really cool yeah bro


I actually stayed up last night thinking about the bros weapons in that solarpunk/steampunk verse and came to the conclusion that I desperately want to keep the hammers. so yeah. hammers.

the way marios hammer is designed he can light it on fire anytime. luigis is actually pretty tricky bc electricity isnt as straightforward as fire, but I imagine it can jumpstart any kind of machine that runs on electricity bc nintendo logic

their secondary weapons would be something they use along with their hammers. marios is a pick (chisel) and luigis is a pair of pliers. 

yes I am invested in this why do you ask

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y'know, I never thought I could hate a character more than I hate Umbridge but then Wanda happened. I just... can't. fucking. stand. her. And then it's Clint... and even Natasha who betrayed Tony and I just need a life and friends and hobbies bc I spend all of my time obsessing over Tony and wanting him to be cared and loved and ok and I just... I HATE THEM!!!

Listen… before I get on to the Wonderfully Infuriating Subject of Wanda Maximoff, I’d like to say that I have 99 problems with Civil War, and the characterisations of my Good Boys Clint and Steve make up a good 95 of them. Just be warned, this rant is long and whiny as fuck.

I honestly really disliked Clint in Civil War, which sucks because he’s my Dumpster Son and he deserved better than just being reduced to The Guy With The Arrows, you know? What were his motives??? He was retired, he was spending time with his family, and then he just upped and left because ..what…Cap batted his eyelashes? Like… he had nothing to do with the accords. Nothing. He probably didn’t even read them; I mean Vision asked him to consider what he was doing and he did this Really Cool Eye Flicker™ before just saying ‘yeah lol okai considered bro’ and I mean?? You have children??? 

And then of course, the scene on the Raft. It’s kind of amusing in an infuriating sort of way, because I mean this is basically Clint summed up in a short piece:

Clint: *Breaks Law* For justice :))

Clint: *Is put in jail for breaking law*

Clint: :0 :0 This is UNJUST!!!!

And I mean, he appears to blame 100% of everything that happened on Tony, which I guess one could do when they’re angry and imprisoned and their other friend is standing on the other side of the bars. I can kind of get that from an objective point of view..? But? No? He’s an adult and he broke the law? That is… that’s what happens? 

Of course, when he makes that remark to Tony about Rhodey, all hope I had for his Civil War character immediately burst into an inferno and propelled itself out of the top story window. That was unnecessary and hurtful and untrue, and it made me want to slap the shit out of him.

Now. For Wanda.

If you like her character, then that is completely okay, but I don’t advise reading this.

Because I despise her. 

It’s not really her character, more as the way she was written. She had so much potential, to do so much good. But her origins are F U C K E D up, her attitude is childish (despite the fact that she is an adult guys!!) and her general character is quite frankly that of a whiny bitch.

We first see her in AoU, when she is working for HYDRA, after voluntarily (Voluntarily!! working for a terror organisation you guys!!!) Signing up for experimentation that had killed everyone else before her.
I mean, that alone tells you something about her character and her thought process.

Next, we discover that a missile with Tony’s last name on it tragically killed her parents. This is sad. This is horrible and no child should ever have to go through that.

But then she decides that Tony Stark Personally Aimed, Launched and Fired it, and decides to go on a ten-year murder plot in order to kill him for it, and that’s where the sympathy stops. Right there.

I know this is a common example, but Imma say it again because it’s important. If my parents were shot and killed by a gun that had the word ‘Beretta’ on it, I ain’t gonna go after the fuckin gun company. Why would anyone??? It makes literally no sense at all and just paints her as a villain who’s also lowkey stupid???

She had years to think these actions through, and yet still she did them. It literally does not matter about whether she helped for like the last hour of the Avengers film because the literal entire fucking world was going to be destroyed, and she didn’t want catastrophe on that scale.

You know,,, she just wanted to murder Tony. And obviously, the Avengers are his buddies, so lets try and kill them too for no reason at all!!!

She… I mean… God, she subjected Bruce to his worst nightmare and had him tear through a populated city,,, for the sake of destruction?? She literally just wanted to cause pain??? And you can’t tell me no-one died because of that because… it’s a fucking hulk? She purposely twisted all the team’s minds, and let Tony take the sceptre because she knew he could hurt people with it because of what she’d planted in his head? It’s… it’s disgusting?

