really cute kid


infodumping about the ocean


J: You mean the absolute world to me and I hope you never, ever forget that.

Poirot and Miss Marple anime

Good quality versions of all 39 episodes of Agatha Christie’s Great Detectives Poirot and Marple (2004-2005) anime series have appeared on Youtube, complete with English subtitles!

Happy watching!


okay boys, this is too much for your uncle.

no, seriously…He’s crying. i can’t handle this.

(btw, sorry for my bad translation)



new background for my tumblr, actual background practice and also a thing for a secret summer project I’m working on!!! \o/ had this in my wips for a really long time but finally used some free time to finish this off!!! I love these kids so much ;____; forever my babies

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Hiya! So, how do you think McCree, Hanzo and Junkrat would react to finding a lost child? Thanksie~ <3

This was really cute


· Would be so worried

· Asks the kid where their parents are

· If they are crying or scared, would start to make jokes (kid friendly) to make them laugh and smile

· Takes them by the hand and walks with them to the nearest authority figure to help them find their parents

· Plays with them until parent/parents comes for them

· Tips his hat to them and tells them to be safe

· Secretly is a bit sad that they left, for a moment there, it was like he had children


· Doesn’t really do anything at first, just observes

· After a while, when no one comes to help the kid, he walks up to them

· He asks the kid where their parents and they answer that they don’t know he tells him to follow him

· He takes the kid to a small garden or an open area, and sits them where he can see them while he asks an officer to find the parents, that he will stay with the kid til then.

· The kid is still crying/sad and not speaking

· Hanzo tells him that his parents are looking for him as well and will come quickly

· Opens the gourd and hands it to the kid and tells him to drink up (luckily he filled it with tea today)

· Tells the kid a story to make him feel better until he’s smiling, no longer sad

· When the parents come and find them, he is happy to have helped and smiles as the kid waves by at him


· Curious, he walks up to the kid and asks why they are sad/crying

· When he finds out that they are lost he begins to laugh and say that that ain’t a problem

· Picks them up and puts them on his shoulders and declares that it’s time for an adventure

· Takes the kid to an arcade to play games, to the park, to a food café

· He is having so much fun playing with the kid and is even more excited that they are having fun as well

· Secretly though, he’s also looking and running around places he thinks parents would be looking for a lost kid

· After a taking a break from their “adventure” the kid points out his parents and Junkrat sees how frantic and worried the parents look

· He asks the kid if he had fun today, and when he says yes he smiles and gives a toothy grin saying he had fun too

· He takes the kid to the parents and gives the kid a toy he “won” at the arcade to him and says hus goodbyes