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Can you do #72 and #87 for Montgomery De La Cruz ?

Here it is! Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I started my internship last week, which takes up a lot of my time, and I have other personal stuff going on, then I got sick, so things have been crazy lately. But I’m going to try to get back on track with getting these drabbles posted. Thank you bbs for being so patient with me <3

72. Are you really taking his side right now?

87. You gave me a black eye.

Are you really taking his side right now?” Clay looks at his sister incredulously, his mouth almost gaping open.

She’s standing in the school’s courtyard between her brother and Monty while Tyler wipes blood from his nose. The fight happened before she walked by, but from the looks of the aftermath she can guess what started it and how it ended.

“I’m not the one in the wrong here!” Monty yells, throwing his hands up in agitation.

You gave me a black eye!” Tyler yells back. His right eye is in fact bruising and swelling in a grotesque way. Monty really did a number on him.

“Well maybe you shouldn’t be taking pictures of people without their consent” she snaps at Tyler, her eyes narrowing.

The other night she had left her window open while she was changing. She almost always remembers to shut the blinds, but for some reason it had slipped her mind. Unlucky for her, a certain someone with a camera happened to be lurking outside at just that moment. Unlucky for Tyler, a certain low-key hookup happened to notice him leaving the premises. Judging by the situation at hand, Tyler must have gotten some pretty good (or bad, depending on how you fit into this scenario) shots like she and Monty and suspected.

“You were taking pictures of my sister?!” Clay interjects, turning his attention towards Tyler now. He didn’t know Tyler had been creeping outside of his house. He also didn’t know that his sister was sleeping with Montgomery De La Cruz, resident douchebag.

“Why is Montgomery even involved?” Tyler directs the attention back towards Monty, looking at him oddly.

“Yeah, why do you care?” Clay asks, his face confused. As far as he knew this literally had nothing to do with Monty.

“Hi, hey, hello, why don’t we focus on the real issue here,” she waves her hands to attract their attention towards her and away from Monty, “Tyler, give me the memory card, and if you ever try taking pictures of me again I’ll kick your ass myself.”

She outstretches her hand for Tyler to drop the card into, which he does before quickly gathering his belongings and taking off. She meant what she said and Tyler knew it. She was most definitely capable of kicking someone’s ass, and in that way she was a lot different than her younger brother. She’s smart like Clay and kind, but she’s also aggressive and impulsive. In that way she can relate to Monty.

“So, I’m just wondering, but when did you become my sister’s keeper?” Clay arches an eyebrow at Monty, his arms crossing over his chest. He didn’t know they were ‘friends’, or that they had even ever spoken to each other for that matter.

“Hes’ not,” she snaps before Monty gets a chance to open his mouth, “I’ll see you at home, Clay.”

She walks away from them, hoping that that’s the end of it. The last two things she needs are pictures of her in her underwear circulating around the school and her brother finding about her and Monty. It was sweet of Monty to defend her, if that what’s you want to call it, but it attracted attention, and she didn’t want that. Nobody could know.

“What, not even a ‘thank you’ for saving your ass?” Monty grabs her arm lightly, stopping her from walking any further.

“Thanks for wrecking Tyler’s face? Thanks for almost blowing our cover? I’m sure Clay is gonna have a lot of questions when I see him at home later,” she yanks her arm back.

“I  had to do something. You know what would happen if those got out. People would have a lot to say about it,” Monty looks at her with wide eyes, his mouth set in a hard line. He thought she would be at least relieved that the pictures had gotten out. He also doesn’t like the idea of anyone else seeing her like that. He likes having something that no one else can have. Something for his eyes only.

“Yeah, people like you. Had it been anyone but me you would’ve been making crude comments the moment you saw them. Why don’t you think about that,” she shakes her head, leaving him to ruminate with her parting words.

He watches her walk away, the heat of frustration blossoming in his chest. He wants to hit something, but there’s nothing suitable within reach. She’s right, and he hates it. He’d be one of the first to jump all over pictures like that and make many crass jokes. It’s not a surprise she wants to keep him a secret. He’s got a long way to go before anyone would have the nerve to pair their name with his.


Meeting Iain and Elizabeth - My Weekend at C2E2

I don’t really know how to start this because this weekend was such an experience, and I had to the most wonderful time. I know a lot of you have been asking about my time there, so here’s a full rundown of my weekend. Most is under the cut because IT’S A LOT.

I’ll start with what you really want to hear. As most of you already know, Iain and Elizabeth were both the kindest human beings on the planet. Iain was just so nice and thoughtful, and he genuinely enjoyed meeting everyone at the con. You could just tell he was having a lovely time, which made the whole experience even better. And of course, Elizabeth was a complete angel, running a guy down to return his pen, and was completely sweet throughout the whole weekend.

Now, onto my Saturday experience!

First off, I have to thank @eclecticmuses​ for letting me follow her around like a lost puppy all day Saturday. Honestly, I had no idea where to go, so thank you for being so kind and leading the way. You were a lifesaver, and so much fun to hang with all day!

After meeting up with some of her cosplay friends, we went directly to Iain’s autograph line. We were about 15th? in line, so we didn’t have to wait that long, but let me tell you. Once Iain came out and sat down, the f-bombs were flying amongst our group bc we were losing our shit. After about a minute of everyone having a little excited panic, we calmed ourselves (as much as possible) and waited for our autographs.

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Face Revelation - H2O Delirious

Quick few notes:
1) All the one shots I’ve written so far are in the same alternate universe of gay superpowered teenagers.
2)Gamer tags and real names are used interchangeably. Last names are not mentioned nor is the location of the school other than it’s in America
3) All these one-shots can be found on either Wattpad or AO3 in one story. The title is Hiding for Myself and the username is nevergiveupgirl (Add 924 on the end for Wattpad).
4) I’m willing to take requests if you want me to write more, but I don’t do smut. I’m a teenager, and have no experience in that area.
5) Enjoy!


Jonathan was staring at Evan again. It happened more often than he would like to admit, but he just couldn’t seem to take his eyes off him whenever he was in the hallway. Maybe it was his slick black hair or his brown eyes, but Jonathan always found himself looking Evan’s way as he walked by. It wasn’t like Evan was going to see him, though. They hung out with different people and liked different things and were of different rankings in the metaphorical high school caste system. Even if you could forget all though things, Jonathan’s power of invisibility combined with his introvertedness made it easy for him to hide his gaze.

He watched Evan walk through the hallway talking with one of his friends before the two turned the corner and disappear from his line of sight. He strained his neck to see if he could find them, and it was then he felt the jolt of electricity on his right side.

“Bryce, what the hell?!” Jonathan exclaimed as he became visible again. He looked to his right, and saw Bryce laughing. “Really?!”

“Hey, don’t blame me! It was CaRtOoNz’s idea!” said Bryce, pointing over Delirious’ shoulder. He turned around, and was meet with Luke’s smug face.