You tell me ‘she’s changed’ and ‘she’s just like Tony, she used to be bad but now she’s good’ or whatever the fuck, but let me tell you this: Tony never, ever wreaked destruction for the sake of destruction. He never went out with the sole intention of killing specific innocents. He built weapons to p r o t e c t, which is why as soon as he sees they’re no longer doing that, he shuts that shit down. 

Wanda never seems to learn that lesson. Even when, For God Knows what fucked up reason, they appear to make her some sort of avenger for helping them stop the world ending (that, you know, she helped cause), she still doesn’t understand that her job is now to protect people? Her motives are still… idk selfish I guess?

“i can’t control their fear. Only my own.”

Well bitch u know what. Maybe if u stopped running off and trying to tell everyone that you, an incredibly powerful individual with a past involving terror organisations, are ‘above the law and don’t need the accords’, they’d… u know… stop being scared of u…

Don’t even get me started on what she said to Tony. I’m done with this shit. But yes anon I’m sorry this was so long but essentially, I very much agree. Good day sir.

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So you know how waayy back when DRv3 was first shown we all kinda started to ship who is now known as Kiibo and Momota together but now as a thousand more things have released we have started to stray away from that ship and started pairing Kiibo with Ouma (in game interactions) and Momota with Saihara (Official art and merch put them together)? I thought because of this, we should have all four of them be a group. Double dates. Hanging out. The SQUAD. All friends. Happy. What are your thoughts?


Beg For It

Part 4 of Music Video 

// In which Justin truly takes control //

*Warning Mature Content*


“That was so good,” Justin laughed between shaken gasps as he recovered from his high.

“Yeah,” I agreed.

“I love this,“ he said a moment later.

“Yeah,” I let out a deep sigh before sitting up on the bed.

“What are you doing?” Justin looked over at me. The bliss that ones captured his face turned to concerned as his broad sweating chest rose up and down from the bed. Justin’s blonde hair was tossed ferociously all over his head.

“I’m getting dressed,” I pulled on the underwear and the t shirt I came in.

“Why? You can stay the night?” he sat up and took my shirt from my hand.

“Actually I can’t. I having brunch with a friend,“ I snatched it back from his grip.

“That doesn’t matter. Please, just stay the night. I’ll cook in the morning and everything,” he gave me a hopeful smile.

“As good as burnt food sounds, I think I’m going to pass,” I shimmied my shorts onto my legs then reached for my phone to see all the messages I missed while I was fooling around with Justin.

“When people ask you about us what do you say?” Justin asked out of nowhere.

“What do you mean?”

“Like I don’t know, what are we? If we went somewhere and you knew someone there, how would you introduce me?” he didn’t make eye contact with me as he spoke.

“As my friend,” I stated, matter of factly.

“Just your friend?” He dug.

“My really good friend?“ I tried to laugh the awkwardness away. Knowing that Justin was lowkey feeling me was only making me want to be around him less. This was just topping the cake.

“And how many really good friends like me do you have?” He asked trying to sound nonchalant, wanting to know how many other people I was fucking.

“Why does it matter?” I snapped.

“Just wondering,” he mumbled while putting his shirt on as well.

“Well you can quit,” I pulled on my shoes.

“I just wanted to know if we’re good,” Justin placed a hand on my waist.

“I’m good. We’re just friends who, occasionally fuck. There’s nothing wrong with it,“ I spoke with a hot little attitude.

“Right,” Justin pulled his hand off of me.

“Oh,” I feigned surprise.

"Oh what?” he asked.

“I think I know what this is about, Justin,” I faked a smile before continuing. “You don’t need to worry about me. I’m not high maintenance like the other girls you fuck around with. I don’t want anything from you but a good time,” I pushed him down on the bed and straddled him. I was hoping he would catch my hint without me having to flat out tell him that I didn’t feel the same way.

“So you aren’t getting attached?” Justin asked while rubbing my hips. He looked anxious waiting for my answer although he did hide it well.

“I understand the boundaries and I do not plan to cross them,” I hummed before engaging him in a provocative kiss. Our lips continued to be pressed together until I felt him getting hard again. I laughed and pressed my hand against his stirring dick once before removing myself from the heated embrace.

“When can we hang out again?” Justin groaned, knowing that he wasn’t getting anymore pleasing right now.

“You mean fuck?” I giggled.

“Yes,” Justin shuttered back a bit.

“Well, my schedule is booked up for the next week and a half so…” I lightly brushed off our next meeting.

