glad she’s having a good time.”

“Ditto,” Luke says happily, but also somewhat distantly. His eyes seemed to have a moment of distraction on Ray before returning to you and giving you a wide smile. You smiled back, looking into those blue orbs of his. You found yourself studying his face, seeing his lightly shaved beard expand all over his jaw and neck. His hair (the new style) was back with one small curl sticking out and stayed on his forehead. 

“You’re such a handsome man, Lukey,” you whisper adoringly at your blonde boyfriend. Luke blushes lightly and smiles, giving you a kiss on the forehead. 

“And you’re such a gorgeous woman,” Luke coos as he gave you an affectionate kiss. Luke lightly slipped his smooth tongue into your mouth, making you melt. But, as you made out with your favorite person, you couldn’t help but feel this burning glare on you. 

It’s been a fair week since you let Ray meet the boys. And somehow she has managed to weave herself in the group. Michael informed you that she has been slipping into Ashton’s dms on Instagram, making you just a bit taken aback. It was pretty crazy to think that she managed to become consistent with one of the boys. But you shrugged it, so long as she didn’t try anything with Luke.

You were off to the studio to listen to their vocals and help them practice. Luke always invited you and the boys found you vital in their rehearsals since then. As usual, a guard who recognized you allowed you in the studio as you found their recording room. But upon your arrival, you heard two voices in the hallway you had to go through in order to get to the studio. You remain at the end of yours, ensuring that you were hidden and listening to the conversation in secrecy. 

“…Ray, seriously, this is wildly inapropriate,” Luke says with an annoyed sigh. “Furthering, I have a career, and for that career I own, I need to practice. Are we done with this?”

“No Luke!” Ray exclaims before hearing a sudden thump against the wall. You quickly shoot your head for a peek to see Ray having Luke,  your boyfriend, pinned to a wall. “This is how it’s supposed to be.” She began to rub down Lukes chest and to his stomach, having him gently push her back. 

“Eh, no,” Luke said simply, immensely disturbed. “I’m supposed to be with Y/N, and I am. Happily, might I add.” Ray looks up at Luke, frustrated and upset over his response. She suddenly looks down to the floor, her eyes full of sorrow.

“Why do you like Y/N anyways?” Ray asked in a mumble. “What’s so good about her that I don’t have?”

“Well, she certainly doesn’t use people,” Luke says simply, giving her a frown. “It was pretty easy to notice your intentions when given a few days. Get closer to Ashton, though, and not so great things will happen.”

“But babe,” Ray began as she forced herself on Luke again. “If I didn’t use Y/N and Ashton, I wouldn’t be here with you right now.” She tried to make it sound as though Luke wanted it, which made her insane. But, as she was trying to force her lips on Luke’s, you left from hiding and stood at the end of the hallway. 

“Hey Ray!” You say in fake joy, giving her a large smile as she grew pale. She turns slowly to look at you, with her eyes wide open. She quickly pounces off of your boyfriend and looks at you with a nervous smile. 

“Y/N! Hey!” Ray blurted as you walked closer. Luke gave you a smirk, having you return it as you continued to walk. “You’re not gonna believe it, but Luke was actually coming onto me–” Slap! Your hand turns red and slightly hot from the impact you created across Ray’s cheek. Going to Luke, he wraps one arm around your waist and scoffs. 

“You tell me you’re a big fan,” you say quietly, very hurt to even try to yell. “And use me in order to get closer to my best friends. You trick one into starting to like you in order to get closer with my boyfriend. And then you try to blame him for something you did?”

“I can explain–” she tries but Luke wasn’t having it either. 

“No, you can’t,” Luke says darkly. He takes out his phone and texts a few people before placing it back in his pocket. “Trying to mess with my best friend and my relation with my girlfriend? Yeah, no.” Within minutes, an excited Ashton comes around with a big smile. 

“So whatcha need, Luke?” Ashton asked before his eyes fell on Ray. She was started to cry, having Ashton feel just as sad. He was stood beside you, feeling sad from her sadness. Before he could rush to her, you placed your hand on his chest to stop him. 

“She used you to get close to Luke,” you say simply, not even daring to remove your eyes from the backstabber. “She likes him, not you.” That’s when Ashton grew genuinely sad. And angry. Ray tried to go give him a hug but Ashton completely flipped her off. You and Luke began to walk away as soon as security was coming along. Ashton yelled at her the entire time she was escorted out the studio. 

“Thanks for that,” you tell Luke sweetly as the two of you walked to the recording room. “For the security and getting Ashton and stuff.” Luke pecked your head as he held your waist tighter. 

“Anytime,” Luke responds happily as you two enter the recording studio to get back to how things are supposed to be. 

yikes, im having no motivation to write and it’s frightening me.

My very first meet and greet with Ghost

I was so excited waiting in line to see the band I was trying my best not to freak the fuck out (it didn’t really work). One of the stage hands walked by me with Mist bass and Alpha guitar I thought I was going to die right then just seeing the instruments.
Then the line moved and I see the band and I’m low key flipping my shit aka grabbing my new friend Jacob and shaking him.
Then its my turn to get my photo and say hi, Alpha was first and I asked if I could hug him he said sure and pulled me in. I swear to Satan I thought I was going to die right then. He gives wonderful hugs and he smells nice like wood almost? But like better than wood. (yeah I totally sniffed the band what of it?!) Then he told me he really liked my hair! Which is kind of a big deal for me. I change my hair cut and color so often it’s some real validation when Alpha likes it.
Then was Earth and he let me hug him as well he was so precious and tiny it made my heart explode.
Then I hugged Water/Aether and fuck he smelled good too very clean and sweet. Also gives great hugs.
Then I hugged Papa which was a little weird because of his robes I should have gone up instead of down but I touched his hips and I felt my ovaries explode. He also smelled really good almost like candy.
Then Mist, I didn’t even ask if I could hug her she just threw her arms around me and hugged me. I told her how Fucking awesome it is that she is in the band and how she is a fucking badass. She thanked me for being a fan.
Then was Air and fuck I knew he was tall but he is like really Fucking tall and I asked if I could hug him and he said well OK and gave me a little squeeze.
Then Papa pulled me over to him for the picture. He asked me how my night was and I told him it was the best night of my life. He asked if was from LA I told him I was from Reno and he asked if I saw them there. Then I told him how I didn’t find out about them till a week after they played in Reno so I talked my friend into going to Arizona with me to see them.
He told me they might do a show in Reno again and I told him if he did I would buy him and the band a beer. He laughed we took the picture and then I had to get back up stairs.
The rest of the night I was on cloud 9 even after I twisted my ankle and had to sit in the lobby and my phone died so I didn’t take many pictures but still the best night ever.

