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Could you do a got7 reaction like the BTS reaction of you refusing sex?

Of course, Lets start with a little back story.

There was something comforting about going rehearsals with him, a sense of comfort in knowing that those he works with know you exist and that you belong to him, just like he belongs to you. But this was the first time he had asked you to go with him to a live show to watch. Usually, he liked to keep his business life and personal life as far away from one another as possible, not because he was ashamed, but just because he wanted to save you from all the pressure media put on idols who are dating.

You were so excited to go with him, and he was so excited to have you there, to show you exactly what its like for him. You spent all morning stuck to one another, his hand never leaving its secure place on your hip. Even when the other members excitedly bounced over to say hello and give you a sweet hug he was still there, making sure to pull you back. The two of you would laugh as he was put into wardrobe for the show, nd he would blush when you told him how good he looked. There was even a moment where he when he walked over to you, half way through going over what would be done and talked about during the show, just to plant a deep kiss on your lips because ‘you just look so cute.’

You sat by him during hair and make up, you knew these girls didnt like you. You were honestly expecting them not to. The thought of them with their hands all over the hair your tug at when hes pleasuring you and the lips you kiss when your feeling down sent a wave of jealousy through your stomach. It didnt matter though, you knew that, for the entire time he sat there his hand was on your knee, and his eye kept opening so he could look at you.

It was when he was getting the final touches on his make up done that your silly jealousy took a pang. The make up girl told him to look at her, which fine, she needs to make sure everything is even. But when she tilted his chin up with the tip of her pinky and blushed you wouldn’t help the feeling in your stomach.

‘Ive always thought you have the prettiest smile.’ She said stroking a brush along his bottom lip gently, making him smile.

‘Good, I always thought I was the best looking one out of this group.’ He joked. You would have laughed, but his hand left your knee and folded with his own in his lap. The artist looked at you, a smug look in her eyes that made the back of your neck tingle.

‘That feels really good.’ His voice brought you back to look at him. His comment was far from appropriate so why he decided to say it floored you.

‘Of course it does! I know how much you like this part.’ She said making him smile again.

You watched as she continued to apply the numeral pink to his lips. She could have stopped four seconds ago and it would have been perfect, but she had to keep going until their was a light shine on his bottom lip.

‘Whoops, too shiny let me fix that.’ She said bending closer to his mouth. She puckered her lips and blew gently, as if that was going to solve the problem.

You looked forward as she smiled triumphantly, the noise he had made making the smug look in her eyes grow darker. Crossing your arms you turned to face the mirror in front of you and you couldn’t help but catch the eye of another member who had witnessed the whole thing. Seeing that you stood and left the dressing room, not caring that your boyfriend was calling after you.

Not having any way to get home you just took your seat and waited. You tried to smile and laugh when they finally made their way onto the stage but there was no hiding the fact that you were hurt. If he was doing that around you what was he doing when you weren’t? Thinking only made you madder and seeing him staring at you with worried eyes only made you fuming.

In the car afterwards you tried not to sit next to him but he made people shift so he could. He tried to place his hand on you knee but you moved away. He tried to kiss you cheek but you pushed his chest. All you wanted to do was cry.

Getting back to your shared apartment you ignored him, even though he was talking like nothing was wrong. He wold have finally stopped when you walked into the bathroom and slammed the door, taking your clothes of angrily before stepping into the hot shower you had started for yourself…


You slamming the door would make his mind race. What had happened that you were now slamming doors? When you got out of the shower he watched you B-line it into your shared room. The sight of your bare back with pearls of water still holding to your skin made him smile, he loved your back. He’d stand and make his way over to you, licking his lips in the process before he was right behind you. You knew he was there but you had nothing to say to him, so ignoring him was your best option. That was until you felt his lips start on your shoulder and move up your neck. You stepped forward, continuing to ignore him as you reached for a set of comfy clothes. ‘Baby.’ he’d say wrapping his arms around your shoulders to try again. The thought of his lips made you sick, so you pushed him off of you. ‘Leave me alone.’ you said taking the clothes and heading back towards the bathroom. ‘Jagi, whats wrong?’ He’d say, his voice giving away the concern that erupted though his stomach. ‘I said leave me alone.’ You spat. You were just about to slam the door again when he caught it and followed you into the bathroom. ‘Tell me what is wrong.’ He said with stern eyes as you angrily pulled the shirt you grabbed over your head, scoffing when you realized it was his. ‘That shit that you pulled? That was embarrassing. How dare you let shit like that happen especially when I’m sitting right there next to you.’ You said, tears welling in your eyes.

‘Y/n, what are you talking about!’ He said trying to reach out for you again only to have you pull away. ‘Really? Are you that stupid that you didnt even realize that whats her face was all over you! Blowing on your fucking mouth, are you kidding me!’ You said, your loud voice now echoing off of the walls. ‘She was practically rubbing it in my face.’ You added, this time a bit quieter. He rubbed the back of his neck before rubbing his face and trying to pull you in one more time. This time you let him, you hated it when he looked upset. ‘Im so sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking.’ He said wrapping his arms around you tightly. ‘I can’t handle that kind of things. And if thats happening when I’m sitting right next to you? What happening when I’m not.’ You said, tears now falling.

‘Im so sorry. Nothing. Nothing is happening. Please, Jagi.’

He was your sense of comfort so as you cried you couldn’t help your hands that had wondered up to hold on to his back. Seeing how upset this had made you ruined him, he never wanted to see you cry and the fact that he was the one who made you broke his heart. He’d hold onto you as long as he needed too and although he knew you handnt fully forgave him, it wouldn’t stop him from making it very known that the behavior that had happened was uncalled for and would never happen again.


Mark would never do anything he thought would hurt you in any way. All he wanted was to be the best version of himself just for you. So when you started acting cold towards him his mind would race. He wouldn’t be able to focus during the show, talking less then he already did and when questions were sent his way he was having trouble answering them. When you stormed into the bathroom he figured maybe you just forgot to but deodorant on? He knew how weird you got when you thought you smelt so He’d leave you be, settling himself on the couch and turning the tv on. When you walked out with wet messy hair and in your pajamas he figured you were just tired, but he knew you were never to tired for him. He’d try anything to make you feel good. He stood, corning you in the kitchen before dipping his head down in attempt to kiss you. When you turned your head so he caught cheek his eyebrows would push together, you never turned down a kiss from him. He’d catch your chin and make you look at him, trying to bring his lips to yours again only to have you push his chest hard do he stumbled back away from you. ‘Don’t touch me.’ You said shooting daggers at him before picking up the drink you had poured and walking past him. You only made it half way to your bedroom before his hand caught your elbow. He spun you causing the drink to spill slightly and you to cuss. ‘What part of don’t touch me did you not understand!’ You yelled, trying to fight the lurch you heart gave when his eyes turned from confused to hurt.

‘What wrong?’ He’d ask in a small voice.

‘Whats wrong? Whats wrong is that my boyfriend Someone who is supposed to love me drops me in the blink of an eye when someone else is flirting with them. And the best part? He doesn’t even try to stop it.’ You yelled, pointing a finger at him so he knew exactly who you were talking about. His shoulders would slump and he’d take his bottom lip between his lips. ‘Jagi I-’

‘Dont Jagi I me. I saw what happened. I was there.’ You said turning to leave again. His hand reached for yours again and pulled you back around but this time when he turned you he saw just how hurt you were. ‘Please, I didnt mean it. I didnt think.’ He said trying to pull you into a hug. ‘Mark, stop.’ You said taking in a shaky breath. The hurt in his eyes made your heart turn over and you knew he meant it, you just weren’t ready to forgive him. ‘Im so sorry.’ was all he could whisper as he let you walk away again.

He knew you too well. The moment you were wrapped up in your blankets, tears slowing down and the need for him to hold you over powering you he was already in the room. He’d muster out a small ‘Jagi?’ Seeing if you were willing to talk to him and when you let your head poke up from the covers he’d rush over to you, making you scoot onto his side of the bed so he could slip under the covers in front of you and pull you into his chest. This brought a new wave of tears as you fisted the fabric of his shirt and cried. ‘I love you so much, I’m so sorry.’ you cried. He stroked your hair and made soft shushing noises to break up the sad ‘I love you’s’ he was whispering back to you.


Being completely oblivious of what had happened he’d be all over you the moment you stepped out of the shower. His hand would reach out for your towel and tug at it, laughing playfully as you tugged away from him and continued your way towards the bedroom. He’d then wrap his arms around you and continue to walk you forward, kissing your bare shoulder as the two of you went.

‘I swear to God, Jackson. Get off of me.’ You said shaking your shoulder hard, not caring as it ran gently into his chin.

‘y/n?’ He said, he would have thought you were just kidding and would have jumped right back into playing around, but the fact the you didnt apologize for hitting him in the face set his alarms off. You ignored him, and not caring if he was still standing there watching you, you stripped. Replacing the towel with your pajamas you climbed into bed and pulled the covers up, biting your lip as your eyes began to water. Jackson would call your name again and soon the feeling of the bed dipping down around you told you that he was sitting next to you. ‘I said leave me alone, Jackson.’ Your voice failed, giving off the fact that you were now crying.

‘Jagi, whats wrong? Hey, hey!’ He’d say softly, pulling at your arms till you were sitting up with your face in his chest.

‘Don’t touch me!’ You yelled hitting his chest, but as you tried to pull your arms out of his grip he just held on tighter, not letting you go.

‘Talk to me, why are you mad!’

‘You!” You screamed, finally getting him to let you go. ‘You sit there and humiliate me letting that… that bimbo actively flirt with you! She knew exactly what she was doing and stared at me while she did it! Obviously knowing that you weren’t going to do shit! You-’ He cut you off by pulling you into his chest, tears stinging his eyes as he realized what he had done and how much he had actually hurt you.

All he could do was say he was sorry as he buried his face into your neck, holding onto you tightly. His sorries would be staggered with a string of ‘please don’t leave me, please ill change.’ It would shock him how much this actually bothered him. You half expected him to laugh at your tears and tell you you were dumb, but how upset he had gotten only told you how much he loved you. You’d surprise him when you wrapped your arms around his head, your fingers gently playing with his hair as you silently cried realizing how rude you were being.

‘please don’t give me a reason to think you don’t love me.’ would be all you said before letting him kiss you sweetly.


Conversations from earlier in the day would sent him in a certain mood and while you showered it’d be all he could think about. He’d have trouble containing himself as he waited for the water to turn off and as soon as it did he was outside the bathroom door to wait for you. He’d smirk as you opened the door and looked up to him before walking right past to the bedroom. He followed you, watching the way your hips swayed under the towel and how your wet hair left streams of water down your bare back. You’d have walked up to the bed where your usual sleeping shirt was laying, not even realizing Jinyoung was standing behind you until his hands were running up your bare arms. You ignored him while reaching forward to slip the shirt over your body before stepping just out of his reach to slip on a pair of shorts. He’d step to you and take your cheeks between his hands before trying to lean down to kiss you. When you pulled your face from his hands he’d look at you with upset and confused eyes, confused as to why you were acting like this when not even three hours ago you were whispering things to one another. ‘Are we not going to do this?’ He’d ask, the throbbing in his pants subsiding as he thought about your buzz kill mood.

‘No, Jinyoung. Were not ‘doing this’.’ You said scoffing at him before walking back into the bathroom. He’d roll his eyes and turned around, readying himself for bed. Lights out and laying as far from him as possible you started to cry. He didnt care, if he did he would have figured out that you were mad at him by then. You’d sniffle once as his arm lazily found its way around your neck like it did every night, but still nothing. You’d take his arm off of you, removing yourself from the comfort of your blanket. He’d watch you stand up and make your way to the kitchen, eyebrows pressing together when you refused to return. He never was able to sleep well without you.

‘Jagi? Are you okay?” He’d finally say, bringing him from the bed and making his way over to you.

‘Go back to bed Jinyoung.’ You’d say. He’d realized that it wasn’t the kitchen that you had gone to, but the couch in the living room.

‘What are you doing in here?’ He said, eyebrows still pressed together.

‘Sleeping. Go away.’ You said rolling over so your back was not to him.

‘I dont understand why you would sleep out here when-’

‘Of course you don’t understand, Jinyoung! You never understand. You never open your eyes and realize how big of an idiot you are!’ You said, sitting fully up. You couldn’t help but cringe slightly at your choice of words.

‘Why are you acting like this?’ He’d say crossing his arms over his chest.

‘Why are you putting me second place to other girls? If i knew all it took was a few bats of the eyelash I wouldn’t have waisted any of my time!’ You said standing up so you were now practically nose to nose.

‘When did i put you second-’

‘The fact that you even have to ask that question is the reason why. I get it, girls flirt with you all day long, its apart of the job. But when Im- me the girl you live with and say ‘I love you’ too every night, when Im sitting there and its very obvious you’re into the attention the cute make up artist is giving you its very obvious I’m second.

‘Thats not true, y/n.’ He’d say making you scoff.

‘Then how about this,’ You started standing up, now more angry than ever. ‘You get to sleep on the couch tonight. See for yourself how it feels to be second.’ You said throwing the couch pillow at him and storming off into the bedroom. He wouldn’t let it drop that easy and would come bursting into the bed room, grabbing your hand and pulling you to look at him before you could get into bed.

‘Nothing. No one comes before you. Let that be clear. And now being aware of it I will make sure to put you where you deserve to be.’ He’d pause, hastily reaching for your cheek to stoke it, smiling slightly to himself when you let him. ‘I love you so much. Im so sorry you have to put up with my shit.’


The moment you had started to act distant towards him he’d know something was wrong. Usually when you got upset with him he’d wait it out, apologizing for what ever he did and you would turn around, tell him it was okay and the two of you would cuddle it out. This time was different. He had tried to hold your hand on the car ride home only to have you turn your attention to Jackson and start talking about how he thought the day went. He’d try again a little later, this time apologizing, but when you rolled your eyes knowing perfectly that he had no idea what he was apologizing for you’d just give him a stern look before folding your arms across your chest. Once home, he followed you like a puppy just trying to get you to talk to him but when you slammed the bathroom door in his face and turned on the water to drown out his calls he finally stopped. He’d go to your bedroom and sit on the bed with his head in his hands trying to figure out away to get you to tell him what was wrong. He ended on trying something new. No more pleading, just your favorite acts of love.

He’d watch you walk into your bedroom with just a towel wrapped around you. The daggers you sent him before turning back to your closet made him nervous. With a mental Fuck it He’d stand and close the space between the two of you. Just like he hoped you melted under his touch, letting him kiss up your neck till his lips landed on your cheek. You turned, ready to finally say anything and he’d press his lips to you, giving you the rough passionate kiss that always took you by surprise.

