really cute kid


tbh feeling a little vain today and not even sorry about it~ 😘☀️

What a happy kiddo!!!!!

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new background for my tumblr, actual background practice and also a thing for a secret summer project I’m working on!!! \o/ had this in my wips for a really long time but finally used some free time to finish this off!!! I love these kids so much ;____; forever my babies

xmas at the waverider be like
  • Drunk!Mick: Happy chrismas.
  • Drunk!Snart: It's chrisman!
  • Drunk!Sara: Merry crisis!
  • Drunk!Jax: Merry chrisseler.
So, I dressed up as Marinette for Halloween.
  • Me: *Handing out candy outside my house*
  • Little Girl: *Dressed up as Dorothy, gasps, and comes running up to me*
  • Me: *Smiles and hands out candy*
  • Little Girl: I think I know who you are.
  • Me: *Kneels down* Really? Who?
  • Little Girl: Your Marinette!
  • Me: *Slightly squeals* Yes!
  • Little Girl: From Miraculous Ladybug! I watch that show.
  • Me: Me too!
  • Little Girl: Yeah! *Smiles and waves, running off*
  • Me: Happy Halloween! *Later dies of eternal joy*

askneonflight  asked:

//Neon and Luca for the ship baby thing? ;w;

super cute super flight.

she’s super bubbly and just wants to play and fly around 24/7. very proud of her wings.

// luca’s natural hair color isnt green so i didnt include it anywhere  ; q; 

petition for more domestic hollstein in the movie 2k17

as well as

  • scenes of them in their crappy apartment in paris

  • cuddles in bed and both of them having bed head

  • a proposal!! •n o a n g s t
  • laura riding on the back of carmilla’s motorcycle •being able to see how tight laura is holding carm on the motorcycle 
  • M O R E K I S S E S 
  •  papa hollis 
  • more about laura’s mother 
  • maybe a wedding 
  • hollstein having kids 
  • like really cute kids

 feel free to add more!

Worth It

Features: Original!Caroline, Hybrid!Caroline, KC with kids, altered backstory, etc. Warnings: mentions of pregnancy, minor death of children who were turned, and infertility. Rated G/SFW.

Sheila Bennett paced nervously. She was wearing a hole in her patio, but it was unavoidable.

An Original was coming.

Sure, she’d called him there, but that made her no less nervous. She wasn’t sure what she’d called him for was worth it. Plus, Bonnie was there with her, and the Original would surely use her as leverage if he didn’t like what he heard.

“Grams, sit down. It’s okay. Whoever this guy is, he can’t be that bad,” Bonnie cajoled.

Sheila shook her head. “You have no idea who you’re talking about. We’re meeting an Original. One of the first vampires in existence. He’s extremely dangerous and if he doesn’t like what I have to say, he’ll kill us both.”

“I think you confuse me for my siblings,” a voice called.

Sheila turned around so quickly her hips popped.

There he was, standing just before the steps. In a full suit, he didn’t look nearly as threatening as some said. But Sheila could feel his power like it was a tangible thing.

“You are Sheila Bennett, yes?” She nodded, struck mute by the sheer wrongness of his existence. Nature hated this man. “You summoned me.”

Bonnie peeked around Sheila. “Hi, I’m Bonnie. Her granddaughter. She didn’t really tell me who you are…?”

He looked amused. “I am Elijah, an Original vampire. I’m also very busy, so if we could move this along?”

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reinhardt is reading to all of torbjorn’s kids??? why would he be doing this u ask?????

reinhardt and torbjorn both are cheerful beardy old men… they both carry hammers…. in Conclusion

why let the straights have anything honestly torbjorn can be the bi (or pan) + poly representation we’ve all been waiting for. thank u for ur time. please consider making cute beardy old hammer men art and sweet date nights with torb and his wife and reinhardt and their million kid army. also consider: height difference. good night

superlokidwholock  asked:

Hello!!! First why are you so good at drawing Mormor!!! Like they are love.💕I was wondering if your doing requests... could you make one of Moriarty at the front of Sebs door. And it's Valentine's Day. And so his face is the expression of when your smiling but being embarrassed at the same time while holding roses. Above his shoulder scratching his head. In embarrassment...🙈#IfYoudLikeTooThough

I thought this would be really cute with kid!mormor, so

Happy Valentine’s Day! <333