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good luck with your last final! do you mind me ask what subject you write the final?

Thanks, it went quite ok! Though I made a very dumb mistake, which I realized the instant I went out of the exam’s room^^;; (srsly it was so dumb I could cry D:)

It was statistics, one of my least favorite subjects… but I love our statistics professor, he is such a nice guy, just look at this utterly helpful and motivational advice he gave us for the exam in the last lecture:

It’s been so long! How is everyone doing? 

How is this blog alive? What are the current memes?


Aaah, I’m so sorry for taking so long to come back.

Long story. Boring. Short story. Internet being sold by people that should be punched…daily.

Anyway I’m back now and I’ll be answering things, posting things and things things again, also I’m on my new home! 

and since this is finally a nice place to be, I’ll finally be able to work with comissions ‘n stuff. 

So I’m fine, everything is great so far… I kinda forgot how to use tumblr but heeeey, how’s everyone?


@musicrunsthroughmysoul tagged me to post 9 pics of my favorite musicians! Like her, I cheated a little with who I included, but the reasons for that will soon become clear.

Bono and The Edge from U2 are at the top, of course. They’re the songwriting dream team responsible for many of my favorite U2 songs. (Hell, they’re responsible for the vast majority of U2 songs, although this does not diminish Larry and Adam’s roles in any way.) I had to post both of them because I believe Edge is a better “musician” than Bono, but who can imagine Edge’s guitar without Bono singing along to it? They complement each other too well for me to pick one over the other.

David Byrne is my personal musical inspiration. He’s not only a prolific solo artist, but also demonstrated great musical talent as a part of Talking Heads and also has churned out fascinating collaborations with musicians as diverse as Brian Eno, Fatboy Slim, and St. Vincent. No matter what he does, if he performs on it, I’m bound to love it. He’s also a voracious consumer of music, which is the way that every musician should be.

Peter Gabriel is the greatest living male songwriter. (I’m saying “living” to give others the benefit of the doubt, but seriously, Peter Gabriel writes some of the greatest songs I have ever heard.) He’s innovative and creative and always looking for new possibilities. He and David Byrne would probably do great things together if they ever teamed up.

Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine has an amazingly powerful voice. She can belt out every song like nobody’s business, and can also throw herself around onstage like a whirlwind of energy, only to come out quiet and composed and refined for the next song. (I should know, I’ve seen her do this exact thing live.) I’m not sure about her musical composition skills, but she does perform some very catchy songs. She’s the ultimate show-woman, not afraid of looking strange or foolish in front of hundreds.

I chose all of Pink Floyd because they make some of the most musically-complex and musically-interesting songs I listen to, but I couldn’t imagine picking just one band member. I mean, listen to The Final Cut (composed predominantly by Roger Waters) and then listen to The Division Bell (I think composed predominantly by David Gilmour- A Momentary Lapse of Reason would probably be a better choice, but I haven’t heard that album). Neither of those albums are anywhere near as good as when the band was a functioning four-piece with every member putting in a performance that worked cohesively with the rest. Together, they made up one of the greatest “rock” bands of all time.

Joni Mitchell is my songwriting queen. Not only are the instrumentals engaging and complex and interesting, but her lyrics are deeply intense and emotional and paint vivid stories. I believe she’s the greatest female songwriter of all time, and one of the greatest songwriters in general.

David Bowie was a true Artist. Whether he was writing or performing, he always recorded intriguing musical works that will last in the memory of the public for decades, works that I constantly enjoy and that keep me guessing.

Damon Albarn is a bit like David Byrne because he’s been involved with so many musical projects, and everything that I’ve heard from him has exhibited great talent and diversity. Listen to Gorillaz (preferably Plastic Beach or Demon Days) and then listen to Blur (Parklife. Only Parklife. Always listen to Parklife. Well, okay feel free to listen to The Magic Whip and Modern Life is Rubbish and anything else by them). Compare and contrast! And that’s not bringing other projects like his solo album Everyday Robots into it… Damon Albarn will just never quit, not that I want him to anytime.

Brian Eno is just a musical genius, okay. Doesn’t matter if he’s performing/recording his own material or if he’s playing on someone else’s, or even producing an album. His talent is clear, and I like (almost) every sound he makes.

Honorary mentions go to nearly every other musician I enjoy. It was hard thinking of “favorite musicians” when that could be either people I like who make music or favorite music that happens to be made by people.

I tag: @bonos-sunglasses @xivdoctorivx @nu2mb @howling–fantods @accidentallyfabulou2s @nolineonthehorlzon @its-the-angel-man @agedbeaster @frenchandroidfromsouthamerica (You don’t have to write long-winded summaries of the musicians you chose, I just felt like doing so)

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just wanted to point out that the only reason you're so against Jace is bc you're on Matthew Daddario's dick bc he's hot and every chance you get you hate on Jace like shut the fuck up already

First of all, I’m not against Jace at all, I love Jace, he’s just a dick sometimes, it’s who he is. If you think he’s not, then that’s pretty sad. I never hate on Jace, I love everyone in the show, even Maryse. I love him enough to call him out on his shit dude. 

Second of all, being on Matt’s dick sounds pretty good so, cool. 

Thirdly, nope:) I can say what I’d like on my blog! 

Thanks for the message love and have a wonderful day!! <3 <3

After the punishment, Quinn makes quick work of shoving her way past those in attendance despite the pain she’s in, status be damned. If they want to punish her for it on top of what she’s already received, so be it. They’ll have to find her first, however, because she refuses to stick around any longer than she absolutely has to.

All she wants to do now is to get away. Away from the wrestling watch, away from Lydia, away from Fran. Away from the Mountain itself would be ideal but if she’s learned anything from Stiles and Theo’s punishment a few weeks prior, it’s that escape is not feasible. Quinn settles for the next best thing instead: a lesser traveled area of the pit where she’d be free from the prying eyes of the Warden, the Masters and Mistresses, the Keepers and the other slaves.

When Quinn is positive that she’s alone and out of earshot, she slumps down against one of the stone walls, buries her face in her hands and begins to sob.

February 11, 2016

It’s hard to sit
And think about life
Because mine
Is simple and boring.
I’m invisible
And I think I always will be.
I’ll get a hello
Or a quick conversation.
But no one will know my name
No one will dream of me.
No one will want me.
I will have few friends
Because of trust issues.
No social life
Because of anxiety
No lover
Because of many things
Including inexperience
And anxiety
And any ugly parts of my body.

I don’t mean to be negative
Just realistic.
I can’t see myself
In love
Or socializing with
More than one person
Or in someone else’s mouth or mind.
But I guess
If I’ve made it 18 years
Living like this
Then I can live longer like this?
I’m not sure
But I’m overthinking anyways

Tomorrow I will be
The same me
That sits in the back
Of class
Drawing hearts in the margins
And cute boys’ names
In cursive.
The same me
That wants to badly
To be touched and loved
But gets anxious at the thought
Of trusting again.
The same me
I was the day before yesterday
And the same me I’ll be next week.
And I really hope
That ends up being ok

tfw you really want a mew but you live in the Netherlands so instead of just picking up a code you have to take your 3DS with you and actually download the thing in the store and you’re too chicken for that.