‘Im so sorry, I love you so much.’ He’d say between kisses. This brought reality back into your mind and instantly you pushed him off of you.

‘You don’t even know what your sorry about.’ you said softly, no matter how mad you were you couldn’t get yourself to yell at him.


‘Jae, you… That girl was all over you and you did nothing.’ You said biting your lip. The hurt in his eyes making you feel small and want nothing more than to wrap your arms around him. He hurt you though.

‘I didnt even realize it.’ He said, now knowing exactly what you were talking about. You gave a sarcastic laugh and shook you head, turning away from him once more.

‘You could have anyone and the fact that she felt like she could do that right infant of me just proves that you aren’t as serious about this as I am. I love you with all of my heart and you give girls the vibe that they can take you from me when ever they want. If that happened while I was sitting right next to you what happens when I’m not?’ You said, his eyes began to glisten at what you were suggesting.

‘I would never let anyone come between us, y/n. You know that.’

‘Do I? Because the one time you had a chance to actually prove that you did nothing.’

Thats what would wreck him. The fact that you were right, a girl was actively flirting with him and instead of stopping it he let it happen and he let you see it. He wouldn’t say anything other than a small ‘you’re right.’ to which you’d nod and let him pull you into another hug, this time accepting his promises to always be more attentive to what was happening around him, wether you were there or not.


You could hardly walk out of the bathroom you had been silently tearing in for the past hour without BamBam coming up behind you and slipping his hands under the towel that you clung to your body. ‘God, I want you so bad right now.’ He’d say, his lips grazing your ear before he nipped gently and started to kiss on your sweet spot. Normally you would be a giggling mess right now, already pooling in your panties just with the sole fact of getting him naked. He didnt seem to notice your lack of excitement through the feeling of your next to naked body was pressed against his already growing member. ‘You horny cause that bitch turned you on?’ You said finally getting enough courage to pull out of his grip. Not waiting for a response you walked into the bedroom and slammed the door, and quickly changing before he could walk into the room.

‘What do you mean?’ He’d say with a light bite to his voice.

‘Do you feel obligated to come back to me every night? Is that why we literally have sex all the time? Because girls at work are basically dry humping your dick and you feel like you can’t act on it? Do you picture them when you flip me over?’ You said throwing your towel at him. He caught it, his expression going from 100 to 0 real quick.

‘How could you say that?’ He said, his voice now small.

‘How could I say that?’ You started crossing your arms over your chest. ‘How could you basically let every girl in that room earlier know that Im just a show? That anyone could have you if they just tried hard enough!’ You said throwing the towel that was on your head at him now.

‘Does she fulfill your needs when I can’t? Will she let you do things that I’m uncomfortable with? Was that her marking her territory? Letting me know that you really don’t work late hours, that you spend more time with her?’ You yelled, frustration making your face read and your eyes tear up again.

‘Are you really- do you really think I would cheat on you?’ He said trying to take a step forward, but the look on your face told him he’d be better staying where he was.

‘I didnt think you would actually engage in a flirty conversation in front of me, but here we are.’

He was speechless. He knew there was nothing he could say to make you feel better and it was overwhelming. He’d move to sit on the edge of the bed and dropped his head into his hands, wracking his brain on something to say that would make you feel better. Your heart lurched for him and for a second you wanted him to hold you, but you were to proud. It didnt help that he thought of him knocking boots with the make up artist in a closet kept running through your mind. With a single tear running down your cheek you started to walk out of the room, the sight of him making your feel sick. You had been so convinced up until now that he was the love of your life. That nothing could touch the two of you.

You weren’t even able to make it to the door when he grabbed your wrist and pulled you hard. You didnt even have a chance to stumble before he was hugging you tightly, his arms wrapping themselves around your neck and shoulders.

‘Please, please don’t. I would never… I love you so much, please don’t walk away.’

‘Then give me a reason to stay.’ you said, both of you crying silent tears. He’d sniffle and lean back just enough to take your cheeks between his hands. He looked at you longingly, thumbs softly stroking the backs of your cheeks. There was a slight hiccup in his chest before he kissed you softly. Despite how angry you were the same feeling of excitement and passion erupted through your entire body. It was so loud in your ear that you didnt even realize your arms had reached up to hold him to you.

‘Please believe me when I say Id never do anything like that.’


Walking out of the shower you’d walk right into his arms. You had looked so amazing that day and he could hardly wait to get you home and express just how beautiful you were to him. His lips would be on yours in an instant as he softly held your head to his. He’d tried to deepen the kiss but you weren’t budging. You couldn’t ever get yourself to hurt Yugyeom, no matter how stupid he could be at times. Even now as you were held tightly to his chest, the sight of the make up artist blowing on his lips and the noise he had made kept running through your mind. You finally pushed him off of you, feeling like you could taste her breath. ‘No. Not happening.’ You said walking away from him.

You’ve played this game before, let him kiss you a bit and then moving away. He knew you loved to be chased so with a goofy grin he’d walk quickly after you, bending so he could get a good grip of your waist before picking you up off the ground.

‘Yugyeom I said no!.’ You yelled prying his hands off of you before turning around and pushing his chest. His face would fall in confusion, now not quite sure how serious you were being. You’ve never pushed him away that hard before. He decided to try again thinking maybe third times a charm.

‘Get off of me!’ You screamed raising your elbow from his grip. ‘Do not touch me. Do not touch me, do not touch me! Damn get it through your thick skull!’ You yelled as you turned to face him.

‘Why are you being like this?’ He’d say, it now fully registering that you were pissed.

‘Oh I don’t know, maybe its the weather, maybe I’m on my period. Or maybe, and you’ll laugh at this one, maybe my boyfriend was sitting there letting some girl mock me while she basically pissed all over you!’ You yelled, not caring how loud your voice had gotten. You watched as his eyes closed and he sat on the bed.

‘What, you’re mad she proved to me how easy it is to get to you? How easy it would be for her to take you from me?’ You bit.

‘I would never leave you for her.’ he said, but it seemed to just make things worse.

‘Fine, maybe not her. But if she could get that close to get under my skin I can only imagine what someone else could do. You’re gone a lot and I thought you understood how i felt about you and how I feel about not being able to be with you all the time. Why shouldn’t I get mad when a girl who sees you more then I do starts blowing all over you. Actions speak louder than words and you the letting go of me the moment she batter her eyes at you was a message I received loud and clear.’

‘Y/n,’ He said looking back to you. You waited for him to say something but ended up scoffing as he took to long to find his words.

‘Y/n please, I didnt even realize-’

‘Of course you didnt, why would you.’

‘Don’t be like this.’ He’d say standing up and making his way over to you.

‘Like what? Worried that the one person I love more than anything else is allowing girls to throw themselves all over him? And then does it when I’m sitting right there? Do you know how much that hurts?’ You said, clearing your throat to try and hide the way it had faulted.

‘I messed up. I wasn’t even paying attention to her, I… Its sounds cliché…’ He started, but bit his lip and looked at the floor when you had risen an eyebrow at him. ‘Its just you looked so pretty today and I was embarrassed cause, well you do things to me…’

In that instant your hard face fell and your eyes widened.

‘Wait.’ You said, covering your mouth. ‘You were sitting there letting me scream at you because you were horny and trying to hide it?’ You said trying to hide your laugh.

‘Dont laugh at me, you always do that to me.’ He said giving you a small worried smile.

His body would relax when you reached out for him and hugged his was it tightly. ‘Im sorry I assumed the worse.’ You said into his shirt.

‘I didnt realize how bad it looked. Im sorry.’ He said hugging you back.

Stargazing and controlling mothers JugheadXCooper!Reader Oneshot

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Fandom: Riverdale

Warnings: Does Alice Coopers existence count? 

notes: Lmao sorry for the long wait but I got hella busy and also sick. what can you do :/ anyways enjoy my PG fluff.

You stared at the ceiling, lost in thought. You were supposed to be doing math homework, but the glow in the dark star stickers that you had superglued to your ceiling in 4th grade were much more interesting. So you stared at your makeshift night sky and thought about everything.

You thought about your sister Polly, and how much you missed her.
You thought about Jason Blossom’s death, and how you didn’t miss him.
And you thought about your boyfriend, Jughead Jones, and how you really missed him. Your disapproving mother didn’t exactly know you were dating him, and you hadn’t been able to sneak off to see him in the past couple weeks. Everyone else knew, and you wished you could share that part of your life with your mom, but there was no way in hell she’d be okay with you dating the son of a Southside Serpent.

“(y/n)? Are you still awake?” Your sister Betty’s voice came from the other side of your door.

You tore your eyes away from the ceiling and ruffled a hand through your hair, “Yeah Betts, I’m still up. Come on in.” Your door creaked open and Betty walked in. She closed the door behind her and crossed the room to stand next to you.
You sat up and nodded, “So, what’s up?” you asked.

Betty smiled sadly before taking a deep breath, “I’ve just been thinking about Polly lately. I mean, I know Mom won’t let us see her. And even if she did, Polly might not even be herself. But I really wish we could, I really miss her.”

You flopped back on your bed, letting out a long sigh. “Yeah I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel like Mom’s trying to erase Polly, She won’t talk about her, won’t let us see her, and I hate it. I hate the whole thing. I miss her. I miss the way things used to be.”
Betty laid down next to you, the both of you staring at the star covered ceiling. You sat in silence for awhile. But after a few minutes Betty broke it with a complete subject change. “So, how’s Jughead?”

You grinned, “Good as far as I know. With your recent cheer-bellion Mom’s been cracking down on me with little errands for the newspaper. Trying to keep me busy, I think, so I don’t get any ideas about following in the scandalous footsteps of my sisters.”

Betty laughed lightly, “cheer-bellion?”
“Yeah. You know, Cheering-rebellion.”
Betty just laughed again.


The next morning you woke up before your alarm and rolled out of bed, your (e/c) eyes still bleary from sleep.  
You got ready for school quickly and threw your stuff in your bag. You climbed down the stairs and wandered into the kitchen. Betty was eating an apple and studying her history textbook at the kitchen table when you walked in.

“Are you studying at seven am?”
“Do you have a test today?”
“You terrify me.”
You shuddered jokingly and went to steal a sip of Betty’s orange juice, but she slapped your hand away. “Get your own (y/n)." 

You huffed as you grabbed a muffin from the box on the counter. "Nah, gotta get to school. Meeting…people.” Just as you had bit into your muffin, your mom walked in, already dressed for the day and chatting on the phone.
“Bye mo

m, I’m heading to school.” You waved before turning to walk out of the room. But Your mother’s voice stopped you.

“Where are you going, Sweetie? School doesn’t start for another hour.”
“I’m going early to work in the library for a bit.” You lied easily. You were meeting Jughead early today because you hadn’t been able to see him (other than the short lunch period) for weeks.

You grabbed your bag, muffin in hand, and walked out the front door. You walked to the school with a dorky smile on your face. There was a definite lovestruck idiot vibe coming from you.

When you arrived at the school, Jughead was waiting for you at the front doors. There were very few people hanging around the building, most teenagers didn’t show up an hour early to school.

When he spotted you he smiled. “Hey–” Before he could get out a greeting, you gave him a chaste kiss. When you pulled back he had a faint blush on his face, bringing a grin to your face. “I know you have a no PDA rule, but there’s barely any people around so. I feel like it shouldn’t count.”
He smirked, “I’ll let it slide this time.”

“Hey, guess who doesnt have newspaper things to do tonight!” You switched the topic to your evening of freedom from your mother’s incessant errands.
“Is it some unattainable version of you?” Jughead asked jokingly, but you sensed a tiny hint of sadness behind the teasing tone.
“Sorry to disappoint, but it’s just regular me. Shocker, right?”
He grinned, “So does this mean I can actually see you tonight?”
You nodded while smiling broadly.

You and Jughead sat and chatted for about half an hour until the school was overrun with your classmates.
You stood up to head inside, “I’ll see you at lunch?” Jughead asked. You grinned and nodded in confirmation. Then you went inside and headed towards your locker.

Later that day you opened your front door, immediately heading for your room, But before you could get even to the stairs, your mom stopped you. And she did not look happy.

“(y/n), are you dating the Jones boy?”

You froze and internally cursed. “What?” you asked, blindsided by her question.
Your mother held up Betty’s Diary and fixed you with a stern glare. Dammit. You knew she had been reading that fucking thing.
“You are aren’t you? You know how I feel about him! (y/n), I don’t think you should see him anymore.“

"I am not going to stop seeing my boyfriend just because you can’t get past who his father is!” Your temper was flaring. You crossed your arms, giving her a defiant glare.
She rubbed her temples. “(y/n), I just want what’s best for you–”
You cut her off, “No, you want what’s best for you.” Your tone was cold and clipped. 

She could control everything else, you didn’t care. You would not let her control this. Alice Cooper was not going to stop you from seeing Jughead Jones.
You readjusted your bag on your shoulder and stormed back out the front door.

You showed up at the Twilight Drive, completely pissed and on the verge of tears. You knew Jughead was working that night and he was the only person you wanted to see right now.

You knocked on the door to the little projector building, tears threatening to spill from your (e/c) eyes. Jughead opened the door, looking somewhat annoyed. His face immediately softening when he saw it was you, and not some unhappy drive-in patron. You didn’t say anything and just wrapped your arms around him, burying your face into his shoulder. Your breathing was shaky and unsteady from the overwhelming wave of emotions you were experiencing. Jughead put his arms around your waist slowly.
“(y/n)? What are you doing here?” Jughead asked you, his voice laced with concern. You mumbled something into his shoulder, nearly impossible for him to understand.

You untangled yourself from Jughead’s arms and looked up at him. “She said she didn’t want me to see you anymore.”
Jughead sighed. “We both knew that was coming.”
“Yeah, well…it’s not like I ever had any intention of listening. She can control whatever else she likes, but not this. Not us.” You closed your eyes and exhaled heavily. You didnt want to fight with your mom, didn’t want to wish she was someone else, but that’s just how it was. “Can I hang out here for a bit? I don’t really want to go home right now.”

Jugheads lips quirked up a bit at the corners and he nodded. You smiled and climbed up the chain link fence before twisting and pulling yourself onto the roof of the pink projector building. Jughead’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. Even he had never thought of doing that.

He followed you up and sat next to you, the movie screen illuminating the whole lot. There were a few scattered cars around, but most people didn’t see movies on weekdays.
“So, where’d you learn to do that?” Jughead asked as you leaned back, staring at the stars overhead.
You grinned.

“When I was 9, I had no friends other than Betty and Polly. This was around the time Betty had a bit of a phase about her little sister hanging around. Although, I think that was ‘cuz she didnt want me tagging along with her and Archie. And Polly had her own friends. So I was alone most of the time. So I got bored a lot and used to sneak over the fence and onto the roof here so I could watch whatever was playing without being caught. Mom wouldn’t pay for me to come here whenever anything she deemed inappropriate was playing, which was pretty much everything. So I had to get creative.”