“It not like you’re going to fucking listen to me anymore.” was his only comment. “Especially about your Evan problem.”

“It’s not a problem, CaRtOoNz!” Jonathan shot back.

“Oh, right. Your ‘crush’ on Evan hasn’t become a problem.”

“No, it’s not. And it’s not a fucking crush.” Luke rolled his eyes at this statement.

“Can’t you at least talk to him?” Bryce suggested as the trio started walking toward class.

“Can’t.” Delirious replied.

“Won’t.” CaRtOoNz rebutted. “He doesn’t have the balls.”

“Hey! I .. I have balls.”

“Not when it comes to Evan.” This earned another snicker from Bryce. Jonathan didn’t say anything, mainly as he was too busy being invisible. Evan, alone this time, walked past them, and Jonathan felt his cheeks grow rosy. Bryce and Luke simply looked at each other as Evan left.

“You sure you have balls, Delirious?” A voice asked from the shadows.

“Fuck you, Ohm.” Jonathan said, before turning back to CaRtOoNz. “Alright. Let’s say I did have a crush on Evan …”

“Which you do.” Bryce interrupted.

“IF I did, then you know I still couldn’t talk to him. Only people I’m comfortable around are you guys, Mini, and Vanoss.” Delirious glanced at his friends, trying to gauge their reactions. Luke still had his usual straight face, while Ohm was too much disguised by shadows to read him. Bryce, however, was easy to read. He was looking at Ohm with his checks slightly puffed and hands in his pockets. He also was avoiding eye contact with Delirious. “Bryce.”

“What, Delirious?”

“Do you know something I don’t?” Bryce again looked at Ohm, as if he needed permission to say it. Ohm was the one who actually said.

“Delirious, Evan is Vanoss.”

“Oh.” The other boys left out a few laughs, which only let the redness in Jonathan’s cheeks become more apparent. Suddenly the hallway became more claustrophobic, despite not ever having the fear. He needed space to process the thoughts swimming in his head. He excused himself and walked quickly away, focusing on one thought of many swimming in his head.

What did this mean?


He was so lost in his thoughts that Jon almost didn’t hear the tapping at the window. He assumed it was just his fingers tapping against the metal chair he was situated in in Mini’s office, but after 30 seconds it became annoying. He stopped, but the noise didn’t. The noise, he soon realized, was coming from a little red bird at the window. Jon could clearly see it was injured on his left leg.

“Hey little guy.” He said as he opened the window. The bird quickly took its chance and flew past him and into the bathroom door. He hesitated, simply staring at the ajar window before turning and heading to the bathroom to usher the bird out.

“Agh.” The sound came from the bathroom, one which made Delirious freeze. It was human, but he was the only person in Mini’s office. The only reason the bird was able to fly into the window was because he left the door when he went. And there was only one person who he know had the power to change into animals. He didn’t want to go in, so he stuck to leaning against the side next to the door.

“You know,” He started. “I don’t think turning into a bird helped your leg.”

“It was faster than walking.” Evan shot back. “Where’s Craig?” It took Jonathan a second to remember Craig was Mini’s real name. He only really called him Mini.

“I think he said he went to go diffuse Tyler and Marcel.” Jon heard Evan curse under his breath. “I’m not sure. I only caught him on his way out.”

“No, that’s probably where he is. Knowing him.” Evan groaned again at his leg. “Why are you waiting for Craig?”

“Burns. Not the worst though, it’s only about 2nd degree this time.” He lifted his shirt, despite the fact Evan couldn’t see him.

“How’d you get them?”

“Battleship.” Delirious replied. “It was all fun in games until the fire nation attacked.” He chuckled a little, and he heard Evan do the same. “It was my friend Luke though. He has pyrokinesis, or can fire bend, so whenever we play a game that’s even slightly rage inducing he often lashes out on the nearest person.”

“Yeah, that sounds like my friend Marcel.” Evan comments.

“Is that how you got the broken leg?”

“Yeah. My friend Tyler has somewhat of an innate talent for pissing people off. David has it too, but it only works on Marcel.” Evan sighs. “He has the shortest temper out of all of us, so it’s best to stay fifty feet away from him when he turns into a big rage monster.”

“I’ll make sure not to piss him off, then.” Jon says, and both boys laughed. The two stayed where they were for a while. Jon talked to Evan in the bathroom, never moving from his position outside the single door. It felt like he was Delirious again, simply at home talking to Vanoss behind his computer screen. It seemed like half an hour before Evan brought the conversation back to their current situation.

“I wish Craig would get back here soon.” He said. “My leg hurts like a bitch.”

“Don’t you have his number? Seeing as you two are friends?”

“It’s not on me. I must have dropped it when Marcel turned Hulk.” He was silently for a moment. Jon assumed it was hesitation. “Can I borrow yours?”

Jon hesitated too. This was the guy that, damnit, he had a crush on. He could fuck the entire thing up. Granted, he didn’t fuck it up before now, but he was certain he would fuck it up now. He took a deep breath. It was just Vanoss. One of his best friends. Just Vanoss.

“Sure man.” He used his closer hand to push the door open enough to squeeze through. Evan was on the floor, using his elbows to prop his chest up. His legs were spread out in front of him and, like the bird, it wasn’t hard to tell which leg was broken. His left leg was bent at an unusual angle, which Jon tried his best to avoid looking at. “That’s so unnatural, man.” He commented.

“Can I just have the phone?”

“Oh right, sorry.” He chuckled a little as he passed the phone to Evan. “His number is under M.”

“For Medic?”

“For Mini Ladd.”

“Like … his gamer tag?” Jonathan nodded. “I didn’t know you played.”

“Don’t tell many people I do. I’m somewhat of an introvert.”

“I’m Evan, by the way. I don’t think we had a proper introduction. My gamer tag is Vanoss.” Evan extended his hand as far as he could in his position, which wasn’t very. Jon still had to kneel down to accept it. “And you are?”

“Just call me Delirious.”

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Hey star! I'm not sure if this is considered a prompt or a headcanon thingy, if so feel free to delete it. Not trying to add on to your list of work and get everyone in trouble by accidentally submitting a request. But I was wondering what your own personal opinion is on the age of every organization member. I mean, we clearly know they're all adults. But based on their looks and attitudes, what age do you think each member is?

‘Sup Anon! Nah, this is ok. Personal asks directed towards me are fine lmao. Hmmm good question! I remember many years ago seeing a post on a forum somewhere about their ages, someone compiling a list of their own thoughts on their ages. We know more about them now than we did back in 2005-2007 so….let’s see:

Xemnas: between 25 - 35. With the whole Terra/Xehanort combo it’s hard to pinpoint his exact age….? It’s somewhere between the two is my guess. Maybe more in his 30s now.

Xigbar: between 35 - 45. He’s definetly not any older, despite people’s initial guesses over the years. Again, I personally feel like he’s somewhere between the two. 

Xaldin: between 30- 40. He’s a bit of a tough one. I don’t quite think he’s as old as Xigbar but he’s not that young either. Being broad and tall, it makes him seem older I think.

