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Ok, so I know the fandom’s already setting their sights on Lotor manipulating Lance in s3, but here are my two cents:

My first thought was that maybe Haggar just needs a figure head. I figured that Lotor could easily be written off as a young prince forced into this responsibility, and not really cut out for leadership, so Haggar ends up running the show, just by using Lotor as a Proxy.

But then I thought, let’s give him a bit of fun with this.

I’m hoping thinking that Lotor is gonna be really two-faced. Like, he’ll tell Haggar and his generals that he’ll pretend to be opposed to his father’s empire so that he can get closer to the Paladins and strike at them more effectively. Then he’ll go to the Paladins and tell them the same thing, just switched; that he’s only pretending to carry on in his father’s ways so that no one will suspect him until he helps Voltron take down the Galra Empire once and for all. Only the audience will see him play to both sides, and we won’t know who’s side he’s really on until the very last minute.

Samar fans, unite! (And happy almost Samarch!)

Move over, Aram’s Army and Dembe Loyals (no I’m kidding, they’re both awesome). The Samar Squad is here!

Which is to say, I’m starting up a new sideblog dedicated to the gorgeous ninja that is our fabulous Samar Navabi, because let’s be honest… Don’t we always need more Samar on our dash? Fanart, photo edits, gifs, fics and anything in between is all welcome. This is a blog for all Samar fans to celebrate what we love about her, together.

The blog is still under construction, but it’s coming along nicely and a queue of Samar posts is being set up. Why don’t you go check it out over at @samarsquad?

Yuchi twitter 2017.02.25

 しかしこのツアーも残すところ仙台公演のみ。ショートツアーだからわかっちゃいたけど、やっぱりあっという間。もう既に寂しいなー。 とは言えライブを重ねていく上でsukekiyoの様々な挑戦を少しでも感じとって頂けたなら個人的には大成功です。まだまだこれから攻めてゆくので宜しくどうぞ!

There’s only Sendai show left from this tour. I know it’s a short tour, but it went by so fast. I already miss it. As we continue to play concerts, if people are able to feel even a little various challenges from sukekiyo, it’s a great success for me personally. I will continue going forward so please stay with us!

そしてここしばらくの間、なかなか取れないチケットを頑張って入手して会場まで足を運んで下さるお客さんに、本当に感謝。 そしてそして、それが叶わなかった方にも今後是非、会場でお会いしたいですね。 とにかく皆さんには心からの感謝を伝えたいです。本当にありがとうございます。 

And now, I’m really grateful to the fans who do their best to find tickets for sold out shows and who come to the venue. And fans who could not do it this time, I really hope to see you next time. Generally speaking, I want to convey my thanks to everyone. Thank you so much.

(it was particularly hard to find tickets for the show in Nagoya as the venue was tiny and some fans indeed came all the way to the venue but couldn’t participate)

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Ok so there are fans who have gone to multiple cons and get pics every time with Misha/J2/whomever. These guys see literally hundreds of fans a day and have likely seen thousands all together over the years. Do you think they really "remember" fans they've interacted with 15 or so times? Or are there just too many interactions to really remember specific individuals?

I think it’s different for each guy. Jensen and Misha don’t remember what day it is a lot of the time, and I think Misha mentioned that he recognizes faces he sees a lot but maybe not who the people are. Jared has a better memory, and so the odds of him remembering peeps are better.

there ARE people they know, especially the ones who come to every con and sit in the front row and do meet and greets and lots of ops. Some of those people they like and enjoy and will even tease (some they probably don’t like). I have a few friends that fall into this category and they boys always are super sweet to them. 

I am not one of these people (yet?). I’ve met them like…10 times, and I have no illusion that they remember me and I am HAPPY about this cause I’m always a goober when in their presences. Sometimes they’ll remember a certain thing or op but generally, I’m just a face in the crowd.