Jughead snorted, “I guess we were both pretty adept at getting in here without being caught.” There was a trace of bitterness in his words. He got that whenever he talked about anything even remotely relating to his family.
You put your hand on top of his in an attempt to comfort him.

Jughead shook his head slightly as the movie credits rolled in the distance. “I’m okay. I just need to go take the reel out of the projector.” He lowered himself of the roof as you watched the people in cars pack up and drive off.  You heard the chain link fence rattling as Jughead appeared back on the roof, laying down next to you.  You put your head on his chest and stared up at the night sky.
“Don’t you have to go home?” Jughead asked, his chest rising and falling steadily beneath you.

You closed your eyes and smiled, “Probably.” But you didn’t move. You didn’t want to go home, not yet anyways.
You couldn’t say how long you and Jughead stayed like that, just watching the stars in comfortable silence. And pretty soon you fell asleep, your hands intertwined and your head still on his chest.

The next morning you were woken up by someone calling your name. “(Y/N)!?” you sat bolt upright and glanced around, Betty was wandering around the drive in calling your name. You almost had a heart attack when you realized it was morning.
You stood up and waved your arms to get bettys attention. “Betty! hey!” Jughead stirred at the sound of your voice, While Betty headed towards the building.

“What’s happening?” Jughead asked groggily.
“I’m going to die. That’s what’s happening.” You ran a hand through your hair and laughed ruefully. Your mother may actually kill you.

You and Jughead climbed down the fence and Betty grabbed you in a bear hug. “No one knew where you were and no one could get ahold of you! We thought you were dead! There’s a murderer running around!” Betty scolded you angrily.
You checked your phone and the screen was black, signalling it was dead.
“Oops?” You offered sheepishly.

Jughead leaned against the building and watched Betty scold you.
“Oops?! Mom is ACTUALLY going to kill you this time!” Betty grabbed your hand and tried to drag you while texting with her other hand, letting everyone know you were okay. You tugged your hand out of her grasp and walked back to where Jughead was standing.

“If this is truly my end, I love you Jughead Jones the Third.” You grinned, an overly dramatic tone in your voice. You kissed his cheek and ran back to where Betty was standing. He was frozen with shock. That was the first time either of you had said I love you.

“What?” You asked innocently.
Betty laughed lightly, even though she was still beyond angry with you. Your mom’s car pulled up and Betty leaned over to you. “Any last words?”

You would’ve laughed if you weren’t so terrified.
Totally Worth it.”

Making out with... Haechan


Anon: No one requested a making out with haechan yet so I thought I would - after reading the first kiss w/ haechan and making out with mark I’m so soft for a cute shy haechan

Anon: if it aint too much too ask can u make a making out with haechan ndnxxnx im so flustered asking this

Anon: Hey!! Make out w donghyuck? Innocent ofc 💓💓💓

Anon: would be really nice if you’d do a make out with haechan too 💖

Since Mark’s was so heavily appreciated (thank you for that btw!) I decided to post Haechan’s sooner than expected too! hopefully y’all like this, and don’t worry - it’s very fluffy and cute and beware for shy Haechan (ya ikr wtf) 💓also its quite long srry

Originally posted by donghyukslee

  • Your relationship with Donghyuk would be a very playful and teasing one
  • It’s very likely that you’d have started off as best friends
  • Or at least, your relationship resembled one strongly
  • So there wouldn’t be much kissing or PDA or skinship of any sort
  • Of course it wouldn’t mean he didn’t care about you or thought of you as a friend rather than a girlfriend
  • But it’d be a subconscious, mutual decision
  • Neither of you were ever that into it and you weren’t intending to start doing so soon
  • However, saying this, further into the relationship
  • As the pair of you grew more mature and your feelings for one another became deeper,
  • Haechan would need more of something to how his affection and love towards you
  • The teasing and jokes you shared were great to him, of course, but he’d be scared of losing you or not showing enough emotion physically to you
  • As if he needed something new and exciting to express his feelings
  • So he’d start doing just that - skin ship
  • You’d notice how he’d start holding you’re hand more, wrap his arms around your waist instead of your shoulders, tuck strands of your hair behind your ear occasionally
  • You’d know what he was doing and what his intentions were, which would make your heart go all soft and think of him as fluffy whenever he did so
  • You couldn’t help but blush whenever he touched you softly like that, your heart racing and your palms sweaty
  • Haechan would act so casually and it’d annoy you so god damn much
  • How could he possibly show you this kind of affection, without reacting like you awkwardly?
  • But really he’d be freaking out, cursing himself for not being direct enough or affectionate enough
  • He’d just wan to show you his feelings but he was also scared of rejection
  • He didn’t want you to turn him down or reject him, so only took baby steps
  • Eventually there’d be more cuddled, then more kisses, starting with your forehead, then cheeks, then nose and then lips
  • Soon skin ship would be so natural to you two
  • Kissing and cuddling one anther would be a normal thing unlike months before where it was basically nonexistent
  • And with more skin ship, means making out
  • The first time yo made out with Haechan, it was the most awkward and weird experience of your life, worse than your first kiss with him
  • Neither of you would know what to do or how to kiss for “making out” time
  • It’d be a casual date for you, just laying around chatting at the NCT dorms whilst the other members are out shopping for things
  • He would go in to kiss you, just like any other time - just a sweet and soft peck
  • And when he pulls back, he’ll stop moving when his face is only a few inches away from you
  • Staring at one another, you watched as he glances at your lips, a subtle way of asking if you were okay with what he was going to do next
  • You licked your lips, your breathing starting to become heavier and faster
  • Haechan gulps, wiping the palms of this hands on his pats, before awkwardly placing one on your hip and lacing the their one with your hand
  • Slowly you both lean in, eyes fluttering shut
  • And he’s so close that you can hear him quietly breathing heavily like you
  • Your lips meet and linger for a few seconds
  • There’s literally no movement or emotion in the kiss, not that either of you were trying to not put any into it
  • It was just because neither of you knew what to do
  • You’d open your eyes, lips still pressed to Haechan’s stiffly, and you cringe internally at the awkwardness of the situation
  • He looked so painfully cute and being this close to him meant you could see that his cheeks were tinted pink in embarrassment
  • Eventually, you wouldn’t be able to hold it in, but would start giggling, pushing him away from you and covering your face with your hands
  • Haechan looks at you, a pout forming on his lips and a look af sadness across his face - he’d think you were laughing at him which was kinda the case but okay
  • You’d try to tell him, but it would be virtually impossible so he’d have to wait a couple of hours sulking before you told him, to which he sighed in relief and found it amusing too
  • But anYWAY
  • yes ik i didnt end that well and it was rushed bUT
  • Haechan would always be shy before and after making out with you, but somehow he was the complete opposite when he was actually doing it like ???
  • I can guarantee you that he will have asked the older and only the nicer members for tips and probably went on wiki how for some advice and practised on the back of his hand lmao
  • Which really worked for him and you could tell
  • Although the next few make out session after your first would be a little stiff as well, very quickly they’d blossom into really nice and meaningful sessions
  • He’d like it if you were leaning on something like a wardrobe or table or kitchen counter because it’d mean he could control the kiss plus the other members said it would make your heart flutter which was definitely the case
  • Haechan would be so gentle and sweet with you, as if, if he held you too tightly or kissed you too roughly, you’d just break
  • He’d also be very slow and steady, not making things too heated and keeping it fluffy and with just the right amount of passion
  • One hand would cup your face, his thumb gently rubbing your jawline which would cause you to naturally loosen your jaw and relax
  • And his other hand would play with your hair, a gesture which would make your heart race
  • His kisses would start off very short and very many of them, just pressing them to your lips and smiling in between them
  • But then they’d become longer and slower, his tongue occasionally brushing your lips to pry them open
  • And no, not for PG reasons jfc
  • Sometimes, he’d slip his tongue into your mouth, but this would be very rare and the moment would quickly pass
  • He’d have a sudden jolt of confidence to do something daring, but then the thought would scare him and cause him to retreat back again
  • Not that you would mind, if he was uncomfortable, then you’re weren’t going to say anything to make him awkward
  • anyway back to it
  • He’d use his jaw a lot, so much so, he’d even complain about the pain he was having after
  • He couldn’t help but move his jaw whenever he kissed you, in attempt to make the kiss deeper and somehow press his lips even closer to yours
  • Humming occasionally, the vibrations would send shivers down your spine, making Haechan chuckle at your easily blushy self
  • He’d also be a fan of kissing your jaw srsly he has some kind of creepy and satanic obsession with it its not healthy
  • He’s always peppering kisses along your jaw and down your neck, teeth nibbling on your collar bone as a joke causing you to raise your shoulders instinctively and giggle
  • He likes to hold your face/hair but he’d also like holding your sides and giving them a quick squeeze every now and then
  • This would make you jump and squeal from how sensitive and ticklish you were there, and he’d blush at you getting all blushy at him
  • Also, one last note before we go to blushy/awkward/weird Haechan again,
  • I think his lips are super soft and well-cared for
  • He probably doesn’t want to embarrass himself and do something wrong
  • He just really wants to be a good boyfriend and make sure you actually do like kissing him and being with him
  • TBH he probably worries all the time about your relationship
  • Scared that you’ll leave him or something, so he tries his best to be the best he can be
  • Which you really admire and love about him, and try to do the same back
  • After making out with Haechan, expect him to literally stay away from you
  • He’d feel so awkward and stiff afterwards, as if he committed a sin or something
  • Internally prays for his sins too
  • He’s also freaking out about what happened, shocked that he gained the confidence he did
  • Really red faced and you can literally see drops of sweat rolling down his face
  • Best thing to do is let him be and not dwell on it
  • Since he’ll always comes and find you later to basically smother you in affection and apologise and say he loves you and aWE
  • he just really loves you
  • And even though, he’d usually show his affection by teasing you and making fun of you like friends would,
  • It’d be in rare moments like this that you’d realise how much he really does love your guts you

Making out with… series

I’ll Come Back  (Leonard Snart x Reader)

Originally posted by eaion

Leonard Snart was dead. He had been dead for months and would logically carry on being dead for the rest of time. It took you a long while to allow yourself to accept his sacrifice and death. You closed yourself off from the rest of the team,  not even opening up to the goddamn artifical intelligence. 

 With the help of Stein, you were scientifically proven not crazy, however your constant nightmares and lonesome conversations with yourself proved you somewhat wrong. However, depression was on the (short) list of things that were wrong with you. 

 You realised that something was truly wrong during a mission one day. The idea was to break into one place, retrieve one person and get out without one suspecting glance. 

However, you were unfocused throughout the entire mission, fists balled too tight and jaw locked harshly. All of a sudden, you clicked. You went absolutely nuts- beat up the first person you saw. That person happened to be a police officer. You beat him to a pulp and landed yourself in a prison cell for two weeks in the 19th century. Mick broke you out. Apparently that wasn’t his first prison break.

 You stayed in that sorry state for months until Mick Rory finally, and uncharacteristically, shined a light into your darkness, pulling you out of the cold state.

 Grieving for a second time seemed harder than the first. Especially when you heard that Mick was seeing hallucinations of Leonard, you turned green with envy. Even with death in the way, it was still bringing them close.

 You craved him. Craved how his quiet drawl in your ear sent shivers dancing down your spine, how his stare made your knees week and how you melted beneath his feathery touch. You craved the element of communication that you needed to keep your sanity. 

 You had to prepare yourself for whatever ludacris situation situation that could occur surrounding your deceased (ex) boyfriend. For all you know, he could roam back onto the Waverider and take over your heart once more. And you prepared by using the only method you knew how, fighting. Fought against The Legion, fought against the punching bag, fought against your own grievance. 

 You were finally coping. Months and months after his death and you finally relaxed. A sudden weight was finally lifted off of your fatigued, aching shoulders and after a long period of darkness, you were content. 

 The team were in the midst of The Great War, locating the solution to put an end to the ever powerful Spear of Destiny. The word powerful is not used lightly, by the way. It had the ability to alter reality. It could give you whatever you desired most. It was calling you in, sparking your curiosity. 

 Quietly, the spear promised to be loyal to you and only you- not that you would allow anyone else to benefit from it anyway. Most importantly, it promised to bring back Leonard - And you needed that. More than anything. You needed the comfort and warmth of Leonard. 

 So, when he found you in the middle of a battlefield of a seized war, your brain became completely scrambled. You froze. Right there on the spot. And when you did think to move, you dropped your weapons, shuffled closer to him and stumbled over words to say. It was him. He was there and it was real.

 "Lenny…“ You murmured through a deep and shaky breath. 

 "Don’t worry, doll. M’ not gonna hurt you.” Leonard reached a hand out towards you, his palm upwards, inviting. Behind him, Damien Darhk was grinning at you. “I just want my best girl back." 

 You took another step forward, eyes locked with Leonard’s. Nate and Amaya looked confused, the latter of the pair attempting to reason with you. They didnt know about your relationship with Snart- you never opened up for them to discover. But Sara knew better than to help her. 

 ”(Y/N), you don’t have to do this,“ Amaya said gently, a frown apparent on her face.

“Amaya’s right, this isn’t you,” Nate softly added, more confused than anything.

 Sara didn’t even blink, "No,” she said, somewhat sadly, “Let her go." 

Mick let out a grunt, losing both of his partners to the legion. He didn’t attempt to stop you from leaving, either.

 Your fingertips grazed over the edge of his, sparks bouncing and colliding off of the touch. When he fully clasped your hand, god, you almost passed out. It felt so good to have him back in your reach. Leonard pulled you closer to him, your forehead pressed against his as the rest of the surrounding people seemed to fade away. 

“You came back for me..” You whispered.

 He just hummed slightly, gripping at your hips and smirking at your excitement. “I told you that I would." 

 Leonard raised his gun to Mick’s head, hitting him abruptly with it and knocking him out. Your lower lip quivered, you knew what was coming. Quickly following Leonard up the ramp to the oculus.

 “Get him out of here!” He ordered, desperately, glancing back at you with forced strength.

“No!” You shouted weakly, struggling to find words to say, “please don’t do it.”

“You’re not a hero, remember?” You begun, stepping closer until your bodies were inches apart. “Don’t help with the sacrifice. That’s something a hero would do. You have a reputation to keep up..”

“(Y/N)!” He forced out, a low growl accompanying his words.

“Leonard,” You responded, with less power. Tears danced on your cheeks, creating a perfect routine with each new drop. He shook his head.

You sighed, not removing your eyes from him. Reaching up onto your tiptoes, you pushed your lips onto his for the final time ever. Salty tears ran against your lips, and your hand gripped the back of his neck. 