Vexen: between 40 - 50. There’s no denying that Vexen looks old. With how he acts in regards to authority, it’s quite possible he’s the oldest one out of them all. I’m leaning towards him being somewhere directly in the middle.

Lexaeus: between 30 - 45. Actually, I think Lexaeus is older than Xaldin. Not by much though…maybe by a couple of years at least? It’s hard to say really, he’s the tallest and broadest member out of all of them. He seems wise too.

Zexion: between 18-21. Ok he’s probably a little bit easier to pin point seeing as he’s just a kid when he lost his heart. Personally I think he’s more 19-20 years old but the way he acts makes him seem that little bit older. Ienzo himself looked only about 8 to 10 years old in BbS anyway.

Saix: between 24 - 30. Since Isa looked like a teenager in BbS, I don’t think Saix is that old. But having Xehanort influencing him might be the reason he looks a little older. The X over his face doesn’t help either.

Axel: between 24 - 30. Personally, compared to Saix, he still has a much ‘younger’ looking face. I think him and Saix are about the same age, but like above, he doesn’t have that influence over him.

Demyx: between 20-26. He’s a little hard to narrow down exactly. Personally, I think he might be older than Zexion but just a little younger than Axel. Maybe? His attitude makes it seem like he’s younger though. He seems more of a 'novice’ compared to some.

Luxord: between 30 - 35. Honestly, I don’t think he’s any older. Appearance wise he seems to fit the mark; not too young but not too old either.

Marluxia: between 24 - 30. I actually think he’s somewhere in the age range matching Axel and Saix, give or take a few years possibly.

Larxene: between 21 - 30. She’s a bit of a tough one. Despite being quite short, I don’t think she’s that young. Her personality just seems too mature, especially if you take into account that she was reading Marquis De Sade in the CoM manga.

Roxas is pretty easy to decipher, and Xion is a replica so doesn’t count that much. All in all, I can only really fit them in an age range I think suits them best. You gotta take into account the 9-10 year difference for the founding members and then whatever-years the other members have been serving in the Org. It doesn’t help though that it’s stated one minute that 'Nobodies don’t age’ then the next minute we get thrown the Ienzo/Zexion curveball with no real explanation. It doesn’t make sense. Oh well, It’s hard to pin point exact ages since people can look younger than what they are. I mean, I’m in my middle 20s and yet people think I’m 18. I get stopped for an ID all the time. I was even refused when I tried to buy a lottery ticket once because I didn’t look old enough.

The art styles can also throw you off a little too I guess. But that’s life! Anyway these are just my personal opinions! Don’t take them literally .___. Feel free to share your own thoughts and opinions.

~Mod Star

The White Princess Live Blog - Ep. 4

Here is my live blog of Episode 4 of TWP for all y'all.  This was a decent episode, I thought.  4.5 pages of snarky notes here, and not proof-read at all.  

Previously on whatever the hell it is we’re doing here…

Joanne Whalley is in this one - great more Burgundy plot-line. Woo freaking hoo.

Margaret of Burgundy isn’t taking this so well - she looks…. dead?  Is that what they were going for?  Does she just have the one dress?  Duchess Cecily can barely walk but she was sitting on the floor with the children?  Right…

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The Mystery of Brian - Moo Snuckel

So, a lot of you guys liked the first one I posted. I’m actually surprised, honestly. But anyways, here’s another one for you guys. I was going to wait longer, but then I thought, why not?

Heads up though, there is mention of attempted suicide, so if you’re uncomfortable with that topic please don’t read.


Brian seemed off. He was always off for Brock, though. His power of empathy has allows him to read people’s emotions, and he was just never able to read Brian. Sure, social cues and facial ticks gave it away most of the time, but he wasn’t able to just tell. He was able to tell how excited Evan was the second walked in the room the day Brock was told that Evan had met Delirious. He could know how upset Lui felt when they brushed past each other in the hallway the day after David left for Ireland. He felt Tyler’s frustration over not being able to spend more time with Craig course through him whenever they were in proximity.

Yet he could never read Brian.

It could help if he could read Brian, now of all days. The Irishman seemed isolated from them, never saying more than a comment here or there. He wasn’t playing games as often as he used to, and wasn’t as energetic offline either. It was like he was trying to distance himself from everyone around him.

“Yeah, I noticed.” Tyler said one day when Brock brought it up at lunch. “It’s probably just life getting him down. He’ll be out of it in no time.”

“Yeah, but I just wish knew what kind of sadness it was.” Brock complained.

“Alright Mom, take it easy.” Smitty commented. Brock was often viewed as the “Motherly Figure” to his friends, and was such a popular nickname that even several of his teachers would accidentally say it when he was being overly sympathetic.

“Hold on. Back up.” Craig interrupted. “There are different kinds of sadness?”

“Yeah.” Brock explained. “Depression is different than loss which is different than heartbreak or guilt. Regret and pain and disappointment are two different things and so are all the others. They just feel … different.”

“Wow.” Lui commented, although it came out all distorted with his mouth full of cheeseburger. “That’s amazing.”

“It is. If only I could read Brian.” Brock muttered.

“Why can’t you read him?” Smitty asked.

“If I knew, than I probably wouldn’t be complaining.” Brock half yelled. “Can we please just change the subject?”

“Fine. But you’re the one who brought it up.” Tyler said. “Hey, how long do you think it is before Evan and Jon come out of the closet together?”

“You really think Evan of all people is coming out of the closet?” Lui questioned.

“Definitely.” Craig answered. “And I’m betting a month, max. We putting money on this?”

“I wouldn’t.” Brock interrupted. “Evan might as well kill us. I’m saying in … six weeks they’ll be out.”

“I’ll get back to you on my bet.” Smitty commented.

“You are not going ask John about it.” Craig deadpanned.

“Damnit.” The boys laughed, and the conversation continued on. Brock talked on with his friends, but his mind was only half in the conversation. His main focus was still Brian.


“Hey Brian, wait up!” Brock called out to his friend one Friday afternoon. Brian was walking home alone like he usually did, and none of his friends had a problem with it. Just, his friend being down had dominated all of Brock’s thoughts this past week and he just needed to know. He cared about Brian and not knowing someone’s emotions was something Brock was not comfortable with.

“Oh hey, Brock.” Brian said. After that he looked down and avoided his friend’s gaze.

“Are you okay?” Brock blurted out, almost instantly regretting it. But since it was out, he might as well keep going. “You’ve been out of it all week.”

“Must be easy to tell with your Power of Feels.”

“No, it’s not. With other people, yes. But my power never seems to work on you.” At this statement, Brian froze. Brock, concerned, put his hand on his friend’s shoulder. It was cold. Practically freezing. “Why are you so cold, Brian?” Brock whispered, only removing his hand when Brian brushed it away. The latter glanced around quickly, frantically almost, before responding to his friend.