Satisfied part 3

A/N: Okay, so while writing this part it was getting a little long, so I might end up finishing this up with part four, there might be an epilogue, idk at this point. I really just hope you like this part tbh.

Pairing: BuckyxReaderxSteve

Word Count: 2390

Warnings: None

part 2

“I am all up for this whole “wandering the streets late at night’ thing, but I’ve nearly had enough excitement for one day,” I say, trying to keep up with Bucky’s pace. “So I have to ask, where are we going?”

“You’ll see.”

“Seriously, being out this late is really freaking me out.” I manage to match his pace and I grab his hand.

“Okay, we’re almost there.” He covers my eyes and continues to walk me forward.

I hear doors open and close as he walks me into what sounds like a tile floored room. We enter an elevator and Bucky finally removes his hands from my eyes. I don’t open them, not having been told to.

“Can I open my eyes now?” I ask.

“Yeah, of course.” He chuckles. I open my eyes as the elevator doors open. He leads me out into the large open area and I feel my eyes widen.

“The Avengers tower.” I turn back to him. “Why are we here?”

“Well, I’ve got a room here, and I know that Nat and Wanda are waiting for us back at the facility upstate.” He explains. “This is basically the only safe place we can be alone right now.”

“So you actually want to be alone with me after what I said at the diner?”

“I’m not one to back down from a challenge, (Y/N).” He says, a slight smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth.

“Well it’s good to know I challenge you.” I roll my eyes, laughing quietly. I look around the empty space, absolutely in awe of the furnishing and how absolutely empty it is.

“You look like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming atv.” Bucky calls from across the room. “What’s eating you?”

“Nothing. It’s just that the last time I was here there was a couple hundred other people. Feels a little wrong for it to be this empty.”

“You get used to it after a while.” He shrugs. “Doesn’t matter anyways, I’ve got something with a better view.”

He takes my hand in his, grabs a massive throw blanket from the back of the couch, and leads me out onto the balcony. He sits us down on the patio couch and wraps the blanket around the both of us. I pull my feet up onto the couch and lean on Bucky’s arm, resting my head on his shoulder. Bucky wraps his arm around my shoulders and pulls me into his side. We sit quietly, looking out over the city. We’re up so high that the roar of the city is a hull and quiet hum.

“So…” I say, breaking the silence.

“Yeah, About what happened at the diner,” He says quietly. “Were you serious?”

“Yeah, I was. I am.” I sit up and angle my body slightly so I can look at him. “Is that weird?”

“No.” He shakes his head, a breathy chuckle follows. “It just feels weird to hear you say it.”

“You do realize how contradictory that sounds, right?”

“Yeah, I do.” He laughs. “The thing is, I’ve kind of had a thing for you since Steve introduced us.”

“Wait really?”

“Mhmm.” He nods. “After the wedding I didn’t think I would ever have a chance.”

“Oh, Buck, I’m so sorry.” I can feel my stomach drop about two stories. I feel horrible.

“But after dinner… did something change?”

“Sort of-”

“Sort of?”

“Can I finish? I swear it’s gonna be good.”

“Of course.” He laughs nervously.

“I think the switch was flipped at the wedding.” I admit. He raises his eyebrows at me, his mouth opening like he wants to say something and I cover his mouth with my hand so he won’t speak. “You were just… You were just really straightforward with what you had to say. Then getting to work with you and just being around you recently just really solidified what was happening. You’ve been really kind to me and, I don’t know, I just kind of fell for you, not so slowly.” I run a hand through my hair, trying to gather my thoughts. “The thing is, I didn’t really think I’d be able to move on, and even if I did I never really thought I would be able to have feelings like that for someone else after all that time. I didn’t expect you to come into my life, and I never expected you to make me feel as safe as you do, but you managed it. You’re funny, smart, gentle and caring and I honestly don’t know where I would be without you right now.”

“Wow, you were right, that definitely was good.” I punch him lightly in the arm and he laughs. “I was trying to compliment you!”

“Try harder!” I say, laughing with him.

“Seriously though, that was actually kind of amazing to hear you say.” He says, scratching the back of his neck. He unconsciously pulls me closer to his side. “When I met you I remember thinking how incredibly beautiful you were in that white shirt and those jeans you were wearing. You didn’t have any makeup on and when you laughed, I swear my stomach flipped. Then I started to see more of you as the wedding got closer and I found out that you were not only attractive, but you were smart and witty and funny. You drew me in and then you kind of shut me down.”


“But then I got Fury to assign you to the team and I cannot tell you how nice it’s been to have you around. Without Steve here, you’ve kept me sane and balanced. When Nat approached me about the date, I agreed but I was terrified that when you found out they had set you up with me you would leave. I’m really glad you didn’t.” The corners of his mouth turn up in a small smile.

“Y'know, everyone talks about how you were such a ladies man in the forties and I’m starting to think women liked you because you’re just a genuinely good guy.”

“Aw, (Y/N), you flatter me.” He turns his head to look at me. His eyes are kind and I can feel my heart swell under his gaze. “But I definitely was a ladies man. The man sitting here today is almost completely different from the one born in the forties. He was much more confident, and now I have to fake that. But something about you makes me forget that.”