“I’ll come back for you.” He reassured, thumb grazing over your cheek to wipe away the tear.

“Do you promise?” Your hand fell as your gaze briefly turned to Leonard’s unconscious partner.

“Just do it.”

"Okay, as adorable as this is,” Darhk spoke, breaking the moment, “i feel a bit sick. We have a job to do and we’re not leaving till’ we do it." 

 You looked at Leonard and back at your team. Were you really willing to risk losing your friends to pursue a life of evil with your boyfriend? You ran your finger over the cold metal of Leonard’s gun, a smirk pushing onto your face when you realised that, yeah, you were willing to do anything for another moment with him.

“Hand over the spear or we kill you,” Darhk ordered the team, raising his gun in their direction. “Sorry Captain, but you’ve reached the end of your quest.”

“You’re right,” Sara nodded, “I’m gonna end this now. Mick, give me the spear.” 

Mick pulled it out of her reach, a deep frown on his lips.

“What are you doing?” Asked Amaya, who was still dressed in her nurses uniform.

Nate furrowed his brows, turning to Mick as he spoke, “Hey man, we’re your friends.” 

“I don’t have friends.”

“But he does have Partners!” Leonard insisted from beside you, keeping his Hand on your hip.

 The team looked between you and Mick worriedly, wondering what the next move would be.

“So what d’you say, Partner?” You added, tilting your head in a faux innocence.

“Mick,” Amaya spoke once more, “You’re better than this.”

“No, actually you’re not,” Leonard decided, lowering his gun to his side and glaring at the Legends.

“They may pretend to believe in you as long as they can use you but they’ll just as soon let you die, same as they did Leonard,” You took a step towards him.

“He’s messing with your head, guys,” Nate added, addressing you and Mick.

You could see Mick torn between the two teams. You could see him contemplating leaving the Legends to join you and Leonard. You knew him.

“Ever since i’ve been on that ship, you people have been trying to change me,” Mick said, mentally drifting towards your team.

Sara frowned, stepping up behind him. “That’s not true, Mick.” 

“Guess what, there are things about me I wanna change, too,” Mick finished, stepping up the Hill to join the trio of you.

Leonards hand squeezed your hip, and you finally relaxed. You were home.

Just friends

A/N wow who knew my titles could get even shittier. okay so i dont wanna be like slacking all the time, and i know i said this fic would be up last week but my mental health has been absolutely shit so im sorry. anyway 90% is dialogue and its pretty shit but yeah here you go i guess. im lowkey proud and my goal for this fic is 300 notes (i got 280 on my last one so far). if you like please like/ reblog and send me prompts!!!

WARNINGS/ TAGS: excessive dialogue, minimal editing, lots of praise, fluffy smut, riding, friends to lovers, mentions of kickthesticks oops

Dan walked around the cafeteria in his worn out converse and ripped jeans, trying to spot which table his friends were at today. As usual they were in the very corner of the cafeteria, all huddled together and laughing. Dan sat between Byrony and Phil as soon as he reached the table. Once he placed his school lunch down on the sticky table Phil instinctively wrapped a protective arm around his best friend’s waist. Phil didn’t know it, but Dan had a huge crush on him, anyone who met them definitely knew. Thats why their friends made fun of them constantly, because Dan had told them his obvious secret.

“Tone down the PDA mate,” PJ laughed from the other side of the table.

“Oh shut up PJ, you’re just jealous because you don’t have someone you can do this with,” Phil shot back. PJ just scoffed and Dan giggled, leaning into his friends touch.

“As if, Chris clearly wants PJ to fuck him,” Dan said without thinking.

“Dan! You said you could keep a secret you dick head!” Chris blushed violently and hid behind his own hands.

“Wait what?!” PJ exclaimed as if it wasn’t obvious. Everyone laughed except for Chris, who was still hiding. PJ took Chris’s hand from his face and held it while whispering something that no one else could hear.

“Oi, tone down the PDA mate,” Phil mocked.

“Oh shut up Phil,” Byrony but in, “So how long have you and Dan been together Phil?” Dan blushed and hid in Phil’s side. If they kept making jokes like this Phil would find out soon, and he couldn’t have that, it would ruin his friendship with Phil.

“Come on ass hat. You all know were not together and never will be,” Dan remarked.

“Mhm sure honey,”


Later that day they were all going out to a movie, Dan had a backpack with a blanket and “secret” snacks to sneak in for him and Phil. Knowing them, they’d end up putting away the arm rest in the theater and cuddling while wrapped in the blanket, no matter what movie it was. Dan found it as his own personal heaven and suggested movie nights each week months ago. It was his only way to get the physical affection he craves and not be teased by Peej.

“Hey Phil, do you want to come over tonight? My mums not home, we could stay up all night.” Chris asked waiting in line for their tickets.

“Sorry mate I’m already going to Dan’s tonight.”

“Yeah to fuck!” Peej laughed at his own dumb adolescent joke. Byrony giggled and nodded her head.

“You aren’t funny dick, we’re just friends!” Dan defended.

“You literally sat in Phil’s lap on the way over here,” Byrony said while giggling more, “And he played with your hair!”

“Thats what friends do!”

“Uh huh sure”


During the movie Dan had somehow migrated into Phils lap again. Phil was playing with his hair with one hand and rubbing agonizingly slow circles on Dan’s hip with the other. Dan had no clue how Phil did this and still somehow payed attention to the movie. The entire time he buried his head in Phils neck and he was imagining fucking Phil. He knows its wrong to think about these things while he’s in his best friends lap but he cant help it.

Slowly Dan started to grow hard, he shook his head and tried to think about anything else. grandma grandma grandma.

“You okay babe?” oh yeah, another thing, they always called each other babe and baby, but they’re just friends mind you.

“Mhm just tired,” Dan faked a yawn and snuggled farther into Phil’s neck.

“Go to sleep then, I’ll carry you out to the car later and wake you up when we get back to your house.”

“Mmk darlin, night.” Although Dan was faking the yawn he was quite tired, and he wanted to stay up late tonight. He decided it was best to just stick with the lie and go to sleep on Phils chest.


Dan was currently snoring lightly on Phil’s chest and muttering something incomprehensible while being carried out to the car.

“Oi, wake princess up,” Chris snickered.

“I’ll just sit him on my lap and buckle him in with me. Let him sleep asshole.”

“You know he likes you right?” Byrony stated matter of factly.

“Yeah right, stop joking guys, you know I like him, theres no need to get my hopes up,” Phil scoffed and sped up towards the car.

Their three friends shook their heads behind him. Dan and Phil would find out eventually. Right?


“P-Phil,” Dan said lightly while tightening his grip on him. Phil thought that Dan had woken up so he responded with a small “hm?” but got no response. They had just dropped off Byrony and now were heading towards Dan’s house. Since Phil didn’t get an answer he just assumed Byrony slamming the door woke up Dan for a split second.

That was until Dan grinded against Phil’s thigh. Phil felt a surge of arousal shoot through his body. Dan did it again and Phil gasped. Dan opened his mouth to moan again but Phil quickly covered his mouth. He couldn’t believe this. His best friend, not to mention his crush, was having a wet dream. In his lap. In the back of their friends car. Moaning Phil’s name! Phil debated waking him up, or just waiting until they got home and ignoring the whole situation. His awkwardness decided the second option was best.

Only seconds later Dan was grinding again and panting against Phil’s hand which was still covering his mouth. Phil prayed to every god he could think of that this car ride would be over soon because he was starting to get hard under his sleeping friend. He knew that he shouldve moved his hands from where they were on Dan’s hips because he didnt want to invade his friends space during a dream like this. Phil’s self conscious had a different idea though and moved his hands somewhere worse. Dan’s plump ass. He knew it wasnt right but he couldnt fight his instincts. Dans grinding slowed, but only so that he could push back into Phil’s hands.

Phil squeezed hard and Dan’s eyes shot open.

“Oh no,” Phil whispered almost completely silent.


“Okay guys, we’re here.” Peej announced from the front seat, “See you guys Monday. Have a good weekend.”

Dan slowly and cautiously crawled out of Phils lap, careful to hide his hard on from his friends as they said goodbye. When Chris and PJ pulled out of Dan’s drive way Dans mouth failed to make a sound even though he opened it.

“I’m so sorry Dan! I dont know what i was thinking but you were grinding on me- and- an- and you moan- moaned my name! My body was just reacting I’m so so so sorry!!” Phil spat out quickly.

“Hey, ba-Phil, don’t worry, its okay, I lik-” Dan paused and didnt finish his thought, “Lets just go inside. We dont have to talk about it if you dont want to okay babe- Phil.”

“Oh god I’m so sorry for making things awkward I didnt mean to but you kept going and oh god im so sorry-”

“Has anyone ever told you that sometimes you need to shut up Philly?”

“Make me,” Phil shot back but instantly regretted it. “Oh my god I didnt mean t-”

He was cut off by Dan’s lips against his.

“Do you really think you touching my ass bothered me? You even said yourself that i was moaning your name idiot.”

“Shh,” Phil joked and grabbed Dans hand. The kiss had boosted Phil’s self confidence, and he thought back to what his friends said about Dan having a crush on him. “How about we go up to your room baby? We can handle the little problem I have and sort our relationship out afterwards.”

“O-okay,” Dans usually dominating voice was small and timid now. He led Phil into the house and tugged his hands up the stairs. He wasnt leading because Phil didnt know where to go, of course he did, but because Phil was going at the slowest pce possible so that Dan would have to wait. “Please Phil, come onnn~” he whined.

Once they reached Dans room he flung the door open. “Calm down baby, you’ll get what you want if you wait.”

“But I want you now-” Dan was going to continue complaining like a child but he was cut off by a kiss.

Phil pulled away and smirked,“Thats pay back for cutting me off earlier dick.”

“Philly! No cussing!”, he playfully hit him on the chest. He was glad that his crush changed nothing. Hell, him grinding on his friend while having a wet dream changed nothing. They were still best friends and this moment made that clear to Dan. Phil smiled goofily at him and leaned in again, only to end up kissing Dan’s cheek though because Dan moved at last minute. Dan giggled and did it again when Phil attempted another kiss.

“Oh whatever babe, now come on, I wanna kiss you more.”

“Hmm- Nope.” Dan slid out of Phil’s grip and giggled as he ran across the room and leapt onto his bed. Phil chased after him, laughing also. He sat down next to Dan and just gazed at his friends eyes.

“You’re so gorgeous Dan,” he said as he reached out and cupped his face, “Can I kiss you again?”

“I dunno can you?” Dan teased. Phil rolled his eyes and leaned in slowly. Their lips collided and Dan swore he could feel his heart beating out of his chest. It all seemed so real, Phil’s hand in his hair, Phil’s lips on his own. Quickly he became paranoid. Even though they had this moment of goofing around would their friendship change after tonight? Would they end badly? Apparently Phil could hear him thinking because he pulled back.

“Dan, baby calm down. We can stop if you want, we dont have to do anything. We can even pretend this never happened if thats what you want. I would never do anything to hurt you love.”

“I’m just scared- I want you though, now come here again,” They kissed at Dans pace and soon Dan leaned back and rested his head against the pillows. “Will you touch me? Please? I dont care what you do. Just please-”

“Of course princess. Can I straddle you?” Dan nodded and Phil climbed into his lap. He lowered his hands down to Dan’s sides and looked up for consent before putting his hands under Dan’s shirt. It was all so intimate, Dan couldnt help but moan at the light little touches running up and down his chest.

“Please- just give me more please baby I’ll do anything.”

“We’re gonna go slow okay? Just wait and you’ll get what you want.”

Phil took Dans shirt off after asking if it was okay and slowly started to kiss over his chest. “You’re so pretty, have such a nice chest and a lovely stomach.” He pinched Dan’s side in a joking manor and smiled up at the giggling boy.

Dan blushed and looked away,“Oh come on youre just saying that,”

“I know you just found out I fancy you, but ever since we met I have thought that. Youre truly breathtaking Dan, and if youll let me I’d really really like to touch you right now.” He kissed down Dans stomach, closer and closer to his pant line.

“Plea-” His plead was cut off by a loud moan as Phil kissed his dick through his skinny jeans. “More. More More More Please!”

Phil unzipped Dans skinny jeans and started to pull them off. They got stuck at mid thigh and Dan burst out laughing. “Stop laughing you dick!” That only made him laugh more. Phil silenced him though by mouthing over Dan’s briefs. Dan gasped as soon as he felt the warm sensation through his underwear and Phil could feel his friends cock twitch.

“How far do you wanna go love?”

“Can- I- um-” Phil was sliding Dans skinny jeans off fully as Dan was attempting to speak.


“Can you fuck me?” Dan said in one breath. Phil smiled up at him while he took his own shirt off.

“How about you ride me? That way you can control the pace baby. Does that sound nice?” Dan glanced at Phil’s exposed chest and was only half listening when he nodded. “Have you ever prepped before? If you know what im trying to say…” Phil stared down at his feet and blushed as he was saying this. Dans confidence had shot through the roof with all of the compliments Phil was giving him so he decided to go with his cocky response.

“Of course I have, I did this morning in the shower. Thinking about your nice thick cock. I want it everywhere. In my hand, in my mouth, in my ass.” Phil groaned and hurried to take off his own skinny jeans while Dan kept going. “I even did after school too, before the movie. I was thinking about you touching me the whole time. Thinking about your fingers trailing all up and down my chest. Thinking about your lips nipping at my neck-” he was cut off by Phil doing just that. He left a love bite right above his shoulder and then carried on with more all over Dan’s neck. He left one right below his jaw, one on his collarbone. Anywhere he could reach.

“So I dont have to stretch you then?” Phil laughed in a teasing way and asked Dan where he kept the lube.

“Be-bed side table-” Dan blushed as Phil pulled Dan’s boxers down.

“Hm? Why are you so nervous? What else am i going to find?” He said casually as he slipped off his own boxers and reached for the drawer.

When Phil opened the bed side table he expected pornos, or the pair of joke hand cuffs PJ got Dan last christmas. But not all of these. No. He would never guess that dan would have these.

Lets just have a run down of what exactly Phil was looking at. A drawer full of bright pink and purple dildos. And vibrators. And lacy panties. Black ones to be specific. And two bottles of empty lube and one fairly empty bottle of lube. His jaw dropped as his picked up a huge vibrator. Phil would say that hes a pretty big guy down there but this fucking vibrator was at least ten inches.

Dan hid behind his hands as Phil examined all of the different vibes and such.

“Hm.. maybe we’ll have fun with those later, but for right now I think I’ll just have you ride me.” He smirked again cheekily and Dan just rolled his eyes and grabbed the last bottle of lube and a condom.

