really excited for her character!

i’m actually really proud of sarah from the amazing world of gumball because even though she’s annoying loOK WHAT HAPPENED TO HER ART




So @oolongearlgrey‘s doing this cool thing where you can submit a garbage MS Paint drawing of a succubus and he’ll redraw it being all nice and shiny. I got out MS Paint and drew this sneering succubus with my touchpad and submitted it but I liked her design so much that I got excited and did my own redraw before he even got to mine heheh. I tried to keep her looking like she’d fit in Oolong’s world. 

So I was volunteering at an elementary school and some of the kids saw that I was drawing a bunch of Steven Universe things and this adorable little black girl got really excited when I drew Garnet because that’s her favorite character because she said Garnet looked like her mom. It made me really happy, representation is nice.

Keira Knightley to make shock return to Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Keira Knightley is making a surprise return to the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise after denying she would be involved.

The Mirror can reveal that the actress has secretly shot scenes for the upcoming fifth installment of the popular Disney series, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, due to be released in May.

The 31-year-old, who carved her name in Hollywood playing swash-buckling Elizabeth Swann, filmed top secret scenes at Shepperton studios last month opposite long standing co-stars Johnny Depp, 53, and Orlando Bloom, 39.

A movie insider reveals: “The top-secret one-day shoot took place in November and the set was in lock-down. “Keira was really excited to reprise the character that made her famous and get into her wigs and costume again.

“Her role will be only make a small return during the end credits to delivering killer lines hinting at a possible bigger part in sixth movie.”

Speaking in 2014 when asked if she would be returning Keira said: “No, I don’t think so. It was an amazing point in my life, but it was a good five year chunk. I can’t really imagine going back to it.”



Requested a aesthetic for their oc Quasar! She’s a superhero and they also have a gf that uses water/air elements for their powers.

Oh hey so I made that warlock of the Raven Queen today!

Anyone wanna listen to me talk about her? Yes? No? I’ll tell you anyway.

So I’ve not really figured out what she was doing before she was… 18-ish? I mean.. what do kids even usually do in the dnd-verse? go to school?? is that a thing?? dunno. But at around 18-19 she started stealing things, breaking into places, that sort of thing, to make money. Most of the money probably went into food and all that but she always made sure to give a part of it to the local temple (/some other form of charity). She learned to be quite a successful cat burglar, and maybe even made a bit of a reputation for herself, she was probably caught once or twice but usually managed to break her way out of holding and just hid somewhere for a while. She also kind of dated this awesome half-elf girl, who also happened to be a very reliable fence, for a while. It was a really casual thing though, they were never anything serious (also she’s. like. so gay. (which i believe has somehow become like a theme for underlings of the RQ?? i’m okay with this.))

Then, she managed to somehow make some really powerful enemies in the criminal world (maybe she broke into the wrong place, maybe she stole something important, maybe she made out with someone’s girlfriend, who knows) and she had to go into hiding. She’s about 22? at this point. This is also the last time she saw that fence girl, I’m really hoping they meet again at some point. She managed to stay hidden for a while, probably moving from city to city, but eventually those enemies found her and they tried to kill her by burning down the house she was in at night. And they succeeded. Sort of.

As she was dying, or dead, or something, she had a vision of the Raven Queen. She was offered a deal; she could survive the fire and continue her life if she swore to help track down and recover an important artifact (maybe???) that was stolen, probably from like some ancient temple ruin or something. She agreed to the deal because a) she didn’t want to die and b) she liked the idea of possibly getting revenge on the ones who murdered her. And that’s how she became a warlock! I’d also like to think that after the fire the word spread that she was dead, but she managed to get a message to a few of her closest contacts (including the fence girl, i just really want a reunion okay) that she was still alive.

She’s very charismatic and pleasant to be around, and she has a habit of trying to convince people she’s right. And also lying (i mean what, her?? lying??? never.) She has pretty good stats all around - except her strength, she’s feeble af - and she has skills in things like arcana, history and religion. She’s also kind of a kleptomaniac, she can’t help but think of stealing little trinkets and whatnot whenever she visits a place. I think she also doesn’t exactly advertise the fact that she’s a warlock or who her patron is (like most warlocks i think?), but I haven’t quite figured out how she does explain her powers, maybe she just pretends to be a wizard. Or a rogue.

