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Requests: Can you do an imagine where you’re dating Conor and get on well with the boys. You’re all round Conor’s, the boys are watching footie and you’re feet are up on the couch and up over jacks lap as you’re leaned up against Conor with his arm wrapped around you. And you’re all screaming at the game and eating pop corn. Fluff. Fluffy sheet.

Can you write something about Conor fracturing his ankle and y/n looking after him?

You had been seeing Conor for around six months now, and his friends and family had only found out two months ago, as the both of you had decided to keep your relationship a secret for a while. Gradually, you were introduced to his brother, his friends, his parents and his sister but you had yet to be introduced to his fans. You were so glad that you got on well with the people Conor had chosen to surround himself with, albeit not getting along with his brother at first because it meant that you could hang out whenever you wanted.

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Min Yoongi: BTS Cheats

You collapse to the floor after slamming the door. Tears streamed down your cheeks as your body was shaking from your sobbing. How did this happen? How could he do this to you after you’ve been together for 5 years?

“It hurts… it hurts so much…” You said as you leaned your forehead against the door clinching your chest.

You force yourself to stand on shaking legs and make your way to your room. When you climb into bed. Curling up into a ball you remember your conversation with Yoongi just a few minutes ago before you chased him out of your apartment.

He had just came back from his tour and you were so happy to see him again. When you opened the door you threw yourself into his arms. Nuzzling his neck as you told him how much you missed him. Only to have him either gently remove your arms from his neck with shaking hands.

“Y/N, we need to talk…” he’d sigh as he refused to meet your gaze.

You instantly felt your body go cold as he took you by the hand and led you to the couch. He made sure you sat down before crouching in front of you still holding your hand. He seemed unusually nervous as he began to speak. Voice wavering slightly.

“Y/N, I… I slept with someone else….” He kept looking at your hand. Afraid to look at you.

He what…? You felt as if he had just punched you in the ribs. It became hard to breathe and before you knew it. Tears silently fell from your eyes as you looked down at him. He must have been unable to take the fact you hadn’t spoken because he quickly looked up and began to speak again.

“Y/N, I’m so sor-” his voice trailed off as he seen your tears.

He bit down on his lips and blinked several times to fight back his own tears. Yoongi wasn’t one to cry easily but knowing he hurt you was killing him. He knew you wouldn’t want him after what he did but a small part of him wished you would.

“Damn it..” He cursed as he started to wipe your tears away. “I’m such a dick. I know you probably won’t be able to forgive me, but that doesn’t mean I won’t fight to earn your trust again, I don’t care how long it takes. I’ll prove I really do love you.”

He waited for your reply as he stroked your cheek. After a few minutes you finally caught your breath and managed to speak.

“Get out…” You whispered.

His face contoured in sadness as he looked at you.

“Y/N, please… just give-” He began to beg.

“Get out.” You repeated yourself a little louder as you felt the pain sinking in.

“Y/N, just give me one more chance… I promise I’ll-” You quickly cut him off as you jumped to your feet causing him to fall back on his behind.

“I said get out!” He looked up at you with a pained expression. You couldn’t look at him anymore. Afraid you’d give in. Maybe tomorrow you could think rationally but right now you feared you’d say something you would regret.

You leaned down and grabbed his wrist. Pulling him to his feet and towards the door. You kept your lips clamped shut in an attempt to stop the sobs as your tears continued to fall. When you reached the door, you threw it open and shoved him out before slamming it shut again.

Now you lay in bed sobbing uncontrollably until you passed out.

You have avoided his calls and messages for 3 weeks now. Still, unable to find it in your heart to forgive him. You finally decided to watch one of their interviews to see how they were doing. To see if he was hurting as much as you….

When the camera panned to Yoongi you saw dark circles under his eyes that makeup couldn’t seem to hide. He seemed uninterested in the conversation as he bit down on his lips and pouted. Seeing him like that made your heartache. You hated to see him look defeated. He was always so confident. Even if he hurt you, you couldn’t stand to see him that way… you started to turn off the TV when the interviewer addressed him.

“Suga? You seem down. Are you alright?”

He didn’t seem to hear him at first so Taehyung nudged him. Yoongi quickly looked at the interviewer.

“I’m sorry. What did you say?”

“Well you seem kinda down. It reminded me of a question I’ve seen all over the Internet. People keep asking ‘why is oppa so sad? Who hurt my oppa?’ Etc. So do you think you could give an answer to these worried fans?”

The members looked at him worried about what he would say. Yoongi had kept your relationship a secret for 5 years. Yoongi thought for a minute before speaking.

“The truth is… I’ve been dating this amazing girl for 5 years now… well I was dating her but I… I screwed up.. I won’t blame it on alcohol because that’s the cheapest excuse ever… I was just stupid. I cheated on her and broke her heart…”

Everyone went silent as they looked at him. Yoongi decided to look at the camera before speaking again.

“Y/N, you were insecure through our entire relationship. You thought I was ashamed of you but you would never question why I kept us a secret. I did it because I wanted to keep you all to myself. I didn’t want my fans being mean to you when they don’t even know you. I wanted to keep you from being hurt but I hurt you instead… you wouldn’t listen to me when I tried to explain because you were shocked and hurt. I understand that. I don’t blame you for kicking me out of your apartment. I mean… you always sat at home and waited for me. When I would come home. You’d shower me with affection. So when I stopped you from hugging me and told you I cheated… I knew you’d never forgive me… even if I said it was a one time mistake and that I’d make it up to you… I won’t give up though. I love you with all my heart. I’ll continue to make it up to you even if you won’t see me. You’ll be in every song I write. , So I hope you’ll give me one phone call… just one… let me hear your beautiful voice…” Yoongis eye were shining with tears as everyone sat quietly wiping their own tears.

“Wow.. That was some confession… any fan that has something bad to say after seeing you bare your heart like that is crazy.”

Unable to watch anymore you quickly turn off the TV and cover your mouth as you cry. You couldn’t take it anymore. You had to be in his arms. You had to feel his breath against your hair as he buried is face in your neck. You quickly pick up your phone and dialed his number. It only took 2 rings for him to answer.

“Y/N! Thank god… I-” You quickly cut him off.

“Yoongi…. I forgive you… so please… please come over…” You sobbed. You heard him sigh in relief.

“I’m on my way now. Wait for me, baby girl.”

After 40 minutes there was a frantic knock on your door. Hoping it was Yoongi you raced to the door and threw it up. There he was. The only man who could make your heart leap with joy or clinch in pain. The only man you ever wanted. As soon as he looked at you he stepped forward and crashed his lips into yours. His kiss was passionate, needy. He kicked the door shut behind him as he lifted you up by your hips. You wrapped your arms and legs around him as you deepened the kiss. Slipping your tongue in his mouth and tangling it with his. He skillfully carried you to the bedroom, laying you down on the bed. He began to shower you with sweet kisses as he took his time undressing you and himself. He wanted to prove how much he loved you.

“I can’t believe you thought I didn’t care about you…” hurt evident in his voice. “I’m a dick. I know… I’m stupid… but I’ll never do it again. Let me prove just how much I care about you.” He said as he planted a soft kiss on your forehead.

The End

Notes: I used bulletproofwhalien’s BTS Reactions (with her permission) for BTS Cheats and Make up Sex in this one. Make sure to check out her tumblr for more.

Notice -Calfreezy

Anonymous said to simplysdmn: Can I please get a fluffy imagine where reader is heads over heel over neymar (n a barca fan) and calfreezy got a ticket of their match n cal was kinda jealous of neymar cuz reader kinda won’t shut up about neymar (u can create ur own ending) sorry if it’s too detailed and thank you!!

A/N: Hey babe! Hope you like it! Hope this is fluff enough!


“Cal, can we get food on the train, I’m actually starving.” I questioned him, making him laugh.

“Wait a second, you ate just before we left, then we got doughnuts and Starbucks and your still hungry?” He laughed as we walked into the underground.

“Well yeah! I’m about to literally see my future husband in live action.” He rolled his eyes and pulled me closer into his side.

“Keep talking like that and I’ll take you right home. Remember I have the tickets!” We both laughed and got on the subway.