“I’ll explain. Just not here. Somewhere a little more private. Follow me.” Brian turned to his right and hopped over the fence close to the hobo trails, as people commonly referred to the paths in the woods behind the school. Brock hesitated following him. “C'mon Brock. Can’t hop the fence?”

“I could. Or I could just walk through this gate.” Brock then opened and walked the gate Brian had just hopped.

“Always me.” Brian complained as Brock laughed. “It’s always fucking me that misses the obvious shit like this!”

The two stayed silent for the short time it took them to get to Graffiti Rock. The name was self explanatory—it was a rock covered in graffiti. Brian sat down on the rock and motioned for Brock to sit next to him. Brock declined.

“Okay.” Brian took a deep breath before starting. “The reason I’ve been so down is because my dad passed away.” Brock wanted to say something but Brian cut him off. “And don’t say something like ‘Oh, I’m sorry for your loss’ or some other bullshit like that. I’ve heard it a thousand times over from family already. But my dad was one of the few people who knew the truth.

“When I entered middle school, I was suicidal. In 7th grade, I decided to end my life by … by overdosing on opioids. When I was in the hospital, these government agents found me. To this day, I still don’t know they did. But they did, and they asked me to become a part of a government experiment. One that could cure my … violent tendencies.”

Brian then took off the jacket he always wore, revealing a white muscle tank underneath. He grabbed the area around his wrist with two fingers and pulled up. Brock gasped at the wires and metal underneath Brian’s skin. “I’m a cyborg, Brock. Not human, but not a robot either.”

“So when you said your power was super strength …”

“It was.” Brian rushed in. “I wasn’t lying when I said that. And I think it still is. I don’t … I just.” Brock finally took the invitation to sit, wrapping his arms around his friend.

“Who else knows?” He asked.

“Only a few. My family, my therapist, and this one guy at my old school. I didn’t want to tell him, but his power is persuasion and he’s really good at using it when he wants to.” Brock nodded, only saying one thing more before settling into a comforting silence.

“Thank you for trusting me.”

I Swear We're Not Gay

So I’ve kind of been on a Mininoss kick and hey what do you know, there aren’t many fics on this! :D Slight daithi de calibre, and some homophobia and harsh words!


They swear they weren’t gay.

That was until they heard a couple of homophobes behind them in line to a ride at the carnival, talk shit about their friends. Their very happy, and gay friends that weren’t really all that affectionate in public. Daithi and Lui really only held hands and occasionally Daithi would place a kiss on Lui’s head.

“Aw look mom! Those guys are holding hands, omg they’re so cute together.” A teenage girl had said behind two older guys that were behind Craig and Evan.

Craig aww’d and nudged the Irish half of the couple. He spoke enthusiastically, as Evan just smiled whilst going through his twitter.

“You see guys, you’re already that girl’s otp. Aren’t you two just the cutest!” Craig was going to add more but a disgusted snort interrupted him. He felt Evan tense beside him, if that snort was because of what they thought it was for, then Evan was going to have some not so peaceful and kind words or actions.

“These fucking pillow biting fags, I don’t see why they need to advertise that they’re fucking cock suckers. It’s so fucking pathetic, bet you it’s because they couldn’t get any girls to suck their dick.“ Some asshole in sunglasses said to his pal behind Evan.

Lui and Nogla rolled thier eyes and held onto each other’s hands even tighter. They didn’t let assholes bother them anymore, they were happy together and that was all that mattered. Evan however, felt a feral anger in his chest at the words. He put his phone in his pocket and bit the inside of his cheek, if that asshole said anything else about his friends there’ll be hell to pay.

Craig was also stewing in his own rage, but unlike Evan, Mini was more of a passive agressive guy. He was ready to do something absolutely stupid and reckless to shut these fuckers up. He noticed that Evan was about ready to get into the other’s face.

Evan was turning face twisted in rage almost spitting in the guys face, “Listen buddy, just because your brain is probably even smaller than your microscopic dick, doesn’t mean you need spout your homophobic bullshit and contaminate the air we breath with your stupidity!“

Nogla and Lui turned around once they heard thier usually ‘cool as a cucumber’ friend. They tried to get him to back off but Evan wasn’t having it. The guys had started pushing Evan, which was funny to see because the two douche bags were taller but lanky while Evan was, albeit shorter, but more muscular so their pushing didn’t have too much effect.

Mini didn’t want Evan to get into a brawl so he tugged on his arm, only to get shrugged off. “Hold on Mini, these pricks are still running their mouths.”

Craig huffed and decided to just go for it. Concequences be damned, he propelled himself forward and grabbed at Evan’s cheeks. Once he latched onto his befuddled friend, he pressed his lips to Evan’s. He miscalculated the amount of force needed so their teeth clinked against each other, despite this mishap, he kept his face against Evan’s.

Craig kept his hands on Evan’s cheeks, now moving his lips against the strong but suprisingly soft lips that were previously defending thier friends’ honor. Craig had closed his eyes as soon as he jumped onto his friend, so he wasn’t really aware of what was happening now. All he new that kissing Evan was possibly the best thing he’s ever done. Evan’s arms had caught Craig and were now holding the British man up, his legs wrapped around the Canadian’s waist.

“Holy shit dude, that escalated quickly. Look at them Lui, they’re practically having sex! Avert your poor innocent eyes!” Nogla snickered as the two assholes practically ran away from the two losers sucking face. The teenage girl was having a field day, she was smiling so hard. Lui elbowed his side, “Shut the fuck up Nogla, your gonna ruin the moment!”

Craig pulled away from the tantalizing, swollen red lips to catch his breath, he was flushed as well as breathless. He risked a glace at Evan, who was just as breathless, and while Craig had been expecting a disgusted, possibly angered look on his friend’s face, he found a pleased smile and a heated gaze. He rested his forhead on Evan’s, maintaining eye contact. Craig felt his stomach drop, a deep longing taking its place.

They spent what seemed to be an eternity like that, looking into each other’s eyes and breathing heavily, until Evan remembered where they were and almost dropped Mini in his haste to set space in between them. He coughed awkwardly in between bashful apologies and longing side glances towards Craig. Completely forgetting that Craig was the one that instigated the impromptu make out session.

He would have felt utterly rejected if not for the still heated look and mussed hair Evan was sporting from when Craig’s hands ran through it. Evan clearly enjoyed the kiss as much as he did, so Craig marched up to the Candian and without a word took Evan’s hand into his own and just held it.

Evan let out a breath of relief, and squeezed his hand, he leaned towards Craig’s ear and whispered, “Maybe we could continue that back at my place after dinner and a movie?”

All Mini could do was smile radiantly and peck his cheek. They continued thier day at the carnival with Daithi and Lui.

Okay, so maybe they were a little gay.