“Oh, okay. Am I going to see you at Drake’s release party next Friday?” Justin asked about our mutual friend and colleagues’ album drop.

“Yeah, I’ll be there,” I nodded. I would never miss one of Drake’s parties, they were always my

“Let me walk you out then,” Justin handed me my purse and led me out the front door.

“Hit me up if you find free time?” Justin opened the door to my Mercedes.  

“Sure,” I climbed into the car, shut the door behind me, and got the hell out of here.

“Kenny,” I spoke as soon as Kendall picked up the phone.

“Hey Y/N whats up?” She answered six rings later.  

“He likes me so much,” I groaned.

“Give me the details.“


Justin’s Point of View

“Okay so like can you just asks if she likes me?” I begged Kendall as I glanced over at Y/N who was sipping on her glass of champagne.

She looked beautiful as ever, in a nude skin tight dressed. All night, Y/N has been socializing with person to person yet, hasn’t spoken to me yet. Ever since the Pour It Up music video, she has been the talk of the industry. It was hard to believe that while everyone wanted her, I was the one that actually got her.

“I don’t think she’s really in the mood to be bothered with you,” Kendall spoke as she swayed to the beat of the blasting music.

“She won’t be bothered if she likes me back too,“ I reasoned.

“What is this? Elementary school? If you like her so bad then ask her on a date,” Kendall wasn’t having my shit either apparently.

“I will as soon as I know she’s interes- She’s moving go go ask her,” I shoved Kendall towards Y/N who was walking over to the bar.

Kendall flicked me off before going off to greet her friend. They hugged then Kendall said something that made a laugh brighten up Y/N’s face. Suddenly, they were both looking at me. I quickly turned to talk to who ever was closest to me at that moment and it just so happened to be Khalil.

“Yo, Y/N has been looking over here all night,” Khalil nodded over at Y/N who sent a smile back.

“Really bro?” I played it off cool.

“Yeah, like damn she’s so fine,” Khalil laughed before taking a sip of his drink.

“Hmm,“ I didn’t want to burst Khalil’s bubble.

“We actually went out to breakfast a couple of weeks ago,” Khalil didn’t noticed my dryness.

“Excuse me,” I stopped looking at Y/N to look at Khalil that just had to be lying.

“Yeah, it was last last Wednesday I think. We had a good time though. I’m trying to ask her out again since its been a minute,” Khalil shrugged while I tried to fix the puzzle together in my head. If I thought back correctly, then that means the real reason Y/N wouldn’t spend the night the last time we were together was because she was going out on a date with my friend the very next morning.

“Did you two…” My voice trailed thinking that if I didn’t ask the question, I wouldn’t hear the answer I didn’t want to hear.

“Fuck? Nah. At least not yet, it did get a little heated after breakfast though if you know what I mean. But like she’s your friend so put in a good word for me, yeah?” Khalil gave me a hard pat on my back before turing around to talk to Kylie. I rolled my eyes as I took a sip of my drink, looking at Y/N in a whole new light. Y/N couldn’t possibly have actual feelings for Khalil after a date. Granted, I’ve never taken her out but, I still have more of a chance with her than he does. The fact that Khalil thought he was going to be with Y/N in the same ways that I’m with her made my blood boil. She was mine and only mine.

“Who you looking at?” Za came up to me a moment later after I downed my tequila. I nodded at Y/N who laughed loudly with Kendall.

“Damn, Y/N stays thicc,” Za held up his glass as to toast to Y/N’s holy body.

“Not you too,” I groaned. Damn, the moment I’m actually into a girl, all my friends notice her as well.

“What’s wrong Bieber? You feeling Y/N or something?” Za teased me.

“No, she’s just my good friend,” I mocked Y/N’s words.

“Ya’ll fucking?” Za guessed correctly straight off the back.

“No,“ he gave me a boy please face, already detecting my lie. "Fuck, I mean yes but it’s more than that?”

“Hey guys,” suddenly Y/N came over with a cocky smile present on her face as she hugged each of us. Her embraced lasted a beat longer with me compared to the rest of the guys.

“You look really good tonight,” Khalil complimented, coming out of fucking no where. His little comment brightened up her entire face, making her laugh and spin so that we could admire her entire outfit that hugged her just right. Za smiled at me causing me to I rolled my eyes at his teasing.