I had grew an unhealthy obsession with Neymar which lead to me never shutting up about him and Cal being my boyfriend made him be the first person to talk to him about him. Callum knew that it was always a dream of mine to go see him play soccer live and when it came to my birthday he got me tickets to a football match which resulted in me crying and also giving him the time of his life when we got home after the party.

I was so nervous and excited that I couldn’t stop eating and talking. I was probably driving Cal through the roof but I really didn’t take any notice. I was wearing my Barcelona jersey and jeans and Cal was wearing the same after I told him I wouldn’t go if he didn’t. After complying we ate breakfast and set out to do some stuff in town just before we could get out train. 

We arrived at the train station and got onto our train and got seated. I looked at our surroundings and saw so many young and old Barca fans making me squirm with excitement in my seat. I started ranting quietly in Cal’s ear about the match and how I excited to see Neymar play for the first time.

“Cal, I love him so much like I actually cannot believe this is actually happening.” I latched onto his arm and laid my head on his shoulder. He began stroking my hair while scrolling through his phone.

“I know babe.” He really wasn’t paying attention to me when I tried to start a conversation so I pulled away and looked at him.

“What’s wrong?” I gently pushed his face towards me so he could look at me.

“Nothing. Why would you think that?” His demeanor was cold and he couldn’t look me in the eye so I shook my head and turned to the window, taking in the scenery that was passing by us.

The train ride was long so I decided to start tweeting about the match and how excited I was. As the train ride edged closer to its stop my excitement became more evident and other people on the train began singing and chanting. I bopped my head along to the song that was being sung and hummed at some bits.

The train finally came to a halt and I gathered my things. I finished the drink that Cal had bought me and stood up, putting on my jacket. I waited for Cal to slip out of the booth we were in before I could get out as well. We walked in silence towards the street were we had an Uber waiting for us. We slipped into the car and Cal gave the name of the stadium before the driver started making small talk.

“Bringing the missus to the match?” The driver asked.

“Yeah! She actually love Barcelona, more importantly she loves Neymar.” I giggled shyly and tucked a piece of hair behind my ear.

“Would you blame her? Not only is a brilliant player but he has the looks too.” The driver and I laughed and we proceeded to talk about the league. Cal stayed quiet throughout the ride. If he wanted to play silent I would too. We thanked the driver and got out of the car. Our hotel was close to the stadium so we dropped out bags in out hotel room and walked back to the stadium. 

He held out his hand so I could take it but I refused and walked a bit faster. He caught up and put his hand around my waist, making sure I couldn’t get away from him. “I’m sorry about earlier I was just a bit tired.” He kissed my forehead, I could tell he was lying so I just stayed silent and nodded.

The atmosphere of the stadium lifted my mood, making me smile as we got into the stadium and took our seats. We sat down in our seats. I started taking Snapchats.

“Guys I’m so fucking excited. I’m about see Neymar!” I took off my jacket and set down my bag. Cal took it and but it in his backpack. I thanked him and began taking more videos. The announcer began talking and welcomed in the opening act. The crowd sang and danced along to the band. 

“Do you want anything to eat?” Cal asked me, I looked over at him and shrugged my shoulders.

“Are you going to eat?”


“Get me what your getting.” He nodded and gave me a kiss before walking off. The announcer started talking again and went back to Twitter to rant about Neymar. Cal had came back just in time for the match to begin. He put the Styrofoam container on lap and sat down next to me.

“Fish and chips.” He smiled, trying to start a conversation.

“Thank you. Cal in less than,” I looked at my watch. “5 minutes my babe will be on that pitch. Man I’m actually shook.” I squealed, eating my food. He stayed quiet, making me wonder maybe he was jealous by the fact that I was quite a big fan of Neymar. I pushed the thought to the side because the players had walked out onto the pitch.

The match was the best thing I had ever witnessed. The atmosphere was amazing, making the match so much more better. The chanting brought the team more together and when Neymar scored a goal, the uproar was amazing and the way our side of the stadium celebrated was inexplicable. 

Cal and I made our way back to our hotel after dinner. I took a shower before making my way to bed. I grabbed my laptop out of my bag and I sat down on the bed and started going through my Twitter feed. Cal joined me and wrapped an arm around my stomach, placing his head head softly on my chest.

“Good day, huh?” He asked, looking at me from his eyelashes. I nodded and continued scrolling.

“Why aren’t you talking to me?” He sat up, putting down the monitor of the laptop down softly.

“Cal, I’m really tired. I don’t want to argue.”

“We don’t have to argue. I just want to talk.” I huffed and put my laptop on my beside table. I looked over at him and sighed again.

“Well you’ve been acting strange all day and I figured well maybe you weren’t up for my shit so I didn’t feel the need to bother you.”

“Wait, why did you think I wasn’t up for your shit?”

“Because I’ve noticed every time I mentioned Neymar, you got quiet or you rolled your eyes or you just looked stone cold. I knew that every word that was going to come out of my mouth was going to be Neymar related, there was no point talking to you about him if you’re going to get jealous about him.” I looked at the ceiling and waited for his reply.

“I didn’t think you’d notice. I think I forgot that you’re so observant and pick up on all the little things.” I mustered a small smile and waited for him to continue.

“I’m not going to lie but Neymar is a pretty great guy, looks, soccer, you name it. I wouldn’t stand a chance, so I feel jealous, that you’re going to find someone better than me, that you’ll leave me. So yeah I’m jealous.” He ended up with head my shoulder and his hand once more on my waist. 

I looked down at him and laid my hands on top of his. “There’s absolutely no reason for you to be jealous Callum. You know I love you and you only. I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world. What in the world makes you think that Neymar is going to say I’m going to pick that one fan from London to take out on a date and look for a relationship.”

“I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like I’m not good enough for you.”

“Well you are. Words can’t describe how much you are meant for me. You are good enough. You are worth so much to me. Maybe you don’t know but I do. When I look at you, I look at my future. I look at the person I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you so much.” I hugged him and laid my head on the crook of his neck. He rocked us from side to side before pulling us apart so he could look me in my eye.

“I love you. I love you so much.” He kissed me and laid us down and turned off the lights. 

“God, I really do love you.” He whispered into my ear and stroked my hair. 

More Than You Know - Michael Clifford Smut

Pairing: Michael and Y/N

Word Count: 4.6k+

Rating: Smutastic

Requested: Yaaassss

I died writing this.

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Shannon, a family man.

Authors note: I’ve had this idea brewing for a few days. I think it’s sweet. I hope you enjoy!!!.

WARNINGS:  Cuteness.

Shannon Imagine.

“Wake up Mommy” my 4 year old daughter Eden shook my arm, my eye flew open to see her beautiful long hair blowing from the breeze of the fan and her sparkling hazel eyes just like her fathers. “Daddy made breakfast” I grabbed her and rolled her into a big embrace and tickling her sides making her laugh her infectious laugh. We rose from the bed, she took my hand making me follow her down the stairs. As we ascended into the kitchen I stopped to see my favorite sight. My gorgeous husband and our 2nd born, 2 year old daughter, Saskia, making breakfast together. 

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anonymous asked:

PLEASE some imagine loki comforting u after bad grades on college, i'm feeling really bad

“Bad grades do not define you love.” Loki murmured, hand stroking through your hair.
You sobbed again, face buried in his chest, “that’s easy for you to say.”
Loki pulled away, hands moving to grip your shoulders as he studied you. “You are so much more than any mistakes or shortcomings, you will try again and you will succeed. I have faith in you, my love.” He leaned down and pressed a kiss to your forehead, once more pulling you tightly against his chest as you snuggled into him.
“Thanks Loki.”

Listening To The Wrong Person | Jasper Jordan X Reader X Monty Green

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Request: anything about the reader, jasper and monty being in a relationship?? that ship kills me

Characters: Jasper/fem!reader, Monty/fem!reader.

(B/F/N) stand for “Best friend’s name”.

Word Count: 1861 words.