The bbs trick or treating

Moo: Hey guys, you know what I just realized about October? Its almost Oct-over hA


Wildcat: Did this bitch ass house really just give me a bag of carrots? *starts pulling out eggs from his bag*

Basicallyidowrk: Wait today’s Halloween??? ShiT I DONT HAVE A COSTUME

daithidenogla: *dresses as a anime character with pink hair* Don’t be jealous ye don’t have better costumes then me

Lui: *brings 3 different costumes to change into. Goes to the same houses 3 times in a row for extra candy*

Terroriser: *Dresses up as Arnold* I’m gonna have the best costume on the block, I guarantee it! *in under 1 minute 20 people ask him to do the voice* I fuKiN hATe mYsELf

Vanoss: *Every house he goes to doesn’t have candy or has horrible candy* #pray5him;-;

Delirious: Halloween isn’t even scary, I’m only in it for the candy- *Ghost animatronic turns on*

*Runs away while screaming*


”He always reminds me of that, every time we meet. And, for some reason, he fuckin’ laughs at it every time, and never lets me forget.” -Daithi

((I apologize for the lack of quality in this comic:

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Hi! You um, may know me for my yt, or tumblr or even Deviant art! (Even though I haven’t been there in like a year ffs) but i was wondering if i should start writing uh fanfics? Im really insecure about my ships and stuff so I’ll just tag them but like. I love writing so much!! Like its hecking great! An alternative universe all onto a few chapters of writing! All your thoughts splattered onto a page! I just love it so much. Anywho i was wondering if i should do it? (The first ship i tag would probably be the main one please don’t judge me im a smol scared insecure buddo. Yeah my fandoms are strange compared to others (not saying anyone in the fandom im in is strange lmao) but like idk i just wanna check with you guys if you’d be alright with it and not feel uncomfortable or anything? Like im sketched out rn idk what to do! I feel scared? Nah scared is over reacting, but like?? Nervous?? Yeah. So uh yeah just wondering!

I HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THIS A LOT and I am actually legit excited at the prospect of a Gen 2

Think about it:

- How cool would it be for Travis to play an intelligent character?? I love INT 6 Grog but Travis is very clever (like check him out in the Heist oneshot holy shit) and can you imagine what an incredible strategist he’d be if his character permitted it? I have a feeling a Travis high-Int character could run the damn party.

-Also like. 80-90% chance he’d be a werewolf or one of those werewolf blood hunters, and 90-100% chance we would all be thirsty for him.


-On that note I wonder if someone will ever play someone of a different gender? Literally the only person to do that on the show (besides Matt) was Chris Perkins. That’d be really exciting. I nominate Sam.

-Also Laura kind of got screwed by the 5e Ranger rules, which are terrible, but I would actually die to see her play a class with legit firepower. Also, also, hear me out here. Laura’s got the highest charisma stat at the table in real life, in my honest opinion. She wrote that kickass limerick too. Hear me out. 

Laura Bard-ley.

- (Or at least a CHA-based sorcerer or warlock. Just let her full-on 20 Charisma straight to my heart.)

- Also we keep hearing that Marisha and Keyleth are very different people and I just wanna see how much variety that actually implies. It would be so cool for her to play somebody morally sketchy. And on the one hand I think she’s a great caster so maybe she could be a Warlock, but on the other I have the image of her being a Rogue or Monk in my head and being sad she doesn’t have spells anymore and it’s a funny image. Funnier than that? Barbarian!Marisha.


-On that note, Liam constantly says he’s magic-stupid so I have a feeling he’d be a physical class, but not a rogue. Maybe he’d want to go full paladin with a lil handful of spells, and see what that would have been like? Or maybe Monk? (I really want a monk in the party. Basically the only class we haven’t seen used to its full potential on CR). I also really want Liam to get to have fun because he has a great sense of humour and Vax is a teeeeeny bit limiting in that regard. Sometimes. Not always.

- SAM AND TALIESIN. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH YOURSELVES. For everyone else I kind of see what parts of their characters they’re pushing against, and where I think they’d have fun experimenting more, but Sam and Taliesin just seem to be Scanlan and Percy incarnate.  I don’t even want to guess for those two, because I know anything they’ll pick will be a surprise.

- Except yeah I really do want Sam to play a girl.

- And I am very amused by the idea of Taliesin as a cleric or paladin of any kind. Just. Go as far anti-Percy as possible. Also I want him to have spells so Marisha can constantly pester him about how hard it is to be a caster

- P.S. It will be weird for Liam and Laura’s characters not to be related? Maybe they will be.

- P.P.S. I am desperately hoping at least one character is a Secret Vox Machina Baby. I highly, highly recommend this plot twist and can vouch for its effectiveness ( @maddmurdock they say I look just like my mother). The obvious choice atm would be a bb half-elf gunslinger de Rolo and wouldn’t that just be the cat’s buttflap pyjamas. 


- All of these will be 100% disproven whenever Gen 2 starts and I don’t care I’m having fun speculation is my drug of choice after fusaka

Writer Appreciation Day - Daiya Love Post

I’ve been meaning to do one of these for a while, then saw the Fanfic Writers Appreciation post and KNEW I had to do one of these today. So, I’m putting all my favorite Ace of Diamond/Daiya no Ace writers in one lovely post (since I know people love to reblog these as well) and it was going to be in alphabetical order but now in my most recent bookmarks order, and then continuing the love from there. 

Seriously though today go spread a little love to your favorite authors whether it’s a Tumblr post, kudos/bookmark/comment fest on AO3, or sending a few message or Tweets at them, just show them a little love on this lovely Sunday!

This post is EXTREMELY LONG and cut below this, but just letting anyone know who contributes to the Daiya fandom content, you are loved and I appreciate you and all of your work!

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Unlikely Duet

DaithiDeVanoss short for the bbs rare pair weekend :)

Daithi shut the door and the sounds of instruments chaotically playing against each other became a muffled background noise. He took a deep breath appreciating the somewhat quietness. Then he sat down his backpack and unzipped it, pulling a slim binder out of it and setting it on the music stand in front of him. He hesitated a little before he pulled out his flute case from his bookbag.

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via Billboard Magazine //

The moment it was announced Jared was cast as The Joker, and that it would be the follow-up to his award winning tour-de-force performance as Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club, I had two immediate thoughts: 

1) wb gave bb a very very very very very convincing sales pitch.

2) pleasedeargodohlord do not let this be his Catwoman (Halle Berry’s immediate follow-up to her tour-de-force performance in Monster’s Ball).

Unfortunately for bb, Suicide Squad did become his Catwoman, in more than a few ways. One major way being he, like Halle, has now been nominated for a Razzie for a performance following an academy award winning performance. Sandra Bullock also holds this honor.

The Razzies do not discriminate against Oscar Winners (in fact, most times they taunt them) so while this may outrage some people who truly loved Jared’s Joker, Jared is still in good company. This year alone he is joining fellow Academy Award alumni (Nic Cage, Robert DeNiro, Julia Roberts, Ben Affleck, etc.) - so at the end of the day, what does a nomination like this even mean? It’s actually an opportunity.