“Your speech totally trumped mine.” I look into his eyes, slowly noticing the intensity they hold.

“It’s not a competition, (Y/N).” He smiles and I feel my heart flutter.

“Yeah, but if it were, you’d win.” He leans down slightly, resting his forehead on mine.

“What are you trying to do?” He asks, cocking an eyebrow.

“I’m trying to get you to kiss me, but I guess subtle hints don’t really work with you, do they?”

“No, not really. I’m not really a subtle person though, I mea-” I cut him off, angling my face up and pressing my lips to his. He freezes momentarily before slowly kissing me back. He pulls away, resting his forehead against mine again. I look up at him, eyes searching his, and he just looks straight back at me. “Whoa…”

“Too forward?” I ask, my voice quiet and unsure.

“Well, I mean… much more forward than I’m used to.” He laughs, closing his eyes and gently running his hand up and down my arm. “But not bad.”

Kiss her, you idiot! A voice crackles over the intercom. The noise startles me and I pull away from Bucky abruptly. Bucky’s eyes go wide as he looks around the balcony for the source of the voice. Kiss. Her.

“Nat?” He asks, tilting his head to the side.

Yes. The voice says.

“Great.” I groan. I slip out from under his arm and the blanket and rise from my seat on the couch. “I’m gonna… I’m gonna go.”

“(Y/N)…” Bucky says, his voice quiet.

“It’s late, I’ve got a lot of paperwork to finish, and we might have a mission tomorrow.” I run a hand through my hair before tugging at my jackets collar. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, tomorrow.”


I watch as (Y/N) walks away. She’s startled, embarrassed and disappointed. I don’t know if she’s disappointed in herself, Nat or in me, but I feel horrible. I honestly feel sick to my stomach.

“What the hell, Romanoff?!” I demand as soon as the elevator doors close, taking (Y/N) away.

You weren’t going to kiss her.

“Who the fuck are you to decide that? And why the hell are you watching us?!” I demand.

I had to make sure you weren’t just on a friend date. Natasha answers. The materde called after you two decided to play hookie and I had to take matters into my own hands.

“And you don’t think setting her up on a blind date was enough?” Exasperation saturates my voice. “I was trying to let her come to me. I care about this girl a lot, and you may have just ruined it.”

How could I have ruined it? She snorts.

“You really do act like you know everything, don’t you?” I sigh loudly, rising from my seat and folding the throw blanket. “She was in love with Steve. She might still be, I don’t know. But I do know that she made an effort to at least make it seem like she was interested in me tonight until you decided to butt in.”

How could I have known she was in love with Steve?

“I don’t know, maybe you could have asked her who she was trying to get over? Possibly maybe have just decided that it wasn’t any of your business in the first place?” I say angrily, wrenching the door open and heading back into the tower. “It’s not your job to be in everyone’s business all the time, Nat. Not everything’s a mission.”

So you’re going to blame all of this on me then?

“Kind of, yeah.” I toss the blanket onto the couch where it came from. “I might have kissed her back. She and I might have talked some more. I might have even gotten laid. The possibilities could have been endless, but no. That couldn’t have happened, now could it?”


“F.R.I.D.A.Y., cut off comms.”

“Yessir.” The AI says, cutting off the communication system.


“Trish, can I come in?”

“(Y/N)?” Her voice crackles over the intercom.

“Yeah, it’s me.” I sigh quietly.

“What are you doing here?” She asks, immediately opening the door and pulling me into her apartment.

“I had a date in the city and it was going amazingly, I think, until…”

“Until what?” She asks, sitting me down on her couch.

“Okay, this is going to sound insane, but I was on a date with Steve’s best friend, we went back to the Avengers tower-”

“Wait wait wait, you’re telling me that you walked all the way from the Avengers tower to my apartment building?”

“No, I took a cab, I’m not stupid.”

“Okay, good, you may continue.”

“Thank you.” I nod before starting into my story again. “Date, Steve’s best friend, tower, you still with me?” She nods. “Alright, he and I got to talking and then I kissed him. Like on the lips. He was surprised, but he kissed me back and then he pulled away and was going to say something but then someone on the team butted in and I left.”

“You kissed this man?”


“And then left him sitting there?”

“On a balcony, yeah.”

“You really aren’t good at this whole dating thing are you?”

“Ooh, like you’re one to talk.” I laugh.

“True. It stings, but it’s true.” She nods. “What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know.” I shake my head, leaning back into the cushions. “I honestly don’t know. I have to see him at work again tomorrow and I’m worried that I ruined whatever could have been between us and that everything’s gonna be awkward.”

“Wait, you work with this guy?” She raises her eyebrows at me. “What did we say about dating people we work with?”

“I don’t work with him permanently! I’m just filling in for Steve while he and Eliza are on their honeymoon. Three more days and I’ll be out of their hair, probably on my way to Bucharest or some shit, I don’t know.” I huff out a breath before continuing. “D’you think I could get Jess to just punch me? Like really hard? Just for fun? For science?”

“Probably, but you might have to pay her.” She says, a smirk playing at her lips. “But it’s not going to help you with your situation. She’d just land you in the hospital.”

“I know.” I groan. “And then I’d have a huge hospital bill… Why do you have to be so smart?”

“It’s part of my job to know shit, (Y/N), sorry.” She shrugs unapologetically. “You like this guy, right?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Can he help you get over Steve?” She asks.

“I… I think he already has.” I answer.

“Okay, then you’re going to be able to work this out.” She says simply. “You’re not stupid, and he probably isn’t either, seeing as you’ve taken an interest in him. He’s probably just as embarrassed as you are.”

“Okay…” I take a deep breath, holding it for a moment before releasing it loudly. “Okay, I can do this.”

“Of course you can.” Trish nods.

“Thank you.” I say. “Really, I mean it.”

“I know you do.” She chuckles quietly. “Do you need somewhere to crash for the night?”

“Nah. As much as I would absolutely love to, I should probably get back to the facility.” We both rise from our seats on the couch and Trish leads me to the door. “I’ve got very important paperwork I was dragged away from for this botched date tonight and I need to finish that.”