Her hand was entwined with theirs and she knew that everyone’s eyes were on them. People muttered things when they thought the three of them could no longer notice, but she could see it, she always did. The boys seemed not to care about it, their smiles still on their faces, while her smile gradually diminished as they walked down the halls. She was often bothered by that, but never let it interfere with their relationship. These people knew nothing, didn’t even know Jasper and Monty. Their opinion didn’t matter.

But knowing that strangers made cruel comments about them was different from knowing their friends did the same. Their friends had witnessed every stage of their relationship, they should understand. They had seen (Y/N), Jasper and Monty become friends, then best friends, and then reaching their phase of having a secret crush on each other, and then admitting that they were in love to finally start dating.

Their friends knew how it worked, they knew how they cared for each other. At least (Y/N) thought they knew, but the opposite had been proven to her as she talked to one of her closest friends, (B/F/N), complaining that she was tired of the looks she received from the others.

“I don’t know what matters to them what the three of us do, you know.” (Y/N) had sighed, lying on her bed next to her friend earlier that day. “It’s like they’ve never seen anyone dating before.”

"Well, what you three do isn’t exactly "dating”, is it?” (B/F/N) chuckled, getting a confused look from (Y/N). “I mean, sex must be great, but it’s just for that right? The thing you have isn’t really serious.”

The (Y/L/N) girl had looked shocked at her friend for a moment. “It is serious. I love them.”

“You can’t love them both, (Y/N). You must have one you like best.” she insisted, but (Y/N) just shook her head. "If you can’t see it now, you’ll see it later. Someday you’ll have to choose one of them.”

If (Y/N) had heard that from any of her friends, she probably would not have cared. I would have been upset, but wouldn’t have minded so much. But that was (B/F/N), and for some reason that was enough to keep those words in her head for the rest of the day.

That was why she was so distracted at that moment as she walked around the Ark, holding hands with the two boys. She watched them, thinking how she had fallen in love with two such different people? She couldn’t see herself having to choose one of them and break the other’s heart. Things wouldn’t be the same. She couldn’t imagine hurting one of them, especially now that she saw them chatting excitedly about something, sometimes looking at (Y/N) to see if she’d been amused by the jokes they told eventually. But she hadn’t, she hadn’t even listened.

“Something happened, (Y/N)?” Monty asked, stroking her hand with his thumb.

"You’re awfully quiet today.” Jasper also turned his attention to her, squeezing her hand.

"Just worried about the homework I have to do for tomorrow.” she smiled at them, trying to convince them that everything was fine.

“You want some help with that?” Jasper asked, smirking at her. “I’m always here to help you with chemistry.”

“Count on me for physics.” Monty offered a smile to her.

“Well, it’s actually Literature.” and with that the boys grimaced. "I have to do some research and write about it, I don’t know.”

“Sounds like team work. Monty does the research, you write what you need, and I don’t let you die of boredom.” Jasper proposed, which made Monty laugh.

“Sounds like a plan to me.” the Green boy shrugged.

They were always offering to help with anything she needed, even when it was annoying to them. So precious. She couldn’t see herself hurting one of them. She couldn’t ruin their friendship, at least not between Jasper and Monty. If she couldn’t have both of them, so she couldn’t have any.

The three were very attached to each other, it would hurt in any of them to stay without the other. But if they weren’t so attached, it might not be that bad. So the idea began to assert itself in her head. The only way not to hurt terribly one of the two would be to distance herself from them.

"Actually,” she started, releasing their hands at the same moment, which made them both look at her. “I promised (B/F/N) we’d do it together, so… See you guys later?”

(Y/N) didn’t wait for an answer before walking quickly down the hall, though she had heard a confused “see you later” from the boys. They thought that maybe she was really worried about the homework, after all, the girl had almost failed the last Literature test. But they soon noticed that things were worse than that.

In the days that followed, (Y/N) began to avoid any kind of physical contact with them. She made excuses not to hold their hands – “My hands are sweaty, it’s disgusting.” - or kiss them – “I feel a little sick, it’s not a good idea” -. And suddenly she seemed to be always busy with something when they asked if she wanted to go out on a date – “Girls night tonight, boys.” - or just goof around the Ark – “I’m kind of tired now, maybe later” -.

The boys found it weird, but they thought she might need some space for herself, since they spent most of the day together. Then they gave her the space she needed, until she actually began to avoid them. Ignoring them, pretending that she wasn’t home when she clearly was - and asking her parents to make up some excuse for her -, stopping going where they went together, simply not talking to any of them at any time of day. It hurt like hell in them.

But it hurt in her, too. It hurt in her every time she saw them going to talk to her after and she had to leave practically running in the hallways so they wouldn’t reach her. It hurt every time she kneaded the paper notes they sent during class to communicate with her. It hurt to not have them there now that she was feeling miserable for having to stay away from them. But the pain now would be nothing compared to a pain they would feel if she had to choose between them.

Tears streamed down (Y/N)’s face as she was curled up on the couch in her house, wondering what she was doing, if that was the right thing to do. It should be. It had to be. Loud knocks on the door made the girl jump in her place, raising her head, startled, to look at the door, as if she could see who was outside.

“Stop being so loud!” she heard Monty’s voice saying reprovingly.

“(Y/N)!” Jasper shouted, knocking on the door. “(Y/N)!”

“Stop it!” the other one raised his voice. “She must have heard already.”

"What if she didn’t?” and the next word was shouted as loud as Jasper could. “(Y/N)!”

The girl remained on the couch, staring wide-eyed at the door, just wanting them to leave. There was no way they knew she was even there. If she kept quiet for long enough they would leave.

“We know you’re there, (Y/N)!” Jasper continued, his knock sounding like he was punching the door.

“You’re going to end up getting us arrested like that.” Monty sighed and the knocking stopped. “We looked for you everywhere. You have to be there, (Y/N).”

“Go away.” she said weakly, but it seemed loud enough for them to hear outside.

The next few seconds had been filled with silence, but she knew they hadn’t left, she hadn’t heard the sound of their footsteps. A murmur could be heard and she knew they were whispering to each other, probably deciding what to say. The girl got up, crawling to the door to see if she could hear what was being said, but the moment she put her ear to the door, the murmuring stopped.

"Was it something we did?” Jasper’s voice sounded loud again. (Y/N) could feel her heart ache.

“Look, we don’t know what we did, but if you talk to us, we can work it out.” tears began to fill her eyes again when she heard Monty’s words. “Just please, talk to us.”

And then she burst into tears, loudly this time. She knew they were aware that she was crying because she could hear their attempts to comfort her from the other side of the door.

"You didn’t do anything.” she started, her words getting a bit difficult to understand because of her crying voice. "But don’t tell me you’ve never noticed people looking at us every time we’ve went out together. Or that you’ve never heard any nasty comment about us.” she sobbed a few times. "Don’t you worry if our relationship is not going to be like this forever? I don’t want to have to choose between the two of you.”

She tried to keep more tears and sobs to come out so she could keep talking, but she couldn’t. So she kept crying, that being the only thing that could be heard in the next minute.

"We noticed that, (Y/N). And we hear what people say too. But we don’t care about that.” Monty started as the girl calmed down a bit.

"We know our relationship won’t be exactly the same forever, but we’ll sort this out together as we always do.” Jasper continued.

"You love us both equally, and it always be like that.” the crying started again when Monty finished speaking.

The girl, through sobs and tears, had tried to say that she really loved them. (Y/N) could hear Jasper chuckling before saying “We love you too.”. How had he managed to understand what she had said? No idea. “I hope you know we can’t hug you through the door.” he said again, which made (Y/N) remember the door was still separating them.

With her face full of tears and probably swollen from crying, (Y/N) opened the door, not waiting for a second to jump into the arms of the two boys, who didn’t hesitate to hug her back.

“I’m so sorry.” she murmured, squeezing them, feeling Jasper kiss the top of her head as Monty stroked her back. “I really do love you.”

“Yeah, we can see the mess you’ve become without us.” Jasper said playfully, which made her smile as they pulled away from each other.

“Talk to us next time, okay?” Monty wiped away one of the tears that was still on her face. “We’re here for you.”

