really excited for this aaah

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omg… I love her…. I want icons of her…. I need her in my life now, this is perfection. I must watch the show soon, probably like this sunday,a nd just…. yes. So I know there are the two films and then like 25 episodes, do the episodes cover the films or are they the same?

they’re considered stand-alone things, so you can watch the TV series without watching the 2 movies!!

the series actually changes around a few things, so they’re technically separate canons I suppose

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you won gstringofsuburbia's tattoo flash giveaway!!!! congrats!!!

I know!!! It’s made my day, especially after a long day of work. I’m really excited and have requested the album Londons Calling by The Clash. Aaah I can’t wait! 😄


The songs from the final in running order.