really emotional because of miranda lawson

i suppose the reason i get so infuriated by people over sexualizing female characters like miranda lawson is because women like that are legitimate role models in my life.

yes miranda is absolutely gorgeous. but she is also arguably one of the smartest characters in the entire trilogy. she is clever and emotional. she is sensitive yet strong. she is self serving and ambitious yet protective and selfless. she is someone that i really look up to and she has helped to shape my own personality. seeing a woman in a position of such power, using that power in a way that is moral and intelligent, makes me feel unafraid to strive for my own success. 

to see parts of the mass effect fan base reduce her to nothing more than her appearance is unnerving. i just feel like its so disrespectful to take her character and warp her into something she isn’t just for the sake of a sexual fantasy. she deserves so much more.