“Ya’ll look good too. I love this suit on you,” She reached out and pattern her hands against Khalil’s silver suit. A suit that I bought while shopping with him. I shook my head and grabbed another drink as Khalil and Y/N drooled over each other.

“Thank you. How about I get you a drink and we go dance?” Khalil asked, annoyingly.

“Yeah I’d love that. Surprise me with the drink,” Y/N called after Khalil who winked before heading off to retrieve the drinks. Y/N bluntly flirting with my friend made me want to gouge my eyes out. We set ground rules at the beginning of our friends with benefits relationship yet somehow, I didn’t make flirting with each other’s friends off limits. I goofed.
“Nice hair. Although there won’t be much for me to hang on to now, I still like it,” Y/N stated suggestively, once no one was paying attention to us.

“Thank you. You look ready good tonight,” I said a moment later, once my competition was gone.

“I know, babes, that’s why I wore this,” she posed dramatically.

“Well, you always dress so well for me,” I smirked and put an innocent hand on her waist.

“That’s cute that you think I dress up for you,” she used a baby voice on me.

“Tell me that you don’t,” I pulled her closer into me.

“I don’t,” she pulled my hand off of her.

“Which is why you strut around in this sexy ass dress and act like you aren’t coming home with me?” I pushed her straightened hair behind her ear with the bite of my lip. Y/N knew who she belonged to and it was me.

“Hm… I’m not sure what I’m doing after this. Maybe I’ll see what your friends are up to tonight. Maybe Maejor or Za? Better yet, I could be down for Khalil’s fine ass. You know I’ve always had a thing for light skins. We’ll just have to see where the night takes me,“ she shrugged with teasing grin on her face and a hand popped on her hip. Gaining control of my jealousy, I boosted my confident up a notch.

“It’s cute that you think I’m bothered,” I took another sip of my drink.

“What’s really cute is that you sent Kendall to ask about me because you’re so worried about what I’m doing,” she raised her eyebrow and took the glass of champagne from my hand to finished it off.

“I’m not worried about you,” I denied.

“Hmm, okay. We’ll see,” Y/N hummed before leaning into me and pressing her hand over my bulge. “Talk to you later,” She winked before talking Khalil’s hand and following him out onto the dance floor.


‘it’s funny that the girl on your lap swears that she’s the reason that you’re hard when i know the only thing you’re doing is hoping that i’ll let you meet me in the bathroom’ Y/N’s text read.

After watching Y/N grind on Khalil on the dance floor, I accepted the attention of one of the sluts that craved a star’s attention. I reread Y/N’s message and couldn’t help but laugh about the fact that she was obviously bothered about the blonde sitting in my lap. Of course this random hoe could never compare to Y/N but, I couldn’t let her know that.

’No. I think I might take her home instead’ I sent back, knowing it would piss Y/N off.

‘i guess i’ll just have one of your friends fuck me open tonight. i’m not wearing underwear. do you think that will turn them on?’ i choked out at her message.

“Fuck,” I mumbled out and before I could even start to type, the three dots symbol popped up under the last message.

‘god I’m dripping at the thought of leaving this party and being fucked into. i’m tempted to help myself out in the bathroom. I wish someone would join me. khalil hasn’t changed his number has he?’

‘Give me 5 mins to meet you in the bathroom,’ I typed quickly, giving into her game.

‘i’ll give you 3 minutes. tick tock babe’ I groaned at y/n’s challenge and patted at the girls hip’s signaling for her to get the hell off of me.

“What’s wrong baby? Want to take this somewhere else?” the nameless woman rasped into my ear and pressed her hand over my hard dick.

“I need to do something important,” I started walking to the closest bathroom sign in the corner of the room.

“I can handle an urgent, situation,” she grabbed onto my hand.

“Can you please go somewhere? There’s a million rappers in the building with just as much money as me, go fuck one of them,” I yanked my hand away from the desperate girl in search of the bathroom. I made it there quickly and blatantly walked in.

“What the fuck Justin?“ Kylie asked while applying another coat of lipstick in the mirror.

“Is Y/N in here?” I looked under the closed stalls hoping to recognize Y/N’s black heels.  

“No why,” Kylie tugged me up.

“She told me to meet her in the bathroom,” I explained quickly

“There’s like 2 other bathrooms in the building,” Kylie rolled her eyes.

