really done well drawing


i got really carried away but I LOVE WINGS!!!! I love birbs and wings and i don’t know why i don’t make more characters with wings. 

Fanart of avian Keith and Shiro from @fishwrites’s Watercast fic! Outfits based on @marchingspace’s design with my own twist! I love designing fantasy outfits with functionality for weird anatomy i also love halter tops with a firey passion.

i’d like to take this moment to say that harpy eagles are my favorite species of eagle. o<-< They’re so cute and silly looking with their poofy crests but so badass. 


THEY’RE SO HAPPY SHE FINALLY DID IT!!!!! (well, most of them are lol)

based on keiiros​’s draw the squad post!


Star Plat looking at the pictures X3

You can thank @thedevilsdesciples and out buddy Ratpat for this.


Some gender bender thingy
I’m pretty sure male mc would be such a sneaky guy..
Starting with my favorite lady of MM ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
and tsundere Yoosung of course!

Plz look forward for the rest of the characters!
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big boy ready to crush caesar


“f-fuck off”

the personality for these is really fun to come up with, but actually drawing out the concept is always so difficult ^^;;

here’s what i have in mind for their personality:

  • stoic on the outside
  • A N x ie T yy on the inside
  • obsessed with outerspace & conspiracies (they’re out there)
  • glow in the dark stars
  • INHALES ANY WARM BEVERAGE (tea and coffee and apple cider)
  • L A Y E R S
  • body temp is v inconsistent
  • says mean things on accident
  • only has one snakebite bc they’re too scared to get the other one
  • is a huge mess, but obsessed with cleaning???
  • their floor is covered in clean laundry
  • weakness for small animals (birds&guinea pigs)
  • will flip u off while stuttering
  • s k i n n yy
  • super dark under eye circles
  • chews on hat strings
  • c-can’t tie my shoes, but i can f-fuck your bitch
  • meditates (loves peace and quiet)
  • can and will kick ur ass

> [ K2 Fusion ] <

So I have a surprise artists alley event coming up on Saturday. Which means I need to get some new prints done ASAP. I have yet to play Persona 5 but the music is rad and yeah I’m making a print. I’m really glad at how well it’s coming along and I can’t wait to get it finished.

It’s almost the end of Alyanette April and I hadn’t done anything??? Anyway they’re married now

thebestsardonyx  asked:

Not a request: What ship with Jasper do you like the most??

HMMM… probably pearl. looking at old sketchbooks aaaaall my very VERY old jasper art is with pearl lol

i think it also kinda depends on my mood? i really like her with garnet, amethyst, and peridot also, but they just have different dynamics i guess. like…. hmmm i think i ship her with pearl the most seriously, if that makes sense. i feel like theyve got really rapturous, deep, important feelings for each other while she and garnet might just like be good pals and sometimes have fun together!

my art to accompany @kenzichi‘s fic, 1 Year Reunion, for @kh-worldsconnected!! 

[and a summary of the fic - Vanitas is fed up with being away from Ventus so he sneaks away to see him. EDIT: fic is here!! <3 it’s great and i am wrecked please go check it out,]