Oh, and she’s a half-elf, btw.

A LOOK!!!!! AN ICON!!!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

I like Rize so much, even though we know almost nothing about her. When I stopped to thinking that most things that we know about Rize are most idealizations of her I kind of feel wrecked.

I love Rize as well! She’s starting to become one of my favourite characters. But even though most of the things we know about Rize are Kaneki’s idealizations about her, we do know some actual things about her, from chapters 1, 36 and 46.5 from TG, and Banjou’s chapter from the light novel:

1. Rize refuses to follow anyone’s rules but her own.

She doesn’t follow any of the rules established by Hagi, the leader of the 11th ward. In chapter 46.5 alone, she already killed four humans (more if you include five from the light novel, although some of them probably overlap) in a short amount of time. She doesn’t clean up her messes either; Usu, one of the 11th ward ghouls, had to clean up Rize’s kill by the seaside, and Banjou and his friends had to clean up the “bloody mass of meat” after she killed Yuuri.

And Rize denies Tsukiyama’s invitation to join the Ghoul Restaurant, which she sees as a “human-like establishment” with its rules that would ultimately restrict her freedom. An interesting piece of information from this page, contrary to what a lot of people think, is that even though Rize is known as the Binge Eater, eating way more than she should, she is still picky with her food, “choosing her own opponents”.

So she chooses to live on her whims, killing whenever she is hungry and trying out anything to appease her boredom.

Her boredom does lead her to become more sadistic with her prey, telling one of them that she would let him go if he didn’t raise his voice (while breaking his fingers), but that’s another story. But despite her cruelty, her actions have an interesting consequence, leaving a lasting impression on Banjou for him to wonder if it is better to live safe and restricted, or free from societal rules.

2. Rize is strong and independent.

In a way, her strength allows her to be independent and to live how she chooses. In Banjou’s words from the light novel:

Strength gives rise to violence, but there are also things that can only be gained through strength. Her figure, with the power to cut open her own path, seemed to shine with the brightest light in his eyes.

She refuses to live by other people’s (such as Hagi) beliefs, and if she is forced to, she cuts them down with an easy stab from her powerful rinkaku.

And Rize knows she’s strong. She is a confident person who doesn’t even bother hiding the smell of her victims from the other apartment complex tenants. Heck, she even invites one of them in after she notices him looking at her breasts (to become her future meal).

In addition, she doesn’t bother using a mask to conceal her identity, which is interesting since even the top Aogiri ghouls like Tatara and Noro wear masks. In her words,

As long as Rize is strong, she has the power to make her own decisions and respond to any trouble that comes her way.

3. Rize is an intelligent and well-read ghoul.

She has sharp instincts, immediately noticing when other men are attracted to her, such as Hayashi (shown above) and Kaneki, and using that to her advantage:

And then she uses her her appearance and her cute girl charm to lure them in (or to get out of troublesome situations):

(Does that look like a face of a sadistic bloody man eater to you? And somehow she can switch from a cute style to a sexy librarian man eater like what is this sorcery Ishida??)

And despite Rize knowing she is strong, the “king of all beasts”, she knows when to back off and cut her losses, deciding to leave the 11th ward after hearing that the CCG was planning to become more active following Rize’s actions:

In addition, how many well-read ghouls have we met? Not too many, since ghouls in general lack education and are unable to read at a proficient level. Yet reading is one of Rize’s hobbies; she is seen at the 11th ward meeting reading a book (which appears to be Monochrome Rainbow based on the spine) to pass the time and her shelf is filled with a decent amount of books.

Despite being a wild child, she sees something in books that makes her want to sit down and read while sipping coffee.

Somehow this turned into a Rize appreciation post LOL but I’m wondering if you had some of these things in mind when you realized that you liked Rize. I realized that I liked her when I noticed that she doesn’t give a fuck about what anyone else thinks, which is a characteristic I’d like to have more of since right now I care too much about what others think of me…

But even though she’s only appeared a few times, there’s enough information about her to paint a general picture of her character, and I really hope for more in :re because I need more moments like this:

while I was writing today I thought of the worst sentence I could possibly have included so now yall have to be cursed with it  

“Will you just shut up and let me think for a second?” Salem snapped, clearly caught up in some sort of emotional turmoil of her own. She couldn’t handle the noise, in the moment, and it was only making her openly aggravated. She was too stressed, and it was wracking her brain trying to think of the right way to tell Jacob the bad news. How was she supposed to tell him that her period was late?