“Fine.” She pulls me into a tight embrace. “But don’t be a stranger. I need to see more of you. We all do.”

“I know. I’ll be back sooner next time. I promise.”


part 4

Thank you so much for reading!! Feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

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anonymous asked:

Do you do like drunk Sheith headcanons? I love those!


My absolute favorite thing in the world is one of them is drunk, and one of them is very much not.

Shiro kind of loves it when Keith’s drunk. Keith is a terrible light-weight. I mean, absolutely terrible. He’ll get Asian flushed all up his everything with half a beer, and by the end of it, he’ll be staring blankly at the closest anything. Bottle cap, wall, the end of his nose - why is it so stumpy? He always insists, in a perfectly reasonable tone, that he is not even slightly drunk. He just, you know, doesn’t complain all that much or at all, when Shiro picks him up and puts him in his lap.

It feels like magic. Suddenly Shiro’s just there, and there to do things, and there to feel things, and Keith can’t help but reach up and try to find Shiro’s mouth with his mouth, so he can go on doing and feeling more things.

“Keith, how much did you drink?” Shiro laughs, but his arms are warm around Keith’s waist. He does his best not to tease, but it’s so hard when Keith is trying to have a very serious conversation with Shiro’s left ear. When Keith wiggles and squirms, other things get very hard, too.

Shiro drunk is a work of art, a terrible work of art that Keith is pretty sure was painted by an artist who hates art and themselves and maybe humanity. 

I have so much to thank @phospenumbra​ for this. Shiro drunk is kind of like the most harmless, eager frat bro, who just wants to do a billion sit ups and Keith, Keith are you watching, Keith look at me Keith look! Do you even lift bro? And Keith doesn’t really know how not to look. Shiro’s goes pink and works up a sweat. He complains loudly about his shirt being too tight and strips it off and uses it as a headband when he tries to beat his all time record of Most Pulled Pull Ups (Uped?) Ever. He is scarily good at Flip Cup, and can explain the precise physics behind the perfect flip while spilling his drink down his chest, and he really just, he really just wants Keith to look at him, he’s really, really strong Keith please.

He’s just the friendliest of frat bros ever. He will cheer so loudly for his friends during stupid drunk competitions and gets SO EXCITED for them. He’s also one of those guys who gets scarily impossibly good at drunk video games to Keith’s dismay.

And oh GOD the karaoke.

Oh GOD the after-karaoke munchies, when Shiro will sit up, wide-eyed and stunned and ‘I’m really hungry.’ He’ll tear into the kitchen, shirtless and maybe pantsless how do these things happen, and grab the softest looking apron and try to make grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken nuggets.

Meanwhile, Keith follows him around trying to herd him to bed and freaking out, because if he gets too close, Shiro will pick him up and start chanting ‘weak sauce, weak sauce, weak sauce’ as he lifts him.

Come talk to me about Sheith!

Seventeen’s Reaction to Having to Work with An International Celebrity!

“How would 17 react to being told that they will be working with an important and really famous international celebrity, please ? Thanks and have a great day ! :)” - anon

So this will be my first post after my mini-hiatus, and I got a lil carried away. I hope you’ll all enjoy it! ♡

S.Coups - he would just be so thankful for the opportunity to work with an international celebrity. he’d know how famous you were and would really want himself and seventeen to impress you, he’d be one to organize a special “welcome” for you when you come to korea. he’d want you to feel comfortable around him so he’d try his hardest to form a real friendship between you two :)

Jeonghan - jeonghan would probably handle this the most calmly? like he wouldn’t freak out or anything but he would definitely be super excited to meet u and work together! and the whole time when ur together he’d just treat you like one of his best friends and would always go out of his way to make sure u had anything that u needed :)))

Joshua - he’d be S H O C K E D . “no way. no way. they’re actually going to work with US?”  he’d probably be a fan of yours prior to finding out you were going to work together, so he’d be pretty nervous to meet you. Joshua would be shy at first, but then you two would find out that you had a similar interest and then he wouldn’t be able to shut up. He’d be so happy to know that someone so important was actually super down to earth^^

Jun - he’d be so impressed!! he’d be like “an international celebrity working with us?? with me? how do they even know we exist???” like jun ur famous too lmao once he met you he’d be a lil nervous, but that wouldn’t stop him holding back with his normal personality, but at the same time he’d just be so kind and caring and would want you to know how much he appreciates you doing this w/ them, also expect some flirting tbh

Hoshi - AHHH lil hosh would be rly happy!! he’d try to make you feel welcome right away and would just be the friendliest lil bean. if you guys had any free time he’d like to show you around Seoul and treat you to some Korean food! he’d definitely want to stay friends with you after you were done working together!!
how cute is that gif omg

Wonwoo - Ahh he’d be all excited and would be like “yeah I got this,,” but then he would actually see you in person and *gif*. he’d honestly be extremely nervous around you but wouldn’t let it show and would always have his blank stare on his face, but once u talk to him he’d be a smiley blushing mess omg

Woozi - awww woozi would be such a sweetheart. like s.coups, he’d be really thankful that you were working with them, and would just be super respectful towards you. if you were having any troubles with any of the materials you guys were working on, he’d personally go out of his way to make sure you got it down ;;;

DK - he would be SO excited, once he heard the news he’d be exactly like the gif, he wouldn’t be nervous at all. he’d probably hug you meeting you for the first time, and once u two hit it off, he’d want to spend every second he could with you!

