really does something for a child's imagination

Wishing the entire Harry Potter world was real...

Do you ever just watch HP, or read something about it, or even hear something about it and then you just go into a sort of stage of depression because you love it so much but know that you can never go into the world or meet all of these people. So then your just really sad for a while. I mean I do this… does anyone else?😂

The Destructive Duo

Can you do one where the reader is Bruce’s biological child (and a vigilante with batman), and she and Jason fall in love? Could be a one-shot, could be a series, idk I just really wanna see something like this done! Even if it would be a bit weird

Maybe it’ll beomce a series… Who knows?

Jason Todd x Reader

A small thud echoed in the cave as Jason flipped in his new suit, “How does it feel to be the new Boy Wonder?” You joked as he ran up to you and Bruce, “This is the best day of my life!” Jason replied happily as he posed in his suit.

“Let’s go fight some bad guys!” He hopped into the batmobile, Bruce rolled his eyes but you just grinned and followed Jason.

You had followed your father’s foot steps into the vigilante lifestyle, once Barbara and Dick went off to do there own thing you had finally been passed the mantle of the one and only Batgirl. It was you and Bruce fighting side by side until one day a raven haired boy had tried to steal the batmobile’s wheels. Which was a hilarious story Bruce had explained to you and Alfred. Jason was a bit cold when he first met you but later warmed up to after he found out you were the Batgirl, Jason was a determined kid. He was skilled, smart, and strong. He was also a fast learner, so in a few months he was finally able to dawn the Robin mantle.

You and Jason had grown close over time, you both had become each other’s best friends, you both didn’t interact much with others easily and since you were around the same age you guys got along quite well. You had grown fond over him and if you were being honest you had developed a small crush on him, you liked to blame that on your raging hormones. Nonetheless, you and him had become what Bruce called, the Destructive Duo, since you guys always seemed to run off together.

“On your left.” You said as you landed a swift punch to a thug’s ribs, you rolled aside and kicked another one, Jason punched the one coming for him, ending the pathetic attempt of an attack.

“Not too shabby.” You looked down at Jason, despite him being a year older than you he was still shorter than you. Which you made sure to tease him about any chance you got.

Just at Jason was about to reply with a witty comeback sirens went off outside the bank, you both grappled out the windows onto the roof, the wind blowing your hair behind you gently.

“Want to race Brat Girl?” Jason grinned as you both overlooked the skyscrapers rooftops, “It’s on Boy Blunder.” You answered shooting off before he could say start.

“Cheater!” He called out from behind you as you ran to the next building.

“Jason stop being dramatic, it’s just a dumb gift.” You collapsed on his bed comfortably, “I don’t want anything anyway.”

“It’s your birthday I have to get you something.” Jason argued, it had been a year since you had met Jason. He finally gotten a growth spurt, only a bit, he was your height now. Which you were not happy about at all.

Over the one year your small crush for Jason had blossomed into something more. It was hard to explain but you knew it was more that just ‘liking’ stage. It was way beyond that, every small action he did made your heart flutter, to his unruly morning hair to his mocking smirk.

“Whatever you get me I’m sure I’ll like it.” You said, Jason lied down next to you on his huge bed. You both looked up the ceiling, you closed your eyes enjoying the silence and close presence of Jason. Just as you were about to ask Jason a question when he intertwined his fingers with yours. A red blush bloomed on your cheeks while Jason’s heart fluttered when you gave his hand a small squeeze.

Log Ilvermorny

Okay, I know the official Ilvermorny description says it’s granite. I know this, I am aware of the fact.

But I think maybe this is a flaw in storytelling and worldbuilding. While, yes, they’re freaking wizards and they can do what they want, I still feel like Ilvermorny should reflect the upbringing and the culture of the people who founded it. And that culture was one of little shacks, skin tents, and log cabins.

So while I know that the official version of Ilvermorny does indeed look something more like what @asheathes​ posted (which, btw, is freaking gorgeous, thank you for your artistry) here, I kind of really want an Ilvermorny that looks more like… this?

Or maybe a bigger version of one of these:

(that last one is my fave)

And can you imagine the interiors?


Entrances: (ignore the muggles no-maj’s)

Common rooms:

Dear, good old JK. I love you, I love Fantastic Beasts and the Cursed Child and… basically everything. But granite castles really aren’t an American thing, and I really think you missed a fantastic chance to make Ilvermorny an enormous magical log cabin with walls that can literally be grown to accommodate new students, and beautiful rustic decor and natural stone floors and big roaring fireplaces that aren’t dank and damp but warm and bright… Not only would this be fantastic and different, but it would really better reflect American history and culture.

