really didn't get more than a couple of seconds

Why is Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar so much fun? Literally not a lot happens in it. Water plants, feed recently acquired animals, pick up crap from the floor, Bazaar day SELL SELL SELL. I think it’s the fact that there’s a goal? Like every week there’s a bazaar to sell your stuff and, considering it’s basically a mini-game, it’s really fun to take part in! And there’s a sale goal too (which is 40000g+ as the second goal….maybe I should skip a couple so I have a lot more to sell lol)

Where was I going with this?

I was playing Story of Seasons but now that’s just been pushed aside for this 8-year-old game lol

(Also I watched some ToTT gameplay and I want it more than ever. Konohana is gloriously eastern and beautiful and I want to cry)