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Hey dudes go follow @noisyghost they have really really //really// good art I think some of you might enjoy??

I was tagged by @la-rascasse​​ and @jashasedai​, thanks guys! <3 I’m doing both their sets of questions because I’m just like that. :P

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Is anyone else still extremely proud of Oh Sehun…..?

maisie williams is the real mvp of game of thrones tbh. she signed up for this role when she was 12 and it was her idea to play arya as left handed even tho that meant more work for her. she cut her hair off when arya had to pose as a boy and wore painful contacts when she was blinded. she takes on a lot of stunts and choreography while still delivering amazing performances. shes talented and dedicated and this show doesnt even deserve her but im glad we have her anyway.