“Shut up and turn over so I can ride you, you dick,” he said as he rolled the condom onto Phils dick.

“Oh look at Mr.dominant coming out. Who wouldve guess you’re dominant with all of those toys in there?” Phil snickered at his own joke but Dan just hit his chest and shut him up with a kiss.

Since Dan was acting so needy Phil decided it was best to just get on with it. So he had Dan straddle him and positioned his cock right at Dan’s entrance. As Dan slowly sunk down onto the tip of Phil’s dick they both groaned. Phil had to try with all his might to keep his needy teenage body from bucking up into Dan.

“Oh god- can I go further?” Dan asked.

“Of course you can doofus.”

Dan tweaked his nipple for that comment; which was simultaneously causing pain and pleasure for Phil. He began to go further, taking in an inch at a time and pausing to groan and take a breath. It was pure agony for Phil to just sit there completely still so he tried to distract himself with praises for Dan.

“Good job baby boy, you take me so well, look so good like that.”

While Phil let these praises out Dan had nothing to do but gasp and moan. When he finally got all of Phil’s cock inside him Phil stopped with the praises and instead bit all over Dan’s neck again. The love bites from earlier were already starting to fade since they were nothing more than a little nip, but Phil was determined to leave a mark this time. He sucked and pulled at the skin with his teeth, pulling away only a couple times to kiss over the freshly bruised skin. When he was done leaving a bright red mark Dan was panting and pleading him to let him move.

Of course Phil immediately told him to go whenever he was ready so Dan began bouncing up and down. Even though Phil knew Dan was a virgin he guessed by all of the sex toys that Dan was used to having something up his ass.

“Please Phil, its not enough, I need you to fuck up into me~”

Phil listened and started to thrust up at the same time that Dan was coming down. He knew he found Dans prostate because Dan gasped and went even faster at the same angle.

“God baby you look so good, fucking yourself so good. Can’t wait to see your pretty face when you cum.”

These little comments only seemed to spur Dan on more, but soon it was too much and he was completely wrecked. He lifted himself up off of Phils cock and laid next to him.

“Phiw- is too much- need you to fuck me, m’ legs are too tired…”

“Of course they are you lazy oaf,” after his remark Phil got right to it. He slid his cock right back into Dan and started to thrust back and forth. He could see Dan getting needier by the second, begging for more and blushing and gasping. Phil was entirely blissed out by all of the sounds Dan was making and by how good it felt.

“Do you think you can cum untouched baby?” Dan nodded fiercely and moaned at the though of it. He reached behind Phil and pulled him down closer by his neck.

“Fuck- Phil I’m getting close-”

“You look so good baby, I bet you’ll look stunning when you cum. Begging for more, youll look so perfect.” Dan moaned at his words and started to grind back against Phil movements. Phil found Dans prostate again and pounded into it relentlessly, still letting little praises come out. “Such a good boy. Take me so well. You feel so good.”

Dan writhed on the sheets beneath Phil and clenched his sheets tight with both fists. “I need you Phil- need to kiss you.” Phil obliged and leaned down to kiss the needy boy beneath him while keeping the same speed.

“Are you going to come baby boy?”

Dan groaned and released as a response. He felt as if he was floating for a second. His vision got blurry as he released white streaks all over him and his best friend. When Phil saw the completely blissed out face of Dan he locked eyes with him and released inside the condom.

As Phil pulled out Dan found himself feeling empty. Even though some of his toys were huge, none of them felt that good. Phil reached over to Dan’s bedside table and grabbed some tissues that were obviously there for this reason.


“No- no talking now please. Jus’ some cuddles please?” Dan looked up with a pleading, almost innocent look and Phil just couldnt resist. He threw out the tissues and the condom and laid next to Dan. Dan instantly wrapped his legs around Phil’s waist and arms around his neck and kissed him swiftly on the cheek. “Night cutie, we’ll talk in the morning over some pancakes and tea okay?”

“Sounds great love, goodnight.”

BTS reaction to their enlistment

Anon Asked:  Can I have a reaction when BTS have to go for military service (it lasts 21-23 months in Korea). Like they have a gf and they’re sad that they have to leave her and members?

Angsty shit. Like I don’t want to think of them enlisting. I don’t But like Seokjin in a uniform..;)  BUT LIKE SEOKJIN IN A UNIFORM CAUSE MY BB IS ENLISTED. -Admin Cat


You couldn’t believe this was how you were finding out about this from a trashy blog. Seokjin would have told you he had enlisted. How could he not have told you? Just as you were pondering this thought the front door of your apartment opened to reveal a tired and puffy eyed Seokjin. The moment you looked at him all anger washed away and you hurried over to envelop him in your arms. He let out a shaky sigh and you felt his arms wrap around to keep you close to him.

“Jagiya, I am enlisting.”

“I know, the fans are talking about it.” you murmured and Seokjin gripped you tighter to him.

“Promise me something” Seokjin croaked out, his throat thick with tears. “Promise me you’ll wait for me and we’ll keep in touch.”

“Jin…” you felt tears fill your eyes and you pressed a kiss to his neck.

“Promise me you’ll take care if the boys, come to the dorms and cook for them. Make sure Yoongi rests and Jimin eats.” You nodded, you would keep the boys safe and healthy.

“I promise, I love you Kim Seokjin.”

“I love you too.“

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He broke the news to you over text. Which was very out of character for him. He would have normally called you with such news. You almost didn’t believe him, so you called Hoseok to get the truth. Hoseok confirmed your fears and you sat in bed for hours, it didn’t really make sense. You knew it was inevitable, him enlisting, it was mandatory and you had your own feelings on the matter. You didnt even hear Yoongi come in, entering your bedroom and he sat down on your bed.

“Hey baby,” Yoongi ran a hand up your thigh and you looked at him. His face was unsmiling and his hand gripped yours tightly. He looked supremely stressed.

“Yoongi, are you okay?” You weren’t dealing with this the way he was. You had to understand this wasn’t about you. Yoongi shook his head and leaned into you, his head gently resting on your shoulder.

“I just, I can’t believe it. What if BTS fails?” He asked and you squeezed his hand. “Babe, I just cant imagine leaving them and you.”

“I’ll never leave, you know I’ll wait and BTS wont fail, the members and fans wont let it.”

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You eyed the enlistment form with a sigh, it had been roughly twenty minutes since he had come home and shown you the letter. You weren’t surprised and honestly, you had been waiting for this to happen. You looked over at him and placed your hand on his.He was very much so ready to do his military service and you both had discussed the topic at length. 

“Y/N, do you think the fans will forget about me?”

“What?” You asked incredulously. You looked over at Hoseok who had a frown upon his normally brighter features. 

“You know,” He began and breathed in a heavy sigh. “They’ll focus more on the group and think it is better off without me.” You turned to look at your boyfriend and shook your head. You couldn’t believe he was thinking like this. You reached over and grasped his hand, bringing it to your lips and kissing it.

“I will never let that happen. I will scream the name Jung Hoseok from the rooftops.” You ran your thumb over his hand and he smiled at you. God were you going to miss that smile.

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“Jagi” Namjoon wrapped his arms around your waist.

“When do you go to basic training?” You asked and he sighed. He knew this was all you would think about until he left.

“I leave the 10th of October.” He replied, he kissed your temple. “Babe. Do you think I am abandoning the group?” You turned and pressed a hand to his cheek.

“You aren’t abandoning the group.”

“It feels like I am, How can I be a good leader if I am not there?” Namjoon questioned and sighed heavily. You pressed a kiss to his lips, his eyes fell closed. You wouldn’t let him think that way. You couldn’t.

“I’ll keep the boys in line I promise. We’ll skype every day and you can yell at them.” You attempted a joke and he laughed lightly.

“You have 5 more months with me, lets make the best of it.

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You scrambled off of the couch as soon as you heard the news. Jimin was on his way home and Jungkook had told you that Jimin was worried about enlisting. You opted to make him the best dinner he ever had. Making his favorite foods. Anything to keep his mind off it. Jimin strode into the house an hour later, apologizing and telling you all about bad traffic. Thats when his nose caught the smell of grilled meat enticed him into the kitchen. “Babe, is this for me?“ 

"Of course.” You replied and turned the burners to low, walking over and pressing a kiss to his lips.

“God, I am going to miss this.” He cried, he crushed you to him and you smiled a bit. You knew that he was upset because his smile never touched his eyes.

“You don’t ship off until November, thats six more months of my cooking.” You cooed. He admired how strong you were being. He couldn’t believe you were keeping it cool. “Now, sit down and lets eat.”

“I love youso much,” Jimin replied and kissed you again. This time the smile reached his eyes.

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A letter! You had been waiting eagerly for a letter from Taehyung. He was away on tour and was to be home tonight. Which is why he told you his letter was going to be late. When you began reading though, you discovered that Taehyung had forgone his usual sweet talk, this time he delivered news of enlistment. He described to you his worries and most importantly how he felt like he was letting the fans down for leaving in September. You headed to the airport, hoping to greet him since it was so late at night. When you arrived you parked you car and strode inside, waiting with other families until you saw his mop of dirty brown hair. You sprinted towards him, shouting his name and he dropped his bag.

“Jagiya!” Taehyung cried as he held you. “I missed you so much.” You pulled away and slapped his chest. An angry look falling on your face.

“Ow!” He cried He ran a hand through his hair. “I guess you read my letter.”

“You should have called or waited to tell me in person!” You hit his chest again. You were angry. It wasn’t fair.

“I didn’t want to worry you.” Taehyung mumbled and you watchedcas his expression became solemn. You loved this stupid dork and he was worried more about you than himself.

Tae, I will always be here, just talk to me.“

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It was your last night together. Jungkook was going to be shipped off to base tomorrow. You guys had been quiet all night, just laying next to each other. He had been trying to cope with leaving you and the fact that he felt like he was abandoning his group and ARMY’S. Jungkook squeezed your hand tightly and you turned your head to look at him. 

“I’m going to miss you.” He announced looking at you and smiling sadly. You smiled half-heartedly. Jungkook rolled over to lean over you, pressing his lips to your forehead. “I’m going to miss your laugh,” He kissed your lips. His lips ghosted their way across your skin and you moaned slightly. 


“I’m going to miss everything about you, your skin, smile, the way you feel in my arms everything.” He whispered into your skin. “We’ll write to each other and my hyungs will keep you safe.” 

“You better write Jungkook.” He laughed and you spent the rest of the night tangled up in your bed sheets. 

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Monsta X reaction to you calling them daddy while sitting in their lap


He’d look at you with dark eyes, his hands running up and down your thighs once in desperate attempt to not give off that you calling him daddy made an eruption of butterflies form in his stomach. He’d calmly ask you what it is you wanted and 10/10 he’d always do it for you. He was wrapped around your finger either way. 

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He’d smile dangerously, one corner of his mouth rising higher than the other as his arms wrapped tighter around your waist. He’d wait a minute to answer you, hIs voice when it did come out, left his body deeply and if you weren’t already turned on by him that would definitely do the trick as he pulled you in closer to his chest. 

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He’d bit his lip to hide the giggle he wanted to let out, smiling as he looked you in the eyes. Calling him daddy wouldnt be something that happened often, but when it did you were usually on your back with him laying heavy kisses along your neck. He wouldn’t even really be able to focus on your question since the word ‘daddy’ to him only meant one thing.

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He wouldn’t even flinch. If you wanted something from him you would probably have to try a bit harder to get him railed up, even if hearing those words leaving your mouth was a complete turn on. He’d probably think he was a lot stronger than he actually was because if you were to pout and call him daddy again he’d give in with no hesitation. 

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He’d look at you like you were a nuisance, even though you knew it was just his defense mechanism to hide how flustered it made him. He’d roll his head to the side, look down at you and raise an eyebrow as if to threaten you to continue. But you always did and he always melted like putty in your hands. 

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He’d bite his lip and look up to you. He knew you knew it was the best way to get him to do anything for you and he didnt care. He’d secretly love the name so much. But, even though you knew well how to work the name he’d also know how to deflect it if he didnt want to do what you asked. In a sense, he let you think you were playing him, even though he was the one controlling you. 

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He’d keep a straight face, groaning slightly so you knew he heard you but the only true response you’d get out of him was his arms tightening around your body. He didnt care if you only used it to ask for him to get you something, he’d make it perfectly clear it was abuse of power by taking you the way he wanted too. Then he would get you ice-cream. 

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Virgil’s Hoodie

whats up yall i think titles are overrated anyway have this garbage i wrote about virgils hoodie and how nice it is? it looks so comfy. so nice. something was bound to happen to it. 

prinxety, ~1500 words, im so tired 

Virgil and Patton had looked everywhere, but they still hadn’t found Virgil’s old jacket. His new purple hoodie was in the wash, and while he had others, he still felt more comfortable in his old one – it provided familiarity. Unfortunately, it had completely and utterly disappeared.

For the time being, Virgil was wearing a thin grey hoodie. He didn’t like it nearly as much, but it was something.

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I could treat you better

(A/N): I love this request so fucking much

Request:  Hi, can I request one where the reader is dating tony and he treats her badly, then Bucky or Steve are like I can treat you much better than that ? ( btw you’re an amazing write and I love your work

Warnings: angst? swearing, drinking, abusive relationship

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms, @superwholockian309, @fly-f0rever, @capbuckthor, @livandlilah, @callmeoncette

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   Bucky had to watch helplessly as Tony involuntarily insulted (Y/N) again that night; ‘Oh, they’re just a little play thing,’ 'Sorry, I just think you’re so beautiful. I’d love to take you out to dinner after this,’ 'Yeah, I told (Y/N) to wear this other shirt, this one is just- ugh- lets talk about something else, ’ The entire fucking night Bucky watched as Tony treated (Y/N) like shit all throughout the dinner. He wouldn’t even acknowledge them when they gently tugged on his sleeve, asking in a meek voice when they were going to leave. Not to mention he kept flirting with every person who walked by, making (Y/N) feel even worse. He’d seen them go from happy and chirpy at the beginning of the dinner to where they were now, sniffling in the furthest corner of the booth. Bucky’s heart ached for them as he watched them paw at their nose “inconspicuously”.

    He could treat them so much better, he wouldn’t flirt everytime someone so much as breathed, he wouldn’t leave them waiting up for hours on end only to find out that he had been at another persons house, he wouldn’t berate them like Tony did, he wouldn’t hurt them they way Tony had. He’d treat them right, he’d love them and cherish them, he buy them flowers and hold their hand, kiss them whenever they wanted affection, he’d hold them close and tell them how much he loved them.

    Bucky grit his teeth as he glared at the food on his plate, some fancy shit he didn’t even like. 

