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you would think as people get older, they get less and less petty, but seeing CC literally change her twitter bio to “creator of the Shadowhunters…” is just so childish… why would you give them the rights to your books if you’ve never been pleased with the writers of the show??


Lord of Shadows Challenge → Week 4: Kierark


They live together in a small apartment. Mark makes breakfast every morning and kisses his sleepyhead on the forehead and lips, laughing. Kieran smiles.

They’re happy. They’re going to get married.

There’s no war. No walls between them. Only their own Happily Ever After.

  • Emma: this is my boyfriend Mark...
  • Emma: and this is Mark's boyfriend Kieran.
“What welcome?” Magnus asked. “I’d say it was a pleasure to meet you, but it wasn’t. Not that you aren’t all fairly charming, and as for you—” He dropped a glittery wink at Alec, who looked astounded. “Call me?”
Alec blushed and stuttered and probably would have stood there all night if Jace hadn’t grasped his elbow and hauled him toward the door, Isabelle at their heels.”
—  “City of Bones” by Cassandra Clare

Cute couple parabatai on a date fighting demons wearing couple outfits shadowhunter gear <3 100% what happens

Julian and Emma for the last week of the shadowhunter shipweeks O.O

  • America: Hey! Want to come over for dinner? I'm making beer cheese soup!
  • Germany: cheese soup?
  • America: Don't knock it till you try it dude! It's delicious!
  • Germany: ...
  • America: Hey you okay?
  • Germany: BEER CHEESE SOUP?!?
  • America: ...I'm sorry! I could like order a pizza or something!?

i know you guys are probably sick of me ranting about how much i hate cassandra clare BUT here’s yet another reason that i hate cassandra clare:

the way she portrays the relationships between adopted siblings, especially in the first book, is really fucking gross. her whole thing with siblings in general is pretty gross (clary and jace pining over each other when they think they’re siblings and sebastion attempting to rape clary obviously come to mind) but in the first book she acts like jace isn’t a legitimate brother to alec and izzy because he’s adopted? like she has izzy describe jace as sexy, and she has alec having a crush on him? 

like honestly, as somebody with two adopted siblings, it’s completely disgusting to me, especially since people already tend to see adopted siblings as “not real” as biological siblings? like if i had a nickel for every time somebody was like “oh so you could marry your brothers then lol” or stuff along those lines i’d have a shit ton of nickels.  it’s disgusting, and i hate cassandra clare for enforcing those ideologies

Can we talk about Maryse Lightwood for a second

  • Her youngest son was murdered
  • Her oldest son is gay in a homophobic society
  • Her daughter dates Downworlders in a society that severely looks down on them
  • Her adoptive son was raised by Valentine Morgenstern 
  • Her husband cheated on her

And yet she raised Isabelle to be strong and protective of her heart, she loves and accepts Alec and even calls Magnus when the two break up, she gives Jace the parental love he never received, she always chooses her children over the Clave, and she lived with Robert as best she could. She is such an under appreciated character. 

i just gotta rant a little. many booktubers were/are acting as if magnus is a predator (which is completely bs) and were complaining about magnus and alec’s age difference. but like?? in the tv show, at least alec is in his 20s, while in the books, alec was seventeen in the beginning cause according with the bane chronicles alec was turning eighteen when he and magnus were already on a kinda relationship. you know what that fucking means? magnus and alec fucking made out at least three times (that i remember) while alec was underage! and you wanna fucking tell me tv show!magnus is the predator here?