We can all agree, the Razzie Awards (like basically all awards) are nothing more than PR opportunities. It’s not about the title - it’s about how you accept it.

Both Halle Berry and Sandra Bullock showed up to accept their Razzie Awards for Worst Actress, the year after they won Best Actress Oscars. Their speeches at the Razzies became iconic - and people adored them for being big enough to take it all in stride and laugh it the fuck off. Because they were last seen on stage accepting Academy Awards, seeing them march up and graciously accept a Razzie made everything that much more lovable and enjoyable.

Jared’s been a Hollywood whipping boy from the get-go of his career, and most of the criticism tends to cut deep and go really personal. “He’s pretentious, he’s too sensitive, he takes himself too seriously.” blah blah blah. He draws a lot of hate for a plethora of insanely unfair reasons and while I feel he has every goddamn right to carry himself however he pleases - and if it’s a problem of interpretation or lost in translation within pop culture, then it’s their problem, not his - it doesn’t quiet the haters. And because he wants to be the black sheep, but he also wants to be one of the popular kids, an issue with his image lingers in the public perception. And it’s exhausting.

My main concern with this nom, honesty truly, is if he does win and doesn’t appear to affably accept it, it’s just going to add fuel to the haters’ flames. His avoidance of it would just support everything they already assume of him.

With this Razzie nomination, if Jared wins, he should really consider accepting it. In person. It would give the shove-off to a lot of his haters. It would prove to everyone that thinks he takes himself too seriously that he really can laugh at himself; that he’s not as pretentious as they believe him to be; and above it all, it would remind everyone that he’s actually an Oscar Winner (along with 40-something other award wins) and that fact can never be taken from him. No matter what kind of performances he gives in the future - and you me & everyone we know *knows* he has a lot of phenomenal performances in his future.

my post got too long so hey, have ‘Little Hamilton Things: Act 1′ (edit: Act II is here)

  • the first time he introduces himself as “Alexander Hamilton” in the titular song is so understated compared to all of the other times, he’s literally the eye of the hurricane, the calm before the storm
  • “can I buy you a drink? “that would be nice” Hamilton just wants Burr to be his senpai, you guys could’ve been such good friends if you’d just communicated properly
  • “you spit, I’ma sit, we’ll see where we land” Burr you outlive every single person in this song, you strange clairvoyant cinnamon roll
  • the military drums that kick in at “I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory”
  • “Angelica, remind me what we’re looking for…” “she’s looking for me!” boys no, you don’t even fucking register on Anglelica’s radar, step off
  • Mulligan muttering “oh my god, tear this dude apart” I just have the best mental images of Laurens/Lafayette/Mulligan taking Hamilton to taverns and literally throwing him at irritating monarchists, he’s their secret weapon and he is LOVING it
  • “my dog speaks more eloquently” THE BOYS IN thE BACKGROUND MAKING DOG WHINING NOISES, YOU’RE ALL SO DRUNK, you fully believe that they’re all teenagers here
  • jgroff’s voice on “you’ll be the ones complaining when I am gone” you’re the creepy ex-boyfriend from hell but your voice sound amazing
  • Washington makes me want to FIGHT THE BRITISH and also give him the biggest hug, he makes me want to RISE UP b/c I don’t want to disappoint the General
  • “yo, let’s steal the cannons” AS I CONTINUE TO WANT TO FIGHT THE BRITISH
  • “Aaron, Burr, Sir? Permission to state my case?” look at Burr stepping up and not waiting for it but whoops guess who’s at the door
  • “you need all the help you can get, I have some friends. Laurens, Mulligan, Marquis de Lafayette, okay, what else?” Hamilton my pure cinnamon roll, Washington has just told you that the army is hemorrhaging soldiers like there’s no tomorrow and you’re like LOOK AT MY THREE FRIENDS, AREN’T THEY GREAT
  • “we’re reliable with the LADIES” so dudes continue to be the actual worst throughout history, why are y’all so gross, why
  • “laughing at my sister as she’s dazzling the room” I unequivocally love how much unbridled affection there is between the sisters, Eliza is SO PROUD of how Angelica works it like a pro
  • “and I’m tryin’ not to cry, ‘cause there’s nothing that your mind can’t do“ why is this line so good??  
  • “Peggy confides in me” so many feelings about good older brother!Hamilton, he’s been fighting alone for so long and how he’s making himself friends and family
  • the horribly sinister music as everything rewinds in Satisfied, like you just know that things are going to be ruined forever but you can’t stop listening because Angelica is laying it all out
  •  how small Angelica’s voice goes on “at least I keep his eyes in my life” bb no you deserved the world
  • the end of Satisfied when Angelica is looking at their emotional threesome and realising that Eliza is the only one satisfied (for at least a couple of songs anyway, nice going Hamilton, you couldn’t even make it to Act II before dicking her over)
  • “you are the worst, Burr” Lafayette is so disgruntled here
  • “I should go” “no, these guys should go” Hamilton continues to choose Burr?? 
  • “congrats again, Alexander, smile more“ Burr is so sincere here and it breaks my heart :’( :’( :’(
  • Hamilton’s genuine bewilderment at “I will never understand you” b/c he legitimately can’t comprehend the idea of not fighting for what you love, they’re both orphans struggling with the weight of history and the concept of legacy and why couldn’t you both just sit down over a beer and talk
  • the clapping in the background of Wait For It, the chorus coming in on “death doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints” like a muted holy choir of angels descending to lend Burr their voices
  • how Burr slows the pace of the music when he asks “what is it like in his shoes” even in his ‘I Am’ song he’s incapable of not pausing and thinking about Hamilton 
  • when Washington brings Hamilton in with “Alex, listen. There’s only one way for us to win this” every interaction they have feels like Washington is trying so hard to toe the line between father-substitute and commanding officer
  • Hamilton’s “Aaron Burr, Sir” in Ten Duel Commandments sounds so fucking cocky, he is 1000% down for this duel, “most duels die and no-one shoots” my ass Hamilton 
  • “Lee, do you yield?” “you shot him in the side, yes he yields” Burr is like for fuck’s sake Laurens, do you really have to ask the severely wounded man if he yields??
  • “Laurens, do not throw away your shot” versus “John should’ve shot him in the mouth” why am I such a sucker for when they slip and use their first names??
  • “I’m not afraid, I know who I married” are you sure, are you completely sure of that Eliza?
  • “ I need my right hand man back!” Washington needs Hamilton back as both his metaphorical lieutenant but also as a son-substitute, all of the paternal!Washington feelings
  • “and so the American experiment begins with my friends all scattered to the winds” I am AUSTRALIAN and this song is making me WEIRDLY PATRIOTIC for the good ol’ stars and stripes
  • “Laurens is in South Carolina, redefining bravery” Hamilton your heart-eyes are showing again, please tone them down, you have a revolution to lead
  • “I am running with the Sons of Liberty and I am loving it” so are we friend, so are we, thank you for making us a part of this
  • “I see George Washington smile” in the middle of the biggest military victory in American history (arguably?? they weren’t a massive army but they still defeated a global superpower) Hamilton makes a point of mentioning the fact that Washington smiles, how beautiful is that
  • the goosebumps I get as they repeat “the world turned upside down” as the military snare drum plays and the music swells
  • “we won” “we won” “we won” “we won” “THE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN” the audience knows damn well how the story ends, but then we’re given this one moment of camaraderie and victory and it’s worth all of the other heartbreak
  • how simple Hamilton’s lyrics are in Dear Theodosia, “look at my son, pride is not the word I’m looking for, there is so much more inside me now” he is almost speechless with emotion
  • the harmony in “my father wasn’t around, I swear that I’ll be around” is exquisite, two orphans promising the world to their babies
  • “I practised Law, Burr worked next door” Hamilton knows damn well that he’s the main character and Burr is a side note
  • “Alexander?” “Aaron Burr, Sir” “It’s the middle of the night” Hamilton you have newborn babies why are you doing this, your wives are going to be so mad if you wake them up with your political hoo-ha
  • the lilting piano before “I am sailing off to London, I’m accompanied by someone who always pays” is so bittersweet, Angelica knows that she’s kept up her end of the bargain (”I’m a girl in a world in which my only job is to marry rich”) and all she can do is remind Hamilton to write to her in the middle of a song about how he won’t fucking stop writing
  • “the fact that you’re alive is a miracle” I know it’s about how amazing it is that Hamilton survived the American Revolutionary War, but I prefer to think that it’s about how amazing it is that he wasn’t killed in a bar brawl after picking a fight because he doesn’t know when to shut up
  • Burr sounds so damn impressed when he says “Hamilton wrote THE OTHER FIFTY-ONE” 
  • the sheer unbridled glee when Hamilton tells Washington “let’s go” like he knows that Act II is about to start and what could possibly go wrong
  • Angelica chiming in with “he will never be satisfied, satisfied” because she and Washington are the only ones who are in any way genre-savvy or who have even a basic understanding of how these other people work
  • the ACTUAL GREEK CHORUS at the end of Non-Stop warning Hamilton “just you wait” because hoo boy, are you ever going to throw away your shot