   All the avengers were out for some celebration after having saved the world again. Bucky didnt want to be here, nor did (Y/N). He couldn’t help thinking that they should be at home together, eating some shitty icecream and watching those even shittier tv shows (Y/N) loved. Bucky smiled softly as he thought of the never to be memory, it was soft and warm, it reminded him of some place safe and warm. It was funny how something that was never even going to happen made him this fucking happy- 

    “(Y/N), stop being so fucking clingy!” Tony lashes out at them, glaring at them angrily. “Goddamit sometimes I fucking hate you,” Bucky didnt think he could possibly hate another person as much as he hated Tony in that moment. How dare he talk to (Y/N) like that? The fucking bastard, he ought to rip him to pieces-

    “But Tony-” (Y/N)’s voice quivered as did their lip as they willed them self not to cry. 

   "I swear to god I’m going to smack you so hard-“ That was the last straw for Bucky, he refused to sit by and listen to Tony treat (Y/N) this way any longer. Bucky nearly flipped the table over as he stood up, glaring at Tony so intensely he could feel his head beginning to ache. 

   "Don’t you ever fucking talk about (Y/N) like that again you dick," 

   "I’ll do whatever the hell I want to them Barnes, you don’t own them," 

   "Neither do you,” Tony chuckles dryly as he shakes his head, taking a soft sip from his liquor. 

   "I think they do actually, they’re my property and I’ll do whatever I damn well please to them. If I want to call them a bitch I will, if I want to rough them up a bit I will, I’ll beat the living shit out of them if-“ Bucky grabbed Tony by the collar, hoisting him up off the ground as he shoved him into the nearest wall. 

   "I dare you to fucking finish that sentence,” Bucky growls, hoisting Tony up a bit higher. “See what happens you piece of shit,”

    “Bucky, please don’t,” (Y/N)’s voice is on the verge of hysteria at this point, high and pleading with the soldier. “Just drop it, it’s not worth it,” Bucky ignores them for now, too focused on the way Tony was attempting to squirm out of his grip. “Bucky!” (Y/N) gripped his arm, squeezing it just enough to get his attention. “Please, let him go,” Bucky’s expression softens only a bit as he looks at (Y/N), his eyes now wide with sadness and confusion. 

   "But doll-“ 

   "Please,” (Y/N) pleads. 

   "Can you- can you take me home? Please?“ Bucky nods immediately, dropping Tony to the floor not so softly; if that fall didn’t break his ass Bucky would be surprised.

    "You fuckin’ asshole,” Bucky spits at him as (Y/N) drags him away, pulling him out if the restaurant and out onto the street. 

   "I’m so sorry about that doll, oh my god, you deserve so much better than that,“

    "All I was trying to tell him was that I didn’t feel good,” (Y/N) whispers to the ground, folding their arms over their stomach. “I thought I was going to throw up and I wanted to ask him how much longer he’d be there,” (Y/N) sniffles softly, finally allowing their tears to fall. Bucky bit his lip as his heart ached for (Y/N). They didn’t fucking feel good and then Tony had to go and act like that? They just wanted to go home for fucks sake, was that so hard for Tony to understand? 

   "Here,“ Bucky pulls (Y/N) close to him, wrapping a protective arm around their shoulders. "Lets take a cab, it’s faster,” (Y/N) nods, unconsciously leaning against Bucky for support. 

   Immediately Bucky flagged a taxi down and opened the door for (Y/N), letting them climb in before him. They immediately curl up beside the door, their head resting against the cold metal. Bucky climbed in afterwards, gave the driver the directions and money and then settled back into his seat.

    “You okay doll?” Bucky asks as he reaches out, brushing his metal hand against (Y/N)’s forehead.

    “No,” (Y/N) whimpers pathetically. “I’m gonna throw up,”

    “Not in my car yer not!” The cab driver spoke up, glaring at (Y/N) from the front seat. (Y/N) whimpers sadly, Bucking up against Bucky’s hand unconsciously. 

   "Fuck, you’re burnin’ up doll,“ Bucky bites his lips in worry, his gaze traveling over (Y/N)’s now pale face. 

   "If you puke in 'ere it’s ten extra dollas!" 

   "Yeah, yeah,” Bucky didnt mean to sound curt but (Y/N) wasn’t looking all too good at the moment and that’s all he cared about. Luckily for them they made it back to the tower before (Y/N) hurled their dinner.

    “C'mon doll,” Bucky whispers as he guides (Y/N) to their bathroom, letting them lean on him for support. He only manages to get them on the floor and pull their hair back before they’re puking.

    Bucky felt horrible as he ran a hand up and down (Y/N)’s quivering back. They were upchucking so violently he was worried about the sake of their intestines and ribs. Thankfully before any real damage was done (Y/N) stopped, having thrown up everything that was in their stomach. They dry heaved for a moment before collapsing back against Bucky.

    “I-I’m sorry Buck-”

    “Shh, it’s okay,” Bucky soothes. “I don’t mind,” He reaches up to brush some sweaty hair away from (Y/N)’s face, biting his lip as (Y/N) panted. “Can I do anything for you?" 

   "I’d really like some water…and something comfortable to wear…”

    “I’ll be right back,” Bucky smiles at them gently as he slips away, grabbing them their desired water and comfy clothes. “Here doll,” Bucky crouched down beside them as they tried to get up to get undressed. “I’ll help ya,” Bucky sets his materials aside, instead focusing on working (Y/N)’s shirt on their body. “I personally think this shirt looks amazing on you,” Bucky whispers as he lets the material slide off their shoulders, hitting the ground gently. 

   "No one else did…“ 

   "Well fuck everyone else then,” Bucky grumbles as he works (Y/N)’s pants off their legs.

    “I’m only trying to fuck you Barnes,” (Y/N) smirks as though drunk and perhaps they were, sick and drunk didn’t abide well together. Bucky smiles as he slides their pants off, then picking up the shirt and shorts he had gotten them to wear. 

   "Maybe after you start to feel better, yeah?“ Bucky slides the shirt on, the shorts following afterwards. 

   "Yeah, I like that," 

  "On one condition,” Bucky raises a finger, looking at (Y/N) sternly. “You have to dump Tony, he’s a great guy but he doesn’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated. You deserve better-”


   "Please believe me (Y/N),” Bucky whispers helplessly. “Most guys would never treat you like that," 

   "how would you treat me?” (Y/N) bites their lip, looking up at Bucky with some kind of hopefulness to their eyes. 

   "Well first I’d kiss you all the time, treat you well, cherish you,“ Bucky Leans down, kissing his way up from (Y/N)’s calf to her thigh. "I’d tell you how much I love you, I’d take you out on dates, if buy your presents, I sure as hell wouldn’t flirt with waiters with you right there-I wouldn’t even flirt at all. Then every morning I’d wake up and make you breakfast so you could have breakfast in bed, I’d run you nice, warm, long baths-” (Y/N) seemingly moans, a rather hoarse sound considering how hard they just puked. 

   "God, that sounds amazing,“ 

   "It does, doesn’t it?” Bucky smiles, recollecting his earlier thoughts about eating shitty icecream and watching even shittier tv shows. That could be him every night if (Y/N) want through with this, twenty four seven he’d have somebody to hold and love and cherish.

    “So that’s the deal? I fuck you, I break up With tony and instead date you? No catches or anything,”

    “No,” Bucky smiles as he runs his fingers along (Y/N)’s sweaty cheekbones. “Except having to put up with my shit constantly," 

   "well in that case,” (Y/N) smiles up at him gently, just barely showing off their teeth and Bucky thought it was the cutest little smile he’d ever seen. “Deal.”

Dating Minghao (svt)would be like...
  • so this was a request for svt even tho i usually do bangtan scenarios but hey the t in svt stands for talent so why not
  • minghao is one half of the blessed china line 
  • junhui and jeonghan are my biases but thats not the point
  • minghao would have this really cold front to you before you started dating
  • he would never say he hated you but it felt like it 
  • but actually he was just shy and didnt want to make a bad impression 
  • fate worked its magic you two were a couple
  • in the first month or so, he’d be really scared of you or doing something wrong to screw it up and it’d be really obvious too
  • but after that he wakes you up at 3 am to complain about his members or smth
  • despite his cold aura he’d be the shyest baby 
  • if you pointed it out he’d turn it down so quick
  • he is thughao remember children
  • he would go from yelling at the members to hugging you in 0.0001 seconds
  • aggressive hugs
  • like yall would be in a grocery store and you would be lookin at the 100 types of beans and suddenly a giant puppy is hurdling you at 500 miles per hour
  • and then squishy hugs aw
  • he would give the squish hugs when hes overcome by how much he loves you
  • or when hes had a bad day
  • he’ll just drop his bag and w/o a word just pull you into a hug and sigh
  • if he cant be with you at the moment he’ll send you a text like ‘hey babe its weird not having your annoying presence next to me’
  • but you know its just him being like ‘i miss you pls come back’
  • sometimes if he wants something he’ll pull you into his side and pepper your face with kisses and say in this cute whiney voice ‘jagggiiiiyaaaaa’
  • he wouldnt call you jagiya that much actually
  • he would give you pet names like ‘snot face’ or ‘shampoo instructions’
  • this is cliche but roasting each other all the time
  • ALL
  • THE
  • TIME
  • svt really about to kick your asses to mars and back because yall would be chilling on the couch and suddenly minghao goes
  • ‘this selca you posted looks ugly’
  • and thus the war begins
  • but in all honestly he thinks you are the most beautiful thing on earth but he’d never say it
  • not if he knew you’d hear it
  • but he tells you if he thinks youve fallen asleep 
  • also he would do anything for you
  • in a subtle way
  • its not that he doesnt care or is this big mean cold guy who is actually a softie (lmao but he sorta is)
  • but hes just s u b t l e
  • he’ll give you gifts every now and then and its the same the other way around
  • its not even really gifts it more of just ‘hey i found this while shopping today you want it?’
  • also 
  • apart from the whole cheesiness aspect of it he doesnt need to boys screaming about how theyre gonna throw up bc cute or how they wish they had a gf
  • speaking of the boys and girlfriends
  • minghao would be so quick to shut them down if they showed any sign at all of wanting to date you
  • ‘y/n looked really nice today! you’re so lucky mingh-’
  • ‘yea thats true seokmin im the luckiest and im the only one for her and-’
  • yes hao we get it 
  • he would try to teach you some words in chinese but it’d go two ways
  • 1.) he tries to teach you some dirty words and tell you to say them to jun
  • or 2.) he tries to teach you and then just laughs at your attempts
  • unless youre fluent in chinese then you’ll insult each other in two languages :)
  • or dirty talk or something idk what do couples do
  • he wouldnt tell you he loved you often
  • it was more of an occasion thing but he’d make sure you knew you were loved and appreciated 
  • even while roasting you 
  • sorry roast made me think of a toaster 
  • my friend told me about this toaster vid where the toast flies out of the toaster and ok we’re getting off track ignore this
  • his kisses would be really loving tho 
  • soft bby
  • he’s only soft for you 
  • remember hes a man of subtlety 
  • if he gets days off he’d totally fly you two to some where and empty his account bc he’s gone alot and wants to spoil you
  • in those cases his subtlety flies out the window
  • just like the toast in the toaster
  • anything you do he’ll freak out inside and praise you but he’ll be like ‘nice job babe!’ on the outside
  • but you know he’s your personal hype man all you need to do is ask and maybe give him your best attempt at puppy eyes
  • yea basically he’d be a cute bby but also a cold baby who just loves you alot

A/N: i feel like i did terrible im sorry @jungkxmh i love you -peanut 

Requested by thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch:  Sherlock x reader. Jim kipnaps Sherlocks wife. He finds you weeks later. Weak from lack of food and water. Once at the hospital the doctor finds ‘Did You Miss Me?’ Cut into her back

(gif note mine but writing is)

Where is she?

“Where is she?” Sherlock shouts as he worryingly paces around 221B Baker Street. John stood nervously watching. On the table Sherlock’s laptop was open. He was currently having a group video chat with his brother Mycroft Holmes who works in the British government and Greg Lestrade, inspector at Scotland Yard.

“Where is (Y/N)?” Sherlock yells whilst picking up a book and throwing it across the room. The book had knocked some items off of the mantelpiece. Sherlock walked over to them and picks up a shiny rectangle. It was a photograph of Sherlock in a black suit hugging you in your white wedding dress. The happiest day in both of your lives. Gazing at it lovingly, Sherlock gently strokes the frame before putting it back ontop of the mantlepiece.

“We have our best people on it.” said Greg.
“The case is our top priority.” added Mycroft. Angrily Sherlock slams down his laptop lid, ending the chat. “Idiots” he mumbled as he walked back over to the photograph.
“They’re trying their best.” John says, trying to reassure him.
“I need her John… I. Need. Her.” Sherlock pleas as he starts to stroke your face in the picture.

You had been missing for a week now. It was so simple, you went to the shop but never returned home. There were no leads, your mobile was uncontactable, you had completely vanished. No contact from you or your captor. Sherlock had no idea who had abducted you and it was tearing him apart. You were his other half, a half that he didnt knew he needed before. He often described you as more powerful than any drug and more interesting than any case.
Permanently glued to his chair, he barely ate or slept. Only having the minimum amount, so he was always ready if he heard any news. John and Mrs Hudson took it in turns to watch over him.

John had walked into the room after making some toast. Sherlock was still in his chair, one of your dressing gowns draped over him. Placing a slice of toast next to Sherlock, John sat in his chair. Sherlock nuzzled the dressing gown whilst he was twisting his wedding ring around his finger. From what John could tell, Sherlock was in his mind palace.
Suddenly Sherlock’s mobile phone vibrated on the table, making him jump. The screen illuminated with the words ‘1 new message from unknown number’. “Finally” Sherlock mumbled as he grabbed the phone. He hesitated before opening the message, mentally preparing himself for what it might be.

Sherlock’s eyes widened in shock. It was a photograph showing your face and neck. Tears streaming down your face. Your watery eyes were framed by black rings of fatigue under them. You were clearly in distress. Bruises made from fingertips were on your neck, suggesting that a restraining hand had previously been there. A man’s lips were kissing your neck. Unfortunately the photograph only showed the very edge of them, making their owner difficult to discover. Under the photograph was a caption which read 'Thank you for the gift Sherlock. She is too delicious to resist!’

Tears filled Sherlock’s eyes as he stared at the image. “She looks different.” he whispered. John walked over to look at the message. Placing a comforting hand on his friend’s shoulder he said “It could just be the camera angle.”
Sherlock’s eyes interrogated the photograph. “No, that’s not it. Something is wrong with her face. It’s… It’s thinner.” he said trying to keep his voice steady and attempting to suppress his quickly growing anger.