Mingyu - omg he’d be adorable. once he found out you’d be working together, he’d like look you up online to find out more about you so he could impress u even more, he might come off a bit strong but he only has good intentions and just wants to be your friend ;;

The8 - he’d probably be the most shy tbh, he’d probably be a really big fan of yours and would just be so overwhelmed that he’d be meeting someone so big and important. anytime he’d talk to you he’d be so polite and would smile at you softly. He’d hate that he was being so shy so he would try to break out of that shell and be more friendly with you~

Seungkwan - THIS LIL ANGEL OH MY GOD. he wouldn’t even believe it when he was told. he’d be like “ok where are the cameras, am I being punk’d?” but then when he actually meets you, he’d just be speechless? for whatever reason he’d think you didn’t like him until he made a joke and he heard you laugh and saw u smiling at him, his heart would jump out of his chest right there. he’d feel so special that he got to work with someone as famous as you and would make sure u know that ;;

Vernon - HE’D BE SO HYPE. he probably dreams of collaborating with an international celebrity and would be so pumped that it was you. but like he can be really awkward at times but he’d want to impress u so bad that he would hold back his normal personality, but after hearing you make some sort of stupid joke or something, he’d know he can be himself around you lmao

Dino - ANOHER SHOCKED LIL BEAN! like when you walked into the room for the first time he’d straight up just go “wooooaahhh” and anytime you’d talk to him his eyes would just widen aw  he’d be another one that would be really concerned with impressing you so he’d probs try to show off a lil with his dancing or singing or rapping golden maknae???


So Hinata and Komaeda are living together, maybe just as roommates at first, even tho Komaeda is so clearly in love with him. Hinata just kind of deals with that because they’re friends and he doesn’t mind a whole lot and figures Komaeda will eventually move on. But he’s noticing things about Komaeda that he hadn’t paid as much attention to before like the lower register of his voice and his crazy laugh and how delicate his figure is and just how ridiculously intelligent he actually is even tho he sometimes acts like an airhead. But he just kind of puts those all on the list of weird things Komaeda does along with like the other million weird things he does and ignores them. But one time, when he’s making breakfast, Komaeda comes up behind him totally silently and ends up with his head right next to Hinata’s ear and asks what Hinata’s making in breathy morning voice, and Hinata’s like whOA and kind of freaks out because that was really attractive but it shouldn’t be they’re just friends no homo everything’s fine.

But Hinata totally starts overthinking it, and starts noticing every little thing about Komaeda–especially the weird creepy shit. Like his laugh, which had totally alarmed him up until that point, is starting to sound cute to him just because it’s Komaeda’s, and Hinata’s still trying to be all NO HOMO about it, but it’s not really working. And one time, Komaeda’s just walking around the apartment in only his boxers, and normally, Komaeda’s boniness and all freaked him out, but suddenly he imagines himself running his fingers across Komaeda’s chest and kissing his collar bones and the sounds Komaeda would be making, and he ends up dropping the laundry basket he was carrying, and Komaeda rushes over to help him pick everything up and notices that Hinata looks kind of freaked out, so he thinks he’s just upset about dropping the laundry and tries to cheer him up by telling a joke that is completely not funny because all of Komaeda’s jokes suck, but Hinata laughs at it anyway, but it’s really forced, and Komaeda asks if he’s ok, and Hinata’s like yeah I’m fine why would I not be fine no homo and runs off with the laundry, still trying not to think about Komaeda’s body.

And I think that, at that point, he’d know it was too late for him, and he’d try to avoid Komaeda as much as possible, hoping he’d just get over it, but Komaeda would notice it and get worried about Hinata. But eventually he’d realize Hinata was specifically avoiding /him/, and he’d be really upset, but he would just be like, Yeah of course Hinata couldn’t actually be friends with me, I’m trash and he’s not, and he’d just start kind of avoiding Hinata, too, trying to make it easier on Hinata since he seems to want to avoid him so much. But then Hinata just gets kind of upset since he realizes Komaeda’s avoiding him, too, and he wonders if Komaeda noticed that Hinata is totally gay for him, and they end up in this loop of avoiding each other but not really wanting to, until they both end up being home one night with nothing to do and end up sitting next to each other on the couch, suspiciously far away from each other. Wanting to break the ice and not freak Hinata out, Komaeda suggests they watch a mystery film he rented together, and Hinata agrees, and as he’s putting the movie in, Komaeda talks about how he’s never seen this one before and how he’s excited to try solving some new mystery plot, and Hinata’s like, oh fuck he’s so cute when he’s chatty. And like 20 minutes into the 2-hour movie, Komaeda starts explaining exactly how the culprit did it and how they’re going to figure it out, and Hinata’s like, are you sure you haven’t seen this movie, and Komaeda says that he’s completely sure–it’s just really easy to figure out. And Hinata’s like this is the least easy thing to figure out ever, he must be bullshitting. And then, two hours later, it is exactly what Komaeda said it would be, and Hinata’s jaw drops and he just looks over at Komaeda like r u shitting me, and Komaeda’s like, I told you it was easy. And Hinata is like, wow he is so incredibly intelligent that is really scary and hot at the same time. And this time, he can’t manage to stop himself from leaning over to kiss Komaeda, and Komaeda is really confused because he thought Hinata hated him, so he pulls away and asks what the kiss was for. And Hinata’s like uhhhhhhhh, and then just tells him he likes him, but Komaeda looks kind of doubtful, so Hinata ends up stumbling through an explanation of the fact that he avoided him because he’s really attractive but he was really embarrassed.

And then Komaeda asks what it was that he found attractive about him, and Hinata’s like, UHHHHHHHH, and Komaeda thinks it’s really cute that Hinata’s all embarrassed, so he leans in and starts talking to him in that low, breathy voice just above a whisper, and Hinata’s stuck between affection for his best friend and him smiling which is really cute and him talking like that which is really hot. And he’s blushing furiously, and Komaeda thinks it’s the cutest thing so he chuckles and kisses his forehead and hugs him and asks him if it’s ok for him to stop avoiding Hinata now. And Hinata hugs him back awkwardly and says yeah, they should definitely stop avoiding each other now. And then they cuddle and talk about their feelings

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how would the allies react to getting to work with sherlock holmes?

Alfred (America)- Alfred wouldn’t even try to hide how excited he was. He’d try super hard to help out, but it’d be more like him watching Sherlock in awe as he did pretty much everything. 