Mark Sheppard might recognize me, cause we’ve talked a few times and I give him candy. Rich and Rob do know me, which is really cool to me, but that’s cause I’ve interviewed them. Rob says hi when he sees me and it;s the best thing in the world. Same goes for a few others I’ve interviewed but again, that’s cause we’ve interacted and also I think because I’m a memorable looking person.

So…yeah. There are fans they know, people make impressions after a while. They’re all good guys who really do care.

aaliyah fans really hate beyoncé and swear that if she was still alive she’d snatch bey’s crown and i just wanna know why like can y'all let aaliyah rest? please

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Do you believe the rumors that Adam and Joanne had a baby? They seem to be an extremely private couple and talking about his private life makes me a little uncomfortable. Its none of our fucking business but then I'm naturally curious about when it comes to wanting to know. Basically what I'm trying to say is that he probably wouldn't want his private life being talked about or scrutinized amongst people he doesn't know. Does that make sense?

Absolutely EVERYTHING you said makes sense and I feel the same and love that a lot of people feel this way too. I’ve noticed that Adam Driver fans are REALLY kind and respectful people.

But I’m going to have to be honest and say that I do indeed believe that it’s true. Since you’re asking me, I feel that I have to explain why.

A while back…like, June or July, I heard a rumor that Joanne could be pregnant. I got really excited, so, I ended up posting the rumor and included an online gossip article, which was not the right thing to do. I ended up getting my ass chewed out by an anon about spreading a rumor and not respecting Adam’s privacy and I felt terrible. They were absolutely right so, I deleted it.

However, since that seed was planted in my head, I couldn’t help but remain curious all this time. I just sort of kept it to myself. So, there are certain random things that I noticed throughout the months and occasionally connected the dots. Today, there was a post that I feel, confirms that it was not a rumor. However, until Adam actually goes public with it, I pretty much don’t want to keep talking about it. I’m no longer “quietly” curious.

To anyone who may be disappointed in me for the above confession, I’m really sorry. But I wanted to be honest. This is all my personal opinion. I respect Adam’s privacy and I want to keep this blog fun. I’m just going to continue reblogging Adam stuff, make people laugh and/or feel good.

Thanks for the ask. 😉

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Shizuo and Kadota giving advice to their shy son who received a declaration of love and does not know how to respond to it (He does not hate the person in question but does not know what to do about it) (^ - ^ ✿)


  • Honestly, he’s pretty lost too. He’s never been in such a situation himself.
  • In fact, he’s not really a big fan of love letters or anything, so if it’s something like that, he immediately is suspicious of it. “People should be true to themselves and honest with what they feel. If that person can’t openly admit they like you, then that’s just cowardly, in my opinion.”
  • On the other hand though, the situation pretty simple to him. He’s straight forward about it and just sits down and has a talk with his son.
  • “Do you like that person? Yes or no?” If he answer is no then he insists on his kid having a talk with them. It would be unfair to get up their hopes or to not reply at all. They deserve a honest reply, after all.
  • “Have a conversation with them and see where it leads to.”


  • He’s probably received a handful of love confessions through letters or elsewise in his teenage years, so he’s familiar with the situation described.
  • Most importantly, he wants his son to understand that he needs to be kind and polite at all times. Likely the person put effort into their confession and that needs to be appreciated for sure.
  • So, say, if they gave him a gift, chocolate i.e., then they should receive something in return. You know how in Japan they have White Day, in which boys return chocolate or other gifts to those who gave them ones on Valentine’s Day? Same concept.
  • Kadota’s really blunt too and says “invite them over if you want to, I don’t mind.”

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Regardless of people's opinion on Casey some of the posts in his tag are just vile and unnecessary, but more to the point what good do they think sending you messages on anon is gonna do? All it's doing is harassing and abusing someone for their opinion, it's not gonna change what Casey did or didn't do. I have mixed feelings about it but it's his fans I really feel bad for. You do a fab job with this blog and you've answered the hate so well I just wish people would grow up a wee bit!

Thank you so much 💚 I agree with everything you’ve said.