For the next week Sherlock frantically ran around London, trying to figure out your location. He took his mobile to Lestrade in an attempt to track the number that sent the message. Sherlock knew that it would not work but he had to try anyway. Using the photograph he analysed the background but there was too little information to go on. He was running around in circles and he knew it. Despite his desperate efforts, you were unobtainable. Slowly, it was breaking him.

Sherlock laid on the sofa in 221B. John had tried his best to keep him positive but it had been weeks now. All Sherlock would say is “How can I be a consulting detective if I can’t even find my wife… I miss her so much.”
Sherlock’s mobile buzzed with another new message from an unknown number. He turned around and sat up on the sofa. His eyes filled with tears, he had been silently crying again.

The message was another photograph. It was of your hand being held by a man’s hand. He could spot your hand instantly especially because of your engagement and wedding rings. The man’s hand looked strangely familiar but Sherlock could not think of whose it was at that moment. A caption read 'I think we have really bonded’ this was then followed by a list of numbers.

John sat next to him on the sofa, looking over his shoulder at the message. Mrs Hudson also stared in from the kitchen as she made cups of tea for the three of them. “Coordinates” Sherlock said whilst looking at the numbers. Suddenly something happened that Sherlock did not expect. His phone rang. His mobile illuminated with 'unknown number calling’
With a trembling hand he answered it and put it on speaker phone. His eyes widened as he heard the sound of your voice.

“Hello my love. He knows that you have figured out the numbers.” your voice was shakey and weak. “Sherlock, he says that he is going to leave you a message… What is that? Why do you have that? No please, no!” you let out a blood curdiling scream. John could see Sherlock’s heart breaking. He was in agony.

Almost instantly Sherlock stood up. “We. Go. Now!” Sherlock growled as he put on his coat and taking a bag from the side. John hurriedly did the same as they both ran out the door and hailed a cab.

Following the coordinates, the taxi pulled up outside an abandoned office building. As they stepped in they could see long corridors filled with offices, all of them looking identical. John had the bag on his back and a gun in his hand. “Look at the walls. I should have known it would have been here.” Sherlock said.
“We couldn’t have gotten here any sooner.” John reassuringly replied.
In one of the offices at the other side of the corridor. Sherlock could see a figure slumped on the floor.

“Sher…lock” you said though your voice was no louder that a whisper. Slowly lifting your head, a smile spread across your face as you saw your husband. You would be crying with joy if you weren’t so dehydrated. Sherlock ran towards you and knelt down besides you. He gently hugged you and planted kisses all over your face before tenderly kissing your lips. It was as if you both couldn’t quite believe that you were finally reunited. Both of you were completely overwhelmed.
Looking at your dramatically thinner body, John rang for an ambulance.

Reaching into the bag and pulling out a bottle, Sherlock pours some water into your mouth. It was what you had been craving for weeks. You welcomed the feeling as a drop slipped out of your mouth, washing over your dry lips. John kept guard in case your captor was still around as Sherlock placed a cube of chocolate on your tongue. “I’ve missed you so much.” you whispered as Sherlock stroked your cheek.
“Are you talking about me or the chocolate?” Sherlock said which made you giggle. He savoured the sound of you laughter as a happy tear ran down his cheek.

Holding your hands he helped you as you shakily stood up. Your black form hugging dress now looked baggy as it hung off of your body. You started to walk but your legs buckled. You would have fallen on to the floor but Sherlock had caught you by placing a supportive hand on your back. This made you whimper in pain.
You shook your head. You felt like you didn’t want to be touched, especially there. Thoughts of you captor filled your mind and you shuddered in fear.

Without warning Sherlock scoops you up and starts to carry you. He was slightly alarmed by how much lighter you felt in his arms. You could start to hear sirens in the distance. Laying your head against Sherlock’s chest, you closed your eyes as you listened to the relaxing sound of his steady heartbeat.

You woke up in a white hospital bed. Sherlock was sat on a chair next to you holding your hand. His eyes staring at you. A smile crept onto his face as he watched your eyes open. He stood up and leaned over you, gently placing a kiss in your forehead before sitting back down again. You mouthed the words 'I love you’ which made his smile bigger.

You looked around the room. “John’s working on a few of the leads I have. Your captor seemed familiar but I just can’t quite put my finger on who it is yet.” Sherlock said with disappointment in his eyes.

“I see that I have come in at the right time.” said a doctor as he walked into the room. “(Y/N) as you know you are severely dehydrated and malnourished. I have given you some quick working syrups to help build your strength up. As long as you rest for the next few weeks, you will feel better in no time. You have also lost a lot of blood. I found something very strange when I examined you - ”
You cut him off as Sherlock looked at you with a confused expression.
“Please can I tell him… In private?” you ask with a look of shame on your face. The doctor nodded as he left the room.

“Sherlock…” your words trailed off as tears filled your eyes.
“What is it?” Sherlock asked lovingly as his hands cupped your face.
“You know how you said that my captor seemed familiar to you. Firstly, you know him. Sherlock it’s difficult. I hate him, you hate him. I can’t even say his name. The message he said that he was going to leave you… Well…” you say shakily.

Getting up and out of the bed, you stood in front of Sherlock. Turning around so you now faced the wall, you pulled your hospital gown up. Sherlock’s heart sank as his fists clenched in anger.

Carved deeply into your back were the words 'Did You Miss Me?’

“Moriarty” Sherlock growled through gritted teeth.

Hold That Thought 11

Pairing: Lawyer!Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing. Strong addiction to coffee. Name calling. In office affairs. Fluff. Secrets.

A/N: Just a fun little AU series cause I felt like it. While I try to get my footing for Frank Castle. Btw Other Marvel cameo’s in this story.
Matt Mudrock
Foggy Nelson
Luke Cage
Jessica Jones
Frank Castle
Pietro Maximoff
Bruce Banner

The Italics are flash backs // The bold’s are Text Messages.

A one night stand at the New York Law Firms Conference, couldn’t have been more fun, and mysterious. When your new boss Bucky Barnes introduces you to his boss; the man who runs Avengers Of Law, law firm and your new place of work. Steve Rogers and your mysterious one night stand is your bosses boss. What you want to pretend never happened, he doesn’t want to let go of. When you find yourself struggling to stay away from Steve, who won’t let up on getting you to go out with him. Can you resist, Steve who is looking for more than a one night stand, while you’re struggling to get through the long days and never ending nights of being a paralegal or will you let lust and emotions distract you from your goals in life?

Tag List Is Open. Let Me Know!!

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The Waltz

Type: Smut

Pairing: Hoseok x reader

You had only known him through a mutual friend. A mutual friend who was about to get married to his mutual friend. From the moment you met him he was kind and so sweet towards you, it was hard not to fall for him instantly. He’d always sit next to you at group dinners, he’d laugh with you as you drank with your friends and if he ever saw you in passing he’d make sure to stop and say hello. But that was the extent of things. He never asked for your number and he never made the effort to meet with you out of mutual hangouts. 

It was a crush, that was all and you knew that. And you were okay with that. At peace with it just being a friend that he saw sometimes. But then you got the invitation. The official invitation to be a bridesmaid for your friend. And on the invitation, directly across from your name, was your partner for the festivities. 


You called her asking if it was her idea to do that, knowing perfectly well that she knew perfectly well that you had a slight ting towards him. But she laughed and was able to convince you that it was her fiancé’s idea, not hers. Seeing him shortly after that for a dinner involving everyone in the party to go over the schedule for you all was almost a little awkward. He still sat next to you and would still lean over to whisper things into your ear, but knowing that he didnt like you back made it hard to sit there. It made it hard for you to focus and almost made you a little mad that you were having to be taunted like that. 

But still you went on. Your fittings for dresses where the grooms men yay’d and nay’d the choices of light pink dressed, the tastings that you all helped the bride and groom with, the final say on the venue, everything. And every time Hosoek would be there making eyes as you twirled in the dress for him, accepted his fork as he told you to try certain things and looked where he pointed as his hand found your back to point out the molding along the ceiling of the venue. You were confused to day the least. 

It was the dancing that really got you though. It was no secret that he was a great dancer, you on the other hand; well you needed some help. The fist time you went to practice it was awkward, His hand kept sliding down lower and you kept stepping on his feet. It seemed as he got better at the slow dance, you got worse. That was the first time he asked you to meet with him. Just him. He swore to make you the best dancer there. 

It was once again awkward when you walked into the dance studio he sent you the address for. Oh boys that you didnt know lined the walls and as you stepped into the room and when all eyes moved to you, you couldn’t help but feel overly self conscious. But as Hoseok stood from stretching and walked over to you with a big grin all those eyes disappeared and all you could focus on was how great he looked in his dark jeans and black t-shirt. 

‘Y/n! You made it!’ He called, snapping your attention away from your thoughts. You nodded and caught the eye of one of the other guys before turning back to him. 

‘We just finished practice, there about to leave. But you and I can start if you want?’ He said pointing over his shoulder to the stereo. 

You nodded and put your bag down, walking back to the center of the floor and waiting for Hoseok to come back. You watched as he made his way there, picked up the remote and turned on the stereo, jumping and almost dropping the remote as the stereo began to blast his music. He turned to you blushing after pausing it.

‘Sorry, that was loud.’ He said before changing it to the song he downloaded just for this occasion. The song began and he half jogged right over to you, holding his hand out to you. You smiled and took it, laughing as he forced you into a spin.

‘I don’t think I’m ready for all that.’ You laughed as you stumbled over your own feet. 

‘We’ll work up to that. But for right just watch my feet, ill walk you through it.’ He said taking your hand in his and wrapping his arm around your back. 

You stumbled to keep up and even stepped on his toes a few times accidentally, but all he could do was praise you for doing one little thing right. Over and over again the two of you started and then restarted until you were finally getting it down. He hardly even had to count for you any more. You were even able to start counting for him. As your dancing got better the easier it was for the two of you to just glide across the floor, you now mocking his instructions that he had given you in the beginning. 

‘One two three, one two three! Hoseok, keep your eyes up don’t look at your feet, one two three one two three.’ 

He’d laugh and spin you around and around and even though you started to protest he mocked you to keep up. You squealed through laughter as he spun you out, but as he spun you back in and your feet caught over themselves again you tripped, falling forward into his chest and causing him to stumble backwards while trying to prevent you from falling. In attempt to catch you he stumbled back himself, falling off his feet and pulling you down with him. You were all but straddling his lap, your chests pressed together as his arm still held tightly to your waist. 

You chuckled and apologized quietly, not sure what to say about the closeness of the two of you. But as you tried to get up, your eyes looked anywhere but his own, his arm tightened to hold you in place. You chuckled softly and coughed, looking away for half a second before returning into your gaze. 

‘Are you really that tired you can’t stand up?’ You teased slightly, trying to defuse the rising tension. He chuckled and loosened his grip, one hand coming up to rub your arm. 

‘Are you okay?’

‘Im f-fine.’ You stuttered as he sat up slightly, bringing his face closer to yours. 

You looked at him, wanting nothing more than to move,  but you couldn’t. You were lost in his eyes and the way they were currently looking at you. Like you were the only thing around him. His hand that had still been stroking your arm moved up to tuck a piece of your hair behind your ear. You coughed again and sat up, this time pulling through his grip on you. You brought your knees to your chest and kept your eyes down, watching as his feet scooted himself forward to sit hip to hip with you. His finger tapped to your chin to make you look up, smiling as you did so and making you blush.

‘I was told something about you that made me rather happy.’ He said looking down nervously, chucking once as he remembered the conversation between him and his friend. 

‘And what was that?’ 

‘I was told that you liked me.’

You looked at him wide eyed. Your friend was going to get it when you got out of that room. How could she tell him that you had a crush? You watched as he smiled and shook his head softly, his cheeks slightly turning red. 

‘Oh, uh… its nothing, just a school girl crush nothing serious.’ You said nervously picking at your hands. 

You heard him sigh and soon your chin was being directed to look at him again, your gazes locking and you couldn’t break it this time. He moved closer, look from your eyes to your lips and back as a thousand thoughts seemed to run through his mind. Your eyes flicked down once, your tongue coming out to caress your bottom lip as you noticed just how close his lips had gotten to you. There was things running through your mind, things that you never thought you’d ever think upon truly doing with someone you hardly knew. But still, there you were wishing to good God that you would be lucky enough to have him sweating above you right there on the floor. Your mind wondered to what it would be like to kiss him. How his lips would feel on yours.But you shook your head, scoffing lightly at your stupidity at thinking things like that. You weren’t that type of person. 

‘It made me happy because I’ve felt the same feeling, without the whole school girl crush part.’ He same chuckling before sighing again and looking at you.

‘Y/n?’ He said softly, bringing you to look at him. ‘Tell me…’ He started. ‘If you want me…’ He barley whispered, his face coming closer and closer to you before he rounded on you, centimeters away from your face. ‘To stop.’

He waited a second until he was convinced you weren’t going to protest and quickly closed the space between the two of you. His lips pressed against yours in a steady way at first, simply just pressing against you. But after a few seconds of you not pulling away he lent forward into you even more, his lips now moving along with yours in unison. He pressed harder against your mouth over and over as he deepened the kiss, his hand hooking around the back of your neck. Your hand reached up to grab his shirt, pulling at it as you pressed equally has hard into him. 

He pushed against you more, guiding you back until you were laying flat so he was could lay at your side, half hovering over you and his hand now trailing down your neck. Just kissing him made the heat between your legs intensity causing you to pull at his shirt more, needing to feel him against him. You mentally cursed yourself, how could someone you hardly knew make you feel this way and make you want to strip yourself of everything and let him take you right there in the middle of a lit dance floor. 

Still, he chuckled into the kiss at your hint, his own hands now trailing up yours sides and pulling your shirt up with it. You moaned softly and rose your chest up, needing to feel his fingers around you. He caught on quickly, slipping his fingers under your bra and pushing it up enough on one side to grab onto your chest, instantly kneading and pinching at your erect nipple and causing a string of soft, breathy moans to come from you. You tugged even harder at his shirt making him chuckle as he broke the kiss, pulling against your hands to pull his own shirt off. Before he reconnected the kiss he helped you out of yours. His eyes burning down at you making you think that if things went well you would let him treat you how ever he wanted to. 

But he was already doing that, with resrtiction of course, as he pinned your wrists above your head and kissed down the length of your jaw. He nipped once, smiling against your skin as you gasped in surprise. Your chest rose and fell with your deep breathing and Hoseok couldn’t go without noticing and you gasped again as his lips could your chest, his hands letting go and a groan coming through his throat as your hands entangled with his hair. Your legs opened and Hoseok moved himself to lay between your legs, his lips still trailing across your torso. 