Yao (China)- Yao would be a little hesitant, because he would think that he could solve whatever was happening alone, even though he’s not a detective. He’d be low key trying to one up Sherlock the whole time, but he’d pretty always be wrong about whatever he was trying to prove. 

Francis (France)- He wouldn’t be too excited at the start, but it wouldn’t be long before he’d be impressed by his deducting skills. He’d totally brag to Arthur about how he got to work with the Sherlock Holmes afterwards just to make him jealous. 

Arthur (England)- He would be internally freaking out the entire time. Sherlock Holmes is one of his biggest heroes, so he’d be a mix of excited and nervous. He’d try to make himself seem casual, but it’d be really easy to see right through him, especially for Sherlock. 

Ivan (Russia)- He’d honestly treat it as a normal  job. While he’d be pretty impressed the whole time, he’d wouldn’t really idolize the detective, so he’d just treat him pretty normally the whole time. 

The Halloween Mansion

Halloween may technically be on October 31st, but if your anything like me, it’s all month long. The Halloween Fair comes to town every year on the 1st and always starts the month off right. I love their rides, their food, everything about it really. My favorite thing though, The Haunted Mansion. Every year it’s a little different, but the actors are always amazing. Last year they had vampires hanging upside down from the ceiling like bats, I don’t know how they could stay up there all day. They would make it look like they were trying to reach down at you, and make hissing sounds to freak people out. One year they had a bunch of zombies behind a wall of thick glass, and they would all start pounding on it when ever people would walk by. It really was frightening. They weren’t holding back either, one of them looked as though he broke his hand doing it. I can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for us this time.

I was so excited, I got there almost an hour earlier than my friends. Usually I would go on some rides first but since I was alone and The Haunted Mansion was the main attraction for me, I headed straight for that. It was still early in the evening so the line wasn’t too long. At the other end of the mansion I saw the door swing open and a group of kids pile out. “It really gets better and better every year!” I could hear one of them saying. “I think I’m gonna get back in line!” The anticipation was now coursing through me. Finally after what felt like forever, the door in front of us creaked open and a tall man wearing a dark suit stepped out and slowly made his way over to us with a heavy limp. His long thin grey hair was fashioned in a comb-over, and his big pointy nose had a bit of fake blood coming out of it. His arm stayed bent at the elbow as if he couldn’t really move it too well. We haven’t even made it inside yet and I’m already impressed.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen,” he said in raspy voice. “Welcome to the haunted mansion! I’m James, the butler. Who’s ready for a tour!” The line erupted with cheers. “Follow me…” The ticket taker let 10 of us through, me being the last one.

As I walked through the door, it slammed shut behind me. I have to admit, I jumped a little. That never happened before. As usual, the hallways were pitch black until we made it to the first section. The thick glass wall was back up and immediately the zombies clustered to it from the other side, punching and kicking as hard as they could. They looked better this year. Their make-up was incredible. Some of them were missing eyes, some of them were missing half their jaw, and a few of them were actually missing arms.

“Back by popular demand, the zombie graveyard!” James bellowed out. I didn’t notice at first, but there were actually tombstones scattered around in there. One of them had an arm sticking out of it wiggling around. They must have spared no expense this year. “You should all feel lucky we put them behind the glass, without it they would be taking chunks out of your flesh right now….”

We spent a few minutes in the room while people gawked at the zombies as they pounded away and let out awful gurgling noises, then we headed down the dark hallway to the next room.

Before James opened the door, he stopped and turned around. “I must warn you not to get too close to the beings in the next room, they can be dangerous and there’s no barrier to protect you.” He let out a little laugh, then pushed the door open.

There was seven people, who seemed to be covered in white spray paint, shackled by the wrists and ankles to the wall. The chain of the shackles couldn’t have been more than 6 inches long. They were all wearing leather masks with a zipper over the mouth part and very small eye holes. As soon as we walked through the door they all started trying to lunge at us and rip free from the wall. They let out loud muffled cries and moans as everyone watched.

James chimed in, “These are the forgotten souls of the dammed. Each one committed heinous crimes when they were alive and now they are forced to spend the rest of eternity chained up. They lunge at you because they can smell your fresh untainted souls and want to consume them….”

A shiver shot down my spine, for some reason this walk through was creeping me out worse than it ever had in the past years. The acting was always really good, but this time it was beyond amazing. I couldn’t stop looking at the ‘forgotten souls’, I didn’t even follow the group when they started walking down the hallway. I took a step closer to them while they all lunged at me. Then another step…. Suddenly they all stopped screaming out muffled nothings and put their back against the wall, as if they were frightened.

“What’s the m……” I started to say, but I was cut short. Someone grabbed me from behind and started duct taping my mouth shut. I tried to fight back but who ever it was, was too strong. A large muscular man spun me around and shoved me against the wall. He shackled me down then spray painted me white from head to toe. He pulled a leather mask out of his pocket and yanked it over my head. I tried to scream but only a muffled nothing came out.

“Calm down kid,” the man whispered to me. “Your lucky you get to keep all your body parts, I could have made you a zombie.” He let out a little chuckle. With that he disappeared into the darkness down the hallway.

After a few minutes of uselessly jerking around and trying to get free, another group of people walked through the door. I lunged forward as far as I could and tried to yell “HELP!” but all that came out from behind my taped mouth was “MMMM!”

Then I heard a familiar voice. “Steve is gonna love this when he sees it.” I looked over to see my two friends I was supposed to be meeting, both staring at me unknowingly.

I leaned heavily toward them and screamed as loud as I could over and over again. They have to realize it’s me, they have to. “MMMMMM, MMMMMM.” Please, please know it’s me….

One of them pointed at me. “Look at that guy. The acting really gets better and better every year.”

As James lead the crowd to the next room I looked over at my fellow 'actors’. They looked back for a second, then just leaned against the wall, looked at the ground, and slumped their shoulders.