(Y/N) nodded, her small smile widening at her lips as smiles appeared on the boys’ faces for finally being able to talk to her. No matter how close the people were to them, they were the only ones who understood their relationship, they were the only ones who needed to. They loved each other, and that was all that mattered.


Time Will Tell

An idea popped into my head so I had to write it. Plus it’s been almost a year since the season 12 finale so they’ve been married for almost a year in my book (cause who cares about Greys timeline, right?)

All my previous fics can be found here (x)

The day was finally here.

Their one year anniversary.

They have been married for a whole year.

And Amelia was so, so lost. She had no idea what to give him.

And the fact he kept going around with a stupid, yet adorable, grin on his face, teasing her, saying he was sure she was going to love the gift he got for her certainly wasn’t helping her.

She could ask Meredith and Maggie. Although, Meredith would probably say she was busy and couldn’t care less. And Maggie would probably tell her to buy plane tickets to Paris and have dinner on top of the Eiffel Tower or something disgustingly romantic along those lines.

The thing is, she wasn’t feeling as excited about this as she should be. Each time she struggled with ideas of what to give him she could feel her mood go a little down.

So not only was she frustrated with herself for still not having bought him anything yet, she was also getting mad that she wasn’t as excited as she should be to be celebrating a whole year of sharing her life with that man.

Because despite the ups and downs - or more downs than ups - it had been the best year of her life.  She learned that Owen would always be by her side no matter what and would always love her despite the dark and scary things of her past. Because that’s the type of guy he is.

And she couldn’t be more happy and proud to call him her husband.

But all of this didn’t help with the fact that she still didn’t know what to give him.

It was starting to affect her job. She kept thinking about it throughout the day and during surgeries. It got so bad that she had to force herself to focus on the open brain in front of her.

And that’s where she was standing now, with a person’s skull open in front of her. And all she could think of was Owen.

Also, the fact he was standing two feet from her, operating with her, certainly didn’t help.

“So, I thought once we finish here, we can go celebrate.“

Amelia’s hands froze for a split second but soon carried on their function. “Where are we going anyway?”

“I told you, it’s a surprise.” He smiled.

She huffed but smiled anyway. It was kind of cute how bad he was at hiding his excitement. For the past few weeks, she caught him staring at her at random times with a discreet silly smile on his face. The kind of smile that made her love him just a tiny bit more.

“Alright, but I still need to go somewhere before we do your thing. So maybe, you could pick me up at home?”

He looked at her sideways, his expression saying ‘what are you up to?’, but knowing Amelia there was no point in asking that, so he simply smiled and agreed. “Sure, that works.”

Once the surgery was done, Amelia quickly changed clothes and made her way to her car.

And she still wasn’t sure what to give him. There was nothing he had shown any particular interest.

She could give him a tie, but he hadn’t been Chief in a while so he barely wore them now, beside it was a completely boring gift. She could give him tickets to a Hawks game, he would surely like that, but she was aiming for something more meaningful than that.

She didn’t want something cheesy and overly-romantic, because they both know that’s not her thing- or his, for that matter. That’s not how they express their feelings.

But she wanted to give him something that showed him just how much she loved him. Something that showed how grateful she was for this last year with him, but that also showed how excited she was for all the years to come.

It had to be something with meaning, and the years they’d spent together would only add even more meaning to it. It had to be something their, still nonexistent, kids would look at one day and know it represents the love their parents have for each other.

Suddenly an idea popped in her head and her heart filled with excitement.

Quickly putting the car into drive, Amelia stepped on the gas and got to business.

Meanwhile Owen was going around the house waiting for Amelia. He tried sitting down, but he was too excited for their night. He was pretty sure she was going to love everything he prepared for them. But that didn’t stop the little voice in his head saying ‘what if she doesn’t like it? you’re screwed man…”.

Maybe he should have done the traditional thing. He should have made a reservation at a fancy restaurant, he’d give her flowers, say she looks beautiful. She’d smile and lean in to kiss him. They’d exchange gifts and go home to show each other just how strong their love is.

Although, he knew Amelia didn’t care much for the traditional way of things. She preferred to do things her way and go with what felt right.

So that’s exactly what he did.

Finally Amelia arrived home. He barely had time to look at her because as soon as she crossed the door she ran to their room, closed the door and yelled that she need 10 minutes and then they could go.

True to her word, 10 minutes later the bedroom door opened and the most beautiful woman he had ever seen came out. She had a simple, yet beautiful, black dress on that hugged her curves perfectly. Her hair was down and curly, just the way he liked it. And her blue eyes had this sparkle to them that made him just want to kiss her.

Amelia made her way to him and extended her hand for him to grab. Owen playfully twirled her around, brought her closer to him and whispered, “Beautiful.”

And was rewarded with a kiss.

“Let’s go.”

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see soon. Come on.”

They got in Owen’s truck and were on their way. Amelia slid into the middle sit and nestled her head on his shoulder, occasionally placing gentle pecks on his neck.

Too busy with the feel of his pulse on her lips, Amelia barely noticed the truck had come to a stop, let alone where it had stopped.

Looking around Amelia noticed they were in the middle of the woods, more precisely, the exact place in the woods where his trailer was once parked.


Owen simply smiled at her and got out of the truck. He went around it and opened the door for her to get out. Grabbing her hand, Owen brought her to the back of the truck and opened the tailgate.

There was an improvised bed made there. Some pillows, a few blankets and a pizza box. It looked perfect and cozy.

“Well, this is different…”

For a moment, he panicked. “Do you like it?”

“It’s perfect.” Amelia leaned in to kiss him and climbed into the back of the truck. “Come on.”

They both nestled against each other and the pillows. Owen threw the blanket on top of them and brought her closer to him, dropping a quick kiss to her temple.

“So, you really like it?”

“I do. I’m just wondering, how did you think of this?”

“Well, look up.”

She did as he said and the sight before her almost took her breath away. The sky was cleared and filled with beautiful shining stars. It looked mesmerizing and Amelia got lost in the sight. But his strong voice brought her back.

“Remember how you kept saying that when you lived in LA you liked going on Addison’s deck and look at the stars? Well, I could tell you missed it so I thought of place for you to see the stars here and what better place than where we had our first kiss.”

Too overwhelmed for words Amelia leaned in and brought their lips together. The kiss was intense, passionate and powerful. It screamed love and gratitude.

“I love you. I really do.”

He smiled at her and stroked her cheek, silently thanking everything and everyone that this woman was his wife. “I know. And I love you.”

The rest of the night was spent eating pizza, kissing and star gazing. It was just them there and it felt absolutely peaceful and perfect.

“Hey, sit up for a minute. I got something for you.”

“Funny, I got something for you too.”

Owen reached under his stack of pillows and pulled out a small box.

“You know we’re already married right?”

Owen pinched her side for her smartass remark and handed her the box. “Open it.”

She did as he said and found a ring inside. It was simple but elegant, with a thin silver band and a small diamond in the middle.  “It’s beautiful.”

“Yeah?” he grabbed it from the box and placed it on her finger right above her wedding ring. “I never got a chance to give you an engagement ring, and I don’t know, I always wanted to give you one.”

“I love it, Owen. It’s beautiful.”

“This past year wasn’t easy. But that doesn’t change what I feel for you in any way. I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I know you know that but I wanted to give you something that would show it.”

Amelia cleared a tear that was threatening to fall, stroked his stubbly cheek and chuckled. “It’s funny. I wanted to give you something that would show that too, but I couldn’t, for the life of me, think of anything.”

She took the box from her bag and fidgeted with it behind her back, hoping he wouldn’t catch on the fact she was nervous as hell. “Finally today I thought of something and I hope you like it.”

Amelia handed him the box and watched Owen’s face closely as he opened it.

Opening the box, he saw a watch inside. It was beautiful and it looked expensive as hell.

Amelia stared at him while he alternated between staring at her and the watch.

Feeling her nervous were getting the best of her, Amelia started rambling and trying to explain why she got him that specific gift.

“I would’ve given you the same one my mother gave my father, but it has a very special meaning to my family, and to me. And I want us to build our own special meanings, to start our own traditions. I mean, we’re building our lives, right? And I want you to remember me every time you look at it, the way my father remembered my mom whenever he looked at the time and-”

Her nervous rambling was interrupted by his lips crashing on hers.

