really excited for season 3 yes i am

Shadowhunters Season 3

Everyone knows I’m such a Malec stan and they are one of the major reasons I watch the show, but like I’m also really excited for so many other things too. Imagine Clary growing into a more mature shadowhunter. Simon learning about what it means to be a downworlder/daylighter. Izzy making it past the whole drug storyline and coming out of it stronger than ever. Jace getting some of the happiness he deserves. Alec learning how to be soft and in love, but also being the best goddamn leader the New York Institute has ever seen. Magnus continuing to be a kind compassionate protector of the downworld. Luke growing as a father, an alpha, and a role model. Yes, I am ready for season 3.

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Heyy, long time, no talk!! Hows life? Okay, my ask: What are your thoughts on svtfoe so far?

It’s been a while yes!!! And so far I love where svtfoe is heading, and I’m so so so glad season 2 added more of a plot to it so we have a story to go along with and I’m so excited to see what season 3 brings us because man that season 2 finale crushed all of us and left us hanging with that major cliffhanger am I right?? So yeah I’m really happy with it so far :)

I just watched the Facebook chat with Alberto and Dom. It was really good and those two are such sweethearts. Aww. And we actually learned stuff that is about to happen in season 2. So yay. So Simon moving in with Magnus. OH MY GOD YES!!!!! It will be glorious, I just knew it. (And please let there be a scene which also includes Alec because just thinking about a conversation of these three makes me giggle like a maniac.) Episode 3 will probably gonna end me with all the parabatai stuff. I am not ready!!! Flashback of when Jace and Alec first meet. NOT READY! *screams* Apparently Maia will kick ass and somebody please give Jace a hug, alright?! But what really amused me when listening to the chat was how both Alberto and Dom hestitated to put into words the “interaction” with CC. Basically it was like they all told her how they will do it and she is like…okay, hm, yeah, didn’t think of that, okay. loooool Sorry, but I really laughed hard. Correct me if I am wrong but there was not one word about her opinion even slightly considered. Awesome. Besides, Dom mentioned again that they go away from the books. YES!!!! Gawd, I am sooooo excited for season 2.

DAREDEVIL WHO? [Super Best Friends Stream Demon's Souls (Part 3)]
  • Matt: [reading the chat] Am I excited for Punisher season 2? Yes, I am.
  • Pat: I am very excited for that also.
  • Matt: What are you excited for?
  • Pat: Punisher season 2.
  • Matt: Yeah, that's right.
  • Pat: Yeah.
  • Matt:
  • Pat:
  • Matt:
  • Pat: It's crazy that they did a whole prequel season that he didn't show up in.
  • Matt: [hurts himself laughing]
  • Woolie: That's really funny. That's really funny.
  • Pat: Like, I've never seen the dedication to that much set-up.

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Why do you think ship drama is a bigger problem in TVD fandom than most other fandoms? sometimes I feel sorry for julie plec because she has so many angry shippers to deal with :\ I know you're klaroline and I don't blame the kc fandom, I think all fandoms do it.. I just wonder

Okay, I picked this ask because I got a few that basically asked the same questions, and I think this pretty much covers the load.

Here’s the thing; Plec pretty much made TVD about ships. She did that herself. When creating a TV show, as a writer, you have a choice. What are you going to focus on when writing your show? What will be the most important element? Are you going to focus on the plot, or on the relationships?