Written by: Sage

Creepypasta #805: I'm A Search And Rescue Officer For The Us Forest Service, I Have Some Stories To Tell (Part 5)

Length: Super long

A firefighter who was helping us at the training op told me about a call he’d gone on, supposedly to help rescue a kid from an absolutely massive tree. He said they didn’t give him details, just that they needed him to come out and help because they lacked the proper equipment. He’d been called out specifically because this thing was so huge that the SARs didn’t feel safe trying to climb it. He’d been a tree-trimmer before joining the VFD, so it was easy enough for him to grab his old equipment and come help out. 

He was led out about two miles, and the team stopped at one of the biggest trees in the area and pointed up. He laughed and asked the op captain how the kid had gotten up there, made some joke about the old ‘cat in a tree’ thing, but the captain just shook his head and told him to get up there and get the kid down. He said he knew something was up, but he didn’t push it. He said that as he climbed this tree, he started wondering if they were playing a prank on him. 

“There was no way this kid should have been able to climb this fuckin’ thing. It was massive at the base, but about halfway up it started tapering, and I almost had to turn back a few times because I really didn’t think it was gonna hold me.” 

But he said he kept going, and when he was just about at the top, he saw a flash of blue in the branches. 

“I saw the kid’s shirt sort of caught in a branch, and I called out to him and told him to come near me if he could, but he didn’t say anything. I kept moving, calling the kid’s name and telling him not to be scared, that I was there to help him. By the time I got to him, I knew he wasn’t gonna answer me. I found him, or what was left of him, cradled in the fork of a branch, and the fact that he was up there was sheer luck. If he’d fallen any other way, he’d have come crashing down. It wouldn’t have mattered though, because this kid was dead long before he ended up in that tree. 

I don’t know who put him there, or how, or why, but it was fucking sick. Kid’s intestines had popped out of his mouth, and were hanging in the branches. It was like some sick fucking Christmas tree, the way they were draped all over everything. I got a better look and saw they’d even popped out of his ass; his guts were hanging out the bottom of his pants. His eyes were gone, I assume shoved out from whatever force caused him to fucking pop like a stress ball. 

You ever seen a body that’s been floating in water for a long time, how their tongues kind of swell up and stick out? His was like that. I remember because there were flies crawling all over it. I think I must have gone into shock, because… man I just pushed that kid down with a stick I broke off a branch. Just kind of poked him until he fell. I don’t know why I did that… I almost lost my job because of that. 

But man the thought of hauling that kid down over my shoulder the whole way, gathering his guts up and coiling them around me like rope so they wouldn’t get snagged… I couldn’t do it. I’ve seen a lot of dead kids. More than I’d ever admit. I’ve seen a kid who hid in a full bathtub during a house fire; boiled him alive, turned him into literal soup. But this… I don’t know what did this, but the thought of touching that kid’s body made me feel like I was gonna lose my mind. 

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anonymous asked:

Gif reaction of BTS finding out that you're an underground rapper that's as good as Rap Monster (like can rap as fast as him and you dominate in freestyle)? Thank you and I love your blog! <3

Thank you so much my sweet dumpling for giving my blog love and I hope you enjoy your request!~~

Namjoon: I think he’d be incredibly impressed and I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up wanting to release a mix tape with you and a new rap power duo would be born.

Jimin: He would think it was really cool and he’d probably show off to the other members but not before he trys to be cute and says “Jagi can you please never diss me?”

(Aegyo king strikes again)

Hoseok: I think he’d be totally excited and would have no problem letting you know how cool he thought you were and how much he loved it “Jagi lets rap together and beat Yoongi and Namjoon okay?”

Jungkook: I think he’d be really surprised and it was take him a while to register what you just told him and I can imagine him being 100% impressed with your talent.

Taehyung: We’ve all seen how much he loves Cypher so he’d just end up freaking out and becoming your number one fan from now on and forever.

Yoongi: I think he’s try to play it cool but you could see by the small smirk that was threatening to surface that he freaking loved it and if you think he was ever going to let you go after finding out you have another thing coming, Yoongi would be delighted to find someone that shared his passion. 

Jin: He would be completely shocked and he’d just look at you and say “Jagi I didn’t know you were like this”

REQUEST: [Happens after bucky is rescued from hydra (thus he’s diffrent from 1940 bucky lady’s man)] so steve & the other avengers brings him to a place where he can talk to other people and he meets you & falls in love & tries to flirt with you after 70 yrs of no experience


Bucky Barnes has been through a lot.

From being in a war to being captured and experimented on, then being freed by his best friend and falling to what was assumed to be his death. His brain wiped and he did unspeakable things for terrible people.

He had lost himself for quite some time but now, he had started to regain some of his old self. However, Bucky wasn’t completely the man that he used to be.

He used to be outgoing and vibrant. Now, he was more subdued and kept to himself. Bucky used to love to flirt and was quite the ladies man. He hadn’t even considered actually going on a date since he had been rescued from hydra.

So, when his best friend Steve told him that he and the others wanted him to join them for a night out, he was a little hesitant. Bucky enjoyed quiet nights to himself. He didn’t have the option to say no because everyone was forcing him to.

The team ended up going to a bar in the city. It had low lighting which set the ambiance. It was a new bar that had opened not to long before. It had a modern feel to it. Music played in the background but not too loud to distract from the conversations going on around.

There was a table near the back of the bar that was big enough for everyone. Bucky sat at one end near Sam, Steve, Natasha and Bruce.

Tony ordered drinks for everyone from the other end of the table. Bucky wasn’t in the drinking mood, so he left his on the table when it arrived.

“Hey Bucky, I think that woman over there is checking you out.” Sam nodded his head towards the bar indicating for him to look.

Bucky glanced over and saw a woman who looked like she clearly had too much to drink winking at him. He quickly averted his eyes before she thought he was interested.

“I think I’ll pass.” He mumbled.

“What about that woman over there? She seems…. nice.” Steve asked about a woman at a table nearby.

Bucky looked at the woman he was referring to, “She also looks married. See the ring on her finger?”