So let's say some weird parallel universe is going on here, how would the companions react to playing Fallout 4 and seeing themselves in the game?

Request from an anon :’) this is really stupid and crack 

Cait: Constantly makes remarks about the sexy Irish redhead she has following her in the game and how much every other character wants her 

Curie: get’s really excited when she sees herself in the game, “experiments” by being evil and shitting everybody up with her in game choices 

Codsworth: Super proud when he sees himself, somebody needs to represent great Britain, kicks off that there’s no tea 

Dogmeat: Other doggo can you see me? is doggo me? *thinks of biscuits* 

Danse: Doesn’t believe that man is him, he doesn’t have enough muscles and shows to many emotions, just a cheap imitation of the real thing 

Deacon:  He’s not surprised, somebody had to notice his importance eventually, brags how he’s the hero of the game

External image

Nick: Holy crap? there’s now three Nick valentines, now he feels even less significant -cries every time he sees himself- 

Hancock: Thinks he’s even sexier in the game? hot dayummm *downloads porn mods so he can fuck himself* 

Maccready: Feels cool and brags about how he’s in a real game, dies inside when he sees how shitty his teeth 

Preston: THAT’S ME ?? YASSSSSS MINUTEMEN MINUTE MEN!!!!  Marcy long still bullies me? oh nos  ;__; 

Piper: Notices her trademark hat straight away and get’s all smug about herself in the game, kills the evil synth mayor 50 times 

Strong: *smashes the computer* 

X6-88: Are you fucking kidding, this shitty game had Intel the whole time, this version of him is no where as cool as him, bullshit, rates it  2/10 

Maxson: Why is there another version of him on this screen? is this the  institute planning to replace him? -threatens to smash ever version of the game- 

Real talk though I am so super impressed with the way they handled Yohane’s and Chika’s characters in this episode as well as the moral over all. They don’t throw away Yohane’s chunni as some dumb thing that she needs to hurry up and grow out of. The only one who does that is Yohane herself and in turn the only one unsatisfied with the way that she is is herself but not because she doesn’t like it. She wants others to like her, she wants to fit in and have friends but she feels that she cannot as she is now. 

Chika teaches her that it’s ok, not only be yourself but to love yourself in all that you do. That it’s ok that she likes to do rituals and calls herself an angel because she’s happy and she’s not hurting one. Chika even says that if she’s not comfortable with something that Yohane is doing she’ll say no. Chika’s love and accepting is something that I really wasn’t expecting from her character and I’m really impressed with the way she’s turned out. She takes Muse’s “love without hesitation” and brings it to life with the people around her. 

Yohane is really a character that I want the kids watching to really look at it. To see her struggle with being “normal” but to find people that love her and want her to love herself. That its ok to not be conventionally normal and to surround yourself with people who love you for who you are so you can learn to love you. To not be afraid and express yourself and love yourself is all such a good moral and I’m so happy with how this episode turned out. 


Hope van Dyne, in a lot of ways, is kind of the heart of the film. She plays a lot of really poignant character moments that I was excited to help create. Her parents were superheroes - both of them - so she cannot be a normal human being. She has a lot of issues. And what’s great is that in the midst of this crazy, exciting heist film she is resolving some of those issues and fighting through some of that - the hard work we all have to do when we reach adulthood and realize our parents have kind of screwed us over. 

I really need to write something about her character. I’m really excited to be ordering her little sister soon.

Little bit of a personal story now.

Here’s the thing though about Elliot, and maybe this affects her character and why she’s hard to write about. I bought her a month or so after my teen brother passed away. She’s modeled quite a bit after him in personality. I thought maybe it would help me cope with that, and it’s really, really helped. When it warms up I plan on taking her to some of his favorite places, to sort of reconnect I guess. Even this filter set I started with is called Golden Memory.

Elliot reminds me to smile, always.