“You like it?”

“I love it. I love you and- God, Amelia, I love you so much it scares me.”

She laughed, knowing exactly how he felt. “There’s one more thing…” Amelia looked at him smiling, and did a turning motion with her finger, indicating him to turn the watch around.

Owen flipped the watch around and saw an inscription. He brought the watch closer to his face to read it.

And his heart filled with love.

“time will tell how much i love you”

“Happy anniversary, Owen.”

“Happy anniversary, sweetheart.”

BTS cuddling styles - SUGA, JUNGKOOK, J-HOPE ver.

A/N: BTS kissing styles if you are interested HERE!

YOONGI: He’s not very affectionate, and he seems the type of person that really values his personal space. So at first, he’s going to be a bit miffed when you attempt to cuddle, keeping the physical contact at a minimum. However, it seems like cuddling with Yoongi will happen pretty fast. In the back of his mind, he really enjoys putting his head on your lap. He would like for you stroke his hair, because even though he’s going to want to be the dominant one in the relationship, he enjoys being pampered by you after a long, tiring day at work. He would recount his day, and tell you about the progresses he made in his music. As you talk, he’d have an adoring smile at his face, with that gummy smile of his. Moving on to cuddling in bed, Yoongi will have his arm stretched out, for you to put your head over so that his arm acts as your pillow. He seems the type to feel stuffy and hot easily, so you two would have some distance (but not a lot) between you. He’d fold his remaining arm over his eyes when sleeping, or sometimes on his sides. This is pretty rare, but when he’s feeling extra romantic than usual, he will hold your hand whilst you two talk or sleep. Yoongi is the type to have really deep conversations with you during the day, talking over tangled aspects of the relationship, or about the future. Overall, he’s not going to cuddle everyday, but just on some of the days where he feels like he needs your warmth and comfort. He’s going to keep a little distance between you two, so that he doesn’t feel sticky and hot. While cuddling, it would be an equal ratio of both of you talking.

JUNGKOOK: It’s not that he’s unaffectionate like Yoongi, but he’s really shy. Given his age, I don’t think he would have gone that far with girls before, so he’s going to be like the worried naive boyfriend that wants to cuddle with you, but doesn’t know how to ask you. He wants to respect your boundaries, so it’s going to be you that initiates the cuddle. While on the couch, you would to the classic cuddle of resting your head on his shoulder. After you initiate that skinship, he would casually sling his arm over your shoulder, putting his head slightly over you as well. Once you are both comfortable enough with cuddling, he will like for you to rest your legs over his lap, and and he will use his other arm to put it over your leg. Meanwhile, on the bed, he’s going want you to be the one cuddling him. He’d sleep on his sides, with you throwing your arms over him. In a relationship, he’s going to want you to be motherly at times, so he would find inner comfort and peace if you were basically the big spoon while sleeping. Unlike Yoongi, he would like for you to stroke his hair. Jungkook is not really one for deep pillow talks, but instead, he will say cute things like: “I missed you so much today”, “You know I love you, right?” and “Jimin hyung kept annoying me today” and whine jokingly about his day. Another difference with him and Yoongi while cuddling is that Jungkook is going to be the one to vent all his frustrations of the day, so it’s usually going to be him talking rather than you. He’s not going to want to cuddle everyday, as well.

HOSEOK: Out of the three, he’s the most affectionate and least shy about wanting to cuddle with you. He would advance to the cuddling stage at a normal pace, but he does, there’s no turning back. He would really love cuddling with you casually, while talking just because he loves the intimacy of it all. He’s the one that would rather listen you speak about your day than his, because he finds it adorable and let you speak. Hoseok and you are going to remain in the “honeymoon” phase of the relationship for a long time, partly because of his personality. Whilst on the couch, he would like for you to sit on his lap, with him wrapping both his arms over your shoulders holding your hands from behind. He would love just being able to smell your scent, and so close to you after a tiring day. It has been revealed that he likes being touched while sleeping, so he’s going to want to sleep in the “Honeymoon Hug” position. It’s a very intimate, affectionate position where you both lay on your sides, hugging by wrapping both your arms each other, tangling your legs together. While you do that, he will really love if it you stroke places on his body, like his hair, or in particular, his arms. Hoseok mentioned that his mother used to caress his arms while he slept, so he’d like the feeling of motherly protection he gets if you do that. It’s been revealed that Hoseok falls asleep within five minutes of going to bed, so he’d likely be too tired to have pillow talks frequently. I feel like he doesn’t want to burden you about complaining about his irritations during the day, so he’ll focus more on you. Common things he will say is: “Why are you so cute?”, or “I love you so much aegi!”



Hope you like it hun! Enojoyed writing it and played around with your idea, if you have any other requests, hope you like it <3 <3


Everyone was laughing and joking, we were all round Brendon’s house for the evening, drinking and having some food, we all tried to get round Brendon’s at least once a month to meet. Of course nine times out of ten I ended up round Brendon’s more like once or twice a week, the truth was, I loved seeing him, I loved being around him, I just loved him. But it wasn’t like he’d ever be interested, he could have any girl he wanted, I’m sure I wasn’t on that list, we had been best friends ever since we were kids, I’d seen plenty of girls come and go and it tore me apart every time I saw him with another girl. I held my stomach, it hurt from the bruising, I had decided to give my dad another chance and it just resulted in him getting drunk and hitting me again, the bruises covered my stomach and arms, hence why I had worn a sweater tonight. He nudged me out of my thoughts.

“Remember that?” He asked, looking expectantly at me, he had his usual tshirt and jeans on, his hair floppy and a little messy.

“Hmm?” I had no idea what they were talking about.

“Brendon was telling us about that time you two woke up in vegas after going out for the night.” Dallon smiled at me his arm round a girl I didn’t know, there always ended up being one or two unknown girls at Brendon’s gatherings.

“Oh! Yeah turned out we managed to find our way to Caesars Palace and rented a suite, it was some Hangover shit I’m telling you.” I laughed at the memory, that night stuck in my mind because I remembered Brendon kissing me, he never seemed to remember though so I never mentioned it.

“I swear we somehow wound up with a huge ass speaker?” Brendon asked drinking some of his beer.

“Yeah, fuck knows how we got it into the hotel room without being noticed or arrested.” I laughed and he smiled back at me, flicking his hair out of his face. The evening was going well, despite being in pain I was enjoying myself, me and Brendon kept disappearing to smoke, but no one seemed to care. I kept noticing one of the random girls looking at Brendon, desperately trying to flirt with him, he wasn’t giving much back, only the odd flirty comment and look, but nothing more. He kept touching my arm, stroking my back and hugging me but I didn’t think anything of it, I knew for a fact I wasn’t his type, he was probably just being friendly.

My phone buzzed in my pocket and I slipped it out to read the message it was from my dad.

“Can we talk, I’m sorry.” I read it and froze, this was emotional torture, he would sober up then ask me to see him then get drunk again, I couldn’t handle this.

“I’m going for a smoke.” Brendon nodded as I left, watching me leave the room, I snuck out into his garden and slumped down behind a wall, tears began streaming down my face, I slid my sleeve up to check the bruising, it had gotten worse since yesterday, deep purple marks mottling my skin, I dreaded to think what my stomach looked like. I lit a joint, I didn’t always smoke but I needed it today, taking a pull I wiped my tears away with my sleeve, drawing my knees up to my chest.

“Y/N?” I heard Brendon’s voice from over the wall. “Jesus! How did that happen?!” He crouched next to me, noticing my tears and all the bruising.

“It’s nothing.” I sniffled and wiped my eyes and nose again.

“Like fuck is that nothing!” He gently touched the bruising, his eyes filling with concern, he sat next to me. “Tell who the fuck did this to you.” Anger filled his voice, his jaw clenched and his fingers lingered on my skin, I was enjoying the contact.

“Look, it really doesn’t matter.” I shook my head and looked down, he jumped up and left for a moment, I heard him ordering people out of his house, a few girls whining voices filling the air, he insisted and a few minutes later he came back and offered me his hand.