You pressed your hips up into him as you grabbed tighter to his hair, the feeling of him chuckling against your skin again made sparks fly up your spine and goose bumps to rise over your skin. You chuckled lightly as his hands made quick work of your leggings followed by quick work of his own pants. Before you could even get a good look at him his lips were pressing to yours again. His hands roaming your sides and down to your knees to push them up. He lent his weight against your knees and left forward, mumbling about how lucky he had gotten before his lips crashed down to yours. 

You held tightly to his neck and kissed him back as fast as you could, his hand now pulling his boxers down to his knees than moving up to quickly grab himself. He stroked himself against your already sopping core, the two of you breathing in at the feeling of one another. He kissed you harder now, his tip circulating your core a few times before he started to push gently inside of you. You gripped to his neck, looking up to see him looking at you with dark eyes. He pushed his forehead to yours, stroking his thumb down your cheek before hooking his hand around the back of your neck and thrusting into you the rest of the way with enough force to make you go slack jaw. 

You kept the eye lock as he pulled out of you slowly and then back in with matching force, him stroking your cheek again and again each time he did so. His pumping soon turned more frequent, and after the initial feeling of you moving around him became one he could fully bare his head dipped down into your shoulder, loving the way your nails dug across his back and how your grip would tighten every time he moved slightly up and to the left.

The moment he figured you out he smiled to himself sitting up and bringing you slighting onto his lap so he could get as deep into you as possible. But that position only lasted a little while as he hated to see you use your arm to cover the noises you were fighting from telling him how much he was actually pleasuring you. 

He bent back over, some how reaching even further inside of you then before, getting the much wanted moan that seemed to echo through out the room. He chuckled slightly, shushing you in a teasing manner. There was something about the way he kissed you this time, his pumping becoming restricted as his position turned into just deep thrusting. His kissed were what sent a spark down your spine though. He grunted excitedly as you pushed him him, you could tell by the way he was breathing he was getting close. You bit your lip as he fell back to his elbows, his expression going from confused to excited as you lowered your mouth around him. 

‘y… y/n… I…. let me take.. oh god.’ he stuttered, his head falling back and a deep groan came from him as you licked up his shaft once, cupping your tongue around him before engulfing him whole. 

One hand reached forward to grab onto your hair, his head snapping forward and falling back every time your tongue flicked over him one way or another. Your head started to bob quickly as you sucked him into the very back of your throat, gaging slightly as his hand made your head stay put for a second to long. As you caught your breath and resumed your pace he began to really groan, his hips clenching and pushing up slightly as his chest began to rise and fall drastically.

‘y/n name, i… Im going to.. oh god ugh!’ He growled as his body tensed even more and your head pumped even faster. 

He came within seconds, your mouth and throat filling with his release and you swallowing his as quickly as it came. You took a big breath and squealed playfully as he caught you around your waist and all but tackled you to the ground, kissing your cheeks and your neck. 

‘God i just… You.’ He said looking at you deeply, his hands stroking the sides of your cheeks gently. You laughed and bit your lip, enjoying this moment just how it was. 

‘I want to spend the night with you. Nothing more than just talking and sleeping if thats what you want. But I live with six other guys and I can’t do that and i normally don’t invite myself-’

‘Would you like to grab some take out and go back to my place?’ You said smiling as he nodded furiously while laughing and helping you stand up. 

Colors Part 9

A Charles Xavier Soulmate AU

Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader

Read Part 1 here. Read Part 2 here. Read Part 3 here. Read Part 4 here. Read Part 5 here. Read Part 6 here. Read Part 7 here. Read Part 8 here.

Summary: Everyone has a soulmate, and there is one color that they can’t see until they meet their soulmate, and that is the color of their soulmate’s eyes. For Charles Xavier, this is difficult, because his powers have filled in the blanks, and he can see all colors. He assumes that he’ll just know when he finds his soulmate. Should be easy for a telepath, right?

Warnings: Angst maybe? definitely, injuries, near death experience, violence, attempted rape, mentions of torture, death

A/N: Here we go! I think there’s gonna be maybe 2 more parts, as I’ve finally figured out how I think I want to end it. Thank you all so much for your patience and for loving this so much. 


Originally posted by hellozxxy

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sasuke never intended to destroy konoha

…or at least not the way you think he intended to, and here’s why!

before i get started let me just say that i KNOW this is mostly speculation and headcanoning, and that my friends is why this is a meta on my tumblr and not an interview with kishi himself. it’s called having fun. i also did not work nearly as hard on this as i couldve bc i wanna go watch anime instead of revising this any further. anyway let’s continue

1. sasuke & goals

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Tease Part 3

Pairing: You x Yoongi

Genre: smut

Warning: Smut

Tags: Smut, kitten/kitty/daddy, spanking, degration, orgasm control/denial, hand restraints, oral, dirty talk, humiliation (?),dom!Yoongi

Status: Finished Previous

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A/N: wow smut. Im sorry. If it sucks. Like it may really be bad im sorry i rlly tried T_T First time writing this in a longgg time. ;w; and thank you to the anon who asked for this smut chapter haha yay :D

Yoongi is an asshole. He is a complete asshole. Sometimes you wonder why were the two of you even dating, and how you managed to last so long. Him and all his touchy hands and suggestive words to piss you off-hell, he even smacked your ass right in public! You were so embarrassed that you left him in the crowd. The both of you had played around a little, well, a lot, and you were getting tired and terrified of Yoongi’s…likes and preference.

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Ooh!! For your drunk drabble..Member: D.O, Phrase: "I can't let you get off that easy"


Pairing: Kyungsoo x you


The weight of the heavy knit sweater you clutched between your thighs pulled against your knees, making your walking stiff and funny and you adjusted the long skirt you wore, pushing the garment back up in between your legs when it started to slip down. You had exactly two more aisles to go before you would be out of this store and you could meet up with your two idiot friends who had dared you to steal the stupid thing in the first place.

Why did you pick the heaviest, most useless item of clothing to steal from this store? Well it was on the clearance rack and didn’t have a security tag that would surely give you away when you walked in between those terrifying looking black detectors positioned just before the exit door and if you happened to get caught, which wasn’t likely in this deserted store. There was not a single employee to be seen near the exit and the last you saw of the young kids working here, they seemed to be preoccupied with watching some sort of vine video compilation behind the registers as they ignored the very idea that they had a job and responsibilities to uphold.

It was the perfect situation to get away with this and once you completed this dare you would finally win this stupid game that had been going on for months now.

You eyed your surroundings once more, your nerves suddenly flaring up hot in your belly as you felt a sudden warmth at your back. Something that hadn’t been there an aisle back that left you with rattled nerves and a sinking feeling that you could not ignore.

The feeling was nagging and intrusive and you tried to remain as casual as you could as you looked around the store once more.


A pair of dark eyes watched you from the other side of the store, in between aisles of men’s clothing, directly below a large sign that read Men’s Khakis on sale two for one and you quickly looked away from the eye contact that felt too knowing for your liking.

Had he seen you? Did he know what you were doing? Was he calling the police secretly in his pocket as he perused last season’s knacki pants in all shades of ugly?

You took another step, closing the gap of the final aisle before the exit of the store and the warmth at your back grew hotter with those eyes watching you.

You had nearly made it when your curiosity had piqued to unignorable levels and you risked a look.

The man was gone but the feeling remained…even intensified as your eyes searched the surrounding aisles of the store for where he could have possibly gone to.

The pounding in your chest felt too noisy to ignore and you took another clumsy step toward the door, quickly pushing the clunky knit up further between your legs before it could slip out at the last minute and give you away.

The man was gone, his dark, intimidating, knowing eyes nowhere to be found and the exit was in your sights. All you had to do was make it those few final steps through the security detectors and you would be free. You could slip around the corner down the hallway that lead to the family style bathrooms where crying toddlers who were frightened of the automatic flushing toilets made enough racket to cover whatever noisy pounding your heart wanted to make, or chattering shivering your teeth caused as your jaw clenched together again and again.

Why couldn’t you be the calm, cool, collected criminal that you always envisioned in your dreams? Why did your anxiety and moral compass have to make you into a trembling chihuahua every time you did anything even remotely risky?

Two more steps and you found yourself inside the entrance. Directly in between the sensors and your feet moved quickly into the open hallway that sat directly outside of this store as half of your mind waited for shouting, sirens, bells, whistles, anything that would tell you that you had been caught and you were on your way to the big house.

The silence that filled your ears might have actually been worse for your nerves because nothing happened. The sweater between your legs was a bit itchy as the cheap wool scratched against your two-days-ago shaved thighs, and a soft laughter from behind the registers where the two employees laughed at the videos they watched made you jump as if laughter itself was the sound of your impending doom.

You forced your legs to move and you had made it around that corner, into that long hallway when you spotted a vending machine promising ice cold refreshments with drawn on droplets of water along it’s cover. This would have to do.

And you had nearly made it behind it when you felt the solid warm grip of a hand on your forearm. The warm kind of grip of the strong arm of the law coming down hard, striking the judge’s gavel against the block, the kind of strong grip that held onto the handle of an axe that cut the rope, sending the weighted guillotine blade crushing down to chop off your head.

You inhaled a deep breath and closed your eyes. The breath somehow sent your legs into a wobble and the itchy knit sweater slipped with a soft fwump down to the red carpeted floor.

“Excuse me,” a low voice spoke up from behind you and you winced as you slowly turned yourself around to face your captor. Would it be mall security? Was he riding a Segway and carrying a flashlight? Did he have a mustache maybe? And a habit of popping his spearmint gum when he was bored?

When you turned you saw eyes. Familiar. Dark. Knowing.

Aside from his eyes, your own vision drifted to the rest of him. Plump lips, tanned skin, too handsome and too put together to be an employee of a discount mall store that only seemed to hire high school kids with short attention spans and a penchant for not giving a shit. In fact the longer you looked at him, the wider his eyes grew, the softer his expression became and you saw a nervous swallowing in his throat as he cleared it to speak again.

“I–I ummm..” he struggled and you closed your open mouth and pulled your shoulders back a touch. Inhaling a breath to provide your brain with a litttle more oxygen so that maybe, just maybe you could deal with this guy who very clearly wasnt an employee of the store, or even of the mall.

“You what?”

“I saw you.” He said quietly and you crossed your arms over your chest as you lifted your chin.

“What did you see?” His eyes widened even further and he looked away from your focus suddenly, looking up at the ceiling, to the left and to the right.

He clearly hadn’t thought this through beyond this point and you figured the guy was probably an ex Boy Scout who had gone camping a few times in the woods, made a couple of fires and decided that he was an expert on a vast many of the laws of this country.

“I, uhh…saw you take the sweater. It was only $5, i mean if you wanted it that badly you should have just paid for it….stealing is…wrong” you narrowed your eyes and took a step forward, leaning into him now. Although he had those big intimidating eyes, the more you got to look at him the more you saw what he really was. Slight bones, thin frame, sure he had an impressive face, and a strength in his forearms that peaked below the rolled up sleeves of his plaid button up, but the man was wearing khakis and loafers and argyle socks. He’d even rolled the damn pants up about four times so everyone could definitely see the argyle.

“So what are you going to do about it?” You did your best impression of a badass and you saw the edges of his lips tremble and turn up a tiny bit. He closed his eyes and bit down on the inside of his lips, seeming to hide a smile from his face. Perhaps you weren’t really that much of a badass. He must have found your attempts funny.

“Are you going to report me?” You offered when he didn’t answer but just stood there suppressing his stupid grin and you could see the slump of his shoulders as he seemed to shift his posture and lean against the vending machine that now trapped you on one side.

“Can’t you just pretend like you didn’t see anything? You said so yourself it was only $5.” Something in his eyes made you want to change your approach. The man didn’t seem like the type to be bullied, despite his outward appearance and perhaps you could appeal to his softer nature and he would simply let this go. “I mean I’m not…I’m not a shoplifter or anything, this was a stupid dare. I never do this and I’m not going to do it again, I swear.”

The softness you had seen in his eyes changed with the smile that broke free for a few seconds on his lips. He was quiet and he watched your face for what felt like ages before he pulled his own arms up and crossed them over his chest. You could see the struggle in his face and your heart leapt up at the possibility that he might just let this all go.

“What’s your name?” You said suddenly. He was watching you too closely, probably memorizing your face for the police sketch later and you felt the need to keep him talking out loud instead of thinking whatever dangerous thoughts he had going on inside his head.

“Kyungsoo,” he said softly and he blinked too slowly for a tense criminal interrogation. “What’s yours?” His eyebrow ticked up once, a light bounce on his forehand that drew your attention and you sighed and considered an alias.

But he was too…tempting for that, and there was something soft and charming about those rolled up khaki pants that made you want to be honest. So you were. You gave him your real name and his lips pulled into a small smile as he repeated it once in that deep voice that did something strange at the back of your brain. He was cute. And he didnt seem to be in any great hurry to haul you off to prison so you reached down to pick up the stolen sweater without breaking the careful eye contact you kept with him. His eyes stayed on yours as you moved and you wondered what in the world he was still doing watching you with those eyes, making you feel stupid things inside the back of your brain about his deep voice.

“Well…Kyungsoo, if you aren't’ going to call the police on me…I guess I’ll be going–”

“Wait…I can’t let you get off that easy” he suddenly said the second you began to take a step around where he blocked your way to the exit.

You knew it. It must have been too good to be true. Maybe he was the police. An undercover cop staked out in the mall ready to catch drug dealers, petty criminals, shoplifters, and scam artists and lock them away forever.

Perhaps he was part of a ring of cops who would work out a deal with those they caught, you know…catch the bigger fish using the small fries?

That had to be it. The man was here to bargain.

“What’s it gonna take for you to let me go?” You sighed and gripped the sweater tighter, ready to just throw in the towel and bolt if you had to. Or throw in the sweater to be more exact. He was chewing on the inside of his lip again and his big eyes were looking over your face as he went silent for a moment and you got ready to throw the knit in his face and make a run for the doors. Your heels were dug in and everything and you were sure that your cell phone was secure inside your back pocket so it wouldnt be lost in the scuffle. You lifted the sweater, ready to make it fly.

“Your number?” He finally said with a slight wince on his face and you froze with the sweater in front of your chest held tightly in both hands, yet somehow not quite ready to throw it in his face because he just…

“My number?” He nodded and his cheeks looked somehow pinker than before. “That’s it?” It was too good to be true.

“And a date.” He said, his head still nodding lightly before he shrugged and stuffed his hands into his front pockets. “You’re pretty cute for a criminal.”

Boyfriend Jongup


Hi hi can i request a jongup (of bap) as a boyfriend. Im not sure if you do these type of requests but i didnt see it on the “not gonna do it” list thank you if you do <3


uppie is so cute,

also, we’re really sorry that requests are being written so slow. Finals are pretty stressful y’know and just the end of the school year in general

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Moon Jongup; a boyfriend

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