“Shit, shit, shit,” I quickly left the ladies room in search of the the next bathroom but Y/N wasn’t in that one either. Just as I was going to walk into the last possible bathroom
Y/N could be in with seconds to spare, I was stopped by a legendary producer.

She was one of the many producers that worked on of the best songs from both Take Care and Views. I had been waiting months to have a conversation with this woman but the ONE time that I don’t have time for her, she decides to approach me. Unbelievable.

I carried on with the conversation with the woman but, a few moments later, I saw Y/N appear from behind the bathroom door. She looked down as she walked and proceed to bump into me lightly. To the unknowing eye, it looked like she was innocently off balance but, what really happened was that she slipped her lacy underwear into the pocket of my coat. I groaned eternally at the feeling of the soft sheer and lace against my calloused hands.

“So we’ll be in touch?” the producer interrupted my thoughts of Y/N walking around, dripping with no underwear on.

“Yes, ma'am,” I nodded and used my unoccupied hand to give a parting shake. She smiled before leaving towards the other music producers in attendance.

"Fuck,” I groaned before going back to the table that my friends seated at. Open arrival, I immediately noticed Y/N sat on Khalil’s lap. My jaw clenched in frustration as I proceeded to walk past the table and to the bar where I sat beside Kanye who was ranting to guy about poor bottle service. I nodded along when Kanye started going off to me but my mind was preoccupied.

‘if you got to me quick enough you wouldn’t be so frustrated. it’s okay though because it’s really sexy when you’re mad’ another text came through. Tired of Y/N’s shit, I moved from the bar and stalked angrily back to the table.

“I need to talk to you,” I glared at Y/N.

“I’m busy,” She took a sip of her frozen drink, without even looking at me.

“Let’s go,” I grabbed her hand.

“I’m not going anywhere,” she rolled her eyes.

“I’m going to go get my car and you better be at the back entrance when I come back. Do you understand me?” I rasped in her ear with a change of tone. I was tired of having her play around, it was time for me to take control of the situation. Noticing my lack of patience, Y/N said nothing as she nodded her head.

“Then tell our friends bye and meet me at the fucking car,” I cussed before leaving the building and instructed the valet to bring my car back. Sure enough, by the time the keys to my Lamborghini were given to me, Y/N joined me at the exit. I opened the car door for her and slammed it shut before getting in and taking off down the road.

“Y/N,” I called her name and took a glance over at her to see her staring at the expanse of dark road ahead of us. We had been driving for 5 minutes in silence, sexual tension swirling in the air.

“Yes, Justin?” Her voice slightly quivered. I felt her eyes looking me up and down, questioning my next move.

“I don’t like the way you’ve been acting. First you curb me all week and then you walk around the club playing with me when you have already given me blue balls. What’s even worse is that I found out you’ve been talking to one of my friends,” I listed my grievances to her. "Pay me back,” I grasped her thigh once before holding the wheel again. A heartbeat later, I flicked my eyes between Y/N and the road as she silently leaned over to me and started to unzip my pants.

I let out a soft sigh at the feeling of her take my hard dick out of it’s confines. The car jerked as she suddenly downed me completely in my mouth. A coarse of adrenaline ran through me as I realized how dangerous and provocative this is. Taking one hand off the wheel, I could easily grab a ponytail of her hair now that it was straightened. Moaning on my cock, Y/N bopped the length of my dick even farther down her tight, wet throat. I had to fight to keep my eyes open as I drove down the deserted Los Angeles streets. Seconds away from cumming, I pulled Y/N off of my dick before I would shoot my arousal down her throat.

After a moment of struggling, I managed to put my self back in my jeans. In the next moment, I had my hand trailing circles up and down Y/N’s smooth thigh. “Justin, please,” She whimpered. For the first time ever, Y/N was begging me to do something for her. With my newfound power, I merely smirked as a drew lines on her thick legs. Each time I drew closer to her center, I retreated my hand even farther than it originally was.

Tired of my teasing, Y/N desperately pulled my hand so that my finger were pressed to her wet clit. Laughing at her need, I pulled my hand from under her dress and up two fingers in front of her face for her to suck on. She quickly complied and made my fingers wet enough for them to fill her up. Instead of teasing, I gave her want she wanted. She panted beside me as I drew my fingers back and forth into her wet heat. I worked her open slowly until I pulled into my garage. I said nothing as I got out the car and walked into the house, not having to look back to know that Y/N was following inside.

“You hungry? Thirsty? I could go for a snack myself,” I hummed as I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge.