“Come inside.” He pulled me up and led me inside, taking the smoke off of me and taking a pull, he guided me down onto the couch and flopped down next to me.

At first he didn’t mention the bruising, but it didn’t take long before he brought it up again, I refused to tell him again, he got frustrated and suddenly before I could act he stole my phone and read the message.

“Was this him.” I tried to stutter out a lie but he cut me off. “Just tell me Y/N.” I couldn’t even speak, I nodded looking down. “How long has this been happening?”

“Since I was a kid.” I wiped tears away, hugging my legs against my chest.

“You mean this has been happening the whole time I’ve known you, god I can’t believe I didn’t realise things were wrong.” He shook his head and hugged me tightly, pulling my body against his chest. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s ok, it wasn’t your fault.” I looked up at him, my feelings going insane as he looked at me, regret filling his eyes. “Please tell me what happened? I need to know if I can help you.”

“He would get drunk and hit mom, and then when mom left, he turned on me.” I got tearful again, it was hurting me to think of my dad, as well as it hurting me to be so close to Brendon knowing he didn’t feel the same as me.

“And this was all the time?” I nodded as he spoke, tears welling up and streaming down my face, he wiped them away.

“It’s why I used to come round yours so much, your mom knew it was happening so she used to let me stay a lot, especially once I got older.” He kept stroking my hand slowly, holding it in his own.

“Oh god I’m such an idiot. I’m so sorry, I could have done something.” He shook his head, kissing the back of my hand, I looked at him feeling guilty for how bad he was feeling.

“No! It was nothing you could have stopped, seeing you was the only thing helping me get through it.” I was so teary and broken listening to him, he slid my sleeve up and gently stroked the bruising on my arm, tilting his head to the side, I looked down, tearing up again, I couldn’t stay here, I couldn’t be this close to him just for nothing to happen and watch him end up with another woman next week. “I should go Brendon.” I sighed and tried to stand.

“What? Why? Don’t go.” He pleaded with me but I pulled away and stood, trying to walk away, he took my hand and stopped me. “Please, what is all this about, you can talk to me you know.” I kept trying to pull away.

“Just forget it Brendon, its nothing to do with that.” I turned my face again.

“Just tell me!” He pulled me back to him once more.

“Because I love you!” I yelled out, realising what I had just said, I froze and stood still, blushing bright red, I tried to pull myself away to leave but he wouldn’t let me.

“You mean that?” He asked softly, stroking my hand slowly, his eyes soft as he watched me, I didn’t know what to say, I felt like this was a trick. I nodded slowly, hesitating to tell him the truth, he pulled me closer and kissed me softly, his hands slipping down to my waist.

I was frozen in shock, had Brendon really just kissed me? He held me against him, rocking me slightly, his kiss lingering on my lips, he pulled me back down onto the couch and looked at me.

“Do you really love me?” He asked, stroking my face and hair, his other hand trailing over my arm, so softly so he wouldn’t hurt me.

“Y…yes, I do… I…” I stuttered as he looked at me, feeling his fingers in my hair, his eyes staring into mine, fingers tracing my skin. He kissed me again, holding me close to him, holding the back of my neck as his lips moved against mine, I was frozen unable to kiss back.

“Kiss me.” He whispered, his voice seductive and soft in my ears, I couldn’t resist, hesitantly my lips began to move in time with his, his tongue flicked out against my lips a little, encouraging me to part them, as soon as I did I felt his tongue move in my mouth slowly. He gripped my waist and pulled me closer, causing me to hiss in pain and tense.

“What is it?” He asked pulling back, his eyes full with concern, I didn’t want to say, he slid his hand down to my top and slid it up slightly, exposing the mottled bruising on my stomach, he gasped and covered his mouth. “Oh my god, Y/N, I… I didn’t know.”

“No Brendon, it’s ok. You didn’t know, you couldn’t have known.” He gently ran his fingers over my skin, touching the bruises softly with slow gentle movements.

“I’m so sorry.” He whispered kissing me softly once more, he slid me under him and held my waist gentler this time, his lips stayed pressed against mine, I moaned against him. “I love you.” He mumbled, before long he stood and gently swept me up into his arms, he carried me to his bedroom and set me down onto the bed.

“Do you mean that?” I asked shyly, he stripped his tshirt off and clambered onto the bed with me.

“Of course I do, I just didn’t think you would want me, I thought you’d want someone less crazy. I’ve thought about you every night since we kissed in Vegas” I blushed and felt his lips meet mine again, I was so shocked he remembered.

He stripped my shirt off and gently placed kisses all over my abdomen and hips, his fingers slipping against the waist of my jeans, undoing the button and pulling the zipper down and sliding them off of me. His kisses trailed lower down to the hem of my panties, he bit the waistband gently and kissing my clit, my back arched in pleasure at the contact, he stripped them off me and threw them on the floor. His tongue flicked against my clit, causing my breath to hitch, expertly moving his tongue in circles, my moaning filled the room as his fingers touched my stomach.

“Brendon…” I gasped, his movements were causing my stomach to tighten, he moaned against me cause small vibrations to tingle me, I noticed his hand slide down into his own jeans, moving up and down in the tight material. It turned me on even more seeing him do that for me, I was close already he was far too good at this, he sped up hearing the hitch in my moans, I couldn’t contain myself, I was about to come undone.

“Oh god Brendon…” I moaned his name as I lost it, cumming to his tongue’s movements, his hand quickened in his jeans as I writhed and trembled, satisfied with himself he stood and took his jeans off, he was hard and biting his lip at me, he climbed down onto the bed and got between my legs, his fingers touched slowly.

“Is this all for me baby.” He whispered his fingers sliding inside a little, his hand moved down, guiding himself inside slowly, my back arched as he tensed too.

“Oh Y/N you’re so tight.” His voice was tight and strained, he started to move, slowly at first, kissing my forehead and lips repeatedly, biting my neck gently. He kept slow for as long as he could stand before he gave in and started moving faster, gripping onto my thighs and holding me closer to him, resting my legs up against his hips. He was careful not to grip me too tightly, I could tell he was being careful not to hurt me, his face was so sexy, full of lust and pleasure, it drove me insane.

The room was silent other than our moans in the air, his lips crashing down on mine, his fingers gripped onto my thighs, pulling me down the bed so he could push deeper.

“Shit!” I gasped, the new angle hitting my g-spot perfectly with each thrust, he groaned deeply in response, biting my lip gently, pulling on it, he was doing all the right things, driving me insane. My hands slid onto the muscles of his back, they were flexing under my fingers, his body moving in time with mine, his breath hot on my neck. I felt his hand gently slide under my back, avoiding the bruises and pulling me up against him, he felt so tense I didn’t think he could last much longer. He sped up, starting to go harder against me, sweat glistening on his forehead.

“Uhh baby, I’m getting close.” He moaned into my ear, I shuddered, feeling his teeth nibble my neck and earlobe, he started to apply suction to the skin he was biting on my neck but I was too absorbed in how good it felt to care. The pain sent shivers up my spine as I heard his loud grunts in my ear, he relinquished his claim on my skin and came up so he could see me, he bit his lip with a devilish grin, kissing his handiwork on my neck again. He picked up speed and started thrusting harder than ever, moaning my name and throwing his head back, his mouth hung open in pleasure, I savoured every move he made, my body starting to tighten around him, I felt his movements starting to grow sloppy and laboured.

“Fuck Y/N I’m gonna cum.” He growled loudly, his fingertips digging into my thigh, I felt him throb inside me, setting off another orgasm.

“Brendon!” I yelled out, gripping his back tight, I felt my nails dig on his back slightly, he groaned in response, moaning my name as I felt him cum too, he kept going for as long as he could stand, his moans were so sexy they were driving me insane. After a while he collapsed next to me, panting and breathing heavily, and smiling wide.

“Wow.” He whispered, kissing me softly, stroking my skin again.

