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“Can you do a Rumpelstiltskin impersonation?”

Rumpelstiltskin?! … Eh, what’s one of Rumpelstiltskin's big - eh - Oh, Dearie! - If Robert Carlyle sees that I know what’ll happen, he’s just gonna - he’s just gonna. Oh, God. Anyway, thank you for that!

“Yeah, your career’s over, man!”

okay listen I have, like, rly cold hands 24/7 bc my circulation is bad or something, right? so my hands are ALWAYS cold and almost always very red (or sometimes purple), so pretty regularly people are like “girl what is up with your hands” and I explain. and usually they’re like oh okay, whatever. but every once in a while I run into someone whose first response to “yeah they’re always cold” is to immediately start holding my hands in an ineffective but nevertheless endearing attempt to warm up my icicle fingers and tbh it warms my heart (and also my hands. temporarily.) 

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Could I request a cute little Drabble or headcanons with Soldier, Reaper, Junkrat and Hanzo (id love to request mccree but that's probs too many haha. My thirst for these boys I can't) when their sleepy s/o comes in wearing one of their shirts while the boy is working and tries to convince them to come to bed and rest because it's v v late? Please and thank you!

For you *points at you* I’ll write something for all of them. Enjoy!


Jack sat in front of the computer looking over the blueprints and surrounding area of the next mission site. It was well after midnight when you walk up from behind them. You yawn and try to rub the sleepiness out of your eyes.

“Jack, love of my life, please come to bed. It’s 3 in the morning and I can’t sleep knowing you’re up and still working,” you say, another yawn escapes.

“Sorry, but I need to look over this and make sure we have everything as airtight as possible,” he says without looking back at you, focused on the screen, “Go to sleep, I’ll join you shortly.”

“You said that 2 hours ago and you’re still up,” you say, pouting. “Please, Jack, come to bed with me?”

The neediness in your voice compels Jack to turn around and look at you. You are wearing an old blue shirt of his, from his early underground days. It hangs a little big on you but to Jack, you look incredible.

“Jack? You ok?”

“Yea, I’m fine,” he says as he quickly turns around and shuts off the computer. Quickly he goes to you and picks you up. You giggle at being picked up all of a sudden.

He gently kisses you on your forehead, “Let’s go to bed.”


Reaper is reloading his guns when he hears the door open behind him.

“I thought I said I wish to be alone,” he said menacingly.

You let out a loud yawn, “I don’t know who you said that to but I know it wasn’t me.”

“Come to see me train?” he asks playfully.

You stretch against the door and rub your eyes. “Not today Reyes. I came to ask you to please come to bed. It’s a little past midnight and I would really like if you come back with so I don’t have to sleep in an empty end.”

“That late huh?” he says loudly to himself. “I’ll go to bed after I’m finished training.”

“No Gabriel, it’s late and you need rest. Besides,” you look at the ground embarrassed, “I miss it when you hold me at night. I feel more relaxed and can sleep more soundly.”

Reaper turns around after reloading the gun and sees you wearing his old black tank top. It fits loosely on your body but exposes enough of your skin to make Reaper growl in appreciation. He loves how amazing you look in his clothes. He puts the gun back on the table and walks up to you. He turns you around and wraps his arms around you, nuzzling your neck.

“We’re going to bed, now,” he says, lowly growls in your ear.


Junkrat is sitting at his table, tinkering with a new bomb idea when you walk in to his “office” yawning.

“Jamison, it’s really late. Come to bed. The bomb will be there later.”

“Sorry Sheila,” he says still focusing on the bomb, “but if I don’t finish this now I’ll forget then it’ll never happen! Besides its pretty unstable right now so if I don’t do something it could blow up at any time,” he says cackling.

“Oh my god Jamison, please defuse it, do something but please make sure it doesn’t go off when we’re sleeping,” you say dejectedly.

“Yea, yea no worries, I got this,” still laughing.

You stand behind him for 10 more minutes before interrupting him again.

“Jamison,” you put your hands on his back, feeling the muscles underneath them. You softly kiss his shoulder, “please come back to bed with me? Defuse the bomb if you need to but please come back soon? I miss you.”