“No. I’m fine, Justin,” Y/N sighed from the entrance of the kitchen as she waited for me to finish what was started. I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of her getting what she wants so soon.

“I have some apple juice. Or do you want a soda? I have Sprite Coke, and Fanta strawberry,” I looked through the refrigerator, ignoring Y/N’s need.

“I just want you to fuck me,” She stated blatantly as she began to undress herself. Her matching underwear set was undeniably sexy as she exposed herself to my eyes. The newly added barbells through her nipples, shined in the dully lit room. I looked her over slowly once more before going into my pantry.

“Aw, someone ate all Girl Scout Cookies. I really wanted some peanut butter patties,” I sighed in unhappiness.

“Fuck me, Justin,” Y/N said harshly as moved her bra straps out of place.

“Maybe if you ask nicely,” I scoffed, shoving a few Pringles into my mouth.

“I didn’t come here for snacks,” Y/N took a step towards me so that she could reach my aching bulge that I had been ignoring. I grasped her hand and used it to spend her around and trap her between my body and the cool kitchen counter. I kissed her soft lips then her neck before beginning to whisper in her ear.

“Don’t get besides yourself, Y/N. I’m doing what I want tonight and you’re going to take what I give you without complaints. In fact, you’re going to beg for it,” I said quickly, letting her in on what the night was going to bring.


“But nothing baby girl. I’ll meet you in my bedroom. Be naked,” I nodded her away after giving my instructions. After replying to Za’s texts about whether or not I made home, I walked up to the bedroom to see Y/N obediently waiting for my presence.

“You look good like this,” I noted as I stepped to the edge of the beg, where she was kneeling.

“Make me feel as good as I look,” she challenged against my lips.

“Beg for it,” I told her, my teeth tugging at her plump bottom lip as my hands traveled up and down her sides. Noticing she didn’t say anything, I looked at her face to see a stubborn look that I was oh so familiar with.

“Oh so you aren’t going to say anything? You make think you have me figured out since, I let you take control but there’s a whole other side of me that you have never experienced. So, I’m going to ask you one more time. Beg for it,” My hands roughly grasped her ass as I waited to hear what I wanted. Receiving nothing from Y/N, yet again, I ruthlessly wanted to hear her praise. I turned around and pushed Y/N on all fours so that she couldn’t see what I was retrieving. I reached into my beside drawer with a devilish smile on my face before I pulling out one of many vibrators.

“Being stubborn isn’t cute,” I hummed as I turned it onto its highest setting. At the light buzz in the air, Y/N tensed under my hand, obviously recognizing the sound. Still not saying anything, I mercilessly placed the end of the vibe against her aching core. Not expecting the vibe to be so strong, Y/N shuddered out as I ran the little device down her slit to be pressed against her swollen clit. Once there, her whole body rocked as she tried to get both more and less of the vibrations. Obviously torn between overstimulation and pleasure, she shook as she moved against it.

Being so irresistibly hot, I turned Y/N and laid her on her back as I watched her struggle beneath me. Her straightened hair frizzed against my pillow and her dark skin glistened as her pleasure continued to build up. I leaned up against her and sucked on her pierced nippled as I worked the little toy against her. Wanting a proper taste, I lowered myself and licked up all the arousal she was producing because of my actions. At the feeling of my flat tongue swipe up to meet the vibrator against her clit, I heard something come out of her beautifully gifted lips.

“What was that?” I asked as I put my two fingers in her again. She shook her head no, concentrating on not giving me the satisfaction of her pleasure. Enjoying how much Y/N was testing both me and her, I shrugged my shoulders in disregard before leaning down again.

There was no mistaking the way she muttered out a ‘please’ between her clenched teeth as my tongue drew circles in her opening, I laughed against her before imbedding my whole tongue into her wet heat while rubbing the vibe from side to side against her clit. A movement later, Y/N gave up on the pride she was desperately hanging onto and threw her hand into my shortly cute hair. She held onto whatever she could grab of me as I lapped circles in her.

“Justin please. I’m gonna- Justin,” she couldn’t form complete sentences as she convulsed around my tongue. I quickly removed myself from her before she could tip over the edge. I watched her flushed face turn from bliss to annoyance as she realized I was holding off on her orgasm.

“Ask again,” I teased as I made light circles in her wetness.

“Please, Justin,” She glared at me, looking unimpressed at my antics.

