really enjoyed drawing these two btw

💖💖💖 Soooooo, these are my girls for Voltage’s contest 💖💖💖

I enjoyed SOOOOOO much drawing this, so probably, I’ll draw the other ladies of the samubabes (bc I love these guys more than to my last 3 boyfriends 😏).

~~~ I hope you enjoy it as much as I did drawing it 🤗~~~ 

btw, check the full resolution!

Pd: Sorry sorry, a few words more:
First: THANKS to all for liked and/or reblog my drawing. Means a lot to me. Really! :virtual hug for everybody:

2nd: The inspiration (?)
I read a lot about these guys (not only about the Voltage’s version but also about the real Kenshin & Shingen). So, I decided to make 2 strong women -these two can go with theirs man to battlefield and kick your ass, oh yeah!-

> Lady U seems super femenine and frail (and maybe she is) but can be pretty dangerous if you let her. She wears pastel colors like her man but in a sassy way, haha. She hides her weapon, of course, bc she doesn’t want Lady T to know everything.

So, tradicional style: pseudo kimono, obi, geta sandals and tabi socks. Her weapon is a Kusarigama (like Kotarou’s, lmao, maybe she’s his cousin or something-)

Lady T is strong-willed like Shingen. She will not let her man die, no sir. She wears warm colors and gold, of course. She’s older and taller than Lady U, and pretty forthright so she carries a Katana to cut Lady U into pieces if she dares to do anything suspicious against her clan. Besides, in her katana’s sheath she bears the kamon of her clan and her husband’s motto: FuRinKaZan (“Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain” > Quoted from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War: “As swift as wind, as silent as Forest, as fierce as fire, as unshakable as mountain”). Even Kurokumo loves her!!

And yes, obviously, she matches perfectly with Shingen because she wears a furry and horned headdress -but in a mohawk style - (and bc shes hot and sexy like him, so KABOOM! those two)

-sorry for my english!!! :Pola begs:-

The end  💕

To thedivinemissema, from rsek

She mentioned several things including her own fic (which I really enjoyed perusing, btw) that sounded really cute to draw and I had trouble deciding on one! But eventually something around F!Brosca x Zevran  - which I hadn’t even really thought about before but THANKS FOR THE NEW SHIP :D) clicked for me and I painted these two cuties. Happy belated holidays!

Oh, and thedivinemissema - if you want the hi-resolution version and/or some desktop or mobile wallpaper made from this, please let me know the details and I can get some to you!

anonymous asked:

Hi zephyo, sorry for bothering you but I was wondering how do you tackle learning? I've stopped drawing because I was overwhelmed while learning the fundamentals of art, but I want to start drawing again :) Btw I've been following your art for about two years now, they're really amazing so keep up the good work <3

omg nice anons are never a bother!

I try to make learning fun. Boring learning is ineffective! You want to be intrinsically motivated to learn - aka, you want to learn about color because you enjoy learning about color, not because you want to make a bombass portrait and your colors seem to suck <- you’re not learning about color for the sake of color.

So this is what I do nowadays: whatever I’m in the mood for - drawing beautiful nekkid ppl or seeing the nice dichotomy of cool greys against red - I do. I shut off all distractions - phone, games, that nice cheesecake ooh so tempting - and with the aid of good resources and motivating music, I draw for hours. And I enjoy it.

Here are some good resources

All of Andrew Loomis’s books (anatomy) (yes there are PDFs online.. if you can buy you probably should tho cuz they’re so good)

Perspective! for Comic Book Artists by David Chelsea (perspective)

Blender Guru’s “Understanding Color” and “Understanding Composition”

Linran’s tutorial (light and color)

Worqx (color)

bumskee’s art (omg I just like looking at it and there’s so much to learn about composition and color)

And never forget: art should be fun! 

PS. Sorry I blabbed so long XD Hope this helps.


i’m going on a ~~*spring break*~~ trip with my friends because we’re seniors this year so i won’t have daily kagehina updates this week lmao… so i tried really hard and drew a quick comic

i haven’t attempted straight up comic format since i was like, 13 lmao


meanpajamas  asked:

I'm not sure if you've been asked this before so sorry if this is a repeat! Is it alright to draw fanart/animatics of your fics? I REALLY enjoy your blue exorcist fic and i frequently reread it for inspiration! (congratulations on your graduation two months ago btw)

Oh gosh yes!! And let me know if or when you do, Id love to see it!! Sorry for the late reply, i havent been on tumblr in like a month D: thank you for asking!



@floralbasket’s eddsworld wing au~ (no really check it out guys okay)
well I found it accidentally and I just got in love with it so much- and well
sorry for all the mistakes I made because
1) I stared drawing it before the ref was posted
but I’m very proud of the results qwq enjoy~

anonymous asked:

Hi! Just found your blog, really like your art;) if you have time would you please draw Take Hirako? And who do you like to draw the most out of tg characters? Btw, good luck with your finals!

Here are two Takes for you, anon!

Ahh, I enjoy drawing all of the TG characters so I don’t think I can choose a favourite, although I have been doodling a lot of the TG ladies on my notes lately. 

And thank you! I’ll try my best! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