I just really want a log-cabin Ilvermorny.

imagine dan and phil as new parents. dan being more paranoid than he ever has before, being the type of dad to make sure every sharp corner has a rubber cover over it and every outlet is locked and waiting beside the baby’s crib for hours after it’s fallen asleep because he’s so scared of something happening to it. bundling up the child extra when it’s cold and panicking when anyone does something that’s not “by the book“. and then you have phil, completely carefree and laid back and the best; always sneaking their baby extra treats (despite dan’s stern dietary standards for the kid) and taking them to the park to enjoy nice weather and going on walks and chilling on the couch with them and not really worrying, just learning as he goes. imagine their kid getting older and seeming to always favor phil more, and then one day dan breaks down because he feels like he’s not a good dad to their child, and he’s crying into phil’s arms, and then their kid comes into the room and hugs dan and just whispers “you’re the best daddy in the whole wide world” and just !!!

Does anyone wanna do me a favor and write an AU fic where Erin is police and Jay isn’t? I know there are some where Jay is police and Erin works in like Child Services or where they’re both teachers, etc. but I’d really love to see one with only Erin being in Intelligence. Imagine Jay (as like a teacher or something) being in a constant state of worry for her but also really proud because his girl is a total badass and can 1000% handle herself. Fandom writers please please please

This graphic was inspired by greyjoysstags on this post, which state how Abigail chose Hannibal in life, but ultimately chose Will in death: (x)
“The figment of [Will’s] imagination that is Abigail was something I didn’t want to answer because part of me really wanted Abigail to be there in earnest. And so when the priest turned and made eye contact with her, and she averts her eyes and he does the same, that was a very intentional move to say there is a presence with Will.“ — Bryan Fuller.

#at least she’s with him spiritually and not just in his imagination   #she’s with HIM not hannibal   #and that’s beautiful    

^^As much as I’ve thought about Abigail on a daily basis, I’d honestly never thought of 3x2 in this way. But to be frank, it makes a lot of sense. In life, Abigail’s top priority was survival and keeping herself safe and out of prison. Naturally, Hannibal Lecter, the man who was well-respected by the community, seemed like a much more viable choice than Will, who was deemed unstable and potentially dangerous. But in death, her survival was no longer on the table, so Abigail chose whom to side with by purely spiritual means. 

Dark Side of the Moon

Let me ask you a question.

Have you ever heard of the man on the moon? I don’t mean an astronaut either. Everyone should have at least some idea of what I’m talking about. Whatever your conception is, let me ask what your feelings are about it.

Does it bring back memories?

Perhaps you remember that time when you were little and you stared up at the moon’s surface for hours trying to see a face. You were caught up in the rapture that is a child’s imagination and couldn’t help, even at that age, from being a little awestruck. How did it get up there? Are there more? Does someone really live there?

If this was anywhere near your reaction then congratulations, you had a good childhood. If on the other hand, you remember something far less idyllic and much more sinister…You’re probably aware of what I’m going to say.

Oh, congratulations yourself for still being alive though.

I remember my experience with the man on the moon. Some parts are missing though, for which I’m actually a little glad. Up until recently I had forgotten all about him. My parents did a good job of convincing me that he wasn’t real when I was a kid.

He just showed up one night. I was 5 years old sleeping in my racecar bed when I was woken by a sound. I was groggy because of the hour but I still looked around trying to pin point the source.

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               It was shortly after I departed from Belle and set my sights on a fandom that was not well known that Yonah became my muse. Little did I know that I would be writing this little gem of a girl for an entire year and that she would become so much more important to me than she was before. Since then, Yonah has become my child sent from the heavens, the little light of my life that brings me so much joy in ways that you can’t imagine. No other muse speaks to me more than she does and that’s really saying something. She unlocked a happier part of myself that I thought I had lost a long time ago.

               And now let me just stop myself right there before I get too sentimental. XD This is just a little post thanking all those who have stuck with me for an entire year, plus those that are new to my blog and hope to write with in the future! This blog has been through a lot of ups and downs, and it makes me so proud that there are people here that still care for my muse no matter what. I couldn’t be more happier to have such a lovely group of friends. <3 Now to list all those that I love dearly!

     Titenic Squad      the friends I consider family

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               If you weren’t listed in the above, please don’t fret! I truly do care for all of you, new or old, forgotten or remembered. Every single one of you hold a very special place in both my heart and Yonah’s and we couldn’t be more thankful to have so many people at our side through thick and thin.

                                               THANK YOU.