“Oh you can do better than that, babe. Beg like you mean it,” I instructed as I kneeled on the bed to pulled my shirt off and undo the zipper of my pants. I waited expectantly as I slowing downed my Calvin Kleins, my hard dick smacking my abs in freedom.

“Justin, please,” She started again as she stared at my cock that was aching for her as bad as she was aching for me. Her face softened up as she gave up her need for control. “Touch me. I need you fuck me please. You’re always so big inside me. I need you in me,” She whined while grasping her breasts in dainty hands for temporary pleasure. I hummed in respond to her pleas as I jacked myself off, subduing my need for her. Tired of my hands, I crawled back up her heated body and pressed myself against her entrance.

“Please, Justin. Fuck me,” She panted out as I eased myself into her wetness. I paused once I filled her to the hilt. I looked down admiring the sight of her bliss. Fuck, she was so beautiful laid out and begging for me, wanting me, needing me.

No longer wanting to deprive both of us, I slowly pulled out before slamming back into her. At the puff of air that escaped her raw bitten lips I smiled and continued my intrusion. Her arms latched around my neck, pulling my lips against hers as I thrusted into her body. Her lips attacked mine, giving herself that little amount of control over what was happening.

At one of my heavier thrusts her lips slipped away from mine and bit into my shoulder. Little tuts of air radiated against my skin as I drilled into her quickly. Feeling my orgasm at the brink, I pulled out, giving myself a chance to regroup.

“Please Justin,” She asked again. Nothing was hotter than seeing someone so powerful and confident so submissive to my touch. High on dominance, I teased the head of my cock against her drenched slit. Her arousal dripping down her core and unto the sheets as I rallied her up on the feeling. Unable to hold back any longer, I slammed back into her.

Instead of the fast pace that she probably expected, I slowed down my movements and ground into her languidly, the way that I knew would make her feel the best. Moans like I’ve never heard before left the both of us as I created the perfect rhythm. I hissed as I felt her clench around me as her sharp nails ran down my back. My body tensed up as I continued to roll into her. I grasped onto her breast and fucked into her with hard thrusts as she convulsed around me, my name being screamed from her lips. With two more heavy thrusts, I was done for as well. The coil in my stomach heightened before I released my cum into her stirring body.

Too tired to do anything other than pull out and fall in post orgasmic mindset, I looked up at the ceiling and watched the fan spin above our jaded bodies. I wanted and waited for Y/N to remove herself from the bed to get dressed and leave like she always did but, it didn’t happen this time. Even after she regained her breath, she laid their beside me in silence. I looked over at her out of curiosity to see her dozing off, her manicure nails clenching to the duvet while her hair was wildly laid out on the pillow. She looked beautiful as ever as I watched her give in to her fatigue. Unable to stop myself, I wrapped my arm around her and pulled into me, wanting nothing more than to hold her through the night. I wanted her to hold her. I wanted to kiss her. I wanted all of her for forever.


(I wrote it. It’s short and lame and i’m sorry but yeah i thought it’d be funny to write. meep. 

The prompt:;

Imagine that person A has to borrow a cell phone because theirs has died, and person B offers their cell phone to person A. But person B has forgotten that they left their web page browser open to a pornographic website. How does person A react to unlocking person B’s phone and finding the pornography? What genre of pornography was person B viewing? )

After a long day of being surrounded by tons of people and loud music, Speedy and Sidearms were now sitting in silence at the bus stop. Sidearm’s was visiting Speedy for a couple days and he had taken his younger friend out for some fun in the city. Both now exhausted, Speedy stared off into the distance, thinking, while Sidearms was going off about something that he had seen or read off the internet.

What seemed like hours passed and Speedy let out a loud, deep sigh. “I could’ve walked home faster.” He muttered as he fish his phone out of his jacket pocket. But as he turned it on, he found that it was dead already. He let out another frutrated sigh and growl and turned to look at his friend, Albi who was mindlessly kicking at some pebbles and orange leaves at his feet. “Hey Side,” He interjected the silence, a sheepish smile on his face. Although Sidearms was one of his best friends, he always felt awkward asking for things…from anyone basically.