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Peter’s I find hard to pin down. I think it lies in: What does Peter need power for?

Maybe they straight up handed it to us. The part of the story told by Cora in “Visionary” probably isn’t a part that Peter would just hand out. Especially to Stiles. Who hates that guy.


In “Visionary”, the narrators may be unreliable, but the visuals seem to authentically represent the action that went down back when, and the first scene sets up Peter’s motives for what we witness the rest of the episode.

The prelude focuses on Derek’s fear of the hunters, and Peter’s fear for Derek.

I don’t think this is his only motive in the episode. He’s terminally incapable of actually talking about anybody but himself, and he makes his motives as he consciously or subconsciously understands them clear:

Cora: Ennis? Why would he choose him?
Peter: Why not? Ennis needed a new member for his pack. Paige was young and strong. Doing a favor for Derek meant Ennis would be in good with Talia. Back then, everybody wanted to be in good with her.

In pursuit of his goal, he learns something else: Derek’s kinda a giant, lil’ bit pig-headed derp. One that needs protection.

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bellamybllke-deactivated2015031  asked:

CARRIE! :) I don't mean to be a bother but i'm working all weekend and i'm currently tortured by a certain monthly affliction that a werewolf boyfriend would certainly come in handy for so i was just wondering if maybe you could write some fluffy derek/stiles kid!fic to help ease the pain a little? thanks for always being so amazing!


Scott just stares for a second. “Holy shit, what was in that goop?” 

They’ve managed to defeat that ridiculous mischievous trickster spirit that had been wreaking havoc all over Beacon Hills. It had exploded into a mess of sparkly purple goop, which had apparently transformed anyone within the blast radius… into a toddler. And “anyone” meant that both Stiles and Derek were now chubby-cheeked baby versions of themselves. 

Scott recognizes Stiles as the same bright eyed kid he met on the playground in preschool many years before, and Stiles immediately begins screaming in confusion. Derek on the other hand is quiet and looks suspiciously around, holding onto the over-sized henley he’s now wearing, staring at the pile of jeans around him. 

Kira giggles. “They’re so cute!” She reaches out and pinches Stiles’ cheeks. 

“AHHH!” Stiles shrieks. “Who are you? Where’s my mom?”

“Stiles— Stiles, it’s okay, it’s me, Scott!” Scott says, crouching down so he’s on Stiles’ level.

Stiles examines him for a moment. “Scott is my age, ‘n you’re all grown up,” he says. 

“No really, I’m Scott. You peed on my sandcastle when we were kids.”

Stiles grabs his face, poking it with his little fingers, eyes wide.

“You’re grown up too, just…um, there’s was an accident, but we’re going to fix it!” Scott says earnestly.  

“Okay,” Stiles says. 

Derek meanwhile is staring up into Scott’s face. “You’re an Alpha werewolf,” he says, lip wobbling. “Mommy said if I ever get lost to talk find the Alpha. Can you take me home?” he asks with a slight lisp. He raises up his chubby little arms expectantly. 

Scott automatically picks him up, holding him in his arms. 

“Carry me too, grown-up Scott!” Stiles wails. 

Scott has one kid in each arm, both of them drowning in ridiculously large shirts. 

“Say cheese,” Lydia says, holding up her phone. 

“Wait, Lydia, no—” Scott protests.

“Believe me, I am going to be taking pictures of this entire thing until it gets fixed, this is hilarious,” Lydia says grinning. 

Which is how Derek finds himself a week later, staring at a laptop at a video of his four-year-old self talking solemnly to the camera. 

“When I grow up, I’m going to marry St-Stiles,” baby Derek says sincerely, looking up at the camera with a shy smile. 

Scott is laughing in the background, and then Lydia’s voice says, “Oh really, why’s that?” 

“Because St-Stiles is the best, and he gave me his blanket to share and brought me apple juice to drink after I said it was my f-f-favorite,” Derek says, smiling happily. He’s missing two of his front teeth. 

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anonymous asked:

I just don't understand how you can (rightly) call out panels like that, but still justify everything about Grayson. I don't get it. Dick has been brought down so much from the amazing character he was before, it's insulting to him and fans. Not to mention the gross and constant sexualization of his character while belittling all his other skills.

answer below the cut. sorry, this become such a long, long answer probably bc I’ve been avoiding this discussion on fydg but I can’t avoid it forever so here we go, everything spilling out in a mess of emojis and feelings and bad unedited grammar 

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OMG! Your Makeup!: Foundation and Concealer

Foundation seems like a good place to start when beginning a new semi-regular series of guides to makeup.  It is, after all, generally what you put on first, (unless you use moisturizers or primers or whatever), and as its name implies, it is the foundation of your makeup.  Or something.  If you love your skin the way it is, or if you’re just totally lazy like I am, you can forgo foundation.  Really, makeup is all about what makes you happy.