“Yeah… wow.” I grinned back at him, my hand sliding up his chest to his neck stroking it gently.
“I promise I’ll never let that happen to you again.” He looked me dead in the eyes, stroking my skin.
“It’s not your responsibility.” I felt guilty that he felt so responsible for me.
“It is now.” Propping himself up on his elbow, kissing me more, it was like he couldn’t get enough of me.
“What do you mean?” I hesitated.
“Well I’m hardly gonna let my girlfriend get hurt am I?” He smiled, fingers running up and down my spine.

“Did you mean all that?” I blushed as I asked.

“Mean what?” He stretched a little before snuggling up to me.

“When you said you love me?” I got a serious look in return and one long slow kiss, his fingers stroking my skin in soft gentle caresses.

“I meant it.” He kissed me once more. “I love you.”

“I love you too” He cuddled me against him as I spoke, both of us drifting off to sleep together.

Hope you enjoyed it Love you! <3

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rfa members + v reacting to their s/o suddenly breaking down one day, out of shock that someone actually loves them? like theyve gone a long time thinking they'd never be loved so much, especially in a relationship

Oh, man, this one is like a nail to the head but all of you please always remember that you are loved. The world can be cruel but you do come across someone who loves you, please don’t forget how special you can be and are ♥

Zen: He’s panicking. Did he do something wrong? All he did was wrap his arms around your waist to tell you how much he loves you and now you’re suddenly crying? He always did this though, what makes this time any different? He tries so hard to get an answer from you but all he can make out are words choked out in between sobs telling him that if he’s joking then it’s not funny.

“I don’t understand, my princess. Why are you crying? Do you not believe my words? They are as true as my heart!” He holds your body tighter, a finger tilting your chin up to stare into his pained eyes.

“Do you really mean it? Do you really love me?”

“Of course! How could I not!?” He stroked the tears away from your cheek with the pad of his thumb, his lips curved up into a gentle smile full of adoration. “You have made my life as bright and beautiful as the night sky we shared together when we first met. I love you so much, I want you to always be mine.”

“I’m sorry,” you sniffed and rubbed your cheek against the hand resting on your face. “I’m so sorry, I never meant to doubt you. I just never thought I would find someone that would love me as much as you.”

His heart broke at your confession but nevertheless he kept his composure, the arm still wrapped around your waist tugging you closer to make it easier to lean down and place his lips upon yours in a gentle kiss. He would make you love yourself as much as he loved you, this he swore.

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CLYDE for the "spell a character's name in my askbox and I'll tell you my headcanons..." thing c:

C - can they swim well?
  Yes! Clyde loves swimming! He really loves doing canon balls and is surprisingly good at the back stroke!

L - What is their favorite board game?
Candy Land, honestly. He still has his original copy of from when he was a kid. He also likes playing pictionary, even though he’s super bad at it.

Y - What is one question they’ve always wanted an answer too?
Why do all the dead animals show up at Stark’s Pond?

D - How they react to being flirted with?
It’s 50/50 honestly. Sometimes, Clyde doesn’t even notice that someone is flirting with him! When he does, he usually flirts back.

E - How are they with children?
Clye is that super fun uncle that all the kids love but who also shouldn’t be allowed to babysit, because he has literally no rules and will do anything they want to do.
Thank you for the prompt!


wc: 998

All the fears you held for the most part trailed back to your relationship with Ashton.  He was gone for so long and it drove you mad from time to time as you worried whether or not his feelings would sway.  There are millions of other girls on the planet for him to meet and find they’re just as amazing as you.  The distance in general may just cause him to not want to bother with keeping you two connected.  The idea of him splitting from you for those reasons were some of the heaviest thoughts that would weigh in the back of your mind.

You walked in through the front door of your shared apartment.  It hadn’t been an easy day and everything.  People you’d dealt with pushed every button and you just wanted to sleep until Ashton woke you up with some cheap dinner he bought on the way home from working.  He’d been back for a little over two weeks.  There hadn’t been a shift in how he acted, you learned.  He was still very much infatuated with you and that in itself made you extremely happy, especially since he’d been very busy and you hadn’t properly spoken to him for a while before he came back.

Your phone began ringing and it sounded somewhat like a kettle.  Ashton must’ve jokingly changed the ringtone.  Sliding your finger dully across the screen you declined to answer the number you didn’t even take the time to read.  The place was a lot cleaner than you remembered.  In fact, it seemed kind of empty.  The furniture was normal, but it was like any accents, accessories, and the like had vanished.  It was blank in appearance and not touched with either your personalities or Ashton’s.

It really didn’t matter to you.  The room looked weird, but you were so tired and just wanted to sleep.  You walked in a precise route, only focused on getting to your room.  But then there were sounds.  You frowned.  It was voices.  Ashton wasn’t supposed to get home for another three or so hours, so it couldn’t be him.  And if it was him, who was with him?  

You couldn’t make out words, just familiar sounds.  It had to be Ashton.  The sounds were far too similar to his voice to be anyone else.  You had your hand gripped around the doorknob.  The way everything in the room in front of you sounded was grossly familiar.  Your head shook.  It couldn’t be what you were thinking.  The other voice was feminine, though.  You swallowed air, and bit your lip.  You couldn’t even turn your head, or think about running.  You weren’t thinking at all.

The door seemed to open all on its own.

An immediate gasp fell out of your lips and your body flew upright in the bed.  The bedsheets felt sticky with sweat and the air was heavy with your labored breathing.  Rubbing your face, soft whimpers escaped from you and it was impossible to get the tears to stay away.

“Babe?” Ashton’s voice.  Your hands tore away from your head giving you just enough time to watch Ashton move quickly from the entryway of the bedroom and crawl onto the soft surface next to you, “Baby, ssh.  It was just a dream.” He reached to hold you and an automatic response was for you to scoot away from him.  

You never saw his hurt frown since you covered your face again, hands shaking against your skin.  He stayed quiet, rubbing the back of his neck and wondering what to do.  Ashton didn’t want to make you feel the need to run from him, but all he knew how to help you was by protecting you in his arms.  

“You didn’t- you didn’t do anything wrong,” You blubbered out, sniffling and sighing, “I’m sorry.  The dream- it was just terrible.  I’m so sorry, Ash.”

“No, love, don’t apologize.” His hands gripped on the bedsheets.  He can’t touch you.  “Ssh, sweetie, none of this is your fault.  What happened in the dream?” You whimpered with the memories springing back up, and took a glance towards him.  He looked so concerned, but at a loss to do anything.

“You were,” You shook your head.  The words would hurt him and you felt sick even trying to say it, “There was another girl and-” You bit your lip.  His expression dropped into shock.

“I wouldn’t ever.” 

“I know.” You nodded quickly, “I know, I know.  You’re not that person.  I just, I get so scared because you’re away so long, and it’s like… What if you fall out of love with me.”  Ashton pulled you into his arms, unable to stop himself.  Rubbing your back, he kissed your temple.  And everything fell quiet.  Your heart was beginning to relax from pounding against your ribcage, and listening to his beat made your tears drift.

“You know, I get scared of the same thing.” He finally says quietly.  “I love you so much, though.  I really do.  I can’t fall out of love with you, darling.” As he begins stroking your hair, you lift your head up towards him.  “Your always on my mind, and maybe you won’t believe it, but I don’t really notice any girls on the road, sweetie.  You can ask the boys, I’m always blank in interviews because people say things and I think of you, and really it gets kind of annoying because you’re never out of my head.” He chuckles softly and kisses your forehead, “Not a bad annoying, as weird as that is.”

“I’m sorry about making you worried.” You hugged him.  Ashton stiffened his hold on you.

“Don’t worry about it.  I’d be really bad off too if I had a dream like yours.  But it wasn’t real.” He kisses you gently, letting his lips linger before moving his chin to rest on the top of your head, “This is real.  And I’m always going to love you.”

Seventeen telling their significant other they love them

Hey there Anon thanks for sending in a request, I am sorry this took a little longer then I wanted i really hope you like it!!!