“Yeah?” He asked as he continued to kick the rocks at his feet, now making it a game to see which one he could kick the farthest. “Could I uh, borrow your phone for a minute? I think I can get us a ride.” He told his friend who stopped his little game and nodded, smiling brightly. “Of course man!” Albi laughed, swiftly pulling his phone out of his pocket and handing it to Speedy. “Here.” He then started talking about Spoderman, eyes lighting up with a childish excitement. Damn, this kid never shuts ups does he? Speedy chuckled and he gazed down at Albi’s phone screen. He had a lock on it, but he already knew the code to unlock it.

Punching in the right numbers, the phone made a soft clicking sound and opened up to the internet. The page was blank but then loaded up quickly after a few moments. Speedy was about to press the ‘Home’ button so he could dial a number, but froze as his eyes stopped and looked over many….suggestive and scandalous pictures. His mouth gaped open and he glanced over at Sidearms who was still talking at a rapid pace. He shouldn’t be surprised, this was Sidearms, Speedy thought. But still….why would Sidearms be looking at this? Unable to move away from the webpage, Speedy debated on whether he should confront Side about it, make a little joke about it. His mind chose quickly.

Clearing his throat, Speedy tilted the phone a little so that Sidearms could catch a glance at the screen. “So,” He gave a somewhat nervous chuckle. “Wanna tell me what you’re doing looking at gay porn?” Speedy asked his younger friend, raising an eyebrow in curiousity. That question was enough to shut Sidearms up. His face glowed a bright red as he glanced at Speedy and to the phone screen, heart pounding in his chest. “W-what?” He stuttered out. Maybe if he acted stupid, Speedy wouldn’t bother him about it. Boy was he wrong. Speedy couldn’t help but give an amused smile as he played on with his little game. “Wanna tell me why you’re lookin’ at gay porn Albi?” He asked again, holding back his laughter as his friend’s eyes blazed with horror. “Uh..Uh-uh-h” Albi trembled. What the fuck was he supposed to say!??

Eyes meeting, The two friends had a long stare-down before Speedy look away and back at the phone screen, unable to hold back his laughter anymore. He burst out laughing, tears streaming down his face as Side continued to watch him in embarassment, his face still red as a cherry. He quickly turned his back to Speedy and covered his face with his hands, shaking horribly as he held back tears. Wiping his own tears from his face, Speedy finished his laughing fit and looked at Sidearms. “Side…"He breathed out, going to the phone’s home screen. Sidearm’s ignored him and Speedy suddenly felt guilty and awful. "Hey…Sidearms, come on. I’m not angry or mad at you, I was just having a little fun.” Albi continued to ignore him. Speedy sighed and thought. What could he do to make him feel better? “If..If it makes you feel any better I watch gay porn too.” He said, wincing a little at the words. Sidearm’s moved and sniffled, rubbing his tears away with his jacket sleeve. “R-really?” He asked with astonishment. “Yeah. It’s all cool bro. Besides, you can do whatever the fuck you want online…it shouldn’t be any of my business.” He gave an apologetic smile and Albi gave a small laugh, wrapping his arms around Speedy in a tight hug. Speedy patted his back and went back to dialing the number he was going to dial in the first place.

Speedy brought the phone up to his ear, thinking about the event that had just happened. Many thoughts raced through his head, though he chose to ignore them and let it all slide into the past. Sidearms scooted closer to him, a nervous vibe still coming off him and Speedy looked at him in confusion as the person he called on the other end picked up; “Hello?”. Before he could reply, Sidearm’s grabbed his face and turned him so that they were facing each other. “Is this a, uh…bad time to tell you that i’m gay and i’ve been fucking G18?” Albi squeaked out, innocently smiling as he let go of Speedy’s face. Speedy’s eyes widened. “What!?” He wheezed out. “wHAT!?” Shadow screamed from the other end of the phone-line.

"Ne fait-il pas plus froid?"

ahh it’s so crappy sorry ; w ;’ today is julialost’s birthday ! it’s a gift for her ♥ I thought about drawing something since she’s a great inspiration and a great, talented person and just, idk, maybe it will make you happy Julia hahah uwu’ Happy Birthday !



Day 5: Relationships

Tali and Shepard: Shepard’s little sister who needs to be protected. Grunt and Shepard: Shepard’s trouble-making son. Garrus and Shepard: Shepard’s really cool brother. And yeah bro, you’re scar is pretty bad…pretty bad-ass that is.  Wrex and Shepard: Shepard’s protective older brother. Joker and Shepard: Shepard’s best friend who emphasizes the word “friend.” Anderson and Shepard: Shepard’s mentor and only father figure.