“Okay that was a bad one. What about–”

“Guys! What’s the deal? Why are you all trying to set me up? We didn’t come here for that.”

Bucky noticed them exchanging glances before he realized that they did.

“What the hell? We did come here for that!”

“We just want to help you find someone, Buck.” Steve told him.

“Yeah man, we are trying to help you get your groove back!” Sam patted him on the shoulder.

Bucky rolled his eyes and stood up, “I don’t need to get a groove back. I’m fine.”

He grabbed his untouched drink, needing it more than he realized, and walked away from the table. Bucky hoped that no one followed him. He needed some time on his own.

There was a small sitting area outside of the bar, so he decided to go there. It looked like no one was out there so he deemed it perfect.

Lights were strung up in the trees and there were tables along with a few benches. Bucky went out there and thought he had been alone but saw you sitting on one of the benches.

He hadn’t seen you inside and wondered how long you had been out there. You glanced over at him when you heard the door open and close. You figured it was one of your friends but realized that it wasn’t them since no one was scolding you to go back in the bar.

“Hi.” Bucky told you.

“Hey. How’s it going?” You asked. There was something familiar about him to you but you didn’t want to be rude and blatantly ask who he was.

“I was better before my friends dragged me to this bar.” Bucky moved a little closer and sat at the other end of your bench. He seemed harmless enough that it didn’t strike you as strange.

“Your friends hate you too?” You joked. Looks like your were in the same boat as he was.

“Apparently.” The guy smiled, “I’m Bucky.”

“Nice to meet you, Bucky. My name is (Y/n).” You told him.

You both lapsed into a comfortable silence for a moment. You drank some of your beer and he tried looking anywhere but at you. He felt something stirring inside of him. It was an unfamiliar feeling. He also felt a little nervous. The thing was, old Bucky wouldn’t ever get nervous talking to a woman, but new Bucky was.

“So, do you come here often?” He asked you.

Giggling a little, you responded, “You’re seriously asking me that?”

Bucky’s eyes went wide a little, “Uh, yeah. Is that not something I should ask?”

“That’s just one of those awkward pickup lines that guys use on women.” You explained, “And no, I don’t come here often. It’s my first time.”

“Mine too.” Bucky said. He didn’t know why he was so nervous by just talking to you. He thought that you were stunning. You wore your favorite strapless red dress that had accentuated your body perfectly. Your hair was styled up with a few lose strands hanging down. Bucky thought that your smile could light up a room and he already adored your laugh.

He was surprised at how much he was drawn to you after a matter of minutes.

“Are your friends going to be mad that you ditched them?” You asked him.

Bucky shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t care if they are. They lied to me and told me we were coming for drinks but instead want to help me get a groove back or whatever the hell that means.”

“Well, mine know that I hate coming to bars. It’s filled with awkward conversations with strangers.”

“Do you consider our conversation awkward?” Bucky asked a little nervously. He didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.

“This conversation is a million times more pleasant than the ones that I’ve had in there since I arrived.” You assured him.

Bucky couldn’t hide the smile that appeared, “That’s good to know.”

“Are you blushing? Oh my gosh, you are! How adorable are you!” You scooted closer to him to look at how rosy his cheeks had gotten.

“I’m a man. I don’t blush….. I get flustered.”

“Same thing.” You laughed.

“What about your friends? Are they going to be mad that you are out here instead of with them?” Bucky asked trying to change the subject.

“They are all pretty much drunk off their asses at the moment to care about where I am.”

“I’m sure my friends are headed that way too.”

You grabbed your empty beer bottle and stood up, “I need to grab another drink.”

Bucky didn’t know if you wanted him to follow you. He stayed seated as you walked over to the door.

Glancing behind you, you saw that he wasn’t following, “Are you coming or what?” You smiled.

Bucky got up and the both of you headed back into the bar. The amount of people inside increased. You had to carefully move through the crowd hoping that you didn’t bump into someone. Bucky’s hand brushed against yours as he followed you closely. You grabbed his hand, lacing your fingers with his to try and stay together in the crowd.

Bucky could feel his cheeks heating up again.

Once you made it to the bar, Bucky stood closely beside you since it was crowded there too.

A bartender went over to the two of you and you ordered another beer for yourself and one for Bucky.

“Are your friends around?” You asked him.

Bucky turned and saw his friends staring at him. Sam winked and Steve looked happy. “They’re over there.”

You looked at the people he was referring too and that’s when it hit you.

“That’s The Avengers! That’s where I know you from!”

Bucky knew what was coming next. His past was out for the world to know and he knew that you probably didn’t want to talk to him now that you knew who he was.

“You’re Bucky Barnes!”

Bucky nodded hesitantly, “Yeah, I am.”

You were confused to as to why his expressions changed, “I’m sorry if I scared you by freaking out. I can’t believe that I didn’t recognize you sooner.”

“It’s fine. You didn’t freak me out. I’ve never really met someone who was as excited to meet me as you are.” He chuckled.

“I’m trying to reign it all in.”

“It’s cute.”

This time you were the one that was blushing. You felt your heart race as Bucky looked into your eyes. It was like an instant attraction that you couldn’t deny.

“Bucky, I know that we just met and you can say no if you want to but, do you want to get out of here and grab some pizza? I know a place a couple of blocks down that have the best pizza in the city.” You offered.

“I would really like that. I just have to go and tell my friends first.”

You nodded, “I have to do the same. Meet you at the door in a few minutes?”

Bucky agreed and before you both parted ways, you leaned up and kissed his cheek softly making him blush yet again.

Bucky walked over to the table the team was still at, “I’m going to get out of here guys.”

“Oh? You heading back to the Tower?” Steve asked even though he knew the answer.

“No, I’m going to get some food with a uh friend.”

“A friend huh?” Natasha smirked.

“Yes, a friend. I’ll see you guys later.” Bucky waved goodbye as they watched him leave to meet up with you.

Sam chuckled, “The man has his groove back.”