S.Coups: The two of you would be in the kitchen cooking and eating together when he realizes it. He would have is arms wrapped around them from  behind and he would sigh and whisper in their ear

“Y/N I’m pretty sure I love you” 

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Jeonghan: since jeonghan’s Ideal girl is someone who supports them he would probably first realize he loved them when they were there at all of seventeen’s  performances and were always encouraging him. One day he would meet them after a show and confess

“Hey Y/N you know I really appreciate you always supporting us. I really love you!”

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Joshua: This babe would be sitting with his guitar playing them a song when he sneaks in a few lyrics written just for their significant other,And once he finished playing he would calmly turn to them 

“Y/N I really mean it. I love you more then anything in this world”

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Jun: He would would be out on a date with his Significant other when felt it was the right time. Jun would probably take her/him to some romantic dinner and make it some big ordeal

“Y/N I have something to tell you I …love you!” he would pull out flowers or some shit like that

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Hoshi: This would probably happen when hoshi and his s/o were in the studio late at night. He would be working hard on some new choreo when he suddenly runs up to them and grabs their face and gives them a quick kiss

“Y/N you know I really love that you always stay late with me. haha I think I love you”

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Wonwoo: Alright so mister dark and mysterious would probably not be very open about how much he loved his significant other. Since he said he didnt believe in love at first sight and that its rare to fall in love that quickly it will probably take some time before he tells anyone that he loves them which is what would make it fantastic and special once it happens

“Alright its official. I am so in love with you Y/N sorry its taken so long for me to say it”

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Woozi: Ok so this babe would be super awkward around any girl at the beginning so it would take some time for him to even think about saying I love you. Since he works so hard he would probably be in the studio with his significant other late at night and around 2 am he would look over to see that they fell asleep waiting for him to finish. 

“oh man sorry Y/N……….aish  I really do love you” he would whisper while stroking their head

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DK: He would probably confess his love really early in the relationship. Since he is energetic and sensitive he would fall head over heels in love and would probably confess his feelings everyday to his significant other

“Hey Y.N you know I love you right? haha I love you this much” 

He opens his arms wide and then pulls you in for a hug

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Mingyu: Since he is the shikshin of the group I bet he would confess to his s/o over food or something like that. The two of them would be out shopping for dinner and he would be filling up the cart 

“ahh jagi this is going to be so good man I love you!” 

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The8: Minghao is so cute I mean gosh who wouldn’t love this baby so I feel like when he finally says I love you it would be really cute and romantic and just perfect in every way possible

“I just need you to know that I love you more then anything”

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Seungkwan: He would probably be out with his s/o and all the other members of the group when he told them he loved them. Someone would be staring at his s/o and he would instantly get jealous and yell out

“Man Y/N I just love you sooo much!” he would then squish them to his chest and drag them away

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Vernon: This shy baby would be the picture perfect boyfriend I think and would probably not wait long to tell his s/o he loved them. He would want to wait for the right moment though and would stress about it and maybe even practice saying it a few times first

“h-hey jagi I wanted to make sure you know that I love you I mean you probably know that but I just wanted to tell you so you know for sure and…..and I am rambling haha”

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Dino: Dino and his s/o would be having an at home movie date when he looks over and sees them asleep. smiling he would turn of the movie and snuggle up close whispering in their ear as he wraps his arms around them 

“I love you sweet dreams” 

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Dean/Cas with baby!Claire Coffee Shop AU; yet another coffee shop AU. There can never enough of them in the world. Written for casinthongs because their encouraging words are part of the reason why I started writing again.

Dean notices him.

Not just because the man is incredibly attractive with his dark tousled hair and brilliant blue eyes or because of the man’s exceptionally polite and soft spoken manner, but also because the man always comes in with his baby daughter swaddled to his chest.

He always sits in the same area: one of the soft armchairs near the windows where the warm sunlight streams in. He’ll sit with his daughter perched on his lap, reading to her from a brightly colored picture book or acting out made up stories with her stuff animals complete with pretend voices or pulling silly faces at her to make her giggle. When his daughter is sleepy, he’ll cradle her gently to his chest and sing to her softly in that deep, husky voice.

Every motion and gesture the man makes speaks of overwhelming love and care for his daughter, and Dean might be a little in love.

‘Cas’ is the name the man gives for his order and Dean wonders what it’s short for. He may or may not have snuck glances at the man’s hands as he’s picked up his coffee and happily discovered that Cas doesn’t wear a wedding ring.

One day, Dean decides to take his chance. Instead of calling for Cas to come pick up his order at the counter, Dean brings the coffee and muffin to his table. Cas looks up in surprise as Dean places them in front of him.

“Thank you,” he says, flashing a soft smile up at Dean.

“No problem.” Dean can’t help smiling back. “You look like you got your hands full with that one.” He nods down at Cas’s daughter.

“Claire, say thank you to…” Cas looks back up at Dean, checking the tag pinned to Dean’s apron for a name. “…Dean for bringing Papa’s coffee.” He bounces Claire a few times on his lap.

“Ba!” Claire lets out a joyful noise, reaching out with chubby arms towards her father.

“Not quite.” Cas nuzzles Claire’s face then proceeds to nibble at her round belly, making her squirm and shriek in delight.

Dean knows he’s definitely got a goofy grin on his face as he watches Cas and Claire.

“What?” Cas asks as he catches sight of Dean watching them.

Dean shrugs. “You just really love her.”

“I really do,” Cas affirms, stroking Claire’s soft blonde hair. “It’s just the two of us now, but we do ok, don’t we, bug?”

Claire babbles from her spot on his lap.

“You ever think about finding a partner to share her with?” Deans asks as casually as he can.

Cas looks back up at him with a twinkle in his eye. “Well, I have had my eye on someone for a while.”

“Yeah?” Dean breathes, not daring to hope.

“Yes. This guy always has a smile on his face when I come in. He’s always warm and friendly with his customers and he’s respectful of his employees.” Cas is looking at Dean very pointedly.

Dean rubs the back of neck. From the heat in his cheeks, he’s pretty they’ve turned pink under the praise.

“And if that person is free on Saturday afternoon, I was hoping he would accompany Claire and I to the park,” Cas finishes.

Dean chuckles. “I’ve checked with him, and that person would most definitely love to come to the park with you and Claire.”

Cas’s smile grows even wider and it’s like looking into the sun.


It’s kind of beautiful to hear the lead singer of your favorite band talk about his favorite band the way you feel about his own band. But the best part is when he says that he used to stroke the record that helped him find himself. I do the exact same thing. I stroke my The National vinyls the way he stroked Louder Than Bombs. I always had and I always will. We’re all the same and music is the best fucking thing ever. [x]

one of the best things with art and the millions of styles that exists within it, is that each style somehow resembles the artists themselves. look at the portraits made by your favourite artist, and then look at their face. i am almost certain you’ll see some similarities.

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"I really do love you, you know that right?" Cristina asked gently, reaching over to stroke her lover's face with her careful fingers.

Cornel smiled genlty, closing his eyes. “I love you too.” he wrapped his arms around her protectively. “And I got good news. I asked for a divorce. I’m taking my daughter with me to you.”

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Neighbors AU+ I heard you were sick so I came over with chicken soup and tea to make you feel better :)

Thanks for all the prompts, love!! Hope you enjoy :)

Caroline stared critically at her eyes. She was getting ready to leave for a night out with her friends Rebekah and Bonnie and the only thing left to do was her eyeliner. She needed complete silence to create the perfect cat eye. Painstakingly, she began to line her eyes, almost proud at how amazing her right eye wing turned out. The left was always a pain for her for some reason. She was almost there and-



Caroline’s hand jerked in shock, leaving a thin scraggly line of black streaked up towards her eyebrow. Her eye shadow was completely ruined, leaving her fuming. Groaning in annoyance, Caroline shot a nasty look at the wall next to her bed where the offensive sound came from. Thanks to the paper-thin walls that her apartment had, she could hear her next-door neighbor sneeze, cough, blow his nose, and essentially breathe heavy on a daily basis.

Normally, she and her neighbor Klaus got along. He was friendly for the most part, didn’t play ridiculously loud music, didn’t get in her way, and smiled at her in the elevator. Klaus was Rebekah’s brother and introduced the two girls a year or so ago and they instantly hit it off.

And he was drop dead sexy.

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