There’s an awful lot of different kinds of foundation out there, and it’s totally overwhelming to try to figure out where to start.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned when trying to figure out makeup, it’s that a product that looks absolutely amazing on one person will look like dog doo on another.  So that’s where OMG! Your Makeup! will come in.  I’ll explain what your options are and help you figure out the kind of makeup you want depending on your skin, aesthetic, needs, and how much you want to invest time/money-wise.  With figuring out what your makeup faves are, there’s going to be the inevitable farting around and simply finding what works and what doesn’t, but, with any luck, OMG! Your Makeup! will help you minimize that farting around part.

FOUNDATION, WHAT IS IT?  The name is pretty self-explanatory.  It’s the makeup you put all over your face to even out skin tone (although if you have some serious discoloration, some color corrector might do you some good), cover up blemishes (if you have some serious blemishes, concealer might do you some good), and do other things depending on what’s in it.  So let’s look at the basic types, shall we?

PRIMER: This is the stuff that goes on to make your makeup stay on.  If you’re super busy and can’t take the time to re-apply during the day, or if it’s hot and you know you’re gonna sweat a lot, primer is a good way to go.  If you’ve got big pores and a lot of bumps, some primers will help fill those in.  Also, if you want your foundation to go on as well as it possibly can, you’re gonna want to make sure your face is properly clean, exfoliated, and moisturized.  If your skin is properly cared for (as well as with some genetic luck), it will minimize the need for lots of heavy makeup.

LIQUID: This is probably your most basic foundation, the kind that pretty much every makeup brand out there has their own version of.  The amount of coverage varies depending on product, but there are three general levels of coverage.

  • SHEER is the lightest, only going on just a little bit to help even things out but still let your natural skin be front and center.  
  • MEDIUM is the most common kind of coverage, it does the job of making your skin look better than it is, but still won’t cover that nasty zit on your chin, and it won’t completely smother your skin or be all cake-y.  
  • FULL is completely opaque.

There’s a million different ways to apply liquid foundation, be it with a brush, sponge, or your fingers.  So it’s kind of involved, requires some skill, and can be a little messy.  As it also frequently contains stuff like moisturizers and SPF, there’s bound to be a liquid formula out there to look good on your skin.

TINTED MOISTURIZER/BB CREAM/CC CREAM: For those of you whose skin needs some extra moisturizing, this is actually a good thing to put on before your regular foundation.  If you’re looking for moisturizing and very light coverage, you may want to use just one of the above and completely forgo heavier foundation.  

  • TINTED MOISTURIZER is just that: moisturization with some light color.
  • BB CREAM is the new makeup trend that supposed to be replacing tinted moisturizer.  Honestly, I have no idea what the BB stands for.  It’s basically tinted moisturizer with a few added things like SPF, antioxidents, and other goodies.  
  • CC CREAM stands for “Color-Correcting.” It’s supposed to improve stuff like sallowness and redness.  
  • DD CREAM is a newcomer that’s supposed to be a dual-action combination of the two of them.  

MOUSSE/FOAM: Essentially, liquid foundation with air whipped into it. It’s good if you like the coverage of liquid foundation but hate the heavy feel of it.  Also, since it generally comes in a jar rather than a bottle, it’s slightly less messy and easier to apply. 

SPRAY:  It’s supposed to be the lightest formulation of foundation out there that still provides the medium-to-full coverage of liquid.  Honestly it just sounds like a big, splotchy mess to me, but I’ve never tried it.

LOOSE/MINERAL POWDER: Powder foundation is what you use if you’re like me and you have shiny, oily skin and don’t want much coverage.  Powder absorbs oil and moisture and is a good basic go-to when you need to matte-ify your skin.  However, it can dry your skin out, so those of us with dry skin may want to avoid it or invest in a moisturizer to go with it.  Loose powder can be worn over regular liquid foundation of you want just a little bit more coverage or are still left needing to matte-ify.  You generally apply it with a big fluffy brush, but a lot of times products will come with a pouff that you can use.

PRESSED POWDER: Does the same thing as loose powder but goes on slightly heavier and provides slightly more coverage/absorption/staying power.  Again, you can use a brush, a pouff, or a sponge.  I like it because it goes on easy and you can just blend it right in with your fingers.  If you want heavier coverage, you can dampen your sponge or brush and get a much heavier pigmentation that way.  Also less messy and easier to apply than loose powder, and because it comes in a compact, you can put some in your purse for touch-ups.

GEL: A newer formula that generally comes in stick form.  It has light to medium coverage, and it supposed to be good way to matte-ify without drying your skin out.

CREAM: This is the paint that you slather on to cover all of God’s horrible mistakes.  It’s the truest full coverage out there, covering *everything*, and is generally made with a lot of waxes and fillers, so if you’ve got gaping pores or anything else that needs smoothing out, cream will do the trick for you.  Needless to say, it can easily end up looking like you’ve just caked it all on and you’re wearing some kind of mask, so you really have to be careful with it.  If you’ve got really bad skin, need to cover up some stubble, or are about to go on stage, cream is a good way to go.  Otherwise, you may just want to get some concealer.

CONCEALER:  This is what you wear if you’ve got one big zit that needs hiding but the rest of your face is good.  Unfortunately, though, you generally can’t wear concealer alone without it looking like a big splotch of paint right in the middle of your face.  Meaning you have to wear it with some decent-coverage foundation.  It can go on underneath or on top of your foundation, and should blend right in.  It generally comes in liquid form and is applied with a wand or pen, but it also comes in stick form and in pot form that you apply with a brush or your fingers.  Some are made specifically for acne and contain zit-busting ingredients, while others are made specifically for under-eyes with de-puffing and color-correcting ingredients.

COLOR CORRECTORS/LUMINIZERS:  These are those weird kinds of of pale green, lavender, pink, and yellow makeups that are supposed to go on your face.  The trick is you have to wear them according to what is wrong with your face, and you wear them underneath your foundation.  If you have shiny skin, avoid lots of shimmer because it does make your skin look shinier.

  • Green neutralizes redness and is good for zits, rosacea, etc.  
  • Lavender and pink neutralize sallow yellow tones in skin and are excellent for those of us with pasty skin that needs some brightening.  You can get illuminating powder in pale pink and lavender that goes on over your skin and makes it all bright and nice and lovely.  
  • Yellow neutralizes purple, blue, and grey, and goes over your under-eye circles or bruises, and also is a nice way to just pep up dull greyish skin.  
  • Orange is for POC looking to cover up dark spots and brighten skin (harder to find because it’s used only for dark skin, but there are brands out there that cater to POC that make orange).

So there you have it.  If you’ve settled on a type of foundation that looks right for you, go out and start looking at makeups.  YouTube has about a bajillion different tutorials for how to put on foundation.  If you google one specific type of foundation, you can find a bunch of different brand comparisons and reviews to help you zero on on what exactly is gonna work best for you.  So go have fun.