I think that I am a pretty great example when it comes to this one: I was never really passionate about Stelena or Delena. I never had a real OTP on TVD until Klaroline happened. And yet; I LOVED the first two seasons of TVD. I loved it because of the characters, the plot, the surprising twists in every episode. I didn’t give a crap about ships, because I was too occupied with being excited about the plot. Season 3 happened, and along came Klaroline. And yes, that added some extra excitement for me, but at the same time, I still loved TVD in general. The plot was good, I liked the story of the Originals, I liked Klefan, I liked the season for what it was. Suddenly season 4 happens, and the plot and writing go downhill. By the end of season 4, a show that I once loved, is reduced to a shadow of what it used to be. One of the few things I can still appreciate about it, is that one amazing ship. And so I will cling to that ship, because that’s basically what there’s left. Why do you think ship wars have increased that much lately? Klaroline, Delena, Stelena, Forwood; I don’t care what you ship, I think most people agree that there isn’t much left to fight for aside from your ships. Because what even is the plot of TVD anymore now that we’ve reached season 5? Most characters don’t even HAVE their own storyline. And that is how this show has become about ships. This is why we are, now more than ever, desperate to defend our own ships, in a last desperate attempt to still find some satisfaction in watching the show we all once worshipped.

Let’s take another example to compare. Let’s say Teen Wolf. I think most of you are watching that show as well, so that’s why I pick that one. Now, me personally; I love Stydia. Hell, they’re cute together. Do I squeal when they have a scene together? You betcha! Did I fangirl when they kissed? Fuck yeah! Do I mind the fact that they’re still not a couple on the show by now? No. Because for me, ships (and I think so many ships on Teen Wolf are really cute) are not the most important part of the show. I’m not going to lie; my favorite elements on Teen Wolf are the storylines in general, the dry sense of humor that’s going on, and the bromance moments between Scott/Stiles. (As well as their families, and all of the other unlikely friendships that have formed between many other characters.) This is basically the foundation of that show, and I love it. If something cute happens between two characters that I like together, that’s a bonus. But it’s not why I am watching the show; I like it regardless, because it has so much more to offer.

But when I look at TVD season 5… The only healthy and honest friendship going on there right now, is probably Stefan/Caroline, but other than that, everything has faded. Hell, Defan was what I lived for in the early seasons. That special understanding between the two of them, bromance, family. There wasn’t even any Klaroline in the first 2 seasons of TVD, yet I will be the first person to admit that those seasons were the best.

But long story short: People are clinging to their ships because there is nothing else left to cling to. That’s the main reason why this fandom seems to have more drama in the shipping department than fandoms of any other shows. Plec shouldn’t even be thinking about fixing her ships right now. She should be thinking about fixing the plot. That would be the most efficient way to make the fandom happy again. By making sure that the storyline is so good that ships are not our priority anymore. That’s how they managed to keep everyone happy in the early seasons… The answer is pretty obvious, but it’s all about what Plec is willing to do about it. 

Top 5 Moments from Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 11 Dark Water

1. Master/Doctor kiss

We all knew this would happen one day. 

2. The volcano scene rocked my socks!

Holy heck, the volcano scene was amazing.  Seeing how far Clara would go for Danny was incredible.  I loved her egomania in this moment. 

3. Danny dying

Did anyone see this coming? If you said yes, you’re a dirty dirty liar.  This was shocking to the core.  

4. Discovery Dan killed a little kid as a soldier.  

This explained so much and really made Danny’s character.  I’m so glad we finally got to see why Danny was so haunted. 

5. The fact Missy was the Master!

This was awesome sauce.  I’m so glad it wasn’t future corrupt Clara.  I cannot express how excited I am for the Master being back.  

Thoughts on The Fosters 3x05

- No Jonnor *sighs* I can handle this I’m okay

- *five seconds later*: *quiet sobbing*

- Loving this new Stef-Lena dynamic

- Honestly I thought “hooking up = sex” too so I am just as confused as Stef and Lena here

- *Callie drags Brandon into Mexico to go hang gliding*: “YOU’VE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME”

- “Best friend” wow okay so I don’t ship it but man I’m pretty sure that was a stake right through Brandon’s heart there

- That visit with his grandma was rough on AJ I kinda wanted to cry

- AJ being excited about being a ride along wow that was really cute

- Me @ Brandon & Callie when the cops showed up: “Mmm dear we are in trouble”





- Brandon’s going back to Idylwyld *pretends to be excited*