Junkrat turns his head to look at you and notices you’re wearing an old night shirt of his. It was an old white shirt that was ripped from the hem a bit but it seems to fit you incredibly well. He continued to stare at you even after you left him to his work. After you were out of his sight Junkrat quickly gets back to work making sure the bomb was stable enough not to go off and quickly hobbles out of his “office” and goes to join you in bed.


You walk outside your room and to the small garden that nearby and see Hanzo sitting, mediating.

“Hanzo,” you yawn, “please come to bed. It’s late.”

Hanzo turns his head only slightly to acknowledge that he heard you, “In a moment, I am almost done.”

You walk closer to him, bend down, and wrap your arms around his shoulders, “You’ve been out here for hours, so maybe it’s time to go to bed.”

Hanzo furrows his brows as he tries to focus again on his center.

“Fine,” you huff at him and let go of him, “You can stay here if you want but I’m going to bed.”

He hears the anger in your voice and turns around to look at you. He sees you wearing his black shirt. He sees how amazing it fits you. You walk away in a huff and leave Hanzo to mediate again.

He tries to slow his breathing and clear his mind but only thoughts of you fill his mind. Frustrated, he huffs and quickly stands and walks back to your room.


You walk into the living room and find Jesse sitting at the table hunched over something.

“Babe,” you plead, “come to bed. It’s late; you can clean your revolver tomorrow.”

McCree smiles without looking behind him.

“Can’t darlin’. If I don’t finish this tonight, I won’t have time tomorrow.”

You pout and hug him, pressing your body to him to try to convince him. He stops cleaning for a moment as he relishes the feel of you.

“I’m sorry that I’m staying up so late, but I need to finish this.” He turns around and kisses you a gentle kiss, “I promise, I will finish as fast as I can and go to bed, ok?”

“Fine,” pouting.

McCree looks at you and notices that you are wearing one of his dress shirts. He looks at how low hanging it fits you. He can’t seem to focus on cleaning his gun; his mind is only thinking of you and how damn fine you look in his shirt. He immediately gets up and scoops you in his arms and kisses you deeply.

“I don’t know where you found that shirt, but it looks damn good on you,” he said as he kissed your neck.

He picked you up and with a devilish smile, takes you to bed with him.  

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Hiya! So, how do you think McCree, Hanzo and Junkrat would react to finding a lost child? Thanksie~ <3

This was really cute


· Would be so worried

· Asks the kid where their parents are

· If they are crying or scared, would start to make jokes (kid friendly) to make them laugh and smile

· Takes them by the hand and walks with them to the nearest authority figure to help them find their parents

· Plays with them until parent/parents comes for them

· Tips his hat to them and tells them to be safe

· Secretly is a bit sad that they left, for a moment there, it was like he had children


· Doesn’t really do anything at first, just observes

· After a while, when no one comes to help the kid, he walks up to them

· He asks the kid where their parents and they answer that they don’t know he tells him to follow him

· He takes the kid to a small garden or an open area, and sits them where he can see them while he asks an officer to find the parents, that he will stay with the kid til then.

· The kid is still crying/sad and not speaking

· Hanzo tells him that his parents are looking for him as well and will come quickly

· Opens the gourd and hands it to the kid and tells him to drink up (luckily he filled it with tea today)

· Tells the kid a story to make him feel better until he’s smiling, no longer sad

· When the parents come and find them, he is happy to have helped and smiles as the kid waves by at him


· Curious, he walks up to the kid and asks why they are sad/crying

· When he finds out that they are lost he begins to laugh and say that that ain’t a problem

· Picks them up and puts them on his shoulders and declares that it’s time for an adventure

· Takes the kid to an arcade to play games, to the park, to a food café

· He is having so much fun playing with the kid and is even more excited that they are having fun as well

· Secretly though, he’s also looking and running around places he thinks parents would be looking for a lost kid

· After a taking a break from their “adventure” the kid points out his parents and Junkrat sees how frantic and worried the parents look

· He asks the kid if he had fun today, and when he says yes he smiles and gives a toothy grin saying he had fun too

· He takes the kid to the parents and gives the kid a toy he “won” at the arcade to him and says hus goodbyes